Tuesday, May 5, 2009


My blood brother Carl and his wife Charmaine joined me and my wife
Demeecee for a night out on the town. We went to go see one of Tyler
Perry's "Medea" plays, then went out to dinner. Charmaine and Carl was
expecting their first child, as Char' was already more than 6 months
pregnant and glowing like a light house (the size of one too no doubt).
While waiting for our food, Char' and Demeecee decided to hit the ladies
room, leaving me and Carl alone for the first time that evening.

"Man, I'll be glad when this pregnancy's over!" sighed my brother, the
moment the girls were away from the table.

"Excited about being a father?" I asked, smiling and excited for him.

"Well, yeah there's THAT too. But what I really want is SEX!" he said in
a loud under toned whisper.

I couldn't help but laugh.
"Yall not having sex?"

"It's not funny, Milt!" he said seriously. "Ever since Charmaine started
showing, she's been afraid I might HURT the baby!" he said frustrated.

"But I thought women could still have sex up til the 9th month of their
pregnancies?" I asked, naively.

"That's what I said! But she thinks the baby will have a better chance at
being 'normal' of we reframed from sex. She thinks I might get too
carried away and injure it or something." I laughed again. " It's NOT
funny, man! I've been sitting here with BLUE BALLS all night!"

"Why don't you just get some chick to help you out?" I asked, knowing my
brother had his pick of women before he married (as did I). "How bout
Rolanda? She'd let you come over if you gave her a call."

"Rolanda..." said Carl, day dreaming about the last time he saw her naked
(the night before his wedding). "I can't!"

"Why not? She's give in like a loose cave as soon as she hears your
voice!" I insisted.

"I know! That's the problem! If I hit it with Rolanda, she's gonna wanna
keep it up. And I'm not trying to really CHEAT on Charmaine. What if Ro'
get's pregnant? I can't have 2 babies by 2 different women! Man, that's

"So use a condom!" I said, taking a sip of wine.

"You know I don't like them man (nor do I). They KILL the feeling." he
said. I was total agreement. Condoms were like trying to swim in a pool
full of plastic.

"You know, Demeecee tried that shit with ME recently." I said, leaning
into my brother to keep our conversation private.

"What?" he asked curiously.

"Holding out on sex." I said. "Ever since she let her little brother move
in, she's been rationing how much pussy I get and when I can get it.
Ain't THAT some shit?"

"What you do?" smiled Carl, knowing I had something up my sleeve.

"I got me some ass on the side!" I confessed. "Ain't no bitch gonna make
ME have blue balls!" I laughed.

"Ain't you scared you might get her pregnant?" he asked, concerned.

"Nope." I said confidently. "The bitch I'm fucking CAN'T get pregnant, no
matter how many times we fuck!"

"Damn, you lucky!" smiled Carl, enviously.

"Want me to introduce you?" I offered. "I'm sure I can get you some if
you want."

"Seriously?" asked Carl, his dick throbbing beneath the table at the mere
thought of some action. "Will she let me HIT IT too?"

"Most definitely." I said, taking another sip of wine. "Only ONE thing
though..." I added.

"What?" asked Carl in suspense.

"It's not a woman." I said.
Carl's jaw dropped. He looked around the restaurant to make sure we were

"Not a woman?" he repeated, his eyes wide with doubt. "Is it a...man?" he
asked in shock.

"Yup." I answered. "Best HEAD I ever had, too." I added.
Carl looked around again, not wanting to be over heard.

"You let a...a...MAN, suck your dick?" he asked, his face twisted in

"Yup. Demeecee wasn't doing shit. So I improvised!"

"Couldn't you've found a girl?" he asked in a harsh whisper.

"Yeah, but like you said, I didn't want to CHEAT on her and get into
something serious." I answered. Carl shook his head, then took a drink
from his glass.

"And THIS is the chick you wanted to hook me up with?" he asked after
getting his barings.

"You wanted something easy, quick, and with NO strings attached." I
explained. "Where else you gonna find a woman that'll let you come over
to her crib, fuck her mouth and ass, then let you walk right out the door
without wanting anything from you?" Carl hunched his shoulders, knowing
that was nearly impossible to find. "With a guy, he already KNOWS the
deal. He knows you not gonna leave your wife for no man! He already ready
for you when you get there, all you have to do is decide which hole you
wanna fuck more."

"Damn..." whispered Carl at my bluntness. "How long this been going on?"
he asked, curiously.

"Ever since my wife's brother moved in."

"HE don't know about it, do he?" asked Carl.

"HE's the nigga I'm fucking!" I said, out right. Carl's mouth dropped
just as Charmaine and Demeecee returned from the powder room.
All during the course of the meal, I could see Carl stealing looks at
me. He obviously wanted to discuss this some more, but this wasn't the
right time or place.

After dinner, we all walked to our cars and said our goodbyes in the
parking lot. Our wife's hugged "goodbye" as Carl and I slapped hands and
pat each other on the back in solidarity. Then he whispered in my ear
"we'll talk later..." before getting into his car and driving off.
It was less than 2 days later when Carl called and asked if he could
come over. I'd just gotten in from work, and wasn't planning anything
special so I invited him over. We went up into the "game room" (the
second spare room in the house where I kept my playstations and other
games that Deme wouldn't let me play on the big screen TV). I made Marlon
get us a couple of beers, then sent him to his room to wait for more

"You seem to have him trained." said Carl, popping the cap on his brew.

"Nigga gotta do something to pay his way around here." I said, with a
wink. Carl took a long chug to relax himself.

"Aren't you scared he might tell Deme on you one day?"

"Who she gonna be more mad at, him or me?" I asked. Carl hunched, not
really knowing. "You thought any more about my offer?"

"To be honest, it's all I thought of." admitted Carl. "You made some good
points back at the restaurant. I don't think I could let another woman
suck my dick without feeling guilty about it. But a man...."

"I guarantee, you won't have blue balls for long." I promised. Carl
finished his bottle, then said he was ready.

"Bring him IN!" he insisted. I got up from the sofa, and called Marlon in
from his room.

"Yes, Milt?" he asked, peeking his head in through the door.

"Come in. Close the door." I said. Marlon did as I said, awaiting my next

"Hi Carl." he said, giving my brother a wave.

"Sup?" said Carl, avoiding eye contact. I could see my brother's dick
trying to bust through his zipper. He really needed to get off, before he
hurt somebody.

"Yo Marlon, I need you to do me a favor." I said.

"Anything." said Marlon, eager to please me.

"You know my brother's wife's pregnant, right?" he nodded his head 'yes'.
"She's been refusing to have sex with him, so I told him about OUR
agreement." I saw Marlon suddenly look embarrassed as he lowered his
head. "I need you to help my brother out. You know, like how you do ME."

"But....you said you wouldn't tell anyone, Milt..." complained Marlon.

"It's only my brother. He won't tell anybody. Right Carl?" Carl nodded,
looking at the TV screen and ignoring us both. "Come on Marlon, do it for
ME. I'll look out for you later." I promised. "I'll give you whatever you

Marlon didn't say anything. He stood there for a few seconds, waiting
for Carl to make the first move. Carl sat paralyzed in his seat, waiting
for Marlon to make the first move. Then Marlon got in front of Carl, and
knelt down between his legs. Carl sat silently, afraid to move, say
anything, or touch Marlon for fear of sudden gayness.
Marlon reached for Carl's zipper, then began to unfasten his pants. I
sat back on the other end of the couch, and watched as Marlon fished out
Carl's hardon. My brother's dick sprung up out of his pants like a jack
in the box, all thick and standing. I could see Marlon was impressed by
the way his face lit up. He leaned forward, taking Carl's dick between
his lips. I heard Carl sigh, the tension suddenly releasing from his body
as he laid back and relaxed with Marlon's face down between his legs.

I'm not gay or anything (not that anything's wrong with it), but it was
kinda exciting watching him suck my brother off. I knew everything Carl
was feeling, having gotten many blow jobs from Marlon myself. He leaned
back against the sofa cushions and spread his legs comfortably as Marlon
took half his dick into his mouth, lathering up the surface with his
tongue and spit.
Marlon bobbed his head up and down, then sucked at the head for awhile
before plunging it all the way down into his throat. Carl gasped as his
dick hit nothing but soft interior, Marlon's throat molding to the shape
of my brother's dick.

"Damn...!" gasped Carl.

"I know, feels like heaven, eh?" I laughed, my own dick getting hard as a
brick from just watching the action.

Marlon knew his stuff. He swallowed Carl's dick down to the balls, then
buried his face in his lap. Carl moaned, grabbing the back of Marlon's
head instinctively. Marlon pulled back, sliding his lips up the shaft and
bobbing his head profusely. Carl looked over at me, and smiled.

"Thanks man, I really needed this!" he said, sincerely.

"Anytime man." I said, back.
Carl leaned his head back against the couch, closed his eyes, and
enjoyed his blow job, -his dick finally getting all the attention it
wanted (and THEN some). Despite Marlon's earlier hesitations, he really
seemed to get into sucking my brother's dick. He bobbed his head up and
down, taking more and more of it on the down strokes. I watched his lips
move up and down the hard wet shaft as, slithering back and forth along
the length, all in the attempt to get my brother off. Periodically Carl
would open his eyes to watch himself be blown. He'd watch Marlon suck him
off, then close his eyes again to concentrate on cumming. Marlon sucked
and licked at the head, licking all the pearly cum drops from the tip. I
could see the sticky semen on his lips and tongue before he swallowed
them down. He obviously liked the taste of my brother's cum, as it seemed
to drive him crazy and make him suck all the harder.
Carl started to move his hips up and down, fucking his dick into
Marlon's mouth and making him take him deeper.

"Shit man, you were right about this mouth!" he sighed, getting into it.
I pulled out my own dick and started stroking. Carl's and mine were
nearly the same size, his being a 1/2 inch or so bigger (probably because
he was older). By now I was tired of watching blow jobs, and ready for
one myself. I saw Marlon's eyes dart over to my dick the instant I pulled
it out. He kept his eyes on it for a few minutes while he continued to
suck my brother. I knew by the way he stared at it, that he wanted it
bad. It made me feel good knowing he still wanted it, even after all the
times he's already eaten it.

"Damn man, you be getting this shit done all the time?" sighed Carl,
breathing harder now.

"Every chance I get." I smiled.
Carl groaned as Marlon took him deep into his throat again, then ground
his head down in his lap to make the dick churn in his throat. Carl
panted as Marlon took control over him, bobbing his head fast, making
Carl get closer to spilling his load. It'd been over a month since he'd
gotten off, so I knew he had a big load stored in his balls. Marlon
must've known too, cause he really started attacking that dick like it
did something to him personally. I knew it was only a matter of time
before Carl was blowing like a hydrant.

"Oh shit, man...I'm getting close!" he warned. I think Carl expected
Marlon to pull off, but the warning only inspired him to work harder.
"I'm serious man, I'm about to cum!"

"So CUM already, nigga!" I said, knowing Marlon would want it.

"Oh...shit!!" yelled Carl, jerking forward as his dick started to erupt
in Marlon's mouth.
I heard Marlon gargle, then gulp down Carl's juice as it poured out into
his mouth. Carl sighed heavily, looking as if the world had been lifted
from his shoulders in one climactic orgasm. It's amazing what a good cum
can do for you! Marlon was still finishing up his dinner (polishing off
Carl's knob), when he crawled over between MY legs for desert.
Having jacked my dick while watching my brother get blown, had my dick
already leaking a generous amount of pre-cum from the head. Marlon placed
his lips over the tip and began to suck the semen out.

"Damn, he a hungry one, ain't he?" laughed Carl, his dick dying slowly as
it started to drift over his pant leg.

I removed my hand, letting Marlon's mouth take me completely. I could
hear him moaning, enjoying the taste of me and my cum already. He took me
all the way down into his throat, letting me feel the deep velvety
interior before backing off and sucking like a fiend. 'Damn, he was
working me over' -I thought to myself, feeling my dick already starting
to pulse and throb in record time. I guess I was already close to cumming
from watching Carl get sucked. Marlon deep throated me several times,
knowing that would throw me over the edge. I started cumming gobs of
salty sperm in his mouth. Marlon groaned as he ate it all down, suckling
me until I went soft and limp in between his lips.

"Thanks. You can go now." I told him, after he finally released me.
Marlon smiled, then stood, and left without a word.

"Damn man, YOU da Mann -nigga!" encouraged Carl, grinning widely. Both
our dicks lay limp in our laps. Both satisfied by the same sucking mouth.
I invited Carl over for a blow job whenever he needed one. He assured me
that as long as Charmaine was pregnant, he'd be stopping by practically

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