Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Just as predicted, my brother Carl started coming over more often. He
didn't come by every day, but he did stop by a couple times a week to
hang and "play video games" (as thought our wives). What he really was
doing up there in that little game room was getting his lizard drained by
my brother in-law Marlon.

"Yo man, wussup?" he'd say when I opened the door to let him in. We'd
exchange pleasantries, then head upstairs to play Playstation.

"Yall always playing that damn game!" complained my wife Demeecee one
day, after noting how often Carl was coming over out of the clear blue
sky. "2 grown men sitting up there playing a child's toy! Yall ought to
be shamed of yourselves!"

"Yeah, yeah... Send Marlon up when he comes back from the store!" I
ordered, disappearing up the steps.
Other times Marlon would answer the door. Carl would smile widely when
he saw him, feeling his dick grow instantly knowing it was about to get
expertly sucked. Marlon would look down at Carl's bulge, and lick his
lips with anticipation before the two would disappear upstairs. Marlon
would go down on him the instant the door was locked and the Tv was on
(so Demeecee would hear anything and get suspicious). Carl would sit in
his usual spot on the sofa, and Marlon would kneel between his legs and
go to work.

By now Carl knew what Marlon was capable of orally. He would let Marlon
suck him off at his own rate, then take control when he started to get
close. A few times he even stood up, grabbing Marlon's head in his hands
as his pants fell down around his ankles while he face fucked my brother
in-law hard and fast. Marlon's throat would make the same gargling sounds
it made when I throat fucked him, as spit would drool from the corners of
his stretched lips. His throat would balloon outward every time Carl's
dick plunged into his throat depths. Carl even came down the back of
Marlon's throat that way, mis-judging his own strokes and shooting off
his load long before he was ready or wanting to.
Marlon gobbled down every drop Carl gave him. None of my brother's
sperms ever went to waste as they always ended up in Marlon's belly.
Sometimes he'd be so hot to fuck, that he's let Marlon suck 2 loads from
him before he left to return home to his wife. Charmaine was never the
wiser, knowing he'd just come from my house gave her the false security
that he wasn't out cheating on her. "Yeah gurl, he's here. Upstairs with
Milt and Marlon playing those dumb ass games!" Demeecee would say to her
over the phone. Carl also appreciated the fact that Charmaine never
picked up on Marlon's scent. If he had been a woman, she would have
sensed him immediately. So he was able to go home secure that his wife
would never detect that he's been blown by another man.

After about 2 or 3 weeks of blow jobs, I told Carl about Marlon's ass.
Carl was shocked to learn that I'd been butt fucking my in-law. "Blow
jobs is ONE thing, Milt... but fucking? Are you serious?" he asked as if
the thought were inconceivable.

"I'm sure you thought the same thing about letting him blow you!" I
reminded him. "Believe me Carl, as good as his mouth is (and it was GOOD
alright!), his ass is much better! Would make you wanna change religions,
man!" I joked, seriously.

"I don't know, Milt...I'm kinda content with the blow jobs." he said,
declining my offer to fuck Marlon. But I knew my brother, if he was
anything like me (and he was), what he really wanted was some pussy. And
Marlon's ass was the next best thing to it.

I ordered Marlon to strip naked for the first time in front of Carl. I
could see the uneasiness in both of them as Marlon did as I told him.
Carl was still sitting in his usual spot, so I made Marlon turn his back
to him, to show off his fat juicy ass.

"Look at that, shit!" I said, smacking Marlon on his rump. Carl admitted
he had a "fat booty for a dude", but showed no signs of wanting to fuck
it. "Bend over!" I ordered. Marlon bent over, touching the carpeted floor
with his palms as he spread his legs at my command. His fat round ass
cheeks lifted, then separated like a nice pair of women's breasts. I ran
my hand up the crack, then parted the cheeks further to give Carl a clear
view of the tiny pussy hole nestled in-between.

"I'm sure it feels good, Milt...but I think I'll pass." said Carl, much
to my disappointment.

"Then do you mind if I fuck him while he sucks you?" I asked, my dick all
worked up and horny now that I had played with his butt hole.

"Okay." said Carl, taking out his dick.
Marlon turned back around and got on his knees between Carl's legs, and
started sucking. I pulled down my pants and got down on my knees behind
Marlon, then added some vaseline to his asshole. Marlon spread his knees,
widening my target as I aimed my greased dick up to his hole.

I saw Carl's eyes zero in on my dick as it touched Marlon's button, then
pushed up inside. Marlon groaned around the mouthful of Carl's dick, but
pushed back to meet my stroke. I slid up in him, his asshole gripping me
tightly as usual as I sank all the way in up to my balls.
I gripped Marlon by his waist, then ground my pubic bone into his butt
to churn my dick around in his chute and stretch him out good. Marlon's
ass gripped my like a vice, trapping my dick like a Venus Fly Trap before
I slowly started to move in and out of him. Carl's eyes never moved off
the spot where my dick met Marlon's ass. He saw my dick disappear up
Marlon's spread backside, then watched as it slowly re-appeared from
being ground around in his hot murky depths.

"Dang man, he can take dick good too?" asked Carl, obviously impressed.
"How long you been ass fucking him? Since he moved in?"

"Practically.' I smiled, shoving myself back inside fully.
Marlon bobbed his head on Carl's meat like a good boy, taking him deeper
and deeper with every stroke as I started to ride his ass. He was getting
fucked front and back (probably for the first time since prison).
Wherever he learnt it from, it was obvious that it wasn't his first time
at it. His head bob and stroke game were perfect. He took Carl deep into
his mouth just as I pushed up into his ass, then withdrew off Carl's
slick wet piece just as I pulled from his tight wet hole. As I picked up
pace, HE picked up pace, matching me stroke for stroke.
He was more experienced than I originally thought.

"How's that ass feel?" asked Carl curiously, after watching me fuck for a
few minutes.

"Amazing as ever!" I grinned. "If I could wrap it up and package it, I'd
sell it and make a fortune!" I saw Carl still watching me fuck, so I
pulled my dick from Marlon's hole, and slapped my hard length against his
deep crack. The moisture and grease mix made for a loud "smacking" sound.
"Want some of this?" I asked, shoving back in.

Carl didn't answer as he pondered the question. I knew he wasn't finding
the idea as repulsive as first thought. I knew if I could get him to at
least TRY the ass/pussy, he'd be hooked on it just as I am.
I pulled Marlon up off of Carl's dick, then laid him down on the couch
on his back with his legs up in missionary position. Carl looked at us
both in confusion. Like most men, he only thought there was one way to
fuck another guy, -doggy style.

On his back with his legs spread, Marlon's asshole resembled a pussy
hole. The tight anal ring was soft and puffy from the fucking I'd just
given it, and the lips were all wet and slick. The slight hair he had
around the hole actually helped make it look more like pussy. I got down
between his spread legs, and aimed my hardon back between the buns and
slid in. Marlon moaned softly, enjoying my re-entry. His dick was rock
hard and leaking cum against his belly as I rammed back up inside him.
Carl watched us fuck from behind, getting a clear uninterrupted view of
my dick slipping in and out.

"DAMN...!" was all I heard him say.
Marlon's head was down inside the corner cushion of the couch. His eyes
starting to glass over as they usually do when I fuck him. His hands held
onto my waist as my hips pumped back and forth into him. Soon I was
banging him deep (good thing Deme had decided to go shopping with
Charmaine). My dick was slamming in and out of his loosening hole, my
balls slapping into his butt every time I slammed forward.

"UHH! UHH! UHH! Oh shit, Milt! Fuck me, man!" moaned Marlon, his eyes
rolling up into their sockets.
I picked up the pace and started to really SLAM into that ass. Marlon's
face twisted in pain and pleasure as I hammered him hard and deep. He bit
his lower lip to keep from screaming out loud as I made my final plunge,
then blew up inside him like an explosion.

"AAAHHH...AARRRRHHHHH...!!" I shouted, cumming hard.
Marlon accepted every pump and pulse my dick made as it spurt and spit
hot cum deep into his bowels. I felt exhausted and drained after cumming
so hard. All I wanted to do was lay on top of him with my dick inside him
and fall asleep, but I knew Carl was still there watching, still needing
to blow his load.
Somewhere I found the strength to get up. I pulled my softening dick
from Marlon's sweet hole, and got to my feet. I told Marlon to stay like
he was. His ass was picture perfect. The cheeks were spread wide, and the
deep crack glistened from the vaseline and semen it started to leak. The
actual hole was now slightly open, pulsating from the after effects of a
hard fucking. I looked over at Carl, whose eyes were glued to it like a

"Looks good, eh?" I teased. "Why don't you just slip in and try it out?
If you don't like it, he can always suck you off like usual." I offered.
Carl didn't say anything as he seemed to walk over to the couch
completely mesmerized. He let his pants fall to the floor, then leaned
down between Marlon's legs on the couch. I watched him aim his hard dick
up to my brother in-law's sweet slick hole, and push in.

"uhhh..." groaned Marlon, feeling my brother's dick move through him.
I thought Carl would take a few minutes to get used to the idea of
fucking a man, but he surprised me when he started fucking Marlon like a
mad man. Marlon looked shocked too, as Carl immediately started jack
hammering his ass from the get go. He didn't even allow Marlon's butt
time to adjust to him before he started riding it hard. Marlon cried out
in unexpected pain as the dick beat into him like a sledge hammer. I
almost felt sorry for him, that is until I saw him shooting cum all over
his own face and chest without even touching himself.

"DAMN this some good fucking ass!" shouted Carl, going crazy up Marlon's
He grabbed Marlon by the backs of his legs, then pressed them tight up
against his chest while he continued to punish his butt unmercifully.
Marlon licked the cum from his spotted lips as Carl drilled him deep. He
didn't resist nor protest the harsh pace nor the pounding my brother gave
him. He accepted every hard thrust as he was supposed to, then took every
drop of Carl's hot cum load when he fired it deep into his red ravaged

"AAHHHH SHHIIITTTTTT!!!" sighed Carl, loosing his mind as he came buckets
up my boi's ass.
He kept his dick in until his orgasm ended, then he slowly pulled out.
He rose to his feet, looking tired and exhausted. We smiled at each
other, knowing we just shared in something special. I ordered Marlon to
keep his legs in the air, as we both took a look at our handy work. Much
more of this, and Marlon's butt would be giving birth.

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