Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Deme (my wife) and her mother (the devil) decided to have a family
gathering in the park before the summer was over. And guess who was stuck
paying for most of the food and beverages for this little shingding. ME!
Her brother (Marlon) and I spent most of the morning packing up the two
cars we owned with food, tables, lawn chairs, drinks, and charcoal for
the fire. Deme's parents showed up with nothing but a couple packs of
hot-dogs, burgers, and over 50 unexpected relatives and friends they
invited. I was pissed, as I'd only been expecting "immediate family", not
a park full of moochers coming to eat up all my shit!

Deme's dad took over the grill, cooking everything in sight from chicken
to spare ribs, corn on the cobb, hot-dogs and hamburgers. Deme and Marlon
had spent most of the night making potato, macaroni, and egg salads the
night before, along with deviled-eggs, fruit platters, and a platter of
luncheon meat they prepared on plates. People dove in like it was a
free-for-all. I sat back and watched my money be devoured in a matter of
hours. NONE of MY family members were even invited!
Demeecee knew I was pretty pissed by the situation, but did little to
console me as she catered to her mother. Marlon was a little more
sympathetic, bringing me a cold beer and a platter which he'd made
especially for me (my own WIFE hadn't even thought to make me one!).
after spending some time with his baby's momma and their 5 year old
daughter. He sat by me under a tree, away from the crowd and watched them
from a distance.

"Cute kid." I said, taking the plate from him and unwrapping it.

"Thanks. She looks just like me, sometimes." he smiled, staring at her as
her mother fed her at the family table.

"Yeah...yeah, she do." I agreed, accidentally admitting that Marlon was
'cute'. Luckily he didn't pick up on this.

"I've got to start giving some kinda support." he said, more in thought
than to me. "Crystal can't keep raising her all alone by herself like she

"Yeah..." I said, digging into the food. "Don't worry though, you'll find

"I may've found a job already." he said enthusiastically, thinking it
would cheer me up.
I looked up at him in shock with my mouth full of food.


"A friend of Deme's works at this hotel out by the airport, he says he
could put in a good word for me for a position there."

"What kind of position?" I asked, putting down the plate, and suddenly
losing my appetite.

"Cleaning crew, I guess. He's a supervisor for the night shift."

"You think you can make a decent living doing that?" I asked,

"I...I dunno. I's a job." said Marlon, confused by my reaction.
"The agreement when I moved in WAS that I get a job, right? You know how
hard it is out here for a convict. I've filled out more applications and
went on more interviews while you are at work than I have in my entire
life! THIS is the first thing that seems to be a sure thing! He
practically guarantees he can get me in."

"Yeah. That...that's good news, Marlon...." I said, trying to be
I knew how hard it would be for him to find a legitimate gig, that's why
I originally didn't want him staying in my house. But now, I couldn't
help but selfishly wonder what that would mean in terms of me getting my
dick sucked and having his asshole available whenever I wanted it.
Working, he wouldn't be as accessible as he is now. And by our agreement,
he'd be moving out as soon as he's saved up enough money for an

"You sure you don't want to shop around a little more first? Look for
something better? With more money, maybe?" I asked, hoping to change his
mind. "I mean, you'll not only have rent to pay, but child support. You
think a cleaning job can cover the bills?"

"But... but I thought....YOU said that you wanted me to get a job as soon
as possible!" said Marlon, looking confused.

"I know. But I haven't bothered you about finding a job in WEEKS, now
have I?" I asked, knowing that I stopped complaining shortly after the
sex started.

"No...but Deme may be getting tired of me. She's always throwing hints
around about a job and who's hiring." he said, looking across the park at
his sister as she entertained the troops. "She's even trying to get me to
move in with Crystal. I think she wants me out, real soon."

"That's non-sense! SHE'S the reason you're here in the first place! Deme
loves having you around, to keep an eye on you and make sure you don't do
something stupid and get into any more trouble!" I argued.

"But a deal is a deal. It's already been like 4 months since I moved in.
You've been real nice about it, but I know you'd rather have your privacy
back." he said.
I had to admit that that was true. His living there had put a serious
damper on Deme's and my sex lives. Fortunately for ME, he's been
compensating for her by putting OUT whenever I needed him to (which was

"How bout you TRY out this new job for awhile, to see if you can support
yourself. And if not, you quit and keep looking. I don't mind you staying
with us a little while longer."

"Okay." agreed Marlon, satisfied. We sat there under the tree for a few
more minutes in silence, watching everyone else enjoy themselves across
the park. "Want to go for a hike?" he asked suddenly out of nowhere.

"No." I answered. "I'm taking my ass home! Demeecee can take care of all
the rest of this shit herself. I'm outta here!" I said, standing up.
Marlon looked up at me. I could see his eyes focus in on my crotch,
sizing up what's behind my zipper. I thought about the house being
"You coming?"

"Sure." he said, following my lead.
I went over to tell Deme that I wasn't feeling well "must've been the
potato salad", and that I was going home to lay down. She was far too
busy to really give a shit, and mumbled something about hoping I feel
better soon. Marlon kissed his little girl good-bye, promising her mother
that he'd be in touch real soon with some money. She seemed a little
surprised that he was leaving the picnic, but didn't put up much of a
fuss. We got into my car which was parked out by the curb, and took off.

We got home in about 25-30 minutes. It was a hot day that day, and
Marlon was wearing a plain white t-shirt and a pair of loose shorts. I
watched his ass as we walked up the front steps to my house, my dick
starting to grow hard with the anticipation of fucking him. Marlon went
into the kitchen and got us a couple of beers, then I took him up to his
room. This time while watching his ass go up the steps, I couldn't help
but reach out and touch it. Marlon looked back at me over his shoulder,
but continued to climb. When we reached the top step, I had my hand down
inside the back of his pants. My finger slipped into his ass crack, and I
began feeling his moist hole.

In his room, we took a couple of swigs of beer, then started to undress.
Marlon stopped me after I pulled my shirt off over head, and started to
suck my nipples. His hands roamed over my back and stomach as he bent
forward to lick my chest. I reached back and fondled his booty, squeezing
the cheeks through his jeans and smacking him hard on the rump. Marlon
switched from one nipple to the other, nibbling and biting them gently
and he sucked them into his mouth as I often did Deme's.
Then he stood up, and started to unfasten my pants. I still had my hands
on his ass, holding him close to me face to face. I squeezed his butt
with both hands, really kneading his ass good. I think he liked it when I
fondled his ass like that. He certainly didn't complain any. Then he
reached in and pulled out my erection. He didn't stroke it but once or
twice before he fell to his knees and took me in his mouth. DAMN his
mouth felt good.

I let Marlon suck me for a few minutes, enjoying the way he took me into
the very back of his throat to swallow me whole. He gagged a couple of
times, but held strong as his throat contoured to the shape of my dick. I
watched his thick lips slide up the spit wet glistening shaft as he
sucked attentively at the head before going all the way back down on me,
taking me into his throat again and again. He even played with my balls,
twisting and turning them gently in his hand, then occasionally lowering
his head to them to suck and lick before returning to my dick.
After awhile, I pulled him up from his knees, and shoved him down on his
back on the bed. Marlon spread his legs, showing me his ass. He knew how
much I loved his butt. I climbed up onto the bed between his legs,
lifting them up higher to expose the tiny black hole my dick was
throbbing for. But instead of fucking him right off the bat, I lowered my
face and began licking his ass.

"uh, Milt..." moaned Marlon, rolling his eyes as I licked his ass crack.
I'd only done this to him once before, and found it not as bad an
experience as I thought it would be. This time, I dove my face in feeling
a little more confident, and ate at his ass/pussy the way I would any
Marlon moaned as I sucked his hole. His hardon stretched across his
crunched stomach as I held his legs up and open. Occasionally his balls
would touch the bridge of my nose, but I didn't let that stop me from my
task. I ate that boy-pussy like a porn star, leaving it all dripping wet
and pulsating by the time I removed my mouth.

I slapped my dick down between the wet cheeks, rubbing it back and forth
along his hairy valley. Marlon reached for the anal cream, dabbing a few
drops onto his fingertips and rubbing them against his hole. Then he
grabbed the head of my dick with the same greasy fingertips, lubing the
top half of my rob before aiming it up to his deep dark tunnel.
I pushed in, feeling Marlon's asshole slowly open up and let me in. We
both moaned as I sank in smoothly up to my balls. I ground my pelvis into
his ass, churning my dick around in his hot butt before I started to fuck

I watched Marlon's face expressions as I moved in and out of him at a
nice slow pace. He bit his lower lip and grimaced at the initial entry,
but soon relaxed and opened up completely. I was in "push-up" position
over top him, staring down at him as my hips drove my dick in and out of
his tight sucking butt. Marlon lifted his hands to my torso, feeling my
arms, chest, and shoulders as I fucked him. His legs were up around my
waist area, -my balls slapping quietly into his cushiony cheeks every
time I drove forth.
As I began to pick up the pace, Marlon's pants turned into low grunts.
Ever so often he'd gasp at a particularly deep thrust, or turn his head
to compensate the pain when I humped too hard or too fast. But for the
most part, he stared back up into my eyes the entire time I rode him,
-whispering soft words of encouragement.

As I started to bang into him harder, Marlon groaned louder. We both
looked down between our slapping bodies to see my dick fucking into him.
He gripped my waist tighter, spreading his legs to give me deeper access.
One of his hands crept in behind my neck as we locked eyes. I was fucking
into him at a nice steady rate, driving through his anus as easily as a
hot knife through butter when I was suddenly hit with the urge to kiss
him. In the past I'd only gone as far as sucking on his ear. Once he even
licked my lips while we fucked, but we never had a full set kiss.
Marlon was looking up at me with glossy colored eyes, his mind falling
into a zone as I hammered in and out of him quickly and efficiently. His
full lips seemed to beckon me forth. I leaned in closer, and gently
pecked him on the lips cautiously. Marlon moaned, as I continued my
stroke through his anus. I leaned in again and kissed him gently, this
time adding a little more pressure to his lips. Marlon kissed me back,
pursing his lips as he groaned from my every thrust. Then I laid down on
top of him completely (chest to chest while still humping into him), and
started to kiss him deeper. Marlon responded by parting his lips. I
slipped my tongue into his mouth, and started french kissing him like a
woman. My dick grew harder as my balls began to tighten in their hairy
sack. Marlon sucked on my tongue, tasting his own asshole in our kiss. He
moaned and panted in my mouth, then started shooting cum all over between
the two of us. I felt his hot wet splatter against my stomach, and pumped
into him harder.

"Oh shit! UHHHH...!!" I groaned, breaking the kiss as I came like a horse
up in his ass. Marlon pulled me back down for another smooch, smashing
his lips to mine and sucking my tongue as soon as it entered his mouth.
Just then my cell phone rang. I slowly pulled myself from my brother
on-law's ass and reached for my pants on the floor. It was Deme, asking
if I felt better. "Much better" I told her, laying down next to her
brother in bed.

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