Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Marlon started working the night shift out at one of the airport's main
hotels. His work friend (Kaliff) would pick him up for work at night
before 11pm, then drop him off at home about 7 in the morning.
Demeecee was happy to see her brother finally working, and making
something of himself. She was also glad to have him out of the house at
night, where WE could start getting our groove on again! The first week
was exhausting. Deme wanted me to fuck her every night just as soon as
Marlon left for work. Then she'd want it again an hour later, then again
during the night. I was fine with that (as I loved sex and fucking), but
I found myself missing the sex I had with Marlon more. Sure Demeecee was
giving me all the pussy I could handle right now, but I missed Marlon's
deep throat and grunts when I fucked him. Yeah okay, I'll admit it, -I'm
a dogg! But what man would give up the best head-jobs he's ever had, -if
his wife doesn't know about it? Albeit yes, it's from her brother, -but
good head is hard to find. Particularly when your woman doesn't like
giving it herself.

Marlon usually came home tired and exhausted from work. The first few
days he did nothing but sleep from the moment he got home, until Kaliff
picked him up that night. I wanted to sneak up to his bedroom and get one
"in" real quick before he left, but I knew Deme would be on me the minute
he shut the door behind him, and didn't want to chance not being able to
perform for her.
It wasn't until his first day off that he and I got a chance to talk. It
was a friday evening after I'd come home from work. He and Deme were
seated at the dinning room table eating. Marlon jumped up to make me a
plate as soon as he saw me.

"Hi, honey." said Deme, as I bent down to kiss her hello. "How was work?"

"Same." I said, as Marlon came out and handed me my plate.

"Thanks." I said, staring his body up and down as I stood behind my
seated wife. He was wearing a wife beater and a thin pair of boxers, -the
ones that hugged his ass as he walked. He knew that shit would turn me
I took my seat at the table, and dug into the food. MAN I was hungry.

"Marlon was just telling me how good his job is." said Deme, smiling as
if she were applying for a dental commercial.

"Yeah? Is it nice?" I asked, trying to sound interested.

"It's okay." said Marlon, looking down into his plate. "Pays the bills,

"I suppose." I said, stuffing my mouth. "What you do?"

"Stuff. You know, like moping and cleaning..." he said, meekly. "The
hotel's HUGE, and it takes all night to polish the lobby."

"Okay." I said, wondering why he looked so down. Then I thought maybe he
was just tired from having to work a regular 9 to 5 without being able to
sit on his ass for the first time in his life.

"Well, at least he's making some good, HONEST money!" smiled Demeecee.
"He'll be able to save some money, help Crystal with Rochelle, AND move
out on his own soon. Right?"

"There's no rush." I told him, getting an evil look from Deme. "Is

"Well..." she started, trying to find words that wouldn't sting Marlon's
feelings too bad. "I want Marlon to be able to stand on his own two feet,
and be able to support his daughter..." she said, trying to sound

"I doubt he's making THAT kind of money right now." I said in his
defense. "Rochelle'll probably be eating up his first couple of months
checks with food, clothes, and medical bills. He can stay here until he
finds a better job to support them." I offered. Deme's cold stare told me
that I might NOT be getting into any of her pussy tonight. But I didn't
care, I had a good alternative.

After dinner, Marlon started cleaning off the table. Deme was already
giving me attitude, rolling her eyes and sucking her teeth whenever I got
too close to her. She went upstairs to lay down and watch TV while me and
Marlon washed the dishes (well, -HE washed, I helped). I was leaning
against the counter, listening to him talk about work, when he suddenly
dried his hands and started to undo my pants.

"I bet Dee's been getting all this big dick since I've been gone, hasn't
she?" he asked, reaching into my shorts to caress my growing hardon.

"Well, we ARE married." I reminded him. "I have a duty to please my

"What about HER duty? She's been neglecting you for months!" whispered

"You've taken good care of that." I smiled as he freed my dick from my

"I haven't showered yet..." I reminded him, just as he was about to bend
over to take me in his mouth.

"I don't care." he said, sucking me in.

"uhh..." I groaned softly, feeling his lips wrap around me. He buried his
face in my groin, taking my full bone into his throat on the first swoop.
"Damn..." I whispered as he came back up for air. He sucked feverishly at
the fat juicy head, then bobbed up and down somewhere around mid-shaft.
"MAN I missed this mouth!" I said, having gave him the week off.

It was obvious that Marlon missed me too, as he got down on his knees to
align his head to my crotch while sucking sweetly along the wet
glistening shaft and making soft slurping sounds with his mouth. He took
me into his throat again, smashing his nose into my pubic hairs. I could
hear him inhaling, sniffing my groin as he held me deep in his throat
before backing off and sucking the shaft.
"Damn, you're good at that!" I complimented, looking down at him. Marlon
settled himself on his knees, and sucked me slow and steady for the next
10 minutes. Occasionally he'd lick down along the belly of the shaft
towards my balls, then swab them in spit with his mouth before sliding
back up to suck some more.

"You trying to make me cum?" I asked, looking down at him enjoy himself.

"Yeh." he answered, coming up off me for a second and licking the head.

"You sure?" I asked, feeling my dick starting to throb and pulse. "Don't
you want to fuck?"

"Yeh..." he answered, popping the head seductively in and out of his
mouth. "...but I want you to cum now too." he whispered, then took me
back into his throat.

Shit..." I groaned, feeling my balls starting to churn it's load.
Marlon sucked me for another 5 minutes before I gave up the juice.
"UHHH..." I moaned quietly, knowing Demeecee was just upstairs.

"Hmmm..." moaned Marlon, accepting and swallowing my hot load as I
emptied it all into his awaiting mouth. Then he took the next 3 minutes
or so polishing off the head while searching for any left over cum he may
have missed in the shaft.

"Damn that was good!" I praised with a smile. Marlon cleaned me up, then
got up off his knees. As I tried to re-fasten my pants, he reached his
hand inside and started feeling me up again. "Ain't get enough yet?" I
asked, looking him in the eye. Marlon blushed, looking down at my crotch
as he stroked me into another hardon. I reached around behind him and
squeezed his butt through his clinging shorts. I could see his own hardon
tenting out the front of them, the tip wet with his pre-cum.

"You know, I meant what I said about you being able to stay here."

"I don't wanna come between you and my sister." he said, almost

"Who's the man of this house?" I asked, putting more base than normal in
my voice.

"YOU are." he said softly, looking up into my eyes. I pulled him in close
to me, hugging his body next to mine (as I'd done Deme's hundreds of
times) while reaching behind him to squeeze that prize winning ass. He
smelt fresh, like soap. I inhaled him deeply, as he nestled his face into
my neck and started kissing me.
"Damn..." I muttered to myself, feeling the intensity of the moment. He
sucked gently on my neck, careful not to leave any passion marks his
sister might later see. I kept my hands locked on his firm ass, squeezing
and kneading the round mounds through his boxers as he ground himself
against me.

This was the first time we reacted this way. Usually it was just suck,
fuck, and cum, no foreplay and no kissing and cuddling (that was always
in reserve for my wife). I stood there, feeling some what comfortable and
quite turned on as he kissed my neck from one side to the other, licking
his way across and up my chin towards my lips. I didn't avoid him when he
kissed me fully on the lips. In fact, I welcomed it. I slipped my tongue
into his mouth as soon as he parted his full lips. He sucked on my
tongue, moaning softly as we ground our hardons into each other.

"Can we fuck now?" he asked, breaking the kiss and panting hard. He
looked so cute, -how could I deny him?

I moved him over to the sink, making him face the side window while I
moved in close behind him. I kissed and sucked on his neck and shoulders,
pressing my hard dick into the cushions of his ass. Marlon closed the
blinds, to insure our privacy as I moved down behind him and removed his
shorts to reveal that fine fat ass I love so much.
I helped Marlon step out of his boxers, then bent him forward over the
sink. My hands instantly went for his butt again, my fingers prying apart
the fat cheeks. I looked at the tight hole, then pressed my face up into
the crack and began to suck at it.

"Oh shit...Milt...!" he moaned softly as I licked up and down his hair
lined crack. I pulled the cheeks further apart, then swiped my tongue
across the contracting hole and zeroed in. "Oh shit, my
pussy..." he groaned, spreading his legs for me.
Hearing him call his own asshole "pussy" seemed to excite me all the
more, as I drive my tongue in deeper. I pulled my head back to look at
the sexy hole, then dove back in for more. My dick was hard as a crowbar
as he butt cheeks locked onto the sides of my face.

I started to smack the fat cheeks while I ate, squeezing and kneading
them as I munched on his tasty bud. I backed off again, pulling the
cheeks as far apart as I could. Marlon winked his hole at me, making it
pucker and kiss back as it shined with my saliva. Not able to take any
more teasing, I stood up and placed the head up in his crack.

"UHHH!!" grunted Marlon, feeling me squeeze pass his sphincter muscles as
I pushed inside. In no time I was balls deep in his ass, feeling that hot
wet hole squeeze and suck me from the inside.

DAMN his butt looked good bent over with my dick going through it! I've
pictured this scene a FEW times lately while fucking my wife, unable to
keep my brother in-law out of my mind. I held onto Marlon's hips while I
fucked him, driving my dick in through those smooth tight cheeks and
fucking that warm wet hole deep. Marlon stood straight up, leaning his
head back against my shoulder. I could wrapped my arms around him,
squeezing his chest and pinching his nipples much as I would a woman's
while kissing his ear affectionately. Marlon moaned and groaned softly as
my dick moved in and out of him, causing me to drive into him harder with
every thrust. He knew and understood that Demeecee was just upstairs, and
that we had to keep it as quiet as possible, or else all shit would hit
the fan!

Marlon was very receptive to my actions. He turned his head to meet me,
locking lips with mine as we shared in another kiss. I was becoming more
and more comfortable kissing him. Just a few months ago, I would have
kicked his ass if he tried to kiss me. Now I was shoving my own tongue in
his mouth, sharing spit.
I knew I was taking this deal waaay too far. Initially Marlon was only
supposed to just provide me with "head" jobs, to compensate for his lack
of work while staying at my house rent free. Then I started fucking him,
not realizing how much I'd like it. I wasn't sure where this relationship
was going, but I knew I enjoyed fucking Marlon's tight ass as much as I
did my wife's pussy.

"MMMM..." I moaned into his mouth, fucking him harder. Marlon threw his
ass back at me, making me drive into him deeper. One hand held him around
his torso, while my other hand drifted down between his legs. Marlon
gasped as I wrapped my hand around his dick for the first time. It was
brick hard, bigger than I thought it would be. As often as I've fucked my
brother in-law, I'd never touched his meat before. I started stroking
him, working his dick back and forth while I fucked his ass in and out.

"UHHHH goooshh...!" he groaned, his body starting to tremble against me.
I gripped him harder, stroked him faster, -I wanted to make him cum
bigger than he'd ever cum before. I wanted him to miss me, so he'd quit
that stinking job of his and come back to letting me fuck him full time.
"Oh shit, Milt! I'm....I'm gonna...uhhhh!!!"

I felt Marlon's dick jump and jerk in my fist, and knew by his low
groans that he was cumming all over the sink cabinets. While he was busy
cumming, I started really hammering his hole as hard as I could. Fucking
his ass with the power of a jack hammer. When I came, I blasted in his
ass with the force of an atomic bomb, -blowing up his bowels with my
hottest hardest cum ever!

"Oh shit! Damn! Oh fuck, Marlon! OOooo..." I grunted as the cum pumped
out of me and poured into him heavily.

"Oh yeh, Milt! Give it to me, man! uhhhh..." groaned Marlon, cumming
together. "I've missed you so much! I even think of you at work!" he
admitted, breathing hard with his back still me as we both tried to catch
our breaths. "Sometimes I even have to sneak into the restroom to jack
off just thinking about you!"

"Really?" I asked, still pressed up close behind him, my dick still
planted deep inside him with my chest on his back. "Then why don't you
quit that fucking job, and move back in here permanently!" I found myself
offering, without even thinking about it.

"For real?" asked Marlon, turning his head to look back at me seriously.

"I offered, didn't I? You can quit tomorrow! You can be here when I get
home from work!" I said, pulling out of him finally.

"What about Deme?" he asked, concerned of what his sister would say.

"Like I said before....who's the MAN of this house?" I asked, putting my
hands on the sink on opposite sides of his body, trapping him in place.

"YOU are!" smiled Marlon, turning to face me.

"Then the decision's been made." I said. "Tomorrow, you quit!"
Marlon kissed me on the lips, then slowly sank to his knees and took my
softened dick into his mouth to clean me off. This boy was quite a find!

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