Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Things were getting dangerously comfortable between me and my wife's
brother Marlon over the course of time he was living with us at the
house. We'd been fucking for a number of weeks now, and I found myself
really starting to look forward to fucking him when I got home from work.
I mean, my dick would be brick hard at work while thinking of him. I'd
find myself smiling like a nut, thinking about pounding my dick in his
ass as soon as I got home. More than once I've had to hide my hardons by
pulling my uniform shirt out of my pants to let the ends hang down over
my crotch, or else everyone would know where my mind was at.

The instant I'd get home, Marlon would get on his knees and start
sucking my dick. I wouldn't even have a chance to shower first before
he'd have his nose buried in my balls, sniffing my musky nutts and hairy
abdomen as he swallowed me whole. Most times he's take my load right then
and there, making me cum hard down the back of his contracting throat as
he feasted on my sweet salty baby-makers. But sometimes I would need to
feel that extra tightness from his booty, and would pull out of his mouth
and fuck him up the ass before my wife got home. Marlon never complained
when I screwed him, he took my dick whenever he had to, rather it was
early in the morning or late at night. Several times I've had to take him
with me in my car for an "errand" when Demeecee was home and we couldn't
get no privacy. We'd drive to some place quiet and secluded (like the
park), then he would go down on me and suck the fuck right out of my
dick. If it was dark, we'd get out the car or into the back seat where I
could butt fuck him doggy-style before returning home with a case of beer
or groceries or whatever reason we made up for getting out of the house.

Once Deme accused me of messing around. She thought I was cheating on
her since I hadn't been fighting with her for any of her pussy. But I
argued "WHEN" would I have time to fuck around with some other bitch,
when I was home straight after work every day with her and her brother? I
argued that I was constantly either in HER sights, or her brother's at
"ALL TIMES", and couldn't possibly find time to fuck another woman
without one of them noticing. This seemed to shut her up, as she had to
agree that I was home every day and not outside the house fucking around.
But she was still suspicious as to why I wasn't hitting her up to fuck
more often. I simply told her that I was a "man", and didn't feel that I
needed to beg anybody for anything! I could tell by her facial expression
that she didn't like my answer, but she couldn't say anything about as
SHE was the one that dug this hole!
We continued to sleep together, with the occasional sex between us
whenever we found a moment alone in the house. Once or twice I even
managed to slip my dick inside her during the early morning hours before
the sun came up, to get some quick relief without her protesting too
much. But even then we had to be quiet, and I couldn't get my full swing
on as she didn't want Marlon to hear the bed springs popping down the
hall. Sex with my wife was becoming less and less attractive as I started
turning to her brother more and more. Marlon was always UP for something.
The instant Deme left the house he'd have his face buried in my lap, his
mouth searching for his next meal. Several times she nearly caught us by
coming home quicker than anticipated, leaving us to scramble back into
our clothes before getting caught.

It's amazing that she never put 2 and 2 together. The way Marlon was
always walking around the house in his underwear, his fat butt cheeks
protruding outward every time he walked by me in the thin fitting
material. The way my eyes would always dart to his ass as he walked up
the steps or into the kitchen for something and I'd spring an instant
hardon. Demecee wasn't totally blind through it all though, she noticed
that her brother was walking around the house in the most revealing shit.
See through underwear, tight ass shorts or baggy jeans with no underwear
so that the back of the jeans showed off the top of his plump dark brown
juicy ass cheeks. More than once she had to tell him to cover up or go
change, but I don't think she realized that the displays were done in MY
And she didn't protest when she noticed me and Marlon hanging together
more and more. In fact, I think she encouraged it, thinking the extra
pair of eyes would keep me in check from seeking other women. Little did
she know that her little brother was all the woman I needed, and then
some. With him my dick was always satisfied, and my balls were always
empty. I got the most blow jobs and pussy form HIM than any female I've
ever fucked in my life, including my wife. While Deme and I had always
had a healthy sex life, her brother's sexual appetite was insatiable, and
equal to my own. Sometimes he'd have to drain my dick 2 to 3 times in one
day, and even more on the weekends when I had off from work. Its a wonder
he never got fat off all the protein I fed him in his daily diet.

The first time Marlon ever ate my ass, I was put into a literal shock. I
hadn't been expecting it, nor had I imagined anything (other than my
dick) ever feeling so damn good! It happened one sunday while Deme was at
church. Marlon had been blowing me good most of that morning, having
already sucked a load from my balls. But to get me hard and excited
again, he rolled me over onto my stomach and started to lick my ass
cheeks. I didn't think much by it, as Deme had done that once or twice
during our love making and it wasn't a big deal. But then he suddenly
parted by butt, and dug his tongue up the hairy lined crack. I nearly
jumped off the bed as a tingle ran straight through my entire body like
At first I protested, but Marlon assured me that he wasn't going to do
anything (like try to fuck me) to my ass. He said for me to just lay
there and relax, and I'd have another roaring hardon in a minute. I
decided to take him up on his challenge, wanting another round with his
ass as I rested my head in my folded arms on my pillow and let him
returned his face to my ass. The sensations of his thick wet tongue
licking my ass crack was beyond describing. I suppose it's the closest a
man could ever get to how women must feel to getting their pussies ate.
Marlon licked and sucked my asshole, pulling my ass cheeks far apart as
he sealed his lips to my hole and drilled his tongue inside. I couldn't
help moaning at the unexpected pleasures he was giving me. I even found
myself spreading my legs to give his searching tongue more room to work.
He sucked my hairy balls into his mouth from behind, then alternated
working them and my asshole. I could feel my hardon smashing into the
mattress under me, already leaking pre-cum from the head.

"Fuck this...!" I said, pushing his face from my ass and throwing him
onto the bed.
Marlon knew what was up, and rolled onto his back and lifted his legs
invitingly. I grabbed his ankles to raise his ass higher. The butt cheeks
parted voluntarily, revealing the tender asshole with the tuft of curly
hairs surrounding it.
I blinked my eyes twice while looking down at it. For a second it
reminded my of REAL pussy, and I was struck with the overwhelming desire
to eat it! I stared down at it for a few minutes, trying to work up the
nerve. After all, it wasn't REAL pussy at all, despite how good it always
made my dick feel. It was Marlon's asshole. A MAN's asshole at that! But
I still felt the wanton desire to taste it as I leaned forward and
flicked my tongue across the hole.

"OOOooo...shhhiiitttt..." moaned Marlon at the unexpected swipe.
I pulled back, tasting my tongue for any nasty flavors. But Marlon had
always been very clean in the asshole department, and I couldn't detect
any stale or unpleasant tastes despite just having licked someone's
I stared back down at the crack, noting the wet mark my tongue made up
the center, then dove down for another taste. Marlon groaned as I ran my
tongue up and down the valley of his crack, zeroing in on the hole as I
attacked it vigorously. I ate at his asshole as if it were my wife's
pussy, burying my face between his mounds as I drilled my tongue in and
out of the hole.

"DAMN...!" was all I could manage to say as I backed off of it, and
looked back down at my handy work. Marlon's asshole was all wet and
glossy with my spit, the deep crevice and tiny hole throbbed with
excitement. My dick was brick hard and more than ready for his hole, but
I wanted to taste it some more.

"Oh shit...!" he moaned as I drove my face back into him, feeling his fat
butt cheeks against my face. Eating ass wasn't TOO different to eating
pussy, except pussy usually excretes tasty juices when stimulated.
After a few minutes, I pulled back up and lined my bloated dick up to
Marlon's hole. He held his breath and stared up at me in lust as he
awaited me to enter him. I place the fat head of my dick up to his
anal/pussy, and pushed in. I watched his hole slowly swallow up every
inch of my manhood, taking me in clear up to my balls.

"OOOooo, Milt..." he moaned as I ground my pelvic bone into his butt, my
entire dick buried up his anus. "Fuck me, Milton! Fuck me, man! I NEED it
now!" whispered Marlon in a low sexy husk. I started moving my hips back
and forth, slicing my dick in and out of his hole slowly and
deliberately, wanting him to feel every single inch of me before I really
started to pulverize him. "Please man, don't tease me like this! I need
it, now!"

"Okay, baby..." I smiled, leaning over him. "...I'll give this pussy what
it wants."
Marlon moaned and grunted as I started to fuck him. His asshole clung to
my dick as I moved back and forth through him, the tiny curly hairs of
his ass tickling the edges of my dick each time I slide through. I could
feel his hole tighten and contract around me as it adjusted to my
fucking. He was quite used to me by now, and adjusted quickly as we got
down to business. I pressed Marlon's knees up to his chest and really
started to lay the strokes into him for the next 15 to 20 minutes
non-stop. He struggled, whimpered, moaned, groaned, and cursed as I
fucked him with hard steady strokes, but accepted each thrust diligently
as his own dick lay leaking against his stomach.
Leaning forward further, I stretched my arms about either side of his
had and fucked him with his legs pulled up around my waist. Marlon used
his hands to feel my muscles (torso, arms, shoulders, and chest) while I
humped into him, twinking my nipples and making me fuck him harder. He
spread his legs and held onto my waist as I picked up the pace and
drilled him deeper. His grunts grew louder the harder I thrust. Pretty
soon his asshole was all juicy and slick, allowing me to slip and slide
in and out easily. I watched Marlon's dick jump and jerk against his
stomach, as it started to cream and belch out a thick white load of hot
cum across his chest.

"UHHH! UHHH! OHHH! UHHHHHHHHH...!!" he panted and screamed and he shot
spurt after spurt. I continued humping into him throughout his orgasm,
feeling his asshole contract with each shot of cum he made. After several
minutes of pumping, I pulled out, leaving his sucking hole wet and

"Roll over!" I said before he could start complaining that I hadn't cum
Marlon rolled over onto his knees with his face flat against the
mattress. His ass was in the air, and the cheeks were spread to reveal
the quivering hole I'd just fucked. I replaced my dick head up to the
spot, then thrust back in. Marlon cooed as I fucked him that way for
another 10 minutes, laying him flat on the bed as I drilled him a new

"Damn! I LOVE the way you fuck me, Milt!" he panted between thrusts and
groans. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders from under his armpits,
and humped into that fat jiggly ass, feeling the cushiony cheeks slap
into my pelvis. "Oh damn, Milt! Fuck me, man! Fuck my ass, baby!" he
groaned as the pace increased.

"I'll fuck you baby, don't worry..." I said between grit teeth as I
hammered him harder.
Marlon threw his head back, resting it against my shoulder while we
fucked. I kissed and licked at his ear, biting the lobe and nibbling the
rim. He moaned and started rubbing his head back and forth against mine.
He turned his head slight, and somehow out mouths met. Marlon licked my
lips with his tongue, causing me to bust my nutt up his ass at the
precise moment.

"OOOHHH, DAAAMMMMNNN...!!" I groaned, feeling the cum burst out of me
like a busted dam. I slammed my hips forward, burying my bone as I came
buckets of hot jiz deep into Marlon's anal/pussy. "AAARRRRHHHHHH..!!!" I
screamed, filling those buns up with my thick sauce. Marlon merely
accepted the flood into his bowels, and groaned with satisfaction at
another job well done.

"This pussy's getting dangerous." I joked softly in his ear as I
collapsed on top of him, emptying my seed in his ass.
We fell asleep like that for awhile, with him cuddled up under me and
his ass pressed back on my dick. When I awakened, Marlon was gone, and
Demeecee had returned from church.

"You been sleeping in bed ALL day?" she asked as she came in and removed
her jewelry.

"I...I guess so..." I said, looking around in confusion. "Where's

"He went out with a friend of his, said he'd be back in a little while."
answered Deme, taking off her church clothes. "That gives us enough time
for a quickie!" she said, stripping naked and jumping into my arms on the
I hope she'll be satisfied with just oral sex, cause Marlon surely did
drain my balls of any Jizm she might be hoping to get anytime soon!