Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sundays are my favorite day of the week, it's the one day I get to sleep
late without my wife Demecee trying to drag me out to the store or nag me
into doing any house work. She usually goes to church with her mother on
sunday mornings, leaving before 8am and staying well into early
afternoon. By the time she comes home, I'm sitting on the couch watching
football while she's too tired and pooped to do anything but go to sleep
early for work on monday.

I heard Deme say "goodbye" when she left. I was in a sound sleep, as
church really wasn't my thing. I was having a good dream, that Halle
Barry was sucking my dick in the back of a limousine on our way to the
Oscars Awards Show. Everything was so vivid. She looked truly beautiful
dressed in a topless blue dress, her perfectly shaped tanned titties in
my hand as she went down on me, taking my hard appendage in her dainty
little mouth.

"Oooohhh..." I moaned in my sleep as she took me into her throat. I could
actually feel her sweet lips around my dick root, the tickle of her spit
dripping down over my balls. I awoke to find my brother in-law going down
on me, laying beside me naked in my wife's bed as he went to town on my

"What the fuck...?!" I yelled, jumping up out of my happy sleep. Marlon
looked startled, but never removed his mouth as he continued to suck my
hardon. "What're you doing in my bedroom? Where's Demecee?"

"She went to church, with mom." he said, taking me back into his mouth
immediately. Relaxing, I fell back into bed, enjoying his mouth as he
purposely slid it up and down my shaft. I watched him suck me off,
twisting and turning his head and he slurped the shaft happily. I heard
him moaning contently as I moved in and out of his mouth.

"You love that dick, don't you?" I asked.

"HUUMMMMM...." he moaned, his tongue painting the sensitive belly with

"You liked that fuck I gave you yesterday?" I asked, reaching down to
smack him on his naked ass. "I made you cum without you even touching
yourself." I gleamed as I stuck a finger in his butt.

"Yeah, you fucked me good." I admitted, licking at the fat head as it
appeared between his lips.

"Your pussy's already wet." I said, surprised at how easily my finger
slipped in. "You were expecting to get some dick this morning?"
Marlon pulled his mouth from my dick and crawled up onto his knees, I
saw his own hardon sticking straight out from his groin as he crossed on
leg over my torso to straddle my waist. I backed up into the pillows,
half wondering if he was trying to make me suck his stiff dick as it came
dangerously close to my face.

"Whadda you think you're doing?" I asked, ready to push him off me. If he
thought I was going to suck his dick, he was crazy. Then I felt him reach
behind him and grab my dick. He placed the head up to his pre-greased
asshole, then pressed back on it. I felt the head slip into his hairy

"So you just gonna take my dick without asking, is that it?" I teased, as
if I was upset.

"I thought you might like breakfast in bed." he smiled, as he took me
into his ass fully in one swoop. He threw back his head and groaned as he
ground his butt cheeks in my lap, his anal muscles squeezing at my thick
I wasn't too crazy about the idea of fucking Marlon in my wife's bed, as
it seemed a little dangerous and disrespectful. I didn't mind fucking him
in the back room though, where Demecee's senses were a little more dulled
by her brother's presence. In our own bed, she would be able to tell a
third scent, or that sex may have occurred. I didn't put anything pass a
woman's sixth sense. But I wasn't exactly about to shove Marlon off my
dick either, especially once he started to ride me like a pony, bouncing
his ass up and down on my stiff dick.

"uhh...uhh...ohhh...yeah...yeah...uhh...uhhh...uhhh..." he moaned as he
fucked himself. It felt good to finally be getting some ass on a regular
bases again. After a couple of months of nothing, Marlon's ass/pussy was
the best feeling in the world, a fitting substitute for my wife's juicy
mound. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather have the real thing, but I didn't
believe in having to beg no bitch for something that was rightfully mine
in the first place. I mean, I was still doing my part in this marriage,
working my ass off to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. All
Deme had to do was cook, clean, and fuck me to my heart's content, if she
couldn't do that without an argument, then she needed to be replaced. At
least Marlon knew his place.

I watched him bounce up and down on my dick, groaning as he took the
full length of my tool with every downward plunge of his hips, burying my
swollen piece between his two round melons. Every time his ass slapped my
pubes, he's squeeze his sphincter muscles together to give me a thrill. I
never thought of an asshole as a sexual object, I'd always been content
with pussy and blow jobs. I'd been getting my dick sucked since I was 14
years old, and had been loving pussy shortly after when I was 15. Since I
discovered girls, my play time with the boiz and video games were
drastically cut short. There was never any better feeling in the world
than feeling some hot wet mouth sucking my pole, or some fat juicy pussy
taking me deep into it's wet folds. I never incorporated ass into the
play, as I never needed to. The girls I fuck (including Deme) never
expressed a desire to explore anal sex, and so long as they were giving
up the pussy I was all too happy to take it. I'd seen anal sex in
porno's, but it was never a big turn on. It was like watching two girls
do a lesbian scene, it was nice to watch but I really wasn't looking to
try it. I'd heard friends brag about fucking girls up the ass every now
and then, but I always thought it was crazy to pass up a nice wet vagina
which was tailor made to fuck, for some hot tight dry asshole that the
woman would most likely keep stopping you from really getting too wild up
in. At least if you fuck her pussy just right, she'll cum and get as
freaky as you. She'll let you bang that mother fucker until the cows cum
So just imagine my surprise to find my brother in-law's tight male
asshole just as hot, wet, and talented as any pussy I'd ever been in. It
completely amazed me that it could contract and stretch just like a
vagina. And the more I fucked him, the more wet he seemed to get. Even
now his hole was getting slicker as it slid up and down my dick, his own
hardon bouncing against my stomach as we fucked. I watched Marlon closely
as he rode me, taking me deep into his body again and again, his facial
expression fixated on his one task to get me off and make me cum. His ass
slapped against my lap over and over, each time causing my full erection
to plunge his rectum. It was oddly exciting seeing him fuck himself on my
dick rather than making him take it. It showed his desire and devotion to
our agreement, that he really wanted to honor it. But more than that, it
showed his desire for me. He fucked himself atop my dick mostly because
he wanted it in him, he wanted me fucking him in the worse way and
couldn't wait for me to come looking for him.

"Oh shit, Milt! Damn!" he moaned as I slapped his ass with my open hand.

"Ride that dick, bitch!" I told him, squeezing his hips. "Show me how
much you want it! How much you want that nutt! You DO want that nutt,
don't you?"

"Oh yeah, man! I want it! I want it all!" he groaned like a dogg in heat.

"I want to make you cum again, like I did yesterday!" I said, thrusting
my hips up to meet his downward plunges.

"OH!" gasped Marlon at my unexpected aid. My dick rammed deep into his
gut, banging into the back wall of his rectum like a battering ram.

"You said this was MY pussy, right?" I confirmed, drilling my way up into
his ass, meeting him with every stroke.

"Yes! Yes! It's YOUR pussy, Milt! Yours!" he gasped.

"Prove it then! Cum for me! Like you did last night! Show me how much you
love this dick in you!" I challenged, grabbing him about the back of his
neck with one hand while slapping his ass with the other, and sending
Marlon's passion through the roof.

"UHH...UHHH...UHHH..." he gasped, fucking himself harder. I don't claim
to be no expect at anal sex, but he really started to go wild, as if my
dick was hitting something deep inside him that made his senses go
berserk. He closed his eyes and started to shake, his hole still working
my pole as I humped up into him, meeting him thrust for thrust.

"That's it baby, fuck yourself! Do it! Cum on my dick!"
Marlon grunted and gasped as he slapped his ass down on my dick, his
hole gobbling me up as if I were a Vianna Sausage.

"Give me that pussy!" I yelled, slapping his ass more. Marlon's thigh
muscles flexed as he worked his ass harder. I saw his dick starting to
leak pre-cum, the head smearing semen across my stomach. I didn't mind
much, as I really wanted to make him cum. I knew the pre-cum was a sure
sign that he was getting close. "That's it, fuck that dick! Make me blow
my load up that hole!"

I felt Marlon's body stiffen, even as I continued to hump up into him.
His asshole gripped my plunging dick like a vice grip, but I kept on
ramming my hips up to get deep penetration. I saw his balls tighten
against his dick base, as his dick started to throb and pulse. Then
suddenly almost without warning, he started cumming, shooting hot cum
across my chest and stomach like party streamers. I felt the first spray
slap me in the face, marking my chin as the rest poured out of him in
groves. With his asshole now spasming around my slick stroking shaft, I
thrust my hips up and buried my bone in his bowels.

"AAWWW SHHHIIITTTT...I'm cumming!!" I announced, shooting my load deep
inside that hot ass. I smacked him on his butt several times as we both
orgasmed at the same moment. My dick jumped and jerked in Marlon's
contracting rectum, while his throbbed against my cream spilled belly.
After a couple of minutes, we both started to come down from our high.

"You shot all over me." I said, stating the obvious.

"Sorry..." grinned Marlon, embarrassed by his display.

"Lick it up." I ordered to his surprise.
Marlon looked at me, half expecting me to say "sike", but my eyes told
him that I was serious. So without having to be told twice, he slipped my
dick from his hole, bent forward, and started licking his own cum up from
my stomach and chest.

I watched Marlon extend his tongue, running it through the white goo
splattered against my brown skin. He slurped up the bland looking liquid,
eating everything in sight. Then he made his way down to my dick, and
took it into his mouth. I settled back in bed and watched him clean me up
with his mouth, wondering how I could get my wife to do the same exact
thing after sex.

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