Wednesday, May 6, 2009


We got into the car, and then I took off out of the parking lot like a
bat out of hell. I couldn't believe what just happened. I just kicked a
nigga's ass for coming onto my brother in-law, as if I was....jealous!

I'll admit, I was pissed! But somehow I managed to keep quiet during the
entire 10 minutes car ride home. Partly because I was trying to figure
out why I'd gotten so mad in the first place. It wasn't like I was gay,
and Marlon was my nigga or something! But seeing him engaging with that
other guy and knowing dude's intentions..., I just felt he needed to be
put in check! Nobody disrespects me in front of my face like that!
Hom-boi'z lucky I only hit him once! I grew up in the hood, and I've had
my share of fight experiences and definitely know how to handle my shit
on the street!
I waited until I parked the car and got Marlon into the privacy of my
house before I really let my anger loose!

"That fucking mother fucker!" I snapped as soon as we were in-doors. "I
should've beat that pussy's ass!
Marlon looked concern.

"Milt, what was that all about?" he asked, wondering why I went off like
I did.

"Wasn't you there?" I asked, looking at him like a buffoon. "He
disrespected me! He tried to PUNK me! But we see who got punked, right?"
I asked sarcastically.

"How'd he punk you? All we were doing was talking..." defended Marlon. I
tilted me head at him, giving him my best 'you've got to be kidding'

"You don't know what that nigga wanted?" I asked, suspecting he probably
did. "You ain't see him checking you out? Flirting with you? Staring at
your ass?"

"No." he answered.
Could he really be that dumb?

"Well he WAS!" I responded. "The nigga was so far up you ass, he nearly
gave you a fucking wedgy!"
Marlon chuckled at my joke, but I didn't see shit funny!

"Milt, come here..., you've obviously had too much to drink, again..." he
said, acting as if I was just trippin'. When he reached out and tried to
touch me affectionately, I slapped his hands away. "What I do...?" he
asked, looking like his feelings were hurt.

"You led that pussy on!" I spat, angrily.

"No I didn't!" replied Marlon, defensively.

"Like hell!" I said, looking him dead in his eye. "If you were Deme,
I'd've back slapped the shit outta you!" I told him, honestly.

"Why? For just TALKING to someone?" he asked.

"No! I don't give a fuck WHO you TALK to!" I shouted, making sure he
heard me. "But you were leading that mother fucker ON! You knew damn well
who you came to that club with, and then I see you smiling up in some
other nigga's face! You were there with ME! Not HIM!"

"Honestly, Milt...we were just TALKING!" insisted Marlon. I have to
confess that I never really heard their conversation over the music. I'm
just going by the way dude looked to be trying to mack. True homboiz
don't act like that when they just chillen with another hommie. Dude
looked as if he were seriously trying to score some pussy! "Besides..."
added Marlon, "...I don't ROLL that way!"
I raised my eyebrows and begged to differ! He noticed my doubtful
expression. "Okay, yeh...I was fucked by a bunch of guys in jail! And
yeh...I may give my ass up to YOU, but I was totally straight before I
went there! I've HAD my share of girls!" he insisted. I remembered a few
besides Crystal that he dated, so I know it was true. Then I suddenly saw
the pain of shame cross his face as he recalled his ordeal. "It's hard to
defend yourself in prison when you're all alone with no one to back you
up. What can you do when 4 or 5 niggas corner you and demand you service
them or get gang banged by the entire block? (damn!). I've seen what
happened to a guy that refused. He was beat so badly that he had to be
sent to the hospital, -AND then they raped him anyway! (double DAMN!). So
I gave in. I serviced them, and anybody else they told me to." then I saw
his face turn serious. "But I'm not gay by nature. I don't go around
looking to get fucked! I still like women! And I still want a
relationship someday!" then he started to look embarrassed. "Then YOU
came along. And...and you, fucked me so different. I like it. I like it a
lot. I'm not giving my ass up to anybody but you! You're the only guy
that's fucked me outside of jail, I swear it!"

"I believe you." I said, feeling sorry for him. Marlon came over and
stood before me, then silently started to undo my pants. His head was
down as if he was shamed by the story he told. I could just imagine how
all those niggas must've ganged him in jail, -Marlon's got a fat butt,
they must've spotted him the instant he got off the bus!
I watched him unbuckle my belt and unfasten my pants as if he were
slowly unwrapping a Christmas present. I looked him deeply in the eyes as
my dick started to harden. He was my nigga now, I knew that. I knew that
the moment I saw Dude standing up in his face. "If I ever catch you
fucking with another nigger..."

"I won't." said Marlon sincerely, before I could finish my threat. Then
leaned forward and kissed me fully on the lips. At first I didn't
respond, I just stood there while he 'closed mouth' kissed me, his full
sexy lips rubbing gently against mine in a series of tiny pecks. But
after a few seconds, I parted my lips and slid my tongue into his mouth.
Then I wrapped my hands around his waist and pulled him into me, grinding
our crotches together. I could feel his hard bone against mine. Marlon
groaned into my mouth as my hands squeezed onto his ass. "Let's go to
bed." I suggested, taking him by the hand and leading him upstairs to the
bedroom. Of course, I couldn't keep my hands off his ass as he climbed
the steps ahead of me. I couldn't wait to get him in bed so I could eat
his pussy, and bite his cheeks. I wasn't totally sure of what was going
on between us, or how I was feeling..., but I knew I liked being up in
that ass. I tried not to think too much on what that meant, and just
tried to enjoy the last night we had alone together. Deme would be back
home in the morning, and we'd have to go back to playing it kewl.

"Let me take a fresh shower..." he suggested, kissing my lips before
taking off his clothes and darting into the bathroom. I thought about
surprising him in the shower again like I did this morning, but I wanted
his ass in bed more.
I took off all my clothes, put on some soft music, dimmed the lights,
and lit some candles to make the mood just right. Marlon was surprised
alright. When he came back from the shower to see the romantic setting I
made, he looked nearly overwhelmed.

"Damn..." he smiled, his body still wet. I walked over and took the towel
from him to dry him off. "All this for me?"

"You see anyone else around?" I asked, taking him over to the bed. His
dick started rising immediately. Mine had been hard since the beginning.
I placed him on the edge of the bed on his hands and knees, then bent
down behind him and parted his butt cheeks. "Damn I love looking at this
hole!" I said before burying my face into it.
Marlon sighed, laying his head down on the mattress while I ate his
asshole like a pussy. I pulled the cheeks apart wide, and ran my sopping
wet tongue up and down the valley of his crack. He smelt like the fresh
scent of soap. I darted my tongue into his asshole, feeling it open and
clamp on my wet muscle. I smacked him hard on his ass a few times, making
him yip from the sting. Then I shoved a few fingers into him, opening him
up for my fat dick. He groaned and arched his back to raise his ass. His
hole was tight and hot, my dick jumped in anticipation of going in. After
10 minutes of anal eating, Marlon was begging for the dick.

"Fuck me Milt, please! Come on, put it in..." he sighed, his asshole
throbbing for me. I stood up behind him, and spit onto my dick for
lubricant. Then I aimed it up to his tiny brown hole, and pushed in.
"aaahh, ooooo...." he groaned as I slid all the way in. By now he had
gotten used to me, so it wasn't as hard getting into him as it used to
I grabbed him by the hips, and started fucking into his ass with a
steady pace. His pussy was warm and wet, it conformed to my dick like a
jelly mold, sucking hard and squeezing the shaft as I slid in and out of
him. "Damn Milt...I love you fucking me!" he said, reacting to my
strokes. I gripped his waist tighter, and began to fuck him harder. He
began to pant and moan, his pussy starting to clamp on me.

"Shit, what a sweet ass..." I groaned, watching my shit go in and out of
him. Marlon's ass was open and completely receptive to me now. I could
fuck him as hard, deep, or long as I wanted. But I had to be careful not
to mis-read the pace though, I wasn't as high as I was last night, so my
dick was a little more sensitive to his milking efforts.
After about 10 minutes in doggy-style, I pushed Marlon up on the bed and
climbed on top of him. My dick never left his ass as I continued to
stroke into him. He spread his legs, allowing me to lay between them. He
arched his back so his ass rose higher, giving my thrusting hips a better
target to smash into.

I laid out full on his back, feeling his warm body squirm beneath me. I
kissed him between his shoulder blades, and sucked his neck like a
vampire. "Oh shit, Milt..." he groaned, feeling my teeth sink in as I
sucked hard to leave my mark.

"Gimme that pussy, baby..." I moaned, hammering his ass good. Marlon
surrendered completely without a fight, loving the way my dick punched
through his gut. After 10 more minutes of steady stroking, I felt my
balls tighten as they started to shoot my hot thick sperm into his ass.
"AAHHHHH, yeeeaaahhhh, awwww, shhhhiiitttttt...!" I sighed as the cum
shot out of me in ropes.
Marlon panted and accepted my hot load. I could feel his anal/pussy
squeezing me, milking out my juice as it poured into him like a faucet.
This boy knew how to take and satisfy a dick. They must've LOVED his ass
in prison, -I thought, as I came down off my high.

I woke up and looked over at the clock. It was already going on 10am. I
wasn't sure what time Deme would be home, but I figured we'd better get
up and start washing the sheets before it got to be too late.

I pulled the top cover off and rolled over on my side to face Marlon. He
was still sleep, on his side with his back to me. I figued I'd wake him
with another good fuck like I did yesterday. So I cuddled up behind him,
and aimed my hardened dick up between his soft ass cheeks.
The hole was still wet and moist from the 2 fuckings I gave it last
night (some time around 2am, we fucked again). That time Marlon rode me
until I came a bucket of cum up his ass. Then he stroked and masturbated
all over my chest before we called it a night and fell back to sleep. Now
I was pushing my searching head up into his anus, nudging it open as I
slid nearly fully inside him.

"uhhh..." moaned Marlon as my dick pushed in. I wrapped my arm around
him, holding his close to me as I started to slowly, lazily stroke in and
out of him. He came to and started moving against me, pushing his ass
back to get more of me inside. Damn, I could get used to this! -I
Without speaking, we moved in unison, both fucking into the other as we
listened to the CD I programmed last night play over and over again. I
nestled my face in Marlon's neck, kissing and sucking the soft skin while
I fucked into him. Marlon reached his arm around behind my head, and
massaged the crown of my head and the back of my neck. I pinched his hard
nipples, making them stand upright and tall on his chest. He moaned, then
parted his legs to rise one up over my own legs (in scissors position) to
widen his buttock. I was able to thrust in deeper, feeling more of his
warm hole sucking my dick. I could feel the 2 loads I shot into him last
night coating my dick, making his rectum slide smoother.

"Ooooh shit, fuck me Milt..." he moaned, twisting his head to kiss me. I
stopped sucking his neck and stretched forward to kiss him back. I stuck
out my tongue, allowing him to suck on it as my hips continued to ram
forth and bury my bone in his yard. He reached down and started stroking
his own dick as I started to pick up the pace of our fuck. "MMmmph...,
mmuupphh...!" he moaned with my tongue in his mouth as he lost his juice
all over the bed.

"Shit...!" I sighed, feeling his pussy convulse and clamp on me as he
came. A few thrusts later, and I was cumming again, right up his alley.

"uh, uh, uh, oh, ah, yes, oooh, ooh, yeh..." he panted, milking his dick
with his hand, milking my dick with his asshole, and sucking my tongue in
his mouth in a sideways kiss (MAN was he multi-talented!).

"Mmmm..." I moaned, feeling my dick drain inside him as I began to relax
and drift back into a lazy sleep.
I wasn't sure what happened next, but one minute I was cuddled up in
ecstasy from busting a hot nutt up my boi's ass, and the next I hear this
high pitched screaming. Marlon and I jumped up to find my wife (his
sister) -Demeecee, standing in the bedroom doorway staring at us with
bulging eyes.

"Deme!" I yelled, jumping out of my skin!

"FAGGOTS! FAGGOTS!" she screamed, dropping her make-up bag and grabbing a
fistful of her hair. Before I could even think of anything to say, she
turned and ran back down the hall towards the stairs.

"Deme, wait..!" I called after her, pulling my softening dick from her
brother's ass as I jumped from the bed and grabbed my boxers before
chasing after her. "Deme...!" I yelled, stumbling down the steps as I
tried to run and put on my shorts at the same time. Demeecee ran outside,
going back to her car. I ran out after her, forgetting about the sunday
morning neighbors. I ran over to her car just as she was putting the key
in the ignition. "Deme, wait! Wait!" I yelled, knocking on her window.
Deme avoided looking at me, as she quickly put her car in geer and took
off, -nearly running me over in the process. "DAMMIT!!" I yelled,
watching her take off, and taking the corner curve doing fifty! I put my
hands on my hips and cursed myself for not being more careful. I totally
lost all track of time! I KNEW Deme was due back this morning! How could
I be so stupid??

"G'morning..." said someone walking by. I turned to see an older neighbor
of mine walking his dog. He looked me up and down in my boxers, then

"Fuck YOU, Larry!" I said, turning back towards the house. Marlon
appeared in the doorway, wearing nothing but boxers as well.

"Where's Deme? Is she alright?" he asked as I pushed him back into the
house before anyone saw him and put 2 and 2 together.

"DAMN!" I yelled after slamming the door. I could've KICKED myself for
being so damn sloppy! How could I have let shit get so far out of hand?
Deme was no doubt running home to her parents house to tell her bitch
mother! Now EVERYONE would know what happened!
I ran over to the cordless phone, and dialed her cell. I knew the
chance's were slim to none that she'd answer, but I had to try! I got her
voice mail. "Deme, please! Call me back! We have to talk!" was all I said
before hanging up. Truth was, I didn't say anything else because I hadn't
yet thought of any good reason for her finding me in bed with another man
(if there ever IS a good reason!). I threw the phone into the sofa
cushions, then collapsed down in my seat with my head buried in my hands.
This shit was ridiculous!

"Sh...she'll call..." said Marlon -doubtfully, trying to be supportive.
"She's probably going over mom's house!" (no shit!). Marlon sat down on
the couch next to me. "I'm sorry, Milt..." he said, not knowing what else
to say. I felt a tremendous headache coming on!

I didn't have long to wait before the shit hit the fan. Deme's mother
called an hour later from her home phone, cursing me out and calling me
every name in the book. I could barely get a word in edgewise. She told
me how devastated Demeecee was to find me in bed with her son. She called
us both "depraved perverts!", then told me how much she (the mom) never
liked nor trusted me in the first place. She said that Deme was divorcing
me, and taking "everything!", they weren't going to leave me with a penny
to my name! (not that I had much anyway working for UPS). When I cursed
her back out and demanded to speak to my wife, she hung up in my ear!

"Fucking BITCH!!" I screamed, ready to throw the phone against the wall.
Instead I dialed Deme's cell phone to leave a personal message her mother
couldn't intercept. "Deme! We can talk about this, baby! Call me! Don't
let your mother persuade you from talking to me! I LOVE you! Call me,

For the rest of the day I didn't hear from Deme. Her mother called
frequently, leaving nasty messages on the answering machine (to both me
and Marlon) and cursing me out whenever she caught me personally. When I
went to their house to talk, her mother called the police on me, claiming
I was a "stalker and a sodomite who sleeps with men!"
The police didn't arrest me, but they did look at me rather strangely
before sending me on about my way. Back at the house, Marlon was trying
his best to comfort me, cooking (as best he could), cleaning, looking
after me, and trying to perform for me sexually. But my mind wasn't on
fucking. I was worried about losing my wife and reputation as a MAN in
the streets. What would people say once word got out? I didn't make
enough money to just up and move on a whim. And a divorce would wipe me

The only person I could find to confide in was my brother Carl. Carl was
the only outsider who knew my situation with Marlon. He had fucked Marlon
a couple of times himself at my house because his wife is pregnant and
refusing to perform for him sexually. He rushed over to the house as soon
as I called him.

"Damn man, how'd you let this shit happen?" he asked, sitting on the sofa
after listening to my story.

"I don't know, man. We were laying in bed, and there she was! We didn't
even hear her come in, n'shit! All of a sudden she was standing right
THERE! Screaming!" I explained.

"Did she see yall having sex?" inquired my brother.

"My dick was UP HIS ASS! I'd just cum! She caught me dead to rites, man!"

"Damn, that's fucked up. You can't even say yall was just sleeping!" he
pointed out.

"I know!" I answered in despair.

"Where's Marlon, now? What you going to do about him?" he suddenly asked.

"I have no idea, man. What do you mean?"

"I mean LIVING wise." he clarified. "How do you expect to get Deme back
in here, while her brother's still here?" Damn, I hadn't even thought of
that. "You've got to get rid of him!"

"He don't have no place to go!" I said. "His parents ain't letting him
back in there, and his girl don't have the room..."

"I'll take him in." offered Carl, much to my surprise. "But only for a
little while, until the baby's due or he gets on his feet!"

"You'd do that for me, man?" I asked, knowing Carl wasn't likely just
doing this out of the kindness of his heart. His wife (Charmaine) was
still pregnant and not putting out, -he was probably thinking of setting
up the same sort of scenario I had with Marlon, making him suck his dick
for rent.

"Why not, man? You need to get that brutha outta your house, and patch
things up with Deme before it's too late." he reasoned. "I KNOW you ain't
thinking bout shacking up with this dude, are you?"

"With Marlon? NO!" I said, trying to sound insulted. Truth was, I HAD
thought about it several times while he'd been living here. I mean, my
wife hadn't been all that attentive to me. She didn't cook and clean
regularly. She didn't suck dick, and give up the pussy whenever I wanted
unless she was horny too. Marlon was a good fuck. He was always ready,
and never said no! Only, he was a guy! If he'd been a girl, I'd've kicked
Deme's ass to the curb after the first month!
I had to get my wife back! "Okay. When can he move in?"

"Today. Now!" he said, eagerly.

"What about Char'?" (his wife), I asked. "Don't you have to discuss this
with her first?"

"No. She knows I've been thinking of taking on a new tenet for awhile now
(they owned a large quint-plex with a small basement apt Carl sometimes
rented out when he needed extra cash). She won't mind." he said.

"What if Deme tells her what happened? Won't Charmaine get mad or
suspicious?" I asked.

"Charmaine and Deme don't talk ALL that much." he reasoned. "And even if
so, Charmaine's never met Marlon, she wouldn't know what he looked like,
and I for damn sure wouldn't tell her who he is!"
Sounds like he's had it all planned out.

"Kew." I said, knowing Marlon's moving was the best thing for me if I was
to make up with Deme. "He's up stairs in his room. I'll go tell him the
news." I said, leaving Carl on the couch.
Marlon was laying back on his small twin sized bed listening to music
when I got up there. He took off the head-phones and sat up when I came

"Any word from Deme?" he asked, concerned. He was in as much trouble with
his family as I was.

"No. Not yet." I said, closing the door and sitting down next to him on
the bed. "My brother Carl's down stairs. I told him what happened."
Marlon's body stiffened, probably from embarrassment. "He suggested that
I let you move into one of his places for awhile, so I could concentrate
on getting me and Deme back together."

"One of his places?" asked Marlon, unsure.

"He owns a few properties." I informed him. "He'll let you live there
until you find a job and a place of your own, as a favor to me."

"I see." he said, sadly.

"Look Marlon..., I like you, -I do! But Deme's my wife! I have to be with
my woman! You understand. What we did was great, but we can't get married
and live like man and wife. People will talk,"

"I understand, Milt. I...I'm grateful that your brother can take me in on
such short notice." he said, trying to sound more up-beat. Then he got up
off the bed and started to pack. I couldn't help looking at his fine ass
in his boxer shorts and thinking how much trouble that booty got me in.
Then I felt my dick starting to stir... DAMN that nigga had a PHOINE ass!

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