Wednesday, May 6, 2009


About 3 oclock in the morning, I woke up with a piss hardon. I flipped
back the covers absent-mindedly, got out of bed, and stumbled into the
bathroom where I had trouble aiming my stream directly into the toilet.
Some hit the back bowl and dripped down to the floor (my wife HATES it
when I do that), while I was able to get most of it inside the water. I
was still kinda hung over from all the beers I consumed at the game. I
flushed the toilet, cut the lights, then stumbled back into the bedroom
(my dick now semi-hard). Demeecee was asleep on her stomach, with her
plump round ass facing upward. I had half a mind to ram my hard dick
straight into her pussy in that position, but I didn't want to hear her
bitch and moan about not wanting her brother to hear us fucking..., no,
wait a minute! Demeecee's away for the weekend! That's her brother MARLON
in the bed beside me, not HER! -I remembered.

I pulled back the covers to reveal his body. Sure enough, it was Marlon,
sleeping peacefully on Deme's side of the bed. I reached out and started
caressing his ass in his sleep much like I do hers). Marlon's butt felt
great in my hand. I squeezed the fat cheeks and ran my fingers up the
crack to feel his hole. His ass was slightly hairy, and the hole was
nice, tight, and hot to the touch. He didn't move as I felt up his ass,
so I licked my finger tips then replaced them back on his hole. This time
I added a little pressure as I pushed my finger inside. The hot hole
allowed me to slip in, then it clamped down on my finger as if to keep it
trapped. My dick twitched at the thought of it clamping down on it.
Licking my lips, I bent down behind him and pressed my face into his ass.
I kissed him on his lower back, and then kissed both ass cheeks. I even
licked the flesh and nibbled on the skin a couple of time like I usually
do on Demeecee's inner thighs. Then I removed my finger and spread his
cheeks, revealing the deep slightly haired crevice. I maneuvered myself
down between his spread legs, then shoved my face between his hot buns
and started licking his hole. For the first 5 minutes Marlon continued to
sleep peacefully, but once I started darting my tongue in and out, he
started to groan and hump back on my face in his sleep.
Once I got his pussy hole sufficiently wet, I kissed and licked my way
up his back, and placed the tip of my wet hard dick head against his
honey comb. I pushed in slowly, inching my way inside. Marlon began to
stir. He moaned more and squirmed around under me as his body was
invaded. His tight anal ring slowly opened to consume me, allowing me to
sink all the way in in a matter of minutes before clamping down like it
did on my finger.

With my balls pressed into his ass, I laid out on his back and just
savored the feeling of his hot insides searing my embedded rod. I LOVED
fucking at this time in the morning when it's quiet and still, and all
you can hear is your breathing and the sounds coming from where your
bodies connect.
Slow I began a steady grind into that ass. Marlon was still in a sleepy
fog from the beers he drank earlier. He was stuck somewhere between dream
and reality, unable to decipher which was which as I took advantage of
his state and started to fuck him a little more aggressively. Marlon woke
up when he felt the full length of my dick starting to slide through his
hole like a carving knife, sawing back and forth. Instinctively he spread
his legs and rose his ass higher to give me a better target.

"uhhhh...oooh shit, Milt...." he sighed in a heavy groan.
I thrust into him evenly, setting up a steady pace for a long leisurely
fuck. Alcohol always relaxes me, making me take forever to bust a simple
nutt. Marlon's ass was in for an ordeal tonight, cuz I was high, horny,
and knew that our alone time was limited to this one weekend. I was in no
rush to cum anyway. I always wanted to get him in this kind of setting,
where we could relax and fuck away from prying ears and eyes without the
treat of Demeecee walking in on us!

Marlon was fully awake now. He was aware of where he was, who was on top
of him, and what I was doing to him. He turned his head sideways to peer
back at me in the dark. He was moaning heavily as my body crashed into
his over and over, driving my stiff bone in through his tiny butt hole in
repetition. "Fuck me Milt..." he whispered, huskily. My pelvis was
starting to make slapping sounds against his ass cheeks. He grunted loud
and freely from each of my thrusts. I liked hearing him moan and squirm,
lets me know that I was doing my job right -back there!

I licked and sucked at Marlon's ear while I fucked him, stealing little
sideway kisses on his slightly stubble facial cheek as he groaned my
name. Whenever he turned his head far enough, I'd stick my tongue into
his mouth and let him suck on it while I humped his ass for the next 15
to 20 minutes. His asshole was becoming very receptive to my constant
plungings, taking my dick full throttle as our bodies crashed together

"Oh GOSH, Milt! Fuck me, man! Fuck me! I LOVE the way you fuck me! Oh
shit..." he whispered in a lustful groan as he humped his ass back to
meet me.
Just hearing him groan like that made me excited. Feeling the power my
sexual dominance cast over him was intoxicating. I slammed my body into
him harder, pumping deep into his man-hole to give him exactly what he
wanted most. My seed!

45 minutes now past, and I was still humping away in his saddle. Marlon
was now groaning in a higher pitch, his asshole and innards become raw
from the constant banging I was administering. I was wearing that ass
out! Alcohol usually slows my reactions, and makes me last nearly twice
as long as usual. Deme usually LOVED me to get drunk and fuck her brains
out, I suspected her kid brother to be no different.
He tried every trick in the book he knew to try to make me cum quicker.
He tightened his hole, milking my dick with every stroke to try to coax
the cum out of me early. He tried throwing the ass back on me, making me
fuck him harder and deeper to try to force the cum out of me. He tried
struggling against me, knowing that I got off on over powering him. And
he tried kissing me passionately, panting and breathing hard as he
suckled my tongue and begging me me to cum in him cuz he wanted my load
so bad! But none of his tactics worked. They might have worked had I been
completely sober, but with my "buzz on", I was one lean mean fucking

By the HOUR mark, I pulled out my slick hard dick, and flipped Marlon
over on his back. I noticed wet cum tracks on the sheets, and knew he
must have blown his wad while I was fucking him. I smiled to myself as he
got onto his back and parted his legs, lifting them wide to reveal his
pussy. I re-aimed my dick up to his hole and pushed back in, slipping in
rather easily after fucking it for the past hour.

"UHH, OHHH..." he groaned as my balls touched his ass cheeks again.
I laid down between his legs (chest to chest) and started deep kissing
him. I slipped my warm tongue into his mouth, making him accept and suck
on it while I fucked him some more. His asshole was very open and wet. It
actually felt very much like pussy once you got it started. I was able to
pull back until only the head remained, then fuck back in full length
with every stroke for the next 10 minutes or more.

"Oh god, Milton! Fuck me baby! Damn you're working that pussy over!" he
sighed between kisses. I could feel his hardon pressed between us,
trapped between our stomachs while we fucked. He was leaking cum like a
mother fucker. When I rose up on my arms in push-up position and started
to hammer him harder, his eyes bulged and his mouth dropped open as he
started to stroke himself to another orgasm.

"Oh FUCK! Oh SHIT, Milt! I'm cumming...! I'm cumming, again!" he cried,
firing 5 hot spurts of thick white cum across his stomach. I could feel
his hole spasm, clinching down on me in pulses as his dick shot it's
load. "aaaahhhhhh...!!" he yelled softly as I continued to ride him
through his orgasm.

It wasn't until the hour and 1/2 mark, that Marlon's ass started to work
it's wonders on me. I'd been plugging away inside of him for at least 15
minutes straight since his last orgasm, jamming my 8 inch sausage in his
throbbing pussy like a mad man. Marlon had already cum twice since we
started, his dick now lay half hard on his abdomen as he waited for me to
finally bust my nutt. His hole felt like wet warm clay as I fucked long
and deep, driving straight through him with every thrust. He shut his
eyes and turned his head back and forth from left to right, and started
babbling deliriously, -losing his mind to the power of my consistent
stroke. He'd never been fucked like this before, so long, so deep, and so
hard, -and I knew it! Outside of prison, I was probably the only dick
he's had in him (besides my brother Carl). And in prison, they wouldn't
have the time for a nice long leisurely fuck like this! In prison, they
were too afraid about getting caught by the guards and sent to solitary
confinement, that the fucks would have to be spontaneous and quick!
No, I knew a good fuck like this would totally fuck Marlon's mind up and
make him re-think his purpose in life. FUCK his job situation and his
ex-girlfriend, -NObody could fuck him like I could!

"uhh, uhh, uhh, ohh shit Milt! Fuck me! uhh, uhh, uhh, oohh, cum in me
dammit!" he grunted, his asshole getting more and more tender and
sensitive after being fucked for so long. My own dick was pulsing and
throbbing by now, threatening to cum as I fucked at his butt with every
last fiber of my strength. Sweat was pouring from both our brows in a
labor of lust. He looked up into my face one last time. His eyes were
glossy and foggy, like he was in another world or something. I leaned
forward and shoved my tongue back into his mouth for a final kiss.
Instinctively he sucked my tongue again. I fucked him so hard that I
actually heard one of the bed springs "pop". At that same moment, I came
like a horse, firing my own load deep into his crawl space in a long
series of powerful spurts.

"AARRRHHHH...!!" I groaned in anguish as my balls emptied their heavy
contents in his guts. Marlon felt my dick jerking wildly inside him, then
heard my bestial groan, and knew my sperm was mixing in his bowels as his
hole got hotter and wetter.

"Yes! Yes...give it to me, baby...!" he moaned as I fell forward on top
of him -exhausted. He wrapped his arms around my back, holding me close
to him. I could feel both of our heart beats simultaneously, slowly
returning to normal. When I finally found enough strength to pull out and
roll off of him and onto my back, I was out in a flash.

When I woke up, Marlon was bent over in the bed on his knees sucking my
dick. I was already hard and throbbing in his mouth, which meant he must
have been at it for quite some time. I don't have to tell any of you male
readers out there how HOT it is to wake up to a nice wet blow job first
thing in the morning! Feeling your manhood being worshiped in such a way,
would have any man (that likes having his dick sucked) feeling at the top
of his game in no time!

I peeked down over my chest to watch Marlon in action. He was bouncing
and bobbing his head, sucking hard and deep up and down the length of my
shaft, trying to find his next meal. He churned my spit wet balls in his
hand, massaging them thoroughly, while stroking his dick with his free

"Yeeaahh baby, stroke that pole..." I whispered, getting his attention.
Marlon looked up at me, but continued to suck without missing a beat. His
full lips looked so good wrapped around my dick, I wanted to spend my
life in his mouth and ass.
I reached down to feel his body while he blew me. I palmed his ass like
a basketball, squeezing the cheeks and feeling it bounce back into shape
when I released it.

"Want me to fuck that ass again?" I smirked, knowing it was probably
still tender from last night. I could barely hear Marlon's response
around my dick, but I know he groaned an audible "no". I laid back and
let him work me over for the next few minutes, until I finally exploded
in his mouth.

"Huummpph!" groaned Marlon, feeling my cum fill him up. At that very
instant, he came all over the sheets from jacking his dick. We'd
definitely be changing these before Deme came home from her retreat.

"uhhhh...shhhiiiitttt...!!" I stretched, fully awake and feeling like a
million dollars.
Marlon released my dying dick, and smiled up at me. Licking his lips.

"Did you like your morning wake-up call?" he asked, fishing for

"A brutha could get used to that." I smiled, watching him clean off with
a towel I kept beside the bed for just such messes.

"How's your hang over?" he asked, tossing the towel back on the floor.


"Want me to fix some breakfast?"

"Another ham and cheese sandwich?" I teased, feeling dejavu.

"No!" laughed Marlon. "I CAN cook me some breakfast, -If nothing else!"
he bragged. But I wasn't too confident in his abilities.

"How bout we go OUT for breakfast?" I offered.

"Okay. Let me shower first." he said, jumping up off the bed. I watched
him walk out of the bedroom, his dark brown ass bouncing as he walked.
I felt my dick start to rise just thinking about getting back up in
between them. Marlon got into the shower, then adjusted the temperature
on the knobs. But before he could start to lather up, I pulled back the
shower curtain and got in with him. "Milton...!" he chuckled, thinking I
was playing, then he noticed my hardon, and knew I was serious.

He had his back to me as I came up behind him. My hardon hit between his
thighs. Marlon continued to lather with the soap, rubbing his bare hands
over his chest and stomach and down into his crotch. I reached around him
to help wash, playfully pinching his erect nipples as I ground my dick
into his fat ass.
The water poured down on us as he turned his head my way, and kissed me
softly on the cheek. I returned it by kissing his lips. He opened his
mouth, and in slipped my tongue. Marlon turned around to face me without
breaking our kiss. Now standing face to face, we continued frenching,
with my hands behind him, lathering up his muscular back and ass.

'What the fuck am I doing?' -I thought to myself, as he wrapped his arms
around my neck. I broke the kiss (feeling like I was getting too close to
this nigga), and hugged him close. Our naked bodies slithered together
from the soap shared between us. Despite my sudden change in feelings, I
couldn't keep my hands off his luscious ass. I pulled the cheeks apart,
and pushed a soapy finger into the asshole. It slipped in easily. Marlon
merely moaned softly in my ear, accepting anything I did to him. I tried
to remember back to when me and Dee was last like this. Even with us
having sex again (while Marlon was working), we didn't have the romance
of THIS level. With Demeecee, it was wham bam thank you Sam. She (we) got
what she wanted, and moved on and went to sleep. With Marlon...I felt
much more appreciated. Why couldn't my wife be more like this n'shit?

Throwing caution to the wind, I started kissing and nibbling on Marlon's
neck and shoulders. I pushed two fingers up his ass while grinding our
hardons into each other. With my free hand, I smacked him hard on the
ass. The smack stung just a bit, and I heard him yipe just before I
pushed my tongue back into his mouth and forced a kiss.
Marlon was a good kisser. His lips were full and firm, not slack. He
liked sucking on my tongue, which I liked pushing in his mouth. The third
finger made him groan. When I felt the semen I shot into him last night
back out around my plunging fingers, I knew it was time for a refill it.

Breaking the kiss again, I turned Marlon's back to me. He knew what was
up, and bent forward with his hands against the front shower wall for
support. I slapped my hard dick up between his cheeks, then nestled the
head against the actual hole. Marlon pushed back to meet me, wanting me
inside him just as much as I wanted to be inside. My dick slipped in his
soapy hole, squeezing in past the sphincter muscles. "Oooaa..." I moaned
delightfully, enjoying the snug warm feel of his ass. Most men didn't
know what they were missing. After fucking Marlon's ass for 3 months, I
wasn't sure if regular pussy would be enough for me any more.

I grabbed hold of Marlon's waist, and started to pump in and out of him.
He responded by moaning and pushing his ass back at me. We quickly set up
a steady rhythm, him pushing back and me thrusting forth to drive my dick
somewhere deep inside his gripping gut.
The shower water was cascading down on us like rain. Once I got a good
pace started, I pulled Marlon's back off the wall and into my arms. He
leaned his head back on my right shoulder, and panted hard from my
thrusts. I continued to soap up his body under the spray of water, my
hands exploring him all over.

Marlon's dick was rock hard. I grasped it in my fist, and started to
jerk him off while we fucked. The extra added soap made my hands very
slippery, and he really got off on the hand job I was now giving him in
addition to the fucking. I really didn't mind jacking him off, it was the
least I could do after all the blow jobs and ass fuckings I'd gotten from
him (and it was better than blowing him again). Marlon was really a
selfless lover, he gave of himself to please me, no matter what it was I
was in the mood for.

"uhhh...uhhh..." he groaned, his dick jerking in my soapy hand. I fucked
him harder, sensing he was close to blowing his load. Before I could get
off another dozen or so strokes, he was cumming all over the shower wall.
"UHHHHH...!" he gasped, his asshole spasm on my dick.
I fucked into Marlon's contracting hole for another 5 full minutes, then
came hard up his ass with a gush of freshly hot sperm. "Demeecee don't
realize what she's got..." he whispered, leaning back against me to kiss.
We stood locked together like that for a few minutes, with my dick
draining in his clinching tunnel before pulling apart to finish washing.
Marlon washed my body from head to toe, taking special attention to my
dick and asshole which he briefly sucked and ate consecutively. After
rinsing off, I left him to finish up his shower.

We dried off and dressed in less than 10 minutes (a record as far as
Deme's concerned), then got into my car and went to a local diner I knew
for a late morning/noon breakfast. (Surprisingly) I was really enjoying
Marlon's company. After eating (I paid), we went to get the car washed
and cleaned from the inside out. Then we ran some errands together,
paying cell phone bills et'cetera. Marlon wanted to stop by Crystal's
place to see his daughter, and give Crys some money he'd been saving from
his first/last pay check. It wasn't much, but it was a start, and it made
him feel good about himself. It was kinda cool watching him interact with
his daughter (Rochelle). He was like a proud poppa. Little did his
ex-girlfriend and daughter know how much I'd been banging that ass
lately. We only stayed a couple of hours. After we left, Marlon got a
little down on himself for not being a better father. I told him he'd get
"better at it" (eventually), then took him to one of my hang outs I go to
-to get away from home every once in awhile.

I took him to my favorite "Gentlemen's Club", to take his mind off his
troubles. By now it well into late afternoon/early evening, and the club
was starting to fill up with men looking to get their "drink on" and a
little Lap Dance before heading home to their wives and girlfriends for
the evening.
We took a couple of seats at the bar and ordered a few rounds of beer
while we watched the girls pole dance for the money. A few of them were
really good; long hair weaves, small waists, fat asses, tight titties,
-etc. I caught Marlon actually looking at a couple of them, like he
wanted to get his dick wet or something! Lil' nigga probably ain't had no
pussy since he got out of jail! I kinda kept an eye on him, watching him
watch them as they dances, shook their asses, and flirted for tips.

After about an hour, we went into the back of the club where the pool
tables were to play a few games. Marlon turned out to be pretty good at
it, and actually beat me 3 games to 2. I have to admit though, that I was
totally distracted every time he leaned forward over the table to take a
shot. His ass looked so good in his jean shorts, that I kept springing
hardies left and right just looking at it. And I wasn't the only one
either, -I noticed another dude standing off to the side rail watching us
play (or rather, -watching Marlon's ass!). I knew he was stalking by the
way he smiled to himself and a big lump appeared in his pants whenever
Marlon leaned forward for a difficult shot.
But I was kewl with it, and acted as if I didn't notice. I'll admit I
was half buzzed and could've been imagining things. I mean It wasn't like
we were in a GAY BAR or anything! This was a straight club! But then when
I went back over to the bar to order a couple of more drinks for us, dude
made his move. I came back to find him laughing it up with Marlon like an
old friend. I handed Mar his beer, and he introduced me to his new buddy
Antoine! Antoine looked me up and down as if we were prize fight

"Sup?" he said with a slight nod of his head like he had an attitude,
then turned back to talking to Marlon. I felt dissed!
No this nigga didn't just igg me!

To calm myself down, I decided to take a seat over by the railing and
watch their conversation. Marlon was either clueless to dude's game, or
just a plain HOE! He seemed totally ignorant to the whole thing. I
watched their body language and face expressions while they talked. Dude
looked as if he were flirting with a female, trying to act smooth and
debonair. I saw him checking out Marlon's ass every time he turned his
back, sizing him up for a snack like a man usually does a woman. I could
see him practically foaming at the mouth! Marlon was like a sitting duck
in a shooting gallery, he had NO clue dude was putting the make on him.
When I saw the guy writing his number down on a napkin, I knew it was
time to jump in.

"Yo, let's go." I simply said, walking up to them. Marlon looked
surprised by my sudden wish to leave, but didn't protest.

"Hey, what's yur rush?" dude asked, wanting to get more of his mack game
in before we left. He probably thought he was getting some booty tonight!

"He's my ride." explained Marlon, backing away from dude in my direction.

"I got a car. I can drive you home..." the guy offered. "You don't have
to leave because HE is."
THAT did it. I felt the alcohol take over!

"Yo nigga, what's up?" I asked, sitting my beer down on the table closest
to me. Dude looked shocked at my reaction, but then looked as if he might
step up. "What? You trying to get in my boy'z pants or something? What,
you GAY or something?"

"What...?" he asked, trying to play as if he ain't know what I was
talking about.

"I seen the way you been checking my hommie's ass out, like he one of
these HOES walking around up in here!" I said, getting louder. People
started to turn in our direction, hearing me yell over the music.

"Nigga, you crazy!" he responded, pissing me off more.

"I'm crazy?" I repeated, feeling the adrenaline rush through me. Before I
knew it, I smashed my fist in his face. Dude fell back into another pool
table, dropping his napkin and holding his jaw.

"Milton..!" yelled Marlon, snapping me back to reality. I looked around,
feeling stupid and embarrassed. Then I grabbed Marlon by his arm, and
dragged his ass with me out of the club.

"Come on, bring your ass here!" I snarled, dragging him into the parking
lot like a female. I pushed him over towards the car, telling him to "get
in!". We got into the car, and then I took off out of the lot like a bat
out of hell. I couldn't believe what just happened. I just kicked a
nigga's ass for coming onto my brother in-law, as if I was....jealous!

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