Wednesday, May 6, 2009


"You WHAT??" yelled Demeecee, when she learned that I had told her
brother to quit his job.

"I told Marlon to quit!" I re-enforced! Demeecee's face showed her
frustration and anger.

"WHY? He NEEDED that job! Do you know how HARD it was for him to even GET
a job?" she screamed, but I wouldn't let her hysteria roused me up.

"Dee... he wasn't making any money at that place!" I said, calmly. "Did
you see his pay check? His family'll EAT THAT UP in one setting!"

"I wanted him to learn responsibility! Now you've got him laying around
the house like a BUM! Again! How is he going to learn to take care of his
family if he has NO job to support them?"
I knew Deme was right. Ordinarily I would NEVER've told anybody to quit
a job without having a better one lined up (especially if they're living
in MY house!). But I had my reasons for wanting to keep Marlon around.
What I needed, was a good reason to tell Demeecee why I did it!

"I could get him a better job...making MORE money...working with...ME!"

"You? At UPS?" she said skeptically. "I thought you didn't want his 'lazy
ass' no where near your job?" she added, throwing my former words back up
in my face.

"He's TRYing, Dee." I sighed, trying to avoid an argument. "I don't see
why he has to nearly kill himself working long hours for half the pay he
could make at UPS."

"I agree, but I thought you..."

"I changed my mine! He's not a bad kid." I admitted, not revealing my
true scheme.
I could see Demeecee's demeanor change instantly.

"Awww..." she sighed, rushing towards me with open arms. "I KNEW you
liked Marlon when you both started hanging together more and more!" she
said, kissing me on the lips. "Admit it! You LIKE my brother! Don't you?"
she teased, poking me in the ribs.

"Yeah...yeah...he aiight!" I said, down playing it.

"This is good! He'd be able to make more money quicker, which means he'd
be moving out even faster! Leaving the house all to ourselves again...!"
she hinted, slyly. I playfully tapped her on the butt. "You know..." she
went on to say afterwards, "...when I heard that you'd told Marlon to
quit his job, I thought you were setting him up to fail."

"To fail? Now why would you think that?" I chuckled.

"Well..." she said, almost embarrassed like. "...I know you didn't really
care for him very much, NOR the rest of my family for that matter! I
just...I'm glad you changed your mind."

"I'm not making any promises!" I insisted, leaving room for error. But
Deme knew I had 15 years experience with UPS. If I recommended someone,
chances were they got hired. "But I'll put in a good word with
personnel...ask the hiring manager to push his application..."

"Okay, baby! That's fine!" she smiled happily, as if UPS would end all of
her brother's troubles.
I was still skeptical about having him work at my place of employment,
knowing I never really had any intentions on getting Marlon a job there
and ruining my good standing reputation on his shitty track record. But a
deal was a deal! I did make him quit his job. Maybe working at UPS wasn't
such a bad idea, provided he didn't fuck it up (which I was sure he
would, eventually).

Happy that her brother might be getting a better job, Demeecee went on
about her business with a big smile on her face. She even called her
(bitch ova) mother, and told her my intentions. For the next couple of
days, she went on believing her brother's application was filed and being
processed. Meanwhile, I was just happy having Marlon available to me
again whenever I wanted him. Deme and her mother had a getaway planned
with their church for this weekend, and my brother Carl scored a couple
of basketball game tickets at the Stadium (WIN/WIN). Unfortunately Carl
had to cancel out at the last minute. The only person I knew I could take
on such short notice who had no previous plans or had to work was Marlon.
And he was ecstatic about going.

The game was on friday night. Demeecee gave me some really good lovin
just before I left, knowing that she was going to be driving over her
mother's house to spend the night that evening so they could leave for
the church bus together in the morning. Me and Marlon donned on our
Jerseys afterwards, and drove to the game.
I really didn't know what to expect from hanging out an entire evening
alone with Marlon. The most time we've ever spent together was in bed!
Before that, we never hung together alone. Demeecee or one of her other
family members were always around. Or I'd be sitting in my favorite chair
watching TV when he would breeze by. Being in the same room with him back
then was annoying! I didn't respect him. As far as I was concerned, he
was a fuck up and a foul up! And he deserved everything that happened to
him in prison!
Now...I was starting to see him in a different light.

Marlon had never been to a ball game before, so this was a new
experience for him. He seemed excited and anxious, like a kid about to
get admitted into an amusement park for the first time.
We listened to the car radio, and made small talk while we drove. He
told me more about how hard Demeecee was working at getting him back
together with his ex. She felt just because Crystal (Marlon's baby's
momma) was "the best thing to ever happen to him", that they needed to be
together as a couple, if only for the sake of their daughter. When I
asked Marlon how he felt about Crystal, and if he WANTED to be with her
like that, he looked confused about the answer.

"Deme says it's what I need in my life to give me structure..." he said,
basically repeating what she told him.

"Fuck what your sister says, is that what YOU want?" I asked, alternating
my eyes on him and on the road.

"I love Crystal, AND my daughter..." he said, after thinking a minute.
"...but I don't know if I could be the man she wants me to be. I'm...not
like YOU." he added, avoiding eye contact with me.
I wasn't sure what was going on inside Marlon's head, but it was
suddenly obvious that there was more to it than meets the eye. I didn't
want to blemish our night by making him feel bad, so I dropped the
subject and focused on the game.

We parked the car in the Stadium's parking lot (along with a million
other drivers) and made our way into the facility. There was a good 30
minutes before start time, so we got in line and ordered a couple of
beers and a few dogs. When we got to our seats, the light show began, and
out came the teams cheer-leaders. After that, it was the singing of the
Star Bangled Banner, and then -GAME TIME!

WE got opening tip-off, and was on a roll ever since. We finished the
game at 98-96, and the whole crowd cheered like it was a championship
final. By now me and Marlon had had several beers apiece, as we made our
way back to the car. Traffic was hectic, but we made it out to a local
bar/restaurant where we got something to eat and more to drink. By the
time we made it back home, Deme had already left to go to her mother's,
so we had the house to ourselves for the whole weekend.
I was feeling a little tipsy when I smacked Marlon on his ass outside
the house! He looked around embarrassed, but no one had been looking.
When we got inside, I turned on the big screen TV, and flopped down on
the couch. Marlon came over and knelt at my feet, then started to take
off my sneakers and socks for me.

"You know...your sister don't do NONE of the things for me that you do."
I said, noting I was drunker than I thought. It was amazing we got home
in one piece.
I watched Marlon reach up and unfasten my pants. I knew what he wanted.
He wanted DICK! He wanted MY dick! By the time he got it out of my pants,
it was still soft. But he took it in his mouth anyway. I leaned back
against the sofa, and enjoyed the feelings his mouth gave me as it
lengthened and expanded in his throat.

Marlon was good at what he did. Jail had certainly agreed with him. We
never discussed his stay behind bars, but I had no doubt that that was
where he learned his talents. A soft hearted sensitive like Marlon, must
have been dog meat for the big Boiz in jail. What chance would someone
like him have against a group of hard horny guys looking to stick some
new virgin meat? No wonder he was so good at what he do!

Marlon sucked up and down on my hard dick, getting me nice and wet with
his mouth before deep throating me several times. Every time he took me
into his throat, my dick would jump and throb. His mouth was like silk as
it glided up and down my shaft. His lips were as soft as a baby's bottom,
and his tongue licked at me like a paint brush.
I watched him bob his head in my lap, taking me deep with every stroke.
I even caught him moaning a few times, as if he was really enjoying
himself. I wanted to pull him off my dick, and fuck him right there on
the living room floor, but I knew I was too wasted to perform. Any
fucking would have to wait until I sobered up. But Marlon seemed content
with bobbing his head and working me closer to climax. I was starting to
secrete cum from the tip. Marlon could taste it, as it drove him to suck
harder for more. He'd told me previously how much he liked swallowing my
loads, how it made him feel more connected to me somehow. I wasn't sure
of what he meant, but we were about to be connected again real soon.

I couldn't get over how good feeling another man's mouth on my dick
felt. I'd had my dick sucked by hundreds of girls over the years, and
NONE of them touched Marlon's skills. Sure, I've had a few take me all
the way down, but not with the enthusiasm and intensity that Marlon did.
He sucked my dick like it was his best friend. Like he really truly
wanted to make it cum in his mouth. And knowing that was want he wanted,
made me want to keep giving it to him all the more. I loved the idea that
he wanted my juice, to drink my seed and have me be a part of him.

I could feel my dick starting to tingle (that familiar feeling I get
just before I nutt). Marlon knew I was close by the volume of pre-cum
he'd been getting from me. Occasionally he would suck at the head, to get
as much of the nectar as he could before continuing, but now that he knew
I was close, he kept his head down and my dick constantly buried over
half way in his throat. The sensations of his throat lining surrounding
my dick was becoming too much to bare. I felt my balls tighten, and knew
the moment was upon me.

"Oh shit, baby! Take your nigga's nutt! I'm about to cum...!" I groaned,
throwing my head back on the sofa.
Marlon stroked my dick with his wet hand, milking the shaft while
holding the head in his mouth to catch my cream. I shot like a gun,
exploding in his mouth and filling it with all of my essence. Marlon
moaned as I gave him my cum. He worked his hand faster, then slowed down
the pace after I finished unloading. I never feel as good as I do after I
cum, it's a complete feeling of total euphoria, -like a moment of
perfection in mad mad world.

I looked down at Marlon (who had been still nursing on the head). He'd
been concentrating on his task, and hadn't realized I was watching him.
He gathered all my sperm into his mouth, then sealed his lips together as
he slowly removed the head. I watched him gulp, his adam's apple bobbing
up and down as he swallowed my load. His eyes were closed, and I could
see them flutter at the taste of my sperm. Then he licked his lips clean,
and returned to sucking my dick to see if there were any more cum left in
the shaft.
I continued to watch him as he took me into the back of his throat, and
slowly suck his way back up to the head. Any cum that may have appeared
at the tip was instantly eaten away. He looked so content and satisfied
when he ate my load, that I started to wonder what was really in it. I'd
never touched Marlon's dick before (until our last encounter when I
jacked him off in my hand), but I suddenly wondered what it would feel
like to make him cum in my mouth (must've been the alcohol).

Marlon looked shocked when I pulled him up off his knees, and sat him
beside me on the couch. He looked even more shocked when I started to
open his pants and pull out his hardon. His dick popped up out of his
boxers like a jack in the box. He looked confused as I bent forward and
took him into my mouth without thinking. I didn't want to spend too much
time thinking about it, I didn't want to chicken out. I wanted to KNOW
what he felt.
I closed my lips around his dick head, and started sucking. Marlon
jumped with surprise (or did I scratch his dick with my teeth?). I wasn't
no where near as skilled as HE was, but I'd had my dick sucked hundreds
of times and had seen enough girls do it porno's to know the basics. I
didn't want to try to take him in my throat (as he does me), I knew that
was a talent only the skilled could master! So I basically just bobbed my
head up and down mid-way long his shaft. I could tell Marlon was uneasy
by this new arrangement, as he'd been used to being the pleasure giver
(and certainly nothing was going to change that), but his dick managed to
stay hard the entire time.

I sucked him as best I could, trying to keep my teeth covered while
trying to breath at the same time (which was harder than it sounds). I
now had a new found respect for Marlon and his abilities, but I was
determined to see this thing through! I was obviously doing a pretty good
job, cuz Marlon's dick stayed rock hard the whole time. It was funny how
I never paid his dick any attention before, and now I was sucking it like
some kinda...
Just as I was having second thoughts, I hard Marlon groan. He was
getting close! Curiosity won again as I continued on my quest. It was
strange having someone else's dick in my mouth, feeling the hard/soft
texture of his smooth slick skin as it moved in and out. Feeling it throb
in my mouth as my tongue slid along the sides and belly. Sucking dick
wasn't as bad as it sounded, but it was vastly different from eating a
girl's pussy (which was kinda similar to eating ass).

"uhhh, Milt... you''re gonna make me cum, man!" he warned,
grabbing my shoulder to pull me off his dick. "You'd better move your
mouth, I'm gonna cum!"
I was torn! My masculinity said enough was enough, and told me to remove
my mouth before it was too late. But the alcohol in me told me to venture
further, to see this out to it's climactic conclusion. While I was still
making up my mind, Marlon started cumming, shooting in my mouth and
splattering my teeth, tongue, and gums in his white paint.

I was surprised by the force of his explosion. I felt every pulse and
spurt as it pumped into my mouth like a water pistol. His dick was still
throbbing when I pulled my mouth off, and forced myself to swallow.
"UUHHKKK!" I gagged, Cum was awful! I hated the taste! How could he like
it so much? He MUST be gay! -I thought.

Marlon went into the kitchen to get me something to wash the taste out
with. He handed me another beer, and I gulped it down like I'd been
living in the desert. Afterwards, Marlon helped me upstairs to the
bedroom, and stripped me naked out of my clothes. Then he put me to bed,
and undressed and got in with me. We slept peacefully and quietly for the
first time together without being disturbed and having to listen out for
Demeecee. I wrapped my arm around him, pulling him closer as I quickly
drifted off to sleep.

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