Wednesday, May 6, 2009


"This is it." said Carl (the building's owner), as he showed off the one
room apartment to his newest tenet. Marlon Overton walked into the small
apt that was graciously being given to him free of charge. "A couple of
coats of fresh painT, and some new window blinds... and it's be just like
home!" smiled Carl, doing a favor for his brother by giving Marlon a
place to stay.

"Thanks." said Marlon, feeling somewhat saddened and depressed. He'd been
staying at his sister's and her husband's house, until he could find a
job and get on his feet. Things suddenly changed when Marlon's sister
walked in to find her husband balls deep up her younger brother's ass.
"Thanks for this opportunity, Carl. I really appreciate the favor, and
I'll pay you back as soon as I can." he said, sincerely.

"Oh, I know. The apartment ain't free!" announced Carl, closing the door.
Marlon looked back at him, nervously. "You know, I know all about your
little arrangement with my brother -Milt, about how you used to pay him
for your room and board at his house."
Marlon watched Carl reach for his zipper. "I want the same exact
arrangement for as long as you're living here."

Marlon didn't protest or resist. He knew he had nothing worth bargaining
with. All he had was his mouth, dick, and ass. With no real job skills,
no real street skills, and no place of employment. He knew his options
were limited. Carl knew too, that was why he offered Marlon a place to
stay in the first place.
Marlon walked over to where Carl stood, his semi-hard dick hanging
outside of his pants and over his boxer shorts. Marlon knelt down in
front of him, and took the familiar dick into his mouth.

"Yeeehhh..." sighed Carl. His wife (Charmaine) of 3 years was pregnant
with their first child. As a pre-caution, she's sustained herself from
sex of any kind with him while pregnant (much to her husband's
disappointment). So Marlon would be Carl's sole source of sexual outlet
until after the baby comes. He closed his eyes and imagined some pretty
girl with long hair and big tits sucking his dick. Marlon took the 8 and
1/2 inch fat black dick all the way down into the very back of his
talented throat, nestling his nose in Carl's pubes as the dick churned
around in his throat. "OH SHIT, you're good at that!" Carl moaned,
feeling his balls tighten already. Marlon barely got his stroke going
good, when Carl's dick suddenly started throbbing and bursting fresh
thick cum into his mouth and onto his tongue. Marlon drank it quickly,
then sucked the dick for more. 2 seconds after cumming, Carl pulled his
softening prick from the 23 year old's mouth, and tucked it away.

"Good job, man." he congratulated. "Give me 3 or 4 of those daily, and
you've got yourself a cozy place to stay. Deal?"

"Yes. Deal." Marlon said, still on his knees.

"Good. I'll be back later, once you've settled in." said Carl, fastening
up his pants as he walked out the door, leaving Marlon alone to his new
Marlon looked around the room (still on his knees), and sighed. There
was debris on the floor, the window shades were all torn and ripped, the
bathroom door hung off the hinges, the tub and toilet needed sanitizing
and scrubbing, and the kitchen had roaches. The place needed a lot of
work before he could officially move in.
He also missed Milt.

Good to his word, Carl came back later that evening with an old futon to
give to Marlon as his sofa/bed. Marlon helped move it in. They placed it
up against the side wall. Now Marlon would at least had a place to lay
his head tonight. He was afraid he might have to sleep on the actual
floor until he found a cheap mattress somewhere.

"Looks like you've been cleaning." Carl said, looking around the apt.

"A little." smiled Marlon. "If I had a broom, mop, and cleaning supplies,
-I could do a better job." he added, proud of what he was able to do
without the proper supplies.

"Done. I'll have that stuff for you tomorrow." said Carl, unfastening his
pants. Marlon watched Carl strip from the waist down, then sit down on
the futon with his legs parted. Without being summoned, Marlon walked
over and squat down between his legs and took his soft dick into his
mouth. "Yeh..." moaned Carl, enjoying the feel of Marlon's warm mouth on
his dick as it grew. "...Milt had a good thing going on up until he got
caught. But his loss is my gain. At least until my baby's due." he
Marlon didn't say anything, he kept bobbing his head up and down, taking
in over half of Carl's dick with each stroke. "Yeh, that's how you do it.
Eat that dick boy." he groaned, leaning back against the futon. The first
time Carl's brother (Milt) approached him with the idea of letting his
wife's brother suck his dick because of Charmaine's pregnancy, he thought
his brother was crazy. ["You let a MAN suck your dick?"] -he remembered
asking, as if it were the nastiest thing on the planet. ["You wanted
something easy, quick, and with NO strings attached."] -explained Milt,
["Where else you gonna find a woman that'll let you come over to her
crib, fuck her mouth and ass, then let you walk right out the door
without wanting anything from you? With a guy, he already KNOWS the deal.
He knows you not gonna leave your wife for no man! He already ready for
you when you get there, all you have to do is decide which hole you wanna
fuck more."] Carl found Milt's words to be true, he gave into the idea
and let his brother's in-law suck his dick while his wife was pregnant
(having gone 6 months without sex). And Marlon was good too. Carl was
surprised that he didn't feel any of the guilt associated with cheating
with another woman. And cumming in Marlon's mouth was no where near as
bad as he originally thought it would be.

10 minutes of intense sucking, and Carl was cumming in Marlon's mouth
again. He didn't understand what would possess a man to let another man
cum in his mouth like this (let alone swallow it), but since Marlon
wasn't complaining, neither was he. I sat back and watched the young 23
year old eat his load, then clean his dick off with his warm mouth.

"Good job. I'll see you tomorrow." said Carl, standing up and pulling up
his pants to leave.
Marlon laid down on his new/used futon (the taste of Carl's cum strong
in his mouth), and thought about how fucked up his life has been. Ever
since childhood, he's been what people called a "fuck up". His mother
called him "lazy!", his father called him "worthless!", -his sister
(Deme) had been the only person totally in his corner, and now he's even
fucked that up by sleeping with her husband! He felt as if he had
nothing, and no one to turn to. As he drifted off to sleep, he had
nightmares of his time in prison...

It was over a year ago. Marlon had been arrested and trial for breaking
and entering a neighbor's home and stealing their belongings to pay for
his drug habits. The judge sentenced him to one full year in state prison
for redemption (despite all the great character references he got from
friends and family), hoping the reality check would wake him up. Marlon
was shipped off to State Prison the very next day, and his life was
forever changed.

From the moment he arrived, he felt out of place. He'd always been a
recluse of sorts, and now he was suddenly thrown into a population of
hardened criminals and axe murderers. They spotted Marlon on day one,
taking a shower with the other new arrivals just before being assigned a
prison block. "Damn, look at that fine ass" -he heard one of the new
inmates say when he turned his back to him to shower off. "That's some
good lookin pussy there!" -commented another brutha, making Marlon even
more nervous than before. He turned his back to the wall to keep them
from seeing his ass, but he could already see them all staring and
whispering amongst themselves. Some of them even sported hardons after
watching his ass soap up.

After the shower, they were given new prison uniforms and toiletries and
sent in single file to their assigned cell blocks. There were 12 new
recruits all together. At the door of his cell block (or POD), Marlon was
given a cell number, then sent on his way. Most every man's eyes appeared
to be on him as he walked through the ground floor towards the stairwell
leading to the higher placed cells. He made sure to put a little extra
stroll in his walk to show he wasn't intimidated, but inside his stomach
were major butterflies.
His cell was already occupied by his cell-mate. The guy was laying on
his back on the top bunk, smoking a cigarette. He was muscular, tall, his
hair was in cornrows, and he wore a pair of prison khakis and a wife
beater. He didn't speak when Marlon entered. Marlon saw the bottom bunk
empty, and took it for himself. Ever so often, men would walk by his cell
to peek in at him, or stop to speak to his cell-mate (Russell). He knew
they were checking him out, sizing him up to see how much man he was. He
could feel their eyes on him even when he didn't see them looking. He's
heard horror stories about how guys get "punked" in prison, and leave
with enlarged assholes or in body bags. Marlon definitely didn't want to
die, but he didn't want to get fucked either. He knew he'd probably have
to fight to prove himself, and maybe join a gang for protection.

That night no one did anything. Marlon slept with one eye open the
entire night, listening to the sounds of other inmates probably getting
fucked (or more likely raped) by their cell-mates. Every time his top
bunk roommate moved or got up to take a leak, Marlon was ready for him to
attack. But when nothing happened, he finally felt himsef drift off to
sleep somewhere around 4am.
Some time around 8am, Marlon noticed everybody leaving their cells. His
stomach was rumbling, so he figured it must be time for breakfast. He
followed the stream of men down the walkway towards the cafeteria. There
was a long line for food. Most of the men looked hardened and tough, but
there were a few there that looked like normal bruthas like himself, and
even fewer that looked whimp, weak, or possibly feminine. But those guys
had been there for awhile, their prison lives were set (good or bad).
Marlon was the new "fish" in the tank, and he felt every eye in the room
focused on him.

It was during his first venture into the prison yard that he was first
approached. A guy he didn't know walked up to him and introduced himself
as Jood. He was tall, dark skin, and muscular (as most of the inmates
were). He was straight up with Marlon, and warned him that he was about
to be raped very soon. Marlon felt his heart jump into his throat as the
man pointed out all the bruthas in the yard staring at him like fresh
meat. "There's no doubt that your gonna get fucked..." -said the guy,
"-question is, do you want every nigga in the cell block up your ass, or
just a choice few?" (some option!). "If you bed with us, we'll protect
you from the rapists and the violent cats that's looking to beat the shit
outta you. Choice is yours my brutha." -he said before walking away.
Marlon thought about that conversation all day. He was consumed by
thoughts of men beating him and then raping him to death. He felt like
crying, but knew he couldn't show no signs of weakness or he was doomed.
He decided to go with Jood, to become him and his boiz "bitch" with the
understanding that they would protect him from the rest of the

"Good choice!" -said Jood, taking Marlon back into the building. He took
him up to his cell which he shared with 3 other inmates. They were all
sitting there waiting for him, as if they KNEW he would go with their
decision. "Yo, that's Troy, Blaine, and Mook. These the guys I'm gonna be
sharing you with." Marlon looked at all 3 of them like a deer caught in
headlights. They looked back at him like a turkey dinner in a homeless
shelter. "STRIP!" was all her heard, as he was pushed forth in the cell.

"Yo, we gon get this shit ON!" -excited one of the men, as another
placed a bed sheet up against the bars to give them privacy. Marlon was
pushed down on his knees. Someone stuck a dick in his face before he
could even get his shirt off. They crowded in around him in a circle, all
of the exposing their penises. "Suck this, muthafucker!" -one of them
said, shoving his dick between Marlon's lips.
Marlon felt the first dick of his life to ever penetrate his mouth,
pushing in between his lips and force into the back of his mouth. It
wasn't extremely big in size, but it certainly was enough to choke him on
the first try. The guy grabbed his head, and started face fucking him
violently, ramming and jamming his dick in and out before Marlon's mind
could even register the situation.

"Yeeh! Suck that muthafucker!" -shouted the guy, holding his head tight
while he fucked his mouth hard. "And watch them fuckin teeth, bitch!".
Marlon held onto the man's thighs, trying to limit his thrusts while
contending with his dick head poking into his throat and causing him to
gag and choke. Meanwhile, another inmate (he wasn't sure which) was
reaching down into the ass of his pants to feel for his asshole. Marlon
tightened up from fear, but the man forced his dry finger in anyway.
Marlon opened his mouth to scream, his throat opening momentarily to emit
a choked sound when the dick in his mouth took advantage and rammed all
the way into his throat. "aaawwwww shit! Damn, this nigga just deep
throated me!" -yelled the guy, suddenly unloading a huge amount of hot
sticky cum in Marlon's mouth and down into his throat.

Marlon gagged and choked on the twitching dick as it emptied into him.
The guy abruptly removed his meat after cumming to make room for the next
guy. Marlon felt his shirt being ripped off, and his pants were wrestled
down around his knees just as another dick was pushed between his lips.
This one was a little thicker and longer than the last one. The owner
gripped his head from the back, and rammed Marlon's face forward while
thrusting up his hips. The dick punched through Marlon's throat muscles
(causing a searing pain) and slammed deeply into his throat. Marlon's
eyes bulged as his throat ballooned to make room. But just before the gag
reflex could kicked in and he felt himself about to choke to death, the
guy at his ass suddenly smeared a greasy substance on his asshole, then
shoved his entire dick in with one might thrust. Marlon screamed around
the throat full of dick cutting off his breathing passage, but his
screams were muffled.

The 2 men fucked him hard and viscous, they couldn't care less that
Marlon was a man, a virgin to oral and anal sex. All they wanted was a
piece of ass to stick their bloated dicks in, and get off! Marlon felt
himself about to vomit as the dick in his throat finally backed out and
began to fuck his mouth. The guy fucking his ass felt like he had a 2
foot long dick as wide as a tree stump! He held Marlon by his hips and
fucked his way in and out of the ultra tight virgin booty with hard,
deep, penetrating thrusts. He loved the way the twitching hole throbbed
and convulsed in pain around his embedded meat. He watched his thick
black dick punch in and out of Marlon's never before fucked asshole, and
couldn't help blowing his wad after only 3 minutes of intense fucking.
"aaarrrrrhhhh ssshhhiittt!!" -he yelled, firing untold amounts of sperm
up in Marlon's ravaged and aching innards.

Marlon's ass (and throat) was in a sea of pain. The fucker pulled his
dick free, then laughed at how "fucked up and bloody" Marlon's hole
looked afterwards. Another guy took his place, ramming in just as hard as
the first guy. Marlon felt his sore insides invaded once again, as the
guy in his mouth started to throb and cum. "Eat that shit boi! Swallow
that fuckin nutt, bitch!" -he shouted, pulling out after shooting 3 or 4
spurt in Marlon's mouth to finish off on his face and lips. Marlon felt
the indignity of feeling the man splatter his load all across his face
like a video porn hoe! The man in his ass fucked him a little longer than
the first guy, before shooting his load deep into Marlon's red raw colon.

Once they were down, they all fastened up and told Marlon to get
dressed. One of them took down the bed sheet covering the entrance, and
tucked it back under the bed for later. "C'mon, bitch", -ordered Jood,
taking Marlon back to his cell. "Just make sure your ass be back in here
before lights out so we can do this all over again!" -he added. Marlon
heard the other guys slapping hands and high five each other for scoring
such "a good piece of ass". He followed behind Jood, walking slowly as
his asshole felt ready to fall apart at any moment. Cum (and possibly
blood) leaked out of his aching hole, streaking down the back and insides
of his legs as he moved. Jood walked around with a big smile on his face,
greeting cats he knew, and letting people know Marlon was taken. When
they got back to his cell, Jood told Russell about their new arrangement,
and offered Russell a piece of the action to fuck Marlon as well,
provided he kept an eye on him from predators until they could make
arrangements to have him moved into their cell across the way. Russell
was kewl with that, and as soon as Jood left, he jumped down off his top
bunk and stood in front of Marlon and unzipped his pants. He pulled out
his dick and presented it for sucking without ever uttering a word.
Marlon knew the arrangement, and leaned forward on his bottom bunk and
took the thick 8 inch dick between his lips and started sucking.

Later that night he was taken back to Jood's cell, where the 4 men took
turns fucking his 2 holes again. This time they alternated, -the 2 that
came in his mouth earlier now came up his ass while the 2 that came up
his ass shot in his mouth this time. Marlon was sent back to his cell,
where Russell was waiting for another knob job. Later after lights out,
Russell climbed down into Marlon's bunk and fucked him up the ass. Marlon
tried to hold back the yips and yells, but the thick dick bounced inside
his asshole for a full 20 minutes before Russell finally came in him.
Then he fucked him again around 3am. Marlon didn't think he would survive
the first week. Eventually his cell was changed, and he was packed into
the 4 bed cell with Jood and his boiz. There, they were able to fuck him
anytime they pleased. Marlon was never allowed to say no, and even had to
"put out" to other inmates (and guards) the men told him to service as
favors. Marlon became their total bitch in jail, a pussy for them and
their dicks. But eventually (inevitably), he got used to it, getting
fucked everyday by 4 men and their associates had his asshole open and
well lubed with plenty of cum. They were definitely sad to see him leave.
A few even promised to look him up on the outside. Marlon hoped that day
would never come.

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