Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Marlon awoke in his apartment to a "thumping" sound coming from over
head. At first he didn't know what it was. It was a consistent "thump",
going on and on in five to ten minute intervals. Then it would stop for a
second, then start up again. At first Marlon thought it was possibly
plumbing backing up in the pipes, but the noise would get louder and then
trickle down to a soft tap as if someone was banging a hammer gently. It
wasn't until he heard the moaning and groaning coming through the ceiling
above, that he realized it was the couple upstairs making love. He
groaned to himself and rolled over onto his side. His dick was hard, but
he tried his best to ignore it as he forced himself to fall back to
sleep. Around 2:25am, the thumping stopped.

Marlon heard his front door open as Carl came freely into his apartment
without warning nor invitation. Marlon rolled over out of bed as Carl
burst through his door carrying cleaning supplies and paint. Marlon
jumped out from his futon, trying to hide the hardon tenting his boxer
shorts from the near wet dream he had as he rushed over to aid his new

"Here..." said Carl, handing over a mop and bucket along with a broom,
dust pan, cleaning detergent and ammonia.

"Thanx!" Marlon beamed, happy to see the supplies. His new apartment was
in desperate need of a bath. Especially the bathroom. He was afraid to
use the toilet seat, for fear of catching something from the last tenet.
Besides, he tried flushing it last night and discovered it wasn't
working, anyway.

"You know all that stuff comes with a price." said Carl, not wasting any
Marlon set the stiff down in the corner of the room, then walked back
over to where Carl was now sitting on the futon. The door was locked, and
his pants were down, exposing his semi-hard dick which was waiting for
lip service.
Marlon got down on his knees, and lifted the man's dick to his mouth. He
hadn't even had a chance to brush his teeth yet.

"Yeeehhh...I been waiting for this all night." Carl confessed, having
thought about Marlon's mouth while he lay next to his wife in bed. Marlon
knew that was a compliment (of sorts) in testimony of his abilities. He
took Carl's dick down into his throat like an anaconda. Carl groaned,
curling his toes in his shoes as his dick was suddenly surrounded by the
soft fleshy interior of the boy's velvety throat. "DAMN, what a mouth!"
he shouted, feeling Marlon slowly sneak his way back up the shaft to the
Marlon knew how to suck dick, he'd been doing it every day all day for a
whole year in prison. His prison pals Jood and the gang had practically
permanent hardons and a never ending supply of cum in their balls. And
they all insisted on having their loads ate. Wasn't a day went by that
his stomach wasn't housing 8 or 9 loads, and his ass held even more as
most of the men loved fucking raw.

Marlon bobbed his head in Carl's lap, sliding his thick full lips up and
down the thick slick shaft before deep throating him again occasionally.
Carl never got this kind of service from a girl before. Most chicks
sucked dick like it was new to them, they licked and played with the head
and balls, but usually left the long shaft out completely. Even Charmaine
(Carl's pregnant wife) wasn't very good at it. Oh, to listen to HER tell
it, she was a succubus vampire, putting porn actresses like Vanessa
Delrio and Ginger Lynn to shame. When in reality, she was only mediocre.
But Carl knew people like Marlon were a diamond in the rough. A person
who could deep throat could write their own ticket through life -if they
knew how to work it. Fortunately (for Carl), Marlon wasn't aware what
power he wield between his lips. He sucked nigga's dicks in prison
because he was punked and forced to, he sucks his (and Carl's brother
-Milt's dicks) because he was a lazy free-loader who wanted to skate
through life doing as little of the hard work as possible (working a 9 to
5). Carl didn't mind, -good head for free room and board was a fair
trade-off. And being that Marlon was a male, meant no one would suspect
anything about him coming and going in and out of his place too early or
too late at night.

Marlon felt Carl's body tense, then felt his dick swell and start to
pulse out thick hot spurts of the family's genes into his mouth and
stomach. Instinctively Marlon swallowed, taught well by the men in
prison. Some were very adamant about it. If he didn't succeed in eating
every drop, he was severely punished with a stern beating or a kick in
the face. Prison was the worse time of life for Marlon, but he felt he
did what he had to do to survive.

"I'll be around sometime later today for another." informed Carl as he
zipped up and headed for the door. "Be close by."

Marlon stayed there on his knees for several minutes, slowly coming to
terms with what his life had become. After a moment, he rose to his feet,
and started cleaning his apartment to take his mind off his worries. He
spent the next few hours cleaning and scrubbing and scrapping all the goo
and gunk from the bathroom and kitchen. Carl was gracious enough to bring
a couple cans of fresh paint by as well as some brushes. Marlon used news
paper to cover up the windows until he could afford to buy some blinds.
He was taking the trash he collected out to the curb for pick-up, when he
ran into his 2 neighbors from upstairs.

"Hi." smiled the girl, greeting Marlon as she came down from the first
floor apartment over Marlon's head. She was about 5-6, 135 lbs, nice
figure and appearance, very feminine. She introduced herself as Angie.

"Sup?" nodded her boyfriend, giving off a hard "Alpha Dawg" exterior. He
was 6-1, 190 lbs, thick proportionately build, thick lips, shoulder
length dread-locks (pulled back into a tail), and appeared to be in his
late 20's, his name was Byron.

"Hi." greeted Marlon back, not trying to be too friendly with the new

"You just moved into the basement?" asked the girl, noting where Marlon
had just came from. "How much is Carl charging for that tiny room?" she


"Damn gurl! You all up inna nigga's business n'shit! Ain't none'a yur
business what Carl's charging him!" said the guy.

"I'm just wondering..." defended Angie, hunching her shoulders as if to
say she's innocent. "...when I asked him about renting that space for my
little brother, he told me he had other plans for it! I was just
wondering what changed his mind, and how much he was charging -is all!"

"Yur lil' brotha can't afford no apartment, no matter how much it cost!
That nigga a crack head!" reminded Byron.

"Don't talk about my family like that!" Angie said, looking back at Byron
angrily. Then she turned back to Marlon, "My brother's NOT a
crack-head..." she informed the new tenet. "...he just..."

"Smokes CRACK!" answered Byron, bluntly.

"...MAKES BAD Decision!" corrected Angie, looking back at Byron and
rolling her eyes. "Everybody makes a mistake, right...uh..?"

"Marlon. Yes, they do." answered Marlon, honestly.

"Thank you!" said Angie, nudging her boyfriend in the ribs as she
continued to walk on towards their car.

"I don't care what she says, that niggas smokes crack, weed, heroine,
speed, sniff, blow, crank, jank, and anything else he can find!"
whispered Byron, before running to catch up to his girl. Marlon watched
him snake his arm around her waist, as she pushed him away for bad
mouthing her brother. Marlon smiled, thinking about all the "thumping"
they did late night.
Carl came back around for another blow job at about noon. He inspected
the apt and Marlon's handy-work.

"Not bad..." he said, checking the quality of the paint job around the
wood-works and window seals. "And you did this all by yourself?" he
asked, checking out the kitchen and the bathroom as well.

"Yes." answered Marlon as Carl checked out the toilet. He heard it flush,
then Carl came back in towards the living room and noticed the bathroom
door had been put back on it's hinges. He checked out the screws and
swung the door back and forth to see if it would close or fall off.

"Good job!" he decided, bringing a smile to Marlon's face. He looked
around the bright looking apartment, and was satisfied with the way it
now looked himself. If he had money, he could really fix it up to his
liking. "Look...I'm looking for a handy man to do some odds and ends
around here. Nothing major, just lite work...emptying the dumpster,
painting, changing light bulbs, cleaning out the gutters, doing yard
work, et'cetera. You think you might be interested?"

"Hell yeah!" answered Marlon, without even having to think about it.

"Kewl. We'll work out the details and salary later. Right now..." he
started to unfasten his pants as he took a seat on the futon. "...we got
other business to take care of."
Marlon felt his stomach churn as Carl dropped his pants and draws to his
ankles and sat down. His dick was already half hard, standing mid-way
(with a lean) up from his crotch. Marlon walked over to him and bowed
before him. He took Carl's dick into his mouth without once looking up at
him. He kept his head down and did his task just as he was taught. 'A
dick has no conscious' -one of the inmates would always say, after
getting his rocks off in Marlon's ass. He had a wife and kids on the
outside, but was busting nutts up Marlon's ass in prison. But he didn't
feel guilty about it, -about cheating on his wife, about fucking a
straight man who didn't really want to be fucked, nor about performing a
hideous heinous crime in the eyes of the lord. All his dick wanted was
some place tight and wet to cum in, hence the saying; 'a dick has no

Carl came (as usual), then left, but not before giving Marlon the keys
to the shed where all the supplies and yard equipment could be found.
Marlon was excited to finally have a job. He wondered how much he would
make working for his landlord. He knew it wouldn't be a lot, but he
needed something for now just to by groceries and toiletries and things
he needed around the apt. Even basic living cost money. Money Marlon
didn't have. And going to his parents (or god forbid -his sister!) for
any money right now was out of the question! Demeecee was probably (no
doubt) still mad at him for sleeping with her husband. It happened quite
accidentally, Marlon hadn't planned on sleeping with Milt, -but he felt
obligated for living in the man's house without a having job or paying
rent. He needed to give Milt something for staying there, -and prison had
taught him the value of sexual favor. If Marlon needed anything (like
smokes, or sneakers...) from any of the other inmates he wasn't servicing
on a regular bases, he had to give up the ass. Nothing in life is free.
Everyone knew that.

He decided to go out and check out the neighborhood. Carl didn't live
too far from Milt and Deme, just a couple of miles or so. But Marlon
wanted to familiarize himself with the hood if he was going to be living
there long. On the street, he noticed a couple of guys hanging on the
corner about 2 blocks from his place. He knew what they were, and he was
tempted to go over and negotiate a deal. He needed to getaway from things
for awhile. To escape into another world where there was no Carl, no
prisons, no angry parents, and no...Milton. Then he thought of his 5 year
old daughter (Rachelle), and somewhere found the strength to turn away.
When he got back to his apt, he saw Milt's car parked out front. His
heart skipped a beat as he ran up the street to see if it was really him.

"HEY!" he said, running up on Milt just as he was headed back to his car.

"Yo." answered Milt turning in his direction, a huge smile creeping
across his face.

"Who you here for, Carl?" asked Marlon, hopeful.

"No, I came to see you. To see your new place, and see how you're doing."
said Milt.

"I'm FINE." said Marlon, putting on a smile as he stood there awkwardly.
He eyes kept roaming down Milt's body, he had to force himself to stop
looking at his crotch. "You want to come in?" he asked, trying to take
his mind off of -IT.

"Yeah, why not?" said Milt, following Marlon up the walk towards the side
of the building.
The apartment building was 3 levels. It had 2 large 2-bedroom apartments
on the first floor, and 2 1-bedroom apts on the second floor. The
basement was housed for storage, where Carl put old/used/broken furniture
and other items he hadn't yet decided to throw away. He cornered half the
basement off into an efficiency, which he rents illegally.

"Not bad..." said Milton as he walked in behind Marlon. "Carl really came
through, eh?"

"Yeah, I guess." sighed Marlon, deciding not to tell Milt how much work
he had to put into it. Milt checked out everything, the kitchen,
cabinets, sink, stove, fridge, the bathroom, toilet, shower, vanity, and
all the windows.

"Looks like you could use a few things." he said, coming back into the
living/bedroom where Marlon was standing. "A TV, a radio, a vcr, some
movies to watch, some cd's maybe...?" Marlon hunched his shoulders, -it
would be awhile before he could afford all the comforts of home. "I've
got all those things in the car, -if you want them."

"For real?" asked Marlon, surprised.

"Yup. Come help me bring it all in."
Marlon and Milt went out ot his car and brought in all the items Milton
mentioned. They were things Milt had around the house, that he thought
Marlon could use more than he could. They sat the TV on a small stand he
brought there as well, and placed the radio on the floor beside the futon
(now Marlon didn't have to worry about hearing the neighbors upstairs
fuck at night). Milt hooked up the vcr, and even provided cd's and movies
for Marlon to watch when he got bored. "Have you eaten?" he asked,
pulling out his cell phone to dail up his favorite chinese store for
The food got there within 20 minutes, and they chowed down on shrimp lo
mein, beef and broccoli, egg fo young, and fried rice. They even got the
store to deliver a 6pack of Corona. Marlon ate so much, that he had to
unbutton his pants to breathe.

"How's Deme?" he asked, unable to hold off asking any longer.

"Mad." answered Milt, tilting the beer bottle up to his lips. "Your
mother still won't let me talk to her, and when I do, all she says is she
can't believe what she saw." He placed the beer back onto the floor, and
picked up his lo mein box. "I don't know what I'd say to her anyway.
Ain't like I can explain away what she saw."

"I'm sorry, Milt. I didn't mean for any of this to happen." said Marlon,
feeling deeply for his brother in-law.

"Ain't your fault." said Milt. "I'm the one that made the deal. I'm the
one that forced you to do what we did. It's MY fault my marriage is on
the rocks."

"Is there anything I can do?" asked Marlon, placing his hand gently on
Milt's thigh.
Milt's body stiffened. Marlon removed his hand, not wanting to
disrespect him. "I mean..., do you want me to talk to Demeecee?"

"And tell her what?" asked Milt.

"That it only happened the ONE time! That it was an accident! That we had
too much to drink the night before, and fell asleep in the same bed!"
explained Marlon.

"I don't think Deme'll believe that." said Milton, doubtful. "Besides
man, she's just as mad at you as she is me! I don't think she'll listen
to either one of us, right now!
Marlon sat back on the futon, and pretended to watch TV when really his
eyes kept shifting back to Milt. The man seemed to be in so much pain and
anguish over Demeecee. He wished he could help somehow. Milton wasn't a
bad man, he was a hard worker who took care of his home and
responsibilities. He treated Deme good (up until the point he chested on
her). But Demeecee wasn't completely blameless in all of this either. By
cutting off her husband's sex supply, she opened the door for him to
stray. Milton only choose Marlon because he was male and had heard rumors
that he was gay in prison. He didn't expect things to go as far as they
did with him. Now he was paying the price.

Marlon got down on his knees and pushed the chinese dishes aside. Milt
looked surprised as he froze in place, wondering what Marlon was up to.
Marlon took the lo mein from his hands, and placed it on the floor with
the other dishes. Then he reached for Milt's belt...

"Whoo...wait...!" said Milton, chuckling nervously as he jumped and
grabbed at Marlon's wrists.

"I want to make you feel better, Milt." he said simply, fumbling with his

"This is what got me in trouble in the first place." whispered Milt, his
voice barely audible.

"I CAN make you feel good, Milt. Just let me..."

"No, Marlon...don't..." said Milt, struggling with his hands.

"Come one, I want to." said Marlon, trying harder.

"No, man! I can't!" said Milt, pushing Marlon away as he stood up and
refastened his pants. Marlon noticed the hardon hiding in his pants, and
wondered why Milton wouldn't let him take care of it.

"What's wrong?" he asked, feeling strangely rejected for the first time.

"If I'm gonna get my wife back, I can't keep doing this shit!" answered
Milt, angrily.

"I didn't mean to make it worse." said Marlon, regrettably.

"I know..." said Milt. Just then, Carl came in through Marlon's locked
door. The 2 brothers turned and looked at each other, both with the same
question on each other's mind...

"What you doing here?" they both asked in unison.

''I own the building!" answered Carl, sarcastically.

"And you usually use a key to enter everyone's apartment?" asked Milt,
equally sarcastic.

"I have business to discuss with my new handy-man!" said Carl.

"Handy-man?" asked Milt, looking back at Marlon. "You working for him,

"...yes." answered Marlon.
There was an awkward silence.

"So Milt, talk to you wife today?" asked Carl.

"Talk to yours?" shot Milt.

"I know where my wife is..." countered Carl, "...she's right where she's
supposed to be, -HOME."

"So what you trying to say?" asked Milt, getting angry.

"I'm saying; you ain't got no business being here, when you don't even
know where your wife is!"

"My wife is MY business! You need to clean your own home before you start
throwing fucking stones!" shouted Milt.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" asked Carl.

"Don't think I don't know why you invited Marlon to stay here!" accused
Milt. "I KNOW you got him sucking your dick every chance you get!"

"No different than when YOU did it!" said Carl, not even bothering to
deny it.

"YOU'RE trying to compare yourself to me and Marlon?" smirked Milt.

"You and Marlon? Do you hear yourself, Milt? You NEED to go home and
check yourself, quick!" said Carl. "You letting that boi-pussy get to
Milt stopped arguing, finally realizing what he really meant when he
said 'me and Marlon'. Without looking back, he quickly headed for the
door and left without saying a word. Marlon wanted to go after him, but
knew better than to try.

Carl closed the door behind him, and locked it. Marlon didn't say
anything, he merely watched as Carl took Milt's place on the futon, and
pulled his pants down around his ankles and waited. Marlon hung his head,
then knelt down in front of Carl and took his hard dick into his mouth
and started sucking. There had to be more to life than this...

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