Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The day had been hell! First there was a bomb scare at the airport,
making all of the incoming planes late and causing a huge back-up of work
orders and packages for delivery. Then there was an accident on the
expressway that held traffic (and his delivery truck) backed up for
hours, in both directions. Then there was the unhappy customer whom
proceeded to curse him out in front of her business staff for not having
all the packaged items she had been expecting for her inventory lists.
-Milt ending the day working 5 hours overtime to make sure every package
got delivered to their destination safely. By the time he finally punched
out at the time-clock, it was well past 8pm. He was tied, hungry,
stressed, and feeling very insecure about returning home to an empty

He and his wife (Demeecee) were married 3 years. They didn't have any
children, but that was something they both discussed working on once they
felt financially secure. Milt wanted to be a daddy, just not right now.
He still considered himself to be young, and liked his freedom of hanging
out with the "boyz" whenever he chose without having a curfew.
He thought of his wife and their wedding. The day had forecast for rain,
but it shined bright and beautiful during the entire ceremony. Demeecee
looked gorgeous in her strapless white wedding gown. She wore her hair
up, and had her make-up was professionally done. Milt couldn't wait to
get her to the hotel room for their honey-moon where he planned to ravage
her until the early morning hours. They couldn't keep their hands off
each other then, -now, he wondered if he'd ever lay eyes on her face to
face again.

When he drove up to his house, it was already dark. The street lights
were on, but Milt was too weary to notice. He was hungry, but too tied to
go to the fast food joint to pick up anything. Demeecee was the cook of
the house, she kept him fed on meals like macaroni and cheese, pork
chops, fried chicken, collard greens, yams, T-bone steaks, fried
potatoes, meatloaf, lasagna, and spaghetti & meatballs. After marriage,
Milt found he had to put in more time at the job's gym just to keep the
weight off he would have surely gained from her cooking. Not that he was
fat or anything. At 31 and 6-0, Milt was in fine physical shape with a
muscular tone, a trim 34" waist, broad shoulders, masculine looks, a
short close cut, and a milk chocolaty brown skin complexion. He usually
wore a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee, but would sometime alternate
to just the mustache when he got bored with his looks. Women complimented
often, or took second and third glances when he walked down the street
with his wife, which drove Demeecee insane! She hated when other women
ogled him. She didn't want him to have a swelled head, thinking he could
get any women he wanted. But deep down she knew it was true. She had a
good catch, even if she didn't always appreciate it.

Milt parked his car (which was in need of an oil change soon) in the
first available parking spot he could find on his block, and got out. All
he wanted to do was take a nice hot shower and go to bed early. Nothing
was going his way right now, and he needed to escape from the day.
He placed his key in the door, and was immediately greeted by the smell
of home cooking. 'Who the hell...?' -he thought, as he wandered inward.
He knew it wasn't a burglar (what kind of thief breaks in and cooks?), so
he figured it was either his mother stopping pass to make sure he had
something healthy to eat, or...

"Demeecee!" he shouted, standing in the kitchen's doorway. She was bent
over, her head in the stove and her ass in the air when he came in, but
he noticed her just the same.

"MILTON!" she screamed, slamming the over door closed as she rushed over
into his arms. Milt looked shocked as she grabbed him and gave him a huge
hug, -he flinched at first, thinking she was going to hit him instead.
"Marlon told me the whole story! I should've known YOU wouldn't have done
no gay ass shit like that without being tore up first!"

"Huh?" he asked, confused.

"Marlon told me that yall went drinking that night, and that yall got so
drunk that you had a bar fight and kicked some guy's ass who for looking
at you wrong! He also told me yall got in real late, and fell asleep in
bed." Milt listened closely, careful not to say a word as his wife
explained. "He said you was too drunk to know what you were doing that
morning I walked in, and HE was...well, let's just say he told me about
what happened to him in jail!" she said, sorrowfully.

"He told you..."

"Yeah, that he was raped by a group of men. That they tortured him for
nearly a year. He said that he was drunk, and thought he was back in jail
when know, did it to him." she said, twisting her face up
funny. "He didn't know where he was until he heard me scream. By then it
was too late."
Milt didn't know what to say. He couldn't believe that Marlon actually
went and told Demeecee this story, and that she actually believed it!
Then again, part of it was true. He did mistake Marlon for Demeecee when
he first woke up to take a leak. But when he discovered it was Marlon
instead, he was even happier.

"I should've known you wouldn't have done no shit like that, for real!
Not with the way you've been beating up MY pussy every chance you get!"
she teased, touching the side of his face gently as she moved in close to
kiss him. Their lips touched, but Milton didn't respond. He was still too
shocked by it all. It hadn't truly sunk in just yet that his wife was
back. Demeecee broke the kiss, and turned back towards the stove. "I've
cooked your favorites, collard greens, yams, mac & cheese, and turkey

"So, just like're back, and everything's okay?" asked Milt, in
disbelief. He felt like a solider who's been at war, then suddenly found
himself staring in the face of a tamed society. Did he miss something?

"Yes. Marlon explained it all to me. I could definitely see it happening
that way. I mean, I KNOW you'd been horny since we hadn't been fucking
all that much lately. And with you both being's reasonable. I
can see it happening." she said much to his surprise. Then she tilted her
head downward, looking at him with a devilish grin... "And I know how you
get when you're horny and high..., how many times have I woke up to find
you on top of me, fucking the shit out of me?" she said, with a bit of
smolder in her voice. Milton saw her nipples grow hard under her blouse.
"Why don't you go up and shower while I finish cooking dinner? Then I'll
let you do some cooking in the bedroom...!"

Milt did as he was told. Mindlessly, he went upstairs to his room and
began to remove his uniform. He thought about what Deme had said, and how
she said it. She truly seemed to be on the up and up. He couldn't believe
that she bought Marlon's story hook line and sinker. Had it really
happened that way, and he fucked Marlon not knowing it wasn't really Deme
in bed with him, -she would never have believed it! He wondered what
Marlon's admission meant in terms of their (brother/sister) relationship?
He felt the hot water hit his aching muscles, gently soothing away a
day's worth of stress and frustration as he soaked himself under the
spray. He couldn't help but laugh at the situation, knowing he was the
luckiest man alive to have gotten out of it. Marlon was a life savor. He
had to thank him personally for coming up with that story, and pulling it
off so convincingly. His mind lingered on Marlon, as he wondered what he
was doing right now. Then he thought about his brother Carl, and the
situation he inadvertently put Marlon in. Carl was probably laid back on
that dirty futon getting his dick sucked by Marlon, as if he was some
common hoe!

Milt tried to control his anger with the way his brother was treating
Marlon. Getting emotional never did him any good. It never changes
things, so why bother? He thought more of Marlon, about him, his
personality, his body, his butt. He recalled the last time they took a
shower together, how hot his body felt all lathered up against his. His
dick grow hard the instant he pictured the 2 of them together.
Instinctively he reached down and lathered it up, stroking his soapy hand
back and forth along the length. Milt hadn't jacked off since his
marriage started, yet now he found himself so engaged as he imagined sex
with his wife's brother.

"Damn!" Demeecee said, pulling back the shower curtain and catching her
husband in the act. "Can't wait for ME?" she smiled, thinking his hardon
was for her! Milton smiled and backed up against the wall as Demeecee
stepped into the shower naked. He took her full girlish figure into his
arms, and squeezed her tight. He planted her mouth with a hard kiss,
ramming his tongue into her mouth. His hardon ground into her gut as he
reached around and grabbed her phat booty and squeezed it roughly in his
big strong masculine hands.

"OH!" moaned Demeecee, overwhelmed by her husband's aggression. Milton
was never what she'd call overly sensitive in bed, but he was never quite
this rough and manly with her either. She felt like kneaded dough in a
pastry chef's hands. He pulled, pinched, prodded, poked, squeezed,
groped, grabbed, mangled, and mauled her all over.
He turned her around until her back was to the wet wall, then entered
her swiftly. Demeecee gasped as she felt the full thrust of Milton's dick
push through her, fucking deep into her cervix as he bent forward and
cupped one of her tits into his mouth. "Uhhh...!" she moaned, feeling his
sucking lips and his teeth roughly embed into the skin. "Milt, not so
rough..." he groaned, trying to keep up with him as he started to hump up
inside her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, as he pushed his dick
in and out. He tongue kissed her deep, smashing his mouth into hers until
she could hardly breathe. The water poured down on them as they made hot
heated love in the shower, gasping and groaning like animals as they
fucked each other like mad dogs.

Demeecee, her body trembling as he hit her SPOT. She wrapped her arms
about his broad shoulders and clamped her pussy down on his dick. Milt
felt his wife's vagina milking him as she came, and started shooting his
thick hot load directly into her in the same instant. "OOOh MILT..." she
sighed as she felt his dick throbbing inside her, hosing her uterus with
his sperm.
Milt groaned into his wife's neck, biting his bottom lip to keep from
calling out the name of the person he was thinking of at the moment he

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