Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Marlon was getting used to his new job as handy-man at his new apartment
building. Carl (the building's owner) made him responsible for keeping the
property neat and clean, taking out the trash, trimming the hedges, cutting the
lawn, painting, cleaning the gutters, and doing minor repairs, as well as
running personal errands his pregnant wife could no longer do. Carl often had
Marlon pick up his and his wife's dry cleaning from the store, or get his car
washed and detailed or repaired, or go grocery shopping when his wife had a
craving, or run some other meaningless mindless errand that had nothing to do
with his handy-man duties. He also stopped by often for his routine blow jobs,
having become addicted to having his dick swallowed in Marlon's contracting
throat at least 3 times a day (usually more). By night's end, Marlon was
usually dead tired, and would sleep the entire night away from total exhaustion,
-that is, until he'd be rudely awakened by the over head "thumping" coming
from the couple in apt 1-A making love in the middle of the night. Marlon often
heard their nightly ritual, and would almost always grow an erection
imagining them making love.

The tenet's usually kept Marlon pretty busy. There was always a clogged
drain, or a broken light bulb, or a mouse problem that needed his immediate
attention. There was the male/female couple (Angie and Byron) in apt 1-A. Then
there was Carl and his pregnant wife Charmaine in apt 2-A (they would be
looking for a house to move into once the baby was born). There's a young thug
weed-smoking guy (Curtis) in apt 1-B, and two male roommates (Tre and Donte) in
apt 2-B. Marlon suspected they were a gay couple, as he never once saw a
single female or girlfriend step foot into their apartment. The thug guy however,
had girls in and out all the time. He'd walk up the front walk with a new
chick on his arm nearly every day. "Sup hommie?" he'd say to Marlon as he past
him by, doing odd chores about the grounds. The girls were always hootchy
mommas, always sexy, and always with big breasts and phat asses. Marlon caught
himself staring at a few of them wantonly as they switched by, his neglected
dick snaking down his pant leg. Curtis would cup the girl's asses in his hand,
then look back at Marlon and grin that 'I'm gonna tear dis booty up!' grin
before disappearing into the building.

Marlon found himself actually liking Carl's wife Charmaine. She was a
pretty petite lady with a dark skin complexion and a bright smile. She was nice,
and always treated Marlon with respect whenever she asked him to do something
for her. She treated him like a person, not a slave (like her husband). Carl
had made Marlon promise not to mention his association with his sister
Demeecee, as Charmaine most certainly knew of Milt's torret sexual encounter with
her jail-house brother. In fact, Carl told Charmaine that Marlon's name was
Martin, so she would suspect he hired the same guy.

Tre and Donte were kewl, except whenever Tre wasn't around, Donte kept
hitting on Marlon. He'd call down to Marlon's apt and say he had a "clog" problem
and needed him to come "plunge it" for him, but when Marlon would get up
there he'd find no drain problems, just Donte in some skimpy underwear with
vaseline trying to show his ass. Marlon would politely refused his advances, but
Donte was determined to get his man. He only acted kewl when Tre was around.
It wasn't that Dante was bad looking, in fact Marlon thought he was quite
attractive for a guy. But Marlon had only participated in sex when it was forced
upon him, -if given a choice, he felt he would rather have a female to fuck.
Tre was a little more masculine than Donte (not that Donte was a queen, but
you could just tell he was sweet). Tre had a little more of a "professional"
feel to him. He wore nice suits and shoes to work, and always spoke with
polished english. He was clean cut (they both were), tall, slim, and lite skin as
opposed to Donte, darker complexion. He never really befriended Marlon
(possibly sensing him as a "threat"), but was never disrespectful either.
Angie was just plan nosey, she wanted to know if Marlon was single?
Divorced? Involved? Playing the field? Had children? Liked children? Wanted children?
Or would date a chick with children? -all in the hopes of hooking him up
with her sister or one of her desperate girlfriends. "Damn gurl! Like he wanna
get with one of yur trifling gurlfriends!" -Byron would say, whenever she
stopped to talk to him and ask him questions. Marlon thought they made a cute
couple, sort of like him and Crystal when they were together. Everyone thought
they would eventually marry, especially once she got pregnant with their
daughter. But Crystal knew Marlon's drug problems, and didn't want to bog their
children down with a father who couldn't take care of himself, let alone them.
Marlon felt himself getting depressed when he thought of his daughter. He
needed something to take his mind off the pain he was feeling, so around 5pm he
went upstairs to apt 1-B to visit with Curtis and see if he could score some

"Yo, sup playa?" asked Curtis, answering the door in nothing but his thin
boxers and a freshly lit joint hanging from his mouth.

"Hey, sup. Was wondering if you wouldn't mind...selling me a hit until I get
paid from Carl?" asked Marlon, humbly.

"Oh, you wanna score summa dis?" asked Curtis, blowing smoke in Marlon's
face. "C'mon in, m'brutha!" he said, stepping aside. Marlon entered the one
bedroom bachelor's pad for the first time. Curtis was a slob. There was clothes
everywhere; on the floor, the chair, the couch, the furniture. There were
dirty dishes laying around; unwashed cups, plates, bowls, utensils. Cd's and
DVD's scattered about. Paper's, bags, and take out menus everywhere! "Find
yurslef a seat, n' sit down hommie!" he offered, flopping down on the couch.
Marlon pushed a pile of clothes aside, and took a seat next to him. Curtis
picked up the remote and turned on the TV. A porno popped up, 2 girls sucking
each other's pussies filled the screen. "Yo dawg, you eva have 2 chicks do
dat shit for you b'fo?" he asked, pointing as the screen as he passed the joint.

"No, can't say I have." said Marlon, placing the joint up to his lips and
inhaling deeply. He felt the marijuana fill his lungs with smoke. His eyes
teared as he started to choke and hand back the joint on the exhale.

"Take it litely hommie, dis shit here's x-rated! It'll git'cha fucked up!"
he joked, taking it back and taking a long toke himself before handing it
back. Marlon took a deeper toke this time, but was better prepared to handle it.
Almost instantly he felt his head starting to go lite. This stuff was potent,
Curtis wasn't lying about it being X'd.
They sat and smoked for about 15 minutes, passing the J and watching porn,
when some girl suddenly came out of his bedroom wearing nothing but one of
Curt's long t-shirts.

"Heyyy..." she groaned, waking up in bed alone. "...why did'n you come back

"Cuz I'm out here innertainin my boi!" snapped Curtis, annoyed. Marlon was
surprised to see someone was there, he hadn't even known Curtis had company.

"Who's he?" asked the girl, scratching at her hair weave.

"Non'na buzniz! Git yur ass ova here!" answered Curtis, taking another puff,
and then handing it off to Marlon. Marlon took it and put it up to his lips,
his eyes wandering up and down the girl's cladly dressed body.

"What?" asked the girl, fidgeting beside them.

"C'mer." said Curtis, grabbing her long hair and pulling her down until
their lips met. Marlon watched as Curtis snaked his tongue into her mouth, then
slipped his hand into the t-shirt to squeeze her breasts.

"No..!" she protested, looking over at Marlon as she tried to pull away.

"C'mer gurl, I ain't playin wit'chu!" insisted Curtis, pulling her back down
on top of him. She giggled and placed her mouth on his and started to suck
his tongue. But Curtis was done with the foreplay. "Suk my dik." he whispered,
pushing her down between his legs.

"Nooo..." moaned the girl, embarrassed. But Curtis knew what he wanted.

"M...maybe I should, go..." suggested Marlon, standing up. He felt his head
go dizzy, then fell back down into the cushions on his ass.

"Naw hommie, you can stay, she'll suk us both." informed Curtis. "Ain't dat
rite, bitch?"
The girl merely moaned as he reached down and fished out his enormous
hardon. Marlon blinked his eyes twice incase he was seeing things. Curtis's dick
was at least 12 inches long, thick, and throbbing. Marlon was shocked. He'd
seen plenty of big dicks in prison, but never on someone as small and petite as
Curtis was only about 5-9, 155 lbs, slim muscular build, dark brown skin,
with a head full of cornrows. He didn't look the type to house a 12 inch
python, but there it was, trying to force it's way in the girl's mouth.

She gagged and grunted every time he pulled her head down on it, unable to
handle even a quarter of it as it stretched her mouth and jaw wide. Curtis
placed his hand on the top of her head, and bobbed it up and down on the tip of
his dick like a yo-yo. Marlon handed him the joint, watching all the action
going on beside him. "Yo hommie, pull yur shit out..." whispered Curtis,
taking a heavy toke as he guided the girl's head.
Marlon did as told, and stood up to pull down his pants, exposing his modest
7 inch hardon. Curtis looked down at it as he passed the joint back. Marlon
inhaled deeply as Curt pushed the girl off his dick and over onto Marlon's.
"Suk him, now..." he said. The girl didn't protest, he simply leaned over and
took Marlon's meat between her lips. She moaned softly, taking more of his
dick in her mouth than she could Curtis'. Marlon's dick was more average sized,
she could manage it better as she took him into her mouth and handled him
like a pro.

Marlon laid his head back on the sofa, enjoying the feel of her slick wet
mouth enveloping him. Curtis (not to be left out) reached down under her shirt
and started to finger he pussy. The girl (Paris) groaned as he pulled up the
tail to expose her round fat ass. He slapped it several times, making it
jiggle and shake while she bobbed. Marlon watched as Curtis slid down off the
sofa and removed his boxers. His big thick long dick looked like the snake from
the movie "Anaconda". He inched it up behind the girl, and slipped the head
into her. "Oh SHIT!" she shouted, lifting up off Marlon's dick as soon as she
was penetrated.

"Keep suk'n!" ordered Curtis, shoving her head back down on Marlon's stiff
standing woody, impaling her at both ends. Marlon could feel Curtis' impacts
as he thrust up and into Paris, pushing her further up onto him as she tried
to escape his ranging hardon. "Take dat shit, gurl! C'mon, you kno you wannit!"
Marlon heard those words before, while he was locked up behind bars. Blaine
in particular always claimed Marlon wanted it, fucking him harder than most
just to hear Marlon scream like a girl. Blaine had a big dick too, but he was
the size of a line backer, not petite like Curtis. After only a dozen deep
thrusts, Paris dropped Marlon's dick from her mouth and panted in a series of
loud yips and yells. Curtis continued to fuck her, pushing her further and
further up into Marlon's lap. Soon she was so close, that Marlon merely bowed
his head to suck her titties. "Yo homs, you want summa dis shit?" asked Curtis,
pulling out (much to Paris' delight) to take a break after only 10 minutes.
"Fuk' em, girl." he ordered with a firm slap to the ass.

Paris climbed up onto Marlon's lap, straddling his hips. She eased her
pussy down on his dick, taking him in fully in one swoop. "ahhh..." moaned
Marlon, ready to cum already, -it'd been a long time since he'd had his piece
planted inside a woman like this. He bit his lower lip and squeezed his eyes shut
in concentration, trying to keep from cumming too soon as Paris' over
stretched pussy bounced silkily up and down on his dick. Paris thought Marlon was
cute. She held onto his shoulders and stared into his eyes as she bounced in
his lap. She felt herself getting wetter as he grabbed her hips and began to
pump up into her. Paris moaned, able to take Marlon's dick much easier than
Curtis'. Lust filled her loins as she leaned forward to kiss him. Marlon felt
her tongue at his lips, and opened his mouth to let her in. She bounced harder
as they kissed deeper, swapping spit as if they weren't strangers.
Marlon felt Paris' tongue suddenly ripped from his mouth as Curtis gripped a
fistful of her hair and yanked her head back against his chest hard. She
groaned in pain, grabbing his wrist as he bent her head back to face him and
jammed his own tongue into her mouth while fondling her tits. Marlon came at
that very instant, shooting deeply into Paris' pussy as she heaved and gyrated
on top of him. He felt Paris' vagina clamp down on him, and knew she was
cumming too. Curtis pulled her off Marlon's dick and threw her roughly on her back
on the couch. He spread her legs, then pushed his dick back up inside her to
re-enter in true thug fashion. Paris was on sexual overload by now, and ready
for Curtis' big dick as he hammered her hard and deep. Marlon fell asleep
shortly some time thereafter while listening to them fuck, feeling his manhood
redeemed after finally getting his first piece of pussy since going to jail.

Marlon wasn't sure how long he'd been asleep on Curtis' couch, but he could
tell it was late by the darkness which had engulped the room, -the only
light shown was coming from the glow of the TV screen. He was still feeling the
serious effects of the tainted weed, and wasn't entirely sure what was going
on until he felt something LARGE pushing into his bowels. "UUUHHHHHH...!!"
groaned Marlon, realizing it was Curtis on top of him, pushing his face down
into the pile of dirty clothes on the cushions.

"Relax can take it..." encouraged Curtis, pulling back a few
inches before pushing back up inside. He had already managed to bury over half of
his thick monster dong in Marlon's butt when Marlon woke up, and now only
had 5 more inches to go!
Marlon struggled and tried to twist and squirm away, but Curtis was strong
for a little guy, and the drugs in Marlon's system was playing havoc on his
motor skills. "Yeh hommie, take dat dik knew dat weed waz'n free,

", please..." begged Marlon, feeling Curtis's balls rest against
his, indicating that he had the entire 12" monster in his ass.
Marlon was well versed in trade from his stay in prison. There, every deed
warranted a favor or payment, nothing was done out of mere kindness. Everyone
wanted something!

Curtis laid out on Marlon's back, grinding his great dick around in his ass
like a butter churn. "Dang dawg, you take dik good, son! Shit feels juss
like pussy, n'shit! I muss be da fuk dreamin'!" Marlon felt as if he were
dreaming too. His mind was floating, and though he was acutely aware his ass was
being violated, it wasn't hurting as much as he thought it should be. Curtis'
dick was huge (by anyone's standards), but Marlon felt no pain, he took to the
dick like a fish to water as his body and muscles relaxed from the effects
of the drugs. If he could have had this stuff in prison, all of his rapes
might have been made a little more tolerable. He felt his body completely open
and receptive as Curtis pulled back and then started to fuck him seriously!

"Aww shit boi, damn dis shit's GOOD!" he moaned, pumping back and forth
through Marlon's soft buttery innards. Curtis learned the fine art of fucking men
through drugs. Smoking crank always made that nigga horny, and with a 12
inch dick, jacking off just wasn't in the cards when there was an available
tight ass laying high and unconscious on the couch next to you. Marlon wasn't the
first nigga Curtis fucked, and by the way he was banging into that jailbird
boi-pussy, it certainly wouldn't be the last!

Marlon made his way back down stairs from apt 1-B, his asshole feeling
quite loose and wet from the amazon stretching and dumping Curtis gave it. Marlon
wasn't too sure of how he felt about the ordeal from a sexual stand-point,
but mentally, -his mind was juiced on that X. He staggered down out the front
door, and around towards the side of the building where his apt entrance was
for the basement. Going down a short row of steps (3), he came to his apt
where he discovered the door already ajar.

"Where the FUCK've you been?" asked Carl, sitting on the futon watching Tv
with his arms folded.

"uh...I, uh..." stammered Marlon, not expecting a confrontation at this time
of night (10pm) and forgetting his daily duty to satisfy Carl orally.
Carl got up from the futon, visibly angry as he crossed the room towards

"Where you been? I've been looking all over for you! You were with Milton!?"
he insisted more than asked.

", no!" answered Marlon, trying to avoid Carl's questions. Carl
grabbed him by the shoulders and shoved him back against the wall with a
thump! With one hand holding him back, he used the other hand to grab Marlon's
face and lift his head.

"Are you high?" he asked, staring into his glossy eyes.

" no, no! No!" stammered Marlon, unable to talk or express
himself any further than that.

"Son of a bitch!" yelled Carl, shoving into Marlon's chest. "I don't want no
crack-heads staying on my property! Is that understood?" he asked plain and
clear. Marlon merely slumped his head, too tired and worn to answer. "Is that
UNDERSTOOD?!!" he repeated, grabbing Marlon's face tight.

"Yes!" answered Marlon, his eyes half closed.
Carl never felt so disgusted with another person as he was right now. He put
his hands on his hips and looked Marlon up and down, contemplating kicking
his sorry ass out right then and there! But then he decided to give him a
second chance, -but only because the mouth was so good! He reached into his
pocket and pulled out a TEX-style pager.

"Here, take this pager!" he said, stuffing it in Marlon's pocket. "Whenever
I hit you up, you come straight here and meet me! Got it?" Marlon shook his
head 'yes', but all he really wanted was sleep. Carl was tempted to leave, but
his dick still needed working over. He pulled out his woody, then pushed
Marlon down onto his knees right where he stood. Marlon went down without any
resistance. Carl shoved his semi-soft dick between Marlon's lips, and started
to fuck his face as his dick grew in his mouth. Marlon was still in a daze,
and was soon being skull fucked deeply as Carl held his head and fucked his
throat with a vengeance. "Yeeeaahh...suck this dick, mother fucker...!" moaned
Carl, pulling and pushing Marlon's head as he pumped his hips wildly in and
out. Marlon was in a trance, high again for the first time on over a year. He
simply held his mouth open while Carl rammed and fucked it to his desire. When
Carl felt himself ready to cum, he yanked his dick out of Marlon's spit
dripping mouth, and came his load all over his face to show his displeasure in
Marlon's behavior.
Marlon felt the drench of cum splatter across his cheeks, chin, lips, nose,
eyes, and forehead. He gasped in surprise, fully expecting the load to be
lost down his throat like usual. Carl finished off by making Marlon suck the
head clean before tucking his dick back in his pants. "Don't leave me waiting
again..." he said, as he left for the night.

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