Wednesday, May 6, 2009


5:30am, and Trelic and Donte were sound asleep. Donte never wore clothes
to bed, while Tre usually always wore pajama bottoms to keep his legs
warm at night. The alarm clock was set for 6am, when Tre has to get up
and get ready for work. He usually awakens about a half hour earlier, so
he can make time to "get one in" with his man.

He rolled over onto his side (facing his lover), and pressed up against
his bare ass from behind. Donte was dead to the world. He worked later
than Tre, which meant he went to bed later as well. He didn't have to up
until 9am, but didn't mind waking up most mornings to cater to his man.
Tre wrapped his arm around Donte's torso while he ground his covered
hardon into his ass. Slipping his PJ's down below his waist, he greased
his hardon with lube and then allowed it to poke into his boyfriend's ass
cheeks. Even in his sleep Donte was receptive. He pushed his ass back
against Tre's groin, indicating he was ready. Tre lined his hardon
between the cheeks, nudging up against the actual hole. He kissed his
lover gently on the nap of his neck, then slipped his dick inside.

"uhhh..." groaned Donte, throwing his ass back. He loved to be awakened
this way, with his lover's dick deep in his ass. Had he his way, Tre
would be cursed with a permanent hardon at all times, and no job career
Tre hugged his boi back towards him, grounding his dick around in the
silken smooth ass that snugly housed his morning erection. "Good morning,
baby." he greeted, as he started to pump his hips back and forth, his
manly meat sliding in and out of his baby's buttock slow and steady.

Tre and Donte met 2 years ago at a mutual friend's gathering, and
decided to hang out that night after the party. Tre was just looking to
get to know Donte, looking to smash the stereo-types of gay men being
promiscuous and find something long term while Donte was merely looking
for a fast hookup. All during the drive to the diner that Tre picked to
take them to eat, Donte was wondering why they weren't headed in the
opposite direction towards Tre's house to fuck! But he was impressed by
Tre's ride and demeanor, his height, big hands, good looks and job
ambitions, so he figured the boi must be rocking in bed and well worth
waiting through dinner for. However when Tre dropped him off at his own
apartment, and then shook his hand goodnight and pulled off, Donte was
fit to be tied! No man had ever taken him for a ride in their car, and
not ended up test driving his b'dunka-dunk!
At first he was pissed! He called up his friend that hosted the party
and bitched about Tre for over an hour. The next day when Tre called and
took him to the movies, Donte was determined to get himself some dick.
But Tre declined his blunt offer to come back to his house and "fuck me
sideways" after the movie let out. It was then that Donte decided to dump
Tre. But then on the third date when Tre invited Donte over to his place
for a cooked dinner and to watch a movie rental, Donte accepted, -this
time wanting Tre to come onto him so he could turn Tre down and show him
how it feels to be rejected. So that night when Tre finally put the moves
on Donte, Donte's plan was to resist and rudely jump up and leave without
further adu. But the minute he felt what Tre was packing in his pants,
that plan flew south for the winter!

"ummm...good morning, boo." whispered Donte, tilting his head back
sideways for Tre to sneak in a hot morning kiss. Tre reached his head
around as his lips met Don's, and they started licking tongues. Tre never
used to like kissing before brushing his teeth, but Donte broke him out
of that, -now he was used to tonguing down his lover with hot morning
breath while he fucked his fat juicy ass hard before the alarm clock
Knowing time was of the essence, Tre knew he couldn't do one of his
routine hour long fucks (which was what really kept Donte around so
long), and would have to settle for the faster paced "morning bump and
grind through heavy (bed) traffic" fucks. He kissed his lover
passionately for a few minutes, sucking his ear lobe and darting his
tongue into his ear (just the way Donte likes it) before rolling him over
onto his stomach for a serious pounding.

"Wait, wait..." whispered Donte, squeezing his ass off Tre's dick. "You
know I like it on my back like a bitch!"

"Oh yeah...." reminded Tre, waiting as Donte quickly maneuvered himself
on his back and spread his legs for his man to re-enter. Tre aimed his
dick and pushed back inside Don's ass. Donte moaned softly, then started
jacking his own dick while Tre rode him deeply.

"Give me that dick, daddy! Fuck my pussy good!" encouraged Donte, knowing
the nasty talk would help get Tre off faster. Tre was hoisted up on his
arms (in push-up position), humping his hips back and forth and drilling
his dick deep into his boyfriend's anal pussy. "Damn! Fuck that ass! Oh
shit, daddy! Dig me deep, baby! UH! UH! OH! Shit!"
Tre's dick flew in and out of Donte's pre-greased anus. This was a
morning ritual they rarely missed. Morning sex was a requirement of
Tre's, it was the best way to jump start his day and get him ready for
the mundane of the office. On days he didn't have sex first, they tended
to be the most hardest and hectic to get through. Luckily he had a
boyfriend that was always ready for dick when he was ready to serve it.

"UHH, UHHH, UHHHHHH!!" Donte yelled, jacking cum all over his chest and
stomach. Tre reached down and deep kissed him for a moment, allowing Don
to suck wildly on his tongue before throwing his own head back and firing
several shots of hot juice into his friend's bowels.
The alarm clock sounded 30 seconds later.

Byron didn't get his usual nightly session on with Angie, on account
that they hung out late last night at a birthday party at a friend's bar,
and slept straight through his usual after midnight rump session. So
Byron woke up this morning with a hardon that was 3 to 4 hours overdue
unloading it's cargo. He quietly peeled off Angie's panties while she was
sleeping, and rolled her gently onto her back before going down to eat
her pussy. He knew the best way to get some at this early hour of the day
before work, was to go south of the border, else it was Sahara Desert up
in the "bush jungle".

Angie moaned in her sleep after a few minutes of oral pleasure. Her
dreams went from planning a wonderful wedding with her man by her side,
to getting fucked raw and rough by Denzel Washington! By the time Denzel
slide his dick up into her womb, she was fully awake and aware it was
Byron wasn't a very romantic over the top type, he didn't whisper sweet
nothings in Angie's ear and woo her with his heated words, but what he
did never ceased to get her off as he buried his head in the pillows
behind her and drilled her hard and deep for 20 minutes non-stop. His
thick full body weighing heavy on top of her as his huge hands grabbed
and groped at her firm young breasts and voluptuous ass. Angie loved
getting dicked by her man, and would lay there for as long as it took
with her legs spread to get him off. She'd nibble his broad round
shoulders and pulled playfully on his dread-locks as he concentrated on
pumping her. The bed would bounce, making loud "thump, thump, thumping"
sounds. Angie often wondered if Marlon could hear them fucking from the
basement under them, but was always too embarrassed to ask whenever she
saw him. Sometimes she felt he could, as he would sometimes blush in
front of her when she spoke.

"AAHHH, AARRHHHHH..!" came Byron, filling his girlfriend up with his
sperm. Angie accepted the elixir, as she kissed his face and neck after
cumming twice herself. Byron planted a long french kiss on her lips, then
slowly slipped his shrinking dick out of her. It was already 7am, and
they both needed to hit the shower for work.

Carl Howard and his pregnant wife Charmaine were already up in the
kitchen by 6am, making breakfast and listening to the morning news and
weather. Charmaine had problems sleeping through the night due to her
pregnancy, and most mornings always awoke feeling nauseous and sick while
her husband lay in bed with a hardon. She felt sorry for Carl for not
being able to satisfy him sexually, but the pregnancy totally shot her
sex drive all to hell. She couldn't even look at Carl's erections without
wanting to throw up, let alone touch it!
This morning however, she had managed to get up and fix him something to
eat. He was a good provider. They'd been married for 4 years and wanted
to start having a family before they got too bogged down with properties
and insurance agencies to find the time for one. So her pregnancy was
planned. Surely her husband could go 10 months or so without sex while
she was busy creating life!

Carl sat at the breakfast table eating his eggs, beacon and toast while
pretending to watch the financial report on the news. Under the table his
dick was rock hard and needing release. He watched his wife mall around
the apartment, her ass looking sumptuous while her stomach stood out like
a pumpkin. He wanted to bend her over and have that ass, but knew better
than to try to force sex on her. Besides, he didn't need to when he had a
sex slave sleeping in the basement on his payroll.

"Honey, I'm going down to tell Marl...Martin what I want him to do on
schedule today!" he said, darting pass her in the bedroom to throw on a
pair of pants and a shirt to venture outside.

"At this time of morning?" asked Charmaine, looking at the clock. "Let
that man sleep!"

"Naw honey, I gotta keep ON him, else he'll slack off (again" -he wanted
to say, but thought better of it). "I'll be right back!" he said, dashing
for the door.

Marlon was sleeping soundly, still hung over from the effects of smoking
weed with Curtis last night. He found himself laying on the floor, right
where Carl left him last night after yelling at him for being late for
dick sucking duties. Marlon's face was tight and dry from the cum Carl
shot on it after face fucking him. He heard the "thumping" noise from the
couple upstairs, as he got up off the floor and walked over to his futon.
He flopped down on it like a heavy bolder, the springs squeaking as his
body came to a rest. Just then he heard his door open, and in walked Carl

"Still high?" he asked in a cruel nasty tone. He closed and locked the
door, then walked over to where Marlon was laying. He hadn't even
bothered to get up when Carl came in. "Look at your lazy pathetic ass!
You ain't worth shit!"
Marlon ignored Carl, his mind still spinning as he shut his eyes to
clear his thoughts. Carl started to undo his pants. "You ain't in no
condition to suck dick right now..." he said, getting Marlon's attention
back. He pulled off his pants and removed his shirt, standing completely
naked in front of Marlon for the first time. " it looks like I'm
gonna have to drill me some ass!" Marlon's eye popped open as Carl
started to yank at his waist and pull at his jeans.

", no, no...I...I'll" protested Marlon, trying to
avoid another dicking. But Carl was already hard for some booty. He
pulled Marlon's jeans down off of his legs, and flung them on the floor.
"No Carl, please...wait..." asked Marlon, trying to get his barrings as
Carl roughly flipped him over on the futon and ripped at his soiled
boxers. Carl noticed instantly that Marlon had been fucked last night.

"Liar! You said you wasn't with Milt!" he shouted, louder than he

"I...I..I was'n...!"

"Lying bitch! Then who fucked you? Who's nutt is that all in the ass of
your shorts?"
Marlon slowly recalled the events of yesterday, and getting fucked by
Curtis on his couch after getting high. But he decided quickly to keep
that information to himself! "Fucking whore! I don't want you seeing
Milton's ass again, do you hear me?" he asked, bending down over Marlon
to yell in his ear. "If I find out you still fucking my brother, I'll
throw your ass out of here so fucking fast your fucking head and ass'll
be in different zip codes! Got it?" Marlon moaned 'yes'. "I asked if you
GOT IT, bitch!!" yelled Carl, spit flying from his mouth as he shouted in
Marlon's ear.

"YES!" yelled Marlon, feeling awful. Here he had gotten Milton in trouble
again, and Milt had nothing to do with it.

"Good! Now go wash your ass so I can fuck it!" ordered Carl, standing up
straight. Marlon gathered his strength, then pushed himself up off the
futon. Carl stood by angrily watching his every move, his dick still hard
for action and standing stiff and ready. "Move your ass!"
Marlon walked into the bathroom and shut the door. He sat down on the
toilet, and felt Curt's load seep from his ass in a series of farts. It
was a thick heavy load of white slimy cream that fell into the toilet.
Marlon wiped, then washed himself with a quick shower. He could head Carl
yelling for him to "hurry up!", so he did. He didn't want to anger him
any more than he had already, as Carl was his current bread and butter.

"You're not moving fast enough, bitch! I got a wife upstairs waiting for
me! I ain't got all fucking day to fuck around with your ass!" Carl spat
through grit teeth as he reached into the shower and pulled Marlon out by
the back of the neck. Marlon nearly slipped on the tilted floor as Carl
dragged him out of the bathroom soapy and wet, and threw him down in
doggy position on the futon. Before Marlon could even protest, Carl aimed
his dick up between the ass cheeks and rammed forth, burying his 8 and
1/2 inches in one shove.

"AARRHHH!!" screamed Marlon, at the viscous entry. His anus clamping down
on Carl's dick as it bored through his guts and punched into his bowels.
Carl placed his hand around Marlon's mouth as he started to fuck him hard
and deep.

"Shut up, bitch! This is what you're used to getting from Milt, ain't it?
You should be used to it by now!" yelled Carl. But Marlon's mind wasn't
on Milt at the moment, he was having flash backs to prison life, and how
the animals there would fuck him like a bitch until he couldn't even
walk! They shoved their dicks into him without a single iota of care for
his well being. All they wanted was some ass, and wooing a brother or
being gentle was considered being "soft" in prison, and no one wanted to
be soft, so they all fucked with that "gotta rape this ass" mentality,
leaving Marlon with sore insides and a bleeding boi'gina on many

Carl had nearly forgotten how good Marlon's anal pussy was. He'd only
fucked Marlon a handful of times over at Milt's house (back before Milt
started trippin), before Milt cut him off from Marlon completely. One day
he was letting him "hit it", the next day he was telling Carl Marlon
wasn't available. Carl knew something was wrong then. He could tell
Milton was starting to catch feelings for Marlon (for another man), and
couldn't let that happen. He knew Demeecee was going away for a weekend
sabbatical with her church, leaving Milton and Marlon alone for the
entire weekend. He knew what they would be up to! He knew Milton would
fall for Deme's little brother if they got any tighter. So to break up
Milt's little game, Carl called the church to report an emergency had
happened to one of the member's families, and had them leave the resort a
tad earlier than scheduled, -hoping to get Milt caught. When Milton
finally called him and told him how Deme had walked in on him and Marlon
in bed, it was all he could do to keep from laughing out loud in his ear.

Carl liked hearing Marlon's groans and grunts when he jammed his dick
all the way up in his ass, making him squirm and moan while he held him
steady with his hand cupped firmly over his mouth. He insulted Marlon as
much as possible, calling him lewd crude names and taking his self esteem
to a new low. He liked the power he held over the weaker man, -liked
treating him like trash and making him bare it. Marlon had his eyes
squinted shut the entire time, his face twisted in pain as he felt Carl
finally cumming in his ass after nearly 10 minutes of agony.
"AAAhhhhh..." groaned Carl, shooting like mad as he came harder than he
has in years.
Afterwards, he pulled his dick from Marlon's ass and wiped it on the
back of Marlon's shirt before getting dressed. Marlon got up off the
futon, his ass feeling sore and irritated from the forced entry. He could
feel Carl's load in him, already trying to come back out as he tightened
the sore sphincter muscles to keep it in. "Don't go too far, I'll be in
tex." said Carl as he left. "Good morning...!" Marlon heard him greet the
couple from 1-A through his window as they left for work together. They
greeted Carl friendly, unaware that he's just practically raped Marlon
just moments ago in his apartment. Marlon collapsed on the futon, curling
up in a ball as he drifted off to sleep.

At around 9am, Marlon started his daily duties as "handy-man". He
started by sweeping the front walk and sidewalks and picking up trash
from around the area. Then he started vacuuming the inside carpet and
steps and washing down the banisters when he heard Curtis coming down the

"Sup dawg!" he smiled, dressed in his usual b-boy gear; Durag, Tupac
t-shit, baggy jeans, timbs, and backpack. He bounced down the steps on
his way to class and work.

"Hey..." said Marlon, trying to act normal. Curtis stopped on the middle
divide where Marlon was cleaning, and pulled a tooth pick from his mouth.

"uh, yo homs....look eh, no offense about lass nite, rite? You kno I
ain't mean nothin bout whut happened? We wuz juss 2 dawgz kickin it,
rite?" asked Curtis, awkwardly trying to apologize for taking advantage
of Marlon's state of mind.

"Yeh, yeah...I know." said Marlon, trying to act as if it were kewl.

"Kew? Werd? So you wuz a'ight wid it?" asked Curtis, surprised. He'd loss
more than a few friends that way, but had to admit to have had copped
some good ass thug booty in the process.

"I uh...well,'s okay..." admitted Marlon reluctantly, not wanting
Curtis to mistake his lack of anger as an admission of interest. He
didn't want to have to explain to him how he had been fucked in prison,
and was used to men taking advantage of him. He didn't want Curtis to
know his most shameful secret.

"Kew, datz wuzzup dawg!" smiled Curtis, slapping hands and 'thug hugging'
Marlon in true homboi style. "Yo man, any time you wanna come by n' smoke
sum mo' shit wid me, my door's open, YO! A'ight?"

"Okay." smiled Marlon, knowing the true message behind the invitation
meaning; next time you want to get high and get fucked, stop on by!
Marlon had no intentions on stopping by Curtis' spot.

"A'ight dawg, hit me up lata!" said Curt, jogging down the last flight of
steps and out the front door. Marlon's tex-page beeped. He pulled it from
his pocket, it read; "be there in 10 minutes, hav the ass ready -C."

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