Wednesday, May 6, 2009


BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! -went Marlon's Text-pager (again!) for the 3rd time
today. He'd only been a few weeks, and already he was seriously starting
to dislike this arrangement with Carl (his boss and landlord). Carl was
getting out of hand with the demands he made on Marlon. The first call
was at 9:30am when Marlon was a top a latter cleaning the leaves from the
gutters when Carl suddenly wanted his dick sucked before he started his
day. The second call came at 12noon when Marlon was hosing down the front
lawn and Carl decided he wanted some ass to pound. And now at 5pm with
just an hour left before quitting time, Carl was making another request
for sex. Marlon stopped what he was doing and reached into his back
pocket to his pager. The message read; "u'r ass now."

No matter where Marlon was; rather it was working somewhere around the
apartment complex, running an errand for Carl or his wife Charmaine, or
just him trying to get some alone time with himself or with Rachelle
(Marlon's 5 yr old Daughter) and her mother Crystal, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP,
-would go his pager, meaning he would have to drop whatever he was doing
and rush back home to his apt to satisfy Carl's sexual demands! Even on
weekends when Marlon thought he would have some private time to spend
away from work doing the things he wanted to do instead of things he HAD
to do, -BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, -would go his pager 5 or sometimes 6 times a
day. Marlon found it very emasculating having to humble himself to Carl's
every whim. He wanted to stand up for himself, but then he wondered where
he would stay? His parents were still questionable, and while his sister
Demeecee seemed sympathetic to his predicament of events (as told to her
by Marlon in chp3), she wasn't quite dumb enough to let her brother stay
at her house with her husband again quite so soon. And Cystal just didn't
have the room to house him on her sofa. And then there was the issue of
his job, surely Carl would fire him after throwing him out if he ever
refused service. The pay wasn't much, but he had gotten used to getting
it every week, especially since there were no other employers banging
down his door to hire him.
Marlon's only real escape, was the occasional stop offs he made to apt
1-B to visit with tenet Curtis Williams. The young 20 yr old thug was
surprised, but happy to see Marlon knock on his door only days after
their first high encounter. He invited Marlon in, quickly offering him a
seat. He could see Marlon was uncomfortable, most guys are in the
beginning when they first start giving up the booty for drugs. Curtis
could barely keep his dick contained in his shorts from the anticipation
as he lit the first joint and passed it off to Marlon.

"Here you go, dawg." he said, after taking a few deep puffs to fill his
lungs. Marlon took the parafanalia off his hands, and placed it up to his
lips and inhaled. Curtis watched him suck on the fat "blunt" he rolled
just before Marlon got there, and imagined those lips wrapped around his
thick 12 inch dick. He looked at Marlon with a smoldering gaze, feeling
his dick already starting to lengthen down his leg.

Marlon felt the tainted weed filling his lungs, instantly calming him as
his head started to feel lite and float off his shoulders. He relaxed
more comfortably back into Curtis' couch, and exhaled. He took another
hit before passing it back. Marlon felt Curtis' fingers gracefully
touching his own as they passed off the weed. Marlon watched Curtis put
the fat blunt up to his own thick lips, wrapping them around the tip of
the cigar like joint and inhale. Marlon felt his own dick starting to
react to the effects of the drugs.

"You don't have another girl hidden away in the back, do you?" asked
Marlon, taking the blunt back from Curtis.

"Naw, dawg..." laughed Curtis, recalling the hot session the happened
last time. "'s juss you an' me this time, Yo!"

"Shame..." Marlon said, taking a big toke as his body and muscles relaxed
more and more.

"Why's dat?" asked Curtis, taking back the joint.

"Chick was hot!" admitted Marlon, rubbing his thighs to dry his sweaty

"Whut? You would'n mind git'n sum IN rite about now?" asked Curtis,
watching Marlon's every move as he took a toke.

"Wouldn't mind it." confessed Marlon, locking eyes with Curtis.

"Whut chu inna mood fo?" asked Curtis, exhaling before taking another.

"Whatever's available, I guess." said Marlon, suggestively. Curtis took
the initiative to lean over forward face first in Marlon direction. He
pursed his lips, leaning in closer and closer. Marlon was shocked as
Curtis placed his lips atop his own, then blew smoke into his mouth.
Marlon accepted the smoke fulled breath, and inhaled it into his lungs as
second hand smoke. Then the two started kissing, hot, long, and deep.
Marlon quickly gave in, surrendering fast as he allowed Curtis' tongue
to enter his slack mouth. The 2 men frenched like Europeans, swapping
spit and sucking tongues like long lovers. Curtis laid his body into
Marlon's, pressing down onto him until he had him laying back against the
cushions. He maneuvered himself until he was laying between Marlon's
spread legs (in missionary position), kissing his still deeper. They only
broke kissing when one of them wanted to take a toke, then they'd
immediately start back up, sharing the smoke between them.

Marlon felt Curtis grinding his big hardon into him as they ground
crotches together like horny teenagers. Marlon recalled how big Curtis'
meat was (or at least how big it felt in his unsuspecting ass), and was
surprised to find his body craving it inside him again. He hadn't felt
this way about a guy's dick since Milton, so he figured it must be the

Curtis kissed his was from Marlon's mouth, and down the side of his
neck. He took one last toke from the blunt before handing it off to
Marlon. He pushed Marlon's shirt up pass his chest to expose his nipples.
Curtis kissed and sucked on Marlon's chest, making the tiny rivets stand
stiff and hard. Marlon moaned softly as he sucked on the blunt, his head
whirling from sexual excitement as pictures of Milt flashed in his brain.
Curtis sucked each nipple, biting them gently as he sucked them firmly
before licking his way down Marlon's stomach towards his crotch. He
unbuttoned his pants, then pulled them down Marlon's thighs. He rubbed
his face in Marlon's exposed pubic hair, sniffing his natural musk scent
as an aphrodisiac. Marlon felt Curtis licking the base of his dick as he
inched his pants down his legs further and further before exposing the
full 7" length. Curtis watched the dick spring up into sight as the
waist-band gave up the head. Marlon's dick popped up, then swayed slowly
back and forth before Curt's face. He looked at it cross eyed, then
leaned forward and licked it.

"uhh..." moaned Marlon, feeling Curtis' tongue licking his shaft. He
looked down, watching the thug boi cover the head of his meat with his
thick butt lips. Curtis took the head in and swabbed it with his mouth
and tongue before going down further. Marlon laid his head back and
enjoyed the feel of his dick being sucked, closing his eyes as his
imagination ran wild.
Curtis was no experienced dick sucker. He done it to a few guys, but was
no real expert at it. His first experience with another brutha was when
he was 15, getting high over a high school friend's house. They smoked
weed and drank 40's in the boi's bedroom while his mom was at work. When
the older brother came home, he found both his younger brother and Curtis
fast asleep, and his stash of weed missing. As punishment, he butt fucked
a struggling Curtis in his sleep, then made his little brother suck his
dirty dick clean. After that, he started fucking his little brother every
chance he got. Curtis and his friend's relationship changed after that,
and they became fuck buddies as well. Curtis would fuck his friend
whenever they got high, despite having girlfriends in school. Now 5 years
later, he still engages in male to male sex whenever the opportunity
arises, enjoying the feel of another man's ass or mouth wrapped around
his dick when pussy's not available (or even sometimes while it's

He worked his mouth up and down the shaft of Marlon's hard dick, taking
as much of his dick as possible before gagging. He popped the dick out of
his mouth, then ran his lips down one side and up the other, using his
tongue to keep the shaft wet and moist. Then he took the dick back into
his mouth and bobbed his head up and down, hearing Marlon moan. After a
few minutes, He felt Marlon pulling him up off his dick. Curtis let the
dick fall from his mouth, looking up at Marlon in question. Marlon sat
up, meeting Curtis' face half way as they locked lips again. Curtis felt
Marlon blowing smoke into his mouth, and accepted it by inhaling. They
shared a wet sloppy kiss for a minute, then Marlon handed him what was
left of the blunt and pushed him backwards on the couch.

Curtis took the blunt and sucked it between his lips as he settled back
on the other end of the couch. He watched Marlon grab his waist-band,
then pull his shorts down and off. Marlon's eyes widened at the size of
Curt's dick. It looked like a 3rd leg between his dark brown thighs. He
grabbed it and lifted up to his mouth, swabbing the leaking head with his
tongue and tasting his semen. Curt wasn't expecting much from the blow
job, as most people (men and women) couldn't handle more than a few
inches without choking. He spread his legs, giving Marlon room to lay,
and watched the building maintenance man suck his dick.
Marlon suckled the head for a few seconds, before sucking and licking
his mouth up and down the shaft mid-way. He wanted to get a feel for the
dick before he mastered it, sucking it normally for a while to allow his
mouth a chance to get used to it's mass. Once he had most of the shaft
covered in spit, he decided to deep throat it and give Curtis a real

"DAMN, babee...!" gasped Curtis, nearly choking on the inhale as Marlon
took his thick fat 12 incher into the back of his mouth and down into his
contracting throat. "...aaawwww shit!"

Marlon was used to sucking all sorts of size dicks in prison. Not
everyone was hung like Curtis, but there were a few. He had to learn
quickly how to satisfy these thick dongs with his mouth and throat, else
they shoved them up his ass, totally ruining his intestinal track for
it's normal functions. They made him spend hours upon hours on his knees,
sucking dick after dick until he finally learned how to throat them. Once
he accomplished that task, there was no end to his dick sucking duties.
He sucked dick in his cell, in the prison yard, in the laundry room, the
kitchen, the utility room, the library, the showers, the guard's station,
the stairwells, and anywhere else they made him. Sometimes they'd hold
suck contest, to see whose "bitch" could suck the most dicks to
completion in 10 or 15 minutes. Sometimes Marlon won, sometimes he lost.
But word spread quickly about his many talents, and his cell mates made
sure there was never a shortage of hard wood for him to practice with.

"Damn, babee...suck dat muthafuka! Shyt!" groaned Curtis, finishing off
the blunt as Marlon took him into his throat again. Marlon felt the big
dick lodged down his gullet, ballooning his throat outward to make room
for his massive rod. His nose was in Curt's pubes, his lips stretched
about the base. Slowly he sucked his way back up the hard shaft,
tightening his lips as he slid back upward towards the head. "Damn homs,
where yur ass learn to suck dick like dat n'shyt?" asked Curtis, unable
to believe his high eyes. Marlon ignored the question, and went back down
on it several times. Soon Curt's dick was throbbing, leaking enough
pre-cum to impregnate a fertile female. "Yo nigga..." moaned Curt, unable
to withstand too much more. " try'na make me cum now, or do you
want me to fuck you first?" Marlon sucked for several more minutes,
trying to decide his fate. When he felt Curt's dick start to pulse, he
pulled away and backed off.

"I want you to fuck me." he said, meekly.

"Then less go then." smiled Curtis, getting up off the couch to go into
the bedroom.
He guided Marlon through the one bedroom apt (his hands all over
Marlon's naked ass as they walked). Curtis' bedroom was just as messy as
the rest of Curtis' place. The bed was unmade, and there were dirty (and
clean) clothes scattered about all over the floor, chair, and dressers.
Curtis stopped Marlon at the foot of the bed, turned him towards him, and
kissed him again. Marlon was slightly taller than Curtis at 5-11, 170
lbs, dark brn skin, short close cut fade, full lips, brn eyes, bubble
butt, and a 34" waist. Curt was 5-9, 155 lbs, slim muscular build, dark
brn skin, with a black Durag covering his untamed cornrows. Marlon had to
bend his head downward to share the kiss, taking Curt's tongue into his
mouth instinctively. "You gonna gimme dat pussie tonite?" he asked,
slapping Marlon's ass.

"Yes." answered Marlon, allowing himself to be guided onto the bed in
doggy-position. Curtis went over to the night stand and got some lotion.
Marlon stayed on all fours, watching Curt's big stiff standing dick sway
as he walked. He looked back over his shoulder at Curtis as he dabbed
some lotion onto his asshole, then massaged a generous amount onto the
length of his dick before placing the head up to his tingling hole.

Curtis guided his dick head into the hole, easing in pass the tightening
sphincter muscles as he fed Marlon's butt inch after thick inch of dick.
"OOOhhhhh aahhhh...!!" moaned Marlon, feeling his asshole slowly give way
and open up.

"Daaammmmnnnn bboooiiiiii..." sighed Curtis, loving the feel of Marlon's
raw hole surrounding him. He ground his pelvic bone into Marlon's plump
dark ass cheeks, making sure every inch of his meat was thoroughly
sheathed inside the hot human tunnel. He grabbed Marlon by his hips, and
pulled his ass back onto his bone. Marlon felt the thick python sized
dick pulse and thron inside him, threatening to cum all too soon. But
after a moment or so, Curtis regained control over his loins, and started
to fuck. Marlon groaned and gasped as the big dick moved through him,
fucking him deep. "Shyt boi...I ain't eva had no ass as good as dis here
shyt!" complimented Curtis, losing control again after only a few minutes
as he began to fuck harder.
Marlon's ass felt totally full and packed with meat. Thanks to the weed,
the constant in/out motion was giving his insides a thoroughly fucked
sensation he hadn't felt since Milton. He felt Curtis grip onto his hips
as his pelvis slapped into his backside, driving his dick through his ass
and rectum fully and completely. Marlon felt himself relax as he laid his
head down on the mattress with his ass in the air. He gave his booty up
to the 20 year old thug boi whom fucked with all the skill of a man twice
his age. His stroke was long and his dick reached deep. He fucked into
Marlon's ass until he felt his balls tighten, signaling that his orgasm
was upon him.

"Awww shyt, hommie....I'mma bout to blow my shyt up in you!" he
announced, doubling his pace. Marlon felt the dick punching through him
harder and faster, pummeling into his bowels forcefully. Curtis rammed
his dick in a few dozen more times before holding it in. "AAAHHHHH
SSHHYYYTTT, BOOOIIIII...!" he yelled, cumming hard and deep.

Marlon felt the big dick hosing down his heated insides, cooling off his
hot anal walls with a spray of molten seed. He felt the dick pulse and
pumped as it emptied off inside him. He thought the encounter was over,
until Curtis pulled out and flopped down on his back, -pulling his legs
up to expose his hairy hole.

"Fuck me, Mar! C'mon man, git yur groove on!" encouraged Curt, much to
Marlon's thrill and surprise. No man's ever offered his ass up to him
before. Marlon's dick was achingly sore and ready to explode, he wasn't
sure if he'd be able to get his dick in before he came all over the
He maneuvered himself between Curt's legs, then lotioned both the hole
and his dick before placing the head up to the anus. Curtis looked up at
Marlon, his own half hard dick softening against his stomach as he
awaited penetration. "C'mon man, git yurs..." enticed Curtis, holding his
own legs up to his chest. Marlon aimed his dick up to the tight hole, and
pushed in.

"ahhhh shit...!" he groaned, feeling the hole tighten around his embedded
head. Marlon ever felt anything so hot and tight before in his life. He
pushed in harder, making Curt take more of him. Curt closed his eyes and
concentrated on the feeling in his ass. He allowed Marlon to fill him up,
taking every inch he had to offer. Marlon threw his head back in ecstasy
as he felt his entire dick incased in Curt's hot heated furnace of an

"Yeehhh boi, do it man! Fuck dat azz, nigga!" whispered Curtis, his dick
growing hard again. Marlon grabbed the backs of his thighs, then leaned
in over him and started to fuck. His dick felt like it was sliding
through a tight coke bottle as it squeezed in and out of Curt's tight
hole. He couldn't believe his luck as he fucked the young thug boi up the
ass, his first male ass ever! After all the men that's had him, this was
the first one to offer booty in return. Marlon felt himself getting
closer! "Shyt man, take dat shyt! Fuck it!" encouraged Curt, stroking his
own hardon now. He was looking up into Marlon's eyes, jacking himself to
the same rhythm he was being fucked in.

"AHHH..." groaned Marlon, feeling his balls tighten. He was about to cum,
and he wasn't exactly ready yet.

"Go head man, bust dat nutt n' me! C'mon, cum nigga! Give it to me!" said
Curtis, pushing Marlon over the edge.

"AAHHH SHIT!!!" yelled Marlon, cumming like a mother fucker! His dick
throbbed and creamed white hot cum deep into Curt's tight 20 year old
ass. Curt tightened his hole hard around Marlon's spurting dick, while
fisting his own dick. He watched Marlon's eyes roll up into his head as
he panted and gasped for breath, losing his seed deep inside of him in a
series of fiery spurts that filled his anal canal to capacity.

"Yeh nigga, gimma dat juice!" said Curtis, stroking his dick faster. He
masturbated until his dick swelled in his hand, then started shooting hot
cum streaks all over hsi chest and parts of his face. "AWWWW FFUUUUCKKKK,
Niggggaaaa...! he groaned, cumming all over himself.
Marlon looked down to see Curtis bathed in his own cream. He smiled,
causing Curtis to smile back up at him. "Shyt nigga, you busted dat shyt
good." he whispered, pulling Marlon down on top of him. The 2 men kissed
deeply, sharing a hit soul kiss as they did their beat to swallow each
other's tongues.

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