Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The air was starting to grow cold as autumn leaves began to fall. It'd
been nearly 2 months since Marlon started living at Carl's apt complex,
and his ass was in hot demand. Carl was still fucking the hell out of
Marlon every chance he got. The bigger his wife grew (pregnancy wise),
the hornier he got for Marlon's mouth, and Marlon's ass. He hadn't had
any problems out of Marlon since that night he tied him up and butt
fucked him at whim, Marlon didn't like being laid out in such a
humiliating vulnerable state, and made sure to answer every single one of
Carl's text-calls with immediate urgent response to insure he was never
put in that kind of position again.

Marlon saw Byron Jefferson (the tenant in apt 1-A) for the entire week
his girlfriend was away in Ohio visiting family. Byron banged Marlon's
ass nightly (just as he does he girl), causing the head board to slam
repeatedly into the back wall of his bedroom. Byron felt since the condom
broke during their first encounter (making him cum unknowingly inside
Marlon's hot heated ass), that they no longer needed one since the damage
had already been done. So for the rest of that week, he fucked Marlon
raw, and came deep in his anus as if it were his girl's juicy pussy.
Marlon accepted the hot seed every time, feeling it coat his innards and
ooze from his hole while en-route back to his home apt. After sex, there
was always an awkwardness which made Marlon feel uneasy. There was never
any intimacy displayed with Byron, no kissing, hugging, extreme touching,
fondling, or foreplay. Byron was an in/out kind of guy, and always wanted
Marlon to leave immediately after their encounters. He also felt the need
to point out that he wasn't gay after each experience, and that he was
only doing this because he didn't want to cheat on his girlfriend Angie
(as if butt fucking another man wasn't cheating)! Although the sex with
Byron was completely one sided, it was still more enjoyable than sex with
Carl whom was brutal and liked to cause Marlon physical pain. Marlon was
somewhat sorry to see Angie return that following weekend, knowing it
would put an end to his sex sessions with Byron. Now whenever he see the
two of them out doors, Angie speaks with high enthusiasm while Byron
tries to play it cool. He has little to say besides "hi", "hello", or
"peace", as he strolls by with his arm comfortably wrapped around his
girl in a manly display if affection (or over compensation -thinks

His relationship with the tenant in 1-B continued to be strained. Curtis
avoided Marlon whenever possible, and no long spoke to him when he saw
him on the premises or whenever he brought female company home (which was
often). Paris waved once as Curtis rushed her up the walkway and into the
apt complex without even acknowledging Marlon's presence. Another time he
made a point to practically fuck one chick in the stairwell while Marlon
was there cleaning. The girl was leaving, and Curtis walked her down to
the first floor door and gave her a long lingering soulful kiss goodbye.
He had his hand up the girl's skirt, feeling her ass through her panties
while he tongued her down. When they finally parted, Curtis' shorts were
tented outward to reveal the imprint of his enormous dick. Marlon saw it,
but tried to act as if he weren't looking. Curtis made sure he did by
strolling by him real slow, groping himself so that it stood out further.
Then he smirked and went back into his apt. Marlon was at a loss as to
why his homeboi was treating him with such a long handle (no pun
intended). He wouldn't even let Marlon explain why Carl demanded he wear
the beeper. But Curt was young (20), and hard head. He'd rather not deal
with Marlon rather than work through their problems like adult men!

Marlon's relationship with Crystal took a back seat after the "car
fiasco". She no longer went out of her way to please him or ease the
times between visits with his daughter. She never denied him a chance to
see Rachelle, but she never encouraged her daughter to look for her
undependable daddy either. Eventually she started dating someone from her
work place, cutting off all hopes Marlon may have had of someday
reconciling with her. The new boyfriend was 10 years older than Crystal,
and treated her better than Marlon had in the past. While Marlon was
never physically abusive to Crys, he was never there for her when it
really counted, nor did he ever take her places she liked to go such as
theatres, restaurants, vacations, etc.

Demeecee still wasn't talking to him. She kept a distance and was never
at their parents house when she knew he was going to be there. She said
she could forgive him for what happened (as she already had her husband),
but it would take some time to get over the vivid picture of seeing them
with her very own eyes.
Milt was a lot more pleasant. He would stop by to see Marlon ever so
often, but never initiated anything sexually. He only seemed to be
concerned in how he was doing and how Carl was treating him. Carl and
Milt tried to sustain their strained brother to brother relationship, but
it was hard with Milt knowing what was going on, and Carl flaunting it
under his nose every chance he got. Marlon often felt guilty for having
come between them so. Marlon's situation saddened Milt, he wished there
was something he could do to get him out of his brother house. But Milt
had limited resources of his own, and without Deme's okay to openly
engage a helping hand to her brother, he felt torn between the two. As it
was, he was already walking on egg shells whenever Marlon's name came up.
Deme's mother (the "BITCH"), made certain to keep reminding Milton of his
"homo-infidelity" every time she talked to him (which thankfully wasn't
often). It was all he could do to keep from ramming his fist into her
denture work every time she opened her alcoholic mouth!

Marlon relationship with his mother wasn't much better. She loved him
for being her son and for birthing him from her own womb, but she didn't
LIKE him and his weak ways. She often cursed and criticized him. She
belittled him and castrated him whenever he fucked up or did wrong. When
she learned what happened between Marlon and Milt, she totally washed her
hands of him, refusing to ever talk to him or let him step foot in her
house. Even after Marlon resolved matters with his sister (some what) and
her husband, his mother was still bitter towards him. She hated having a
son who was "good for nothing" and "lazy" (as she called him). She cursed
the day he was born often, leaving Marlon to feel unwanted and alone in
the world.
His life was barreling out of control. There was no one in his corner.
No one he could turn to, or confide in. He had single handedly managed to
alienate himself from everyone he loved and cared for. He desperately
missed getting high. Once- Carl found him stoned in his basement apt, and
hit the ceiling! He was livid, and didn't like what he saw. Marlon's
appearance was starting to go down. When he was high, he didn't wash as
often, and he didn't get his hair cut or change clothes everyday. But
Marlon didn't care, if he was going to have to give up ass for his job
and apt, he'd rather do it high. The fuckings with Carl were more
bearable when he was stoned. He didn't care if Carl fucked his mouth or
his ass, so long as he was barely conscious to feel it. Somehow Marlon
managed to keep his handyman duties done, -albeit behind in schedule. He
tired to limit his drug use to night time only, after work hours but
before Carl had done his last fucking for the evening. But sometimes he
couldn't always wait that long. Carl got more and more violent with his
sex, -raping, even beating Marlon when he didn't respond well. The up
side to this was that Carl found him less appealing, and cut back on anal
fuckings. He still fucked Marlon's throat once or twice daily, but the
ass was off limits.

Milton and Demeecee worked hard to mend their marriage. Milt tried to be
more loving and understanding, while Demeecee cooked and cleaned more
around the house, and gave her husband all the sex he could want. She
wanted to make sure Milton's dick was totally limp and useless every time
he left the house. She didn't want him thinking of putting it anywhere
else but in his wife's pussy (asleep or not!).
They spent more quality time together; going to the movies, seeing
plays, going out to dinner, etc. They waited on each other hand and foot,
and even took a much needed vacation away from family and things. They
spent 5 full days and nights on the Island of Jamaica, -laying on the
beach, walking the sands, taking nature hikes, sailing, swimming,
dancing, the works! Milton had never seen his wife so happy and relaxed,
and Deme never saw Milton look so tranquil and refreshed. This was just
what they needed, some time away from everything that bogged them down.
No pressures, no bills, no in-laws, no bullshit!

They made love everywhere they could think of; in their bungalow, on the
beach, in a hammock, in the airplane's restroom, in a cab, in the bushes,
behind a tree, in the jacuzzi, in the ocean (with sand in their suits!).
They drank until they were giddy, and fucked at the drop of a hat
(literally! Deme dropped her hat in the bungalow and Milt saw the string
bikini go up her crack and got hard, they had sex johnny on the spot!).
It wasn't until they were laid back relaxing around the pool area that
they ran into trouble. Deme was just coming back from her day at the spa,
when she over heard 2 gay guests talking about Milt's fantastic brown
body in his loose fitting swimming trunks. They sat pool side while Milt
basked in the sun in one of the lounge chairs a few feet away. He'd been
resting comfortably with his umbrella drink by his side, when he suddenly
heard Deme's voice getting loud!

"You NEED to go look elsewhere, cause that's MY MAN you 2 are gawlking
at!" she confronted. The 2 black gay men looked up at her in shock.

"Bitch, you NEED to keep walking before you and your man catch a smack
down!" said the first of the 2 men.

"Bitch? Your MOMMA'S a bitch, -Bitch! I got your bitch you faggot!"
yelled Demeecee.

"Faggot?" repeated the man, insulted. "You big titted fish smelling
split-tail WHORE! If I wasn't on my honeymoon, I'd..."

"Honeymoon???" astonished Deme, looking at the men as if they were

"Yo...what's the problem here?" asked Milt, interrupting.

"The problem is these so called MEN were looking at you and making rude
comments about what they wanted to do to you!" explained Deme.

"We were having a PRIVATE conversation, and enjoying the view!" corrected
the second man.

"Enjoy it somewhere else, cause my HUSBAND don't play that shit!"
informed Deme.

"Calm down, babe...they were just looking." said Milt, taking Deme by the
arm. Deme pulled away and looked up at Milt with a shocked expression.

"WHAT?" she asked, as if she didn't know him. "2 MEN are looking at you
and making nasty comments about what they'd do to you in bed, and all you
can say is calm down babe??"

"It ain't no big deal! What's the problem? They've got eyes, they're
allowed to look!" said Milt. Deme looked as if she had a stroke!

"What the fuck is this? You into MEN now?" she asked. demanding to know.

"What?" asked Milt, unable to believe his ears. "You the fuck you talking

"I'm talking to YOU! First I catch you in bed with my brother, now THIS!"
the 2 gay men's ears perked up when they heard that. "What's going on
with you Milton?"
Milt was mortified. He couldn't even answer Deme's accusations. He
simply bit his lower lip, balled his fists, then turned back towards
their bungalow. Deme followed, unable to drop the subject. "I'm serious
Milt, what's going on with you? Are you turning GAY on me?" she asked,
when they reached their room.

"If you think that, why the fuck you still with me then?" asked Milton,
slamming the door behind him in Deme's face. She pushed it open.

"I'm asking you a question! What am I supposed to think? The Milton I
married 3 years ago, would've punched them punks right in the face for
thinking those thoughts about him! Now all of a sudden..."

"Now all of a sudden I'm GAY?" interrupted Milton.

"Well...., I DID catch you in bed with my brother!" reasoned Deme. Milton
felt his blood pressure go through the roof!

"We already explained how that happened!" yelled Milton, hoping he had
heard the last of that by now! "You KNOW how I get when I'm drunk...!"

"I know! I'm just saying...!" said Deme, thinking better than to repeat
what she already threw out there!

"Look, I can't help what happened with your brother! What's done is done!
But if you don't trust me any longer as a man or as your husband, then
what the fuck are you with me for? I don't need no fucking woman that's
accusing me of something every time I turn around, or when some other guy
looks at me cross eyed! I'm 31 now, I'm not fighting every nigga that
says something "funny" to me! At what point am I supposed to grow up? I
ain't 28 no more!" he yelled, smacking a lamp onto the floor, breaking it
in the process. Deme saw his display, and instantly knew she was wrong to
put her husband's masculinity on the line. Milt was ALL MAN in her eyes,
she had to learn to let go of the image of him in bed with Marlon.
Silently she walked over to the lamp, and picked it up off the floor.
Milt was standing over by the window, looking out onto the beach and
ocean, watching the storm clouds roll in. From the distance through the
trees, he could see a storm coming as the winds started to pick up.

"I'm sorry, boo" said Demeecee, walking up behind him. She wrapped her
arms around his waist from behind, and put her chin into his back (like
she always does when she feels he was right and she was wrong). Milton
broke her grasp, then turned around to face her as he sat in the big
picture window.

"I'm serious, Dee." he said in a deep even tone. "I don't wanna hear
about this shit every time I turn around. What's done is done. Either you
forgive it or you don't, but you can't keep bringing this back up and
throwing it in my face whenever you feel like it. I ain't gonna put up
with that shit."

"I know, baby. And I'm sorry." said Demeecee in a little girl's tone.
"It's just..., when I think of you and those guys..."

"Stop right there!" said Milt, holding up his hand. "Ain't no me and
those guys! It was only me and Marlon, and we already discussed that!"

"I know, but..."

"Ain't no buts! I ain't going through the rest of my life apologizing for
this shit, Dee!" insisted Milt. "Either you drop it and we move on now
like we were before, or we end this shit right here and now!"

"Damn! Why it gotta be so drastic?" asked Deme, not wanting to end her

"Cause, I shouldn't have to defend my manhood to my own wife!" explained

"Okay! Okay....I'm drop it. Okay, bae?" she said softly as she walked
into his arms to kiss him. She liked his stern demeanor, when he took
control of her and the situation like this. It made it impossible for her
to think he could ever fuck another guy purposely. "I'm sorry honey..."
she whispered, wrapping her arms around his neck as their lips locked in
a couple of closed mouth kisses before it gradually turned into a more
seductive tonguing.
Milt's hands automatically went down to Deme's round soft ass. He
squeezed them seductively as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. She
loved the feel of his hairy mustache on her top lip as he wraps her up in
his strong muscular arms and squeeze her in his manly grip. NOWAY could a
man so moncho and masculine be gay, how could she have even said such a
thing? She's surprised Milton didn't hit her.

Instead, she kissed her way down his hairy chest, and pulled down his
shorts. Milt's dick was still flaccid, the conversation had killed it.
But Deme knew how to push Milt's sexual buttons. She kissed and licked
along the soft shaft, painting it in spit before taking it into her warm
mouth. She swallowed it down until it started to harden and stretch in
her mouth. Once the head peeked her throat, she gagged and pulled back to
start sucking the head and shaft. Milt sat back and watched his wife work
over his dick, getting it nice and hard before coming up off of it.
Slowly, she started to remove the wrap from around her waist, and take
off her bikini top. Her titties spilled out, handing lightly as the
nipples hardened to the occasion. Milton licked his lips, already wanting
to suck them. But Deme back away, tugging at the stings of her bikini
bottoms. It fell to the floor between her legs, revealing her trimmed
black bush. Milt's dick throbbed at the thought of going inside. He
pushed himself from the window, and walked over towards the bed where his
wife had climbed on. She instinctively spread her legs, widening them for
him. Milt placed his face down into her private area, and began to lick
her slit.

Deme laid out on the bed, closing her eyes as she enjoyed her husband's
oral love making. She loved how Milton ate her pussy, and she knew he
really liked doing it. She convinced herself that a man that loves pussy
as much as Milt, couldn't possibly like men as well! What would Milt do
with another guy? Another man don't have a pussy to eat!
Milt ran his tongue up and down Deme's pussy slit, pulling the "lips"
apart with his thumbs to get further in "where the flava is". He sucked
on her clitoris, making her moan as he buried his face and reached up to
fondle her breasts. Deme started to move her hips in rhythm to Milt's
licks, rubbing her pussy against his hairy face and facial stubble. She
loved his the stubble scratched her smooth tender skin, making goose
bumps appear between her thighs.
Milt mashed his face into her mound, and ate like there was no tomorrow.
Outside they could hear thunder clouds rolling in. The rumble of thunder
danced in the back ground as the wind blew the tree leaves into a flurry.
The air grew cooler in the room, but Deme felt her body temperature go
up. She reached down, grabbing the top of Milt's head with one hand while
grabbing the pillow with the other. She felt her first orgasm of the day
coming on, as she fucked harder against Milt's face. "OOOoooo,
uuummmm..." she moaned, arching her back as she came. Milt could taste
the extra flow of her juices as her pussy lubricated and moistened itself
in anticipation and preparation of his dick.

"Fuck me, Milt!" she groaned, looking down at him looking back up at her.
"Fuck me now!"
Milt removed his mouth from her pussy, and climbed up on top of her. She
grabbed his ranging hardon (which was rock hard and already leaking
pre-cum), and aimed it down between her legs. Milt slowly slid it into
her, feeling her pussy lips apart to allow him to sink in. The wet
firmness of her hot heated insides hit him at once, as he settled in on
top and started kissing her. "Ooo, Oh yes!" moaned Deme, loving the
weight of his body. She wrapped her arms about his back, feeling his
muscles flex as he humped on top of her. Milt ground his tongue into her
mouth, turning and twisting his head to drill it in deeper. Deme moaned
and accepted his wet muscle, sucking it gently as she opened up more for

Milton pumped his hard dick in and out of his wife in nice steady
strokes, pacing himself so that he wouldn't cum too soon. He liked
fucking her and making sure she came while he was still inside. He kissed
his way from her lips down to the side of her face and neck. He licked
and kissed down until he bent sideways slightly and pulled her right tit
up to meet his mouth. He latched his lips to the fat hard nipple, and
sucked hard while he continued to fuck. Deme watched his hairy lips suck
onto her hard nipple, pulling, squeezing, sucking and biting it until it
felt sort of sore and tender to the touch, then he switched over to the
other side to suck the other one. She watched, knowing how much he
enjoyed her breasts. Men didn't have titties, Milt loved tits too much to
sleep with men! -she thought to herself.
After a few minutes, Milt abandoned her breasts and licked his way back
to to her neck. He found himself a spot he liked (the spot as far as Deme
was concerned), and set to sucking on it hard. He attached his lips, and
began a deep sucking method which always resulted in a deep purple
passion mark on Deme's neck. He did this while constantly drilling into
her vagina non-stop while the rain started to come down.

The smell of fresh rain filled the room along with a cool breeze,
cooling Milt's and Deme's hot bodies. Deme wrapped her legs around her
man's as he pumped into her harder. She loved the way he worked her
pussy. He was a MAN that knew how to please women! Deme knew how much
Milt loved fucking her wet vagina, and knew no man's asshole could
compare to the natural feel of a woman's pussy! She was a fool to feel
threatened by those men at the pool! No wonder Milt was so mad at her! No
way would he want THEM over her! She felt another "cum" coming on as his
dick slipped smoothly in and out of her. She squinted her eyes shut as
orgasm #2 hit. Milt felt her pussy tighten and contract around his
plunging dick, then felt his own orgasm starting to come on. Not wanting
to cum just yet, he pulled out (his neglected dick throbbing and pulsing
as it nearly lost it's load), and gently flipped Deme over on her
stomach. Deme thought Milt was going to hit her pussy from behind, but
was shocked when instead, he spread her ass cheeks and pressed his tongue
up against her asshole! A small alarm went off in her head, but she
didn't say anything. She wanted to see what Milt did next. It came as no
surprise when after he loaded her asshole with spit, it laid out on top
of her ass, and aimed the head at her back door.

"Hold it!" she screamed, pushing him up off of her.

"What?" asked Milt, confused. Deme jumped up off the bed.

"Where were you about to put that?" she asked.


"Where did you THINK you were about to put that thing?" she repeated,
pointing at his bloated dick. Milt looked down at his hardon, then back
up at his wife.

"I just thought...we'd try something different." he explained.

"Women don't get fucked up the ass! Men do!" she said, reaching for her

"Some women do." said Milt, getting up off the bed himself. "They do in

"Well I ain't no porno hoe!" she clarified, wrapping herself up in her
hotel bathrobe.

"So that's it? We not even going to finish what we started?" asked Milt,
his hardon slowly dying.

"No! You spoiled my mood with that ANAL shit!" she said, pissed. "I'm
going to take a hot shower!" she added, rolling her eyes as she turned
towards the bathroom and slammed and locked the door behind her incase
Milt had any thoughts on attacking her ass in the shower.

Milt shook his head in disbelief. He looked down at his deal limp dick,
and felt totally neglected. At least Deme got off twice, he didn't even
climax! He turned and walked over to the window. The rain was coming down
in sheets. He could see the waves crashing against the surf as the trees
weighed heavy from the water and rain. He looked off into the far
distance, not looking at anything in particular, but thinking of someone
and wondering what he was up to today.

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