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There comes a time in everyone's life when they hit rock bottom. For
Marlon that time was prison. He was 21 when he was sent to live out a one
year sentence, and his life was change forever ever since! He still has
night sweats from the beatings and rapes he sustained. He was a sub form
of life, meaning he was amongst some of the lowest ranks in the prison
system. He was forced to submit and service men sexually against his
will. In prison, it's hard to find anyone who is sympathetic. The warden
just wanted a quiet penitentiary that was within his budget, the guards
just want their pay checks, the medical staff just patches up injured
prisoners and send them back into the wolf's den, and the councilors and
social workers are just waiting to get better jobs elsewhere! The only
ones you have in your corner to cover your back are the members from your
"gang" or "crew" (if you're lucky enough to belong to one). The ones that
go solo risk attack from everyone!
Marlon had a "crew", but they didn't treat him as their equal. To them,
Marlon was their "bitch", their property, -he was there to suck and be
fucked in the absence of their wives and girlfriends. He was an inmate,
but he didn't have any of the rights as other inmates! He had to ask
permission from his owners to use the restroom, to take a shower, to
visit with his family or lawyer, to eat, to sleep, to even change

He remembers sitting in the visitor's box, a glass wall between he his
mother and attorney. He'd just been mouth and ass raped by his cell-mates
Blaine and Mook. His ass was sore, not to mentions severely stretched and
leaking the remnants of his last encounter! His mother kept asking why
was he fidgeting in his seat so much. Marlon could barely concentrate on
what his attorney was saying, he knew once he got back to his cell, he
was in for even more fucking from Troy and Jook (his other 2 cell-mates).
Now, drugs seemed to be the only remedy he had to help him forget his

It was a weekend, Marlon was off from his handyman duties, but his
sexual servitude to Carl was around the clock! He awoke early on saturday
with Carl's dick shoved between his lips. He had no idea how long Carl
had been mouth fucking him in his drug induced sleep, but he must have
been going for awhile because it didn't take him long to blow his load
straight down into Marlon's throat.
Marlon felt the dick shoved into his throat, Carl's hairy balls pressed
against his nose as his dick throbbed and pulsed his thick load down
Marlon's open throat! Marlon's eyes popped wide open from the shock of
it, but the cum just puddle in his chest. When Carl's orgasm was done, he
pulled his dick from Marlon's mouth, pulled up his pants, and left
without a word! Marlon sat up on his futon, and swallowed the cum puddle
in his chest cavity, forcing it down into his stomach. He reached down
under his couch/bed, and pulled out a small shoe box. He thought he had
some weed left over from last night, but he must've smoked it all in one
sitting. He threw the box across the room, stifling a sob.

Milton and Demeecee's plane ride back into the States took hours, and
the conversation between them was minimal at best. The tension between
them seemed to be even more thick than before they left for vacation. For
the first time since their marriage, Deme had doubts about her husband's
sexuality! First she caught him in bed having sexual relations with her
brother (yes he explained he was drunk and unaware, but how drunk would
he have to be to butt fuck another man and not know?), then he tries to
fuck her in the ass on vacation! Milton was changing, and Deme wasn't
sure into what!
Milton's mind had been on hiatus for the past few days. He had his wife
back, but his life didn't feel the same. Somehow, something was
different. At first he thought it was just him trying to make up for
fucking up, but then he started to realize something hand changed well
before he got caught cheating. What he didn't know however, was what he
was going to do about it. He loved Deme, but he felt his heart was no
longer in it. Yet he couldn't see himself leaving his wife for another
man! What kind of life could he have living with another dude? What would
people say? What would they think? He didn't think he could live life
with people looking at him funny and whispering about him behind his
back! Life with Deme was safer, surer, and more stable. He wanted a
family (eventually). They were married! Whatever this was going on, was
going on in his head! He had to figure out a way to get over and get past
it. He felt his life, and his sanity hang in the balance!

Tre and Donte
Weekends in apt 2-B were lofty. Both Tre and Donte were off their jobs.
For Tre it was a chance to get his weekly hair cut and to get his car
washed, while Donte preferred to sleep in, eat a late breakfast, and
party all night at club Onyx with his best friends and reluctant
boyfriend in tow! CLUB ONYX is little known to exist to most true
heterosexuals of the hard working male seeking female class of the
population. But in gay life, it's a known heaven for thug trade, DL boiz,
and homothugs. The cliental is strictly of the gay/bisexual persuasion.
Fem/masc, gay/bisexual/bi-curious/ all flock here on weekends after dark,
when most other clubs are near close to closing. The main floor was
packed with hot bodies, dancing, giggling, gyrating, pumping, and
primping. Sweaty bodies dressed in clad clothing mixed it up on the dance
floor, jamming to the latest beats from hip-hop artists and house music
mixes geared to throw them into a heated frenzy.
The main floor consisted of a huge dance floor, 3 bars, a sitting area,
lounge, and and upstairs balcony where you could order wing-dings,
hot-wings, or nachos off the menu. In the basement (which you had to pay
extra to get into, -AND which had a separate entrance) was a more darker
private area called the "UnderGround" where people could mingle, cruise,
or engage in some more seeder activities. IT had seating areas, couches,
flat beds, private rooms, etc, -in a dimly lit red light kind of

ONYX doesn't open it's doors until 11pm, and the crowd doesn't stop
coming until it's doors closes at 4am. Amongst the crowd in the main area
were Donte Morgan, Trelic Taylor, (Donte's best friends) -Malik and Seka,
and Marlon Overton. Marlon was talked into accompanying Donte and his
crew when Donte found out that Marlon and Curtis were no longer seeing
each other. Tre wasn't really thrilled about the idea of Donte
interfering in the "handyman's" private life, but when Donte insisted, he
knew his boyfriend had an ulterior motive for dragging him along. At
first he thought it was to hook Marlon up with one of his friends (Malik
was always on the search for true love (but never finding it), while Seko
was a total whore. Either would have given Marlon a night to remember,
especially given how well Marlon cleaned up dressed in a nice pair of
Guess Blue Jeans, a blue stripped button down shirt (Crystal bought him
during his last birthday), a fresh hair cut and shave. Donte helped
Marlon dress, as he hadn't worn anything other than jeans and a t-shirt
since his release from prison), but when Donte told them that Marlon was
"off limits", Tre wasn't sure what his boyfriend was up to.

They found a table to sit at on the packed balcony section, and ate a
late meal while drinking Long Island Iced Teas and Apple Martinis. Marlon
felt out of place in the totally gay environment, as he looked around at
all the different types that came out to party. Drag queens, fem-thugs,
sexy handsome roughnecks hanging on the arms of feminine twicks that
definitely would have been on the receiving end in any prison cell! He
prayed to god that he spotted no one he knew. The last thing he needed
was for someone he knew personally to come up and spot him in a gay club,
word would surely hit the street faster than a sale on toilet paper! He
felt out of place even more so, every time he noticed how Seko flirted
and ogled ever hot looking man that walked by.

"So how long have you been in 'the life', uh... Marlon is it?" asked
Malik, eating hot-wings in blur cheese dressing from a Styrofoam tray.

"The life?" asked Marlon, unaware of the term.

"You know, GAY life!" said Tre, pointing around.

"Oh. Not... uh, not long." answered Marlon, uncomfortably. He wasn't
exactly OUT, and didn't really consider himself GAY, despite getting
fucked by men. "How long have you been out?" he asked, eating Nachos from
a similar tray. Malik was a dark brown brutha that dressed every urban
and didn't look especially gay (until he opened his mouth to speak, then
there was very little doubt).

"Oh, this bitch's been gay all her life!" intervened Seko, stealing a
wing ding off Malik's tray. Marlon thought Seko was extremely nice
looking (for a guy), but his flirtatious feminine behavior made him
uncomfortable to be around. The way Seko looked at him (and every other
man in the club), made Marlon feel like a stripper standing on a stage in
a g-string!

"And you two?" he asked Donte and Tre, whom been sharing a large order of
fried wings and curly fries.

"A little less than 2 years!" announced Tre. "We met at a party..."

"And I swept this nicca up off his feet ever since!" intercepted Donte,
stuffing a fry in his mouth.

"You swept me?" shocked Tre, looked sideways at his lover. "I think it
was the other way around, boy!"

"Whateva, boo! When I threw this booty on ya, you KNEW you were MINES!"
joked Donte, leaning in for a greasy food kiss. Marlon shifted,
enviously. At that instant, he wondered what Milt was doing (for the
umpteenth time).

"You 2 are making poor Marlon here uncomfortable." noticed Malik, keeping
a close eye on the new guy.

"Sorry, man." said Tre, wiping ketchup from his lips. "I know how hard it
was for me when I first came out and started going to gay clubs. I was so

"Ain't like you FIT IN now, bitch!" teased Seko, getting an arrogant look
from Tre.

"Wuzup?" said some guy, walking by their table and looking down at
Marlon. Marlon nodded in his direction, but didn't give off any signs of

"Gurl! Why don't you go dance with him?" asked Donte, trying to encourage

"Cause he's not comfortable here!" said Malik, stating the obvious.

"Yes, not everyone in the life is into the homo-world! I keep telling you
that!" reminded Tre.

"I got YOU into it, didn't I?" asked Donte, proving a point. "What he
needs to do is relax! Gurl, ain't no body here gonna bite your ass in

"Unless you into that!" added Seko towards Marlon, and getting no

"Come on, I'LL dance with you!" said Donte standing up.

"No, I'LL dance with him! You already have a man!" said Seko, looking to
get his hands on Marlon.

"Look bitch, -I said I'LL do it! Your dance moves tend to get X-rated!"
insisted Donte, having spotted someone he knew down on the dance floor.

"No, no, no, that's okay!" said Marlon in protest, shocked at the offer.

"I insist!" said Donte, squeezing pass Tre and grabbing Marlon's wrist.
"And you know how I am when I insist!" he added, dragging Marlon
downstairs and through the crowded dance floor of hip-hop bodies in
They found a spot near the center (where Donte spotted his friend) and
started dancing. Marlon had only danced with a guy once before, but that
was at a straight club, and females were involved (sort of). This was
different, wasn't a real woman in sight! It didn't take him long to
realize his dance partner wasn't really paying him too much mind, as
Donte's head turned left, right, and left again as if looking for
someone. When he saw HIM again, he smiled and directed Marlon backwards
until they bumped backs. Marlon turned to say "excuse me", when he
noticed the other dancing body belonged to Curtis Williams from apt 1-B.

"Curtis..." he said, stopping in his tracks. Curtis turned and looked at
Marlon and stopped dancing.

"My work here is DONE!" said Donte, walking off the dance floor to go
back to his man and their chicken wings.

"Whut'r you doin' here?" asked Curtis, forgetting he had a dance partner.

"Just hanging!" answered Marlon. Curtis didn't take his eyes off of him.
He stared Marlon up and down as if he were a steak dinner.

"Can we go sumwhere n' talk fo' a minnit?" he asked Marlon in his ear.
Marlon thought for a second, he did feel that they needed to add closure
to their friendship and nodded yes. Curt turned back to his dance partner
and excused himself, then took Marlon someplace more quiet. "Eva been
downstairs to the UnderGround?" he asked, guiding Marlon through the maze
of people.

"I've never been here before!" said Marlon, trying not to get hit by a
voguing arm or a flying elbow as he walked.

"Two." said Curtis to the doorman covering the entrance to the basement.
He gave the man a twenty, and they were let in. They descended the stairs
into the darkness, the blare of the music fading to a rhythmic beat in
the background. Marlon could barely see his hands before his face as his
eyes had to adjust to the red lights illuminating the Underground. He
bumped into other bodies down there, but this time it was different.
These bodies weren't dancing and gyrating feverishly to the music, they
were standing still and lingering, curious and encouraging more touching.
Curtis found them an empty space on one of the flat beds where they
could sit and talk. Marlon's eyes was busy looking around at the other
men. Some were strolling single on the prowl, while others were engaged
in quiet conversations, others were making out, and a couple of them were
damn near naked having sex! That's when he noticed Curtis sitting a
little too closely.

"I missed you, boi." he said, pulling out a blunt. Marlon watched him
light it, then inhale the first puff. He watched Curt's face as he tilted
his head back and ingested the smoke, then slowly exhaled it in a single
streak of smoke. "Did you miss me?" he asked, passing it off to Marlon.

"Yes. But I need to tall you something." said Marlon, taking the blunt.
"About Carl...."

"Fuck dat, man! I'm ova it!" said Curtis, watching Marlon inhale. "When I
first heard yall fuck'n inna basement dat day..., I'll admit I kinda
gotta lil' pissed."

"You heard us?" asked Marlon, nearly choking on the weed as he handed it

"Yeeh. I followed you down to yur apt. I waz gonna sneak in n' try to
surprise you, but I waz da one got surprised." Marlon looked embarrassed
as he recalled that encounter with Carl. Carl had viscously attacked him
and tied him up and raped him that night. He wondered how much of that
Curtis saw or heard. That was a pretty violent session. No wonder Curt
reacted so pissed later on. "But when you came back to my apt dat nite, I
thought maybe it ain't mean nothin. You came in n' we kicked it like
usual. Then dat nite we waz inna nite club groovin, I heard dat
beeper..., n' I knew who it waz! I...I juss loss it!"

"Why, man?" asked Marlon. "We didn't have any commitments or nothing."

"I kno! Datz whut fuck'd me up! Datz when I knew..., it waz mo' to us
then dat!" said Curtis, taking back the blunt. Marlon could feel the drug
already starting to effect him.

"What do you mean?" he asked, having an idea, but wanting to hear it out

"Damn man, you gonna make me say it n'shit?" asked Curt, blushing.

"Say what?" asked Marlon, acting clueless. Curtis looked Marlon directly
in the eyes.

"Say how I really feel about chu, nigga." he said, in a serious tone. The
air suddenly grew thick.

"I, uh..." but before Marlon could even finish his sentence, Curtis moved
in and kissed him hard on the lips. Marlon was surprised by the act, -and
even more so by his own reaction as he didn't instantly pull away.
Instead, he allowed the kiss to linger, and deepen as Curtis tossed what
was left of the half of blunt onto the floor and laid Marlon back on the

Marlon got caught up in the moment, nearly forgetting where he was as
Curtis' tongue entered his mouth and he pressed himself down on top of
him. Marlon's hands snaked around Curtis' waist as their heads twist and
turned in lip lock. Curtis felt his dick stiffen quickly in his pants as
Curtis kissed his way down his neck, unbuttoning his shirt as he licked
even lower. Marlon tried to stop him when he felt him undoing his pants,
but gave up the fight when he felt Curtis take him into his mouth.

"uhh..." moaned Marlon lowly, realizing he hadn't had his dick sucked
since their last time together. As much sex as he had been getting from
Carl (and even including that week he allowed Byron to fuck him), neither
men were into sucking dick or gratifying Marlon's needs. The sexual
encounters were totally one sided. HE was the vessel in which they used
to get off, and once they did, he was cast aside like day old trash.
He looked around briefly to see if they were causing a spectacle, but no
one seemed to notice or mind as they searched for their own action.
Marlon closed his eyes and allowed himself to enjoy the feeling of
Curtis' mouth as it slid up and down his hard shaft. Marlon felt Curt let
his dick slip from his lips as he moved down to his balls. He pulled
Marlon's pants off completely as he spread his legs to get better access.
He took both of the hairy orbs in his mouth and sucked them gently,
lathering them thoroughly with saliva before spitting them out and going
lower. "Curtis, no..." whispered Marlon embarrassed, as his legs were
lift to expose his asshole. Curtis ignored his protest and sucked his
hole anyway. Marlon tried to escape by rolling over, but Curtis' face and
tongue followed, digging deeper as he gripped the butt cheeks firmly and
pulled Marlon into doggy position with his head resting on the flat bed.
Marlon realized this was definitely a mistake when he felt Curtis slap
his enormous erection up between the cheeks. Marlon looked back over his
shoulder in a panic. "Curtis..., you can't...!"

"Shhhh..." whispered Curtis, placing the head up to Marlon's slick anus.
Marlon felt the head enter him, and bit down on his lower lip to keep
from making any noise. Curtis was gentle about pushing his amazingly long
appendage up in him, but it was all Marlon could do to keep from
screaming out loud. It wasn't like he was high this time, his muscles
weren't as relaxed as with previous encounters with Curt. Soon he felt
Curt's curly pubes press into his buttock, and knew he had it all up
inside. Curtis groaned from the firmness of Marlon's butt, it gripped him
tightly, the ring squeezing the base of his dick like the curly end of a
tube of tooth-paste.
Slowly he began to fuck. Marlon could feel the length of Curt's man-hood
pulling at his anal ring, dragging it outward with his withdraw. Marlon
stifled a groan to keep down attention as Curtis shifted to an inward
stroke. A few close-bys noticed what was going on, and gathered in to
watch and/or participate. Marlon noticed other people coupling up around
them, -strangers looming, grooming, touching, feeling, fondling one
another in the dark. Someone's hand reached out and began stroking
Marlon's hardon. Another couple laid down on the flat bed next to them
and started fucking in missionary position. Around them they heard heavy
breathing as hands reached in to grope and mouths reached in to lick.

Marlon felt someone grasp his hardon from underneath. At first he
thought it was Curtis trying to jack him off while he fucked, but he soon
realized it wasn't when a hungry mouth soon followed. Marlon felt his
dick engulfed as the talented dick sucker wiggled his head up under
Marlon's spread legs. He bobbed his head up and down on Marlon's stiff
tool, bathing it thoroughly in the hot confides of his wet mouth. Marlon
felt the 2 sensation (getting fucked & sucked) at once, and sighed in
deep contentment. Curtis was starting to fuck him harder, driving his
dick in and out at a good rate while holding Marlon firmly by the waist.
The guy sucking him was doing an excellent job as far as Marlon was
concerned. He was taking Marlon's dick from tip to root with each stroke,
with no signs of tiring. Marlon was impressed at how deeply the bottom
guy was sucking him, and figured he must be vastly experienced in such
things (not unlike himself).
Marlon strained his eyes to see who was sucking him off so well, but
couldn't quite make out dude's face due to the dark, -which only seemed
to add to the excitement. When Curtis pulled Marlon back to share a deep
soul kiss (slipping his tongue into Marlon's mouth), Marlon came
instantly in the bottom guy's sucking mouth.

"uugghh..." gagged the bottom as he drank Marlon's juice down.
Curtis felt Marlon's orgasm through the spasms of his asshole. The tight
rhythmic gripping sent shivers up Curt's spin, and caused him to bust his
own load in Marlon's ass. Marlon's felt the huge deluge filling his guts
with liquid as they continued kissing. When they finally stopped, the
bottom guy crawled from under Marlon, giving Marlon his first look at the
stranger's face. Marlon nearly gasped in surprise.


"Hey man..." smiled Seko, licking his lips. "I saw you duck down here
with ole boi, and decided to see what was up! Glad I did!" he added,
getting up to roam around some more.

"You kno him?" asked Curtis, removing himself as he tucked his dick back

"uh..., friend of Donte's." answered Marlon, pulling up his pants. He
looked around the area to find other men coupled in a massive orgy.
Bodies heaved and pumped up and down as hot mouths and assholes swallowed
big organs. Marlon couldn't believe there were places like this! No
wonder the gay community got such a bad rep!

"So..." said Curtis, pulled Marlon's back into him, -kissing his neck
gently. " wanna come home wid me?"

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