Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It'd been a week or more since Marlon and Curtis started dating. Since
then, Marlon's been sleeping over in Curtis' apt every night. The 2 would
order out for chinese food, or pizza, or Philly cheese steaks and fries
while smoking weed and watching the latest movie on Demand. Then they
would spend the rest of the night (several hours at least) fucking each
other's asses. By morning, Curtis would be dragging his ass up out of
bed, to jump in the shower and head out to his bus for his morning
classes at the Community College Of Philadelphia on Broad Streets &
Spring Garden before going into work right after. Most days he made it in
time, but some days... he had to have one last feel of Marlon's ass or
dick before he left from home. On those occasions, Marlon tried to get
Curt off as quickly as possible, so that he wouldn't be too late for
Afterwards Curtis would dress and rush out the door as if his ass were
on fire, Marlon would linger in the bed, smelling his man's scent all
over him until it was time for him to get up and get to work himself. On
this day, Donte (the neighbor across the hall) caught Marlon coming out
of Curt's apt, and couldn't help but be nosey!

"Heeyyy Marlon..." he said, opening his door the instant he heard Curt's
door open.

"Sup, Donte?" smiled Marlon, closing and locking Curt's door behind him.

"I see you've been spending a lot of time over Curt's place, you 2 an
item or something?"

"Something." answered Marlon, coyly.

"Oh, really?" said Donte, looking Marlon up and down. "Why don't you come
in and have a cup off Mocha and talk about it?" Marlon laughed.

"Where's Tre?" he asked, looking past Donte to see if he saw him in the
back ground.

"Oh, he went to work already. That man's a workaholic! Come on in,
chile!" he said, pushing the door open as he walked further into the apt
towards the kitchen.

"I really can't stay long, I have to get to work, or Carl'll start
docking my pay." said Marlon, walking up to the pass-through to take a
seat on one of two bar stools they had there.

"Oh, Carl! Is he an asshole, or what?" asked Donte, pouring Marlon a cup
of coffee. He turned and put the cup on the counter in front of Marlon,
allowing him to add whatever he wanted. "So...tell me, what's up with you
and mr Williams?"

"Williams?" asked Marlon, tasting the chocolate mocha.

"Curtis! Don't tell me you don't even know your boyfriend's last name?"
teased Donte.

"Well...we've been too busy for all that." teased Marlon, making Donte's
eyes widen with curiosity.

"So, spill it! What's going on over there? You 2 really boyfriends?"

"Something like that." smiled Marlon, thinking how nice it felt to
finally belong to someone!

"So...who's top and who's bottom?" asked Donte, nosily.
Marlon laughed.

"I've got to get going." he said, taking another sip of hot coffee.
"Thanks for the cup." he added, getting up from the stool.

"From the size of his big ole dick of his, I assume you're the bottom!"
smirked Donte from the doorway. Marlon stopped and turned around.

"How do you know how big his dick is?" he asked, curiously.

"You're not the only big booty in this building." said Donte with a
smile. Marlon lingered for a minute, trying to decide if he wanted
details, but then decided against it. What Curtis did was his business.
He turned and walked out the door, leaving Donte to his mochas.
Down stairs he saw Angie and Byron leaving for work. Angie spoke to him
with enthusiasm while Byron tried to disappear into the wood work. Angie
had a sister that was coming to visit for a few days, and wondered if
Marlon would like to "take her out" to a movie or something. Marlon
agreed, and Angie left with a huge smile on her face while Byron looked
totally confused. He thought Marlon was gay, what would he have to do
with Angie's sister? He was completely unaware of Marlon's
hetero-lifestyle before hand.

School was never really Curtis' thing. Through most of junior high and
high school, he was high! But somehow he always managed to keep a passing
grade (even without studying). Now he was going to school to learn how to
work on computers. It seemed nowadays everybody had one, and people
needed someone to keep them running! Seemed like a good job investment at
the time when he was stopped on the street for enrollment.
Classes were hard, especially after a long night of sex and weed with
his new boo Marlon. Just the thought of him laying in bed waiting for him
to come home was enough to make him smile. "What's got you so damn happy,
lately?" asked Monifah, his closest friend in class. He wore 4 inch baby
dreads which she usually wore up and wrapped with a colorful headband or
scarf. She was an art major. "Did you hang out with this Marlon guy
again?" she asked, reading his face. "This guy must be something special!
I ain't never seen you look like this before!" she teased, poking at his

"Yo! Yo, cut it out!" laughed Curtis, feeling good about him and Marlon.
He settled back in his chair, avoiding eye contact with his friend. "He's
kew peeps, Yo. I LIKE 'em."

"Then he MUST be special, cause your ass don't never like nobody!" said
the girl, mugging the side of Curt's head playfully. "Look, why don't you
bring this mystery man by the coffee shop so we can all meet him and give
him the once over, real good like? I'll make sure all your drinks are
free...!" conned Monifah (she managed quaint little coffee shop at

"A'ight." agreed Curtis. "I'll see whut he up to tonite. I'll git back
wid cha."
After classes, Curt went to one of his 2 part-time jobs. At Chatel's
Restaurant, he busted tables and washed dishes with a crew or about 4
other guys. And at the other, he buffed and moped floors at office
buildings for a cleaning company downtown. That job usually kept him out
until around 10pm, but he only worked that job 3 days out of the week.
When he got home, first thing he did was knock on Marlon's door. He heard
voices inside, and felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. He
recalled what he saw Marlon and Carl do a couple of weeks ago, and wasn't
sure how he would handle it if he and Carl was in there right now doing
the nasty! He was just about to walk off (afraid of what he might see)
when the door opened.

"Hey..." said Marlon, fully dressed in jeans and a nice dress shirt and
sneakers. "...I was just going to go look for you."

"Fo' real?" asked Curtis, looking behind Marlon to see if he was alone.
He clutched his back pack tightly, then smiled. "So, you gonna let a
nigga in or whut?" he said, rushing into give Marlon smooch.

"uh..., I, uh...., Deniece, this is Curtis!" announced Marlon, looking
over at the futon before Curt could kiss him hello. Surprised, Curt
looked around the wall to see a cute young girl sitting innocently on
Marlon's futon. She was about 5-2, 126 lbs with a nice figure and a
pretty smile.

"Hi." she said sweetly, looking awkward.

"Sup?" said Curtis, looking back at Marlon. "So...who dat, yur gurl?"

"No." laughed Marlon, closing the door. "This is Deniece, Angie's sister
from apt 1-A. She in from out of town, and Angie wasn't me to take her
out for an evening."

"Oh. I had sum friends wannit us to go out fo' coffee, their treat." said

"Oh...well, we can do both, I guess. But I..., I kinda invited Donte and
Tre to go along with us, if that's alright?" said Marlon.

"It's kew." answered Curtis, a little annoyed. He rushed back here to
spend some time with his boi, and here it seems everybody had a piece of
him. "Here...." he said, reaching into his back pack. "I got you a celly.
Next time you make plans, you can call me direct n' tell me b'fo hand."
Marlon took the phone. It was already turned on. "Don worry bout da bill,
I got'chu." he added.

"Thanks, man." smiled Marlon wishing he could kiss him, but held back out
of respect for Deniece. "uh...let's go see what's taking Donte and Tre so
long, okay?" he asked, breaking up the physical tension between he and
Curt. Deniece grabbed her sweater, and followed Curtis out the door. The
3 of them walked down the side walk to find both Tre and Donte sitting in
the car waiting.

"Will you bitches come on?" yelled Donte, out of the passenger window.

"Is HE gay?" whispered Deniece between the 2 men.

"I uh...., I think so." said Marlon, looking over at Curtis. The 2 men
smiled, and walked up to the car.

"This's gonna be intrestin'." said Curtis.

They went to the movies to see Noah's Arc -The Movie! with Eric Benet
playing "Noah", Treach as "Wade", Omar Epps as "Chance", Tyler Perry as
"Alex", and Rick Foxx as "Ricky". The audience was mostly gay, mostly
black, and mostly woman. There were some HOT scenes, such as the sex
scenes between a nude Treach and a very submissive Benet. The kiss scenes
looked real, not awkward at all. And "Ricky" (Rick Foxx) had make out
scenes with 10 different men in the movie, including cameos by The Rock,
Cuba Gooding Jr, Will Smith, Tyson Bedford, Dwayne Martin, Malik Yoba,
Shemar Moore, Gary Dourdan, Boris Kodjoe, and LLCoolJ!

"DAMN that movie was H-O-T!" screamed Donte, walking out of the theatre
fanning himself with his hand like Patti Labelle. "Rick Foxx is one sexy
mother OUAAA!! -As Price would say!" he added, to the stares of the other
exiting patrons.

"He was all-right." said his boyfriend -Trelic, whom really wasn't into
black movies due to their lower budgets.

"Just alright?" asked Donte, looking at Tre as if he bumped his head.
"You must've bumped your head! You trippin'!" he said, walking in front
of them. "The scene between Rick and Boris was...ohmygosh! I nearly
Curtis and Marlon laughed.

"Don't encourage him." said Tre, seriously.

"What did YOU think, Deneice?" asked Donte, looking for reinforcements.

"uh...I'm from Ohio..., we don't have that kind of stuff there." she
said, innocently.

"That's what YOU think girl! But seriously, I mean what did you think of
the movie? Wasn't it HOT?"

"Well..., I liked the scene with Eric, Treach, and Beyonce his
girlfriend." admitted Deniece.

"The 3some? My, my...aren't you the freaky one?" teased Donte, making
Deniece blush. "And what about yall?" he asked, turning towards Marlon
and Curtis. "What part did yall like most?"

"I liked da scene b'tween Wade and his boi Noah." said Curtis, looking
over at Marlon. "Ain't nothin' betta n' kickin' it wid yur nigga.
Marlon blushed.

"Yes, I know what you mean." answered Tre. "So are we going to that
coffee shop or what?

"It's rite der, Yo!" pointed Curtis, aiming at the cafe called "Signs"
across the street. It was a gay owned establishment, run by members of
the community. When they entered, Monifah meet them, took their orders,
then got them a table for six (as she joined them).

"So YOU'RE Marlon..." she said, giving him the once over. "...I've heard
so much about you! Curtis hasn't stopped smiling in a week! It's very
unlike him and his usual "thug" like manner! It's kinda scary actually!
-You must have sweetener in your suger, suga!" Marlon didn't know how to
answer that, so he just smiled and looked embarrassed. "So what movie
yall go see?" she asked, as the waitress gave them their flavored

"Noah's Arc -The Movie!" answered Donte, over dramatically.

"Oh, I've heard of that one." said Monifah, sounding disappointed. "Heard
it's gonna ruin all those fine black actor's careers! Yall know people
ain't ready to see no black GAY movie yet!"

"Well it's high time they got ready!" snapped Donte, ready for a fight.
"They spent millions of dollars on that corny ass gay COWBOY movie! Like
who wanted to see that? Gay cowboys, -big deal! They should've made that
movie 30 years ago when it mattered!"

"And you see all the flack it got!" pointed Monifah. "Can you imagine
what the black churches and communities are saying about Noah's Arc The
Movie? They already have a negative image of black men, throwing black
GAY men into the mix just separates us all! Especially with the DL
popularity sweeping the nation!

"But gay authors like E. Lynn Harris, James Harding, and Tyler Perry are
doing good in the gay/straight communities! Not everybody's narrow
minded!" argued Donte.

"E. Lynn Harris and Tyler Perry don't claim to be gay authors!" added
Trelic. "Perry claimes he's straight, and Harris says he's bi, -not gay."

"And after 12 midnight I become the tooth fairy!" sniped Donte, rolling
his eyes.

"You probably do!" smiled Curtis, getting the finger from Donte.

"Tell them about your football theory, Don!" suggested Tre, already
smiling with anticipation of everyone's reaction.

"OH, don't get me started!" flagged Donte, over dramatizing.

"What about football?" asked Curt, curiously.

"Donte believes it started as a gay game." chuckled Tre, sipping his

"Football?" asked Monifah, doubtfully.

"Just THINK about it!" started Donte. "You've got nothing but men on the
field! They tackle each other in a big orgy like pile! And what do they
wear? -Tights, shoulders and knee pads! Then they pat each other on the
butts when they make a big score! The quarterback reaches his hands down
between the Center's legs to reach for his BALL(s) while he's in "doggy
style" position in front of him! Then he makes a "pass!" And what
positions do they play? -Tight Ends and Wide Receivers! Now you tell me
that ain't a gay sport!"

"Yo dawg, you cra'z!" laughed Curtis out loud, along with Marlon and Tre.

"Sounds pretty "funny" to me!" agreed Deniece.

"SEE!" said Donte, finding a kindred spirit.

"She means funny as in "insane", not funny ha-ha!" said Monifah,

"What is your problem, bitch?" yelled Donte. "I'm tired of you riding me
like you top dogg, or something! You got something against gay men? Cause
rather you know it or not, you're sitting at a table full of them!"

"Yo, chill dawg!" warned Curtis, trying to keep the peace.

"No! Ain't no chill! That bitch is obviously homophobic!" yelled Donte,
in his usual dramatic flare.

"How can I be homophobic, when I'm GAY too?" asked Monifah, making
Donte's jaw drop.

"You're gay?" asked Marlon, looking at her through a new light. Monifah
didn't look like the average lesbian, she had a nice figure, nice booty,
pretty face, and feminine dress. She didn't look butch like some other
lesbians, trying to pass as men in the world.

"Yup." admitted Monifah, proudly. "That's my girlfriend right over
there." she said, pointing at the waitress whom waited on them. She was
busy behind the counter, taking up Monifah's slack.

"Then why you been riding me like a leather-drill daddy?" asked Donte,
his hands on his hips like That's My Momma (a 70's sitcom)!

"Just figured we needed an outside point of view!" smiled Monifah.

"Yeah, like we need an extra hole in the head!"

"If you did, it would'n be no virgin hole!" laughed Curtis.

"Now you know you ain't never lied!" agreed Donte with a snap!

"So let me get this straight..., ALL of you are gay?" asked Deniece,
looking around the table at Tre, Donte, Marlon, Curtis, and Monifah.

"No one told you?" asked Monifah with a smirk.

"No." answered Deniece. "But...none of you seem gay. Well, maybe YOU..."
she said, pointing at Donte. "...but none of the rest of you."

"Thank you!" said Donte, batting his eyelashes. "I work really HARD to
seem gay!"

"I..., didn't mean to offend anyone..." she added, feeling bad.

"Don't worry, you didn't." answered Tre.

"Well, I'd better get back to work, else Mary will cut off my "fruit"
supply tonight!" said Monifah, excusing herself from the table.

"Fruit?" asked Marlon.

"Datz code fo' pussy." whispered Curtis. "You kno, -fresh, juicy, and

"Oh." said Marlon, learning something new everyday.
During the ride back home, Deniece couldn't get over how the fact that
she was in the company of gay men. These guys were nothing like the gay
men she knew back at home in Sundance Ohio! They were more like Donte,
you could spot them a mile away! Tre was more borderline, she just
thought he was a little uptight and snobbish, but she still would have
pegged him as being straight. But the real surprise was Marlon and
Curtis! They seemed completely normal! Deniece would have dated either
one of those boys!

Outside her sister's apt complex, Donte invited everyone up for a drink,
but they all declined since it was getting late. Just as the Tre and
Donte disappeared into the building, Marlon and Curtis started to walk
Deniece home to her sister's. "So what're y'all doing tonight?" she
asked, not ready to go yet.

Marlon hunched his shoulders.
"Well...we probably going to watch a movie..."

"...or sumthin..." added Curtis.

"Are you 2 going to have sex?" asked Deniece, curiously. Marlon and Curt
looked at each other with raised eyebrows, then started to laugh. "Cause
if you are, I'd LOVE to watch!"

"DAMN!" laughed Curtis. "Tay waz rite, you ARE freaky!"

"How old are you?" asked Marlon, protectively.

"19." answered Deniece. "But relax, I'm no virgin! I've been with men

"Inna 3way?" asked Curtis, starting to consider her request.

"No." admitted Deniece. "But that scene in that movie with Noah, Wade,
and Brandy seemed real hot! I might be interested in trying something if
it's with you two!" Marlon and Curt looked at one another. "uh..., or do
you even like girls?" she asked, suddenly realizing they might be
offended by her offer.

"Well, I DO have a daughter..." answered Marlon.

"And I LOVE gurlz!" added Curtis. "So, how bout it -M? You down wid dis?"
he asked, ready willing and able!

"I'd feel funny doing it with Angie's sister!" said Marlon, feeling

"Why do you think she hooked me up with you in the first place?" asked
Deniece. "She told me how cute you were." she smiled, causing Marlon to
smile back.

"Dat cova's it, dawg! Letz go!" said Curtis, wrapping his arms around
both Marlon and Deniece as he escorted them both upstairs.

"You want something to drink?" asked Marlon, as they entered Curtis' apt.
It now looked a whole lot clearer than before, now that Marlon was there
to clean up after him everyday.

"No, not really." said Deniece, finding a seat in a chair. She knew what
she wanted.

"How bout summa dis?" asked Curtis, pulling a blunt out of his pocket.
He'd been itching to smoke it all night, but didn't out of respect for
the others that don't smoke.

"Is that marijuana?" asked Deniece, familiar with the herb.

"Laced with X." smiled Curtis, lighting up.

"What's that?"

"Ecstasy! Betta n' crack, cheaper n' coke!" inhaled Curt. Deniece watched
him breathe it in, then blow it out as he passed it off to Marlon whom
been sitting on the couch beside him. Marlon took the blunt, and placed
it up to his lips and inhaled before passing it back to Curtis. Deniece
watched them pass it back and forth, getting more and more relaxed with
each new breath.
Curtis moved in closer to Marlon, and shared a puff between the 2 of
them by french kissing on an exhale. Marlon sucked in the second hand
smoke as their lips locked in a sloppy soul kiss. Deniece watched with
wide eyes, feeling her nipples harden as she watched the 2 straight
looking men make out. Curtis broke the kiss, and held the blunt out for
Deniece to take. She got up from her seat, walked over, and took it from
his fingers. She took a puff, and then another, and another, feeling the
smoke and the drug seep into her system. She took a seat on the couch
between Marlon and Curtis, as she took one last puff and passed it on.
Marlon took a deep breath from it as Curtis moved in for a kiss from

Marlon exhaled, feeling the effects slowly hit him like a white cloud.
He looked over to see Curtis and Deniece tonguing like teenagers. He
tapped Curtis on the shoulder to get his attention, then handed him the
blunt. Curtis took it, then pushed Marlon's head down to Deniece to
replace him at kissing. Deniece opened her mouth and allowed Marlon's
tongue to slip inside. "mmmm.." she moaned, really starting to feel him
as she wrapped her hand around the back of his head to hold him in place.
Curtis took the last puff of the blunt, then put it out in the ashtray
beside him. Then he returned to Deniece and Marlon. Marlon had his hand
in Deniece's blouse, cupping her perky little tit while he french her
real good. Curtis started to unfasten her pants, then pull them down off
of her ass along with her panties. With her pussy now on display and
vulnerable, Curtis pushed his head down inbetween her legs and started
eating her.

"mmm...MMMMPPHHH, MMMM...!!" she moaned into Marlon's mouth, reacting to
Curtis' tongue. Marlon unbuttoned her blouse, then pulled her bra aside
to expose her breasts. Then he abandoned her lips to sick her tits.
Deniece moaned in heat as she started to hump her pussy into Curtis'
face, her left hand reaching down to hold his head steady. He held her
open by her inner thighs while he buried his head in her mound, eating
and licking her until he had her juices flowing.
Deniece's free hand reached down between Marlon's legs to feel for his
hardon. It was stiff as she wrapped her fingers around it's fabric,
feeling it's length. Intrigued, she hastily started to unzip his pants
while he sucked and nibbled her nipples. She reached in and pulled out
his dick, feeling the smooth skin against her fingers as she slowly
jacked him gently. When Marlon finally came up off her breasts, she
pushed him back and bent forward to take his dick.

Marlon watched Deniece gobble the head, sucking furiously on the crown
as Curtis continued to eat her out. She ran her hand up and down Marlon's
hard shaft and played gently with his ball sack, but was only able to
handle a few inches at a time without choking. Marlon allowed her to take
what she could, he never liked it when men used to force their dicks down
his throat before he was really able to in prison.
Deniece reached down and pulled Curtis' head up from between her legs,
bringing him up beside her to share Marlon's dick. Curtis reached his
head in and started to suck Marlon's balls and lick at the exposed parts
of his smooth shaft. When Deniece released the dick from her mouth,
Curtis took over and started to bob his head. Deniece got even more
excited watching one man suck off another. She watched Curtis' thick lips
wrap around Marlon's stiff pillar, then slide up and down. Then she
climbed up over Marlon, parting her legs as she sat her pussy on his
face. Marlon looked up and started licking, sucking her now fat swollen
clit and picking up where Curtis left off. He grabbed her outer thighs to
hold her steady while he reached up with his strained neck.

Curtis bobbed his head up and down on Marlon's meat, getting a good
rhythm going until he felt Marlon starting to throb and pulse. He pulled
off, looking up to see his boyfriend's face totally engulfed in Deniece's
snatch. He stood up and pulled off his clothes, while watching the
action. When he was naked, he reached up and gently pulled "Niecey" down
until she was laying on her back on the sofa cushions. Marlon followered
her, never removing his face from her box. He followed her descent until
she was resting comfortably on her back, her legs parted for his head
room. He was now on his knees with his ass up in the air and his face
down in her curly brush.
Curtis took that opportunity to pull off Marlon's pants and start
licking his asshole, sticking his face up inbetween the solid male buns
as he buried his tongue in his treasures. Deniece spread her legs wider
while watching Marlon eat her pussy, and Curtis eat his asshole. When
Marlon was sure he had her thoroughly moistened, he moved up until he was
rubbing his bare dick up and down her vagina.

"Put it in..." moaned Deniece, too hot for words. She needed something
inside her, something big and thick, and handsome Marlon was just what
she wanted.
Marlon slid the head inside, then slowly sank the rest in. Deniece was
no virgin alright, but she was no whore either. Her pussy was very tight!
It gripped Marlon's dick like an asshole as he squeezed through her
vaginal ring and into her cervix.

Curtis sat back and watched Marlon's ass pump up and down for awhile,
while stroking his own hardon. Deniece made it no secret that she had a
crush on Marlon. It was obvious from the first moment Curtis saw her
sitting on his futon earlier in the evening! But he didn't think he would
feel threatened. After all, it wasn't like he and Marlon hadn't done
3ways before! They'd fucked Paris, and another girl named Dawn. But he
had to admit, watching his boi fuck THIS girl, -was starting to get to
He watched Marlon's hips pump back and forth, sending his dick deeper
into Deniece's pussy. He watched her hands roam up and down his brown
back, grabbing onto his ass as her nails dug into his skin. He watched
them kiss, and suck at each other like lovers. Breathing hard and
panting. Heaving, gyrating, groaning, moaning, and licking intimately. He
lost his erection watching his lover make LOVE to someone else! Marlon
wasn't aware there was a problem until he heard Curtis' bedroom door slam

"What's that?" asked Deniece, looking up at Marlon who was looking up at
the shut door.

"uh...nothing." lied Marlon, not wanting to worry her. "He must be
feeling sick from the weed. I..., I'll be right back." he said, pulling
out of her.

"o..o...okay..." said Deniece, suddenly feeling exposed as she reached
for her pants.
Marlon walked over to the door, and opened it. Curtis was sitting in the
side window, smoking a cigarette.

"What's wrong?" asked Marlon, concerned.

"Nuthin'. Go back n' finish wid yur homgurl!" he said with a slight
Marlon closed the door.

"Talk to me, Curt. What's up?"

"Nuthin'!" insisted Curtis.

"You did this to me last time, don't shut me out again." pleaded Marlon,
coming closer. Curtis took a deep breath, then plucked the cigarette out
the open window.

"I..., I kinda..." he started, trying to find the words. ",
jealous." he said, looking down at the floor.

"Over Deniece?" asked Marlon, getting even closer.

"Ova you." said Curtis, not used to sharing his feelings. "Juss watchin'
you fuck sumone else..., it's like watchin' you cheat!"

"But I didn't even want to do it! You insisted!" defended Marlon.

"I kno!" yelled Curtis, kicking himself (metaphorically). "I did'n think
it'll botha me! But it do!"

"So what do you want to do about it?" asked Marlon, standing beside him.
Curtis reached his hand around Marlon's waist, cupping his ass and
pulling him in closer.

"I want us to be exclusive!" suggested Curtis.

"You sure?" asked Marlon, surprised. "I..., know how much you like the

"Dat don mean shyt!" said Curtis, pulling him tighter. "You da nigga I
wanna be wid."

"Okay." answered Marlon, leaning in to kiss. But just before contact, he
pulled back leaving Curtis hanging. "But I meant; what do you want to do
about Deniece in the living room?"

"Oh shyt!" responded Curtis, forgetting about her all together! "I
guess..., we gotta break it to 'er gently." he said, standing up to kiss
his boi. "Dat weez a couple..." he added, kissing Marlon lips with tiny
sensual pecks. "...n' we now n' fo'eva mo' -exclusive!"

"I can go along with that!" said Marlon, taking Curt's tongue into his
mouth to suck upon. The kiss caused both men's penises to rise and
harden. Curtis backed Marlon up towards the bed, then gently laid him
down. Marlon instinctively parted his legs to give Curtis room to lay
inbetween them. Marlon continued to suck Curt's tongue as Curt reached
over on the night-stand for the anal lube. He anointed a good amount to
his dick and Marlon's tiny chute, then pressed the head up to the tight
opening and pushed in, sinking all the way inside.

"Dis whut'chu like?" asked Curtis, pumping slowly as he allowed Marlon to
get used to him. Marlon moaned an erotic "yeeesssss...", as he opened up
more to his new and first time lover. Now officially "boiz", their sex
took on a whole new meaning. It was no longer considered just "fucking!",
as both men felt a deeper more tender connection. Curtis couldn't resist
leaning in to kiss his MAN again, sliding his tongue into his boi's mouth
for Marlon to suck. Their bodies moved in unison as they humped and
pumped into each other, hands clutching groping and grasping as the bed
started to bounce and sway under their combined weights.

Marlon reached down between him and Curtis, and started to jack his
dick. His tight hole squeezed and sucked at Curtis' long snake, trying to
give it a good ride as his man's hips' slapped into his upturned as over
and over. "Fuck me, Curtis!" moaned Marlon between kisses, stroking
himself harder, loving how good Curtis felt inside of him. He looked up
into Curt's eyes, and felt a wave of passion sweep over him. It'd been a
long time since he felt wanted by someone for something other than being
a fuck tool! Curtis was a good brutha, and he treated him like more of an
equal than anyone else ever had. "This..., this is yours Curtis..." he
gasped through heated pants for breath as his body was continuously
pounded. "...anytime you want me, whenever you need me, it's yours for
the taking!"

"You mean dat, nigga?" asked Curtis, pumping harder!

"YES!" groaned Marlon, whole heartedly. Curtis picked up strength,
slamming his balls against Marlon's bubble buttock as he spring board
into him again and again! His dick pulsed and throbbed with bursting life
as Marlon stroked himself to a roaring climax. His dick shot out fresh
semen across his stomach and chest just as Curtis started to cum inside

"AAARRRHHH, DAAAMMMMNNNN!!" shouted Curtis, cumming hard! He collapsed on
top of Marlon, totally spent as his seed drained into his lover's ass.
Marlon kissed him on his neck, wrapping his arms around his sweaty body
to draw him nearer.

"I take it we're done her here?" asked Deniece, standing in the doorway

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