Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Marlon had been getting butt fucked by Carl for months now, under the
agreement they made for barter. But even while Marlon may never fully
liked his barter agreement, he never felt GUILTY about it until today,
-the day AFTER he became dedicated to another man, -Curtis!

Carl (Marlon's boss and landlord) had him laying face down on his ole
futon, hammering hard into his upturned ass, -fucking him strong and
deep. Marlon held onto the edge of the futon's rails, holding his balance
as his boss fucked into his bare hole with ever increasing speed. Carl
was on a power trip, he ducked Marlon (his employee) because he could,
because he felt his had a right! He took out all of his aggressions on
him, fucking him for every bad word he took from his pregnant wife! For
every little thing that went wrong (and cost him money) on his
properties! For every headache, set back, and frustration he suffered! He
fucked Marlon because he thought he was a "punk", a patsy little fag that
deserved to be treated like trash! A subservient, whose only real purpose
in life was to bend over for real men to fuck when necessary!

"Take that fucking dick, bitch!" he yelled, fucking so hard that his
balls nearly hurt. He'd been fucking Marlon for over 20 minutes, taking
total control of his body. He loved hearing him grunt and groan in
painful wails, taking his hard anal pounding like the BITCH he was!
Marlon just wanted Carl to cum! To get the task over with so he could
get back to work! This was the third time Carl had sexed up his
subdominant. The First fuck happened that morning while en-route to Home
Depot to buy tiles for one of the apartments in the building. Carl pulled
the car over to the far side of the parking lot, then made Marlon suck
his dick right there in the front seat. He grabbed him by the back of his
head and forced him to take all he had to offer until he exploded down
into the back of his throat! The second fuck was when Carl caught Marlon
in the middle of laying the tiles in apt 1-A, he walked in to check up on
him, and got aroused when he saw Marlon's ass turned up in the air in the
bathroom. He fingered his growing bulge, watching his handyman work. By
the time Marlon realized he was being watched, Carl had a full fledges
hardon! He pulled it out right there in the apt, and ordered Marlon to
"suck it!" Marlon quickly complied, knowing the apt renters were at work
at the time. He sucked Carl's dick, deep throating him as Jood and the
other inmates taught him back in prison. He sucked until Carl erupted in
his throat, cumming his second hot load straight down into his stomach
from the inside. And the third fuck happened when Carl text messaged him
for a "booty call". He met Carl at his apt door, then was ordered to
"strip naked!". For the next 25 minutes his ass was assaulted, fucked
hard and rough until he felt Carl cum into him for the third time that

By the time Marlon got out of the shower from washing away all of Carl's
slime, Curtis was knocking at the front door. Marlon quickly wrapped a
towel around his waist and opened it. "Sup boi?" asked Curtis, stepping
in. He took the towel off his boi's waist, admiring his nude form from
head to toe. "Git'n ready fo' me?" he asked, letting his book bag drop to
the ground with a thump before taking Marlon into his arms for a forward
kiss. And thus went Marlon's days, trying to balance his new relationship
with his boifriend, and his obligations to his boss/landlord.
The upsides were when he and Curtis got to spend some quality time
together, such as the time they took Marlon's daughter (Rachelle), her
mother (Crystal), and her mother's new boyfriend (Marcus) shopping for
clothes at the mall outlets at Franklin Mills in the north eastern county
of the city. It's a huge mall, with over 200 stores to "shop til you
drop" from. They're full of Sak's 5th Avenue, Neiman Marcus'-Last Call,
Ralph Lauren, Kennith Cole, International Male, Polo, the GAP, the Big &
Tall Male Store for men, and Marshalls just to name a few. They spent the
day trying on shoes, dresses, shirts, sweaters, and coats for the
upcoming winter months. While Crystal was busy with her daughter (and
man-friend), Curtis dragged Marlon into the men's room with their arms
full of packages. A middle aged man was exiting as they entered. Curtis
noticed the room was empty at the moment, and bum-rushed Marlon into one
of the available stalls where he surprised him with a deep soul kiss. At
first Marlon resisted, afraid someone would walk on, but then he gave
into his man's advances.

Curtis placed their packages on the ground, then pressed Marlon's back
against the stall wall. He undid his pants, and reached his hand into the
back of his underwear to fill his booty. "Turn 'round..." whispered
Curtis, pushing Marlon's pants down under his ass. When Marlon questioned
his actions, Curtis asked him..."who's pussy is dis?". "It's yours, man."
answered Marlon in a whisper. "You said I can hit dis when n' whereva I
wannit" reminded Curt, "well, I wannit now...rite here...". Marlon
couldn't refuse Curtis' request, especially when he pulled out his big
dick and started rubbing it all over his bare ass. He pulled a small tube
of lube from his front pocket, then rubbed his sticky fingers all over
and in Marlon's tight pucker. He leaned into his back, kissing him softly
on his neck as he pressed his dick up into him. Marlon rose up on his
tip-toes as Curt's dick sank into him like a sword. Marlon lay his head
back on Curtis' shoulder as he pressed all the way in up to his balls.
"Damn yur ass feels good..." he whispered into his boi's ear.
Marlon grabbed the top of the stall wall, and let Curtis have his way
with him. They knew the fuck would have to be quick, as they were in
danger of getting caught. It wouldn't look good for Marlon to be arrested
for lewd acts in a public restroom with his daughter and baby's momma

They were in the mist of fucking when they heard the restroom's door
open. In came a man and his son. They used the urinals down the other end
of the room (coming nowhere near Marlon's stall). Curtis kept Marlon
quite by placing a free hand over his mouth to keep him from moaning too
loudly as he continued to fuck him. Then they heard the water at the
sinks being used, then the door opening and closing again. Curtis humped
up into Marlon's ass with long deep strokes, deliberately manipulating
himself so that he's cum faster. He reached around and under Marlon's
shirt, pulling and pinching his nipples. He came in his boi's ass in less
than 10 minutes, shooting a huge load into his hot bowels before pulling
out and washing their hands. When they got back into the open mall, they
found Crystal, Rachelle, and Marcus waiting for them on a nearby bench.

"Where you 2 been?" asked Crystal, curiously. Marlon hesitated, unable to
lie quickly enough.

"Video game store!" lied Curtis, winking at Marlon.

"Of course! I should've known!" sighed Crys, grabbing her daughter's hand
and looking up at her new boyfriend. "Rachelle's hungry. Let's go get
something to eat!"
They all went to the food court where they all got something to tickle
their fancies. Crystal and Marcus went to Kentucky Fried Chicken while
they bought Rachelle a "happy meal" at McDonalds. Marlon and Curtis went
to the Pizzeria.

"So...whut'a ya think ov Marcus?" asked Curtis while in line for his
pizza slices. He knew all about Crystal and Marlon's background, and of
her new love interest.

"I...don't know." answered Marlon, looking back over his shoulder at the
new couple. He wasn't too crazy about another guy looking after his
daughter as if he was her father! But he knew he hadn't really been there
for her as of lately, and knew Crystal could use all the help she could
raising their daughter.
It was also hard watching them express their love openly in public,
while he and Curtis had to pretend to be just friends! They kissed when
they parted ways briefly going in different stores, they shared each
other's food and drink, and held hands as they walked. Marlon was not
just jealous that Marcus had moved in on his family, but he was also
pissed that he couldn't express himself in the same ways with his man as
Crystal could with hers. What would people think if they saw them walking
the mall hand in hand, or sharing an intimate kiss in public? The best
the could do (besides sneak off into empty restrooms) was to discreetly
hold hands under the table while noone was looking. Back at the table,
each began to dig into his or her's individual meals.

"So, what's your plans for the upcoming holiday?" asked Marlon, trying to
keep the conversations lite and fresh.

"Holiday?" asked Marcus, unaware there was one.

"Halloween." informed Crystal. "Well, Marcus and I are taking Rachelle
trick or treating right after school, and then she has a costume party to
go to at Marcus' sister's house in Glenside."

"Mommy, I wanna be a ballerina." said Rachelle, without even looking up
from her happy meal.

"I know sweety, we already have your tutu." reminded Crystal. Marcus
noticed the shock/annoyed expression on Marlon's face.

"Rachelle's looking forward to it. My sister has 3 kids, and throws a
party every year." he said, touching Rachelle's head affectionately. "Or
did YOU want to do something with Rachelle that night?" he asked Marlon,

"No..., no. Nothing." said Marlon, not wanting to ruin his daughter's fun
be changing her plans.

"And what about you two? Are yall going out anywhere?" asked Crystal,
unaware of Marlon's demeanor.

"I'm takin' my lil' nieces out tick o' treatin', make sho' nobody try'n
steal their bags n'shyt. Nah'mean? Thieves be out THICK on halloween
nite! Chile molesta's too!"
Crystal hugged Rachelle closer.

"And what about you, Marlon? You have any plans for halloween night...?"

Milton and Demeecee Howard's closest friends (Kendell and Linda Graham)
holds a big Halloween party every year at their house. They invite close
friends, family, and a few associates. They play games, throw prizes for
the best and worse dressed, and serve their famous hour-d'oeuvres and
drinks. This year Milt goes dressed as Great Caesar, including leaf head
dress, bed sheet cut into an authentic looking Roman cloth garment, belt,
jewelry, and sandals. Deme is dressed as "Thelma" from Good Times. She's
in tight fitting low rider apple bottom bell bottom jeans, a horizontal
stripped belly shirt, afro-wig, humongous loop ear-rings, and a Marilyn
Monroe mole.
They drive up to the house in Milt's 1999 Cutlass, and was greeted at
the door by 33 year old Kendell (dressed as Flava-flav including giant
over sized clock reckless fake gold teeth), and his wife Linda (dressed
as "I dream of Genie").

"Hey girl! Nice outfit!" says Linda, hugging Deme as she stepd into the
foyer of their home.

"This old thing? I just pulled this out of my closet!" joked Deme, giving
a spin to show off her ample hips, ass, and tiny waist and stomach. "And
your costume is good too! You are working that Genie outfit, girl!"

"Pure Genie magic, chile! I had to starve myself for 3 weeks and work out
twice a day to fit into this little see threw scarf!" complained Linda,
holding up the ends of her costume. "But I'm determined to win that best
dressed costume prize tonight!"

"Oh? What's the prize this year?" asked Deme, suddenly interested.

"Weekend guest passes to The Ends Of The Dove! A romantic getaway! And
girl, me and Kendell could USE one!" whispered Linda.

"Oh, I FEEL you." sighed Deme, looking back at Milt whom was busy talking
to Flava.

"But...didn't yall just get back from Jamaica??" asked Linda, sensing

"Yeah...but you know MEN. Milt did something to RUIN it!" whispered Deme.

"Well tell me girl!" said Linda, dragging Deme over into a corner with
their other girlfriend Cheryl in tow.
Kendell took Milt over to the bar where he had the bartender make him a
Screwdriver. They talked and looked around at the party which was already
in full swing. There were over 20 guests at the party already, dressed in
everything from; Michael Jackson, Alan Iverson, Prince, Boosty Collins,
Batman, Superman, Jason (from Friday The 13th), Ghost Face (from the
movie Scream), Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Cleopatra, Beyounce, Batgirl,
Catwoman, Madonna, Storm (from the X-Men), and Marg Simpson. Milt mixed
and mingled, joined by Deme once she finished telling her home-girls how
he nearly ruined their vacation by trying to fuck her up the ass. "Men!
They always want to try that freaky shit they see those whores do in them
nasty pornos movies they watch!" -said Cheryl, discussed at her own man
who had talked her into perform oral sex on him (which she had never done
before). "That's what Milt said! 'They do it pornos', -like that's
supposed to make me say 'OH, well let me do it then too!' Them video
bitches are whores! If that's what he wanted, he should've dated Linda
Lovelace instead of me!" "Honey, I believe Linda Lovelace is dead."
-reminded Linda. "Yeah, and you see after all that dick sucking and anal
fucking they did to her poor body, she died flat broke and penniless! Men
ain't shit!" -cursed Deme, angrily. "Nope, but I'd rather have a no count
man's hard dick in my mouth before I take some girl's nasty pussy!"
-informed Cheryl. "I heard that!" -agreed Deme, "I don't know how Milt
even goes down there, it's like the nastiest thing in the world!" "And
then they want to kiss you afterwards!" -joined Linda, sticking out her
tongue in gag reflex.

A half hour after Milt and Deme arrived at the party, Carl came dressed
as a pimp-daddy with a purple pin-stripped zuit suit with matching purple
alligator shoes and a wide brim purple mack daddy hat and cane. His wife
Charmaine was a pregnant japanese hooker with a long chinese style
straight black haired wig with thigh high white boots and a tight fitting
mini-skirt. They were accompanied by another woman dressed as Tina
Turner. On second glance, Milt recognized Tina as Marlon, dressed in
tight shimmy mini-skirt, size 10 black pumps, long luscious legs wrapped
in black panty hoes, and vintage Tina (hay hair) wig and make up. Carl
pretended he was escorting 2 hookers into the party.

"Yo...who is the chick with Carl?" asked Kendell, whispering into Milt's
ear. Milt thought it was funny that Kendell didn't realize Tina was a

"Oh, that's uh...Charmaine's sister Carmen!" lied Milt, jokingly.

"Damn, she's HOT!" said Kendell, checking her out from a distance. Milton
had to cover his mouth to hide his chuckles. He couldn't wait until
Kendell realized who she really was.
Demeecee walked over and greeted her in-laws, and her brother. She and
Marlon hugged "hello", but still there was an awkwardness which followed.
She was kind and courteous, but distant. Marlon could feel it. But at
least she was speaking to him now. Kendell came over and greeted his new
guests. He already knew Carl and Charmaine, but was eager to get to know
Carmen. When Carl introduced her as "Marlon, Deme's younger brother",
Kendell glanced back at Milt with a snarl. Milt couldn't help but laugh
out loud.

Carl and Milt keep their distance, just as Deme and Marlon did.
Charmaine danced up a storm, totally unaware of her husband's
infidelities as she jammed to the oldies from the 70's 80's and 90's.
Songs like; "boogie oogie oogie" from A Taste Of Honey, "fire" by The
OHIO Players, "she used to be my girl" from "The O'Jays, "disco nights"
by G.Q., "best of my love" by The Emotions, and "boogie wonderland" by
Earth Wind and Fire, -just to name a few. Linda/"I Dream Of Genie",
Demeecee/"Thelma", Cheryl/Catwoman, and Charmaine/"the happy pregnant
japanese hooker", did a Milli Vanilli rendition of Envogue's "giving him
something he can feel" with Linda lip-singing the lead. They got a
standing ovations from the audience.
Milt saw Kendell's eyes never leave Marlon/Tina Turner during the whole
party. In fact, he caught his best friend eyeing Marlon's ass through the
tight mini-skirt as if he were day dreaming.

"Yo Dell, you DO remember Tina's a man, right?" joked Milt, walking up on
his boi in mid-dream.

"Oh shit!" startled Kendell. "You saw me looking?" he laughed with
embarrassment. Milt laughed along with him, good humored. "Boi's gotta
nice ass though." admitted Kendell, much to Milt's surprise. "And look
how he's walking..." added Dell, keeping an eye on Marlon as he walked to
the other side of the room for a drink. "...see that slight switch in his
walk?" Milt looked closely, and sure enough, he did see an ever so slight
switch he'd never noticed before. "Somebody's been tapping that ass!
Didn't you mention Deme's brother did some time in jail a while ago?"

"Yeah..." said Milt, reluctantly.

"I BET somebody TOOK that ass! He don't look like the "thug" type, and he
sure as hell ain't Mike Tyson!"

"He ain't no Ru Paul, either." defended Milt, loosing that argument as
Marlon WAS in a dress!

"No, but I bet he knows what dick tastes like!" bet Kendell. He looked
back over at Milt who was looking at Kendell suspiciously.

"You trying to tell me something, hommie?" asked Milt, unsure. Kendell
took Milt to the side, away from ears and eyes.

"I ever tell you I'm attracted to....trannies?"


"Transvestites! Men who dress and act like women!"

"Hell NO!" said Milt, surprised. He didn't mean for that to sound
so...offended. Kendell laughed nervously.

"Happened when I was in the service man." recalled Kendell. "I met this
girl in Miami when I was in port, she was ALL THAT, man! AND a bag of
chips! Anyway, she took me into the men's room of this club I was in with
my Navy buddies, and she went down on me, -gave me the best blow job I
ever had. I came in like 5 minutes! No lie! Found out later when one of
my boiz punched her in the face in a nearby alley, that she was a guy
pretending to be a girl. My homboi found out when he tired to go down and
eat her pussy in the alley. Can you imagine, expecting to find a juicy
pussy but finding a hard dick instead? Dude went haywire! We had to pull
him off of her!"

"How did you feel after you found out?" asked Milt, totally engulfed in
the story.

"I was fucked up, at first! I mean, I'd let a dude blow me! I even kissed
her in that mensroom before she sucked me! I never would've known had my
hommie not found out. Luckily they didn't know she was the one that blew
me!" chuckled Dell. "I thought about it for the next couple of months,
wondering if I was gay because I liked the blow job so much. But I wasn't
attracted to my ship-mates, so I wasn't sure. Then when we were stationed
in San Diego, I found another tranny that got me hard as hell man. I took
her to a motel, and fucked her brains out! That's when I realized that I
wasn't attracted to MEN par-say, but to transvestites that looked and
acted like women!" said Kendell, checking out Milt's facial expressions.
He could tell Milt wasn't really feeling the whole men in dresses thing.
"You ever let a man suck your dick?"

"Huh? Wha...uh, naw..., No. NO!" stumbled Milt, nervously. He wasn't sure
what Deme may have told her girlfriend Linda, and if Linda had said
anything to Kendell (her husband).

"Well, don't knock that shit until you've tried it man! Gay dudes can
suck the shit out of a dick, man! That's what they DO! They suck dick!"

"So I hear." smiled Milt.

"I'm serious, man. I bet that brother in-law of yours've sucked some dick
in jail! Cute little ass like his..., I bet he's been fucked too!" said
Kendell, looked back over at Marlon. "Probably still is! He got a

"I wouldn't know about that shit." lied Milton, feeling uncomfortable. He
didn't particularly like the way Kendell was looking at Marlon, like he
was the last piece of meat at the family barbeque! He wanted to go over
and cover Marlon up, to keep Kendell (and Carl's) eyes off his ass.
Funny, how he didn't feel that same jealousy for Deme, and she was
looking just as sexy (even more so, since she was a real female). But
Kendell wasn't really eyeing his wife, he already had one of those. What
he didn't have, was a Marlon! Milt felt himself getting angry.

Marlon had felt self conscious of dressing in drag for halloween, but
Charmaine insisted he would be passable and she had the left over costume
in her closet from last year. A few alterations to let out the waist and
shoulders, and it was a nice fit for Marlon. She gave him her old "Tina"
wig, and did his make up for him. Even Carl had to admit how cute Marlon
looked in the drag. He whispered to Marlon before they left the house,
that he was lucky that they didn't have time for a quickie down in his
apt, or else his ass would be on FIRE tonight! But just when Marlon
thought he was safe, Carl whispered, "but there's always later. Don't
lose the dress and wig!"
He knew Milton and Deme would be at the party (after all, the Grahams
were their friends as well). He was hoping to see Milton, if only from a
distance. He knew they couldn't really talk or socialize with Deme in the
room, so he stayed away from him for most of the night. That changed
however when Milt gave him a "meet me out beck" signal with his head.
Marlon sat his drink down, then excused himself from Kendell (whom been
smiling up in his face all night). He went into the kitchen where he had
last saw Milt walking towards, then went out back on the porch.

"Over here...!" whispered Milton, catching Marlon's attention. He looked
down into the big back yard, and saw Milton standing by the back fence
behind an old oak tree. Marlon rushed down (careful not to kill himself
in the heels on the stairs).

"What's up?" he smiled, nearly breathless as he stood next to Milton.
Milt pulled him further into the shadows, away from any prying eyes.

"You know my boi Kendell's on you!" warned Milt. "He has a thing for men
in drag, and you look...pretty good." admitted Milt, looking Marlon up
and down.

"I...I THOUGHT he was looking at me kinda funny!" surprised Marlon.

"You like him?" asked Milt, trying not to sound jealous.

"No!" answered Marlon, honestly. "I...I know I've been...taking a lot of
dick lately, but really Milt, I'm not like that! You were the only one
before Cu..." he stopped himself before he said too much.

"What?" asked Milt, curiously. "I'm the only one that...what?" Marlon
looked down with embarrassment. "What?" asked Milt, again.

"The only one I..., I liked, like that." admitted Marlon, making Milt

"What about Carl?" asked Milt, keeping a cool face.

"Carl reminds me of the guys in jail. It's like getting raped all over
again everyday."

"Damn." said Milt, feeling sorry for Marlon. "Wish I could help you out,
let you move back into the house with me and Deme, but she wouldn't go
for that again."

"I know. Thanks anyway. You don't know how much I appreciate you wanting
to look out for me." said Marlon, sadly. Milt touched his face, gently.

"I..., care for you Marlon. I do. Believe that, man."

"I do, Milt." whispered Marlon. Milton leaned in and kissed him ever so
gently on the lips.

"Ain't that cozy..." said Carl, sneaking up on them and scaring the shit
out of both men.

"What the fuck'r you doing out here, Carl?" asked Milt, coming from
behind the tree.

"Thought I'd come out and have a smoke, when I saw you pull lil' Tina
here back there out of sight. Thought I'd come see what yall were up to."
answered Carl, puffing on a cigarette. "You lucky I ain't Deme, or your
ass'll be grass right now!" smirked Carl.

"You need to mind your own fucking business, Carl." said Milt, walking

"And you need to control yourself, falling for some -jail trade!" mocked
Carl. Milt turned around, as if he were about to hit his brother.

"Milt, don't..." warned Marlon, stepping between them. Milt looked at
Marlon, then back at Carl.

"Fuck you!" he said, storming back towards the house. Carl's laugh could
be heard in the distance. Marlon watched Milt walk back up the steps and
into the house where the party was.

"How bout we pick up where my brother left off?" suggested Carl,
unzipping his pants.

"I don't feel like it." said Marlon, walking away. Carl ran up and
grabbed off his wig.

"Bitch! If you don't get back behind that tree..., your shit'll out on
the sidewalk before you could walk you ass all the way back home!"
Marlon stared at Carl, knowing his threat was real. He took a deep
breath (holding back his growing anger), and walked back towards the
tree. "Here..." said Carl, giving Marlon back his wig. He followed Marlon
back behind the tree, and watched him get down on his knees in the dirt.
Carl fished out his flaccid dick, and Marlon immediately took it into his
mouth and started sucking. "Hungry, eh?" joked Carl, knowing Marlon
wanted to get it done and over with. Marlon bobbed his head, sucking the
soft dick until it grew and grew in his mouth. "Yeahhhh...." whispered
Carl, feeling his manhood thicken.

Marlon knew he had to make quick work of Carl, else someone else would
stumble upon him like Carl did. He felt the dick get hard and stiff
between his lips, and attacked it thoroughly with his mouth and tongue.
He sucked and sucked, deep throating and bobbing, using every trick in
the book to make Carl cum quickly. In less than 10 minutes, he was
swallowing a thick batch of married man's cum, as Carl held his face
plastered in his crotch by holding the back of his head. When he finally
let go of Marlon's head, he zipped up and walked back towards the house
without comment. He walked up the steps of the back yard, passing Kendell
whom stood on the back porch smoking a cigarette to himself. "Yo..." said
Carl as he walked on by back into the kitchen nonchalantly.
Marlon wiped his mouth, making sure there was no spit or droll left on
his face from the blow job. He knew he must had smeared all the lips
stick off his lips, and wanted to make sure none of it lingered around
his face. When he was sure he was clean, he stepped out into the light,
and headed up the steps. He saw Kendell standing at the top of the steps
smiling over at him. Marlon wasn't sure what Kendell may have seen or
heard, and tried to play it cool as he spoke and walked on by.

"Your knees are dirty." warned Kendell, with a smirk. Marlon looked
mortified, as he looked down to find dirt and grass stuck to both knees.
He reached down and dusted them off before darting back into the house.
Kendell laughed to himself as he tossed his half lit cigarette away and
followed Marlon inside.

All during the ride home, Marlon felt uneasy. He didn't like the way
Carl kept looking back at him through the rear view mirror. "Marlon, when
we get back to the apt, I want to talk to you about the schedule for the
week." -said Carl, code for; I'm coming over to fuck that ass!

"Why don't you just wait until morning?" yawned Charmaine, rubbing her
enormous belly as she looked sleepily over at her husband.

"It won't take long, bae." said Carl, cut and dry.
When they got out of the car, Carl told Marlon he'd be down just as soon
as he changed clothes and settled Charmaine in. He helped his over sized
wife into the apt, while Marlon dragged himself back to his apt to await
Carl's dick. On route, he spotted Curtis lights on in his apt, and
figured he must be home from taking his nieces trick or treating. Marlon
didn't want Curt to know he was back, so he quickly darted into the house
to wait for Carl before Curtis could look out his window to see him.
10 minutes pass. Then 20 minutes. Marlon was sitting on his futon,
waiting for Carl to show up when he heard the familiar sound of the head
board banging against the wall upstairs, -the signal that meant the
couple in 1-A was busy fucking. Marlon recalled his time with Byron (back
in chap-8), and knew exactly what he was doing to his girlfriend Angie,
and how he was doing it. At the 30 minute mark, Marlon heard a lite
tapping at the door. He opened it, figuring Carl had left his key behind.
But when he opened the door, he was surprised to see Curtis standing
there dressed as a hobo (including stick w/tied bundle at the end of it)!

"Sup man." he said, standing there awkwardly with his hands in his
pockets. Marlon was still in total Tina Turner drag, and blushed with
embarrassment. He ripped the wig off his head, and tossed it on the

"Sup?" he smiled, shamefully. What must Curtis think of him still wearing
that drag?

"Fly costume!" said Curtis smiling, wih one tooth blacked out in marker.

"Yours too!" said Marlon, trying to stall. "So you took the girls out?"
he asked, hoping Carl wasn't walking up behind them.

"Yeeh. Dey hadda ball!" laughed Curtis, walking in without an invite
(Marlon was his man, he didn't need one)."So how waz da party?" he asked,
spinning around on his heels. "Must'a been FLY, yur still wearin' da
costume..., or did ya kno' I waz comin' down to see it?" he asked, slyly.

"Actually..., I was on my way up to your apartment!" lied Marlon,
thinking quickly. "I was going to ring your doorbell as a Jehovah's

"Yeeh rite! Dressed like dat?" laughed Curtis. "Oh, guess whut!" he said,
suddenly recalling something he wanted to tell Marlon. "On my way down
here, I ova heard Carl n' his wife arguin'! Seems she found lipstick on
his dick, she pissed az a muh'fuka!"
Marlon's mouth dropped open in dis belief! That explained why Carl was
taking so long getting down here! HIS ass was in hot water for a change!
Marlon could barely keep from smiling, wondering how Carl was going to
talk his way out of that one! "Ain't dat sum shyt? She must'a caught 'em
git'n undressed n'shyt!"

"Yeah, I guess." said Marlon, hoping that meant the end of Carl fucking
him! Then again, if Carl couldn't continue with their arrangement, he
probably didn't want Marlon hanging around rent free anymore!Now Marlon
was really nervous about where he was going to live next!

"Waz wrong, babee? You look like ya seen a ghost!" asked Curtis, pulling
Marlon into his arms. "I kno' you n' Carl'r tight like dat..., but I'm
sho' him 'n his wife'll work it out. Where da fuck she goin' all
pregnant, n'shyt? Nowhere!" he added, kissing Marlon's lips. "Damn
man..., whutz dat noise I hear, Yo?" he asked, suddenly hearing the
rhythmic thump, thump, thumping from over head.

"Oh..." laughed Marlon, "...that's Byron and Angie upstairs! They do that
every night."

"Werd?" asked Curt, listening closely. "Think WE can out do 'em?" he
asked with a smirk.

"Oh, I KNOW we can!" said Marlon, honestly.
He took Curtis over to the futon (forgetting about Carl all together),
and started to undo his hobo outfit.

"I ain't neva been fucked by a "queen" b'fo'." said Curtis, grabbing
Marlon's fake tits.

"First time for everything!" smiled Marlon, turning his boifriend around.
Curtis didn't fight as Marlon bent down behind him, and pulled his pants
and boxers down around his ankles. He bent Curtis over, then pressed his
made-up face up between Curt's hairy ass cheeks.

"Damn, nigga..., eat dat shyt, boi!" moaned Curtis, stepping out of his
sneaks and pants to spread his legs wide and give Marlon's tongue
complete access. He pressed both palms of his hands down on Marlon's bed,
hiking his ass up higher for probing.
Marlon spread Curt's taut ass cheeks wide to make room for his face. He
licked all up and down the hairy forest before zeroing in on his attended
target. He could hear Curtis' moans escalate when he drilled his tongue
in deeper. Curt's dick was rock hard and already leaking pre-cum at the
thought of Marlon fucking him. "C'mon babee, give it to me! Fuck yur
boi!" he encouraged over his shoulder. Marlon reached under the futon for
the lube, then stood up behind Curt. He hiked up his mini-skirt, then
pulled down his boxer briefs and stockings to expose his 7" hardon. He
greased IT and Curtis' hole, then aimed it inward. "Yeeehhh nigga...,
take yur boi's ass..." whispered Curt, feeling Marlon fill him up.

Marlon loved the tight feel of Curt's raisin sized asshole squeezing his
dick. Curtis had nowhere near as much experience as Marlon in taking it
through the back door, so Marlon really appreciated having a lover that
considered him in this way! He held his friend by the hips, and fucked
into him with lean, steady strokes, causing Curt to grab his dick and
start whacking on it furiously!

"Damn nigga, fuck dat ass! Gimme yur shyt, Yo! Shyt BOYEE! Fuck!" cursed
Curtis, getting off on the sensation! Marlon felt Curt's asshole flex on
his dick, and quickly pushed Curt's stroking hand from his meat before he
came too soon! Then he pushed Curtis face down onto the mattress, lifted
one leg up onto the bed for leverage, then started to hammer his mate's
asshole like a powerdriver! "AAAHHH SHYT...!" screamed Curtis, at the
unexpected thrill. He pressed his face down onto the cushion, leaving his
ass up and vulnerable while Marlon attacked it viscously. Marlon was more
than a little tipsy from the party, and his frustration and aggression
came through in a series of wild thrusts and heavy hitting!
"Oh shyt! Oh shyt! Oh shyt! Oh shyt...!!" panted Curtis, feeling his
climax building without even stroking himself. Marlon had never fucked
him like this before, and Curtis was left damn near speechless behind it.
He wasn't even aware he was cumming, until he felt the splatter hit his
chest, neck, and chin from beneath before the rest all dripped down onto
the bed.

Marlon wasn't aware he'd just fucked a load out of his boifriend, he
continued to hammer his hole for five more minutes before he finally
dumped in it, shooting a ton of cum up Curtis' backside! "Shyt nigga..."
whispered Curtis, standing up carefully so that he didn't lose Marlon
spurting dick up his chute. "...dis ass yurs fo' as long as ya wannit,
man!" he offered, giving Marlon the same deal Marlon had given him when
they first made it official.

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