Wednesday, May 6, 2009


For CARL... the next several weeks after halloween were rather turbulent
for he and his pregnant wife Charmaine! After finding him guilty of
infidelity, she has kept a very close eye on him and his whereabouts,
-making it nearly impossible for him to keep his daily sex sessions with
his handyman -Marlon. She called him every half hour when he was away
from home, and even went with him on errands that would take a up much of
his time and keep him away from home for long periods. She kept a daily
account of his actions, making sure he had no time to spend on any other
woman outside of home! Carl felt resentful, as if held prisoner in his
own home. With his wife "incapacitated" (pregnant), he felt he had a god
given right (as bread winner of the household) to go out and fuck anyone
he pleased! Furthermore, he thought fucking Marlon (another man) wasn't
cheating! He saw Marlon as NO threat to their marriage, as he had
absolutely NO desire to live with him -fall in love -or raise a family
with him, so he didn't see why, -and had absolutely no intentions to stop
fucking him!

Marlon was enjoying his hiatus from Carl. With the landlord/boss out of
the way, he was able to focus more on his new relationship! He and Curtis
enjoyed doing things together as a "couple". They were respective of
their places as MEN in society and reframed from doing certain acts such
as holding hands and/or kissing in public, but they found other (more
subtle) ways inwhich to show their affections for one another. They held
hands under the tables, or touched legs and knees while sitting side by
side on transit, or gave each other signs or looks which indicated a
shared thought in what they were feeling. And the sex..., was more hotter
than ever. For a little guy, Curtis certainly had a lot of sensuality and
appeal. He practically oozed sex and was very passionate and giving in
bed (same as Marlon), which made them both ideal partners. In public they
seemed like ordinary "homboiz", but behind closed doors they were sexual
animals whom tried to devour each other whole every chance they got!

During the course of weeks, they shared many aspects of each other's
lives. Marlon opened up and told Curtis about his former drug addiction,
and his time in prison, -revealing one of the lowest moments in his life.
He explained life behind bars and becoming the "bitch" of many men while
inside. The story provoked sadness, anger, and even lust within Curtis;
sadness for Marlon's rape and humiliation, anger for the beatings rough
treatment and disrespect he received, and lust as he pictured his lover
being fucked royally up the ass until his anus was about to burst with
cum! Needless to say that after hearing of Marlon's experiences in jail,
Curtis and Marlon fucked like horny teens for hours, cumming a total of 6
times between them!

In turn Curtis told Marlon about his life as a kid, and the abuse he and
his siblings suffered by the hands of their mother's on/off again
boyfriends. They lived in a run down project home and slept on mattresses
on the floors in their rooms. They barely ate unless at school or over a
relative's house. He spoke of loneliness, poverty, and finding ways to
escape his daily depressions by exploring drugs. By 11 his was already
getting high and drinking beer with the "corner boiz" in his
neighborhood. By 13 he lost his virginity when the older boiz allowed him
to fuck a female "crack head" with them in a local alleyway. Curtis
watched 3 males between the ages of 17 and 20 taking turns in the once
pretty prom queen. After each of them dumped a load in her pussy, they
called him over to have sloppy seconds. At 13 Curtis' dick was already as
big (if not bigger) than theirs. He allowed his pants to drop around his
ankles as they pushed him forth to bury his bone between her legs. Curtis
remember feeling how hot and wet her insides were from the other boy's
cum loads, and came that first time in less than 60 seconds. Fortunately
he was young with an inexhaustible amount of sperm in his balls and was
able to keep fucking the girl until he came inside her again 5 minutes
later! Thus was his start into male/female heterosexual sex. His first
male/male experience would happen 2 years later when he was 15 (as
explained in chap6 of this series), since then his experiences had been
through buddies he'd gotten high with. The first was Jalin; he and Curtis
lived in the same project complex and would get high in the basement,
Curtis would get horny after Jalin would fall asleep on one of the
storage boxes and would fuck him while his friend was unconscious. This
happened twice until Jalin finally awoke one day to find Curtis ball deep
in his ass, cumming a huge load inside his anal guts. Jalin stopped
smoking with Curtis after that, but was too afraid of ridicule to tell
people what had happened. Curt's second experience was with his boi Ralph
during a venture down to the Skullkill River in Fairmount Park. They went
skinny dipping and smoked some weed on the banks of the river, and while
alone Curtis rolled his friend over onto his belly and butt fucked him
deep. This only happened once as Ralph got too scared of becoming gay to
continue. Meanwhile Curt had a regular fuck buddy in his friend Dominick
(the friend whose older brother fucked him in chap6). They fucked and
sucked each other, even as Dominick's older brother Davis fucked them
Then at 17 Curtis graduated high school and moved in with an older girl
whom worked as a stripper by night, and went to college during the day.
She was 22 and made a killing working the "poles" at The Orchard (a local
strip club) down on Melrose Ave. Occasionally she'd do private parties
where she doubled as a dancer/prostitute. Sometimes she'd take Curtis
with her for extra backup and security He'd watch her work as she got men
hard and put them into a sexual frenzy. Curtis had to watch her rub her
twat in men's laps and let them finger her snatch for money. Sometimes
she'd disappear into the bedroom of whichever home or hotel they were
entertaining in to let the paying customers fuck her (condom protected of
course). Curtis would get jealous, but understood that this was her way
of making a living and paying for school until she graduated and landed a
better job. By 19 he could take no more of her fucking other men, so he
moved into his current apt in Carl's building where he met Marlon.

The 2 of them found solace in each other, a kindred spirit of lost souls
(of sorts), -which bound them together emotionally and physically. They
enjoyed spending time together, going to the movies, the clubs, playing
video games, bowling, etc. Curtis introduced Marlon to a whole other side
of male sex, which didn't include humiliation, pain, or shame. They
treated each other with respect, and never turned the other away when
needed sexually. Curtis listened when Marlon discussed his family
troubles, and Marlon listened when Curtis expressed his own personal
problems. They fucked regularly, usually in Curtis' apartment since
Marlon didn't want to chance Carl walking in on them and demanding sex
from him in front of Curtis unexpectedly. He wasn't exactly sure what
Curtis thought of his and his landlord's relationship, and really didn't
want to find out!

It was while Marlon was out front of his building cleaning up the fallen
autumn leaves as the building's handyman that he ran into Carl. He was
sweeping up the sidewalk and walkway leading up to the entrance, and
raking the grounds into piles to be stuffed in trash bags for trash day
when Carl walked up on him.

"Your place, right NOW!" he says as he whizzes by in a rush. Marlon
hadn't seen Carl in weeks (sexually at least), and drops the rake to
follow him down the side of the building towards his apt in the basement.
Carl uses his own spare key to walk right into Marlon's apt. Immediately
he started taking off his clothes. "Hurry up, I ain't got all day!" he
informs, eagerly. "Charmaine's timing me, she thinks I'm cheating on her
with another woman!"

"Why would she think that?" asked Marlon, already knowing the real reason
and just grateful that he hadn't had to have sex with Carl in all this

"Cause of all that fucking lipstick you put all over my dick on halloween
when you were dressed up as Tina Turner, you asshole!" shouted Carl,
stripping naked. Marlon tried not to laugh as he hid a smirk. "She thinks
one of the women at the party gave me head! Now she won't let me out of
her sight for more than 10 minutes at a time!"

"Do she know which woman?" asked Marlon, holding back a chuckle.

"No, dickhead! There was NO woman! Just YOU!" shouted Carl, angrily. "But
what else could I tell her? I had to let her keep thinking it was one of
the women, or else I'd have to tell her it was YOU! And I ain't about to
do that shit!" said Carl, noticing Marlon was still dressed. "Come on! I
told you I'm on a time limit! Get naked!"
Marlon slowly got undress. He felt like a hooker with Carl, especially
after just making love to Curtis that morning before he left late for
school. He wanted to tell Carl "NO" to his sex, but knew his entire
livelihood rested in Carl's wallet. He remembered how hard it was to find
a job. No one wanted to hire an ex-con, no matter what your reason for
going to jail was for or that you've paid your debt to society.

"Come on, suck my dick first. Get me hard!" demanded Carl, taking a seat
on the futon.
Marlon got down on his knees between Carl's spread legs, and started
sucking. This was the first time he sucked someone else's dick besides
Curt's in weeks. He felt as if he were cheating on him, and in essence,
he knew he was. But Carl's demands still came first, Curt would just have
to understand that, like he did his stripper/prostitute girlfriend, -if
indeed he doesn't already know (as seemed to be indicated back in chap8).

Carl was unaware of Marlon's and Curt's recent union. All he knew was
that he hadn't gotten off since halloween, and his dick was aching for
some of Marlon's special attention!
He looked down over his chest and watched Marlon gobble up his dick,
taking it easily from tip to base and back up again. Carl knew he could
easily cum just from the head job alone, but it'd been quite a while
since he's had his dick buried in Marlon's butt, and that's all that
consumed his thoughts lately.

"Come on..." he said, pushing Marlon's mouth off his dick as he stood up.
"...get on the bed!" he ordered. Marlon got into doggy position as Carl
came up close behind him, and aimed his dick at his hole. Carl moaned as
his dick sank easily into Marlon's greased ass. "Been expecting me, eh?"
he asked with a grin. "Your pussy's already greased and lubed for me!"

"I knew it was only a matter of time..." lied Marlon, knowing the lube
was from Curtis. Carl started fucking immediately, pumping in and out
hard as he enjoyed the slick smooth feel of Marlon's asshole along his
dick shaft.

"Damn this pussy's good!" he gasped, holding Marlon's hips as he fucked
into his round plump ass with hard deep thrusts. Marlon tightened his
hole around Carl's dick, knowing it was kind of loosened after the
poundings Curtis gave him last night and this morning with that huge 12
inch dong of his! For such a little guy in stature, Curtis was handling
his like a BIG DOGG! Marlon just wanted to make Carl cum as quickly so he
could get it over with so he could forget this ever happened. Carl felt
the asshole clamping down on him, and knew what Marlon was trying to do.
"Fucking whore!" he shouted, pounding harder. "You want this nutt, don't
you bitch? You've been itching for this fuck, ain't you? You want
daddy-Carl to cum in that sweet pussy, don't you?"

"Yes!" whispered Marlon, throwing his ass back to meet every one of
Carl's thrusts. Carl shoved Marlon's head down into the futon cushion,
and really started to lay fire to that ass! He pounded Marlon so hard and
brutally, that Curtis' cum loads started to drip out and down both of
their ball sacks in heavy doses. Marlon moaned, holding back a scream as
Carl fucked the living shit out of him. "Take that dick, bitch! Take that
shit! You thought you were getting away from me, didn't you? But I OWN
you! I got you right where I fucking want you!" grit Carl, breaking out
into a sweat. He bitch fucked Marlon for a full 10 minutes before he felt
his balls tighten, then hose Marlon's sweet ass-pussy with his thick
Marlon was grateful that the ordeal was finally over as Carl slowly
removed his dick. "Clean it off!" he ordered, turning Marlon around.
Marlon got down on his knees, and took Carl's dick into his mouth, -down
to the balls. Carl watched as Marlon slowly slid his mouth back up to the
head, cleaning his slimy rod thoroughly in one swoop. "My balls too."
ordered Carl, pushing Marlon's head down further. Marlon took the hairy
balls into his mouth, and bathed them both. He could definitely taste
Curtis' essence all over Carl's privates, as the 2 men had different
tastes. Once he was done, Carl pushed him away and got dressed. "I guess
that'll have to hold me for a while, until I get Charmaine calmed down."
he said, fastening his belt. "I want you to go back and rake up all the
rest of those leaves from the yard, I nearly broke my fucking neck
yesterday slipping on them!" ordered Carl, as he donned on his shoes and
left. Marlon collapsed back on the futon to catch his breath. He knew he
would have to do something about Carl soon, if only to keep his sanity!

Pittsburgh, Pa...
Trelic Taylor and his boyfriend of 2 years -Donte Morgan, drives down
East Avenue towards Main street, en-route towards Tre's mother's house.
It's November 18th, the weekend before Thanksgiving! Tre's family decided
to celebrate the weekend before the actual holiday since everyone was
fully grown with kids and families of their own. Tre was the youngest of
4 children, -all sisters, all married, and all with children. HE was the
only hold out. The only male in the family, and the last chance to
continue the family's name for their dearly departed father -Harold

"Will you relax?" asked Tre, noticing Donte's fidgeting in the
passenger's seat.

"You KNOW they hate me!" said Donte, finishing off the last of the snacks
they bought for the 3 hour journey across Pennsylvania. "I don't even
know WHY you always insist on me coming!"

"THEY don't hate you." said Tre, blowing off Donte's insecurities.

"No, THEY don't hate..., SHE does!" corrected Donte, referring to Tre's

"My mom is a Christian woman..." said Tre, "...she loves everyone."

"Everyone except GAY people!" snipped Donte.

"I'M gay, too." reminded Tre, turning left.

"You're her son! You don't count!" blew Donte, regretting the trip

"Look, you know how important Thanksgiving is to my mother. We go through
this every year..."

"And every year she goes out of her way to make me feel uncomfortable!"

"Come on now, Donte..., my mother's not THAT bad." down played Tre.

"Are you serious?" asked Donte, eyes popping widely. "She's made it
perfectly clear that you're her "baby boy", and that I'm the perverted
"faggot" that's corrupted you and keeping you from continuing the
family's name!"

"She knows I'm gay..." sighed Tre, "'s just going to take her awhile
to accept it."

"It's been 2 years!"

"Give her time. She was much better last time than she was the first,

"Little consolation. She had nowhere to go but UP after that first
introduction." said Donte, sucking his teeth.

"She's an old woman..."

"Most witches are!"

"Come on, Don..., TRY to get along? For me?" asked Tre, practically

"I'm here, ain't I?" asked Donte, as proof of his loyalty and commitment.
They pulled up onto Tre's family's street, and parked just outside the
residence. "But incase you HAVE to pick sides..., just remember WHO you
have to drive home with!" reminded Donte.

Inside the house were Tre's mother (Margaret Taylor), her 3 daughters
(Kimberly Steward and her husband -Mitchell. Darlene Daniels and her
husband -Joseph. And Karen Ross and her husband -Dennis). The women were
in the kitchen preparing the "pre-Thanksgiving" feast, while the men (and
their children) were sitting in the living room watching tv and playing
board games. Tre's presence spawned a welcome wagon as everyone came to
greet him home! Tre led Donte into the kitchen to see his mother and his
sisters. He opened the swinging door and was greeted by his youngest
sister -26 y/o Karen, as she wrapped her arms around her little brother's
neck and gave him a big hug. Followed by sisters 30 y/o Darlene, and 32
y/o Kimberly. Mom merely stood in the background, chopping celery with a
frown when she noticed Donte in tow.

"Hi mom..." smiled Trelic, walking over to his mother with open arms. He
hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek without any reaction from her

"I see you bought your..., company." she said, coldly.

"His name's Donte, mom." said Tre, sensing her mood already.

"Whatever..." said his mother, turning towards him. "...I'm just happy
you could find the time to spend with your real family!" she smiled a
half smile, kissing her son on the forehead.

Dinner was a feast of family home cooking. Each daughter made her very
own signature dish. Kimberly made Lasagna and a garden salad, Darlene
made cobbler and meatloaf, Karen made golden fried cat fish and cabbage,
mom made her famous mac and cheese and fried chicken, and Donte made
lobster thermidor (a recipe he got from a cook book, but came out very
Everyone made their plates, passing around the many offerings. Mother
Taylor kept a close eye on her fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, as
well as Donte's lobster. She made a mental note on who ate what, and how
many servings. When she saw Donte's lobster surpassing her own dish, she
decided to intervene.

"Attention everyone..." she said, tapping her wine glass with her fork.
"We have "baby news" to report..., it seems Darlene and Joseph are
expecting their second baby this coming summer!"
Everyone lit up, congratulating the couple as they held up their glasses
in a toast. "I know YOUR mother must be very proud Joseph, to have yet
another grandson to carry on your family's legacy!" she offered, hitting
Tre and Donte below the belt. "I suppose I will just have to accept that
my husband's cherished family's name will end with Tre." she added sadly.

"Mother..." called Karen (the youngest sister), feeling sorry for her
brother. "...I thought we weren't going to bring that up again this

"Well, I make no pretense that Harold and I had high hopes for Tre,
-especially being the only boy with 3 sisters!"

"Well I commend Trelic for following his own heart, and doing what makes
him happy." said Dennis, Karen's husband.

"Easy for YOU to say..." snapped ms Taylor, "...your mother has 6 sons!
Besides..., how could he be happy living like this?" she asked, looking
at her son and his friend. "It's unnatural! How can 2 men sustain a
healthy, loving, nurturing relationship like a man and a woman can? Two
men aren't nurturing! This isn't living, it's a decease!"

"Mom..." sighed Trelic, seeing Donte's face tighten with restraint.

"Your father thought this was just a phase you were going through!
Perhaps if you saw doctor Stevens again..."

"Mom, I'm not seeing that shrink again! I'm GAY, not crazy!" said Tre.

"You were seeing a shrink?" asked Donte, under his breath.

"My parents insisted on it when I first came "out" to them." whispered
Tre. "They thought I was mentally unstable. And apparently still do!"

"Mom, this isn't the time or place for this..." said Kimberly, trying to
restore some order to the dinner table.

"I can't just sit by and watch my only son throw away his life while...,
playing HOUSE with this..., this..."

"This WHAT?" asked Donte, dropping his fork.

"Everybody -calm down." said Mitchell, Kim's husband.

"Mom!" called Karen, embarrassed. "Why do we have to do this every year?"

"Mom has a point...!" said sister Darlene, aiding her mother. "Just think
how you'd feel if it were your son! Or Kim's and Mitch's boys -Jeriod,
and Michael? How would YOU feel if they came home with another man one
year claiming to be gay?"

"Don't even PLAY that way, Dar!" said Mitchell, Michael and Jeriod's

"My personal sex life is NOT open for debate!" stated Tre, upon deaf

"We really all need to calm down!" said Dennis, feeling the situation
getting out of hand.

"This is not what god intended you for!" continued Tre's mother, turning
to the religious front. "Is this truly what you think your father and I
bought you into this world for?"

"No, but whatever happened to unconditional love?" asked Tre, facing his

"Whatever happened to family tradition and values?" asked his mom.

"I can't live my life as a lie, pretending to be someone else just to
appease others!" answered Tre. "You wouldn't ask Kimberly, or Darlene, or
Karen to give up on their mates because they can't have children, so why
should I?"

"First of all, Kimberly, Darlene, and Karen have all married mates of the
opposite sex! AND their marriages are legal in the eyes of the lord as
well as the law!" argued the mother.

"You know what..., I'm getting really tired of this game!" sighed Tre in
frustration, but before his mother could react, he continued... "I WAS
going to wait until Christmas to spring this news, but..., seeing how MY
relationship isn't being considered serious..., I think drastic times
cause for drastic measures."
He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small box, then turned
towards his mother. "I really love Donte, and I want to show him my
expression of that love in the same way that my sisters have to their
mates!" Donte's eyes widened as Tre stood up, then got down beside him on
one knee next to him and held up the box. He opened it to reveal a plain
gold band with 5 small diamond stones incased (a man's engagement ring).
"Donte Julian Morgan...., will you marry me?"

"HELL YEAH!!" yelled Donte, accepting quickly!
Trelic placed the ring on his lover's finger, then kissed him lovingly
on the lips to seal their deal.

"THAT'S IT!!" yelled ms Taylor, slamming empty her wine glass to the
table as she stood. "I WILL NOT sit here and watch you throw your entire
life away! This is a travesty to your father's memory! And I will NOT be
apart of this blasphemous behavior any longer!!" she added, as she
stormed away from the table. Everyone sat in stunned silence for a moment
(including the children sitting at the "kiddie table" just a few feet
away) as her footsteps ascended the stairs and slammed the door shut to
her bedroom.

"Tre..., you really should have picked a better time to spring this kind
of BOMB on the family!" said Kim angrily, throwing her napkin in as she
too got up and left after their mother.

"When? When would have been a good time to tell her this?" asked Tre.

"At her funeral!" said Darlene, getting up from the table to clear her's
and her husband's dishes. "You know how mom and dad felt about FAMILY and
carrying on the family name and tradition! How could you just throw this
in her face like this?"

"This is MY life, Darlene! Not theirs! No one has the right to tell me
who to fall in love with and marry!"

"You're being very selfish, Tre." added Mitchell, sitting across the
table. "Your father was depending on YOU to continue on his legacy before
he died. The LEAST you could do was bare a son with his name!"

"That's right!" agreed Darlene, walking into the kitchen.

"And who's to say that child wouldn't be gay?" asked Donte, no longer
able to keep silent.

"At least Tre would've forfilled his part of the legacy! The rest would
fall to HIS son to forefill, and HIS son afterwards!" explained Mitch.

"I think you're all missing the point!" entered youngest sister -Karen.
"Tre's found his soulmate! Someone he wants to marry and spend the rest
of his life with! I think that out weighs any unspoken commitments he
may've had with daddy about marrying a woman and having children!
Remember how much against Dennis all of YOU were when you first found out
he had an arrest history?" she recalled, turning to grasped her husband's
hand. "And now you've all accepted him with open arms!" she smiled, happy
with her decision.

"The difference IS..., Dennis had been reformed! And now you 2 have a
happy, healthy, son! Trelic will never have that opportunity or
experience at fatherhood if he keeps fucking around with these faggots!"
said Darlene, returning from the kitchen to gather up her husband and

"Faggots...?!" reacted Donte, snapping out of the gaze he held on his
engagement ring since it was put on his finger.

"That was uncalled for, Dar!" intercepted Tre, knowing Donte was only a
second away from causing a family fight.

"Whatever, Tre!" hissed his sister, handing the coats to her family as
they prepared to leave. "Just don't be expecting to see ME, or mom, or
Kimberly at that so called Wedding you and your blushing bride will be
having! It's a mockery to our entire family and our beliefs as

"Dar'..., don't go! Don't be like that!" begged Karen, watching her
middle sister walk out the front door without even saying goodbye to

"Can you blame her?" asked Mitch, getting up to take his own plate into
the kitchen.

"This is fucked up..." said Tre, falling back in his chair defeated.
Donte held his hand in support. He wanted to tell Tre; 'THIS is why I
hate coming to your family's house for holidays!', -but he didn't.

"Well, for what it's worth Tre..., Dennis and I are on your side." said
sister Karen, affectionately. "And WE will attend you wedding if you have
one." she smiled.

"Thanks Kar'." said Tre, feeling emotionally drained. Then he turned to
Donte. "Ready for bed? I'm tied."

"I don't think we should stay here, Tre." said Donte, feeling very
uncomfortable in his momma's house. "I think we ought to leave. We can
check in at that hotel we passed on the way here."

"Or..., you could come stay the night with us!" offered Karen, getting a
look of agreement from her husband.

"Are you sure, Kar'? I don't want to put you out." said Trelic, thinking
it over.

"It's no problem." added Dennis, used to having his own family members
crash at their place from time to time. "We can put lil' Jamison in bed
with us, and you two can have the sofa bed in the living room!"

"Then it's settled then..., let's go!" said Karen, stacking up her and
her husband's dirty dishes.
Karen, Tre, and Donte emptied the garbage, stacked the dishes in the
dish washer, cleared the table, and wrapped all the left overs (they
didn't plate to be taken home) and put them in the refrigerator before
leaving. Then they said goodbye to Mitch and the kids, and left messages
for Kimberly and their mother to gather later. Tre and Donte got their
bags from the spare room, and followed Karen and Dennis home to their one
bedroom apartment across town in separate cars.

It was a cozy little apartment, not unlike the one Tre and Donte shared
back home in Philly. They put Jamison to bed in the bedroom, then set up
to sofa for their guests. After talking for awhile (until the wee hours
of the morning), they all decided to turn in. Karen and her husband
closed the door to their room for privacy, while Tre and Donte snuggled
up in bed under the blankets.

"We're NOT having sex, right?" whispered Donte over his shoulder. "Not
with your sister, her husband, and their son right in the next room.

"Right." whispered Tre, almost asleep already. It was a long drive, and
an emotionally draining day for him as he quickly drifted off to sleep.
He awoke about 4am with Donte bobbing his mouth up and down on his dick.
It took Tre a moment to remember where they were (as he'd had dreams of
family since falling asleep some few hours ago), but it all quickly came
back to him as he settled back and let his boyfriend take good care of

Donte was no slouch at dick sucking, having done it since junior high
when he was a kid with his best friends from the neighborhood. What
started off as a routine "jack off" in their secret club house, quickly
became Donte on his knees sucking every 12, 13, and 14 year old in their
clique. It wasn't until Donte was 14 that he got fucked for the first
time. His experiences transferred over into high school, and then
eventually into adulthood where he inevitably met Tre.
Now 2 years into their relationship, Donte was well familiar with every
bump and vein on his lover's dick as he swallowed it all the way down to
his balls. Tre stifled a moan, not wanting to make any noises to alarm
his sister or her husband as Donte sucked frantically on his dick. Donte
thought Tre was asleep, as he'd given Tre many blowjobs while Tre was
intoxicated or under the weather and was unaware that his dick was being
manipulated. That is until he felt Tre's hand snake down into the ass of
his rarely worn pajama bottoms. Tre slipped a spit wet finger into
Donte's receptive hole and began finger fucking him while he sucked. He
knew playing with Don's confessed "pussie" would lead to anal sex, which
was just what he wanted.

"You KNOW what that does to me..." whispered Donte, taking his mouth off
Tre's dick to kiss his lips.

"I know. But we have to be very quiet about it." whispered Tre, hungry
for him boi's hole.

"Tell yourself that mr screamer!" joked Donte, rolling onto his stomach.
Tre maneuver downward, pushing the blanket out of the way as he pushed
his face up inbetween Donte's spread ass cheeks. He pulled apart the 2
fat mounds, and buried his tongue into the hole to wet it sufficiently.
Then he climbed up on Don's back, and lowered his dick into the awaiting
hole. Donte moaned softly as Tre pressed his head up beside his to suck
his neck and steal sideways kisses. They'd made love hundreds of times in
the past 2 years, but this time they seemed MORE connected by the bind of
engagement they shared. A symbol that they Belonged to one another, and
were not just roommates or boyfriends carrying on until something better
came along. They were committed to each other, destined to be more than
friends and lovers as they connected as one, locked together in a tight

Donte felt Tre's weight on his back as his man kisses and sucked on his
neck and ear. He felt every thrust Tre made as he buried his dick in his
ass with each plunge, taking what was his upon agreement some time ago!
Tre was careful not to get too carried away, as he was respectful that
his straight sister and brother in-law slept in the very next room with
their only son. He fucked his boyfriend with long, deep thrusts, savoring
the feel of his sweet sucking raw asshole along his dick shaft as he
buried himself in over and over again.
Donte reached down between his legs and started to jack his own dick,
while elevating his ass for Tre to fuck, giving him a better target
inwhich to plunge his thick appendage into. "Oh yeah Tre..., fuck your
baby's ass!" whispered Donte, jerking his dick in time with Tre's thrusts
as his man lay tongue in his ear. The sofa bed bounce and squeaked
somewhat under their gentle moving bodies, as Trelic slowly began to lose
his care of anyone hearing them fuck.

"Where you want this nutt, baby?" he asked, fucking Donte harder and
deeper with each passing moment.

"Right inside my pussie, daddy! Give it to me, baby!" moaned Donte,
shooing cum all over the bed sheets beneath him.
Tre felt Donte's asshole spasm on his dick, and rammed himself in even
harder. After a dozen or so more jabs, he pushed all the way in and came
up his lover's ass in thick, heavy gushes of hot seed which completely
drenched Donte's insides with thick semen. The 2 men panted hard to catch
their breaths as their orgasms slowly subsided. After a minute or so of
kissing, they realized that they weren't alone.

"Glad to see you 2 not letting tonight's dinner party get you down." said
Karen's husband Dennis, standing in the doorway between the living room
and the bathroom next door.

"Oh shit!" startled Tre -embarrassed, pulling the blanket up over them.
"Sorry man..., I didn't mean to disturb..."

"Don't be sorry..." interrupted Dennis. "...if it wasn't for Jamison
sleeping in my bed, me and Karen would've been getting it IN too!" he
laughed, genuinely. "Go on man, handle your business!" he added,
disappearing into the bathroom.

"Damn..." chuckled Tre, still on top of Donte, -his half hard dick still
oozing out the very last of his load in his boi's guts. "
embarrassing!" he said, grateful that it was kind of dark.

"I don't think Dennis was too embarrassed..." whispered Donte, rubbing
his facial cheek against Tre's. "...I think he had a hardon in his

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