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Around Holiday time, everyone goes away to visit family. The couple in
apt 1-A (Angie and Byron) flew to Ohio to visit her folks. The couple in
2-B (Tre and Donte) drove to Delaware to visit Donte's people and
announce their engagement. The tenant in 1-B (Curtis) went to visit his
peeps across town in West Philly. And Carl and Charmaine went to Carl's
parents house to have a lovely Thanksgiving with the family. Milton
decided to skip Deme's parent's dinner, because he didn't want to hear
his mother in-law go on and on about how lousy a husband he'd been this
year. At first Demeecee was angry, but then she gave in and allowed Milt
to go to his parents house instead (knowing how her mother gets).

John and Melissa Howard had 3 children; Carl (the oldest), Milton (the
middle), and Janice (the baby girl). All were grown and living on the
own. Carl and his wife were expecting their first child soon, while Milt
and Deme were still contemplating when to have children. Janice was off
living the single life in NYC as a legal clerk. She was 26, and beautiful
(like her mother). She had a female roommate her parents knew only as
Michele. The surprise to everyone was that Janice and Michele weren't
only roommates, but lovers as well! This was announced during the dinner
table, after someone inadvertently asked Janice if she had a boyfriend

"You'" asked Milton's mother, staring at her daughter in shock.

"Yes mom." smiled Janice, taking her girlfriend's hand and holding it up
for everyone at the table to see. "And I'm in love!" she added happily,
kissing the back of her lover's hand.

"You're gay!" responded Carl, with a nasty tone which caught everyone's
attention. "How could you do this to mom and dad?"

"Do what to mom and dad? Love another living breathing human being? How
dare I?!" asked Janice, sarcastically.

"You know what I mean! They didn't raise us to be THAT way!" yelled Carl.

"No one raises their child to be gay, dummy!" responded Janice.

"Let's all calm down..." said Melissa, trying to keep things in order.

"No mom, tell her how you really feel! Let her know how totally
disappointed you and dad are to hear she's shacking up with another
girl!" yelled Carl, speaking for his parents. "How disgusting!"

"Speak for yourself, son." said John Howard, trying to make sense of it

"What?" shocked Carl, looking at his father as if he spotted an alien. "I
KNOW you're not saying you alright with this shit, dad!"

"Watch your mouth, boy!" corrected his father. He looked over at his
daughter and her girlfriend, then reached out and grasped his little
girl's hand. "I may not like or know much about same sex partnerships,
but I know I want my children to be happy. And surround themselves with
people that make them happy. So...I want to wish Janice and Michele all
the luck they'll need to have a successful relationship!"
He looked Janice in the eye. "And I MEAN that, baby-girl." he added.

"I love you daddy!" smiled Janice, jumping up to give her father a hug
and a kiss.

"What about YOU, mom?" asked Carl, turning to his mother. "You gonna let
this go on in your own house?"

"Shut up, Carl!" said Melissa Howard. "I'm more concerned about their
safety! What if people find out? You could be hurt!" she said, addressing
the couple head on.

"We live in a very gay friendly neighborhood, mrs Howard." said Michele,
respectfully. "And there are town watches everywhere. Every woman has to
be careful while walking the streets nowadays, -Janice and I see it as no
different for us. Robbers and rapists don't know who's gay and who's
straight, they attack us all!"

"True. I..,I didn't think of that..." said Melissa, thinking it over. She
looked at her husband, then back at Janice, and smiled. "I guess...,
Welcome to the family, Michele!" she chimed.

"Thank you."

"I don't fucking believe this!" yelled Carl, going ballistic. Charmaine
did what she could to control her husband, but there was no stopping his
irate behavior.

"And what about YOU, Milt?" asked Janice through all the fuss, crossing
her arms on the table and staring across at her brother. "How do you feel
about my announcement?"

"Yeah, Milt! Tell us how YOU feel!" said Carl sarcastically, waiting for
an answer so he could cut him down!
Milt looked around the table at his family, then silently got up and
walked out.

"Milt...!" called his mother, hearing the front door shut.

"That's what I'm talking about!" said Carl, feeling vindicated. "That's
what I mean! What're WE supposed to tell people when they see you 2
coming? Do you have any idea how embarrassing this's gonna be?!"

"Frankly Carl, I don't give a damn!" said Janice, standing up to go after

"Janice...!" called Melissa, worried about everyone's food getting cold.
Carl went on rambling about how disgusting it was to have a faggot in the
family despite his parents warnings to calm down. Michele looked at him
cross from across the table, starting to take a serious disliking to him
when Carl looked up and asked her...

"What the fuck you looking at, bitch?"

Outside, Milton sat on the front steps to his parent's house, the house
they all grew up in. How many times had he fallen down those steep cement
steps as a kid, rough housing it with Carl and his friends? He could
still remember the shrieks his momma made when he came in the house,
bloody with crape and scratch marks. "Milt...?" called Janice from
behind, coming out to sit next to him on the steps. She was always so
girlie and petite, Milt had to admit himself that he was completely
surprised by her announcement. "It's kind of cool out here." she said,
bundling her arms as she sat down next to him. "What's wrong, big
brother? Are you upset with me about being gay?" she asked, trying to
read his face expressions.

"No." answered Milt, looking down at nothing.

"Then what's wrong? You know you left me and my girl Michele hanging in
there. Carl thinks you lift because you're against our relationship. He
thinks you're his allies"

"Carl's an idiot! He KNOWS why I'm not against it." said Milt, not
wanting to say any more about it.

"How about enlightening me, eh? I'm the one that posed the question,
remember?" reminded Janice.

"There's a lot of shit going on in my life right now, that Carl knows of,
but no one else does." admitted Milt, vaguely.

"I'm all ears." offered Janice, leaning in to listen. Milt looked over at
his baby sister, all grown up and womanly now with womanly thoughts and
womanly issues. He wondered how she would feel to know that her strong
virile brother was dipping in the gay pool, and was probably gay as well?
Having fucked and...loved, another man.
Milt started in, telling Janice about how Marlon came to live with him
and Demeecee for a time, and how closely they developed as friends and
eventually lovers. He told her of Marlon's jail experiences, and how he
seemed to have lost his manhood and allows Carl to boss him around and
mishandle him. Janice sat and listened to the whole story from beginning
to end, keeping an open mind and an open heart as her brother poured out

"How do you feel about Marlon now?" she asked, after he finished with his

"What do you mean how do I feel? He's my brother in-law!" said Milton,
defensively. For some reason, he still had a problem admitting his
feelings. Men don't go around confessing they love other men, unless it's
your father or brother, -OR unless you're drunk and talking shit!

"Well...I don't know how you feel about Marlon, but one thing I've leaned
from living with Michele is that; tomorrow's not promised to you, and
life's too short to be living it through other people's eyes and narrow
minded opinions. If you like Marlon as much as your voice tells me you
do, then you owe it to him and to yourself to find out how deep it goes
and how far it reaches. Who knows, HE might be your true soul-mate, NOT

"And how do you feel about what I told you?" asked Milt, seriously
concerned about his image. "Does it bother you to know I have these
feelings for another dude? That I'm not as...straight, as the next

"No, not at all, Milton." said Janice, sincerely. "Besides, with all of
the DL brothas and Homothugs walking around, whose to say who's straight
and who's gay anymore?"

"I hear that!" agreed Milton, wrapping his arm around his sister's

"What really surprises me is Carl." she added, allowing Milt's arm to
warm her some. "After all the shit he talked in there, he's no better
than I am! He's just not open with it."
Milt said nothing as he took his sister's words to heart. She had a
significant point about life being too short to live through the eyes of
others, but Milton had to think of his family. What would his father say?
Sure he was accepting of Janice's announcement, but the world seems more
tolerant to lesbians than they are to homosexuals. Besides, Milton wasn't
even sure if the word "homosexual" applied to him. Sure he liked (and
enjoyed) fucking Marlon, but he enjoys woman also. He supposed that would
put him in some sort of bisexual category with society, but he wasn't
sure he wanted to be tied to a label like that. People tend to charter
everyone in the bisexual category under GAY, and Milton just didn't feel
like he belonged there. He still wanted a life with women. He still
wanted a family with children. And he unquestionably wanted...Marlon. He
had a lot of thinking to consider before making any decisions.

"Come on, Milt..." said Janice, smacking him on the knee to get his
attention. "...let's get back in the house, before Michele goes for
Carl's throat!"
They laughed at the possibilities as they got up from the steps, and
made their way inside. From the door they could hear the ruckus! Curse
words flew as furniture was knocked over. Carl had gone too far with the
insults, and Michele had jumped him from her seat across the table,
knocking over dishes in the process!

"Mother fucker, I'll CUT you!" she screamed, scratching at his face just
as Johnathan Howard grabbed her by the waist.

"Come on, Bitch! I'll fuck you up!" yelled Carl, falling backwards as he
knocked over his dining room chair. Melissa Howard and Charmaine was
trying to hold him at bay when he suddenly slapped Michele across the
face, sending her ear-rings flying.

"Pussy!" yelled Janice, jumping on her brother's back and pounding her
tiny fists hard into his shoulders. Carl fell forward from the extra
weight, and landed a top the table, causing more of a mess.

"Stop! Stop this right now!" yelled mother Melissa, watching her
beautiful dining room setting fall to pieces.
Carl flipped Janice off his back, knocking her to the floor. That's when
Milton came up, roughly turned Carl around, and clocked him one straight
into the jaw. Carl fell back onto the floor, but not without grabbing the
table cloth and dragging the entire dinner down with him! Turkey &
dressing, gravy, ham, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, yams, deviled
eggs, green beans, cranberry sauce, collard greens, peach cobbler,
cornbread, butter, rolls, wine, and water...all came tumbling down!
Melissa Howard screamed as he lovely carpet (and dinner) were ruined!
Janice and Michele started to laugh. Then Charmaine's water suddenly
broke. She stood in the middle of the floor like a statue with her legs
spread apart, a huge puddle forming under her.

"OH MY GOSH...!" yelled Melissa.

"Call an ambulance!" yelled Jonathan.
Carl jumped up off the floor looking for the fight to continue, when he
suddenly realized his wife was in labor.

"Whadda we do??" he asked in a panic.

"Call the doctor!" yelled Charmaine, as Milt, Melissa, and Janice helped
her put on her coat and walk towards the door.

"Okay!" said Carl, drawing a complete blank. "What's the doctor's
number?" he asked, realizing they left all of the hospital information at
home on the dresser. Charmaine groaned out loud as a severe pain shot
through her abdominal area. "OH SHIT!" yelled Carl.

"Relax..." said Michele, grabbing his arm to get his attention. "What's
your hospital? The staff can call your doctor from there!" he reminded
him as the family rushed her out the door and into Milt's car.

* * * * * *

They were playing The Wizard Of Oz on television (as they do every
Thanksgiving holiday!), while Marlon is alone in his tiny one room apt
heating up a frozen turkey dinner in the microwave. His boifriend's
family didn't know that Curtis was gay (or bisexual), so understandably
Marlon didn't want to risk blowing his cover by exposing himself as his
lover. Curtis came from a big "church" family background (being raised
Jehovah's Witness), so it was understood that they wouldn't be spending
the holiday together. The microwave's buzzer chimed just as the house
lands on The Wicked Witch Of the West (or is it East?). He burns his
fingers slightly taking it out of the microwave, then quickly rushes it
over to the small tray stand he uses as a living room table. A cheap can
of beer is beside him as he prays over his meal, then digs in. For a
frozen dinner, it's not half bad. Sliced turkey & gravy, mashed potatoes,
and green beans. What more could a man want?
Just then, there was a light tap at the door. Marlon froze, hoping it
wasn't Carl looking to fuck. Marlon was pissed cause he'd just showered
and shaved, and didn't want Carl thinking he was cute enough to plug!
"Hello..?" he heard someone say, suddenly realizing Carl never knocks. He
just barges right in rather Marlon's prepared to see him or not. Marlon
wasn't expecting company, so he had no idea who would be calling on the

"Milt..." he said, as he opened the door.

"Sup, man? You gonna let me in?" he asked, standing on the bottom step.

"Yeah, sure..." said Marlon, stepping back to allow entry.
Milton came in, carrying a foiled plate.

"This's for you." he smiled, noting the tv dinner sitting on the tray

"You shouldn't have!" said Marlon, taking the plate and unwrapping it.
There was a giant turkey leg w/dressing & gravy, sliced ham, mac &
cheese, greens, yams, 2 deviled eggs, cornbread, cranberry sauce, and
cobbler all on one plate. Marlon licked his lips and sat his tv dinner
aside. "Have a seat?" he offered, before digging in!

"Aren't you gonna heat that up?" asked Milt, laughing.

"Taste good like it is!" said Marlon, hungry as hell.

"Charmaine had her baby tonight." mentioned Milt, getting a stunned
reaction from Marlon. "It's a BOY." he said, before Marlon could ask.
Marlon smiled, then looked back at the television as he wondered if that
meant the end of Carl's agreement as tenor.
They sat silently, watching the movie together as Dorthy made her way
down the Yellow Brick Road...

Milt awoke to find the television playing an infomercial. Marlon was
asleep in his arms, his head laying on Milt's chest as he snored ever so
lightly. Milt looked at his watch, then rubbed his face to wake up. Deme
was probably calling the house wondering where he was. Luckily he told
her earlier about Carl's baby news. But he knew he shouldn't press his
luck, he was still on probation as far as she was concerned.
Milt went to wake Marlon up so he could leave, but didn't have the heart
to do it. Marlon looked so cute asleep under his draped arm.
Instinctively he bent his head down and kissed him on the forehead.
Milton thought about his actions, but felt compelled to do it again. He
placed his lips against Marlon's forehead, and lingered. He trailed
Marlon's facial features with his fingertips, drawing lines across his
lips, down the bridge of his nose, across his thick eye brows, and along
his jaw line. Marlon stirred, but didn't awaken until he felt the gentle
caresses and tiny kisses to his head. He looked up at Milt. Neither man
said anything as Milton leaned down and kissed Marlon gently on the lips.
Their lips touched ever so slightly, then touched again. After a few
seconds the kiss got firmer. Their lips mashed as they did a series of
closed mouth kisses, before Milton inserted his tongue.

"uummm..." moaned Marlon, accepting it as he sucked it gently. His arm
was wrapped around Milton's waist. He slowly eased it back around front
and down into his crotch. He could feel the hardon that was already
throbbing for him.
Milt began to get more aggressive with his kisses. He changed position,
getting a better angle inwhich to search Marlon's mouth. He felt Marlon
grabbing onto his hardon through the fabric of his jeans. He was aching
to get it out, but didn't want to rush the moment. He maneuvered his body
so that he was no longer sitting, rather facing Marlon as he pushed him
backwards on the futon (without once breaking the kiss). He gently laid
Marlon on his back, and pressed himself on top so that he was laying
between Marlon's spread legs. They could feel each other's hardon
grinding into each other as they kissed, humped, and caressed each other
through a layer of clothing.

Marlon's hands went around Milt's back, feeling the muscles from his
broad shoulders and down the curve of his strong back as Milt slowly
pumped into him. Milt's hands went up under Marlon's yellow t-shirt,
feeling his bare skin as he reached down and caressed his ribs and ass
from beneath. Marlon wrapped his arms around Milt's neck, and moaned into
his mouth as he gave into his masculinity. Milt played the more dominate
role and took charge, peeling Marlon's shirt off over his head (finally
breaking the kiss).
Milt flung the shirt onto the floor as his kissed his way down the side
of Marlon's jaw, and started to gently suck his neck. Marlon moaned
softly as Milt continued his journey down, licking Marlon's chest and
sucking firmly on his erect nipples. "Oh shit..." moaned Marlon, loving
Milt's nipple play. Straight men often sucked nipples good, as they were
taught well by women on how to please in that area. Milton spent a good 5
minutes on each nipple, sucking and biting them gently until they were
stiff and standing at complete and full attention. Then he started to
undo Marlon's pants, and inch them down off of his ass. Marlon helped by
making it easier for him, and soon he was laying there stark naked.

Milt continued where he left off, and kissed his way down Marlon's
stomach. He licked at his navel, then went even lower until he was
licking Marlon's dick. Marlon's body tingled with shivers as Milt's
tongue dance along the shaft and about the throbbing tip. He could taste
remnants of Marlon's pre-cum, but didn't take the dick in his mouth as he
did once before (back in chp13 of "my wife's bro"), as it wasn't really
his cup of tea. But he didn't mind kissing and licking on it (some). He
made his way down the shaft, then used his big hands to lift Marlon's
legs up over his head. Marlon's deep rich brown ass came into view from
the glow of the tv screen. Without hesitating, Milton pressed his face in
and started eating his boi out.
Marlon's eyes fluttered as Milt's tongue worked over his sweet hole. In
all the time he'd been getting dicked down and fucked by the best of
them, no one (save Curtis) took the time to make Marlon felt good and
make sure his body got pleasure -until Milt. Milt ate his ass like pussy,
tonguing, sucking, nibbling, fingering, caressing...he darted his tongue
in and out, fucking the tight little black pucker until he felt it dilate
wet and juicy.

Unable to stand anymore pleasure without cumming, Marlon pulled Milt up
from his meal, and pulled Milton's button down shirt and t-shirt off over
his head. Milton's muscles came into view, turning Marlon on like nothing
else. He sat up, kissing Milt in the mouth as he fumbled with the fastens
on his pants. Milt stood, taking over the undressing as he kicked off his
shoes and dropped his pants and draws. Marlon's eyes fastened on Milt's
manhood as it swung into view. He leaned forward and took the prize meat
between his lips and started sucking. Milt's dick jumped as soon as
Marlon closed his lips around the head. He could taste all the pre-cum
forming at the piss slit, -his stomach hungry for more as he took the
dick deeper into his mouth.
Milton let Marlon suck him for awhile, but he didn't want to cum orally.
He wanted to cum inside Marlon, the way he used to. He felt Marlon taking
him into the back of his throat, pressing his nose into Milt's pubic
bone. Milt felt the throat tighten and milk his thick boner, then pulled
back before Marlon accidentally made him spill his load. Marlon looked up
in surprise, having just gotten into sucking it. He loved Milt's dick,
and wanted to eat his load to show him just how much he was devoted to

"I don't want to cum that way, baby..." Milt said, pushing Marlon back
onto the futon. Marlon knew what Milt wanted, and he wanted the same
thing. He laid back and spread his legs as Milt maneuvered between them.
He pressed the head of his dick up against the tight taut asshole, and
pressed. Marlon bit his lower lip as a sharp pain shot through his anus,
but he held tight as he looked up into Milt's eye.
Milt felt his dick sink in, the tight anal ring squeezing his woodie
like a vice as he leaned forward and pressed inward. Soon his entire dick
was sheathed up Marlon's ass. He laid out on top of him, and started to
kiss him deeply.

Marlon felt fully stuffed by Milt's manhood. He accepted his tongue back
into his mouth as Milton slowly started to move in and out. Marlon felt
the dick sliding through his rectum, effectively fucking him as Milton's
body humped a top him. In a matter of minutes they were breathing hard
and panting. Milton broke the kiss, raising himself up on his strong arms
as he did pushups into Marlon's body. Marlon held his legs up and open,
allowing Milt all the room he needed to maneuver. Their bodies worked in
unison, one steady humping while the other took the blows. Marlon's
rectum and colon formed to the shape of Milt's dick as it plunged in and
out at an ever faster rate. The momentum built as their bodies got
hotter. Soft moans were replaced by louder grunts and gasps as slapping
flesh filled the room.
Milt felt his orgasm coming quickly as he redoubled his speed, hammering
into Marlon with a frightful pace. Marlon took his once lover's strokes,
tightening his hole when necessary to provide a better service as
Milton's dick moved in and out like a well oiled machine.

"Cum for me, baby..." whispered Milt, feeling his balls already
tightening. Marlon reached down and grasped his hardon, which was so
close to cumming already. He'd been leaking a steady flow of pre-cum
since Milt walked through the door hours ago! In only a few strokes, he
was shooting white hot gold all over his own chest and stomach. The ultra
tightening of Marlon's asshole caused Milt to spill his load. He gasped
for breath as the cum shot out of him in thick heavy gobs, filling
Marlon's inside with a huge abundance of potent juice as his dick
throbbed and pulsed out it's riches.
He laid down on top of Marlon full bodied, Marlon's cum acting as paste
as it plastered the 2 of them together. Milt slid his tongue back into
Marlon's mouth as his dick finished off it's orgasm.

"I love you, Milt." whispered Marlon, no longer caring about the stereo
type or fearing what that meant of him as a man. Milt continued to kiss
him, enjoying the aftermath of their amazing sex. After awhile, Marlon
relaxed under the weight of Milt's body as they settled in to fall

* * * * *

Milt left Marlon's apartment at 6am, the sun was just starting to peek
over the horizon of inner city buildings when Carl suddenly appeared on
the walkway. The 2 brothers stopped in mid-stride, surprised to see each
other here. Carl was the first to continue walking.

"I guess congratulations is in order." said Milt, holding out his hand.

"Thanks. I suppose the same is in order for you too?" he asked, nodding
towards Marlon's apt. Milt blushed.

"Look Carl..."

"No need to explain, Milt. I know how you feel about Marlon. I had a nice
long talk with Janice last night at the hospital to confirm it too, after
you left." said Carl.

"And how do you feel about it?" asked Milt, curiously.

"I'm not gonna lie, I'm not happy about it. But I have to admit that I
saw this coming. I even tried to prevent it from happening. I didn't want
to see you ruin your life over some punk!"

"Marlon's not a punk!" explained Milt.

"Whatever he is, YOU like him! Who am I to stand in the way of that? I
just hope you know what you're getting yourself into."

"This's all new to me too, Carl. I have no idea what I'm doing."
confessed Milt. "All I know is I can't get him out of my head. He's
special to me. I want to protect him, like I want to with Deme."

"I understand, man. But your wife won't!" reasoned Carl. "How you gonna
explain to a woman that you've fallen for another man? Do you think
Deme's gonna let you have Marlon while you're married to HER? -I don't
think so!" Carl put his hand on Milt's shoulder. "Think about it HARD
before you make the biggest mistake of your life. Whatever your decision,
I'm behind you 100%."

"Thanks Carl, I appreciate that, bro." said Milt, affectionately.

"That's what brother's are for, man." said Carl, patting him lightly on
the shoulder before continuing towards the apt. "Now I gots to get me
some sleep! Charmaine'll be home with that baby tomorrow, and lord knows
I won't be getting any more rest after that!"

"One more thing, Carl..." called Milt, stopping his brother's stride.
"...lay off Marlon."

"You got it." agreed Carl, walking on.

Milt drove home with his mind in a fog. He'd spent one of the most
romantic, loving, nights of his life alone with Marlon last night, and
now he had to face his wife the next morning. He could only imagine what
Demeecee was thinking! He'd checked his cell phone for messages, but
there weren't any. She was probably sitting up waiting for him, with a
rolling pin in one hand, and a metal frying pan in the other. He liked
what he had at home, and didn't want to ruin it. But his was prepared to
tell Demeecee what happened, if she demanded and explanation. He knew
sparks would fly, and tears would shed, but he couldn't see any other way
He parked his car in front of his house, and cut the engine. Slowly he
crept his way inside and up the steps. He was surprised to see Deme still
in bed, sleep. Maybe she wasn't mad, after all. He quietly took off his
clothes (down to his boxers), and slipped in under the covers. Deme

"What time is it?" she asked, looking over at the digital clock.

"6:30." answered Milt, laying still as a board and hoping she fall back
to sleep.

"How's Charmaine?" she asked, turning her head around in Milt's

"She had a boy!" he said.

"A boy? I know Carl's happy as hell."


"You stayed with him all night?" she asked (moment of truth...!).


"That's good." said Deme, rolling over to lay her head on his bare chest.
"You're a good brother." she said, closing her eyes as she drifted back
off to sleep.

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