Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The holiday season (the day after Thanksgiving) was in full bloom. The
people were shopping, the Santa's were racking up, and the stores were
making a killing! The hottest gifts this year were leather coats,
diamonds, ipods, mp3 players, digital cameras, compact personal dvd
players, and wide screen plasma TV's.
Demeecee Howard had decorated the house in a multi array of colors. She
made Milton buy a HUGE tree, which she over decorated with lights, bulbs,
tinsel, holly, beads, bows, cotton snow flakes, popcorn strings, and
ornaments galore! She was determined to end their troubled year
successfully on a high note. Come New Years, they would have a fresh
start to redeem themselves. Demeecee knew Milton was a good man
(particularly after all her years of molding and re-shaping), so she knew
whatever the problem was coming between them was worth fixing. And after
the way Milt reacted and fused over his little nephew (Charlie), she knew
it was high time they talked seriously about having a family of their

For Milton, it was the day after reconciling his relationship with his
brother in-law Marlon. He woke up feeling good about himself. After
months of suppressing his desires and feelings, he finally allowed
himself to open up and take what he wanted. And last night was just the
start of something good! Already he was missing him, -wanting to hear his
voice, to feel his touch. He fumbled through the day with the consolation
of knowing that at some point in the day, they were likely to "hookup"
again. It was amazing how just a few short hours ago, life was looking
pretty bleak for Milton; his marriage appeared to be in trouble, and he
was unhappy. Now in one swoop, everything seemed to fall back into place.
Funny how life always throws you a curve ball when least expected.

For Marlon..., it was the day after an exciting night of romance with
Milton (after a long wait)! It was also a day of extreme guilt! Here
Marlon and Carl was just starting to date each other monogamously, and
Marlon cheats on him first time out. Curtis had been so good to him
(better than any man has been, thus far)! But Milton..., was a long time
coming, and last night was nothing short of magical!
He laid in his apartment bed, dreading the moment when Curtis would come
home from his family visit and want to be with him. He still had Milt's
scent in his bed sheets, and all over his body. His Cologne, his after
shave, his semen... It gave Marlon a rise just thinking about him. He was
just about to reach down and stroke his pole, when his cell phone went
It was Curtis.

"Wussup babee? Miss me lass nite?" he asked over the phone, his voice in
a low deliberate tone.

"Hey..." said Marlon, trying to sound normal. " was the dinner last

"Ok. my uncle Davis got drunk and fell down the steps after pissing all
over the floor in the bathroom." chuckled Curt, bringing a smile to
Marlon's face. "My moms was mad as shyt, man! Lass Christmas he got pissy
drunk and fell into the Christmas tree. I can't wait to see what he does
next holiday." paused Curt. "What about you? What you do lass nite?"

"uh..., nothing. I just stayed in, and watched TV. Wizard Of Oz was
playing." said Marlon, leaving out the part where Milton came over with a
platter and made love to him until the wee hours of the morning.

"Aww, poor babee." whispered Curtis. "Guess I'mma have to make it up to
you, somehow. Any suggestions?" Marlon found it hard to respond, he
wanted to tell Curtis what he knew he wanted to hear, but felt in his
heart that it wouldn't be honest. Already he felt torn between the two of
them. Marlon felt funny, knowing Curtis was completely clueless that he'd
just cheated on him mere hours ago. Strange how Carl had been fucking him
all this time with little more than an irritation in his mind, but ONE
fuck from Milton and his whole world was turned upsidedown! "I can't wait
to get you back in bed, n'shyt. Damn I can't wait to see you tonite!
Did'n you miss me?"

"Of course. How'd you sleep last night?" asked Marlon, changing the

"Badly! I had to bunk down with my cousin James from Maryland! And that
nigga's feet stank!" complained Curtis.

"James? Is that the same cousin you told me you used to mess around with
when yall were kids?" questioned Marlon.

"Yup! And guess what..., nigga tried to suck my dick lass nite!" said
Curt, astonished. "Nigga's got 2 kids now, and still beggin to cop my
dick! Guess he knows a good thang when he sees it, huh?" laughed Curt.

"When will you be home?" asked Marlon, his mind not really into the

"Probably not til later tonite. My moms got me drivin her and my grammy
round to all the stores to catch the sales, I'm waitin for 'em to come
outta Walmart now. Shyt's PACKED Yo! You'd think they waz givin shyt awa
free!" stated Curtis. Marlon couldn't find anything else to say. He
really wanted to get off the phone. Talking to Curtis only made him feel
even more guilty about Milton. Luckily, Curtis gave him a break... "Yo
bae' gotta go, I see my mom's comin out wid this BIG ass shoppin cart!
She'd betta have a decent present fo me this year!"

"O...okay, I understand." answered Marlon, eager to end the call. "Have
fun, I'll be here when you get back."

"Promise?" asked Curtis, making Marlon's blood run cold.

"Yes..., promise." he said, hanging up before anything else could be

* * * * *

Marlon got a chance to see the baby when Carl and Charmaine brought him
home from the hospital. Marlon had mixed emotions about the kid; knowing
it possibly meant the end of his agreement of sexual servitude to Carl
(win), and more likely the end of Carl agreement to let him stay there
rent free as handyman (lose).
However, Carl and Charmaine was feeling mighty good and generous with
the holiday spirit due to the birth of their son (Charlie). They had
Marlon decorate the entire frame of the building complex, door frames,
and windows in white lights. The shrubs were also lit, as well as the
edge of the walkway and railings. Their apartment doors were decorated
with the Christmas cheer as well; wreaths, lights, wrappings, cards, and
holly filled the inside halls and landings with all the signs of holiday

As a bonus, Carl took Marlon aside for a private talk, and freed him of
his sexual responsibilities (as promised to his brother). He also offered
to keep Marlon on as the handyman with the same agreement on rent, plus
an added cash raise to make a decent living so he could eventually buy
new furniture and pay child support. Marlon was ecstatic, happy to
finally be free of his agreement with Carl! "I know how Milt feels about
you..." added Carl with a serious tone. "...he doesn't know what kind of
hot water he's getting himself into, but it's his life to fuck it up as
he sees fit! Just don't fuck him over."

"I won't." promised Marlon, wondering deep inside how he was going to
keep that promise while he's already involved with another man!

Carl and Charmaine Howard's home became busy with well wishers stopping
by to see the new family addition. All day while decorating, Marlon saw a
parade of people pile in to see the new baby. The gay couple in apt 2-B
(Donte and Trelic) stopped in, as did the str8 couple in apt 1-A (Angie
and Byron), Charmaine's girlfriends (Linda and Cheryl) came over, as did
Jonathan and Melissa Howard (the new grand parents), and Janice (Carl's
little sister) and her girlfriend -Michele. Charmaine's family visited as
well, but Marlon was less familiar with them. However, when Milt and
Demeecee came to visit, Marlon's heart froze momentarily in his chest.
From a top a latter on the second floor landing, Marlon saw Milton and
Demeecee enter. They both looked up at him, diverting their eyes quickly
before knocking on the Howard's door in apt 1-B. Marlon watched and
listened as they were greeted at the door with hugs and kisses. Deme
stepped in, saying "hello" to the rest of the guests while Carl stepped
aside in the doorway to allow passage. Milton looked back up at Marlon,
and smiled. Marlon felt a flush of warmth spread over him as he heart
regained its functions. Milt disappeared into the apt, leaving Carl. He
looked up at Marlon with a serious expression, causing Marlon's warm
feeling to quickly dissipate. Then he disappeared back into his apt.

Marlon finished up with the decorating, and was storing the unused XMAS
supplies in the storage area of the basement (a large room walled off
from his section of the basement), when he was suddenly snuck up on from
behind. Someone grabbed him by the waist as he was bending over boxes. He
felt an erection pressing into his buttock, and spun around to see who it
was. "Milt!" he said, surprised.

"Hey!" smiled Milt, kissing Marlon on the lips. Marlon felt his dick
starting to react, and broke the kiss.

"Where's Deme?" he asked, concerned.

"In Carl's apartment, visiting Charmaine and the baby." said Milt,
leaning in to recapture Marlon's mouth.

"'d you get away?" he asked, ducking backwards to avoid kissing.

"What you mean how'd I get away? Not like I'm imprisoned. I just walked
out the door." answered Milton.

"Deme's gonna be looking for you." said Marlon. "She knows I live in the
building, you don't want her thinking we together...., not after last
time she saw us together (back in chap-15 of "my wife's brother").

"She's over that, Marlon. Seriously."

"Seriously?" asked Marlon, skeptical. "Then why didn't she speak when she
came in?" he asked, moving to the other side of the room. "She looked
right dead at me, then turned her head. How's that getting over it?"

"It's gonna take a minute for her to forget, man. Remember, YOU were the
one that took full responsibility for what happened. She's just coming to
terms with what you told her happened to you in jail. Let her process it
for a while. Yall may never have the same exact relationship you had
before." reasoned Milton.

"She forgave YOU." said Marlon, feeling dumped on.

"I'm her husband. And believe me..., we have our own issues. But we
working on them." confirmed Milt, walking up behind Marlon again. He
wrapped his arms around Marlon's waist, pressing his hardon back into his
ass while kissing his neck.

"We don't have time for this, Milt..." warned Marlon, scare of getting
caught by Deme..., or Curtis!

"Then we'd better hurry up, right?" whispered Milton, turning Marlon
around to face him. "You not going to send me back in there with a
hardon, are you?" he asked, seductively.
Marlon smiled, then slowly sank to his knees.

Milton made himself comfortable by leaning back against some old
furniture. Marlon reached up and unbuttoned his pants, then pulled down
his zipped and out his hard dick. Milton watched as Marlon encircled his
hard mass with his mouth. Both men moaned simultaneously, both getting
what they most wanted.
Marlon took as much of Milton into his mouth as possible, closing his
lips around mid-shaft to wet it good. He wrapped his tongue around the
belly of the dick, soaking the shaft in a thick coat of saliva. Then he
pulled back his head, dragging his wet lips up the shaft.

Milton groaned, feeling his dick taken good care of. He reached down to
caress Marlon's face, running his fingers over his close cut skull and
his thumb down across his face and jaw bone. Marlon moaned happily as he
took the dick back into his mouth, all the way down to the balls. He felt
it lodge down into his throat (where it belonged), the flaring head
already starting to pulse with excitement. Marlon's stomach began to
growl with the craving of Milt's juice. He could taste the pre-cum every
time his mouth retreated back up to the round head. He sucked lovingly on
the crown, gathering as much flavor as possible before swallowing it all
the way back down.
He set up a good rhythm with his mouth and throat, taking Milton deep
down on nearly every pass. He ran his hands up and down the legs of
Milt's pants, feeling the thigh muscles flex as Milt pumped in and out of
his mouth. Soon they were both working in unison, pumping and pulling
against each other to create friction between them. Milt's dick was
glistening wet and slippery as it journeyed in and out at a fantastic
rate. He cradled Marlon's head in his hands like a football, just as
orgasm hit. Marlon gripped the backs of Milton's legs, as he jammed his
mouth and nose into his groin. Cum erupted from the pulsating dick,
pouring a flood of hot liquid down Marlon's throat and directly into his

Milton stifled a groan, not wanting to cause attention. He felt his dick
empty in Marlon's mouth, then fell back against the sheet covered
furniture he lay against. Marlon felt Milton's hands relax on his head,
and ground his own face into his brother in-law's zipper. Milton's dick
churned around in his throat as it finished dumping it's load of fine
juices. Slowly Marlon dragged his lips back up to the head, cleaning it
thoroughly before releasing it all together. He swallowed what he could
gather from the cum tube after orgasm, then stood up as Milton tucked his
prize back into his pants.
They both looked at each other, and smiled with satisfaction.

At the apt, Demeecee was so enthralled with Charmaine and the new baby,
that she didn't even realize that Milton had slipped away. They took
pictures, hugged, played with, kissed, cuddled, rocked, held and loved
the baby, -talking everything from diapers to daycare to colleges (and
everything inbetween). Deme didn't realize Milt was gone until she
decided to ask him a question. "Where's Milt?" she asked, looking around
the apt from room to room.

"I don't know, I think he went outside." said Michele (Janice's
girlfriend), unknowing of Milt's situation with Marlon. Deme's face ran

"I'm sure he'll be back any minute." interrupted Janice, trying to run
interference. But Demeecee was already on her way out the door. She
walked out and down the steps to the foyer, and stood out on the front

"MILT?" she called, looking around the grounds. "Milt?" she called again,
ready to storm around to Marlon's apt, when she heard a car horn blow.
She turned towards the street to see Milton sitting in their car. She
started to relax, feeling stupid as she walked over to where they parked.
"What you doing out here?" she asked, getting in beside him in the
passenger's seat.

"Just wanted to smoke a cigarette, and listen to some music." he said
casually, holding up a rarely lit cigarette. "Were you looking for me?"

"I...I..., just wanted to know what you..., thought of the baby. Ain't he
cute?" she asked, derailing her suspicions.

"Well, he's my nephew..., family genes dictates he MUST be cute." smiled

"Yeah, alright mr modest!" laughed Deme. She was blushing, feeling guilty
for thinking Milt was out doing something he wasn't, when a car pulled up
beside them. They watched as a male got out of the passenger's seat, then
walked pass them and up the side lawn towards the side of the apt complex
where Marlon lived. Demeecee paid it no mind as she went on talking, but
Milt watched, curious as to where the thug was going.

Marlon was still in the storage area, packing away boxes Milton had
interrupted him from doing earlier. He was bending over to shove a
particularly heavy box when someone snuck up on him from behind. They
placed their hands around over his eyes, their hardon pressed up against
his ass.
This time, Marlon didn't spin around surprised. This time, Marlon simply
pushed his ass back against the hardon, grinding his butt into the
crotch. "Oooo..., that feels good!" he cooed, staying bent over.

"I KNEW yur ass missed me, lass nite!" said Curtis, shocking the shit out
of Marlon who jumped in surprise.

"CURT!" he shouted, almost blowing his cover.

"Yeh bae, who did you think it waz?" joked Curtis, licking his lips as he
leaned in to kiss his man. Marlon was glad that the kiss would keep them
from talking..., then he remembered that he's just given Milton head with
his mouth, and pulled back before Curtis could slip him the tongue.

"I wasn't expecting you back til late." said Marlon, as Curtis pressed
his front onto his.

"My moms ran out of money!" smiled Curtis leaning forward again to insert
his tongue.

"Not here..." said Marlon, pushing Curtis back, gently.

"You waz bout ready fo this and MO' about a minnut ago!" said Curt.

"I was just playing! Seriously though..., someone could walk in on us any

"Fuck 'em!" said Curt, wanting a kiss.

"Let's go up to YOUR apt!" insisted Marlon.

"Why? You gonna gimme sum?" asked Curtis, seductively.

"Yeah..., anything you want." promised Marlon.

"I want it all!" said Curt, taking Marlon by the hand as he guided him
out the storage room. Marlon locked it up, then followed Curtis around
towards the front of the building, where he ran into Milton and Demeecee
whom were going back into Carl's apt.

"Hi." said Deme, greeting both Curt and Marlon, tentatively.

"Sup?" said Curt, meeting them at the front door.

"I'm Demeecee, Marlon's sister." she said, introducing herself.

"Werd?" excited Curtis, genuinely. "I'm Curtis..., Mar's..., friend." he
said, shaking Deme's hand.

"Friend?" questioned Deme, suspiciously. "This is my husband, -Milton."
she continued without batting an eyelash.

"Sup?" asked Curtis, holding out his hand to shake. Milt looked down at
it, then up at Curtis, then over at Marlon.

"Sup." he said back to the kid, shaking his hand, and squeezing it firmly
to show his strength. Curt pulled his hand back.

"Damn! Tight grip, man!" he laughed, as an awkwardness fell upon the

"You live here?" asked Deme, more interested in Curtis, than her own

"Yeh, top floor." he managed to say, sensing something wrong.

"And you're friends with Marlon...?" asked Deme, giving her best smile.
"Are you dating anyone?" she asked.

"Yeh..., I'm dating someone." said Curtis, recalling Marlon saying
something about he and his sister being estranged.

"That's good. Young men like you should have a special GIRL in his life.
Does SHE live with you?" pried Deme, shamelessly.

"uh..., no. We live in separate apartments." answered Curt, suddenly
feeling uncomfortable.

"Oh. Does SHE live in the building too?"

"uh..., no. She lives in..., west Philly." lied Curt.

"Oh, okay. Would be nice to meet her someday. Maybe Marlon will bring you
all by for dinner one day?" said Demeecee, smiling over at Marlon. "It
was nice meeting you, Curtis. Merry Christmas to you and your
GIRlfriend." she said, excusing herself. Milton followed her back into
Carl's apt, leaving Marlon and Curtis standing at the door.

"What waz that all about?" asked Curtis.

"Just take me upstairs..." whispered Marlon, mentally drained. "Take me
upstairs, and fuck the shit out of me!"
Curtis obliged his boyfriend, passing the gathering going on in Carl's
apt. When they got upstairs, his mind was filled with questions, but
instead of interrogating his lover of the private issues going on with
him and his sister, Curtis took him into his arms and started undressing

The first round was quick. Marlon and Curtis 69'd in bed, both sucking
heatedly on each other's hard poles at the same time. They bobbed their
heads between each other's legs, taking the other's dick as deeply as
possible while fucking into the other mouth with their own hardons.
Curtis was the first to blow, as he'd been the most excited about coming
home. He filled Marlon's mouth with his pulsating manhood, then fired a
cargo's worth of pent passion down into the reaches of his throat. Then
he concentrated on Marlon's hardon, giving extra special attention as he
devoured his lover's meat. Marlon's cum filled Curt's mouth as he
swallowed and gasped for more.

Feeling dirty, Curtis decided to take a bath. He ran the tub water while
Marlon lay in bed waiting for his return. Marlon was under the covers
(which smelt heavily of Curt's natural musk), and thought of his
encounter with Milton. Marlon felt his dick re-harden at the thought of
Milton fucking him. The taste of his lips, the squeeze of his hand, the
power of his thrust, and the hardness of his body. Marlon was stroking
his dick and fingering his pulsing anus when he felt the tremendous need
to be entered. Unable to wait, he got up from the bed and walked into
Curt's bathroom.

"Wussup, babee?" asked Curt, rubbing a soapy wash cloth over his arms and
legs. He noticed the hardon protruding Marlon's groin, and licked his
lips with anticipation. "Waz wrong? Can't wait fo' me to finish my bath?"
Marlon merely walked over to the tub. Curtis got up on his knees in the
water, and took Marlon's meat back into his mouth. Marlon watched as his
boyfriend sucked back and forth on his dick. He watched Curtis take as
much as he could, wrapping his thick juicy lips around the mid-shaft as
he suck hard and steadily. But Marlon wasn't really interested in a blow
job. He wanted Curtis in his ass.

He pushed Curt back down in the tub, then climbed in with him. Curtis
was stroking his dick, looking up at Marlon's dick, ready to take it back
in his mouth again when Marlon suddenly squat down in the tub over his
dick. The head of Curtis's prick was sticking up out of the soapy water.
Marlon guided his asshole to the head, and sat down on it. "OOooo..." he
groaned, taking it inside as he settled down in Curt's lap.

"Yeh babee, ride that dick!" inspired Curt.
Marlon bounced up and down, using his thighs to pull his ass up off
Curt's dick before driving it back down into his lap. He threw back his
head, happy to feel his hole stretched. His own dick remained hard,
poking Curtis in the stomach as he bounced. The water around them became
turbulent. It splashed and splattered all over, some even spilling onto
the tiled floor. After 5 to 8 minutes of this, Curt gently lay Marlon
back on the other end of the tub, with his legs up to cradle his body
between. Now with most of Marlon's body submerged under hot water, Curt
started thrusting his hips in and out, driving his dick through the hot
anal ring as he plunged himself repeated deep into the rectum.

"OOohhh...!" groaned Marlon, feeling the heat from the hot water as well
as the heat from the sex. In no time they were both sweating, as soapy
bath water splashed in waves around them. "Fuck me, Curtis! ahhhh,
yeah...! Fuck me, baby!" moaned Marlon. Curtis pumped his hips hard, his
tight little thug buttock popping up out of the water with each
out-stroke. Water seeped into Marlon's rectum every time the penis passed
through his anal port. Soon, they both could feel the special added
effects the water supplied.
For Marlon, he felt the rush of water enter him every time Milt pulled
back and his hole relaxed, then felt the water squeezed out every time
the dick thrust full length inside him. For Milton, it was like having
his dick incased in a tight water bottle. The rush of water surrounded
his thrusting dick, causing a tickling sensation that blew tiny bubbles
out around his balls.

"Awww, fuck babee! You got the best fuckin ass...!" moaned Curtis, losing
himself in Marlon's sexual appeal. He held onto the edges of the tub for
balance and support, while he pumped harder between his boyfriend's legs.
Marlon lay his head back against the porcelain tub, looking up into his
lover's mangled face as they closed in on orgasm #2.
Marlon stroked his dick under the water while Curtis fucked him. He
leaned further down in the tub, raising his legs higher to give his ass a
better angle. Curtis was fucking him deep, his long thick dick slicing
straight through Marlon's rectum to bury time and again in his colon and
bowels. With one hand Marlon stroked his own erection, while he gently
rubbed Curt's nakedness. By now his was neck high in hot water. The waves
crashed against his face as he surrendered himself to getting fucked.

"AWWW SSSHYT...!" yelled Curtis, slamming his hips even harder. Marlon
gasped for air as the water entered his mouth and nostrils. He continued
stroking madly, loving the way the big dick beat into his vitals. Curt
heard Marlon gag as if choking, then looked down to see his pumping hand
and hardon rise up out of the water. Cum rocketed out from the head,
spraying through the air and landing around Marlon's submerged neck and
shoulders. "AWWW FUCK, BABEE..., I'm gonna CUUUMMMM!!" yelled Curtis,
slamming his hips forth to bury his bone. He lost his grip on the tub's
edge and slipped down on top of Marlon. Both Marlon and Curt's heads
submerged under water just as Curtis started unloading into him. Water
cascaded over the sides of the tub, soaking the floor as they rolled
about under water. Somehow Marlon came out on top, his asshole still
tightly clamped around Curt's spitting dick. Both men gasped for air, as
Curt continued his orgasm inside Marlon's bowels.
They looked at each other and laughed, having nearly drowned together in
the bath tub! What a story for the 6 o'clock news!

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