Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The night club was jumping at Club XSCAPE. It was a high hot saturday
night, and everybody was drinking, dancing, flirting, and cruising for
something new. 23 year old Marlon Overton went with his new friend 20
year old Curtis Williams. The club was straight. Hot women dressed in
tight dresses, high heels, and hair weaves shook their asses and tried to
impress the eyes of gangsta-style homboiz looking to get their "groove
on." The music was loud hip-hop/rap, with a dash of urban street club
mix. The dance floor was small, but the bar and seating lounge was huge.
It was a spot Curtis was used to, but Marlon had never been. He followed
closely behind Curtis as he passed through the crowd and greeted familiar
faces he knew. He gave out gangsta hugs and playa style pats on the back
while holding a "Corona" in hand. Marlon watched him as he circulated and
made his rounds, greeting people and making new acquaintances along the

Marlon stood off to the side (mostly), bopping his head to the music
while keeping a close eye on his friend. The women were plentiful. They
walked by smelling sweet of perfume and looking like they just stepped
out of some rapper's video. Marlon couldn't keep his eyes off some of
them. Occasionally Curtis would come by to wherever he was standing with
his back up against the wall, and talk with him or bring him another
beer. He introduced Marlon to a few people (none whose names Marlon could
remember). They even picked a couple of girls to dance with on the dance
floor. Marlon was dancing with one girl, while Curtis danced suggestively
with another, removing his shirt from the heat of the close bodies. They
bumped and grinded, humping crotch to booty as the music dictated the
sway of their hips.
Marlon tried not to pay too much attention to Curtis' natural sensual
sex appeal, and concentrated solely on his dance partner. When the girl
started to back her booty up on him during one of Ushers' signature
songs, Marlon started to get into the groove of things, catching Curtis'
eye. Curtis moved in behind Marlon, dancing back to back while they faced
the girls in a 4way dance. Marlon looked back over his shoulder,
thoroughly enjoying himself for the first time in a long time as he
laughed at his friend's antics. Curtis turned around to face Marlon's
back, pulling Marlon's shirt up and off over his head to expose his
torso. Marlon cringed with embarrassment, but soon got back into the
swing of things as Curtis reached around his waist and started to grind
on his butt with his back to the girl he danced with. Curtis' dance
partner moved in behind him, grinding her crotch into his butt as he did
the same to Marlon. Marlon felt his nipples grow hard as Curtis' hands
touched along the sides of his waist and around to his flat stomach and
torso. Curtis turned Marlon around, away from the girl he was dancing
with, and planted a hot wet kiss on him in the middle of the floor where
every one could see. Marlon felt subconscious, knowing this was a
straight club and that were taking a huge risk. But he soon gave into the
moment, sucking tongues as they grabbed each other's asses and ground
hardons. The 2 girls got in on it by dancing closely on the men's asses
(clearly they knew Curtis and his sexual freedom).

Marlon and Curt had smoked some weed before leaving for the club, so
they were feeling free. Marlon never thought he's express himself in
public like this with another male, but he was feeling really good about
Curtis at the moment and ignored the strange and even ugly looks and
gripes being said around them and their display.
BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! -went Marlon's beeper. He barely heard it over the
blast of music, but he knew he heard it all the same. It was Carl, most
likely looking for sex. He never beeped Marlon unless his dick was hard
for service. He contemplated ignoring the page, but after what Carl did
to him the last time he tired, he knew better to get him angry again. But
before Marlon could say anything, Curtis suddenly broke the kiss, pushed
Marlon aside, and sucker punched some guy that had been making rude
comments about their show of passionate affection. The guy fell back into
another dancing couple, and someone else (possible the man's friend) hit
Curtis. A small fight broke out, and Marlon, Curtis, were ushered out of
the club and onto the street by the bouncers for starting trouble.

"What was that all about?" asked Marlon, once they hit the open air.
Curtis stared walking away, visibly angry as he headed down the street as
if trying to get as far away from Marlon as possible. Marlon ran to catch
up. "Yo, Curt..." he called, rushing up behind him. "...what was all

"Nothin! Fuck it!" yelled Curtis, keeping up his fast pace.

"Yo man, what happened in there? Why'd you pick that fight?" asked
Marlon, pressing on.

"YO!" stopped Curtis, turning towards Marlon angrily. "I told you FUCK
IT! I don wanna talk about it!" Marlon looked hurt.

"What I do wrong, man?" he asked, watching Curtis walk away. They'd been
having such a good time, then suddenly...BAM!
BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! -sound the beeper again. Marlon knew he HAD to answer
it or suffer the consequences. He'd have to deal with Curtis later. He
rushed home and spent the next 30 minutes taking Carl's dick up the ass
and down his throat in his tiny basement apartment. After a quick shower,
he went up to Curtis' apt in 1-B, and knocked hard on the door. "Curtis!"
he called, smelling the weed coming from under the door to fill into the
hall. "Curt! I know you in there! Open the door, man!"

"Whut nigga?" asked Curtis, swinging the door open wide. Marlon noticed
he was no longer dressed in the same clothes he wore to the club, instead
he was in a flimsy pair of thin boxers and wearing his Durag to keep his
cornrows neat.

"Can we talk?" asked Marlon, wanting to get to the bottom of this.

"I can't yo, I got company!" answered Curtis, flatly. Marlon tried to
hide his hurt feelings.

"So? Like we haven't had a 3way before. Who is it, Paris?" he asked,
trying to walk in. Curtis stopped him with a hand to the chest.

"Yo, ain't like dat, playa. Dis ain't no hoe, dis sumone special!"

"Special?" asked Marlon. That felt like a low blow. "But I...I thought we
were hanging out for the night?" he said, recalling the plan.

"Thangs changed, dawg. Whut can I say?" hunched Curtis, rudely.

"I don't understand...what happened back there? Why'd you get mad at me
like that?"

"You don kno?" asked Curtis, as if it should be obvious.

"No." answered Marlon.

"You really don kno?" asked Curtis one last time.

"No. I don't know, man!" said Marlon, honestly

"Cuz I heard yur fuck'n beeper go off inna club!" answered Curtis, his
face twisting in anger. Marlon thought for a moment, trying to explain
that the call meant nothing, but Curtis knew better. "Don play on my
intelligence, nigga! I ain't da fuck stoopid! I KNO whut dat beeper's
fo!" Marlon felt a chill run up his spine. "I heard you n' Carl da oth'a
day in yur apt while I waz sittin onna steps! I KNO he beeps you when he
wants to FUCK YOU! You his HOE!"

"Curtis, I can explain it's not what you think...!" said Marlon,
trying to calm him down.

"I don giv'a fuck, Marlon! It waz juss sex wid us -yo, rite? I git it! No
harm done. But I ain't tryna have Carl's sloppy secon's. Go back to da
fuck'n landlord if you want yur dick wet, nigga!" said Curtis, slamming
the door shut. 'Damn, how many more people can I make mad at me?'
-thought Marlon as he turned away from Curt's door. He was just starting
to like him. He started down the steps when the tenet in apt 1-A showed
up at his door.

"Aye, what's up with all the yellin out here?" asked Byron Jefferson,
standing in the doorway of his apt in a pair of pajama bottoms, a wife
beater, reading glasses and a book in hand. He was 6-1, lite brn skin,
190 lbs, thick proportionate build, thick lips, shoulder length
dread-locks (pulled back into a tail), and a thick mustache and goatee.

"Sorry..." said Marlon, coming down the steps.

"Oh. I thought it was Tre and Donte going at it again! Them 2 always
arguing!" laughed Byron. "Everything aiight, man? You okay?" he asked,
noting Marlon's troubled expression.

"I'm fine..." lied Marlon, unconvincingly.

"Look man, you wanna come in for a minute?" asked Byron, removing his
reading glasses.

"No..." said Marlon, not wanting to impose.

"Angie's not here, she's visiting her mom in Ohio. I wouldn't mind some
company." offered Byron, stepping aside to allow Marlon entry. Marlon
thought for a minute. He really didn't want to be alone right now, and
Curt, Milt, Deme and Crystal were all out of question at the moment.
Silently he inched his way pass Byron's foreboding body, and made his
way into the spacious 2 bedroom apt. It was nicely decorated with a
woman's touch, and just a hint of male flavor. Byron offered Marlon a
beer as he sat on the sofa.

"What book are you reading?" he asked, taking the beer.

"Oh, it's called 'Double Dead' by Gary Hardwick. It's good! My girl
turned me onto it! She's always reading some shit!" laughed Byron, taking
a seat opposite Marlon. Marlon couldn't help looking at his thick strong
body and big feet.

"What size shoe you were?" asked Marlon, trying to sound casual.

"13 and 1/2." answered Byron, twiddling his toes. "My mom always says I
got Fred Flintstone feet!" Marlon chuckled, but he really didn't feel
like laughing. He turned the can up to his lips, drinking half of it on
one long gulp.

"How long have you and Angie lived here?" he asked, thinking up things to

"About 2 years. It's close to our jobs, so we don't have far to commute."

"I feel you." said Marlon. Byron chuckled...

"You know, Angie's real paranoid that you can hear us in our bedroom
making love from your apartment under us."

"Sometimes I can." answered Marlon, honestly.

"Word?" asked Byron, surprised. "Are we that loud?"

"Well, it's mostly just the noise your bed makes when you start to...,
when you get to..., when you..., you know." said Marlon, awkwardly.

"Damn man! I didn't know. Why didn't you say something sooner? Is it
annoying?" asked Byron.

"No. No, most nights I sleep right through it." said Marlon, trying to
make Byron feel comfortable.

"Oh, okay. Kewl." relaxed Byron. "Ain't like your apt's insolated
either." he added, taking a swig of brew. "We be hearing you down there
ever so often too."
Marlon's heart froze. The only sexual company he's had was Carl the
landlord. If they heard him having sex, then what they heard was Marlon's
screams. His face flushed with embarrassment. "Whoever you be having down
there, you be tearing that ass up!" he laughed, not noticing Marlon's

" long've Angie been gone?" he asked, trying to change the

"She left on wendesday, won't be back until next weekend." said Byron.

"I know you miss her."

"Yeahhh..." he said, slapping his thigh. "Miss fucking more than anything
else, though." he laughed, causing Marlon to chuckle as well. "No,
seriously...I'm used to gettin pussy every night! This waiting all week
ain't gonna cut it! She know how I get!" Marlon noticed a little movement
in Byron's PJ's. "And the pornos only do but so much...until you have to
have the real thing! Know what I mean, bruh?"

"Yes." swallowed Marlon, his eye fixated on Byron's crotch.

"Ain't nothin like some hot wet girl pussy to make your dick thick, right
bruh?" he asked, his dick swelling in his pajamas, causing a prominent
size lump in the material. "Wish I had some right now...I'd fuck the shit
out of it!" promised Byron. Marlon felt his own dick rising to the
occasion. "When was the last time you had some pussy?" he suddenly asked.
Marlon had to think...he's only fucked one girl since he got out of jail
a few months ago, and that was only due to Curtis in apt 1-B.

"It's been awhile..." said Marlon. "...since me and my baby's mom broke

"See, I don't think I can go long without! Longest I CAN go with pussy,
or something close to it, -is about 3 days!" confessed Byron.

"Damn, what did you do before you met Angie?" asked Marlon, curiously.

"I fucked around a lot! I dated a few girls at the same time, juggling
about 3 a week. I wasn't too much different from your boi Curtis,
upstairs! Homeboi be having the HONEYS, don't he?" smiled B. Marlon
nodded, not wanting to think about Curtis upstairs with someone else.

"What did you mean by pussy, or something CLOSE to it?" he asked
curiously, feeling daring.

"Head! You know, getting my dick sucked!" answered Byron. Marlon began to
relax a little. "I've never fucked anybody in the ass before." Byron
suddenly added. "Always wanted to try though, but just thought my dick
was too big. You know?" Marlon's eyes pasted to the lump. It certainly
looked big from where he sat. "You want another beer?" asked Byron,
getting up. Marlon couldn't take his eyes off of it, as the entire
imprint showed through the material, bulging out the front of his
pajamas. It must have been at least 9 inches long, and THICK! "Damn,
sorry about that, bruh..." Byron said, looking down at his tented
erection. "...talkin about pussy always gets my rod hard! You want that
beer?" he asked, walking away into the kitchen.
Marlon took that moment to collect himself. Damn, what a sight! He could
feel his body tingling all over with anticipation. He knew he ought to
get the hell up out of there before something unexpected happens, but
curiosity had gotten the better of him. He wanted to know how far Angie's
man would go with this.

"Here you go, bruh." he said, handing Marlon another can. "The way you
were lickin your lips, I knew you wanted some!" Marlon took the can,
noting the suggestive meaning. The lump in Byron's PJ's had gone down
some, but not much. It still pushed out against the material like a giant
cobra trying to get out of a cloth sack. " ain't been gettin no
pussy lately..." said Byron, reclaiming his seat. " who that I be
hearing making all that noise in the basement?" he asked, truing up his
beer can while looking closely at Marlon.

"I'm...not sure." answered Marlon.

"Sounds like somebody's gettin their ass handed to them!" commented
Byron. "You tellin me you don't know what's goin on inside your own apt?
I find that hard to believe." he said, studying Marlon's body language.

"I don't know what to say about that." said Marlon, trying to stay cool.

"Shame. Cause if we knew who it was gettin fucked down there, I might be
able to get IN on it before my girl gets back in town." suggested Byron,

"'d cheat, on Angie?" asked Marlon.

"She ain't here! A bruh's got needs, you know?" defended Byron. "Sure I'd
cheat on her. But they'd have to know it's just a SEX thing, nothing can
become of it cause I'm already inna relationship, and it never leaves the
wall of this apartment!"
Marlon felt as if Byron was talking to him specifically as he stared
into his eyes like a lion waiting to pounce unexpected prey. "Do you feel
me, bruh?"

"Yes. I feel you." answered Marlon.

"Want me to show you where all that noise be comin from in our bedroom?"
asked Byron.

"Yes." answered Marlon.
Byron got up, and led Marlon into the first bedroom where he and Angie
slept. Marlon noticed the big bed with wooden posts and a huge head board
against the wall.

"That's the scene of the crime." said Byron, standing in close behind
Marlon. Marlon could practically feel his chest against his back. "You
can't tell Angie that I let you in here, though. She'd skin me alive if
she knew I let company into the bedroom."

"She wouldn't hear it from me." said Marlon, leaning back against Byron's
chest. He could hear the big man breathing heavily behind him as they
cautiously pressed into one another.

"Good, cause I don't wanna have to try to explain why you were in here."
said Byron. Marlon reached his hand round behind his back, and fondled
the huge long bulge in Byron's pajamas. It was thick and hard to the
touch, as he slowly danced his fingers up and down the length. Both men
groaned at the possibilities of what was about to happen.' Marlon turned
around, reaching into Byron's PJ's to grab a whole heaping handful of his
meat. Byron stood still as Marlon pulled his thick hard dick up and out
over the top of his waist-band. The dick was thick, fat, slightly curved,
and already leaking gobbs of pre-cum. Without waiting for an invite,
Marlon sank to his knees and took it into his mouth.

"Damn!" moaned Byron, feeling Marlon's hot mouth encase his dick head.
Marlon sucked solely on the head for a minute, gathering up all the
leaking oils onto his tongue before continuing with the task. He
swallowed them, enjoying the taste as he stretched his lips and took
about half the dick into his mouth and started to bob. Who needed Curtis?
Byron stood there motionless, allowing Marlon to work him over. He
didn't want to move or spoil the mood, so he stood perfectly still while
Marlon did all the work. He bobbed his head back and forth, tightening
his lips around the curved shaft as he took more and more of it into his
mouth with each stroke. It wasn't without some degree of difficulty, but
after several minutes of trying, he finally managed to get all of Byron's
mammoth meat down into the tight confides of his throat. "Shit Boi! You
took all of it!" exclaimed Byron, enthusiastically. Marlon was just
setting up a good steady pace with his mouth and throat, allowing Byron's
big dick to punch through, when Byron suddenly stopped him. "Ever been
fucked in the ass?" he asked, looking down at him.

"Yes." answered Marlon, Byron's hard juicy dick swaying in front of his
face. Yes was the only word Byron needed to hear. He scooped Marlon up
off his knees, turned him around, and guided him over to the bed. Marlon
could feel that big dick poking his back, buttock, and ribs as he helped
him out of his clothes.

"Get on the bed..." ordered Byron, heading for the dresser. He opened his
wallet, and fished out an old condom foil, then proceeded to unwrap it
and slide it onto his erection. Then he grabbed a jar of face cream Angie
uses for her skin, and dabbed it onto Marlon's asshole and his condom
covered erection. He placed the head up to the anal lips, then pushed in.

"ARRHHH...!!" yelled Marlon, feeling his asshole stretch for Byron. "Hold
it, hold it, wait!" he said, needing a moment to adjust. Byron thought he
wanted to stop, and wasn't willing to pull out just yet. He gripped
Marlon's hips tighter, then shoved his hips a little harder. Half his
dick sank into the tight hole, causing Marlon to yell in again pain.
Byron's dick throbbed from the tightness, he hadn't been in anything but
Angie in 2 years, and her pussy wasn't as tight this, not since he's been
hitting every night for 2 years straight!
He pushed harder, burying even more of his thick tool. Marlon moaned and
squirmed on the end of his dick like a fish on a hook. Byron was scared
he might get away, so he pressed Marlon down flat on the mattress and got
on top of him, his big 190 pound frame easily covering Marlon's 170
pounds body as he weighed him into the perfumed smelling mattress. Marlon
felt Byron's complete weight on his back, his legs spread to accommodate
his bulky frame as his dick pushed all the way up and into him. Their
balls rested a top one another's.

"Yeeeaahhh..." moaned Byron, feeling the boi pussy tighten and throb
around his buried meat. Slowly he started to pull back with hips, then
drive forward, -moving his fat sausage dick in and out. Marlon lay
underneath him, taking his dick like an obedient bottom, letting Byron
"drive" it to him like a master behind the wheel of a semi-truck. He
drove his dick straight through Marlon's dirt road of a highway, and
shifted gears into automatic drive as he started humping and pumping his
hips, slamming his thick meaty manhood into Marlon's deep dank hole with
the power and force of his weight behind him.
Marlon was completely covered by Byron's body mass. The weight on top of
him was heavy, but not crashing. It helped hold him captive as the
driving force caused his anal muscles to stop fighting and give up rights
to the canal.

Byron was already in his "fuck zone", the place his mind goes while his
body is acting out the motions of sex. Angie (his woman) often talked
about this "zone" he goes to while fucking, how he blocks out everything
else around him and only concentrates on the pussy at hand. She is used
to Byron burying his face in the pillows behind her head or in her neck
and just plain power fucking her pussy until he cums inside her. The
world could be coming to an end, and Byron would simply go right on
fucking! Now Marlon was on the receiving end of this experience. He lay
there immobile, while Byron buried his face in his neck and fucked!
Marlon felt his body being pounded into by the bulk muscle mass of the
man on top, his fat 9 inch dick ramming in and out at a steady pace,
drilling ever deeper and widening the tiny hole to the size of his girth.
He felt like a blow up doll beneath him, like he could be anybody or
anything so long as he had a hot deep hole to fuck. The pounding was
relentless and constant, the bed started to move from the steady motions,
causing the huge head board to bang into the back wall with a resounding
"thump, thump, thumping" sound. Now Marlon knew what was causing the
noises in his apt downstairs.

For the next 25 minutes Byron fucked into Marlon in that same position,
sweat forming around his body and brow as he labored over top the younger
man, pumping into him with muffled grunts as their bodies bang and
collide. Marlon felt totally fucked as his hole was drilled non-stop for
nearly half an hour straight without a break or let up. Byron groaned,
his first sign that he was starting to weaken. Some time during the fuck
(unbeknown to either man) the deteriorating condom inside Marlon's ass
began to wear down and tear open, the rubbery sheath was now bunched down
around Byron's plugging dick base as his bare dick slid back and forth
through hot wet bowels. Byron wasn't aware the condom had broke, all he
knew was how good Marlon ass felt around his dick as he pummeled himself
in harder.
Marlon panted and grunt from the force of the impacts, his buttock
taking a lot of hits as Byron continued to drive it home. Marlon could
feel Byron's hot breath on the side of his neck, his mustache and goatee
scratching roughly against the surface of his skin. Byron's sweat dripped
onto him also, mingling with his own salty essences as their body
moisture soaked into the sheets. Marlon could feel the heat coming from
Byron's head, his dreadlocks lay across the 2 of them like a scratchy
web. Every so often Marlon would fling one of the dreads from his face as
Byron continued on. The clock told the half hour mark, as Byron's dick
finally started to thicken and throb. "uhhh.." he groaned into Marlon's
ear, slamming his pelvis into Marlon's ass so hard that the pictures on
the way fell to the floor with a crash. "uhhhhhhh...!" Marlon's ears
perked up. He spread his legs and arched his back to elevate his ass,
giving Byron's hips a cushier target to smack as his big dick swelled and

"UUUHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" yelled Byron, cumming like an elephant. Marlon felt
the dick jump and pulse inside him, and knew Byron was dumping a huge
load into the condom. Byron groaned with each spurt he unknowingly
planted in Marlon's ass. His hips started to slow to a gentle pump as his
orgasm subsided. Soon he was just laying there on top, his dick still
buried as it oozed out the very last of his potent baby makers.
Marlon was sure he'd hear Byron snoring at any second, but to his
surprise, the big man started to move and come alive. "DAMN!" was all he
said in regards to the fuck. He flung back his hair, and looked down into
the side of Marlon's face. "You aiight?" he asked, still laying on top of

"Yes." smiled Marlon, glad to have helped satisfy him. Byron started to
raise his torso up off Marlon's back. The air instantly cooled the sweat
the 2 of them made together as he pushed up off the bed with his strong

"Fuck...!" cursed Byron, as his dick finally came out from between
Marlon's ass cheeks and into his plain view.

"What?" asked Marlon, looking back with concern. He thought he may have
inadvertently made a mess.

"The condom broke!" explained Byron, sitting back on his knees. Marlon
turned around and looked down at the fat semi-hard penis with a bunch or
torn ripped rubber around the base. He watched Byron carefully pull it
off, the rubber ring around the base still holding on tight. "Sorry about
that. I'm clean though, Angie and I get tested every 6 months."

"It's okay." said Marlon, getting up off the bed. They both started
searching for their clothes.

"This'll be just between us, right?" asked Byron, concerned about Angie
finding out.

"Definitely." smiled Marlon, slipping into his boxers and jeans.

"Good. Maybe we can do it again tomorrow?" asked Byron, sliding his
pajama bottoms up around his thick 38" waist.

"For real?" asked Marlon, surprised at the request for a repeat.

"Yeah. You know Angie won't be back for a week, and this baby get's
hungry every night!" smiled Byron, patting his crotch. "So how bout it?
Tomorrow night, same time?"

"Okay." answered Marlon, putting on his shirt and shoes. Byron walked him
to the front door.

"Aiight man, peace. Til tomorrow." he said, opening the door to let
Marlon out.

"Nite." said Marlon stepping out into the hallway, his asshole feeling
loose and well fucked as he made his way back down into his basement apt.

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