Wednesday, May 6, 2009


"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACHELLE!" shouted everybody at the party, as Rachelle
Waters blew out her 6th year birthday cake with the help of her mother
Crytal Waters, and father Marlon Overton. Everybody clapped their hands
and took pictures. Crystal cut the cake while Marlon helped pass out the
slices. This was their first real birthday party for their daughter's
together. Before, Marlon was always too busy or too high and definitely
too broke to attend any of her former parties in the past. But now not
only did he attend, he helped pay for it.

"This is going to be the best birthday she'll remember for a long time."
smiled Crytal, watching their daughter eat cake and pop balloons with her
plastic fork with friends. "I'm glad you decided to be a part of it,
Marlon." she added, looking up at him.

"She's my daughter too." he said, defensively.

"I know. It's just good to have you in on it, is all I'm saying." she
clarified. "Working for Milt's brother is doing you some good." she
added, impressed by his appearance as well. Marlon was dressed nicely in
a new pair of blue denims and a blue stripped button down shirt which
clung to his body form, and a fresh hair cut. "You obviously like working
for him...does he make you do anything hard?"

"What do you mean by that?" snapped Marlon, questionably.

"I plumbing, or electrical work." she clarified, again.

"Oh. No, nothing like that. Just menial work." he said, watching the
flurry of children run by from the party. He looked up at the door of the
establishment, looking to see if his sister and her husband would show.

"I guess Deme and Milt couldn't make it to the party." said Crystal, as
if reading Marlon's mind. "Did she call you?" she asked, unaware of their
current family problems.

", she didn't." he answered.

"What's that?" asked Crystal, hearing Marlon's beeper go off.

"Oh, it's nothing." he said, reading the text-message; throat n 5 mins.
"It's just my boss." he said, tucking it back in his pocket.

"It's not anything serious, is it? I mean, you don't have to leave right
in the middle of your daughter's birthday party, do you?" she asked,

", no, I don't think so." he said, trying to figure a way out of
it. Truth way, if he didn't react quickly to Carl's message, he knew he'd
be in a shit load of trouble. Just then, he saw Milt walk in through the
front door, carrying a large wrapped birthday present.

"Oh look, there's Milt!" excited Crystal, rushing over to greet him.
Marlon felt his heart freeze in his chest, as he stood paralyzed.

"Hi Milt!" smiled Crystal, wrapping her arms around his neck. Milt had to
bend down to hug her back.

"Hey Crys, how's the birthday girl?" he asked, eyeing Marlon from across
the room as he stood there watching them.

"Oh, she's happy as pie!" said Crystal, breaking the hug and turning
around to spot her child as she ran around the restaurant with the other
children. "Where's Deme? She come with you?" she asked, returning her
attention to Milt.

"She's under the weather." lied Milt. "But she told me to give this to
Rachelle. It's a Barbie sports car." he said, handing her the gift.

"Thanks! Rach'll love this!" accepted Crystal. "Oh, and tell Demeecee I
hope she feels better."

"I will." said Milt, as Crystal went to put the gift with the other
presents. Milt and Marlon locked eyes. They both looked around nervously,
making sure no one was watching as they inched closer together.

"Sup." said Milt, casually.

"Hi." greeted Marlon, meekly. They shook hands awkwardly, then gave each
other half hugs.

"So how's things at the funny farm?" he asked, being purposely flip in
reference to his brother's building.


"What's that?" asked Milt, hearing the beeper.

"Nothing." said Marlon, ignoring it. "How's Deme?" he asked, changing the

"Better." said Milt in a nutshell as he looked around to make sure they
weren't being eavesdropped upon. "Look Marlon, I wanted to say thanks for
telling Demeecee that story you told her. She believed it hook, line, and
sinker." (back in chp3).

"I knew she would." said Marlon, knowing Deme well. "It was the least I
could do to try to save my sister's marriage...after I nearly ended it."

"Yeah, well...we working it all out, now. She just wasn't ready to face
you yet. You know how it is." admitted Milton. He saw Marlon's face
sadden some at the thought of not being close to his sister anymore. Milt
wanted to hug him, but knew it wasn't appropriate nor the time and place
to show such affections. He wasn't sure if he could handle it himself,
the events which happened between him and Marlon took Milt by surprise.
He wondered if they'd ever reach that level of friendship aga... BEEP,
BEEP, BEEP! "What the hell is that?" asked Milt, annoyed.

"It's...just a beeper." said Marlon, pulling it from his back pocket. He
read the newest text-message; wher the fuk r u?-C, then went to stuff it
back in his pocket. Milton saw Marlon's face expression and wondered what
he was reading.

"Let me see that." he said, snatching it from him.

"No, Milt, wait..." Milton held Marlon off at bay with one arm while he
read the text. Marlon calmed down and waited (not wanting to bring any
unwanted attention to them) while Milt went back to the previous message,
and then the one before that. He looked up at Marlon, his eyes filled
with anger. Marlon looked around nervously, afraid someone might see
Milt's reaction. "This is what he does? He text messages you for ass?"
asked Milt, holding up the pager.

"Milt, please...!" whispered Marlon, looking around embarrassed. Milt
grabbed Marlon by the arm, and dragged him over into a secluded corner of
the restaurant.

"You can't let Carl treat you like this, man! It's disrespectful! Tell
that mother fucker where he can stick this fucking pager!" yelled Milt,
in a harsh whisper.

"Milt, I can't...he's my boss, AND my landlord!" defended Marlon.

"So that means he gets to treat you like a street walker? He puts you on
a fucking pager to be at his beck and call like a common whore!" raged

"What else can I do?" asked Marlon, ever aware of his surroundings. He
saw someone walking by a few feet away, and lowered his voice more so. "I
have no where else to stay! My mother won't take me in due to what I did
to Deme, -Deme won't take me in on account of what I did with YOU, and
Crystal just don't have the room! I'd be homeless! Is that what you want
me to be?"
Milton thought about it for a minute, -Marlon was right. He had managed
to get himself trapped in a snake's den, and his brother Carl (the snake)
was moving in for the kill!

"Look Marlon....I...I' with Deme...maybe she'll understand if I
tell her what Carl's been making you do..." reasoned Milt, against his
better judgement.

"No, don't!" pleaded Marlon, emotionally. "I don't want Demeecee to know
what I've been going through! It's bad enough I had to tell her about the
rapes...." he said, checking around for privacy. "...I don't need her to
know it's still going on OUTside the penal system! The less people who
knows, the better! Please!"

"I feel you, Marlon. Really, I do..." said Milton, understanding Marlon's
need for anonymity. What man can live down getting fucked up the ass
unless he was already gay and into it from the start? He thought for a
minute, then reached into his back pocket for his wallet. "Here, take
this..." he said, pulling out some cash. " ain't much, but you can
set up in a cheap motel or something until we figure out what to do

"No." said Marlon, turning down the money. "I can't take that, Milt! I
have to work this out myself, on my own!"

"So you'd rather be Carl's whore than take my money?" asked Milton,

"I'm not crazy about the situation, but I'm saving all the money I can!
I'm working my way out of it, myself!"
BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! Milton looked back down at the pager he still held in
his hand. It read; 9-1-1 bitch. Milt felt his blood boil as he grabbing
his phone from his waist and pressed the #3 on his cell, to instantly
dialed his brother.

"Milt...what'r you doing?" pleaded Marlon.

"I'm telling Carl to go FUCK himself!" said Milt, holding the phone up to
his ear.

"No, man! Please...! begged Marlon. Milt saw the desperation in his eyes.
He really needed this job and apt...Milt realized he (himself) really
wasn't in a financial place where he could foot Marlon's bills in another
apartment or motel for a long period of time.

"Milt! What's up man? I thought you was still pissed at me!" said Carl,
over the phone, surprised to hear from his little brother so soon after
their argument (in chp2). Milton felt the hairs on his neck stand on end.

"Naw....naw bro, we brothers first and foremost!" he proclaimed, turning
his back on Marlon. He couldn't bare to look at him while talking to Carl
and knowing the deal. Marlon was relieved that Milt decided not to say
anything. He stood by and listened to their one sided conversation, as
Milt turned out not having too much to say after calling him. "Yeah.
Yeah. Right. Me too. I know. She is. Yeah. Okay. Right. Look, I got to
go, I just wanted to touch bases with you." he lied. "Yeah. You too.
Peace." he hung up his cell phone and tucked it away without re-facing

"Thanks Milt, I appreciate you not saying anything just now." he said,
walking up behind Milt. He could smell Milt's cologne, and the memories
of them both in bed suddenly filled his mind like the reruns of an old TV
Milt handed Marlon the pager without reading it. He didn't want to know
what nasty ideas Carl had in mind for Marlon. Marlon took the pager,
noting Milt's now somber looking demeanor. He wanted to say something to
lighten the mood, but couldn't think of anything interesting. Milt just
turned and walked out of the restaurant without saying another word,
making Marlon feel like shit. He looked down and read the message; u bet
not be with milt! -it read.
Marlon walked over to a pay phone and dailed Carl's cell personally.

"Yeah?" answered Carl, not recognizing the phone number.

"It's me." said Marlon, quietly into the receiver.

"Where the fuck are you?" yelled Carl. "I've been paging and paging! I'm
in your apartment waiting for you!"

"I told you it was my daughter's birthday today..." said Marlon,
respectfully. "...I'm at her party with her mother and about 20 other

"I don't care if you're at the fucking President's Ball! Get your sorry
ass down here right NOW and take care of this dick!" ordered Carl.

"Carl, man's my daughter!"

"What ain't you understand?" asked Carl. "Be here in 20 minutes, or all
your shit will be outside on the fucking curb!" click!
Marlon hung up the pay phone, then tucked the pager in his pocket. He
knew he'd have to deal with Carl one on one someday soon, but today was
not the day. He turned around in search of Crystal. He found her
unwrapping presents with all the other kids and their parents who

"OOoo look!" excited Crystal, opening up Milt's gift. Rachelle's eyes lit
up like christmas tree bulbs. Marlon hated to have to interrupt.

"Crys...Crys..." he called, getting her attention. She looked up with a
smile on her face as big as her daughter's, then noticed the worried look
on Marlon's face that he was trying to hide. "Can I borrow the keys to
your car? I...I have to make a quick run."

"To where?" asked Crystal, sitting her daughter aside for a moment as she
showed off her new pink sports car.

"To work. Carl needs me to run an errand real fast. I'll be back in like
30 minutes or so. I promise!" he pleaded. Crystal looked into his
handsome trusting eyes, then down at their daughter, and melted. She
reached into her nearby purse for the car keys.

"Here. But don't be too long, we only have the place booked for another
hour and I need the car to take all these presents home!" she reminded

"I won't!" he smiled, kissing her on the cheek before running out the

Marlon got to the apartment complex as fast as he could, without
breaking any laws. He parked on the street, then quickly made way to his
apartment but was intercepted by Curtis in apt 1-B. "Sup dawg!" the 20
year old greeted, sitting on the front stoop smoking a rear cigarette.
Marlon looked over at him nervously, he knew Carl was waiting.

"Hi Curt." he said, walking over to him quickly to shake hands.

"Yo dawg, feel like comin up to my spot fo' a hit ov bluntz, nigga?"
asked Curtis, code for; do you feel like fucking tonight? He pulled out a
small sandwich bag with 2 rolled bluntz inside. Marlon licked his lips
wantonly, he really needed a hit of that (both the weed and Curtis' dick)
right now.

"I can't right now, man. I have something really important I have to do
first!" he said, backing away. "I'll hit you later, will that be

"A'ight dawg. Check you lata." signed Curt, as he continued his smoke.
Marlon jotted around to the side of the building where his basement apt
door was. He walked in, and was suddenly attacked from behind.
The attacker slammed the door while subduing Marlon in the process. They
fought briefly, but Marlon was at a disadvantage due to the surprise
attack. The attacker however, quickly managed to handcuff Marlon's
wrists, then dragged him over to the futon where he threw him roughly
onto the thin mattress.

"Carl...!!" gasped Marlon, making out the bandit's face. Carl didn't say
anything, he merely continued with his planned attack and cuffed Marlon's
wrists to the rail of the bed. Marlon was trapped with his hands locked
over head. "What are you doing, Carl?" he asked, as Carl started to rip
at his new clothes. He tore open Marlon's shirt (popping every button in
the process), then pulled off his jeans and sneakers. Soon Marlon was
laying there mostly naked and vulnerable, but Carl was finished yet. He
pulled some rope from under the futon, then proceeded to tie Marlon's
ankles to the rail above his head (in > position), exposing his ass.
"Carl...!!" called Marlon in disbelief as his ankles were secured and
tightened. Now satisfied, Carl stood up and admired his work.
Marlon struggled, trying to wiggle himself free but was thoroughly
trapped in his own bed. He peeked around his own legs (which was covering
his view of Carl), and asked what was going on.

"Since you don't like to respond to my pages when I call you, I figured
I'd keep you tied up here in the basement, ready willing and able
whenever I want it!" answered Carl sadistically, as he started to remove
his clothes.

"Carl, wait! Please! I have to get back to the party! My baby's mom needs
her car back by..."

"Shut the fuck up!" yelled Carl, taking off his socks and stuffing them
in Marlon's mouth as a gag. "I see you still putting other people a head
of me, -your BOSS!" he said, taking off his belt. "I think you need a
little discipline. Maybe after this, you'll learn to answer my pages
sooner without hesitating and finding excuses to ignore me!" Marlon's
eyes widened with fear as he saw Carl fold the leather belt in half to
make a whipping strap. He stood off to the side of the bed, then ran his
free hand over Marlon's beautifully shaped bottom, before raising his
other hand and bringing the belt down on it full throttle.

CRACK! -made the first sound as leather met pure flesh. "UURRRHHHHHH!!"
screamed Marlon into the dirty socks stuffed in his mouth to stifle his
yells. CRACK! -went the next hit, and the next, and the next, and the
next! Marlon was in tears as his ass cheeks were on fire with pain and
heat! Luckily Carl was satisfied with just a few hits, 6 in total. He
didn't want to scar Marlon, just teach him a lesson. Now the big brown
ass was shaking and quivering with fear and repercussion. Carl reached
down and caressed it gently. The fat cheeks were hot to the touch, and
tender as well from the beating. Carl's dick was hard as a brick with the
thought of fucking in between them. He spit down on Marlon's bulls-eye,
then aimed his dick up to the hole and shoved! "UUUURRRHHHHHGGGGG!!!"

"This'll teach you to JUMP when I say jump!" he said, ramming straight
through Marlon's tight anus and deep into his hot murky bowels. Carl
stood still for a moment, loving the tight pulsating feel of Marlon's
convulsing anal track around his deeply embedded dick, trying to expel
the intruder. "Yeesss..." he moaned to himself before taking hold of
Marlon's legs and fucking him hard and relentless.

"URRH! URRH! URRH! URRHG! URRRHH!" grunted Marlon with each plunge of
Carl's dick. It felt like a huge hot knife stabbing through his guts and
into his vitals over and over again, digging deep into his fleshy insides
to make room for the fat appendage. The attack was intense, and the
pumping seemed tireless as the cuffs and ropes cut into Marlon's bare
wrists and ankles. Carl fucked and fuck Marlon's up turned booty as hard,
deep, and long as he desired, -sometimes pulling his entire dick out of
the tight sucking hole before ramming the whole thing back up inside in
one hard deep plunge! Marlon was his captive slave, and all he could do
was lay there and accept whatever punishment was given to him.
Marlon was more than relieved when he finally felt/heard Carl cum. The
mad man shoved his entire 8 and 1/2 thick sausage all the way up in
Marlon's bowels after about 20 minutes of intense fucking, and came like
a water hose, drenching Marlon's innards in a hot heated sperm bath.
Marlon cried and panted, thinking his ordeal was over as Carl finally
removed his spent dick from his aching and throbbing asshole. Carl
collapsed down on the futon beside Marlon, breathing hard as he tried to
catch his breath after the heavy workout. After a few minutes, he stood
up and started to dress.

"Can...can you release me now?" asked Marlon, politely after spitting out
the socks.

"Naw, I don't think so." said Carl, putting on his shoes without the
socks. "I might want some more ass later, and since you don't know how to
answer your fucking pager, I think I'll keep you tied up here for when
I'm ready!"

"Pl..please, Carl! I...I have to take my girl's car back to her! She
needs it!" pleaded Marlon.

"You should've thought of that shit before you made me wait!" answered
Carl, tightening his belt. "Maybe a few hours tied in the basement will
made you a little more accessible in the future." he said, reaching for
the door knob. "Catch you later, gator." he joked, closing the door
behind him.
True to his word, Carl came back 3 hours later for round two. He didn't
even bother to speak when he came in, his simply walked in, closed the
door, took out his hardon, and shoved it HOME up Marlon's ass. Marlon
screamed. Again the socks were placed in his mouth to muffle the sounds.
This time Carl fucked Marlon longer, raping his asshole for a full 45
minutes before his balls decided to part with their special load of
cargo. Marlon felt like the lowest form of life on the planet, as his
body accepted another batch of the landlord's cream deep inside it.

After the second fuck, Carl released Marlon from the futon. Marlon's
face showed dried track marks where the tears stained his face during the
attacks. He gently rubbed his burning wrists and ankles where the ropes
and metals dug in the worse. Carl stood before him, presenting his limp
dirty dick for Marlon's mouth to clean. Obediently Marlon took it inside,
tasting the cum and the remains of his own ass. He sucked Carl's dick
until Carl was completely satisfied. Then he pat Marlon on the head,
zipped up, and walked out without another word.

Marlon got up and staggered off to the bathroom. He freshened up,
changed clothes, then drove over to Crystal's apt, knowing she had left
Chuckie Cheese hours ago. He knocked on the door, knowing she would be
mad as hell.

"Where've you been, Marlon?" she asked, tears forming in her eyes as she
swung open the door. "I waited, and waited, and waited for you! Everyone
left! I had to call a CAB to take me and Rachelle home! What was so
important that you had to run out on us like that? What kind of father
dumps his daughter and her mother without a ride home?"
Marlon stood in the hallway to her apt, speechless. He had no real good
reason to give her. How could he explain what had really held him up? And
Crystal would spot a lie a mile away! He was stuck. All he could do was
hand her back her keys and apologize. "Apology's not accepted!" she said,
snatching the keys and slamming the door in his face.
Marlon knocked in apt 1-B.

"Sup, dawg?" greeted Curtis, a cloud of smoke emanating from his
apartment. Marlon took the blunt hanging from Curt's mouth, and put it up
to his own and inhaled. "Looks like you need dat shyt bad, playa."
smirked Curtis.

"I need you pretty bad, too." said Marlon, handing back the weed. Curtis
stepped aside to allow Marlon in, cupping his ass in his hand as he
walked by just as the gay couple from apt 2-B was coming up the steps.
Donte caught sight of Curtis' hand gesture just before the door closed in
his face.

"OOooooo, did you see that?" asked Donte, turning to his lover Tre as Tre
turned his house key in the lock. "I think them two are getting busy!" he
claimed, placing his ear up to Curt's door.

"Mind your business, Donte! What goes on in our neighbor's apartments are
none of our business!" said Tre, standing in the doorway waiting for his
boyfriend to follow.


"Not buts, come on!" he demanded, pointing into the apt. Donte rolled his
eyes, then stormed pass his lover and went inside. He'd get to the bottom
of it later!

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