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A naked Milt and Marlon stood staring down the barrel of a
gun. Curtis Williams (current lover/boyfriend to Marlon) pointed his
36-caliber at them, after walking in on them having sex in Marlon's old
basement apt. Both men were terrified, as Curtis stood unflinching.

"You think Milt luv you?" asked Curtis, fully dressed as he stood before
the 2 naked men. "You think he gonna leave his wife an' come stay wid you
here, in dis hell-hole?" --laughed Curtis, mockingly. "Keep dreamin'
babee..., if he told you dat, he fulla shyt! He ain't hardly gonna risk his
life an' masculinity by comin' out as no faggot! Men like Milt don't settle
down wid gay boiz like you..., they keep you hangin' onna sting fo' years,
playin' both sides ov tha fence until you finally realize he ain't neva
gonna convert! He juss usin' you to git his nutt, then he back off to live
tha straight life wid his wife an' family!" --insisted Curtis, staring
daringly at Milton. "Men like Milt don't luv nobody but themselves an'
their self image! His social acceptance is all he live fo'! If you think
you gonna be tha new mrs Howard..., you got another thing comin'!"

"You don't KNOW me...!" snarled Milt, getting angry by Curtis' assessment
of him. "You think you own the corner on relationships because you're open
about your bisexuality? You don't know SHIT!"
Curtis stepped up to Milt, pointing the gun directly up to Milton's
head. Marlon pleaded as Milt took a deep breath, wondering if THIS was how
he was going to die, -naked in his brother in-law's apt.

"I kno IF I pointed dis gun up to yur head, an' told you to choose savin'
yur own life ova staying' wid Marlon..., you'd leave dis room alone!" bet
Curtis. Milt swallowed hard.

"Curt..., man..., please...!" begged Marlon, fearful for Milt's life.

"Relax babee, dis'll be all ova inna minnut!" --informed Curt. He cocked
the gun with his thumb. Milt closed his eyes, his life flashing before
him. "So Milt..., whut's yur answer man? Marlon..., or life?"
Milt thought for a moment before opening his eyes. Curt's eyes

"I choose Marlon!" he said, flatly. Curt looked surprised, as did Marlon.
Curtis moved the gun from Milt's head, then aimed it at Marlon.

"Same question!" he said firmly, his street thug mentality taking over.
Marlon looked at the gun, then at Milt...

"Milton!" he said, praying that Curtis would spare them.
Curtis smirks as the answer as he turns the gun from Marlon, and
back to Milton.

"So..., you 2 niggas luv each other dat much, eh?" he asked, shaking his
head back and forth. "You'd both rather die than be wid'out tha other?" he
concluded, aiming the gun up to Milton's chest. "Letz juss put dat to tha
test..." he said, pulling the trigger.

"NOOO!!" yelled Marlon, as the gun snapped with a click.
Milt heard the click, fully expecting to have heard a bang
instead. He opened his eyes, and looked down at his the gun and his
chest. There was no pain, no hole, and no gushing blood. Curtis started to

"You 2 deserve each other...!" he said between outbursts. Milt became livid
as he tried to strangle Curtis. "Yo..., yo! Chill out pops! I did you a

"A favor?" asked Milton, snatching the gun from Curt's hand. "What favor?
Making me shit myself??" he asked, checking the gun to make certain that it
was unloaded.

"Naw..., naw man!" defended Curt. "I juss proved you 2 luv each other! You
both chose death ova life, juss so yall could be together! Can't git mo'
serious then dat!" --revealed Curt, causing Milt to realize what he'd did.

"So what..., this was a test?" asked Milt, wrapping his head around what

"Yup." --said Curtis, simply. "Look man..., Marlon's my boi, he be my nigga
n'shyt. I ain't too thrilled bout havin' to give `em up, but I knew how he
felt about chu, so it comes as no real surprise dat he waz ready to lay his
life down fo' you. He's a special kinda brotha, -I juss hadda see if you
waz worth havin' him, if you waz'n bullshytin' bout leavin' yur wife."

"And now...?" asked Milt, curiously.

"Now...?" --ased Curtis, holding out his hand. "...congratulations, man. I
hope it works out."

"Thank man!" --smiled Milt, slapping hands with Curtis as he pulled him in
for a strong hug. Marlon stepped in and wrapped his arms around both of
them. Curtis gave Marlon a romantic kiss goodbye, Slipping his tongue into
Marlon's mouth one last time before breaking free. Then he grabbed a hefty
handful of Milt's ass, slipping his finger down into the wet crevice of his
crack. To Curt's surprise, Milt's asshole was slick and slimy. He could
tell instantly by the texture of the liquid that it was semen dripping from
the straight man's ass. Curt looked at Milt in surprise...

"So you finally let Marlon hit dat?" he asked, slipping his finger into the
tight hole. Milt blashed as a broad grin crept across his face. His
masculinity told him to defend his honor, that real men don't get fucked,
but instead he just nodded his head `yes'. "Any chance ov ME git'n a
goodbye fuck?" joked Curtis, his dick starting to stir at the thought of
Milt giving up his ass.

"Fraid not, that's only for Marlon from now on!" --laughed Milt, pushing
Curtis hand from his muscular ass.

"I heard dat!" --smiled Curtis. "My boi CAN fuck, can't he? I keep tellin'
dat boi he needs to top mo' often! He ain't juss no pussy-boi...!"

"He'll definitely get more opportunities as far as that's concerned."
--winked Milt, causing Marlon to blush bashfully.
Curtis hugged both men before leaving them with his blessings. Milt
and Marlon looked at each other, then sighed with relief.

"One down..." --smiled Milt, taking Marlon into his arms.

"Somehow I don't think telling Demeecee will go that easily." --stated
Marlon, as Milt wrapped his arms about his waist and pulled him close face
to face. "I thought Curtis was going to kill us both! He scared the shit
out of me! I can't believe how you just stood there while he pulled that
trigger..., I thought you were a dead man."

"So did I..." said Milton, re-living the moment in his mind. Marlon leaned
forward, kissing Milt fully on the lips affectionately. Milton returned the
kiss, his dick starting to rise slowly between his legs as it poked into
Marlon's thigh. Marlon reached down and grabbed it, stroking it while they
French kissed each other, swooping spit.
Milton walked Marlon back to the futon, and laid him on his
back. Marlon tightened his grip on the thick dick, loving the feel of it in
his palm. His asshole ached to have him inside as he spread his legs to
allow Milt room to move in-between. Marlon aimed the head up to his
asshole, then moaned softly about how badly he wanted Milt to fuck
him. Milt grabbed Marlon's legs and doubled him over in two, revealing his
quivering manhole. Marlon gasped as Milt buried his ruggedly handsome face
between the brown globes and began licking his soft anus. After a few
minutes, Milt lined his hardon up to the anal entrance, then pushed inside.

"uhhggg..." groaned Marlon, feeling his opening widen and stretch to
accommodate Milt's manhood.

"You okay, baby?" --asked Milton, pausing after achieving entry.

"Yes! Don't stop...!" --gasped Marlon, scrunching his face painfully. Milt
continued, burrowing his dick deep into the hole. Marlon grunted aloud as
Milt's pelvis ground into his upturned ass cheeks, churning his erection
around in Marlon's steaming chute.
When Milton started thrusting, Marlon's face lit up. All seemed
right with the world with Milton back on top of him where he
belonged. Marlon stared up at him, his eyes gleaming with love as he gave
himself over to Milt's lustful demands. Milt returned the gaze as he humped
into his lover in-law, sending every inch of his erect phallus deep into
his stuffed intestines.

"Fuck me, Milt..." encouraged Marlon, spreading his legs wider as Milton's
body humped and heaved on top of him.
The 2 men fucked like animals, hard and heavy as hard muscled flesh
slapped into hard muscled flesh. Milton's dark skin body pumped up and
down, crashing his muscular form onto Marlon's body as he drove his hard
dick through the choking anus housing his erect body part. Grunts, groans,
and soft hungry moans filled the air as the men broke into a fine sweat due
to their exertions. The futon bed creaked and squeaked under the crushing
weight of their colliding bodies. Milton hammered hard into Marlon,
pounding him with strong thrusts as his manhood pierced deep into Marlon's
anal womb. Marlon grabbed Milt around the back of his neck, holding on
tight as the thrusts grew harder. Marlon's head shifted from side to side
as they got closer and closer to orgasm. Marlon begged for his seed,
pleading with him to implant it deep inside. Milton picked up the pace,
fucking even harder as he sent his dick pummeling through Marlon's swelling
colon. When Milt reached the peak of pleasure, he rammed his tool deep into
Marlon's ass all the way up to his hairy balls, then came a barrel of cum
inside him. At that same precise moment, Marlon's own dick started spurting
cum all over his own chest and stomach without even being touched. He
gasped aloud as each spurt wrenched itself free from his loins as Milt
continued to ground around inside him. Afterwards, Milt laid down on top of
Marlon, slipping his wet tongue into the in-law's mouth as they finished
off their encounter with a soul kiss. At that very moment, they both became
aware of the growing thump..., thump..., thumping over head.

"What the hell is that noise?" asked Milt, pulling his tongue from Marlon's
mouth. Marlon listened, then laughed...

"That would be my upstairs neighbors, -Byron and Angie." --he said.

"Damn..., he must be tearing that ass up!" --said Milt, listening to the
sound of the head board banging against the wall in the couple's
bedroom. "Did you have to listen to that every night?"

"And morning..." smiled Marlon, recalling the time he spent in Byron's bed
while Angie was away visiting family (back in chap-8).

"Well..., when we find our own place, WE'LL be the ones making noises!"
--promised Milt, slipping his tongue back into Marlon's mouth.

"I can't wait..." moaned Marlon.

"You do realize once word gets out about us, that we both will be shunned
by your family?" --informed Milton. "You sister..., your mother..., your
dad..., my friends..., It'll just be you and me from then on."

"I'm okay with that." --insured Marlon. "I already feel shunned by my
family. My relationship with Deme's never been the same since she found us
together in bed, and my mom treats me like an embarrassment. My dad just
acts like I don't exist..., especially now that he knows I'm gay. And

"Fuck them! You got me now." --assured Milt, still laying comfortably on

"I've been wishing for this for so long..." --admitted Marlon. "You don't
know how long I've been wanting to just lay with you..., sleep with you all
night, without us having to look over our shoulders or worry about the

"I know baby, me too." --admitted Milt. "I've spent a long time trying to
fight my feelings for you..., but now I don't want to fight it no more. I
feel more complete with you, than I ever did with Deme. If you weren't a
man, I'd have probably lift Dee a long time ago and married YOU!" Marlon
smiled at the compliment.

"When are you going to tell her?" asked Marlon, concerned.

"Tonight...," -said Milt, checking his watch. " soon as I get home."
--he added, lifting up off of Marlon.

"She's not going to take it easily." --schooled Marlon, knowing how his
sister would react.

"I don't expect her to." --said Milt. "But she has to know we're not
happy..., that we ain't been happy in awhile. She HAS to know the end was
coming sooner or later." --added Milt, reaching for his
clothes. "Especially after all the accusations she's been spitting out,

"I still feel bad for her..., she's my sister after all." --frowned Marlon,
sitting up.

"I know, baby..., but what'r we supposed to do, keep our feelings all
bottled up? It's better this way, we both get what we want!" --assured

"Still..." frowned Marlon, sadly.

"You have your own problems to worry about..., you still have to go
upstairs and pack. We're gonna have to find a motel to stay in while we
look for an apartment together." --reminded Milt, throwing on his clothes.

"We could always stay at that here!" --smiled Marlon, deviously.

"Funny! I want to get as far away from everybody as possible..." thought
Milt, aloud. "Maybe we can move up to New York where my sister and her
girlfriend lives? Or maybe somewhere down south? I have a cousin that owns
a brownstone in Atlanta."

"Remember, I still have a court date with Marcus." --reminded
Marlon. "Besides, we can talk about all of that tomorrow..." he suggested,
getting up from the bed. "...just hurry up and get this over with with
Deme, the sooner we get this done, the sooner we can plan our future..."

"Right! Talk to you soon!" --said Milt, kissing Marlon goodbye on the lips
before dashing out the door to his car. He walked with an extra bounce in
his step, an added confidence in his walk. He dreaded having to have this
conversation with his wife, but he knew there was a definite silver lining
over the rainbow. Deme would yell, curse, scream, and threaten..., but then
he would have Marlon all to himself. No more pretense, no more hiding his
emotions. Freedom was only a talk away...
Meanwhile Marlon finished dressing, then headed upstairs to Curt's
apt in 2-B to pack. When he got there Curtis was laid back on the couch,
smoking a blunt and drinking a 40oz of BlackBull Malt Liquor. He said
nothing as Marlon walked into the apt for the last time, and handed him his
spare key. Marlon felt nervous and sad, guilty to be leaving Curt after
just promising him love and infidelity at the bachelor's party.

"Curtis..." he stared to say, trying to find the words to make their
parting easier.

"No need to speak, dawg." --informed Curtis, holding out the joint. Marlon
hunched his shoulders, then took a seat next to Curtis, taking a long drag
on the blunt.

"You always had the best shit..." he coughed, gagging on the smoke which
filled his lungs full of toxins.

Milt parked his car in front of his house behind his wife's
ride. Milt felt his heart beating a mile a minute as he thought about
confronting her with his new found revelation. For months Demeecee had been
accusing him of having homosexual preferences after finding him in bed with
her brother. Milt denied it every step of the way, until now. He wondered
how she would take the news. Surely it would come as no surprise, giving
the circumstances with Kendall, Linda, Carl, and Charmaine. Bisexuality
seemed to be running rampant in the hood, -all the talk shows talked about

Milt entered the house, expecting Deme to be in a foul mood in
regards to his disappearance earlier. He was quite surprised when he heard
a somewhat pleasantness in her voice when she called to him from the
upstairs bathroom.

"Hey..." said Milt, peeking into the bathroom after climbing the steps to
his doom.

"Where you been?" asked Deme, in a light tone. "I called the police station
to bail Marlon out of jail, but was told he was already released on bail by
his brother. I figured it HAD to be you." --she surmised correctly. "I
realized how stupid I'd been acting all this time by being jealous of my
own brother..., It's obvious that you're not gay, and I KNOW what happened
between you two wasn't your fault..., or Marlon's for that matter. He's my
brother, and he deserves my unconditional support. So do you!"

"Deme..., we need to talk..."

"I know, Milt. I know I've been accusing you of something that wasn't
true. I KNOW you're nothing like your brother Carl. You know Charmaine
found him shacking up with Kendall in some cheap motel room after they were
caught! I know you wouldn't do anything like that. I know you're ALL MAN
where it counts!"
Milton said nothing, he was too shocked by it all as the news of
Carl and Kendall sank in. Deme took Milt by the hand, and led him into the
bedroom. "I'd been feeling a little ill lately, so I went to the doctor's
office for a check up..." she continued. " O'Rally says I'm 3
weeks pregnant!" --she informed, waiting for a response. "We're having a

"A baby...?" repeated Milt in absolute shock. Deme wrapped her arms around
Milt's neck as she hugged him in celebration.

"Yeah! I know..., I was surprised too! I wasn't even thinking about being
pregnant..., but here we are! Aren't you excited?" she asked, smiling from
ear to ear.

"uh..., yeah. Pregnant...? Wow." --reacted Milt, feeling numbed by the

"We have so much stuff to do! Charmaine says she'll give me what baby
things she'll have left over from lil' Charlie, and my parents are so
ecstatic about it! My mom's already got names picked out! Oh..., and we
have to tell your parents, they'll be so happy to get another grandchild
again so soon! Now little Charlie'll have a cousin to play with! Just
think, another Thanksgiving baby! Can you believe it? Ain't that just too
priceless?" --laughed Deme, completely unaware of Milt's lack of
participation. Before Milt could speak, her cell phone rang. "Hi mom. Yeah,
I just told him. Yes, he's excited..." --explained Deme as she and her
mother started one of their never ending phone conversations.
Milton walked out of the bedroom while his wife talked on the
phone. He went into the bathroom and closed the door for privacy. When he
was alone, he splashed water onto his face, then looked at himself in the
mirror. `How could life be so fucking cruel?' --he asked himself as he
reached into his pocket for cellular. He waited and waited for the signal
to clear, his heart beat running rapid. Marlon picked up the phone on the
second ring. He was in Curtis' bedroom, packing his bags.

"Did you do it yet?" he asked, noting Milt's low tone. "How did she take
it? Do you want me to come over for support?" Milt paused, hearing the hope
in Marlon's voice. Tears filled his eyes as he informed...

"Deme's pregnant."

"What?" asked Marlon, thinking he was hearing things. There was a long
silence, then Milt repeated his statement.

"She's pregnant. She just told me she'd been to the doctor's. We're having
a baby!" --said Milt, emotionless.

"How?" asked Marlon, sitting down on the edge of the bed. "Why now of all
times? Is this some trick? Did she say this to keep you from walking out on
her when you told her about us?"

"I..., I never got the chance to tell her! She told me about the baby
before I could get a word in! She's pregnant, Marlon! She's having MY
Marlon felt his heart sink like a ton of bricks when he heard the
growing excitement in Milt's voice. Curtis stood in the doorway of the
bedroom, watching Marlon's facial expression crumble as Milton informed him
that under the light of circumstances, he couldn't possibly leave his wife
and family now. He informed Marlon that for the sake of his unborn child,
he owed it to its mother to try to work on their marriage. He apologized to
Marlon, telling him how much he loved him, then begged him to
understand. Marlon expressed his congratulations, insisting that Milt do
the right thing. When they hung up, both men felt as if their hearts had
been ripped from their souls.
Marlon broke down crying, as Curtis wrapped his arm around him in

10 months later...

Milt and Deme; have a healthy happy 9 pound baby girl, named Jannetta

Marlon and Curtis; moved into a house together which they now share with
Rachelle's mother --Crystal Waters, after she had her former boyfriend
Marcus Miller drop all charges against Marlon before breaking up with
him. Marlon and Curtis share the basement (which had been re-furbished as
an apt like living quarters with its own full working bathroom) as lovers,
-they split the upstairs kitchen and living room level with the girls,
while Crys and Rachelle share the top level to themselves for guests and

Trelic and Donte; returned from their honeymoon, and is currently waiting
for their new house to clear escrow in Sicklerville New Jersey. They have
also filed to legally adopt a baby in that state where their union is
recognized as a gay couple.

Malik Nelson; continued seeing Rashawn Johnson in discreet private sessions
for awhile, until Malik and Aaron "Snow" Mitchell became an official
couple, leaving Shawn to resume his hetero lifestyle in full. He never
messed around with men again.

Seko; became obsessed with Big Dong Kong, and eventually stalked him as a
groupie. They kicked it a few times as sex buddies, with Kong convincing
Seko to do a porno movie with him called "King Kong Takes Manhattan". After
becoming successful in his first hot steamy screen scene, Seko traveled the
country and abroad filming other blk on blk gay male pornos, staring in
such features as "Hommie Down", "Trade Secrets", "Thug Passion", and his
most popular film as a hungry ass bottom who took a string of big dicks in
"12 Inches And Up".

Angie Houseman; became pregnant the following year, and did indeed marry
her long time boyfriend Byron Jefferson. Byron and Dennis Ross (Trelic's
brother in-law from Pittsburgh) still get together once every few years to
"experiment" solely on each other. This affair would last indefinitely in
secret for years, as the 2 men grow old and share grandchildren together.

Charmaine Howard; eventually divorced Carl, and got a hefty piece of his
net worth in child support. She never remarried.

Carl Howard; had a string of botched relationships, due mostly to
Charmaine's sabotage after telling his various girlfriends (after their
divorce) that he was a "closet queen homosexual". However Carl did manage
settle down and re-marry, but that marriage eventually ended in divorce
also, after Carl discovered his second wife had a long time secret affair
with another woman; -an art gallery manager named Monifah.

Linda Graham; stopped trusting men after her divorce from Kendall, and
started a sordid torrid sexual affair with a 17 year old student in one of
her classes. The sex was hot. After he graduated, she had another affair
with another under-aged student. This pattern went on for 5 years with 5
different 17 year old boys, until one of the parents pressed charges after
her heart broken son told her that she had dumped him after
graduation. Linda was fired and banded from teaching in public schools by
the courts, but Linda managed to continue her molesting of sexually charged
teen seniors as a private tutor.

Kendall Graham; eventually managed to seduce all of his closest friends
(Mac, Lemar, Jaheim, and Jared) in time, by consistently offering sex while
they were at their weakest or most vulnerable moments sexually. He sucked
their dicks when their wives or girlfriends were pregnant or on their
periods. He comforted them with head jobs when they were drunk, lonely or
depressed, and eventually succeeded in sampling each of their semen
selections at least once. Inevitably he became their official "cocksucker"
(as white men call it) whenever any of them needed to quick relief, but it
was all done on the downlow.

Milt & Marlon; remained close as time went on, loving each other from
afar. They saw each other often throw family gatherings and social events,
but kept their distance as far as sex. Milt didn't want to taint his family
experience by having extra marital affairs on the side. Marlon understood
Milt's obligations to his family, and was happily content withhis living
arrangements with Curt and Crystal. If Milt's wife Demeecee was aware that
her husband's heart was split between 2 households, it was deeply masked
under the joy of motherhood. 6 months hadn't even passed when she announced
the pending birth of their second child; "This time it'd better be a BOY!"
--insisted Milt.


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