Sunday, May 10, 2009



"Yo man, thanks for getting me out of there man, that gay club was getting
a little too freaky for words!" --said Dennis Ross, brother in-law to Trelic
Taylor from apt 2-B upstairs.

"Word, rite? When homboi came out with that 14 inch dick..., I knew it was
time to bird up outta there! Them faggots were bound to go crazy over that
shit! uh..., no offense." --added Byron Jefferson, apt resident.

"Why would I be offended?" asked Dennis.

"Tre..., he's your in-law..., and he's gay." --offered Byron.

"Oh, its cool. Tre knows he's gay. You're not hurting anyone by stating the
obvious." --assured Dennis.

"Kewl. I didn't want to create no bad blood between us, you know?" --added
Byron, leading Dennis into his apt. "We can chill out here until we hear
from the guys or girls. You wanna beer?"

"Yeah, sure." --said Dennis, looking around the pleasant apt. He checked out
the pictures of Byron and Angie on several different trips. They seemed
like a nice couple.

"Here's your beer, man." --offered Byron, taking a seat after handing over
the brew. Dennis took the beer, and instantly swallowed a few gulps before
taking a seat on the couch. Byron turned on the cable TV, and pulled up the
movie menu. "What you wanna watch, man?" he asked, being hospitable.

"Truth be told..., I forgot we were going to a gay bachelor's party. I got
myself all geared up to see some female strippers!" --admitted Dennis.

"Me too, dawg! I was like..., dayum...nawww, not dudes!" --responded Byron.

"Yo man, I was looking forward to getting my hands on some titties n'shit!
I mean, ain't nothing wrong with my wife's tits, but a man needs to see and
feel another pair every now and then, feel me?"

"I feel you, dude! That's why I ain't got married yet!" explained
Byron. "Angie and I are in a committed relationship, but I ain't got no
ring on my finger..., if I decide I want to fuck around a little bit, I
can! Nah'mean?" --reasoned Byron.

"I feel you, man. Sometimes I see these girls back home in Pittsburgh,
walking around with their asses out and their tits barely covered, and I
think `only if I wasn't married...', but then I wake up!" --laughed
Dennis. "But I'm here to tell you man, ain't nothing like having a women
that you know is all your own. Who you know is always in your corner."

"I understand... Angie and I'll get married one day..., I just don't wanna
wake up married and wish I had more time to fuck around, is all. I like
leaving my options open, just incase."

"When was the last time you acted on that option?" asked Dennis, curious.

"A few months ago when my girl was out of town." --admitted Byron, openly.

"Who was the luck girl?" asked Dennis, holding his brew. "Or do you even
remember her name?"
Byron blushed, bashfully.

"Thing was..., it wasn't with a girl." --he stated, much to Dennis'
surprise. "It was a guy. --Marlon."

"Dude from the club tonight?" asked Dennis.

"Yup, my neighbor."

"How the hell did that happen?"

"Was home alone, invited him in after he and his boi had a fight. One thing
led to another. I told him how I was used to getting pussy every night, and
was missing it while my girl was away. He offered to help me out..., the
rest is history."

"Damn, just like that?" asked Dennis, surprised at how easy it was.

"Just like that." --said Byron, matter of fact.

"Damn man..., I don't know if I could've done it man." --said Dennis,

"Ain't like I was lookin for it!" --defended Byron, thinking Dennis was
being judgmental.

"Oh no, you got me wrong, man..., I'm not judging you. I'm not saying I
wouldn't wanted to have done it, I'm just saying I don't think I would've
had the balls to try it." -clarified Dennis. "So..., how was it?"

"Surprisingly good man. Some of the best sex I've ever had.., next to my
girl of course." --smiled Byron.

"But you still prefer women?" asked Dennis.

"Of course man! I'm not gay or anything. I only tried it once. But..., it
was better than I expected it'd be." --admitted Byron. "You ever wonder what
it'd be like to do it with a guy?"

"Not really." --said Dennis. "Not until I saw Trelic and Donte fucking..."
he added.

"You saw them fucking?" --perked Byron. "When? Where?"

"In Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving. They were staying with me and Karen in our
apartment. I walked out of the bedroom to go to the bathroom and caught
them getting down dirty on the sofa-bed." --smiled Dennis, recalling
vividly. "Shit was hot."

"Peeking in on your brother in-law..., sounds a lil kinky to me, bruh."
--laughed Byron. "You should've joined in..., maybe got a blow job out of

"With my wife's brother? That'd be tacky man." --declined Dennis.

"Donte maybe?" asked Byron, prying.

"Maybe... Definitely with that Marlon dude..., I mean, so long as Karen
never found out about it."

"Best to hook up with someone who's not gay..., no need to advertise."
--suggested Byron. "Straight men like us have too much to lose if people
find out, gay boiz don't have nothing to lose if people find out, people
already know they gay."


"So..., how bad do you want to try it?" asked Byron, taking another sip of

"What do you mean?" asked Dennis.

"I mean, if you could try out a few things right now..., what would you

"I don't know..." said Dennis, unsure. "What did you and Marlon do?"

"He sucked my dick for awhile..., then I fucked him."

"Ouch!" --reacted Dennis.

"So what're you interested in?" asked Byron.

"I don't know..., I guess I've always wondered what it'd feel like to suck
a dick, but I never had an opportunity to experiment. I mean, what're you
supposed to do, walk up to one of your hommies and ask to suck his dick?
He'd probably kick your ass." --chuckled Dennis.

"Yeah." --agreed Byron. "What if I agreed to experiment with you? Would you
try it then?"

"Me and you?" asked Dennis, surprised. "I'm not sure man..., we barely know
each other."

"Who better to experiment with? No one's gonna suspect the neighbor
downstairs, right? Karen won't even remember me in a month from now. No
one'll know, but us. You and me." --explained Byron.

"I don't know man...," doubted Dennis, nervously. "When I came here, I
wasn't expecting to have sex..."

"Think about it man, no pressure. I'm just offering you a chance to try it,
if you want to."
Dennis sat back in his seat and took a few sips of beer while he
thought it over. Dennis' eyes dropped down into Byron's lap. The big guy
swung his legs open and closed nervously, trying to entice an answer...

"Okay man...," agreed Dennis, seeing the sizable lump appear in Byron's
crotch. "Who knows when I'll get another opportunity like this one?"

"My point, exactly..." --smiled Byron, his dick already starting to top a
tent in his jeans.

24 year old Donte Morgan came rushing home with his friends
following close behind. He jumped from the car as soon as it pulled in
front of his apt building, then ran up the steps as fast as he could in
search of his lover, -Trelic. Tre left the bachelor's party before the
celebration was over, after announcing that the commitment ceremony was
Donte rushed into his empty apt, calling Tre's name frantically -to
no avail. Upon finding the apt Tre-less, he fell out on his bed in a
dramatic display of tears. Malik and Seko came running in behind him.

"Oh lawd, he done fell out and lose his mind in pure Diva flare!" --teased

"Where is he? He's not here! He left me! He's gone!" --screamed Donte,
hiding his face shamefully.

"Of course, honey. He caught you red faced with another man's cum all over
your mug. What you think he was going to do, lick you clean?" asked Seko,

"Seko...!" --shouted Malik, sensitively.

"It was my bachelor party! I didn't know he was going to cum all over me! I
was following you... you WHORE!" yelled Donte, throwing a pillow at Seko.

"I'm single honey, you can't do what I do. Especially with your MAN sitting
right there watching! What was your drunk ass thinking?" --countered Seko.

"That enough Sek'..., why don't you go in the kitchen and make a pot of
coffee?" asked Malik, showing Seko the door.

"Whateva. Ain't like coffee gonna bring his boyfriend back!" --stated Seko,
sashaying out the room.

"I'll kill em! I'll kill em!" --shouted Donte, jumping up from the bed.

"Sit down, Donte!" --insisted Malik. Donte did as told, reluctantly. "Now I
want you to think..., where would Trelic go if he was mad with you?"

"How should I know? He's probably out at the park..., getting his freak on
to pay me back!"

"That's something YOU would do! Now, where would Tre go? Think!" --reminded

"I don't know..., his mom lives in Pittsburgh, so he wouldn't go there. I
guess he'd go over to Rashawn's place, they're always hanging together!"
--remembered Donte.

"Good. Then maybe he's there. The ceremony's not until tomorrow..., maybe
Shawn will be able to talk him into showing up!" --assured Malik. "Tre loves
you..., he wouldn't call off the wedding after all this time."

"You think so?" asked Donte, sniffling, snot running from his nose in

"I know so." --smiled Malik, causing Donte to breath easily for the first
time since leaving the club in search for Trelic.

"I guess... Good thing Shawn's straight, otherwise I'd be worried about him
and Tre hanging together so much." -thought Donte aloud. "Luckily I don't
have anything to worry about. If Shawn ain't fucked around with men in all
this time, he sure won't pick tonight to start doing it."
Malik said nothing about his encounter with Shawn in the mens room
(last chap).


"I thought you said Tre was going to be here??" asked Donte,
panicking. "It's almost noon, the ceremony starts in 15 minutes! Where is
he? He's not coming! He stood me up! He left me! He's not coming! Call the
whole thing off!"

"Will you calm down?" asked Seko, grabbing his head. "Some of us are still
nursing hangovers!"

"Its because of YOU bitch, that my man left me in the first place!" yelled
Donte, already dressed in his stylish black tuxedo with grey vest and tie.

"ME? What did I do?" asked Seko.

"I told you I didn't want a tacky party, yet you go hire those nasty ass
strippers just so you could get your cunt ass fucked by some 14 inch horse
dick!" yelled Donte, hysterically. "I hope you're happy with the crabs he
probably gave you, bitch!"

"You got one more time to call me out of my name!" --warned Seko, standing
to the occasion. "Don't blame me because you can't hold your liquor and let
some strange man nut facial cream all over your face! You should've
swallowed it like I taught you, dumbass! Who are you, Monica Lewinski??"

"You know, my astrologer was right about you! I should've dumped your ass a
long time ago!"

"What adult man sets his life around astrology? Grow up and take
responsibility for the shit that happens in your life, you loser!"

"Loser? Who was it that drove your ass to the hospital when you damn near
overdosed on poppers?" asked Donte.

"Who held your hand all night when you thought you had AIDS after fucking
that singer that died a few years ago?" asked Seko.

"Who helped your dumbass pass your exam to get into school?

"Who covered for you when you were out fucking around on your man?"

"Who's about to put his 10 and � inch foot up your ass? And it ain't like
it won't fit, mr hollow man!"

"Try it bitch, and I'll snap it off like a twig!"

"Not with that loose pussy you got, sagderella!"

"Look who's talking..., when was the last time you had to strain to take a
dump? Shit just falls out of you like an open pit!"

"You 2 need to stop fighting, this is getting us nowhere!" --intervened
Malik. "Besides, you're best friends..."

"I ain't that bitch's friend..." --snapped Donte.

"I just felt sorry for her." --countered Seko.
Just then, Malik's cell phone rang. He didn't recognize the number,
but was recognized the voice.

"Shawn! Where are you? Is Tre with you?" --he asked, getting a hopeful look
from Donte and Seko. "He is? Where are you?" --he asked, listening closely
over Donte's endless questions. "Yeah, we're at the catering hall! Yeah,
he's here! Yes, we have his tux with is!" --said Malik. "Okay! Yeah!
Alright! See you soon!"

"What is it? What he say?" asked Donte, on pins and needles.

"He said Tre stayed the night over his place last night. He's got Tre in
the car with him now, they're on their way here."

"Okay..." said Donte, still unsure what was going on. "Did he say what was
going on? Are we still getting married?"

"Well, he asked if you had Tre's tux here, so I assume the ceremony's still
on..." --explained Malik.

"You assume? Why didn't you ask? For all I know he wants the tux to get his
deposit back!" --shouted Donte, skeptically.

"I'm sure Shawn would've said something if Tre was still thinking of
calling off the ceremony." --reasoned Malik.

"I agree with Mal..., he wouldn't have us standing around like idiots if he
knew Tre was coming to call it off." --assured Seko, supportive.

"I hope so..., I'll be embarrassed as hell if he shows up only to tell
everyone what I whore I was..., his mother would LOVE to hear that!"

"Don't worry about that right now.., let's go check on that makeup..., I
didn't spend all morning moisturizing that face to see it all wash away
now!" --said Malik, taking Donte into the ladies room.

"Thank gurl..., what would I do without you 2 bitches?" asked Donte,
heartfelt. He allowed Malik to escort him into the restroom before it
suddenly dawned on him. "What is Shawn doing with your number? When did you
2 become such close friends?"

"uh..." --stumped Malik.

Out in the Hall, people were starting to get restless. Word had it
amongst the queens that the ceremony was called off, but no one told the
spectators as they sat in their seats waiting patiently. Tre had turned his
phone off last night, not wanting to speak to anyone until he had a moment
to think about what he wanted to do. His sister Karen Ross and her husband
Dennis were as much in the dark as everyone else. When Karen asked Dennis
what happened at the party that caused so much tension, Dennis explained
that he left before the drama stared, staying over Byron Jefferson's place
until she and Angie (Byron's live-in girlfriend) called to say they were on
their way in from their own party. Dennis and Byron were in bed together
during that heads-up, having just experimented with blowing each other for
the first time. Both men had taken the other's dick into his mouth, but
Dennis was the only one to take the load of fresh semen in his mouth and
swallow. Byron merely allowed Dennis' dick to dump all over his hairy chest
in 69 position.
Dennis turned in his seat, glancing back at Byron as he sat with
his arm around Angie 2 seats behind them. The 2 men locked eyes only for a
second before breaking contact, a move unnoticed by the ordinary untrained
eye. Neither Angie nor Karen suspected that their men did anything with
each other, other than drink beer and watch television while waiting for
their women to return home.

Charmaine Howard was in attendance with her baby --Charlie, while
Marlon and Curtis was there with Marlon's daughter Rachelle. Aaron "Snow"
Mitchell was there, as well as Monifah and her lesbian girlfriend Mary
(from chap-11). The rest of the Hall was filled with close and distant
friends and family that could make it, most were just gay friends of
Donte's, Malik's and Seko's from years of clubbing.

Donte was just coming out of the restroom when Rashawn finally
showed up with a hung-over Trelic. He rushed Tre into the dressing room
area to get shaved and into his tux. Donte saw them duck into the room and
tried to break in. Shawn informed him that it was bad luck for the groom to
see the groom before the ceremony, leaving Donte stunned in the
hallway. "Relax, everything is going as planned..." reminded Malik, taking
Donte back into the waiting area. Seko took his seat out in the audience
while Malik waited by Donte's side for Trelic to emerge. Finally after
several long minutes, the door opened to reveal Rashawn and Tre, both
dressed in similar tuxes as Donte and Malik.
The 2 groomsmen eyes locked.


"Lets just do this." --responded Tre. "We can talk about everything later."

"Okay..." said Donte, eagerly. "...just remember..., I love you."
--whispered Donte.

The main doors leading into the Ceremony Hall opened. Everyone
stood as Malik and Shawn walked out in single file, standing on opposite
ends of the alter, -followed by Trelic and Donte whom stood side by
side. They all stood up in front of the room, holding hands as a sign of
unity and commitment.
A clergymen from a gay friendly church preformed the ceremony, but
instead of citing passages from the bible such as heterosexual ceremonies
often do, the minister spoke poignantly from the heart, discussing what a
union of 2 souls in search of love is destined to find in spite of
gender. After a brief reading of their own commitment vows, and an exchange
of similar rings, the 2 men kissed before the room of spectators to seal
the bond of commitment.

...was in Hall #2 next door. After pictures of the grooms and
various families and guests, they partied to hits such as "ring the alarm"
by Beyonce, "yeah" by Usher, "lose my breath" by Destiny's Child, "hot in
here" by Nelly, "work it" by Missy Elliot, and "I like the way you move" by
Outcast, -as well as other artists.
The cutting of the cake was interrupted by the arrival of police
officers. The music stopped as officers came in looking to arrest
someone. Everyone looked in disarray as they spoke to party goers, and
stopped before the table housing Curtis, Marlon, and Rachelle.

"Marlon Overton?" they questioned.

"Yes?" --answered Marlon, nervously.

"We have a warrant for your arrest. Come with us please." --ordered the
police, firmly.

"Fo whut?" asked Curtis, getting up from the table. One of the officer
pushed Curtis back down and demanded he take his seat as he placed his hand
on his weapon.

"Its okay, Curt..., this's got to be a mistake." --said Marlon, cooperating
with the cops. "What am I being charged with?" asked Marlon, as the police
placed his hands behind his back and handcuffed him.

"For assault." --answered one of the officers.

"Assault? I didn't assault anyone!" --insisted Marlon.

"Do you know a mister..., Marcus Miller?" asked one of the officers,
reading off his arrest warrant. "He alleges that you broke into his apt
complex, assaulted him, and kidnapped a little girl..., Rachelle Waters
from her mother."

"I didn't kidnap her..., she's my daughter! I have visitation rights...!"
--insisted Marlon.

"We only know what we're told, mr Howard. Is this Rachelle?"

"Yes..." --answered Rachelle, obediently.

"We'll have to take her into custody also, until the mother can come for
her." --announced the cop.

"Curt..., call my sister! Tell her what happened! Ask her to get Rachelle,
I don't want her around Marcus! I don't trust him!" --informed Marlon as he
was rushed out the door by the arm, his daughter in tow behind him.
Curtis called Milt on his cell phone, reluctantly. He'd have called
Deme herself, had he her number, but Milt was the only one he'd been in
contact with recently. He quickly explained Marlon's ordeal, giving a fast
assessment of what happened and asked him to relay the message to his wife.


"Arrested?" asked Demeecee Howard, Marlon's sister. "Not again! Didn't he
learn the first time??"

"Curtis says it wasn't Marlon's fault this time! He says he was defending
Rachelle from Crystal's boyfriend when he hit him, he wasn't doing drugs!"
--explained Milton, having gotten the scoop from Curtis.

"How'r we supposed to get his daughter away from her mother while her
father's in jail with a criminal record? What's he expect us to do?" --asked

"I think he expects us to support him. To check in on his daughter while
he's away. He's already expressed how he believes Marcus is abusive, do you
really think he'd have attacked the man without reason, knowing he's on
probation with a record?" --reasoned Milton.

"I don't know what to think of him nowadays! He's been doing a lot of stuff
he normally wouldn't do!"

"Come on, Dee..., you don't believe Marlon viciously attacked Crystal's man
without provocation, do you?" asked Milton. "We're talking about MARLON
here..., he's so timid he barely yells even when he's mad! Why would you
suspect he'd beat up Marcus for no real reason?"

"After what he did to us, I suspect him capable of anything!" --answered
Demeecee. "And what's up with you keep defending Marlon? If I didn't know
any better I'd swear YOU were the gay one, instead of your brother Carl!"
Milton felt his blood pressure build.

"You know..., I'm getting real tired of hearing you throw what happened
with Marlon up in my face every time you're not happy with the way I act!"

"I can't help it if I'm a little bit shocked that to find my husband in bed
with my brother...!" --shouted Deme.

"Get over it, Dee..., I have!" --snapped Milton, walking off.

Milt was sitting outside in his Cutlass Supreme when Marlon was
bailed out of jail. He honked the horn, flashing his headlights to signal
his location. Marlon jogged across the street after recognizing the car
parked on the corner. He got into the passenger's seat...

"YOU bailed me out?" asked Marlon, somewhat surprised.

"Who else, baby?" --smiled Milton, happy to see his in-law. "How was it in
there? Get any flashbacks of prison life?" he joked.

"I only wish prison was as easy as that..." --sighed Marlon. "...I wouldn't
be going through all this shit now!" Milton laughed as he started up the
car. "Does Deme know you bailed me out?"

"Of course..." lied Milt. Marlon looked at him sideways, indicating that he
didn't believe him. "No, she don't know." --he admitted with a smirk.

"Let me guess..., she was willing to let me riot in jail?" surmised
Marlon. "She thinks I'm guilty?"

"You have to remember Marlon..., women don't forgive and forget as quickly
as we do." --reasoned Milt.

"In other words..., yes." --said Marlon. "If she finds out you got me out,
she'll accuse us of fucking around like Kendall and Carl. You know that
memory is still fresh on her brain."

"No need to remind ME, I'm the one living with her." --reminded Milt.

"It may be awhile before I can pay you back..., at least not until after my
court date." --advised Marlon.

"No problem..., that's what fam is for." --said Milt, pulling off from the
curb. "Maybe you can make it up to me in another way..." --he added,
suggestively. Marlon felt a wave of heat pass through him as images of he
and Milt filled his lustful mind. He'd just made a promise to Curtis of
fidelity, and here he was not even a day later, lusting over his brother
in-law. But then again, Milton did just do him a huge favor...
Marlon reached over and groped Milton's crotch. "You know I was
just joking about that payment..." --informed Milt.

"I know. I want to." --said Marlon, honestly.

"Okay... Maybe Curtis' home..., we can have a 3wa..."

"No! Just you and me, this time. Okay?" asked Marlon, knowing Curtis would
be mad to see Milt walk through the door.

"Fine by me." --agreed Milt, his dick rising under Marlon's hand
manipulations. "But why you wanna exclude your boi, Curt? I thought we had
an agreement?"

"We did, but..., Curt gave me an ultimatum." --informed Marlon.

"An ultimatum? What kind?" asked Milt, already suspecting.

"He don't want me seeing you anymore. He made me choose between him and

"And..., you picked him?" asked Milt, shaking his head.

"Well..., HE is supposed to be my man, Milt. He's supposed to come first."
--explained Marlon.

"I know! I just..." Milt took a deep breath before continuing. "I'm just
sick and tired of everyone coming between us! Every time we try to take one
step forward, something knocks us back 3! I'm sick of it!" --shouted Milt,
angrily. "And I'm tired of sneaking around corners and hiding my feelings
for you! I'm about ready to go tell Demeecee about us! Give her good reason
for all the accusations she's been throwing at me for months!"

"You don't mean that, Milt..." -dismissed Marlon, thinking Milt's outburst
just a frustrated talking.

"I'm serious! My sister's gay, and my mom and dad's okay with it. My
brother Carl just got outted, and my wife keeps suggesting that I'm gay on
the sly! Why keep hiding the inevitable? Maybe its in my blood? It's bound
to come out anyway, eventually! Right?"

"And give up your hetero status? I doubt it?" --said Marlon.

"You think I'm bullshitting?" asked Milt, alternating between Marlon and
the road.

"No..., but I know your whole world is based around your perception of
manhood, and your image in the community." --explained Marlon. "Do you
really think you could explain to people..., -your friends in particular,
that you left your woman for a man? Do you think you could live life with
me as your main source of sexual outlet, with the occasional female on the
side? Do you really believe you could live with me knowing the neighbors
would suspect us every time they see us together in public or behind closed

"Yes!" --answered Milton.

"Stop lying, Milt..., you know you couldn't live like that." --chuckled

"I'm not lying..." --swore Milt, sincerely. "I realized something when I
thought of you going back to jail, knowing there was a chance that I might
not see you again..." --explained Milt. "I don't want to waste any more time
pretending that I'm happily in love with Deme, when its YOU that I want to
be with."


"I'm serious, Marlon..., life's too short to live it through the eyes of
other people." --continued Milt. "I think we owe it to ourselves to try."

"Try what?" asked Marlon, lost in the whirlwind.

"Living together. You and me." --finished Milt.

Milt..., are you sure?" asked Marlon, unsure if he were dreaming. Milt
parked the car outside the apt building, then leaned over and began kissing
Marlon without concern of who noticed. Several people walked by, doing
double takes to make sure their eyes weren't playing tricks on them as the
2 man kissed like fiends. "I..., I guess you ARE sure..." moaned Marlon,
gasping for air.
Once inside Marlon's old basement apt, the 2 men immediately picked
up where they left off.

Marlon was overwhelmed by Milton's unusually raw passion when he
covered his mouth and began suckling his tongue as if his life depended on
it. He held Marlon tighter than usual, kissed him harder than usual. His
hands groped and gripped him all over as he practically consumed him like a
Milt undressed Marlon, pealing off his layers of clothing until he
got to the fruit underneath. Then he gently sat Marlon down on his old
futon and slide down on his hard dick. Marlon moaned as Milt took him
easily into his mouth without pause or confusion. He simply slid his full
lips up and down the hard shaft, sucking feverishly about the head as if
slurping juice from a straw. Marlon loved looking down to see masculine
Milton Howard on his knees between his legs, pleasuring him orally. He
never thought he'd see the day when a guy like Milt would submit himself
submissively to another man. His oral skills had greatly improved since
that first time he clumsily blew Marlon on the sofa of his own living room
(back in chap-13 of "My Wife's Brother").

Milt slurped happily up and down the slick shaft of his brother
in-law's dick, taking it as deeply as he could into his mouth. Having
worked over Curtis' thick 12 on several occasions helped Milt develop his
skills, allowing him to do good work of Marlon's modest 7 inches. He took
the dick back into his throat, feeling it pass down into his
esophagus. Milt never thought he'd enjoy sucking another man's meat as much
as he did. Who'd have known dick sucking held such enjoyment and precision?
Adding just the right amount of suction, the right amount of saliva, and
the right lip work, could possibly reward you with a burst of nutty
flavor. A gift, for a job well done.
He liked the way the slick smooth surface slid easily between his
lips, like sucking on a fugdecicle in the scorching August heat. Milt liked
the feeling of it passing into his throat, throbbing ever so slightly as it
coughed up a sweet suckle sample of pre-juice to titillate his pallet. Milt
felt his asshole spasm with excitement as Marlon's body began to stiff with
reaction. He heard his moans grow louder as he bobbed his head
faster. Marlon tensed up, just about to release his load of baby batter
when Milton suddenly pulled off unexpectedly.

Marlon's dick jumped and jerked, but didn't spit. It throbbed
sorely as Milt stood up and started to remove his own clothes. Marlon
licked his lips as he moved to the edge of the futon, ready to
precipitate. When Milt's thick juicy dick came into view, Marlon prepared
to take it between his lips, but Milt stopped him. "I want you to fuck
me..." he said, much to Marlon's shock.

"Are you sure...?" asked Marlon, unsure if fucking Milton would change the
dynamics of their relationship. He wasn't sure if he'd somehow see Milt as
being less virile once he's allowed him to fuck him.

"Yeah..., you don't want to?" asked Milt, hopefully. "I want to feel you
inside me. Why should Curtis be the only man I experience?"
Milt grasped Marlon's dick, feeling its strength in his fist. Then
Milt climbed up onto the futon on his knees, his chocolate ass raised
invitingly as Marlon got down on his knees behind him. He stared at Milt's
dark ass, the deep hairy crevice hiding the tight tiny hole. Marlon pushed
his head up between the chocolate mounds, licking his tongue up and down
the hair lined crack. Milt pushed his ass back, enjoying the slick oral
muscle as it glided back and forth along the line. He pointed his tongue,
then pushed it up into the hole, darting it back and forth as Milton's
tight chute slowly began to flower open. He pulled Milt's ass cheeks apart
to get his tongue even deeper. Soon Milt was moaning and groaning,
practically begging Marlon to shove his dick inside.

"Come on, baby..., do it! Put it in me!" --ordered Milton.
Marlon pulled his tongue from Milt's butt, then stood up behind
him. He spit into his palm for lubricant, then places the head of his dick
up to the hole. Milton moaned as the head and shaft pushed in, sinking into
his body like the Titanic.
Marlon is amazed at how amazingly tight Milt's ass ring is,
especially after taking Curt's fat 12 incher more than once. He pushed all
the way up into Milt's ass until his balls were plastered against his
own. He felt Milt's ring clamp down on his dick base, placing his prod in a
choke hold.

"Aww..., wooowwwww Milt..." --gasped Marlon, feeling weak at the knees as
his lover's hole bit down on him tightly. He leaned forward and wrapped his
arms around Milt's torso as his lay frantic kisses along his back and
spine. "I love you, Milt!" --witnessed Marlon, falling totally as he started
to fuck in and out.

"I love you too, Marlon..." --moaned Milton, reaching down to stroke his own
dick. He was fully hard, his asshole gripping Marlon's slick shaft as he
squeezed in and out of him. Marlon knew he wouldn't be able to last long
while fucking his idol. Milt's asshole choked his dick too strong, gripped
it too tightly as he fucked. It was just a matter of minutes before he'd be
white washing his brother in-law's innards with his load.
He moved his hips back and forth, effectively fucking Milt black
hole. Every time Milt clamped down, it felt like Marlon's dick would snap
in half. Eventually Milt began to loosen after a steady pace was
established. Marlon felt himself piston easier as he rode the once straight
man's backside harder.

"Oh shit, Milt..., you're going to make me cum soon..." he moaned, feeling
his dick start to throb again already. Milton picked up the stroke of his
dick, wanting to cum at the same time as his in-law.

"Hold off, man..., it feels so good inside me...! Just a few more
minutes..." --begged Milton, pushing his ass back onto Marlon's dick.

"I...I don't know if I can hold out that long man..., you're so tight...!"
--complained Marlon, knowing his excitement was peaking.

"Wait..., not yet!" --begged Milton, spreading his legs as he raised his ass

"Maybe if I pulled out..." --reasoned Marlon, slowing his thrusts.

"No! Don't pull out! Keep it in!" --pleaded Milt, pumping his fist harder.

"Aww shit! I'm cumming...! I can't help it!" --warned Marlon, grabbing
Milt's waist as he pushed his dick all the way in and held it there.
Milt jacked off as he felt the dick inside him pulse, then felt it
go through a long series of violent jerks. He knew each pulse sent another
jolt of Marlon's sperm into his guts. Surprisingly he felt even more
"connected" to Marlon when he felt his seed pour into him, -like he
belonged to him now, as if this bonding suddenly made it official. Milt
whacked at his dick for a few more seconds, then spew his own hot liquid
all over the futon underneath him.

"AAHHHHHH YEEEAAHHH...!!" --he groaned aloud as the cum shot from his body
in sprinkles all over the cushions below. Marlon wrapped his arms around
Milton's body, holding him close as they both trembled from climax, melted
together by dick and ass. When Marlon finally pulled free, he and Milt sat
back on the futon and began to bask in their afterglow when the door
suddenly opened, and in walked Curtis...

"I thought I saw Milt's car parked out front!" --suspected Curtis, his
facial expression a mix of anger and suspicion. "I should'a known yur ass
was'n worth trustin!"

"Curtis, I..., I was just about to come talk to you..." said Marlon,
getting up from the couch.

"Really?" asked Curt, skeptically. "Lyin' ass nigga!" --he responded,
shoving Marlon backward. Milt stood up, catching Marlon before he fell to
the floor.

"Yo..., all that shit ain't necessary..." said Milt, stepping in front of
Marlon defensively.

"Dis ain't none's yur buzniz, -dawg! Dis b'tween me an' MY boi Marlon!"
--stated Curtis, stepping up ominously.

"Marlon ain't your boi no more..." informed Milt.

"So whut..., he YURS now?" --chuckled Curtis. "You fo'git'n you gotta WIFE
at home, Milt? Or you plannin' on sneakin' Marlon in so his sista don't

"I'm leaving Demeecee..." stated Milton, flatly. "...I'm moving in with
Curtis looked shocked.

"So its like dat, Marlon?" --he asked.

"Sorry Curtis..., I didn't mean for this to happen like this..."
--apologized Marlon, sincerely.

"Bullshyt! You knew exactly whut you wantin'!" --countered Curtis firmly, as
he reached into his pocket to pull out a gun. Both Milt's and Marlon's eyes
widened when the black steel came into view, pointed directly at them. "But
I ain't ready to let chu go yet, not wid'outta fight...!"

to be concluded...

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