Sunday, May 10, 2009


An ultimatum. Curtis, or Milt. Marlon spent the entire night
thinking about it. Either decision would be a serious change in his
life. Each man bought a certain amount of sanity to Marlon's insane world.
Curtis was consistent, he was single and knew what he wanted and
was willing to do whatever it took to get it. He was a superb lover with an
amazing appendage. He was versatile, unselfish, caring, and
supportive. Milt on the other hand was married, and the sex was a little
more one sided (although he has become less and less selfish in that
category). He's family oriented, caring, loving, supportive, and great in
bed. Marlon knew he carried a greater torch for Milton, but also realized
that Milton was married, and unable to commit to any kind of real
relationship. Common sense dictated that Curtis be his lover, but Milton
had his heart.

It was the latter part of the week, Marlon had made previous
arrangements with his daughter's mother to come by and pick up Rachelle for
a few hours. Marlon figured the distraction of his daughter would help
clear his mind of thought. He loved spending time with her, her love was so
genuine, so pure and untainted. She loved Marlon just cause he was her
daddy, not because of the things he bought her, or how he made her feel in
bed. She didn't try to manipulate him, or try to take him away from the
people he loved.

Marlon got to the Terrace-Breeze Apartment Complex, and ascended
the stairs to the 3rd floor. In the hall he can hear yelling coming from
Crystal's apt. He stops and the door and begins to knock, until he hears
his name mentioned. He listens for a moment as the apt owner (Marcus
Miller, Crystal's 41 y/o live-in boyfriend) yells aloud how uncomfortable
he is with Marlon coming by to pick up Rachelle. He doesn't believe a gay
man should be left alone with children. When Crystal tried to defend
Marlon, he hears Marcus curse at her, calling her a "stupid bitch" for
allowing a "faggot" to father her child.
Having heard enough, Marlon knocks on the door. The apt becomes
quiet for a moment, and there is no answer. Marlon knocks again, -harder
this time. Suddenly the door flies open, and there stands Marcus looking

"I'm here to pick up Rachelle. Is she ready?" asked Marlon. Marcus' eyes
were red with anger.

"She's not here!" he said, about to slam the door. Marlon blocked it with
his arm.

"But I had an arrangement with Crystal to pick her up, is SHE here?" he
asked instead. Marcus swung the door back open.

"Crystal doesn't want you seeing Rachelle anymore!" stated Marcus. "She
wants her daughter to be raised by a real man, not some sugar coated
momma's boy giving his ass up like some faggot!"

"Is Crystal here? Can SHE tell me that herself?" asked Marlon, his feelings
suddenly hurt.

"MY woman don't have to speak to you!" yelled Marcus, stepping into the
hallway. He physically pushed Marlon back by shoving him in the chest. "She
don't want nothing to do with your gay ass! Get the fuck away from here
before I show you what your ass is really made for!" he threatened.

"Rachelle is MY daughter!" reminded Marlon. "Not yours! You can't keep me
from seeing my own daughter!" Just then, Rachelle appears in the doorway
holding her new Barbi-doll her daddy bought her. Marlon saw her. His heart
sank when he saw how sad her little face looked from hearing the grown-ups
yelling. Marcus saw Marlon's facial expression soften, and looked back over
his shoulder to see what he was looking at. Crystal appeared beside her
daughter, trying to get the men to calm down. When Rachelle tried to run to
her father, Marcus blocked her path and pushed her back into the apt with
her mother.

"NO, you're not going nowhere...!" he yelled, shoving her back
inside. Marlon snapped.

"Don't you EVER put your hands on my daughter!!" he screamed, charging
Marcus. Marcus spun around as Marlon grabbed him by the collars to strangle
some reason into him. "She's just a baby!"
Marcus pushed Marlon off, then punched Marlon in the chest. Marlon
countered by punching Marcus in the shoulder. Marcus retaliated by charging
Marlon into the apt door behind them. They struggled for a few seconds as
Marcus tried to throw Marlon to the ground. Marlon stood his ground, then
gut punched Marcus before connecting a single shot to his jaw. Marcus fell
backwards onto his ass in the hallway. Crystal ran to her man's side, as
Rachelle ran to her daddy. "If I EVER see or hear you so much as yell at my
daughter..., I'll fucking kill you!!" threatened Marlon, grabbing Rachelle
up in his arms as he walked off down the hall.

Carl Howard woke up in a motel. His wife was pretty pissed last
night when he got home. Apparently Linda Graham had given Carl's wife
Charmaine a copy of the video of him fucking Kendall. Charmaine was
livid. She had packed Carl's suitcases and had them stacked in the hall
when he got home. She yelled, cursed, screamed, and threatened to divorce
him and smear his name about town as a lousy stinking "fag!" The baby cried
in the background as she threatened to call the police if he didn't
leave. Carl knew he had no choice but to go, to let his wife cool off and
calm down before talk some sense into her. She was reacting off of hurt and
distrust, once she settled down and realized she was about to raise a brand
new baby alone without a husband, she'll be ready to hear what he has to
Carl was no faggot. He had no desire for men, not to live with
them, not to love them, -nothing. He was straight, -a man's man. He loved
women and pussy. It pissed him off that had he been fucking a female, he
would probably (likely) still be living at home. But since he decided not
to "cheat" on his wife and fuck around with another man instead, he was
labeled gay and tossed out of his own apt building on his ass. If Charmaine
thought he was going to lay down and let her walk all over him because of
this little indiscretion, she had another thing coming.

Kendall Graham had a horrible night last night. His day had started
off plain enough. He woke up that morning with a bounce in his step. When
his wife left for work, he spent the next couple of hours working on a web
design for a new company looking to expand their business to include
computer retail. At about 11am, Carl called to say he was on his way
over. The 2 men had become quite an item sexually. Carl was frustrated with
his wife for holding out sex on him, while Kendall was just a closet
bisexual. He'd been messing around with men long before he ever met his
wife Linda. In fact it all started in the service, when Kendall was
stationed in Miami and received his first blow job from a man he believed
was a woman in the mens room of a night club (explained in chap-12). Ever
since, Kendall discovered the thrills men had to offer other than the usual
comradely. He and Carl spent many late mornings in bed with Carl usually
getting his dick blown, or fucking Kendall up his fat girly-ass. Kendall
often met men off line, but Carl was the first of his close network of
straight friends to fuck him.
Kendall got home after his wife Linda, to find all of his
belongings (including his computer) sprawled about in the front yard and
curb of their house. She had put him out, and keyed the word "homo-husband"
in the side of his other car which was parked in front of their
house. Kendall gathered what he could (what wasn't probably stolen or
picked through by neighbors) and called Carl. Carl was going through a
similar experience with his wife Charmaine, so the 2 men decided to get a
motel room together.

That night nothing happened between them, both men were too
distraught about the circumstances surrounding them to be productive in
bed. But morning brought on a round of hardons that could not be ignored or
Kendall awoke to the feeling of Carl fingering his asshole. Kendall
arched his back as he raised his ass to receive more. Carl was using soap
from the motel's bathroom to slick Kendall's hole. He knew Kendall was
receptive from previous encounters, he'd stuck his dick in the married
man's ass many times in the past couple of months or so, and knew well how
Kendall liked to have his butt-pussy toyed with.

Carl's dick was hard. He had a morning erection with his more
commonly known as a piss-hard. But he figured why waste a good hardon,
especially when he had a willing hole laying beside him? Carl slicked up
his hardon, then climbed up onto Kendall's bare back. Kendall spread his
legs, raising his ass to make for a better target. Carl's dick head found
its mark, then pushed in. Kendall groaned sleepily as the dick moved into
his ass. Carl lay out on his back completely, feeling the asshole tighten
around the full length of his dick. He ground his pelvic bone into
Kendall's fat ass, burying his entire rod inside. The 2 men lay there for a
moment, enjoying the connection they made. Then slowly Carl started to pull
and push his dick through the hole. Kendall relaxed his sphincter muscles
as his manhole milked the thick dick like a machine. Carl's hips fucked
back and forth, sending his dick through the ring of flesh as the 2 men
began to fuck.
Carl didn't consider himself to be gay, and he never wondered how
Kendall chose to view himself, but Carl could not deny how wonderful a
man's asshole felt wrapped around his plunging dick when he was fully hard
and looking to cum. Kendall's asshole was a definite suitable substitute
for a woman's vagina. Carl pounded and fucked into Kendall's asshole as if
it were their last meeting. Kendall moaned and groaned aloud as his
anal-pussy was rode hard and deep. His wife could leave him for all he
cared, so long as there were men like Carl with big hard thick dicks to
fuck his tight horny hole whenever he needed, -he'd be fine.

Carl rose up into push-up position so he could look down and watch
his dick go in and out of Kendall's ass. He picked up the pace as he fucked
into his friend harder, sending deeper thrusts into the fat backside of his
male lover.
Kendall surrendered to Carl's dominance, he loved being manhandled
by a horny male. He loved it when they used his backside as pussy to
fuck. He loved being on the receiving end of their hard appendages, taking
their dicks at full force as they fuck him rougher than they dare fuck
their wives and girlfriends.

"uhh! uhh! Oh shit! uhh! Shit! Yeah! Yeah! Fuck that ass, man! Damn! Yeah!"
groaned Kendall after every intake. The room filled with the slapping
sounds of Carl's pelvis into Kendall's jiggling backside. The hole
swallowed up every inch of thick hard male phallus as it was entered,
leaving a deep dark hot empty space when it was retreated. Kendall needed
this fucking, his innards ached for it as Carl pounded him even harder. The
head board of the bed began to crash into the wall as they got wilder. Carl
was trying to punish Kendall's ass for getting him into trouble. He wanted
the man to remember pain when he remembered this fuck. Carl threw his hips
into Kendall's ass, hammering his buttocks like a madman as his testicles
tightened and threatened to release their load.
Kendall could tell by the urgency of the thrusts that Carl was
close. He clamped his asshole down on the plunging shaft just as Carl
started to plant his seed. Carl moaned aloud as his dick exploded as mass
of semen into Kendall's quivering backside. The married man accepted the
hot offering as the cum filled his colon full. Carl immediately yanked his
dick from the hole after climax, then spun Kendall around so he could suck
the dick clean. Kendall did so without resistance, jacking his own dick as
Carl laid back in bed relaxed. Soon Kendall was shooting cum all over
himself as he swallowed Carl's softening phallus down to the pubic hairs.

Marlon brings his daughter over to his sister's house, and explains
what happened. Deme (Marlon's sister) is disturbed to find out that
Crystal's boyfriend Marcus has so much control over what she says and
thinks. She agrees to watch Rachelle for the night while Marlon goes out to
a bachelor's party with his boyfriend Curtis.
Milt comes home shortly after Marlon leaves, to find Rachelle there
with his wife. She explains the situation, and Milton agrees to keep
Rachelle until Marlon and Crystal can work something out.


The Zero Lounge- is a small 2 story gay club on the streets of
south-philly, nestled in the cove of a tiny alley off of second and
Spring-garden. It's predominately black cliental is known for their
raunchiness and flamboyant acts. The first floor has a large bar, dance
floor, and a seating area for weary clubs goers. The second floor is
usually reserved for parties and strip nights. This night in particular
houses the bachelor party of Donte Morgan, and Trelic Taylor, -gay lovers
on the verge of a commitment ceremony which will unionize a proclamation of
their love in just a few short hours.
On stage is the first dancer of the night; -Zorro, dressed in tight
black leather pants, boots, a black ruffled shirt, black cape, whip, hat,
and mask. He dances to the music of one of the latest hits, working the
crowd over by slowly pealing off layer upon layer of clothing until he is
wearing nothing but his cape, mask, whip, and a sliver thong. Party goers
yell and clap as they toss money and snap pictures, grabbing quick feels
and trying to get a glimpse at the masked man's concealed whip. In the
restroom, there is a sea of hot bodies enjoying what seems to come natural
to young gay black men. Those looking simply to use the facilities are
quickly treated to something more as hands grope, mouths suck, and finger
pluck every passing dick and ass that roams through.

Back at the bar, watching the show from a safe distance are; Curtis
Williams, Trelic Taylor, Malik Nelson, Byron Jefferson, Rashawn Johnson,
and Dennis Ross (brother in-law to the groom). Of all in attendance, these
men are the least comfortable in this kind of environment. While Trelic,
and Malik are all confessed gays, they are less likely to venture into a
place like this normally. Rashawn, Byron, and Dennis are all straight, so
this entire ordeal was completely alien to them, while Donte, Seko, and
Aaron "Snow" Mitchell (the most comfortable gays) all brave the front of
the stage with the other guests and paying customers.

"You look as about as uncomfortable as I do!" -said Byron Jefferson,
talking to Tre's brother in-law Dennis from Pittsburgh. Both men resembled
sore thumbs amongst a mist of painted fingertips. "Sup man? I'm Byron, I
live downstairs from Tre and Donte."

"I'm Donte's brother in-law. I'm married to his youngest sister, Karen."
-said Dennis, shaking Byron's hand.

"Oh, so you're not..."

"Gay?" asked Dennis, over the music. "Naw man. I've been married for a few
years now." -laughed Dennis. "What about yourself?"

"I'm not gay either. I live with my girl in apartment 1-A." answered Byron.

"How long've you 2 been together?"

"Almost 3 years."

"3 years? That's a long time. You love her?" asked Dennis.

"Yeah." �answered Byron.

"So why haven't yall married yet?" �inquired Dennis.

"Married? You sound like my girl now." -laughed Byron, feeling more
comfortable talking to another straight male.

"If you love your girl, you should marry her. Pure and simple." -said
Dennis. "What you waiting on? Your best years are here. You're already
living together. Trust me, its no different once you say I do!"

"So why do I have to marry her if its no different? I'm already getting the
milk..." -smiled Byron.

"Cause it legalizes your commitment to her. It entitles you and your woman
to each other incase of accident or emergencies. It gives her foundation
and meaning. It also takes away the legal hassles should anything bad or
unexpected happen to you. Don't you want your woman looked after should
something unfortunate happen to you? I don't know about you, but had
anything happened to me while I was still just living with my girl, my
family would have come in and taken over everything. They're like live
vultures man, they don't play. Especially my sisters. I hadda protect my
girl. You know?" explained Dennis.

"I know. I have an older sister just like that." -laughed Byron.

"See. So if you love your girl, marry her man. Make it legit. Ain't shit
else out there!" insisted Dennis. "Trust me."

"Shit man, you act like you get cash back with every new marriage." -smiled

"I'm just looking out, is all man." -laughed Dennis. "Hell, even Trelic and
Donte are getting married! What does that tell your girl about your

"Damn man, I didn't even think of that." -sighed Byron, only now linking
the boy's commitment ceremony to a real marriage.

"AND she'd currently hanging out with my wife Karen and Curt's female
friend Monifah (last mentioned back in chap-11) for ladies night at the
club, right? Don't think they not gonna school her on getting you to pop
that question!"

"You think?" asked Byron, starting to worry.

On stage, dancer/stripper "Toofine" had just come on stage. Zorro
had made a killing as he gathered up his money, and walked off stage with a
ranging hardon. 17 different men had jacked his slick thick dick, and 5
guys sucked it while stuffing $20 bills in his boots. Toofine came out
wearing a full length mink coat, sunglasses, a pimp hat, and suit. He spent
the first full minute dancing and teasing the crowd until he lost the coat,
hat and sunglasses, then started to undress. He ripped off his pants,
revealing the strong package underneath. In the front row was Seko, with a
fist full of dollars and wet lips from the last dancer.

"These guys'r worse than females!" -said Rashawn, surprised at how wild the
gay men were acting up around the stage area. They could see several
reaching for Toofine's hard dick. He'd let them get a few strokes,
collected their money, then moved on to the next guy. When Toofine got up
to Seko, the fast, flirty Seko handed him a twenty, then took his entire
dick in his mouth for a few sucks. "Hey, isn't that one of your friends?"
asked Rashawn, pointing.

"Whore." -snared Malik, rolling his eyes as he returned to his drink at the

"Have yall ever...?"

"NO! No, never!" -said Malik, sounding disgusted.

"Oh. I'm sorry..., I just thought 2 gay guys..., friends..., you know how
men are..." -explained Rashawn.

"Yeah, everybody thinks just because two gay guys are friends, that they
HAVE to be fucking each other." -sighed Malik over his drink. "Truth is, I
keep my friends and my fuck buddies separate, to keep down on confusion and

"That's good, I guess." -said Rashawn, thinking it over. "Shows you have
discipline. I don't know if I could do that though. I mean, IF I were gay."
-he admitted, much to Malik's surprise. "I like getting my dick sucked, and
if I was gay and had a homie that I knew liked to suck dick..., I wouldn't
be able to keep my dick out of his mouth."

"ah..." -remarked Malik, slightly stunned. "Well, being straight..., what
if you knew a guy that liked sucking dick? What would you do then?" -he
asked, taking a sip of his drink while watching Rashawn closely for his

"I don't know..., I haven't been approached by anyone I knew was gay that's
ever offered." -countered Rashawn. "I'd THINK about it. I mean, -IF I was
sure no one would ever find out about it." -he added, taking a sip of his
beer. "And what about you? If you knew a straight guy that liked having his
dick sucked all night, would you offer to help him out? Would you be able
to take what he had to offer, 3 or 4 times in one night?" Malik swallowed.

"I'm sure we would be able to work something out." -smiled Malik, his eyes
dropping to the lump stretching down Rashawn's pant leg.
Not far away, Marlon is seen entering the club late. He takes off
his jacket, then joins the men at the bar. Curtis was currently talking to
Trelic when Marlon walked up.

"You're late!" said Trelic, already half drunk as he mixed his drinks the
whole night.

"I know. I had to drop my daughter off at my sister's." explained Marlon,
taking a seat beside Curtis. Curtis was acting nonchalant, as if he didn't
care that Marlon had just arrived. "Where's Donte?" he asked, looking
around for the second groom.

"Down there getting stripper sweat all over him, no doubt!" slurred Trelic,
obviously a tad jealous that his boyfriend was down there lusting after
other men. "Its all good though, cause when I get that ass home..., I'm
gonna WAX it good!" he stated, drunkenly.

"Can we talk?" asked Marlon, whispering to Curtis discreetly.

"So..., you were over HIS house?" asked Curtis, without ever once looking
over at Marlon.

"I was over my sister's." defended Marlon, knowing what Curtis was getting

"Don't HE live there too?" countered Curt.

"HE wasn't home. My sister was." �answered Marlon, getting frustrated by
the act. "Are you going to discuss this with me, or are you gonna be mad at
me all night?" he asked.

"Depends..., did you make a decision?" asked Curtis, his heart pounding in
his chest for the right answer. He knew he was poised to lose everything if
Marlon picked the wrong answer, but he was prepared to hear it.

"I pick YOU, of course man! I love you. I thought you knew that?" �said
Marlon, bringing a sigh of relief and a noticeable smile to Curt's face.

"I kno, boo..., its juss dat..., Milt got yur heart. I want dat shyt fo
myself." -whispered Curtis.

"You do, man. Milt's done a lot of things for me, but YOU'RE my only
nigga!" �smiled Marlon. Curtis reached over and kissed his boy on the lips.

"C'mon man, letz sneak off to tha restroom fo a quickie." -suggested Curt,
getting aroused by all the sex in the air.

"No, Curt..., we're here to celebrate and support Donte and Trelic, not to
indulge ourselves." -said Marlon, pushing Curt's hands away from his
hardening crotch.

"C'mon babee..., we're all grownups here. They kno we be fuckin,
n'shyt. Whutz tha big deal?" asked Curtis. "We cood slip inta tha rest
room, pick a stall, an' git busy like crazy boyee! C'mon! Letz show `em
whut its really like to luv yur nigga!"

"Curt, please..., I wouldn't feel comfortable..." -pleaded Marlon.

"You felt comfortable at tha Onyx! (back in chap-10) You let me fuck you
inna basement of tha club, remember? You even let Donte's boi Seko suck yur
dick..." -reminded Curtis, bringing back vivid memories for Marlon. Marlon
blushed, recalling how Curtis fucked him in front of a room full of
strangers. "This here ain't no different. Meet me inna restroom..., I gotta
tube ov lube in my pocket!" -whispered Curt, kissing Marlon's cheek as he
jumped off of the bar stool and make his way over towards the restroom in
the corner of the club.
Marlon laughed to himself, giving Curtis a few minutes so it
doesn't seem obvious what they're up to. He couldn't help but wonder who
the lube would have been used on had his answer been opposite?

On stage, Toofine is joined by Zorro. The 2 men face off, dancing
up a storm of erotic energy. They grope each other, then suck one another
to the screams of the crowd. Then Toofine lays down on his back on stage,
while Zorro straddles him, then lowers his greased asshole down on
Toofine's stiff standing dick. It enters easily as Zorro sits transfixed
before bouncing up and down wildly. The audience screams in admiration as
they throw money on stage. The 2 dancing models fuck in 3 different
positions before Toofine pulled out and shoots his load all over an
audience member's face. Zorro did the same, shooting his load on several
people in the front of the low stage before gathering up their cash and

"Damn, these guys're wild!" -said Dennis, talking to Byron and his brother
in-law Trelic. "If the girls party is anywhere as freaky as this, I hope
Karen's sitting in the back row!"

"I hear you, man!" agreed Byron, thinking of his girlfriend Angie.

"I'm sure the girls are fine." -assured Tre, turning his drink up to his

"Don't it bother you that Donte's down there somewhere in that crowd,
probably getting cummed on by those dancers?" asked Dennis, honestly.

"Naw..." -said Tre, finishing his bottle. "Donte's friends maybe freaks,
but their barks are waaay worse than their bits!"
Just then the lights dimmed, and a cloud of smoke came over the
stage. The MC announced the center of attraction, "Big Dong Kong!" The
audience went into an uproar as the huge 6'4" figure of a man appeared
through the white fog. The music started, and out came the main
attraction. Donte was the first one on his feet, shaking his ass and a fist
full of dollars. Trelic ordered another drink as he turned his back on the
stage, jealously.

Marlon slipped off the stool once the main stripper started. Big
Dong Kong was rumored to have an amazingly large phallus, so most nearly
everyone in attendance was looking to get a peek. Marlon made his way into
the restroom, hoping that it would be empty. The restroom had 5 urinals and
3 stalls. Marlon walked up to the first stall, and pushed the door
open. "Oh shit, sorry..." he said, seeing Rashawn sitting on the toilet
with his pants down around his ankles, Malik Nelson on his knees between
his legs, bobbing his head up and down in Shawn's lap. The door closed
slowly as the 2 men went on uninterrupted.

Marlon was shocked to see Tre's straight friend from work getting
his meat worked over by Donte's conservative gay friend. `Strange
bedfellows' indeed. Marlon went to the next stall to find Curtis sitting on
the toilet with his own pants down around his ankles, his hard 12 inch dick
standing stiff and tall between his legs. "Whut took you so long?" asked
Curtis, slowly stroking his dick to keep it hard.

"Was enjoying the show." -smiled Marlon, unbuttoning his pants.

"Whut about this show?" asked Curtis, holding his dick upward. Marlon
pulled out a small tube of lube (which he's learned to carry with him
everywhere while living with Curtis). He added a generous amount to his
fingers, then smeared it onto his asshole before entering the stall. He
closed the door behind him, straddling his lover's lap as he aimed the
hardon up to his hole. He backed up against the head, feeling it pry into
his tight ring. "Go slow babee, you kno how I like it..." sighed Curtis,
feeling Marlon's hole sink down around his meaty tool.

"uhhh..." -groaned Marlon, nestling his ass cheeks down into Curt's lap as
he ground his buttock around the hard shaft.

"Damn nigga..., you one sexy mofo, you kno dat?" whispered Curtis, kissing
Marlon's full lips. Marlon held onto the stall walls while he rode his
boyfriend's dick. Up and down moved his ass, swallowing up inch after inch
of thick hard mammoth meat while listening to the base throb of the music
outside, and the slurping sounds of the dick sucking next door.

"aawww yeeaahhh man, suck it for me..., damn you're good..." they heard
Rashawn say as he lay his head back against the stall wall and enjoyed.
Malik slithered his lips up and down the long shaft of Shawn's 8
inch tool, he took it as deeply as he could, bobbing his head faster as the
dick pulsed and throbbed like a sore thumb in his mouth. Shawn grabbed the
back of Malik's head and shoved his dick down into the struggling man's
throat. Malik gagged slightly as the first rope of sperm shot from Shawn's
dick. Shawn moaned like a pregnant woman in labor when his orgasm hit, the
cum filled Malik's mouth quickly as he gathered it all into his mouth
before swallowing.

Marlon's hardon rubbed consistently against Curtis' 6pack while he
bounced on his dick. The 2 men sucked tongues, kissing like fiends as they
made crazy love in a restroom. Curt's hands molded Marlon's ass cheeks,
helping him to bounce harder on his stiff lance. After awhile Marlon broke
the kiss, leaning back on Curtis' legs as his moved his ass up and
down. Curt spit into his palm then grabbed Marlon's stiff dick and began
stroking him. Marlon groaned his he moved his hips faster. His dick
throbbed in Curtis' fist as he went wild with lust. "Fuck me, man! Fuck
me..." moaned Marlon, his eyes turning glossy with desire as he got closer
to orgasm. Curtis held onto his waist with one hand, while stroking him
profusely with the other. In no time Marlon was spurting thick ropes of hot
cum all over Curtis bare chest and stomach, bathing him in a coating of
creamy white sauce.
Marlon moaned as his orgasm hit hard, causing his sphincter muscles
to contract and milk Curtis' thick rod. Curtis thrust up several times
until he felt his own orgasm hit, causing his dick to spit hot fluids deep
into Marlon's contracting rectum. Marlon leaned inward, kissing his lover's
juicy lips as they both cooled down and their hardons softened. They both
laughed at the mess they made of themselves as they disconnected and
departed. They were surprised to see Rashawn and Malik staring at them
through the door.

"Good show!" shouted Shawn, as Marlon pulled up his pants embarrassed.
They cleaned up as best they could at the sinks. Curtis slapped
hands with Rashawn, congratulating him on the blow job he just received
(his first ever from another male). They exited the restroom, to find Big
Dong Kong on stage butt fucking one lucky audience member, -SEKO. The 22
year old was on his hands and knees, taking 14 inches of inhuman sausage up
his talented ass while the entire room watched in awe. His eyes were rolled
up into his head as his hard dick spew cum all over the stage floor without
even being touched. Kong held Seko by the hips, and pounded his asshole
with all the strength his 6 foot 4 muscled bound body could muster. Just
before cumming, he pulled from Seko's gaping anus and shoved the dazed man
aside. Then he reached down and grabbed the closest spectator, and came a
plentiful load all over the man's upturned face. The audience went into an
uproar of shouts and white cum gushed out all over the lucky bastard. When
he was done, Big Kong Dong slapped his rock hard dick against the man's
face, then walked off stage to leave him and Seko gasping for breath.

"That Seko's one talented mofo!" �said Curtis, his dick starting to stiffen
again already.

"Hey, where's Byron and Dennis?" asked Malik, walking up to the bar where
Tre sat alone sipping on his beer.

"The show got to be too much for them, so Byron drove Dennis back to his
apartment before they threw up watching Seko make a whore of himself."
-answered Tre. "This was exactly what I was afraid of them seeing; a bunch
of screaming faggots going nuts over some big dick niggah. This is the very
thing my family thinks we're all about! This is why they don't want to
attend the ceremony in the first place!"

"I'm sorry, Tre. I know you were hoping for something more tasteful party."
�said Malik, feeling sorry for Trelic.

"Yeah well, I'm just one of the grooms, what does my feeling mean?" asked
Trelic, his mouth dropping wide as Seko and Donte walked back up towards
them at the bar. Everyone knew Seko had just been anal fucked by one of the
biggest dicks in the strip-world, but no one was expecting Donte to walk up
with a face full of jiz from the same stripper. During his high excitement,
Donte forgot to wash the cum off.

"The wedding's off!" yelled Trelic, as he stormed from the club mad.

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