Sunday, May 10, 2009


Invitations has been sent out, responses gathered and tallied, tuxedoes
rented, a hall booked, the caked ordered, the menu planned, the limo scheduled,
the honeymoon set, and the champagne chilled.
24 year old Donte Morgan was going nuts with trying to arrange his own
commitments service (the gay version of a traditional wedding). With the help of
his best friend Malik, and the sometimes on and off again helpful buddy Seko,
things were starting to look up and come together at the last minute.
"Why, oh WHY didn't I hire a wedding planner to do all this work?" asked
Donte, only 2 seconds from tearing his own hair out. "Trelic's family still
hasn't called to confirm if they're coming in from Pittsburgh or not! The
evil bitches!"
"I thought Tre's sister and her husband was coming in?" asked Malik,
waiting on the phone for the caterers.
"His youngest sister, Karen and her husband Dennis are coming, but the rest
of those fuckers haven't even called to say `fuck you!', with their
homophobic asses!" complained Donte.
"Fuck you!" yelled Seko with a smile, holding on the phone with the hall.
"Bitch, if I didn't still need you to hook up that cesspool you call a
bachelor's party, I'd toss your ass out that window like the gay bird you are!"
snapped Donte, holding on with the airline.
"Speaking of which, I've lined up Big Dong Kong, Too Fine, and Zorro! 3 of
the hottest strip dancers on the east coast!" stated Seko, shaking like a new
born baby with excitement.
"I've heard of them!" said Donte, thinking back.
"You should have, they were all arrested recently for having open sex on
stage at a strip club in DC!" said Malik, sucking his teeth.
"Seko...!!" yelled Donte, shocked and applauded.
"What?" asked the clueless 22 year old.
"There will be straight people at the party too, you know? What about Byron
Jefferson down stairs? And Tre's friend from work, -Rashawn? And Tre's
brother in-law, -Dennis? What are they supposed to do while you're busy sucking
stripper dicks on my dime?" yelled Donte, livid.
"Tatiana'll be there, she's got tits!" said Seko.
"Tatiana, the drag-queen?" asked Malik.
"Transsexual!" corrected Seko. "Since she got her breast implants, she's
been showing them off to anyone who'd look! I can hook them up with her, no
extra charge!"
"Reality check stupid, Tatiana's a MAN!" screeched Donte.
"But she looks like a girl!" defended Seko.
"A girl with an 11 inch penis tenting the front of her mini-skirt!" chimed
"And how would you know how big her dick is, Malik?" asked Seko,
"Duh, cause YOU told me stupid!" answered Malik.
"oh, right." -recalled Seko.
"We'll figure out something to entertain them, Donte. Don't worry." -said
Malik, sympathetically. "Is Marlon coming to the ceremony?" he asked, trying
to sound nonchalant.
"Marlon? Chile, you ain't still carrying a torch for that boi, are you?"
asked Donte, still holding on the phone. "I told you his boyfriend has a 12
inch dick! He ain't leaving that nigga unless he his dick shrivels up to the
size of a peanut and falls off!"
"Funny how you know how big your neighbor's dick is, but I'M the whore!"
-said Seko, sarcastically.
"Shut up, whore!" -snapped Donte.
"I'm not carrying a torch for anyone..., I just think he's cute." -said
"Cute with an arrest record." -said Donte. "My landlord Charmaine told me
he was imprisoned for drugs and robbery. Spent a year or so in jail."
"Bet that's where he became gay!" surmised Seko. "I have a cousin that got
turned out and became bi after spending time in jail. Now he's one of the
biggest dick chasers around. Ass is ass when your dick is hard and looking for
a tight pussy to fuck. Girl or boi-pussie."
"You should know honey...., after all that jail thugs you get off of cruising
the Adam4Adam website at night!" laughed Donte.
"Like you haven't cruised the site looking for dick your damn self!"
scoffed Seko.
"Excuse me? I'm damn near married might I remind you?" -said Donte, holding
up his ring finger and sucking his teeth.
"Then why do you still have a secret account on MY home computer, mr `
phlblkbotm4bigdiktop'?" asked Seko. Malik's mouth dropped open.
"DONTE...!" he gasped in surprise. " never cancelled your A4A accounts
after you and Trelic moved in together?"
"Obviously NOT!" chimed Seko, grinning wide.
"Well....., I didn't know if Tre and I was gonna work out or not!" defended
Donte, giving Seko an evil look. "Besides, I've made a lot of friends on
that site. Why do I have to stop talking to them just because I have a husband
"Friends, on Adam4Adam? Gurl please!" -said Seko, unbelieving.
"You know those guys are only interested in ONE thing! Why would you keep in
contact with people who are looking to come between you and your man?" asked
Malik, ever the romantic looking for Mr Right.
"They're only friends, Malik! Gosh! It'd be like me having to give up you
and Seko!"
"But we've never slept together!" reminded Malik.
"And I haven't slept with.... Some of them!" defended Donte, weakly.
"So has Tre's met any of these guys?" asked Malik, curiously.
"Course not!" answered Seko.
"If they're just friends, why are they secret?" asked Malik.
"Yeah, Donte..., why are they secret?" repeated Seko, amused.
"Look...., fuck yall! I don't have to explain my friends nor my actions to
you two!" -said Donte, feeling backed into a corner. "I'm not giving up my
friends just because I have a man now!"
"Are they really friends, Donte? Do yall go out to eat or watch movies? Do
they call just to see how you're doing without trying to get into your pants?
Do they provide a shoulder to cry on after you've had a fight with your man?"
asked Malik.
"uh..." responded Donte.
"Well, a few of them have provided a stiff dick to cry on!" laughed Seko.
"Donte!" gasped Malik, deeply disappointed. "Have you cheated on Tre?"
"Cheated on...?" asked Donte, sounding shock by the question as he thought
back. "I wasn't exactly engaged to Trelic at the time.... -no."
"But yall were living together, right?" clarified Malik.
"What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?" asked Donte, feeling pressured. "I
wasn't married! I had no rings on my fingers like I do now!"
"So it wasn't cheating since you weren't married or engaged to be married,
even though you were living together?" asked Malik. "How would you feel if
you ever found out that Trelic was cheating? If he was on Adam4Adam meeting
guys on the side?"
"Tre would never be caught dead on a site like A4A!" assured Donte.
"You sure about that?" asked Seko, planting the seed of doubt.
"You 2 bitches'r just hatin, cause you can't get a relationship as strong
as mine and Tre's!" snapped Donte.
"Oh please, Judy! Nobody wants your Bill Gates wannabe boyfriend!" -sighed
Seko. "I gets plenty of dick and ass! I don't need no ring to claim whats
mine! Only ring I need is the one wrapped around my dick when I'm fucking!"
"Yeah right, like You're a top!" laughed Donte, skeptically.
"Fucked you like one, didn't I?" asked Seko. Donte rolled his eyes.
"Still claiming to have fucked me at that fuck party, eh?" asked Donte.
"Still pretending like I didn't?" asked Seko, grinning. Both men stared at
each other in a stand off.
"See, this is why I don't do those nasty thug parties and fuck orgies, you
never know who you're doing!" -said Malik.
"That's the whole point, stupid!" said Seko, smiling mischievously.

It'd been MONTHS since Carl Howard had felt the feminine touch of his wife
Charmaine. First was her awkward pregnancy, keeping her from performing her
wifely duties which caused Carl to venture outside their bedroom for relief.
Then she refused to service her husband sexually when she discovered he may have
been cheating on her with what she believed was another woman. Carl had
never denied this claim, for he know the truth was far worse. He allowed his wife
to believe he had an affair with one of the woman at the halloween party of
their friends Kendall and Linda Graham last October, when in fact Carl was
fucking his male handyman Marlon at the time. Since then his sights had
switched over to the party's host -- Kendall himself. Carl and Kendall met
practically daily, always at Kendall's home while his wife (Linda) was away working at
a city high school as a teacher.
Kendall had free reign of his house during the day, as he had started an
in-house business on the computer as a web designer. Linda had been more than a
little skeptical about her husband being home alone during work hours, fearing
he could be using work hours to goof off, sleep, hang with his friends,
watch soap operas, or cheat. Linda admits to having trust issues with men, having
caught several cheaters in the past before marrying Kendall. But old habits
die hard, as Linda had decided to set a video camera up in her home to see
exactly what her husband does while she's away at work.
First she waited until a moment when she knew her husband would be out of
the house. Kendall left to meet friends down at a sports bar to watch the
Eagles vs Dallas. She waited until his car pulled off from in front of their
home, then she went to retrieve the cam from its hiding place behind the drapes
in her living room. She put the disc into the DVD player, then took a seat on
the sofa.
She watched her husband walk through the house a few times, dressed only in
his robe, wife beater, and boxer shorts. He did work on his computer, making
phone calls and meeting deadlines. Linda saw she had nothing to worry about,
so she went on about her routine. She was in the kitchen on the phone with
Demeecee Howard when she thought she heard the familiar sound of her husband's
"Hold on Dee...," she said, walking back into the living room. The television
showed a clear view from the living room, straight back into the dinning
room where Kendall had set up his home office. Linda could hear the unmistakable
sounds of her husband engaged sexually, but couldn't see him as the sofa was
out of the camera's range.
"What's wrong, Linda? What're you looking at?" asked Demeecee, listening
to her friend's deafening silence over the phone.
Linda stood speechless, her eyes glued to the television set as she watched
for the smallest glimpse of who her husband was having an affair with.
She picked up the remote control, and sped fast forward through the babble.
She pushed play when she saw figures moving at the edge of the screen,
changing positions. She heard her husband gasp and grunt loudly, louder than usual
when engaged sexually with her. He sounded more as if he were lifting weights
or fighting than having sex. She'd never heard him moan so loudly, and
wondered what in hell the woman could be doing to him?
Demeecee Howard heard a crash as Linda's cordless house phone hit the floor
and shattered. Linda fell back on the sofa in shock, her mouth agape as her
eyes teared in disbelief. She froze the video in place, freezing the scene of
her husband Kendall, naked and reaching for robe while his friend Carl got
dressed behind him.
`Extreme Sports' is one of the number one premier sports bars in
Philadelphia. Its where men gather to watch some of the hardest, fastest, toughest
sports on the planet under one roof.
Kendall Graham joins some of his closest friends; Carl and Milton Howard,
Mac Davis, Jared Russell, Jaheim Jones, and Lemar Wilson as they cheer on their
favorite sports team. Unseen to them, Linda Graham walks into the crowded bar
with female friends; Demeecee Howard, and Cheryl Tate in tow. She walks up
behind her husband just as the Eagles score a touchdown, the room roars into a
yell as Linda taps her husband on the back.
"Lin'..., what're you doing here?" smiles Kendall, surprised.
"I saw what you did, you lousy bastard!" yelled Linda, catching the
attention of several gamers. Kendall laughed nervously, unsure why his wife was so
pissed off.
"What're you talking about?" he asked, taking her by the arm as he tried to
save face in front of his friends.
"Don't touch me you faggot! I KNOW what you've been doing at home while I'
m at work!" screamed Linda, pulling away. More customers turned towards the
disturbance, wanting to see what was going on.
Kendall's eyes widened with fear. He still wasn't sure what Linda knew, but
he knew she knew something.
"I don't know what you're talking about. Can't we talk about this at home?"
asked Kendall in a low voice as he looked around in embarrassment.
"HOME? You don't have a home! Do you think I'm letting you back in there
after what I've seen, -do you?" asked Linda, pushing her husband away. "Your
shit is outside in the street! I suggest you move in with you BOYfriend if you
want somewhere to sleep!"
"Boyfriend?" repeated someone in the background.
"What the fuck'r you talking about?" asked Kendall, pretending ignorance.
He grabbed his wife's arm and began to drag her towards the exit so they
could talk outside, away from prying ears and eyes. "You need to take your ass
home!" he yelled, tightening his grip on her arm.
"Get the fuck off of me!" fought Linda, fighting back angrily. "I know what
you did! I saw it on video!"
"What video? What'r you talking about?" asked Kendall, bum rushing his wife
towards the door.
"The video I set up of you in the living room! I SAW you! I saw you getting
fucked by Carl Howard!" screamed Linda, causing a quiet hush to pause through
the sports bar as she pointed at his conspirator. Friends of both Kendall's
and Carl's looked at the 2 men in shock.
"That's a fucking LIE!" yelled Carl in defense, as the eyes of his friends
fell upon him in judgment.
"You ain't SHIT, Carl! Charmaine just HAD your baby, and here you are
fucking my husband up the ass like some fucking fairy! What kind of man are you??"
yelled Linda, hysterically.
"She's lying...!" said Carl, looking at his friends. Milt said nothing.
Just then, the game being played on 2 big screens and several smaller
television sets spread out about the bar, was suddenly replaced with the video of
Kendall and Carl fucking. Everyone's eyes focused on the sets as the sound of
Kendall's high pitched moans filled the bar, then Carl's groans echoed over
his as the 2 man came in complete unison. Kendall and Carl searched for the
sound booth to find the source of the video. Before they could stop it, the
sounds were verified when Kendall and Carl stumbled into the camera's view, both
naked, reaching for their clothing. Kendall could be heard complaining
about how hard Carl fucked his ass over the speakers. Carl managed to stop the
video as Linda's girlfriend Cheryl stepped from the booth, after paying the
manager to play it.
"You BITCH!" he yelled, fire in his eyes as he broke the dvd in half.
"Charmaine already has a copy!" said Linda, as her 2 girlfriends gathered
around her. Milt looked on in shock as his eyes locked with Demeecee's. She
said nothing to him as she and Cheryl headed towards the door. Kendall followed
his wife outside.
"Linda...." -he called in the parking lot at a loss for words.
"What Kendall?" asked Linda, turning towards him. She wanted to know what
he could possibly say to her.
"Can we talk about this..., please...?" he asked with tears in his eyes.
"You can talk to my lawyer, Kendall. I have nothing more to say to you." --
said Linda, as she turned and walked away.
Back inside the bar, Carl tried to resume his place at the bar. The managed
apologized to his customers for the inconvenience, and set the sets back to
the game. Carl ordered himself a fresh drink. Mac, Jared, Jaheim, and Lemar as
sat silent, making strange eye contact as they sipped their drinks in
"Wasn't that some shit?" asked Carl, trying to mediate the damage. "She
must be on something! How could she say some shit like that?"
"Man..., it was on video..." -- defended Jaheim.
"That was just a joke! That wasn't shit!" said Carl.
"A joke?" asked Lemar with a chuckle. "Where's the punch line?"
"Look yall, I ain't gay! I have a wife!" defended Carl.
"So does half the DL bruthas on the net!" said Jared.
"Waitaminute...., so you guys think she's right? Yall think I'm gay?" asked
Carl in disbelief.
"Well, Carl man...., a picture's worth a thousand words man...." -- said Mac. "...
and that lil video said a damn mouthful!"
Call said nothing as he stared at his boiz, feeling dejected and stepped on.
"Fuck you niggas!" he said, reaching into his wallet. He threw his money
onto the bar, then walked out without looking back. Milt went after him.
"Carl!" he called, catching up to him in the parking lot. "Where'r you
going man?"
"Home." -answered the older brother.
"You know Charmaine's there!" reminded Milt. "She's gonna be waiting for
"Then it ain't no sense putting it off then, -is it?" asked Carl, getting
into his car.

Milton Howard returned to his home in SW-Philly nearly 2 hours later, after
driving around to avoid having a confrontation with his wife. Deme was
sitting in the living room, waiting for him when he got home.
"Did you know about this?" she asked, as soon as he entered. "How long have
they been messing around like that?" she continued, as Milt walked by
silently towards the kitchen for a beer. "I nearly fell over when Linda showed me
that video. Can you imagine, seeing your husband fucking another man? At least
when YOU did it, you were drunk and didn't know what you were doing. But
Kendall and Carl were fully awake and lucid. They knew what they were doing.
Poor Linda. I feel so bad for her. But Charmaine's the one getting the shitty
end of the deal. She and Carl just had their baby in November, and here he is
fucking her friend's husband! And to think all this time I thought it was
Marlon that sucked Carl off at the Halloween party..., now we know who it was!"
Milt said nothing in his brother's, nor Marlon's defenses. He merely popped
the cap of his beer, and began downing it like an alcoholic. Deme noticed
Milt's silence. "Are you alright, honey? -- she asked, suddenly sensitive to her
husband's feelings. "I guess this all came to a shock to you too, eh? Who
knew Carl was doing this to Charmaine on the side? I never would've pegged him
as THAT type of man. I might have suspected Kendall, though...., he's always
so picky and uptight about his looks and appearance, it doesn't surprise me
that HE gets down like that. But Carl? That's a shocker. He seemed so...,
"What does Charmaine say about it?" asked Milton, worried about his
"Oh, she's livid! She's talking about taking him to the cleaners. Nothing
like a woman scorned, you know."
Milt took a seat in his favorite chair in front of the television. The shit
had indeed hit the fan. He just wondered how long he had before word got out
about him and Marlon. Surely either Carl, or most certainly Kendall, will
spill the beans to get them all in trouble.

Marlon waited for his lover to return home from work. It'd been 2 days since
Marlon mistakenly called his boyfriend "Milt" during sex. Curtis was livid
about the mistaken identity. For the past 2 days he hadn't touched, nor talked
to Marlon. The tension had been heavy between them. Marlon tried several
times (unsuccessfully) to get Curtis to talk to him. He even tried seducing him,
getting a resounding "no" for the first time since officially becoming
Curtis came home after working an exhausting day at work and school. He
climbed the steps to his apt, hearing the loud yelling coming from the owner's
apt on the 1st floor. He turned the key in his lock, thinking of nothing but a
quick shower, a fat blunt, and an early night in bed. When he opened the
door, he saw Marlon sitting on the sofa, patiently waiting.
"Can we talk?" asked Marlon right off the bat, not even allowing Curtis a
moment to relax.
"Whut we got to talk about?" asked Curtis, tossing his book bag as he
walked towards the kitchen.
"We haven't spoken in 2 days, Curt. We can't just ignore the problem."
-reasoned Marlon.
"The problem YOU brought into dis relationship!" yelled Curtis, still
extremely upset over the last encounter (at the end of last chap).
"You knew how I felt about Milt when we started this! I never lied to you
about how I felt about him! You said you were okay with it" reminded Marlon,
getting up from the sofa.
"I said I waz okay wit you still hav'n feelings fo ole boi, I ain't say
shyt bout you callin out his name while we fuck'n!" explained Curtis,
"I know, Curt..., I'm sorry about that..." said Marlon, realizing how his
lover must have felt.
"How waz I supposed to feel, eh? I'm doin my best to git you off good, and
here you are daydreamin bout yur sista's husband!"
"I know, Curt. I know. I'm sorry, man. What else can I do?" asked Marlon.
"I don't want you seein em again." -- said Curtis, simply. Marlon's jaw
dropped in surprise.
"Curt..., I said I was sor..."
"I heard you." -- said Curtis, aptly. "And I said I don't want you seein em
again." -- repeated Curtis, walking back into the living room with his beer.
"Curtis, that's not fair..." said Marlon, still in shock.
"I don't giv a fuck." -- responded Curtis. "You have a choice to make. Me,
or Milt."

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