Sunday, May 10, 2009


23 y/o Marlon Overton awakens to the feel of his asshole yawning open around
his lover's dick. 20 year old Curtis Williams had rolled Marlon over onto
his stomach while he was still sleeping, greased his anus with lubrication, and
inserted his 12 inch penis. Marlon felt the thick long black snake pounding
into his rectum by the time he fully became aware he was being fucked. Curtis
was a very demanding partner with a high sex drive, Marlon knew this when
they first moved in together.
Curtis was a lover that liked sex daily, preferably more than once daily. He
was a versatile bisexual whom gave as well as received. Marlon was usually up
for whatever Curtis dished out, but lately he'd been dragging. Lately his
mind had been on events surrounding his daughter and his baby's momma, not on
sex or sexing up his partner. But that didn't stop Curtis from getting what he
wanted. Marlon slept in his bed, which meant he was Curtis' pussy. And being
Curtis' pussy, meant his job was getting fucked.
Marlon groaned as his rectum stretched to accommodate the length of his lover
's appendage. He could feel Curt's thin muscular body on top of him,
thrusting that foot long schlong between his slick buns. Curtis wrapped one forearm
around Marlon's neck, and fucked him. He humped on top of the medium slim
body beneath him, his long thick dick penetrating deep into Marlon's cum lined
anus with a steady pace as he tried to beat the clock before the morning
Marlon was much too tired to fight, argue, or resist. Somewhere deep inside
him he believed in their relationship that it was his job to get Curtis'
hardons back down, even if he didn't feel like it at the time. Obviously Curtis
felt the same way, as he never missed an opportunity to stick his big dick up
inside Marlon's delectable ass. It was moments like this that Marlon felt the
sex between them was one sided. Marlon would awake to find the slick 20 year
old already fucking him, but Marlon never complained.
"aawww shyt, babee..." -moaned Curtis, getting closer and closer to losing
his morning load. He peaked over at the clock one last time, noticing he only
had a few more minutes before the snooze buzzer rang, indicating he was going
to be running late. He leaned into Marlon's ear, licking at the rim and lobe
as his morning breath touched at Marlon's nostrils. "Damn boi..." -he
groaned, loving the feeling his dick felt as it plunged into his boy's hole.
Marlon gasped as Curtis' thrust got harder. Marlon's limp dick smashed
against the surface of the mattress, his legs spread with his ass slightly
elevated to give Curtis a good target to fuck. Marlon wasn't as excited as usual
(due to his heavy train of thought), but he did feel a certain thrill in knowing
Curtis needed him to get off.
Marlon grunted and moaned as the fuck thrust came quicker. He could feel the
knotted hairs of Curtis' abdomen scratching against his ass cheeks with each
thrust. He knew the entire length of the 12 inches was plunging into him as
the fat head kept pounding into his inner wall, forcing an audible groan to
escape his throat. "Fuck babee, you gonna make me cum...!" announced Curtis,
hammering harder.
Curtis tightened his hole around the shaft as it quickly moved in and out of
him. He felt Curt's arms tighten around him, squeezing him closer as he
prepared to part with his juices. Marlon couldn't help releasing tiny screams as
his rectum and colon bared the brunt of Curtis' mad thrusts. Marlon could feel
sperm previously shot into him during the night, starting to seep out over
his balls as his anal track tightened and contracted. Curtis shoved in one
last time, pressing his balls against Marlon's and causing the 23 year old's
eyes to bulge as he finally shot his latest load deep into Marlon's puddle
"AAAAWwwwwww fuuuucccckkkk, baaabbbeeee...!!" yelled Curtis, cumming like a
monster up Marlon's aching backside.
Marlon felt Curtis grounding his dick up into his gut from the root. He felt
every single pulse and throb as the huge dick pumped out its final seeds
deep into his intestines. "Damn babee, you tha boob, Yo!" "...complimented Curtis,
kissing Marlon on the cheeks as the alarm rang and he yanked his dick from
Marlon's gaping paradise.
Marlon lay there recuperating as Curtis jumped from the bed completely
rejuvenated, and ran for the shower. Marlon would have to get up in another 2
hours or so at the latest, depending on what Carl wanted him to do for the day.
Sometimes he'd wake Marlon up at 7, wanting him to get the jump on some project
or another, while other days Marlon would drag himself from bed around 9.
As Curtis showered, Marlon found himself thinking more and more of his
brother in-law, -Milton Howard. Marlon knew he had a lover in Curtis. He knew
Milton was limited in what he had to offer, due to the fact that Milt was married
to Marlon's sister, -Demeecee. But Marlon couldn't help himself as thoughts
of Milton crept constantly into his head. He often wished things were
different. If only Milton was gayer, if only he wasn't married to Deme, if only
society didn't look their noses down on bisexuality..., perhaps then they would
have a real shot at something more serious. Curtis didn't come with as much
baggage as Milton. Curtis seemed much more suited to his sexuality. He was
freer than Milt (or even Marlon) when it came to accepting who and what he was.
He didn't apologize for being gay or bisexual; he relished in it, and FUCKED
anyone who didn't like it. Marlon wished he could be more like Curtis, or
better yet, wished Milton could. But masculinity, self image, and a constant
concern in what others thought, kept Milton from ever fully committing to Marlon
in the way they both wanted. Milton was a MAN, in every since of the word. He
prided himself on his image, his strength, and his innate ability to provide
for his family. Marlon couldn't see him giving that all up to be one with
him. Milton had too much to lose by declaring a place for he and Marlon.
Marlon's heavy mind wasn't lost on Curtis. Curtis noticed a difference in
the way Marlon interacted and reacted with him. Curtis thought the indifference
was only because of the situation with Crystal and Rachelle; Crystal was
still refusing to allow Marlon to see his daughter. She didn't approve of his
new complicated lifestyle. She declared it a SIN, stating that "its against god!
" This sentiment was echoed throughout the families; Crystal's, Marlon's,
as well as Demeecee. While Deme was supportive of Marlon's gayness and
relationship with Curtis, she agreed with Crystal that it wasn't an ideal lifestyle
to bring an impressionable young child up in. "Especially one that adores
her father as much as Rachelle does Marlon."
Milton was split on the decision. On one hand he agreed with Demeecee and
Crystal that raising a child around that kind of environment was risky, yet he
also argued that "Marlon is Rachelle's biological father! You can't just
keep him away from his daughter just because you disagree with him! He has
rights too, you know!"
"Right?" asked Crystal (later that day), -fed up. "I've been Rachelle's
sole supporter for the past 5 years while Marlon was stung out on drugs and in
and out of jail! Now all of a sudden he has right just because he throws a
little money her way every now and then?"
"It takes time for someone to turn their life around, Crystal. He's
trying! You can't just pull the rug up from under him now that he's starting to
get his life in order!" witnessed Milt.
"Since when did you become an advocate for Marlon?" asked Deme, looking at
her husband in surprise. "I remember when you couldn't stand anyone in my
family, now you're defending my brother?"
"He IS trying, Dee..." said Milt, hoping Demeecee wouldn't GO THERE.
"So is Marcus!" intervene Crystal, referring to her live in boyfriend.
"But Marcus isn't Rachelle's daddy, -Marlon is!" countered Milton. "Besides
..., didn't Marlon tell me that Marcus beats you? What kind of environment is
that to bring a young girl up in?" asked Milt.
"Beats you??" asked Deme, in shock.
"I can't believe Marlon even told you that!" said Crystal, feeling angry
and frustrated. "Its not what you think! He doesn't BEAT me! He just..., hit me
once or twice...., that's all. And NEVER in front of Rachelle!"
"So that makes it better?" asked Deme, seeing Crystal in a different
light. "Milton and I have been together for nearly 4 years, and he's NEVER hit
me! Not even once! Not even when he really wanted to!" stated Deme, firmly. "
And if he ever tried...., he'd get a face full of hot grits, just like Al
Greene did!"
"Yo! Why I gotta be the bad guy here?" asked Milt, defensively.
"Relax honey..., there's nothing wrong with a little reminded ever now and
then." -said Demeecee, patting Milt on the shoulder affectionately.
"You have to understand it from Marcus' point of view!" -said Crystal,
patiently. "He's taken on a lot of responsibility, helping me raise a child that
isn't even his...., and Rachelle doesn't make it any easier by constantly
asking to see her real dad! Its just a constant reminder to Marcus that we're
not a complete family. He gets...., frustrated is all."
"Whatever he gets, there's no excuse for beating on a woman! He knew you
and Rachelle was a package when he met her! Surely he didn't think you had an
immaculate conception? He knew Rachelle had a daddy, and would want to see
him? No REAL MAN would strike a woman under any circumstances! Ain't that right
baby?" asked Deme, directing her question towards her husband.
"Well...., it depends on what she did." -said Milton, much to Deme's
"On what she did?" repeated Deme, hands on her voluptuous hips. "Like what?
What would merit a man hitting a grown woman as if she were his child?"
"Well..., what if he caught her cheating?"
"Divorce her!"
"What if she stole all the money from their account, and ran away with his
"Call the police!"
"What if he raised his children in support as his own, then later found out
that she lied, and that none of them were his in the first place?"
"Take her to court!"
"Naw...., naw, there's an ass whoppin somewhere in that equation!" �"said
Milton, thinking honestly.
"Whatever! Anyway..., Marlon LOVES Rachelle! I'm sure he'd never do anything
purposely to harm or traumatize her!" �"said Deme, in defense of her
"He's already kissed a man in front of her, and shown her gay porno! I'd
HATE to think what else he'd do in front of her!" said Crystal, mockingly.
"And you've never made a mistake in front of your daughter?" asked Deme. "
Never kissed Marcus in front of her? Or argued? Or cursed at someone in front
of her?"
"That's different!"
"How is that different? Because YOU did it?" asked Deme.
"Because it's normal for a man and a woman to kiss and show affection!"
"Its also normal for couple to argue, curse, and scream! But you wouldn't
want that around your daughter either, would you?"
"I thought you were on MY side?" �"said Crystal, feeling as if Deme were
playing both sides of the fence.
"I don't agree with Marlon choice of lifestyle..., but I don't think he
should be banded from seeing his daughter either! He's not a bad man. He loves
his daughter..., and he just happens to be gay, -right now. I don't think that
should come between him and her. Let that be Rachelle's decision to make when
she gets older." -reasoned Deme, appealing to Crystal's sense of fairness.
"Okay. Okay..., I'll let Marlon see Rachelle..., but under one condition! One
of YOU have to be present with them at all times!"
"What?? Why...?" asked Deme, somewhat offended.
"I don't want any repeats of what happened last time (in chap-21). With you
or Milton there, Marlon wouldn't dare to anything funny around her!"
"Funny...?" asked Deme, offended again.
"We accept!" intervene Milton, seeing the `what you talking about Willis'
look on Deme's face. Milton ignored her, setting up a visiting date with
Crystal for Marlon and Rachelle. After Crystal left, Deme spoke her mind.
"I never consented to be Marlon's babysitter! We're still not really
"Its time you 2 stopped acting like kids and got back to being brother and
sister! How long are you gonna hold a grudge against him? He could really use
your help right now!" �"said Milt, hoping to make Demeecee feel bad. "You
know he'd be there for you if you really needed it."
"He tried to steal my man!" �"said Deme, rolling her eyes as if she was
still in 8th grade.
"What happened was an accident! If I can forgive him, why can't you? You're
his biological sister!" reminded Milt. "Besides...." �"he said, taking her
into his arms. "...can't nobody take me away from you, but you!"
Deme sulked for a few seconds while Milton leaned in and began suckling her
neck (one of her G-spots), then slowly broke down and consented to helping
Marlon see his daughter. She knew Marlon wouldn't like the stipulation, but it
was better than the alternative.
A few hours later, Milt took Marlon and Rachelle out shopping. They allowed
Rachelle to have her run of the mall's toy store while they sat at the food
court keeping an eye on her. "I really appreciate you getting me together with
my daughter, Milt." �"said Marlon, watching Rachelle play on the coin
operated space rides in the front of the store display.
"It's the least I could do, Marlon. I know how'd I'd feel if it were my
daughter and someone wanted to keep us apart simply because they didn't like my
lifestyle." �"sympathized Milton. "I see how you are around Rachelle. I saw
how fucked up you looked when I was with you (last chap). I couldn't just
stand by and watch your world fall apart at the seams.
"Thanks Milt. You don't know how much this means to me." �"said Marlon,
looking over at his brother in-law. Milt could see the affection in Marlon's
eyes. Anyone looking at that moment could easily see there was more to these 2
men than meets the eye. Milt felt the connection between them pull like a
magnet. Embarrassed by his desire to grab Marlon up and kiss him, Milt broke the
gaze and looked around the food court to be sure no one else noticed the
Marlon smiled slightly, knowing how much Milt cared for him. "So how's
things going with you and Curtis?" asked Milt, changing the subject.
"Same as ever." �"said Marlon, looking back over at his daughter while she
played. "He wants to know when we're doing another 3way?"
"Really?" asked Milt, thinking about the last one they did. Curtis would
lick and suck Milt's asshole while Marlon sucked Milt's dick. The 2
combinations was nearly too much for Milt to compute as he popped his load rather
quickly before they changed positions. Curtis fucked Marlon on his back while
Milton recuperated and re-charged his batteries. Milt watched as Marlon took
every inch of Curt's mammoth dick as if he were built for it. Once Milt's dick
got back into action, Curt allowed Milt to take his place inside Marlon's
widened hole. Milt sank in easily as Curtis went back to sucking on Milt's hole.
Milt lay on top of Marlon, kissing him deeply while Curtis got up and started
rubbing his hardon up and down the wet glistening crack of Milt's ass.
Eventually he aimed the head up to the tiny black-bud of Milt's asshole. Milt
pushed back on it every time he withdrew from Marlon's sweet anus. He felt the
head of Curtis' cobra penetrate his own anus as he continued to fuck Marlon.
Milt went wild with Curtis inside him while he was inside Marlon. Milt
fucked and got fucked at the same time. It was obvious that Marlon knew what was
going on, as he reached down around Milt's muscular body to grip hold of his
muscled ass cheeks. Marlon pulled them apart while Milton fucked him,
stretching the target for Curtis as he sank into Milton deeper. Milton felt the
pressure of Curt's dick roaming deeper than it had previously. His ass felt
completely stuffed full as Curtis surpassed the 7 inch mark (achieved in chap-21).
But Milt didn't stop Curt's onward thrusts as he reacted passionately by
fucking Marlon harder. Marlon bared the brunt of Milton's passion as Curtis fed
Milt's ass more dick than its ever seen in its life. Marlon knew Milt had all
of Curt's dick inside him when he felt Curt's hips banging into his fingers
while he helped hold Milt's ass open.
"Yeah. I think Curt's looking to fuck you some more." �"smiled Marlon,
blushing somewhat. Milt knew what was going through Marlon's mind.
"That boy has a big dick...." Sighed Milt, recalling how his ass ached all
the way home that night, and beyond. "I don't know if I can handle anymore of
"You did good that night." �"said Marlon, recalling as well. "Much better
than I would have imagined." Milt looked embarrassed. He wondered if Marlon
knew that Curtis fucked him previously to that encounter, giving Milt the
confidence to do more.
"I'm not a bottom, Marlon." -defended Milt, sounding more insulted than he
"I didn't say you were, Milt." �"said Marlon, sensing he offended Milt's
ego. Milt relaxed a little, realizing he was just a little uptight. "I'm just
saying that I think Curt's thrilled that he was able to fuck you. I'm sure
the fact that you're straight is why he wants you to come over more often."
"So you think your boi's trying to turn me out?" asked Milt, laughing
"I don't know about turning you out..." �"said Marlon, trying to keep Milt at
ease. "...but I'm sure he wants to ride that ride as many times as he can
before you pull the plug, -so to speak."
"Yeah, I guess." -laughed Milt, more relaxed. Just then Rachelle came
running up, breaking their conversation.
"Daddy, daddy..., you got to come see the new Barbies! Come one daddy! Come
one uncl'e Milt!" �"said thrilled, pulling at both men as she eased them up
out of their seats.
"Looks like I'm buying her a new Barbie doll." �"smiled Marlon, as the 2
men followed the tot inside.
"I thought you said Rachelle's dad was gay?" asked Marcus Miller, Crystal
41 year old live-in boyfriend.
"I did." �"said Crystal, straightening up the apartment while Marcus
flipped through his collection of CD's.
"Then why is she with him? Why would you allow your daughter to be around
that kind of influence?"
"What influence?" asked Crystal, taking a tiny break from dusting. "Marlon'
s Rachelle's father. He has a right to see his daughter."
"He has a right?" laughed Marcus, sarcastically. "I have more right than he
do! I'm the one taking care of his daughter!"
"What do you think Marlon will do around her?" asked Crystal, curiously.
"I don't know...., who knows what kind of sick twisted shit he might to
around her? Or TO her for that matter?"
"You don't think he'd...? No. Not Marlon. He loves Rachelle! He wouldn't do
anything that will result in him losing his right to see his daughter. He's
gay, not a molester." �"assured Crystal, convincing herself more than Marcus.
"I just think he should have limited access to her, if any at all. I mean,
you don't want her thinking its okay to have relations with people of the same
sex. You don't want her growing up to be gay like her father. Do you?"
asked Marcus.
"Of course not. But..., do you think that's even possible? Don't you have to
be born gay to have those kinds of feelings?"
"Who knows? Was Marlon already gay before he went to prison? Or did he
become gay while he was in jail?" asked Marcus.
"I...., I don't know." -said Crystal, thinking back. "I don't think he was...
., but who knows?"
"Does it really matter how they become what they are?" asked Marcus,
dismissing the question of how it happened. ""Isn't more important to have
positive role models in Rachelle's life? To show her strong independent men to make
sure she gets an accurate view of what a man is supposed to be, and what love
between a man and a woman is like? You don't want her bringing home another
girl, or worse yet..., some bisexual boyfriend when she turns 18 and talking
about being in love for the first time! What kind of future can she have with
her man hoping in and out of bed with different men AND women? Would you want
that kind of life for yourself? Would YOU be content with your man having
another man in your bed?" he asked, discarding his CD folder as he stood to
approach her.
"No..." answered Crystal, thinking of Marlon and Curtis.
"Then why allow your daughter to be influenced by that kind of lifestyle
with her dad? If she really idolizes him like you say she does and he's bisexual
or gay, it could really influence her to experiment with the same. You need
to squash this in the bud! You need to keep our daughter away from that
faggot and his friends at all costs!"
"But..., but Marlon is Rachelle's father, Marcus..." reasoned Crystal.
"I'm all the father Rachelle needs!" �"said Marcus, taking Crystal into his
arms as he planted her with a strong passionate kiss.
Linda got off work around 4pm, after another trying day with high school
students. She parked her car in front of her house behind her husband's Lexus,
and proceeded to head up her walk, when she discovered her neighbor (mrs Lucy)
sweeping up in front of her house. Linda made a detour to go visit with the
resident super snoop she had spy on her husband.
"Hi mrs Lucy, anything to report today?"
"No...., not really." -said mrs Lucy, taking a break from her housework. "
That man of yours hasn't had a single female on the premises since he's
started that web business of his."
"Good." -smiled Linda, happy to hear her husband was being loyal. She was
just about to head back home and make her husband the luckiest man in the
world, when mrs Lucy continued....
"However, he does have a parade of who's who of men walking in and out of
"Men?" asked Linda. "Clients?"
"I don't know about clients..., I doubt any of those drug dealer thug
wannabes have ever even seen a computer, let alone be wanting a web-site design."
-sighed mrs Lucy, a former teacher herself.
"So what? You think he's in there goofing off with his friends when he
should be working?" asked Linda, wondering if her husband isn't playing with the
life's savings he sank into this venture.
"I don't know. But there's a lot of guys that go in and out of there. That
pregnant girl's husband..., that friend of yours, HE's over damn near every
day like clock work!"
"Pregnant girl? You mean Charmaine? Carl? Carl comes over everyday?"
surmised Linda, narrowing it down.
"I suppose. He's the only one I see go in and out regularly, the others all
seem to vary. I can't tell heads of tails from the rest of them."
Linda walked away from mrs Lucy feeling somewhat flustered. She was relieved
that her husband wasn't entertaining a bunch of women, but she was
disappointed that he might be wasting his supposedly business time playing around and
bullshitting with his friends. The first thing she did when she got in the
door was check the trash cans to see if there was any empty beer cans and pizza
boxes around, she wanted proof that Kendall was wasting time instead of
working before confronting him. She didn't want him to know right off that she
was having the house watched. When she didn't find any incriminating evidence,
she thought....
Kendall bought a video camera for a cruise they took to the islands a few
years ago. Linda figured she'd hide the video cam somewhere in the living room
to see exactly what her husband does while she's at work all day. If Kendall
was indeed wasting their hard earned money sitting on his ass watching TV and
playing video games with his friends, she was going to pull the plug on his
little set-up once and for all!
Marlon returns home from his evening with Milton and Rachelle. Milton was
kind enough to drop Marlon off at home first before taking Rachelle to her mother
's. He did it this way to keep from being too tempted to sneak up to Marlon'
s apt for a quickie with him and Curtis. He knew he wouldn't be able to
resist if they were alone in the car. He'd have a hard time explaining to his
wife just why he'd be getting home late after hanging out with her gay brother
and his lover. He had enough suspicion from her without adding to it.
Marlon understood completely, though he regret not being able to spend any
personal time with his brother in-law. Milton took a reign-check, hoping to
make up for the missing night sometime soon. Marlon said goodbye to his
daughter with a big hug and a kiss before shaking hands with uncle Milt. Marlon went
up to his apt on the second floor which he shared with his lover/roommate
Curtis Williams. Upon placing his key in the lock, he found his boyfriend on
the couch making out with some girl he knew from school. Marlon's jaw dropped.
"Sup babee...?" �"said Curtis, pulling his tongue from the girl's mouth. "
This's Permella..., I told er all bout us. She said she waz interested in doin a
"A 3way....?" asked Marlon, too pre-occupied within his own thoughts to
really care.
"Yeh, bae...., ain't you interested? I mean..., LOOK at er!" �"said Curtis,
showing her off like a prize on The Price Is Right.
"Fine." �"said Marlon, tossing his keys on the table as he walked into the
bedroom. He was too exhausted physically and mentally to argue. Curtis
escorted the young 18 year old girl into the bedroom with him.
"You been actin so down lately, I figured this might cheer you up some."
-explained Curtis, watching as Marlon removed his watch and sneakers. Curtis
silently urged Permella to start in on Marlon. She walked over to where he
stood and started to touch him. Marlon looked at her as if he were ready to go to
"Yur cute." -smiled Permella, getting more and more excited with the idea
of fucking 2 men.
"Thanks." �"said Marlon, looking the girl in the face for the first time. "
So are you." -he lied. Permella smiled, then sank down to her knees before
him. Marlon looked over at Curtis, who smiled at Marlon warmly.
"She's gonna fix you up, babee." -he said, watching the girl unzip Marlon'
s pants. She pulled them down around his ankles, then leaned in to start
mouthing his limp dick. "Whuts wrong, boo?" �"asked Curtis, noticing the soft
"Nothing. Just tired." �"said Marlon, honestly.
"Then juss lay back an let us do all tha work." �"said Curtis, kissing
Marlon on the lips as he sat him on the edge of the bed.
Permella felt Marlon's dick grow in her mouth. She suckled it gently as she
bobbed her head back and forth on it. Curtis lay Marlon down on his back,
still kissing him while the girl took care of his needs. Permella worked her
mouth up and down Marlon's shaft, enjoying the feel of it between her lips. She
watched the 2 men kiss, feeling her nipples stiffen with excitement.
Marlon wasn't sure how he felt. His mind had been heavy with a lot of
thought lately, he wasn't sure if he was coming or going most of the time. Curtis
stuck his tongue deep into Marlon's mouth, allowing him to suck it while they
kissed. Curtis watched Permella watching them as she deep throated Marlon's
dick down to the root. She had tasted Curtis' meat before, she knew well what
the slim college thug boy had to offer. But Marlon was cuter, the thought of
both men taking turns on her was almost too much for her to handle. Permella
felt her pussy start to soak through her panties as she watched Curtis climb
up onto the bed and pulled his huge dick free for Marlon to suck.
"uummm..." moaned Marlon, feeling the big dick slip between his lips. Curtis
leaned in over him, straddling his head sideways as he slowly thrust his dick
back and forth. Permella couldn't take her eyes off of them, she liked
watching a handsome man like Marlon suck another guy off. She watched his lips
slide back and forth along the long dark shaft, taking it much deeper than she
ever could. She watched transfixed as Curtis pushed his dick in until his
balls were resting against Marlon's right cheek, his entire 12 inch monster
stuffed down Marlon's ballooning throat. It was quite a sight for a straight girl
to see.
Marlon's dick twitched between her lips as Curtis got rougher with him. Soon
Curtis was pulling his shaft nearly all the way out before sliding it all
the way back down into Marlon's contracting throat. She could hear Marlon's
slurp gargling sounds every time the dick submerged and re-emerged.
"I want to see you fuck him!" she said, rubbing her pussy in heat.
"Fo real, Yo?" asked Curtis, thinking they were going to tag team her.
"Yes! I want to see him take all that dick!" she insisted.
"Lick his ass! Git it good an wet fo me, gurl!" �"ordered Curtis.
Permella spit Marlon's dick from her mouth and licked her way down his balls
towards his asshole. Curtis lifted Marlon's legs, exposing his ass crack.
Permella wasn't too thrilled with the idea of eating a man's asshole, but she
really wanted to see handsome Marlon take Curtis' dick. She stared down at the
beckoning asshole, then pushed her face down into it.
"Yeh, suck dat asshole, gurl!" insisted Curtis, grabbing the back of
Permella's head as he smashed her face further between Marlon's parted buns.
Permella sucked and licked, lathering her tongue across the slightly haired
hole. She was surprised (pleasantly) at how clean Marlon's asshole was. She
fully expected it to smell and taste like shit, but found it only slightly
musky with no foul taste at all. That allowed her to relax as she put more force
into her mouth job. She sucked and slurped on Marlon's asshole as if it were
another girl's pussy. Every now and then Curtis would reach down and finger
fuck Marlon's loosening hole. She'd watch the asshole swallow up the finger
like a tiny dick.
"Take a seat ova there so you can watch." �"said Curtis.
Permella sat in a lounge chair and watched Curtis prepare to fuck his
boyfriend. He reached for a small bottle of something, then applied it to Marlon's
butt and his long hard dick. Permella removed her pants and panties and
started to play with her pussy as Curtis lay Marlon on his back and pushed his
knees up to his chest. Her eyes widened and focused as he aimed his long hard
appendage up with the other man's asshole, then pushed in.
"uuuhhhhh...!!" moaned Marlon, feeling the dick push through his tight
sphincter muscles. He relaxed them quickly, allowing the dick to slither through
his stretching rectum like a snake crawling through a hole.
Curtis pressed his groin up against Marlon's buttock. Marlon's groaned as
he moved his head back and forth in agony/ecstasy, 12 inches of man-meat
churning around in his stuffed bowels. Permella rubbed her clitoris, spreading her
legs wider as she watched in silence like a fly on the wall.
Curtis pulled back with his hips, pulling out a good 10 inches or so before
sliding it all the way back in. He did long, slow, and deliberate, to put on
a good show for the girl incase she went back to tell others.
Marlon wasn't really in any mood to fuck, but like always, he complied to
what others wanted. Curtis' dick was tough to take on those days when you really
wasn't up for the challenge. Curtis didn't have one of those dicks that
could slip in and out of you barely noticed in the middle of the night while
sleeping. In prison, men fucked Marlon all the time, mostly when he was in no
mood to fuck. But most guys were average in size, Marlon learned to take the
smaller and average sized dick without too much of a strain, it was the over ach
ievers that reeked havoc on a rectum. The 9-10-11-12, and yes, 13 and 14
inchers that caused all the major problems, particularly when one wasn't in the
mood for it. There had been many times Marlon wished death would whisk in and
sweep him away while some big dick brute roughly butt fucked him in a
display of show and power. Especially in group settings, that's when most guys feel
they have something to prove. Curtis wasn't that bad, but taking 12 inches
of hard dick was tough rather it was rough or slow when you weren't really in
the mood to get fucked.
Curtis took his time fucking Marlon. He pulled and pushed his dick through
the stretched anal ring at a steady pace, giving Permella plenty to look at.
The girl was beating the hell out of her clit by the time he lay down on top
of Marlon and really started to pound him. He kissed his boy, laying chest to
chest with Marlon's legs spread wide apart, the soles of his feet facing the
Marlon suckled Curt's tongue as his dick rocked back and forth. Curtis had a
knack for hitting Marlon's prostate, usually causing his dick to throb and
leak pre-cum between them. This time was no exception as they tongue kissed,
sampling each other's spit as the moaned and groaned like heated animals. The
bed rocked and shook as the thrusts got harder and deeper. Marlon gasped as he
started to climax between them, his hard dick pulsing out a steady stream of
white cream. Curtis felt it pulsing between them, he felt the hot spray of
cum on his torso as he fucked harder.
"I'm gonna cum too, babee!" announced Curtis, stroking deep. He shoved his
hips inward, then burst a huge knot of hot cum into Marlon's gut. Marlon felt
the dick pulsing inside him as they kissed, Curtis groaning in his mouth.
"Yeeessss...., fuck me! Cum in me, Milt!" gasped Marlon, his eyes closed in
ecstacy as both men climax together. Curtis pulled his tongue from Marlon's
mouth, then yanked his still spurting dick from his gaping hole.
"Who'd you call me?"

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