Sunday, May 10, 2009


"In the mind of madness"
The next several days for 31 year old Milton Howard were a transition.
NO LONGER A VIRGIN! was the phrase that ran through his mind after
loosing his anal virginity to 20 year old Curtis Williams (the boyfriend
of his wife's brother). It's all that had consumed his thoughts of late,
causing him to second guess his own manhood. No longer could he claim to
be straight (not in the eyes of straight people). His masculinity had
been compromised, leaving room for doubt. To most, he would be considered
no more straighter than Ellen Degeneres (the lesbian talk show host).
For Milton, it was a blow to his ego, and a bitter pill to swallow. No
one but he and Curtis knew of his deflowering (as far as he knew), but
still it made him feel like less of a man, like he'd somehow broken some
earthly bond that connected his manhood to the universe. He knew if word
got out, no one would ever see him as the strong virile type of man he
worked so hard to live up to. He'd forever be considered gay in the eyes
of people like his brother (Carl) or his wife (Demeecee). This crippling
train of thought passed through into his daily routine, causing him to be
short tempered and irritable most days. So in order to compensate and
redeem his bruised masculinity, Milt got into several arguments at work,
and nearly had a fist fight with another motorist on the street for
cutting him off in an intersection. He grew reckless in a very short
period of time, trying to prove his manhood by acting out irrationally.
He also compensated by performing more and more sexual acts on his wife.
Deme wasn't sure where all this new robust sexual appetite was coming
from, but she certainly welcomed it with open arms and legs, happily
being the recipient of her husbands sexual punching bag and stress
reliever for the last several days or so.

On the days Milton stayed away from home for hours on end (sexing it up
with Marlon and his partner Curtis), he explained he was hanging out with
his brother. Deme saw no reason to suspect differently, since Carl was
using Milton for the same exact excuse with his own wife (Charmaine)
while he was out fucking his new lover on the side (Kendall). Charmaine
had been on a sexual strike since early in her pregnancy, cutting off her
husband's sexual needs at the knees. But instead of punishing his wife
for not being able to juggle her daily baby feedings, doctor's
appointments, and other household responsibilities, -he incorporated the
aid of his friend to pick up the slack where his wife left off.
30+ year old Kendal Graham was his own business man, working out of his
own home 6 days a week as a computer web designer. Every couple of days,
he and Carl would get together to relieve some stress. This usually takes
place in Kendall's home while his wife is away at work at the school she
teaches, or in Marlon's basement apt since it is no longer occupied. The
2 men meet, fuck, and go on about their separate ways as planned. Anyone
seeing them coming or going from one residence to the other, would never
have a reason to suspect anything more that 2 friends meeting to talk
shop or personal business. Neither gave off a vibe that would be
considered "clockable" by social standards, and both were known married
men, -adding to the illusion that they were just a couple of straight
buddies hanging. When Kendall calls Carl's house, Charmaine simply hands
her husband the phone, unaware that her girlfriend's husband is calling
to make a date to suck the dick of her husband. For all she knows, they
could be making plans to see a ball game together on TV.

For 20 year old Curtis Williams, "life was like a box of chocolates".
His life revolved around things that pleased and pleasured him; school,
weed, sex, weed, his "boo" Marlon, weed, and music videos, -what more
could a man ask for? (well, the tight taut ass of Milt's certainly
doesn't hurt).
For the most part, Curtis was happy with his living arrangements with
Marlon, he'd never lived with or spent this much time with another male
before. For him, there was something enchantingly sad about the 23 year
old, that made him want to protect him. He loved him being there waiting
for him when he got home from work. Having him there when he just wanted
to talk, chill, smoke weed, or just hang out doing nothing in particular.
They were friends/lovers/brothers, all rolled into one exciting package.

Milton (on the other hand), was more of a challenge. Curtis loved the
idea that Milt was straight, and married. He loved being the first man to
ever "pop" the straight man's cherry, to break his virgin seal and cross
him forever over into the realm of (official) bisexuality.
Milton was just the kind of guy Curtis loved to turn. All his sexual
life, he's been busting straight men, -taking advantage of them at their
most vulnerable moments (when they are high). So far, it's paid off. But
Milt (by far) was Curtis' biggest strongest conquest. He "hit" Milt first
while he was high, then managed to "tag" him again while he was sober.
For Curtis, this solidified Milton's cross over from strict/top status,
to versatile service. He was sure he could get Milton again, provided
Marlon was not a factor. Marlon saw Milt as this Knight In Shining Armor,
a pillar of devout masculinity and manhood. But Curtis knew Milton was a
man in search of something, some sort of sexual freedom from the stereo
type he'd become (through no fault of his own). And Curtis knew he was
just the one to give him what he wanted!

For Marlon, being in a caring relationship with Curtis while still being
able to see Milton sexually was the equivalent of having ones cake, and
eating it too. He couldn't have asked for a better scenario (except maybe
having Milton all to himself). Marlon had to admit, that he didn't
particularly like sharing Milton with Curtis. Somehow it diminished his
moments with Milton, having someone else in the room. Funny how he didn't
get that same feeling when sharing Curtis with Milt. It seemed to have
just the opposite effect when Milt was there while Curtis was on top.
Milt would stroke Marlon's head, make eye contact or kiss him gently
while Curtis was fucking him. It made Marlon feel like it was really
Milton making love to him instead of Curtis. A strange realization, since
it was Curtis that was Marlon's boyfriend, not Milton.

Outside of the 3some, things with Curtis was the same as always. They
worked, fucked, slept, ate, smoked weed, watched movies and videos, then
started all over again the next day. Outside of Curtis, other things in
Marlon's life wasn't going so good. He was still estranged with his
mother, and was terribly distant with his sister. His relationship with
his baby's mother was awkward at best, especially after realizing she may
be living in a dangerous situation with their daughter -Rachelle (the
apple of his life). [When he was in prison, she was his sole reason for
living, -for enduring the pains and the slings of daily prison life (if
you could call it that). She was his focus to the outside world, his only
connection to god and the planet we live on. Up until her birth, he
practically didn't exist. It was HER that gave his life purpose.]
He thought more of Curt's proposal that he get romantically involved
with Crystal, to help get her away from her possibly abusive boyfriend
-Marcus. Marlon knew he had little (if anything) to offer a child, so he
basically gave up any rights to make meaningful decisions in her life
when her mother moved in with her an older man. Since then, he hasn't had
much to do in his daughter's life beyond the occasional visits, -which
he's kept limited at Crystal's request to keep from making too much
trouble in her life with her new man. But Marlon feared for her safety,
and really didn't want his daughter being raised around that kind of
environment. Marlon spent a year in prison, so he knew well what kind of
horrors a man could do to a woman and her child, especially when the
child is not theirs. But the idea of dating her again (even if only
pretend), meant having to lie about who he was, or rather who he had
become. Marlon feared he was no longer the man he used to be. He wasn't
sure if that was good or bad, but one thing was for sure, he was no
longer able to commit to a woman monogamously like he once could. Sure he
still found women attractive, but he didn't think he could go back to
dating them exclusively.
For the most part, men have been the bane of his existence. Since the
day he stepped foot in prison, they have beat, raped, tortured, and
humiliated him. The exceptions were Milton and Curtis, (the 2 men that
made Marlon feel differently about men in general). With them he felt
alive and loved, something he hasn't felt from anyone in a long time.

It was while going to visit his daughter that he met resistance from
Crystal. First she wouldn't answer or return his phone calls, then when
he went over to her apt to see if everything was alright, she turned him
away, banning him from her door. When Marlon refused to go, she
confronted him in the hall of her apt complex.

"What have you been doing around my daughter?" she asked in a low but
stern voice, trying to keep from causing a scene in the hall.

"What'r you talking about?" asked Marlon, lost.

"She said 'daddy was kissing uncle Curtis!' She asked me is it right that
2 men kiss like a mommy and a daddy does! Then she tells me she saw naked
men on your television? What's going on in that apt? Are you and Curtis
having some kind of affair? Are you..., gay -Marlon?"
Marlon was speechless. His mouth dropped to speak, but no words formed,
leaving Crystal to wonder if her suspicions were true. "Answer me,
Marlon! Are you GAY or not? I have a right to know what kind of
environment you're taking my daughter around! Are you and Curtis lovers?"

"My environment? What about you and Marcus? Is he in there beating on you
in front of my daughter or not?" asked Marlon, growing more and more
concerned as he flipped the script.

"We're not talking about me and Marcus right now, we're talking about you
and Curtis doing freaky stuff in front of a 6 year old girl! Don't try to
change the subject! I want an answer..., are you gay or not?" insisted
Crystal. Marlon hesitated with an answer, fearful she would hold it
against her and refuse him visitation rights to his daughter. But his
silence was all the answer Crystal needed, as she cupped her mouth with
her hand in disbelief. "You ARE gay, aren't you?" she asked, looking at
him as if he were a stranger. "My god Marlon, when were you going to tell
me? After all this time...!"

"It's not like that Crys..." said Marlon, trying to explain.

"Then what is it, Marlon? Tell me! I'd love to know!" asked Crystal. "How
long have you been gay? Since prison? Since before prison? Before
Rachelle was born? How long?"


"I want to know, Marlon. How long?" insisted Crys. "Were you gay when WE
were together? Were you seeing MEN behind my back?"

"No..." said Marlon, feeling hurt by the accusation. "It..., it happened
in prison." answered shamefully.

"So what..., they raped you in jail and MADE you gay? How does that
work?" asked Crystal, wanting a truthful answer.

"'s not something I can explain just like that."

"Try! I really want to know! I want to know how a man goes into prison
straight..., you DO claim to be straight back when we were dating,


"How does a man go into prison straight, and comes out gay? How does that
happen? Unless you were already "funny" before you went in!" surmised
Crystal. "So were you, Marlon? Were you FUNNY before you went into jail.
and those guys just brought it all out onto the surface for you? Is that
what happened? You got raped, and you decided you LIKED it, so you
continued doing it when you got out of jail? Is that what happened? Does
that sound like the truth to you?" she asked, her voice getting louder as
she spoke. "I can't believe this...! And to think, I was holding a torch
for you while you were in jail! I thought we'd get back together, get
married..., and all that time you were happily letting men DO YOU in the
butt! What a fucking fool I've been!"


"You were probably gay all along! You never wanted me, or Rachelle! You
were scared to admit you were a faggot, so you HIDE behind me and our
daughter! You USED US!" yelled Crystal, hysterically.

"I didn't..."

"Get OUT of here, Marlon! Stay away from me and MY daughter! I don't want
her having a faggot for a father!"

"Crys..., you can't keep me away from my daughter! She's MINE too!"

"MARCUS is her father! You ain't NObody to her! Go back to your
BOYfriend, make a baby with him if you want one so much! You can be ITS
mother!" screamed Crystal, slamming the door, dramatically.
Marlon kicked himself for not seeing this one coming.

"A VALENTINES DAY WEDDING!" said Donte enthusiastically, to a less than
enthusiastic audience.

"Chile, you MUST be kidding, tight? A valentines day wedding? In
February? In Philly?" asked Malik, as if to say -DUH!

"What he means is...; BITCH, YOU MUST BE CRAZY!!" explained Seko, bundled
in his wool scarf, gloves, and hat, as they sat in the mall's eatery
discussing wedding plans.

"What I meant was...; February is a winter month! You'd want to have your
wedding in the spring or summer, when the weather is more predictable!"
corrected Malik, tactfully.

"Tre and I met in the winter months, so a winter wedding is in the cards!
Besides, my psychic reader...Miss Cleo!..., says I ought to marry
quickly, because by the end of the summer, we'll be expecting out first

"Baby?? Did you tell that psychic bitch that you were gay, and NOT
lesbian?" asked Malik.

"And that any eggs you may have been carrying have dried up and died a
long time ago?" added Seko.

"Fuck both you hatin bitches, okay?" snared Donte. "I don't call the
psychic network for practical information, just spiritual! The baby is a
symbolic expression of our love, it means we'll have a nurturing and
productive relationship! First comes love, then comes marriage..."

"Then comes a crazy bitch pushing a her house pet in a baby carriage!"
finished Seko.

"ANYWAY..., we're going to have only close friends and family invited!
You 2 of course, and whatever whores yall can scare up as dates! My
family, Tre's family -minus his hateful mother, a few work friends, and
my neighbors in the building! Should be short and sweet!"

"I want to be incharge of the bachelorette's party!" claimed Seko,
calling debs.

"Fine. Just make sure it's tasteful..., some of Tre's brother in-laws
maybe attending, and I don't want them thinking we having an orgy or
anything!" requested Donte.

"Why not? Let them see what they're missing by marrying FISH!" said Seko,
making a distasteful face at the word. "Oh I know..., I want that
stripper 'Big Dong Kong!' I saw him once in DC, and let me tell you that
that thang of his is NO joke! Pure Anaconda, with a head like a
Sidewinder!" he added, flicking his tongue like a snake.

"Bet it shoots venom, too! In lethal doses!" smirked Malik.

"I intend to find out!" winked Seko.

"Leave it to this bitch to turn MY bachelorette party into a leasy pick
up for him and some hoe stripper!" said Donte, rolling his eyes.

"Well February doesn't give us much time to plan. Do you need help with
the arrangements?" asked Malik, helpfully.

"Well, Tre and I didn't want to get married in a church..., we thought
it'd be too much like a slap in the lord's face, -we're sinning enough
just by being gay, we don't need the extra baggage of sinning in the face
of god in church too!" said Donte, respectfully.

"Sin is all in how you view it." said Seko, staring at the ass of some
man walking by with his wife and kids. "I personally don't believe being
gay is a sin. I was made this way for a reason, and I for one am not
going to apologize for being how I was intended."

"Preach bitch." said Donte, snapping his fingers.

"But the bible specifically states homosexuality is a sin, what do you
say about that?" asked Malik.

"MAN wrote the bible. God preaches love, not hate and war."

"See..., that's why I don't do church, waaay too confusing! Even
religious leaders can't get it straight! We're getting married in a
catering hall. Ceremony and reception all in one. Martha Steward would be

"I know you're not wearing white!" said Seko, looking Donte up and down
like a pit-bull.

"Bitch, YOU ought to be wearing black!" shot Donte.

"Oh don't get bougie bitch, remember I met your ass in an all night
hook-up party down on Fontaine Street in the hood! Getting done by not
one, not two, but three mother fuckers all at once! REMEMBER?" revealed
Seko, rolling his neck like a bob-cat.

"Oh no you didn't!" defended Donte, embarrassed by the truth. "How did
you see what I was doing, with all the dick you had in your face that

"Cause I was one of the 3 niggahs on that ass!" smiled Seko, sitting back
in his seat triumphant.

"Stop lying." said Malik, not believing a word of it.

"Think what you want..., but Tre ain't the only one done tapped that
poohnany puddin you got jiggling back there!" Donte and Malik looked at
each other questionably.

"You know yall 2 just plain nasty!" said Malik, disgusted with them both.

Milt came home after a trying day at work. Too tired to even eat, he
dragged himself up to the bathroom for a quick hot shower before falling
into bed, but was intercepted by his wife (Demeecee), whom apparently had
talked to her brother's ex-girlfriend -Crystal, who told her that he
admitted to her that he was gay, and that his roommate Curtis was his
live-in lover/boyfriend!

"I told you Marlon was gay! I knew it!" proclaimed Demeecee. "I knew that
story was fishy about him not knowing you were laying behind him with
your dick up his ass! How could you have a dick in you and not know it?
Hell, even I know it when you slip in MY pussy every morning! How could
he NOT know that big thing is shoved up his ass?"

"He never said he didn't know..., he said he was drunk, and had flash
backs to being in prison." corrected Milton.

"BULLSHIT! He probably got YOU drunk on purpose and orchestrated the
entire incident! Knowing I was out of town too? I wouldn't put it past
his faggot ass!" said Demeecee.

"Come on now, Dee. That IS your brother after all, how you just gonna
disrespect him like that?" defended Milt.

"Why'r you taking up for him? After what he did to you, I'd think you'd
be ready to beat his ass for taking advantage of you like that! This
PROVES it wasn't an accident! Hell, I wouldn't put it past him if he
wasn't the one that sucked Carl off at the halloween party!" Milt's heart
froze, as Demeecee's face took on a realization. "! HE
probably WAS the one that sucked Carl's dick! He was wearing black lip
stick, and there were only 3 people there in black lip stick that night;
Roslynn, Modean, and Marlon!" surmised Deme, the wheels constantly
turning in her head. "Roslynn's husband was there, and Modean's too fat
for Carl's taste... So Carl's been letting Marlon suck his dick? Why
would he do that when he has a perfectly fine woman at home?" asked Deme,
more to herself than to her husband. "I know Charmaine's been busy with
the baby and all, but that was before the birth!" she said, figuring it
out in her head. "I know her doctor ordered her to have bed rest..., so
she probably wasn't giving Carl enough attention in the bed room! So was
Carl letting Marlon suck his dick to compensate for Charmaine's slack?
What do YOU think Milt?"

"I..., think we ought to mind out business." said Milt, trying to dodge a
bullet as he headed into the bedroom to change clothes.

"Why? we're just talking!"

"We're pulling rabbits out of hats, and fucking with people's lives!
Where do you plan to go with this fabricated information? Are you going
to tell your girlfriend Linda? Or maybe Charmaine? Something like this
could ruin their marriage, and you have no proof that it was even Marlon!
For all you know, it could've been, Roslynn or Modean! But telling people
you THINK it was Marlon, is just going to fan a fire that's all but
nearly burnt out! How do you think Charmaine would feel about hearing
that her husband MAY've let a gay man suck his dick? DO you think she
would appreciate hearing that? Especially after just having his baby?"
asked Milt, pouring it on thick to discourage any further momentum of
this story from getting out.

"No..., I guess you're right." said Demeecee, thinking it over.

"I know how it felt having Kendall discuss MY personal business with me
in the rest room of that restaurant we were in (back in chap-16)..., I
don't want Charmaine and Carl going through the same ordeal, especially
if it ain't true!"

"You're right." said Demeecee, agreeing with Milton. "I shouldn't say
anything to anybody..., not until I've gotten proof!" she added, walking
out the room. Milt felt his frozen heart chill his blood. Just then his
cell phone rang. Milton recognized the number as belonging to Curtis. He
closed the bedroom door, then answered in a low tone.

"I can't talk right now..., Deme just..."

"Milt..., it's about Marlon, man! He called me up on my celly n' told me
his babee's momma just outted him and banned him from seein his daughter!
I been tryn'na reach him eva since, but he ain't answer'n his page! I...,
I think he might be out git'n high, man! Ain't no tellin where he at or
whut kinda trouble his ass'll git into!" worried Curtis.

"Damn! Can you think of any place he might've gone?" asked Milt, trying
to wreck his brain.

"Naw man! I checked ev'rywhere! I checked tha few dealers I kno inna
hood, I checked wid tha couple cross tha hall, I walked round to the bar
we usually hang out in to shoot sum pool and git out buzz on..., but he
ain't nowhere, man! I'm seriously startin to worry. He sounded like shyt
when I spoke to him."

"Okay..., okay. I might be able to cover a little more ground in my car.
Give me a list of those places again, and I'll check them out myself."
offered Milt, changing from uniform to casual clothes. As he jogged down
the steps, Demeecee was already on their house phone talking to one of
her girlfriends, so Milt was able to slip out without having her confront
where he was going.
He drove around the city, stopping at various places he remembered
Marlon used to frequent when he was high and hanging in the streets more
often. After about an hour, Milt drove back past the apt complex. On a
hunch, he tried Marlon's old apt in the basement. At first he knocked,
but there was no answer. Then he tried the key that Marlon gave him
shortly after they started seeing each other again. And sure enough,
there was Marlon laying on the sofa feeling sorry for himself.

"Marl..., I've been looking all over the place for you, man!" said Milt,
closing the door for privacy.

"Leave the lights off, please." said Marlon, laying on his futon in the
dark. Milt did as requested, and made his way over to where Marlon was
laying. He sat on the edge of the futon, feeling relieved and sorry for
Marlon all at once.

"I heard Crystal outted you." said Milton, not knowing where else to
start. "She told Deme, who told me..."

"Good..., so now EVERYone knows!" sighed Marlon, hiding his face in the
cushions as he lay on his stomach.

"Look, if its any consolation, Deme already figured you were gay after
she caught us in bed together. She thought you and Curtis were lovers
before Crystal even said anything to her." soothed Milt, rubbing Marlon's
back comfortingly.

"How's that supposed t make me feel better?" groaned Marlon. "My sister
thought I was a faggot BEFORE it was even confirmed? Yay!" he added,

"Look Mar..., its not the end of the world. Its not like you're married
and suddenly found yourself immersed in a gay relationship you couldn't
just walk away from. You're already living with a guy..., you've already
started a gay romance..., what's the difference if a few people know or
not?" reasoned Milt.

"How would you feel if Deme suddenly thought you were gay? How would you
handle it?" asked Marlon, looking back at Milt through the hint of lights
coming from the front lawn through the basement window.

"I have a surprise for you..., she's already asked that question, in so
many words." said Milt, causing Marlon to perk up and listen. "Of course
I told her I wasn't..., but I'm sure she's sure that I knew it wasn't HER
I was fucking in bed that day she caught us. Drunk or not drunk, I know
the difference between a man and a woman."

"But at least she's willing to live in denial for you..., Crystal's
banned me from seeing Rachelle! Rach's all I got! She's the ONLY thing in
the world I'm actually proud of! How can she just take her away from me
like that?" asked Marlon, reliving the moment over and over in his head.

"You're not alone here, Marlon. I'm here, Curt's here..., you've got 2
men that care for you and love you. You can be proud of that too." said

"Milt..., I..., I wasn't referring to you when I said that..." retracted
Marlon, feeling as if he may have insulted Milton. Milt shut him up by
placing a finger up to his lips, then slowly descending down into a
gentle kiss. Marlon felt Milt's lips on his, and suddenly his worries all
just seemed to melt away like melted snow.
Marlon rolled over onto his back as the kiss continued. Milt slipped his
tongue into Marlon's mouth, Marlon suckled it, tasting Milton's spit as
he reached for his crotch. But Milton had other plans in mind as he
started to unbutton Marlon's shirt, and slowly kiss his way down his neck
and chest towards his crotch. He undid Marlon's pants, pulling them off
completely as he buried his head in Marlon stomach and licked out his
navel. Marlon watched intensely as Milt nibbled and licked at his dick
head, before taking it into his mouth to swab it with his tongue. Marlon
gasped as Milton rose up over his crotch, then started to bob his head up
and down expertly on his dick.

"Oh shit, Milt....!" he gasped as the strong jaws wrapped around his
manhood and sucked inward like a Hover. Marlon stroked Milton's hair,
massaging his scalp as he sucked him. Marlon couldn't believe Milt was
actually doing this without having to be coaxed into it. He recalled the
very first time Milton sucked his dick, and how he nearly threw up
afterwards. Now he was bobbing his head up and down, taking more than
half of Marlon's 7 inches between his mustache lips. Marlon watched with
excitement as Milt tried to take him all the way down into his throat,
but failed.

"uuggggghh!" gagged Milt on the first try, feeling the dick head cramp
into the back of his mouth. He came back up off of it in defeat, but
regained his composure as he sucked along the top half for a minute or 2
before trying it again, and again.
Marlon thought it was wonderful that Milton was trying so hard to deep
throat, but what he really wanted was to get his own mouth around
Milton's dick, so suck him off and make HIM feel good.

Milton sucked up and down on Marlon stiff standing erection, loving the
way it slid smoothly in and out of his mouth. Nothing feels the same as
having another man's dick in your mouth. Nothing had the same texture,
the same smooth slickness, the same organic feeling, nor made you feel so
damn horny and lustful while doing it.
Milt figured if he could suck nearly half of Curtis' 12 inch python,
that he should be able to deep through Marlon's 7. But for some reason
every time he took the dick into the back of his mouth, he gagged. It was
really starting to frustrate him. He wanted to deep throat Marlon, like
Marlon had been doing him all along.

"Relax, Milt..., take your time and breathe in like you're taking a deep
breath. That'll open your throat." advised Marlon, reading Milt's
frustration as he laid back watching him service.
Milt calmed himself, then restarted. He sucked on Marlon's hardon, then
took what he could into his mouth. When the head reached into the start
of his throat, he relaxed and breathed in. His throat open, and the dick
sank in. Marlon groaned as Milt's throat muscles clamped down around him.
Milt felt the dick lodge in his throat, then panicked and pulled back. He
yanked his head up off Malron's rod, causing his throat to ache sorely.

"Damn...!" he gasped, not expecting the pain in his throat, -just around
the adam's apple. "I thought I was going to choke!" he said, looking up
at Marlon.

"You did good." smile Marlon, looking down at Milt as he stroked his
erection to keep it hard while he took a mini-break. Milt licked his
lips, then looked back down at the dick in his hand. He took the head
back into his mouth and sucked. Marlon groaned slightly. Milt bobbed his
head slowly, allowing his mouth to get re-adjusted. He took more in,
letting his wet lips sink down around the shaft and then slither back up.
Sucking sounds filled the tiny apt as Milt got a good taste of Marlon's
pre-cum. To his own surprise, he liked it, eating it all from the tip
before diving back down on it.
This time when Marlon's dick head touched the back of his mouth, he
relaxed and breathed in gently, then swallowed the dick down. He felt his
throat balloon as the dick shaft passed down into his throat. He heard
Marlon moan as his pubic hairs touched and tickled Milt's nose. Milt
wrapped his lips down around the base of the dick, and held it for a few
seconds before he felt the gag reflex kick in. He retreated back up to
the head, his spit dripping down around the rock hard column as he came
up for a breath of air.

"I did it!" he gasped, proud of himself with a harsh whisper. Marlon was
just about to congratulate him when Milt suddenly took him into his mouth
again, sucking all the way down on the dick until it was once again
lodged in his throat.
Marlon watched as Milt resembled a child whom just discovered the
wonders of a new toy. He sucked up and down on the shaft, suckling the
pre-cum from the tip of the dick before diving all the way back down on
it. He took Marlon into his throat over and over, really enjoying the
labor it took to give a really good blow job. He loved the way it felt in
his mouth, against his tongue, down his throat. He liked the taste of the
dick, the shaft, the pre-cum. He bobbed, sucked, and deep throated like
it was a fun game, seeing who could last longer, he or Marlon.
But all too soon (for Milton's taste) Marlon's dick started to throb.
Milton knew from past experiences that that meant it was ready to blow.
He regret that his new found fun was going to end sometime soon, but he
knew it wouldn't be long before he's be doing it again, and again. Now he
knew why Marlon had been enjoying it so much.

The first blast of cum hit Milton in the back of his mouth. He gagged
slightly as the rest came in quick succession, filling his oral cavity up
quickly. Milt allowed the baby batter to gather in his mouth, feeling the
dick pulse with life as it oozed sperm into his mouth like an open hose.
After the orgasm was over, Milton removed his mouth and swallowed. The
cum was warm, slightly thick, and salty. It's warmth seemed to soothe his
aching throat, easing some of the bruised damage he caused from deep
throating. Milt licked his rubbery lips, then took the head of Marlon's
dick back into his mouth to feast on the driblets.

Marlon felt his heart beat returning to normal after he climaxed. He
watched Milton clean the rest of the sperm away with his mouth. Something
came over Marlon, as he pushed Milton back, and ripped at the lump in his
Milton laughed at Marlon's urgency. He watched as Marlon unfastened,
unzipped, and pulled down his trousers. Milt's fat dick popped up into
view as Marlon quickly took it into his mouth. He lavished it with his
tongue before taking it expertly into his throat, feeling the fat black
log split his throat as it sank in deep. Milt stopped laughing when he
felt how good Marlon was milking his meat. Milt could still taste Marlon
on his lips, as his own dick started to throb in his throat. Soon he was
shooting a hot blast in Marlon's mouth, cumming quickly as his brother
in-law ate all of his thick juices in one gulp.

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