Sunday, May 10, 2009


Milton Howard rolled over on his back. He looked over at the digital
clock beside the bed, seeing it was just 20 minutes before his morning
alarm would ring. His wife (Demeecee) was asleep beside him, on her side
with her back to him. Milt wanted to go back to sleep, but knew the 20
minutes would fly by in 5 as soon as he closed his eyes.
His mind wandered back to his last sexual encounter. It was a few days
ago, with Marlon and Curtis. Milt felt his dick starting to rise as
images of the 3 of them in bed filled his head. With his dick hard, Milt
wanted something to stick it into. He rolled over behind his sleeping
wife, and pressed himself up against her. Demeecee stirred, but still
continued to sleep as Milt lifted the bottom of her night gown to expose
her backside. Pressing his dick down between the cheeks, he hugged her
close to him, cupping her breast as he slipped his heat seeking phallus
through the folds of her flesh. He humped back and forth with his hips
until the head felt a moist spot. He probed it until it started to sink
in. Deme stirred again, feeling her pussy invaded from behind. It'd been
a while since she and her husband has had sex, and she wasn't about to
miss this opportunity.

Deme pushed her ass back into Milt's pelvis, to meet his dick head-on.
It sank into her as her natural juices started to lubricate the passage.
She felt her husband's manhood penetrate her, as his face appeared beside
hers in the darkness of their room. She could feel the bristles of his
facial hair and mustache tickle against her sensitive neck and cheek, his
slight morning breath burning her nostrils as he breathes harder against
Milt feels Demeecee react to his love making, as she responds in typical
behavior. It's been awhile since Milt's felt the wetness of his wife's
pussy on his dick, without it leading into some argument or disastrous
moment. This time, he was determined to get his shit off before it got to

Milt's mind rewind back to Marlon and Curtis. He replayed the sex they
had together, the hot mouths on his dick and ass, the feel of their hard
bodies against his, the tightness of their assholes, and the taste of
dick in his mouth.
Milt was a married man whom slept with men, -what the media now called a
"DL brutha". But while Milt may (or may not) confess to sleeping with
men, he's always been content with the fact that HE'd been the aggressor
in those encounters, -the "Top Dawg" who did the fucking, who got his
dick sucked, who went out in a blast of cum and glory. Now however, it
seemed the tides were turning. Not only was Milt becoming more of a
participant in his encounters, he was starting to really like it. Sucking
dick wasn't nearly as bad as he originally thought, and taking Marlon's
load..., well, isn't that what you do for someone you care for?

Milt tightened his hold on Demeecee's body, sinking his strong arms into
her voluptuous flesh as she moaned and moved back against him. He kissed
her neck, cheek, and shoulder as he drove himself into her over and over.
Deme held onto Milt's forearm, which wrapped securely around her neck as
they fucked. She grunted with each thrust made into her, feeling his lips
suckle her ear as his breathing became labored.
Milt's mind was in another place and time. He fucked his wife while
thinking of her brother and his lover. The sex was exciting, and new.
Marlon and Curtis did things to his body no one had ever done before.
Milt loved the feeling of a warm tongue against his asshole, but he'd
never admit that to himself or anyone else out loud. How could he tell
his wife, or his brother (Carl) that he enjoys any kind of anal play?
They'd think he'd gone mad or crazy. Deme was already showing signs of
doubt because Milt tried to fuck her in the ass. To ask her to lick his
asshole would definitely be a red flag in any woman's mind. Luckily, he
never had to ask when he was with Marlon and Curtis, they did what came
naturally to them.

"uhhh...uhhh...oohhh..." moaned Deme, feeling Milt's thrusts increase as
he hammered away at her hole. She thrust herself back, feeling him pummel
into her deeper. His big masculine hands squeezed at her breasts, causing
her excitement to build even more. She got very moist between her legs,
her vagina now soaking in vaginal juices as she started to cum herself.
Milt felt the moistness of her contracting wound surrounding him,
cradling his dick as he plunged in and out of her depths at a steady
pace. Her nipples grew hard and sensitive as she panted for breath
through heavy gasps. Milt fucked harder, slamming his pelvis into her ass
as his dick dug deeper. In his mind, he pictured Marlon in his arms, his
firm body in front of him as he plugged hard at his tight gripping hole.
Milt felt his balls tighten, signifying a fast approaching climax. It was
only a matter of moments before he was spilling his load.

Milt recalled how hot and tight Marlon's ass was during their last
encounter, how it hugged and clung to his thrusting dick as it coaxed the
cum right out of him. He also recalled Curtis' tongue exploring his anus,
shoving inside him as he licked and sucked at his asshole with urgent
need. The combination of reality and memory played heavily on Milt's
mind, causing him to cum hard as his dick expanded and unloaded a burst
of seed deep in his wife's vagina.
Demeecee accepted her husband's essence, feeling his hold on her loosen
after a few moments. She felt his heavy breathing as he kissed her softly
about the neck. Then the alarm suddenly rang, bringing a quick end to
their morning passions.

People often mistake the quiet reserved type of male as wimpy and weak.
Many viewing Marlon would say exactly that. But no one truly knows a man
until he's walked a mile in his shoes.
Think of it; a young petty criminal being thrust into prison out of his
element, thrown to the hungry wolves without protection. Imagine being at
the tender mercy of rapists, murderers, druggies, and thieves. Imagine
not being able to defend yourself, not just from one man, but from groups
of horny, angry, madman angry with the world for not caring for them?
Imagine being raped and beaten over and over again, until you have no
will, no leg to stand on. Imagine losing your faith in god, and in
people. Having no one to turn to. Being totally alone and isolated from
any and everything that's ever mattered to you. Imagine living life with
no feeling, no happiness, and love, no hope for change. Image being the
human pin cushion for every hard dick in your cell. Imagine not having a
say in who you are, what you do, or who touches you and where. Imagine
your life as nothing, as nobody, you're only purpose is to house more
dicks and more cum. Imagine not having a single friend in the world who
gave a fuck if you lived or died. Then imagine how outspoken you think
you would be, once you were suddenly released back into the world.
Imagine you're Marlon Overton.

The bus stops at the corner of Oxford Drive. Marlon makes his way
through the nice upscale neighborhood of Mt Airy, towards the
Terrace-Breeze Apts Complex. He looks for the name Marcus Miller, then
presses the call button. "Hello?" answers a female's voice. "Crys, it's
me, -Marlon!" A buzzer is pushed, and in walks Marlon. He takes the
stairs up to the 3rd floor, where he finds his daughter's mother Crystal
standing in the doorway waiting for him.

"Hey, is she ready?" asked Marlon, approaching the apt.

"Yeah, she's getting her favorite book." said Crystal, inviting Marlon
in. Marlon squeezes pass, and stands near the door with his hands in his
pockets. He and Crystal has had a cordial relationship ever since the
incident with her car (back in chap-7), not overly nice, but cordial.
Since dating and moving in with her new boyfriend Marcus, Marlon has seen
less and less of her and Rachelle (his 6 yr old daughter). The only time
he gets to really spend with her, is on those occasions when he is able
to save up enough money to take her shopping for new shoes, or a new
coat. "Rachelle honey, hurry up! Your dad is here!" she called into the
open air.

"Comin mommie!" called Rachelle, deep in her Barbie toy chest. Marlon
waited patiently, while Crystal ran about the apt straightening up.

"Hi daddy!!" yelled Rachelle, running into the living room with her
Barbie backpack and her favorite book in hand.

"Hey sweetness!" smiled Marlon, grabbing her up in his arms. "How'r you
today?" he asked, kissing her cheeks.

"I find daddy! Lok what I drew in skool!" she said, showing him her
coloring book.

"Oooo..., that's pretty!" lied Marlon, looking at the stick figures of
"Rachelle's Family" printed up top.

"That's mommie..., daddy..., me..., unc'l Miton..., ountie Dee...., an
gran'ma..., an gran'pa..., an..."

"Where's mr Marcus?" asked Marlon, noticing his absence. Rachelle closed
her mouth in a cute little pout. Crystal looked alarmed, but Marlon
didn't notice. "What's wrong, sweety? Why didn't you put mr Marcus in the

"I don like mr Marcus." pouted Rachelle, folding her arms in defiance.

"Why not?" asked Marlon, growing concerned.

"Okay Rachelle, what did I tell you about saying things like that?"
intervened Crystal, taking the paper away.

"What's wrong? How long has she been feeling like this?" asked Marlon,
letting Rachelle down to the floor.

"It's not important..., she knows Marcus is just...."

"What happened to your face?" asked Marlon, suddenly realizing Crystal's
slightly bruised eye. Crystal backed off shyly, covering her eye with her

"Oh..., I...I walked into a door." she said, turning towards the kitchen.

"A door?" asked Marlon skeptically, following her.

"YES Marlon, -A DOOR!" said Crystal, annoyed. Marlon stopped.

"Is Marcus..., beating on you?" he asked in a low voice, so his daughter
wouldn't hear. Crystal turned around, her eyes burning angrily.

"NO! No Marcus isn't..., BEATING on me!" she exclaimed. "I walked into a
DOOR! Marcus is a good man! He takes care of me and Rachelle!"

"Are you sure?" persisted Marlon, worried about his daughter's safety.
"If it's a matter of him providing for you..., I can..."

"You can what, Marlon? Move me and Rachelle into your ONE room apartment?
Have you forgotten that we're no longer a couple? We broke up, remember?
Marcus is my man now!"

"I'm just concerned about Rachelle, Crys..." said Marlon,

"Rachelle is FINE! Marcus would never hurt her!" she defended.

"But he'll hit you?" asked Marlon. Crystal stared at him with the eyes of

"Are you taking Rachelle to the store, or not?" she asked, coldly. Marlon
knew that was his cue to leave.

"If you need anything...., And I mean ANYthing, Crys...., call me." said
Marlon sincerely, as he turned to take Rachelle's hand. "Come on baby...,
say bye-bye to mommy!" said Marlon, changing his tone for his daughter's

"Bye mommie!" said Rachelle, waving as she walked out the door with her

"So whut you think is up?" asked Curtis, grabbing himself a slice of
pepperoni pizza to go with his beer as he sat back on the sofa with his
feet up on the coffee table.

"I think..." he's kicking her ass, -Marlon started to say before looking
down and remembering his daughter was sitting right there eating pizza
with them, while coloring in her favorite book. "...she's lying.
Something's definitely not right there." he said instead, grabbing his
own beer from the fridge.

"That OLD man? I doubt it!" said Curtis, dropping the subject as he
watched videos.

"He's not THAT old." said Marlon, returning with his beer.

"He old enuff to be my pops!" said Curtis, cut and dry.

"Well MY father is in his 50's, and Marcus is only 41." clarified Marlon.

"Like I said, -OLD!" said 20 y/o Curtis.

"I don't know what to do..., I'm at a lost as to how I help her." said
Marlon, leaning up against the window seal as he took a drink.

"Did you try asking?" asked Curtis, reaching for his 3rd slice of pizza
(marijuana always makes him hungry, -AND horny).

"I did..., she denies it." answered Marlon, hitting a dead end.

"I did'n mean Crystal..., I meant Rachelle." said Curtis.

"I don..., I don't want to involve my daughter." said Marlon, thinking of
Rachelle's feelings.

"It's easy!" said Curtis, sitting up. "Rachelle babee...?"

"Yes unc'l Cur'?" said Rachelle, never looking up.

"Have you ever seen mommy and uncle Marcus fightin?"

"Yes" answered Rachelle. Marlon listened carefully.

"Do they argue?" asked Curtis.

"Yes." answered Rachelle.

"Does he hit her?" asked Curtis.

"I dunno." answered Rachelle. Marlon stopped holding his breath.

"Has he hit you?" asked Curtis. Rachelle hesitated. "You can answer
me..., I won't tell."

"No." answered Rachelle. Marlon and Curt looked at each other.

"See." said Curtis, satisfied.

"Yeah. Thanx." said Marlon.

"I wanna watch cartoon!" pouted Rachelle, done with her book.

"Go into the bedroom, honey. You can watch them in there." said Marlon,
watching his daughter trot off. Curtis could see the worry on his
boyfriend's face. He got up off the couch...

"Here, try this..., might help." said Curtis, pulling out a blunt.

"Not in front of Rachelle." said Marlon, pushing Curt's hand away.

"Oh, rite!" reminded Curtis, tucking it back behind his ear. "But I
wouldn't worry babee, e'rybody have a bad day e'ry now n' then. I doubt
Marcus's kickin hom-gurl'z azz like dat. She don't seem tha type, u'kno?"

"I guess." said Marlon.

"But say he waz..., whut chu gonna do bout it?" questioned Curtis.

"I don't know. What can I do? Crytal made it plain and clear that I can't
afford to support her and Rachelle. She'd rather stay with a man that's
beating on her, rather than crowd into my tiny ass apt." said Marlon.

"But you neva in yur apt. She n' tha babee can live down there on they
own. You stay up here wid me." reasoned Curtis.

"I don't know if Crystal would go for that." doubted Marlon. "She wants
to be in a relationship. That's why she moved in with Marcus in the first

"You give any thought to maybe datin' her again?" asked Curtis,

"Dating her? But I'm seeing YOU!" said Marlon, confused.

"But I don't mind sharin' wid her..., so long as I'm number one." offered
Curtis with a smirk. "Besides, its fo' a good cause..., Rach' should'n
have to see her mom git'n her ass beat."

"I..., I don't know. I really don't think I want to be one of those men
that dates women, and sneak around with men on the side." sighed Marlon.

"You mean like Milt?" asked Curtis, grinning.

"Milt's different..." said Marlon, giving it some thought. "...he was
already married before he started messing around. If I got back with
Crystal, I'd be living a lie from the start."

"You could alwayz tell her."

"Tell her what? That I'm gay?" asked Marlon, looking at Curtis like he
was crazy. "Could you imagine what she'd say?"

"She could be down wid it, you neva kno' tell you say sumpthin'." advised

"And YOUR family knows?" asked Marlon, already knowing the answer.

"HELL NAW! My peeps'll kick my ass if they found out!" swore Curtis. "My
grammy alone would call me e'ry fag name inna book! She's REAL ole

"See..." said Marlon, looking down.

"Aww babee..., it'll all work out." said Curtis, walking up to Marlon to
kiss him gently on the lips. Marlon sat his beer in the window seal, then
placed his hands on Curt's waist as he kissed him back. Curtis let his
tongue slip into Marlon's mouth. Marlon suckled it as he and Curt twisted
their heads in opposite directions. "Luv you, boi." said Curtis, breaking
the kiss.

"I love you too." smiled Marlon, suddenly realizing they weren't alone.
Rachelle stood off to the side, looking up at them with a peculiar
expression on his pretty little face.

"Daddy..., why'r you kissin' unc'l Cur'is?" she asked, innocently.

"uh..., what'r you doing out here Rachelle? I thought I told you to go
into the other room to watch cartoons!" stunned Marlon, his mind racing
fast for an easy explanation for why she caught daddy kissing uncle

"I did..." pouted Rachelle. "....but ther'r necked men on the TV..., doin
stuff." she said disappointment.

"Oh SHYT!" shouted Curtis, running by Rachelle as he duck into the room
to stop the porno he left running in the DVD player. "Sorry...!" he
yelled back, turning off the player. He returned back into the room a
moment later. "You can go back in now, Rach'..., I've put tha cartoons on
fo' you." he said, watching her disappear back into the room. Marlon
looked over at Curtis with a disappointed stare. "Whut? I said I waz

"How am I supposed to explain all this?" asked Marlon, snatching up his
beer bottle. "Crystal is gonna flip when she hears about this!"

"Rachelle's young..., she might forget about whut she saw by tomorrow."
said Curtis, trying to be optimistic.

"She's 6 years old, not 2! She remembers everything." said Marlon,

"I'm not used to havin' kids in my apt. Whut do you want from me? I said
I waz sorry!" said Curtis, already feeling like shit.

"I'm not mad at you..., it's just..." Marlon shook his head, took one
last swig of beer, then sat the bottle down on the table and grabbed up
Rachelle's coat. "I'd better get her home before it gets too late." he
said, heading back into the bedroom. Just then, the cordless phone rang
across the room. Curtis answered, knowing who it was before even hearing
the voice, thanks to caller ID.

"Yo, wussup?" he said asked, watching Marlon putting on Rachelle's coat.

"Sup Curt, what yall up to?" asked Milt, calling from his cell phone
while on his way home from work.

"Chillen. Why, wussup? You wanna come ova?" asked Curtis, as Marlon
brought Rachelle out into the living room and began to gather up her

"Yeah, I'll stop by if yall ain't doing nothing." said Milt, massaging
his hardon through his uniform pants. "I could be there in about 20
minutes. Kew?"

"Thas wussup." said Curtis. "I'll leave tha door open fo' you. See you
then." he added, hanging up the cordless. "So yall out?" he asked Marlon,
just as he finished getting his daughter ready.

"Yeah. I should be back in about 90 minutes or so, depending on transit."
said Marlon. "Say bye to uncle Curtis, honey."

"Bye-bye!" said Rachelle, walking out the door with her dad.

Just as he promised, Curtis left the door unlocked. Milt walked in
without having to cause a scene in the hallway. "Yo...?" he called, as he
quietly closed the door behind him. The television was on, but no one was
watching it.

"Sumbody there?" asked Curtis, calling from the bathroom.

"Yo, it's ME!" shouted Milt. Curt came out from the shower dripping wet,
a slinky white towel wrapped loosely around his waist, with his dick
print clearly visible.

"Oh shyt, Milt..., I forgot you waz comin..." he said, walking into the
living room with his thin muscular body glistening wet. "Marlon left...,
he went to take his daughter back home. He might be awhile. Wanna beer?"
he asked, walking straight into the kitchen.

"Oh..., okay. Yeah, sure." said Milt, having expected to see Marlon. His
dick was certainly disappointed. He took the brew from Curtis, as Curtis
quickly adjusted the towel by opening it up fully to rearrange it before
covering up his dick. Milt turned the bottle up to his lips after
catching an eye full.

"Yo, have a seat." offered Curtis. "Might as well git comfortable while
you drink yur brew."

"Kew." said Milt, taking a seat on the sofa. "So yall had pizza?" he
asked, looking at the empty box still sitting on the table.

"Yeh..., hadda feed tha gurl, u'kno?" said Curtis, sitting on the other
side of the sofa. He picked up his own beer, then turned it up as he
leaned back against the back of the couch. "Yo man, wanna catch summa
this weed I got?" he asked, reaching for the blunt he left sitting on the
table before he took his shower.

"Yeah..., why not?" asked Milt, watching Curtis lite up. Curtis took a
long deep drag off of it, then held his breath as he handed it off to
Milton. He exhaled a moment later, a cloud of white smoke escaped his
pursed lips. Milt put the blunt up to his lips, and breathed it in

"Damn..., this some good shit...!" he choked, handing it back.

"I kno..., I git's nothing but the best from this Jamaican dude from
skool. Nigga STAY blunted!" said Curtis, taking another drag. "So,
whut'chu lookin to git into?" he asked, looking Milt over as he handed
back the blunt. Milt took a deep breath.

"Just wasn't ready to head home yet, you know?" he said, blowing it out
as he took another sip of beer. "Ain't feel like hearing Dee's mouth!" he

"You waz lookin fo' Marlon, rite?" asked Curtis, -fishing, as he took
back the weed. "Wannit to git yur dick wet, maybe?" he asked, eyeballing
Milt as he took another drag. Milt squirmed in his seat.

"Something like that..." he admitted, painfully. It was hard for Milt
discussing his true desires, after working so long to keep them hidden.

"Well..., Marlon's not the only wet hole around here, u'kno bruh?" said
Curt, exhaling.

"You mean...?" asked Milt, curiously.

"Yeh..." smiled Curtis, looking down at Milt's bulging crotch. "I'm down
if you are."
Milt took another hit of Curt's weed, taking in several breaths at once
to get a good buzz. Curtis removed his wet towel, laying back on the
couch with his legs open. Milt handed him back the Blunt, his eyes
transfixed on Curt's soft but fat dick as it hung down lazily over his
balls. Milt took a swig of brew, then got up to undress. Curtis watched
while fisting his thickening dick as he smoked some more weed. Milton got
completely naked, then thought for a moment...

"Maybe I should hit the shower first..., been working all day..." he
said, thoughtfully.

"Naw..., bring it here man, let me smell that funk." whispered Curt,
putting the blunt in a nearby ashtray as he settled into the couch. Milt
walked up to Curtis' head, and positioned his hardon over his face. Curt
pressed his face up into Milt's testicles, sniffing deeply before sucking
his hairy ball sack into his mouth. "Mmmm..." he moaned, enjoying his
meal as he worked both orbs around in his mouth. Milt watched Curt fist
his donkey dick while he feasted in his balls. After several minutes,
Curt licked his way up the dark shaft, then re-positioned Milt so he
could take his dick in upsidedown. Milt had to straddle Curt's head in 69
position so he could get at his dick comfortably. Curt sank it into his
mouth, sliding his lips back and forth along the shaft as he looked up at
Milt's chocolate colored ass. He gripped his ass around the hips, and
pulled the cheeks apart to see the tiny haired hole inbetween. This
forced Milt to bed further, inching him closer towards Curt's meat. Milt
watched the fat long pole laying across Curtis' stomach, being neglected,
and reached down curiously to stroke it for him.

Curt was pleasantly surprised when he felt Milt's lips wrap around his
dick head, sucking him faithfully into his mouth. Milt was a novice dick
sucker, with no real "sense" to what made a man feel good. He merely
bobbed his head robotic, taking in just a fraction of dick at a time.
Curtis was sucking up and down Milt's thick column. He spit the thick 9
incher from his mouth, then worked his way back towards the balls. He
sucked both balls back into his mouth, with Milt's asshole in plain view.
Maneuvering himself into a better position, Curtis pulled Milt's ass down
until he had his tongue sucking at the musky hole. Milt groaned, feeling
his shit chute played with. He sucked harder on Curt's dick, liking the
feel of it between his lips.

Curt went wild in Milt's ass. He gripped the cheeks tightly, as he
darted his tongue in and out. He sucked at the flavorful hole, nibbling
at the tiny hairs surrounding it. Milt felt his head getting lite from
the effects of the weed. He abandoned his new found toy, and concentrated
on the feelings in his ass. He sat upright on Curt's face, grinding his
ass down onto his thuggish face. "Yeh, gimme dat ass!" moaned Curtis,
sucking loudly on the anal lips.
Milt closed his eyes while he slowly jacked Curt's dick in his hand. He
pressed his ass back harder, trying to get more tongue inside. His mind
was spinning off the drug. It wasn't often that he got high, other than
his usual beer buzz with his hommies. Curt's weed had him feeling really
good and relaxed. He started rotating his hips instinctively.

"Turn around..., lemme suck dat dick again." whispered Curtis.
Hypnotized, Milt did as he was told. He faced Curtis, aiming his dick
down at the thug boy's lips. Curtis took in as much of Milt's dick as he
could, grabbing 2 hefty handfuls of his muscular ass. Milt humped into
Curt's mouth, trying to get as much of his dick in as possible. He
reached back behind him, taking Curt's hard meat back into his hand,
liking the way it felt in his fist. Curtis humped up into Milt's hand,
his long shaft thrusting up into Milt's buttock with each thrust. Milt
felt the dick head banging into his cheeks, the wet head leaving streaks
of pre-cum. Curtis took over stroking his own dick while he sucked
Milt's. Milt felt the head wedging between his ass cheeks, rubbing up and
down his spit wet crack. The sensation of getting his dick sucked, and
his asshole played with, was more than exciting, it was like having...,
forbidden fruit.

"Sit on it, man..." moaned Curtis, between sucks. Milt didn't say
anything, he just reeled in the moment as Curtis continued sucking his
dick. Curtis reached blindly down beside the couch, fumbling for the
bottle of lube he had strategically placed underneath before taking his
shower. He greased up his horse dick fairly well, then used a generous
amount to finger Milt's tight hole. "Sit on it..." he moaned, placing the
head between the cheeks once more.
Milt felt the slippery head rubbing against his hole. It felt like a
tongue, only fatter. He allowed it to rub back and forth a few times,
then pressed back against it. The added pressure felt good, as Curtis
sucked his meat, making certain to keep Milt hot and bothered at all
times. Milt felt the head press harder. He tightened his hole to keep it
closed. Curtis massaged the head back and forth, taking his time to make
sure Milt felt good. He suggested Milt take another hit off the blunt, to
relax more. Milt reached for the lit joint, and put it up to his lips and
inhaled. Smoke filled his lungs, as his head grew lite. He breathed it in
again, and again, pushing himself back on Curtis' spongy dick head.

"Yeehhhh mmaaaannnn..." moaned Curtis, as Milt's dick left his mouth.
Milt pushed back, feeling the head penetrate his anus. There was a sharp
intense pain, which disappeared the moment he removed the dick. The weed
had him feeling good, so he pushed back on it again. His asshole opened
as it moved back into place. This time it didn't hurt as much, just a
dull pain which seemed manageable.
Milt continued to smoke as he humped his ass back and forth on just the
head. He and Curtis passed it back and forth between them, as they
enjoyed this new moment together. Once the blunt was nearly complete,
Curtis concentrated completely on Milton.

He knew he had to be gentle, any forcible fucks would cause Milt to
quickly sober and stop all acts abruptly. He jacked Milt's dick, making
sure to keep it hard. A hard dick meant interest. He slowly worked his
dick into the ass inch by inch, secure in the fact that he might not be
able to get Milt to take all of it on the first try.
Milt's ass felt like someone had stuck a huge tree up his butt, but he
felt determined as a MAN, to endure it. If Marlon and Curtis could take a
dick, why couldn't he? -his distorted mind wondered. The hand on his dick
felt good, it kept him from concentrating too much on the pain. He eased
himself up and down, taking it nice and slow.

"Let's take this into tha next room..." suggested Curtis, wanting more
room to maneuver.
Milt eased up off the dick, feeling a great deal of relief once it was
finally out of him. He stood up, looking down at Curt's horse dick in
complete awe and amazement that he had managed (at least some of it)
inside him. Curtis eased Milt into the bedroom, his hand on Milt's ass as
they walked. Milt knew he was in stored for more prodding, but he was
sure he could handle it. Getting fucked wasn't as horrible as his
imagination feared. In fact, Curtis was quite patient with him. "Lay down
on yur stomach." suggested Curt. Milt climbed up on the bed, aware what
this position implied. He settled in on his stomach, his hardon pressing
down into the mattress like a steel bar. Curtis kissed his way up Milt's
legs, ass and back. He lay down on top of him, kissing the back of his
neck and shoulders. Milton felt strange, knowing he'd just fucked his
wife in a similar position this morning, -kissing her back and neck from
behind, making slow sensual love to her. He could feel Curtis' sporadic
facial hair tickling his skin, his hot breath and wet tongue leaving
trails on his back.
Curtis laid his dick on Milt's buns, grounding himself into the straight
mans ass. Milt moaned when Curtis started suckling his right ear. Curtis
moved his body up and down on Milt's hot back, his dick sliding back and
forth between the cracked cheeks. Curtis pulled back with his hips until
his dick head was aimed right up against the soft hole. He pressed in,
feeling Milt tighten up on instinct. Curtis took his time, working and
wedging the head in slowly. Milt felt the sting of penetration, and
thought about canceling it. Curtis tightened his hold on him, easing back
before slowly pushing in. Milt felt a ripping sensation moving through
his rectum, but the weed had helped him relax, so the pain seemed
durable. He felt Curtis wedging his legs open wider, giving him better
access into his ass. Milt felt overwhelmed by the power of another man,
as if his manhood was being challenged in some way, and losing ground

"Shit man...." he moaned, gritting his teeth.

"Just relax man, let it go in slow..." advised Curtis, only halfway in.

"aahhh, shit...!" groaned Milt, feeling another inch press inward. "I
need a break man!" he said, feeling defeated. Curtis hesitated, but
pulled back until his dick popped out. Milt felt immediate relief. "Shit
man, I don't know how you bruthas do it!" he said, his asshole feeling on

"We take it, man. If a woman can, so can you." said Curtis, rubbing more
grease onto his dick.

"Yeah, but you not sticking it in her asshole..." reasoned Milt. "Pussy's
MADE for fucking!"

"Tru dat..., but you juss have to relax. Tha dick ain't gonna hurt you.
In fact, when we done, I BET you feel much betta."

"Seriously?" asked Milt hopefully, looking back over his shoulder.

"Most def man. And if not, you git to fuck me rite back." promised

"Okay." said Milt, going again.
Curtis added more oil to Milt's asshole, then slipped his dick back
inside. Milt bit his lower lip at the initial penetration, then felt the
pressure in his rectum as the thick shaft followed. Curtis easily got the
first 7 inches back up inside without a hitch, but the remaining 5 were a
gamble. To compensate for the lack of entry, Curtis wrapped his own fist
around the last remaining 5 inches, creating a fuck tube extension of
sorts into Milton's asshole. He fucked in and out, only allowing the
first 7 inches to actually fuck the hole.
Milton moaned and groaned as the dick moved in and out. He squirmed and
grit his teeth, but endured the pain and pressure nevertheless.
Eventually the pain slowly subsides somewhat, but there was still the
fact that he had nearly 12 inches of dick in his ass (a feat never before
attempted). Curtis did his part to keep Milt calm and interested by
sucking his ear and neck while fucking his fist and asshole. After what
felt like an eternity to Milt, Curtis felt himself cumming. Milton's
asshole milked Curtis' dick like a vice, clamping down on it and
squeezing hard. Curtis groaned as he fucked his fist harder, driving
those 7 inches in and out of Milt's ass steadily. Milt panted in deep
grunts, sounding like he was lifting heavy weights. "uhh, uhh, ohh, shit,
uhh, ahh, ahh, aghh, damn, shit man, uhh, uhh, fuck!" Curtis fucked and
fucked, until he felt his dick expand in his hand.

"Shyt man..., I'm bout to cum...!" he gasped. Milt's ears perked up,
happy to hear his ordeal was nearly over. A dozen more strokes, and he
felt Curt's throbbing dick hosing his insides full of hot white cum.
"AAAARRRHHHHH, SSSHHYYYYYTTT...!!!" groaned Curtis, achieving a heavy

"oohhh, fuck man! Damn!" moaned Milt, taking the huge load. He could
practically fill his bowels fill up with liquid. The dick became slicker
as it moved back and forth inside him.

"Shyt!" shouted Curtis, leaning in to kiss Milt's cheek. He pulled Milt's
head to the side, and planted him with an unexpected kiss. Milt's asshole
throbbed painfully, trying to expel the invader as it lay there inside
him draining.
Curtis slowly pulled out. Milton's asshole sealed back together tightly
as if never touched, but it didn't feel tight. To milt, it felt busted
open and loose. The pressure was now gone, and his insides ached
surprisingly pleasantly. Curtis was right about the after effects.

"Roll ova!" ordered Curtis, his voice sounding desperate.
Milt slowly rolled over onto his back, afraid his asshole might fall out
if he moved too quickly. Curtis greased up Milt's hardon, and then his
own asshole, then straddled Milt's thighs and lowered his ass onto Milt's
dick. Milt watched as Curtis eased down onto his dick, taking it all in
slowly. "aahhhhh..." groaned Curtis, sitting all the way down on it. Milt
felt his asshole tighten about the base, clamping his entire dick inside
his hot steamy chute. "Yeh man, fuck me!" encouraged Curtis, bouncing up
and down. Milt grabbed the thug by his waist, and started fucking up into
him with deeply. His dick was burning to get off, hot and hard from
neglect as Curtis' asshole sucked and caressed it thoroughly. "Shyt
nigga, fuck dat ass!"
Milt humped up into Curtis' asshole, driving his dick through the
clinching rectum as Curtis moved back hard against it. The fat slick dick
slide easily in and out, he fucked the ass hard as his orgasm approached

"awww shit!" moaned Milt, feeling his balls contract. His own asshole
spasm, still reeling from the memory of its recent fuck. He gripped
Curtis tighter, fucking him harder. Curtis grit his teeth, taking it like
a man. Milt had a new found impression for the work it takes to getting
fucked up the ass, it certainly isn't as easy as it looks!

"Fuck me, man! Fuck dat shyt! Fuck it!" grit Curtis, feeling the mounting
explosion near. Milton buried the back of his head in the pillow, the
muscles in his body suddenly stiffening as he threw back his head and


"YEH! YEH! YEH!" shouted Curtis, feeling Milt's dick pulse like crazy
inside him. He knew the married man was filling his ass with married
juice. He slammed his asshole all the way down on the spurting dick,
squeezing his sphincter to massage the shaft.
Milt felt at least 10 hot spurts of cum shoot from his dick. As his
orgasm slowed, his body went limp from exhaustion. "Yeeehhh man..."
moaned Curtis, feeling the dick slowly shrink inside him. " fucked
dat ass, homs."

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