Sunday, May 10, 2009


"Yes..., ooohhh yeeaaahhh..., uuhhhh, yeesssss...." moaned Demeecee,
spreading her legs wider as her husband Milton dug deeper into her vagina
with each and every stroke. They had been making love for the past 1/2
hour, starting with foreplay and ending with straight intercourse.
They kissed, sucked, and licked at each other with passion. Milton took
one of her tits into his mouth, suckling her fat nipple as he stroked
himself in and out. Demeecee responded by grabbing his hips and pulling
him deeper into her. She reached around and grabbed Milt's firm muscular
buttock, gripping and squeezing the hard cheeks as they clinched in and
out with each stroke. This caused Milton to fuck harder, driving his dick
through her juicy womanhood with growing intensity. He increased his
pace, approaching a hard climax, when he suddenly felt his wife's finger
slip into his asshole.

"Hey...!" yelled Milton, caught totally off guard.

"What? What's wrong?" asked Deme, raising up on her elbows as her husband
quickly withdraws.

"What the fuck was that about?"


"The finger!" asked Milt.

"I...., was just trying something different." said Deme, nearly at a lost
for words. "I..., I thought you'd like it." she added, much to Milt's

"You thought I'd like a finger up my ass?" he asked, getting up from the
bed, -his dick quickly dying as it now hung low between his legs. "What
gave you that impression?" he asked, curiously.

"Well..., you seemed quite interested in it in Jamaica..." said Demeecee,
referring to the time Milt tried to fuck her up the ass (in chap-9). "Or
were you just interested in turning ME into a video hoe?"

"You ain't never gonna let this go, are you?" asked Milt, grabbing his
house coat.

"YOU were the one that introduced it into our sex, Milt. I was just
trying to go along..." proclaimed Deme, getting up from the bed as well.
It was still early in the evening, and if they weren't having sex, there
was no reason to stay laying in bed. "If YOU don't like a finger in your
ass, what makes you think I'd like you fucking mine?" she asked, donning
her tight jeans and a t-shirt as she left the room. Milt stood against
the dresser, thinking about what just happened. Deme had gotten it all
wrong, it wasn't that Milt didn't like the finger action..., it just
reminded him of his night with Marlon and Curt.

After a quick shower, Milt leaves the house and heads over to Marlon's,
-hoping to catch him alone for a change. He approaches without calling
first, incase Marlon is not alone. He now knows that Marlon is spoken
for, and doesn't want to cause too much trouble between him and his new
When he gets to the side door leading to Marlon's apt, his hopes go up
when he notices a light on. Milt takes out his spare key (given to him
not too long after their reconcile), and places it in the door.
Cautiously he opens it, only to find his brother Carl on top of who he
believes is Marlon. 2 big flat hairy feet bobble in the air on either
side of Carl's twisted face as he hammers his hips back and forth into
the vulnerable and exposed asshole beneath him. Milt could hear the loud
groans and grunts coming from both men as he fully enters into the apt,
and slams the door.

"CARL!" he yells, causing his brother to jump from fright.

"Milt...!!" he called back, grabbing his heart as his hard dick swings
back and forth before him. "I thought you were Charmaine! What the hell'r
you doing here?"

"What the fuck'r you doing? I thought I asked you to leave Marlon alone!"
said Milt, walking over to the futon. He stopped in his tracks when he
noticed the body laying in bed wasn't Marlon. "Oh shit..., Kendall." he
said, dropping his jaw.

"Sup Milt?" asked Kendall, lowering his legs as he slowly sat up.

"When the hell this happen?" asked Milton, turning to his older brother.

"Few days ago." answered Carl. "I remembered what you told me about
Kendall approaching you in the restaurant..., and figured if you didn't
want it, I'd take it!"

"But what about Charmaine?" asked Milt, unclear where his brother now
stood sexually. "I thought you were only messing around until after the
baby was born?"

"Charmaine's still acting funny..., a man's gotta get his piece wherever
he can, right?" asked Carl, walking back over to the futon.

"You're getting in this too deep." said Milton, giving a friendly

"Don't lecture me, lil' brother. I know where to draw the limit!" said

"And what about YOU?" asked Milt, turning to Kendall. "I thought you only
liked trannies?"

"I'm flexible, what can I say?" smiled Kendall, stroking his hardon

"There enough here for both of us..." offered Carl, turning Kendall over
on his hands and knees. Kendall's well greased hairy ass came into view,
showing his well dug hole. "...and I know Ken won't mind putting out for
the both of us."

"Yeah, Milt...., show me what you're working with man!" whispered
Kendall, in a husky voice as he spread his knees to open his ass cheeks
more. Carl walked up and shoved 3 fingers in easily.

"Ass's sweet, Milt..., well fucked!" encouraged Carl. "Ken's obviously
been getting fucked for years, man! Hole feels like straight up pussy!"
Milt felt his dick starting to harden.

"Naw man..., handle yours." declined Milt, stepping back as Carl removed
his fingers and reinserted his dick. Kendall moaned, his eyes locked on
Milton as he accepted Carl's hard dick. Milt watched for a minute, as his
brother royally fucked one of his best friends up the ass. Kendall licked
his lips several times, eyeballing the sizable lump in Milt's pants. When
Carl gripped Kendall's hips and started to really bang into his buttock,
Milt decided it was time to leave.

"UHHH shit, yeah! Work that ass, bitch!" shouted Carl, as Milt left the
Upstairs, Milt knocked on Curt's apt door. His heart was beating fast
with anticipation of the confrontation he was sure would happen. He
didn't know how Curtis would take his appearing unannounced. Curtis
opened the door, a surprised look across his face.

"Milt..." he said, holding a lit joint in hand.

"Curtis." nodded Milton, acknowledging him. Curtis stepped aside,
allowing Milt in, his eyes on Milt's ass as he walked by.

"Is Marlon here?" he asked, walking into the smoke filled room.

"Inna bedroom." said Curtis, pointing at the door. "Look..., I kinda
wannit to talk to you fo a minnut." he added, walking over towards
Milton. "I kno' you and Marlon got this..., thing goin on between yall.
This HISTORY I can't penetrate..., but I'm Mar's man now! He needs a
brutha that's got his back!"

"I've got Marlon's back..." defended Milton.

"Rite! Like when his sister kicked him out, and yur brother started
fuckin em fo' the rent? How'd you have his back then? You was'n even
comin' round then! I ain't never seen you!"

"You don't know the full story!" said Milton.

"I kno enuff to kno I'M a betta pick fo Marlon!" answered Curtis. "He
needs a brutha who not afraid to show em love! One who'll kick ass fo em
if he has to, and ain't afraid to let the world kno he my man!" Milton
said nothing as he listened to Curtis talk. "But I unnerstand he still
loves you. I don't like it, but I unnerstand. So..., I'm willin to let
you keep seein em..., -provided I be in on the action."

"What?" said Milt, shocked.

"I hope you did'n think I'd let you keep fuckin my boifriend without me?"
asked Curtis. "I'm willin to let yall keep seein each other, so long as
I'm IN on it!"

"You mean in a 3way?" asked Milt.

"Most def! Decision's yurs, big man. THAT's how much I love my boi...,
what chu got to bring to the table?" challenged Curtis. Milt said nothing
as he pondered over Curt's offer. Curtis silently motioned for Milt to
enter into the bedroom. Milt then headed for the bedroom door. Curtis
fondled his hardening crotch as Milt slowly disappeared into the darkened
Marlon was asleep, naked in bed with half his body visible. Milt took
off his leather jacket, and climbed up onto the soiled sheets beside
Marlon. He kissed him gently on the back and shoulders, the coldness from
his hands causing Marlon to stir in his sleep.

"Wake up, sleepy-head." whispered Milt. Marlon turned his head.

"Milt...!" he said surprised, looking back at the bedroom door. "Where's

"He let me in." said Milton, sitting on the side of the bed, his hand
rubbing over Marlon's warm naked body.

"Did yall..., did yall talk about what happened?" asked Marlon,

"Kind of." smiled Milt. "He's offered to let me keep seeing you."

"He..., he did?" asked Marlon, sitting up in bed. "Why would he..."

"But he wants the 3 of us to be lovers." added Milt, skeptically.

"How do you feel about that?" asked Marlon, sure Milton would never go
for such a deal.

"Well..., by rights, you're HIS boyfriend, not mine." said Milt. "And he
was right..., HE is the better man for you."


"I'm serious, Marlon. Curt's not afraid to be there for you. To love you
openly. I don't know if I could do that. You deserve a man who's gonna be
there for you completely. Not a part-time married man living in the

"Milt..., you're more than that, man." said Marlon, sincerely. "You don't
know how much I..." he caught himself before he said it.

"Go on, say it." encouraged Milton.

"I love you." added Marlon, embarrassed. Milt lifted Marlon's lowered
head by the chin.

"I love you too, man." he whispered softly, leaning forward to kiss him.
This kiss didn't stop there. Milton laid Marlon back on the bed,
following him down as they tongue sucked each other deeply. Marlon
started unbuttoning Milt's shirt, running his hands over Milton's round
bare shoulders. Milt broke the kiss, standing up beside the bed. He
looked down at Marlon, whom looked up at him questionably, thinking
Milton was having second thoughts. Milt took a deep breath, then started
removing his clothes. Marlon made room for him in the bed.

"You sure you want to do this?" asked Marlon, knowing what it meant.
Milton allowed his hard dick to do the talking, as he presented it to
Marlon's mouth. Marlon accepted the hard gift, taking it between his lips
as he began to suck it back and forth. Milton watched as the bedroom door
slowly opened, and in walked Curtis. Curtis stood across the room,
watching for a moment as he removed his shorts and kicked off his bedroom
slippers. He approached the bed, crawling up between Marlon's legs to
suck his dick.

Milton watched Curtis go down on Marlon, taking the 23 year old's dick
between his lips. Marlon never stopped his attack on Milton's dick, even
as he felt Curt's mouth wrap around his own. He simply spread his legs,
allowing Curt full access as he gobbled down his dick. Milton straddled
Marlon's chest, holding onto the headboard as he fucked into Marlon's
mouth and open throat.
Marlon grabbed Milt's hips, guiding them back and forth as he swallowed
his dick down to the balls and back. Milt got into a steady pace, loving
the feel of Marlon's throat on his dick. Curtis was between Marlon's
legs, sucking up and down on his 7 incher, and watching Milt's luscious
ass move back and forth in front of him. He abandoned Marlon's dick, and
started softly kissing Milt's ass cheeks. Milt turned his head, but
didn't stop his motions. Soon Curtis was pulling the dark cheeks apart,
and sliding his tongue up inbetween the crevice.

Milt groaned, feeling a tongue on his ass and a hot mouth on his dick
all at once. Curtis pressed his head further up into Milt's ass, until he
had Milt bent over Marlon's head, his face buried up in the straight
man's parted cheeks while Marlon continued to down his dick in easy
strokes. "Shit..." groaned Milton, feeling sensations he's never felt
before. He was afraid of allowing Curtis access to his asshole like this,
especially after having ideas that the man may have had his way with him
not too long ago while intoxicated. But his tongue felt so damn good,
licking in and around the curious hole, then darting in and out as if to
fuck the hot tight black-bud. And Marlon's mouth always felt good on his
dick. Marlon was out doing himself as he swallowed Milton's dick time and
time again, turned on by the extra added excitement of having his dick
sucked while sucking dick. Milton could feel his balls starting to
tighten all too soon as they slapped against Marlon's chin.

"Shit man, I'm gonna cum...!!" he yelled, pulling back.
Marlon captured the head between his lips, and felt the pulse of hot cum
pour into his oral cavity. Gobs and gobs of warm salty semen filled his
mouth as he drank it as fast as nature would allow. Meanwhile, Curtis
could feel Milt's orgasm by the tight spasm of his asshole on his budding
tongue. He pulled his mouth off of Milton's ass, then lifted Marlon's
legs until they were up in the air. Without hesitation, he buried all 12
thick fat inches of his dick deep into Marlon's cum lubed hole.

Marlon groaned loudly around the head of Milt's dick, as Curt's meat
buried to the hilt inside of him. Curtis started fucking right off, not
waiting for Milt to finish his head job. He started pumping in and out of
his boyfriend's ass, giving Marlon the full length of his throttle as he
wrapped his arms around Milt's torso, pulling him back against his chest.
Milt allowed Marlon to nurse on his dick, sucking out the very last of
his load while Curtis kissed and sucked on his neck and shoulders. Curt
ran his hands curiously over Milt's hairy chest and stomach, pinching his
erect nipples and sucking his ear and lobe. Milt's dick remained hard,
despite just firing off a round. He was somewhat surprised by the level
of sensuality and heat coming from this 3way. He surely didn't expect it
to be this hot and steamy. It was nothing like the 3way he had with
Marlon and his brother Carl (back in chaps 9 & 10 of "my wife's
brother"), -probably because Milt and Carl never touched each other
sexually. The sex was more mechanical, neither brother wanting to show
any signs of intimacy in front of the other.
After orgasm, Milt climbed down off Marlon's chest and lay on the side
of the bed to watch the 2 men fuck. He witnessed Marlon on the bottom,
his back buried in the mattress with Curtis over top him, fucking in and
out at a hard steady pace. Milt was impressed when he saw the length of
Curt's dick slide out of Marlon's ass, then ram back in at full length.
He watched Marlon's expression go from painful to bliss, in a matter of
minutes. He couldn't help seeing the glassy look appear in Marlon's eyes
whenever he got fucked good. Curtis leaned forward, kissing Marlon deeply
while he butt fucked him. He stuck his tongue into Marlon's mouth,
tasting the remnants of Milton's cum load. This made Curtis suck harder,
wanting more flavor in his mouth.

Milton stroked his hardon, watching the 2 lover's fuck. When Curt
stopped kissing Marlon, he grabbed the back of Milt's head and pressed it
down in his place. Milt and Marlon then kissed, exchanging spit as they
suckled each other's mouths. When Milt broke the kiss, Curtis turned
Milt's head towards his. Milton was taken aback when Curtis planted a wet
kiss on his lips, sliding his curious tongue into the older man's mouth.
Marlon grunted louder as Curtis fucked him harder, turned on by the
presence of the new man he once fucked. Milton broke the kiss from
Curtis, then returned back to Marlon. Marlon moaned into his mouth while
accepting every thrust Curtis made into him, slamming into his ass with
crushing blows. When Milt returned to kissing Curtis, Curtis exploded up
in Marlon's ass with a heavy wave of white seed.

"AAAHHHH SHIT...!!" yelled Curtis, cumming heavily.
Curtis fell forward, kissing Marlon zealously. When he was done, he
rolled off, leaving Marlon to Milt. Milt got up on his knees between his
brother in-law's legs, and lifted them up high against Marlon's chest. He
aimed his dick up to the hole Curtis had just creamed and vacated, -and
pushed in. The hole was warm and wet. Curt's cum coated his dick as soon
as it made contact. Milt pushed in until his balls were pressed up
against the ass. He ground his pelvis into Marlon's butt, then started to
fuck firmly.
Marlon's dick was rock hard. Having been fucked by his 2 favorite men in
the world. He was riding a fantasy high, one which had his dick bobbing
wet with pre-cum and dripping onto his stomach.

"Fuck em!" whispered Curtis, watching the whole scene unfold. He pinched
Marlon's erect nipples, and stroked his dick occasionally, kissing him
passionately while he got fucked by his brother in-law.
Milt leaned forward, fucking Marlon's juicy hole in push-up status. He
watched the 2 men kiss. Curtis broke it off, then turned to Milt. He and
Milt swapped spit for a few minutes until Milt broke off and kissed
Marlon. They repeated this over and over until Curtis finally fit his
head down between the 2 of them, and started sucking Marlon off. Marlon's
eyes rolled up into his head from the 2 sensations. Curtis loved the
taste of Marlon's nutt, and sucked eagerly to get the entire mouthful.
Meanwhile Milton was busy fucking the wet ass, his dick dipping in and
out of the slick hole with ease. He fucked and fucked at the bare hole,
feeling the sloppy juices inside coat his balls and manhood from tip to
base. Marlon grabbed Curtis by the shoulders for support, as his dick
suddenly started filling the 20 year old's mouth with sperm. Curtis
sucked and swallowed as fast as he could, taking everything Marlon had to
give. Milton felt Marlon's asshole spasm around his embedded dick, and
started to fuck even faster. Soon he was cumming a flood of cum up
Marlon's ass, mixing his own juice with Curt's.
The 3 men collapsed in bed, tired and exhausted from their ordeal. Milt
awakened sometime later, to find Marlon and Curtis all wrapped and
intertwined around him. He unhinged himself, then quietly got up from the
bed to find his clothes. Then he tip-toed out the bedroom as quickly as
he could. He checked his watch, deciding it wasn't too late to go home
without Deme raising suspicions. He figured if he stopped off at the bar
for a couple of drinks, he could claim he'd been there all night,
-drinking. He was just about to start putting on his clothes, when Curtis
appeared behind him.

"Leavin already?" asked Curt, scratching his nutts as he yawned sleepily.

"I have to get going. My wife..." said Milt, putting his things in the

"I waz uh..., I waz hopin that maybe I could..., get a lil' taste of that
dick myself, b'fo you go." asked Curtis, licking his lips as he spoke.
Milt was surprised, as he looked Curtis over questionably.

"I thought you were a top?" he asked, stereo-typing Curtis as a thug.

"I top. I bottom. I suck dick. I lick ass. I do it all, man. That's what
makes me a good lover." explained Curtis with a grin.

"I bet." said Milt. "But I..., I gots to get home, man. Maybe next

"C'mon man..., I done let you all up in my boi, n'shyt. You can't gimme a
lil' taste of that dick b'fo you go?"
But before Milt could get his leg in the first pant-leg, Curtis was on
his knees, taking Milt's wilted dick into his mouth. Milt took a seat on
the couch, watching Marlon's boyfriend suck him off.

"What about Marlon?" he asked, curiously.

"He's sleep. We wore that ass out, man!" smiled Curtis between sucks, and
quickly reclaiming the dick right after.
Milt's dick slowly rose to full mass. He'd never been sucked off by any
other man other than Marlon, so this was more of an exciting experiment
than anything else. He watched the thug lover bob his head in his lap,
sucking his dick down as far as he could before giving up and retreating
back to the head. Curt's mouth felt good. Slick, smooth, wet, and firm.
He bobbed his head slowly, enjoying every inch of the hard manhood in his
mouth as he slid his lips sensuously up and down the hard shaft. Milt
felt any animosity he may have had against Curtis, disappear as the man
sucked him off. But as good as Curt's technique was, he was no comprising
to Marlon's deep throat. Milt knew Curt would be able to make him cum
eventually if he kept up the same pace and technique, but not as quickly
as Marlon is usually able to make him bust his loads by taking him balls
deep into his throat time and time again.
Curtis sucked up and down mid-length of Milt's dick, licking at the
shaft and sucking at the tasty balls before suckling away any pre-cum
that appeared at the tip. Milt was sure Curtis wanted him to cum orally,
but was surprised when he suddenly stopped sucking right in the middle.

"Homs..., I want you to fuck me." he said, climbing up into Milt's lap.

"Huh?" asked Milton, shocked by the request.
Curtis spit into his hand, then rubbed the saliva all over his asshole
and backed his ass up against Milt's rod. "Wait, man..., hole it a
minute..." sighed Milt, not ready to commit that far yet. But Curtis sank
down on it, taking the head and several inches inside before Milt could

Milt felt the tightness of Curt's asshole grip him, and decided to let
this play out. Curtis eased himself down on Milt's full erection, taking
it slowly but firmly inside. Soon his all was nestled in Milt's lap, his
big 12 inch hardon resting between Milt's chest plates, leaking pre-cum
between the cleavage.
Milt sat still as Curtis slowly began to fuck himself on top of him. He
felt the tight grip of Curt's asshole squeezing his dick as he moved up
and down on the shaft, effectively fucking himself as he stroked his own

"Yeh man..., fuck this ass, Yo! Gimme dat dick, man!" he groaned,
bouncing up and down. Milton grabbed hold of Curt's hips, allowing him to
ride his lap as his dick moved inside him between his butt cheeks.
Curt leaned forward, and started licking Milt's chin and jaw, sucking
passionately about his neck before slipping his tongue into his mouth.
Milton fought the kiss for a moment, but quickly gave in as lust took
over his mood. He sucked at Curt's tongue, feeding upon it as they began
to move in unison. "Shyt man..., damn dat dick feels good, Yo! Lay me
back man, show me how well you can tear it up!" challenged Curt.

Milt picked Curtis up off the couch, and stood with the 5 foot 9, 150
lbs petite sized male in his arms, his legs wrapped up around Milt's
biceps as he bounced him up and down on his dick. "Shyt man! Damn! Fuck
this ass, cuz! aahhh..." moaned Curtis, feeling his weight slam down on
Milton's rod at full mass, causing the dick to ram up inside him hard and
After a few minutes of stand-up sex, Milt gently placed Curtis down on
his back on the sofa, his legs still spread to allow the married man deep
access. Milt started fucking Curtis with deeper, less tamed strokes,
sowing his wild oats as he claimed Curt's ass his newest pussy! Curtis
gave into Milt's masculinity, allowing him to take his manhood in
missionary position. He stroked his dick hard, fisting the head and shaft
while surrendering his ass. Milton fucked him strong and hard, slamming
his thick 8 inches in and out at a fast rate. Curtis soon came streaks of
hot cum all up over his chest and stomach, drenching himself in his own
essence. Milt continued to fuck him straight through orgasm. Milt loved
watching the cum shoot out of Curt's long hard dick, and redoubled his
efforts to fill his rival's hole with nutt.

Curtis bit his lower lip to endure after cumming. He wanted to get
Milton off, to feel the cream of Marlon's brother in-law inside him, -to
experience what Marlon experiences when he's giving himself to Milt. It
took another 5 minutes of intense fucking, but Curtis soon felt Milt's
cum spurting deep inside him, filling his anal canal with a heavy dosage
of seed as the cum poured out of Milt on groves. Milt collapsed on top of
Curtis, really exhausted and fatigued now that he's cum 3 times in one
Curtis wrapped his arms around Milt's sweaty body, feeling his dick
pulse inside him as his orgasm slowed to a trickle. After a few minutes
to catch his breath, Milt got up, washing himself off in the bathroom
before leaving, so Deme would be able to smell the sex on him.

Curtis returned to the bedroom, where he found Marlon still fast asleep.
He crawled up on the bed, laying beside his boyfriend as he reached down
and felt the huge cum load leaking from his boi'gina. He thought about
Milt as his dick started to rise again.

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