Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The morning alarm rang like a stage coach rumbling through Milt's head.
He reached over and smack the alarm shut before it could awaken his wife
(Demeecee), then straggled himself up out of bed and into the bathroom
where he let loose a bladder full of piss into the open toilet. After
pissing, he made his way over to the sink, where he splattered his sleepy
face with some cold water to help wake himself up. He looked up into the
mirror at his reflection, but could barely face the man he saw.
His mind wandered back to the night before, when he got drunk and went
over to Curtis' apartment (Marlon's friend) to see Marlon. He was angry,
confused, and horny when he stumbled upon a party the neighbors were
having. Milt couldn't remember what was said at the party, but he did
remember a terrible stabbing in his gut after confronting Marlon's friend
about their relationship.

Milt's head hurt with a hang over, but unlike usual hang overs, he also
felt an aching in his ass! He vaguely recalled having sex with Marlon and
Curtis, but none of the details. Fearing the worse, he closed and locked
the bathroom door, then dropped his boxers and bent over in front of the
full length mirror Deme had hung on the door. He reached back behind
himself and pulled apart his ass cheeks, seeing his dark hairy asshole
for the very first time. He breathed a grateful sigh of relief when his
asshole appeared to look normal. It was still tightly sealed and looked
untouched, giving birth to the belief he was still virgin and that
nothing really happened last night. Had it all been his imagination?
Milt straightened up, then hopped into the shower to get ready for work.
During the hot shower, memories of Marlon sucking his dick while Curtis
fucked Marlon's ass danced through his brain. Milt found himself fully
aroused, stroking his soapy erection until he shot a hot spray of cum
down the drain. 'Damn, I needed that' -he thought to himself as he
quickly started a fresh lather.

Normally the alarm would ring for Curtis to get up to get ready for
school, but this morning, he found himself already awake. He lay in bed,
staring up at the ceiling with his boo in his arms beside him. He could
feel his dick starting to awaken as thoughts of Milt and his tight fine
ass rolled through his mind. Curtis loved Marlon, but he also loved tight
straight boy booty more! He wanted nothing more than to have Marlon call
up Milton, and have him bring that fine black ass back over to him for a
hot morning session. He knew most "straight" guys he fucked in the past
often pretended not to remember they'd been fucked by him until it was
time to get high again. Some where very weary about getting high in his
presence again after experiencing that terrible ache in the asses, while
others (whom obviously liked it) couldn't wait to hook up again, calling
him nearly every payday asking him if he wanted to get high!
Marlon wondered which one Milt would be..., -the "I don't know what you
talking bout" kind, or the "let's get together real soon" type? Either
way, he couldn't erase the fact that his ass had been busted, -and that
Curtis (with his big thick 10 and 1/2 inch python) did the busting!

Marlon woke up with his head laying on Curt's arm. He peeked out through
slit eyes as the sun came shinning through the window and filled the room
with light. Marlon shut his eyes, then snuggled up next to his boi. He
felt Curt's slim body laid out in prone state, one arm behind his head as
if resting but not sleep. Marlon looked down and saw the tent Curt's dick
was making of the bed sheets, and reached down to caress it.

"Morning..." he mumbled, incase he had morning breath.

"G'morn'n, bae!" said Curtis, looking down at him. Marlon stroked his
thick dick in his hand under the sheets. After a while, he pushed back
the covers, then went down to say 'good morning' to his other friend.
Curtis merely watched in amusement as Marlon took his dick into his
mouth and started bathing it with his lips and tongue. He suckled the
head, licking the crown and shaft before taking it halfway in. Curtis
rubbed Marlon's back gently while he sucked him slow and sensually. His
hand traveled down to Marlon's buttock, where he pinched and squeezed
each cheek. His fingers slid between them, zeroing in on the moist hole.
He heard Marlon moan as he dug his fingers into the wet crevice. He'd
fucked Marlon sometime during the twilight hours (after Milt left), so he
knew the hole was wet from leakage of his semen. Marlon was good in that
way, always willing and ready when his dick was hard and stiff for some

"How bout another 3sum?" asked Curt, looking down at Marlon swallowing
his dick like an anaconda does its prey.

"With a girl?" asked Marlon, looking up.

"A girl'll be aiight..., but I waz wonder'n bout you invitin' yur boi
Milt ova again. I kno how much you like em." suggested Curtis, casually.

"Milt?" said Marlon, thinking it over. "I don't know about that,
Curtis..., Milt was high last night, I wouldn't bank on him wanting to do
another 3some anytime soon."

"You still like em, don't cha?" asked Curtis, fluffing the pillow behind
his head so he could see Marlon's facial expressions better.

"Of course, he's my brother in-law..." said Marlon.

"You nah'mean..., you like 'em like THAT, don't cha? You still want em,

"I've got YOU." said Marlon, taking Curt's dick back into his mouth.

"But you want HIM too, rite?" insisted Curt.

"I don't know..., he's my sister's husband. It's not right..."

"But you still want em." stated Curtis, flatly.

"If he was single..., yes..., I'd want to be with him. But he's not! YOU
are." said Marlon, assuring his loyality. Curtis settled back in bed,
allowing Marlon to continue what he started. He closed his eyes and
enjoyed the feel of his lover's throat, sighing softly as he took him all
the way down to his fully bloated balls. If Milton was willing to accept
his (Curt's) position as Marlon's #1 boyfriend, then Curt was okay with
Milt coming over to spend time with them and do 3ways...

The sun dazzled against the stone jewels in Donte's men's diamond
engagement ring as he held it up to the light. He'd announced the
engagement to everyone, from his parents and siblings, to his friends and
work associates, to the people in his building, the neighbors down the
street, his barber, his nailary, his mailman, even the coffee waitress at
Starbucks...(she sees him everyday!).
No date had been set, but that was just a formality. A wedding WOULD
take place, if he had to drag the groom there kicking and screaming over
his own dead body! Donte wasn't sure if he truly loved Trelic like that,
but what was love anyway? For the past 2 years they went to sleep and
woke up together. They laughed, cried, sang, dance, made love, fucked,
argued, made up, ate, drank, drove, breathed, bathed, shit, fart, and
worshipped together. If that isn't love, -what is?

No one at the office took more pride in their work and appearance than
Trelic Taylor did. He never had a hair out of place, and was always clean
shaven, well groomed, and smelling good. He was what they called the
"Metro-sexual", a man whom took great pride in his appearance and went
that extra mile to insure he looked good all the time. Trelic had a wide
assortment of grooming products to keep his skin clear, his complexion
even, his bags covered, his scare camouflaged, and his body smelling
refreshed. Donte often teased him that HE was the primpy one, and was
often mistaken by many outsiders as the "bottom" in their relationship do
to his fussy nature. But Trelic was no bottom, he was "all man" when it
came to sex in bed. HE did the fucking, and anyone he dated (before
Donte) soon learned that first hand, the first time they tried to top him
in bed.

He got out of the shower, his slim naked body dripping wet as he reached
for a towel. He did his normal morning ritual; skin cleansers, facial
scrubs, after shave, nose hair clippers, etc... He lotion his body down,
then made his way back into the bedroom to get dressed for work.
In the bedroom, he found Donte still asleep, laying suspiciously on his
stomach, -his legs spread invitingly, with the covers pulled down to
reveal his fat round delicious ass. Trelic knew it was a set up, as Donte
only did this move when he wanted to get fucked one last fuck in before
Tre left for work. He knew it was hard for Tre to resist a nice fat ass.
Ever since they got together, Donte had been on the receiving end of his
dick, practically every single day for 2 whole years! Tre felt his dick
starting to rise as he tried to ignore Donte's allure. He busied himself
in his mirror, keeping an eye on the bed through the reflection. He heard
Donte moan, then move his legs further apart as he heightened his ass
seductively. Tre laughed to himself at his boyfriend's gaudy display, but
couldn't deny it was working, as his dick now stood 8 inches out in front
of him. Looking at the clock, he gave in, grabbing the anal lube off the

Donte smiled with his face buried in the pillow. He knew Tre wouldn't be
able to resist his backward boi-pussie, -and Tre always says HE's the one
that nabbed Don, "as if!" Tre greased his hard dick, then added an
generous amount to the crack of his lover's ass, then moved his dick in
between the cheeks.

"Ooooo..." groaned Donte, suddenly waking up as he lifted his head up off
the pillow. "'re gonna be late for work, baby." he moaned, as if he
didn't know what was going on.

"This won't take long." assured Trelic, getting down to business.

Charmaine couldn't help getting up to check in on the baby at least 100
times a day. Her first child, -she was a new mom with knowledge of a
myriad of horror stories. Crib death, shaken baby syndrome, colic,
postpartum depression, -you name it, she's heard it. There never seemed
to be an end to the bad news people knew of babies dying. Why would
people want to put a new mother in such a frightful frame of mind? -she
After checking on the baby, she decided to go back to bed to catch
another hour or so of sleep, before the baby's morning feeding. She
shuffled back to bed, removing her night gown as she got back under the

Her husband rolled over against her, pressing his front to her back as
his morning erection poked into her backside. He reached around to hug
her close, grinding his hardon into his buttock.

"Stop Carl..., I'm not in the mood." she said, waving him away.

"Come on, honey..., it's been ages since I've had any..." he begged, his
dick starving for attention. "It's been well over 6 weeks..." whined
Carl, the recommended time period between birth and sex while the woman's
body healed and the likelihood of her getting pregnant again so soon
-drops. "...we can start making love again, now! Just let me put in the
head..., please?"

"Why don't you call up your halloween dick sucking girlfriend, and let
HER take care of it!?" asked Charmaine, ending all conversation.
Carl moved back to his side of the bed, his hardon quickly dying as he
remembered the promise he made to his brother to leave Marlon alone!

Every morning started the same. Like clock work, her boyfriend Byron
would roll over, spread her legs, and go down on her until he had her
pussy soaking wet with spit and pussy juice, -then he'd climb up on top
of her, and fuck her between her wide spread legs for the next 30 minutes
or so, until they've both climaxed at least once.
Angie loved her man, he was tall, sexy, romantic (in his own rite), and
most importantly, -straight! With all the gay men in her building, she
was starting to really wonder if the "DL" fade hadn't become mainstream!
Her perspective of gay men changed when she met the men in her building.
All of them appeared to be straight, nice, good looking, intelligent,
hard working, and relationship oriented. She could have dated any one of
them..., well, except for maybe Donte, -of them all, he was the one that
was the most clockable.
She was just lucky that she didn't have to worry about HER man. Byron
was too straight to be influenced by all the gayness going on around
them. She knew he was "tite", by the way he rocked her pussy every night!
Not a day go by that she didn't have his long thick 9 inch curved dick
stuffed balls deep up in her wet gripping snatch! She knew she had good
pussy, every man she's ever dated had always wanted to come back for
more. Even the one's she ran into years later, they were always trying to
get back up in it, -calling her parents house to ask for her current
phone number so they could get in touch with her.

Byron was a man of little words in the sack. He usually tucked his head
down, and fucked like a locomotive until the train pulled into the
station and unloaded. He wasn't one into the dirty talk, the role
playing, the different positions every 10 minutes, or the prolonging for
hours and hours on end. He stuck it in, and fucked. The the way nature
intended it to be.

Usually his mind is concentrating on enjoying the fabulous pussy he's
pounding, but sometimes when plain fucking isn't enough, he day dreams
about a porno he saw or a girl he used to bang before meeting Angie.
Lately, his mind has been rewinding back to that long week his girl was
out of town, and he was using the handyman -Marlon, to satisfy his carnal
Byron didn't like thinking about some guy's ASS when he was knee deep in
his girlfriend's pussy, but it seemed to be happening more and more
frequently. He wasn't trying to leave his girlfriend for no GUY, but he
wasn't against "kicking it" with one every now and then, -so long as they
understood that he was straight, and not reciprocating!

He was currently plunging into his woman's pussy with the champion
strokes that was his reputation, causing the head board of their bed to
bang relentlessly into the back wall of their bedroom. He knew Marlon
could hear them fucking that way every morning when the building was
ultra quiet and you could hear a pin drop. It excited him more knowing
that the neighbor knew what they were doing, and even more so now that
Marlon had first hand knowledge of how Byron rocks it in bed!

He wondered if Marlon still wanted him? If he still thought of the sex
they had that long week while Angie was away? Truth be told, HE did.
Every now and then Byron found himself thinking of how surprisingly
pleasant it was to fuck another man. He never thought he would have,
having always kept a safe distance from guys he knew were gay. But it
wasn't as bad as he originally thought it would be. There was no shit, no
mess, no way for people to tell that he fucked some guy...
At first he was frightful that people would be able to tell, that there
would be some way they could just look at him and tell that he'd just
been up some man's ass. But after his girl returned from her trip to
Ohio, she never gave any indication that she had even the slightest
notion, -enabling Byron to breath a sigh of relief! He fucked the shit
out of her that entire week, redeeming and reclaiming his shaky manhood
while completely avoiding gay Marlon and pulverizing his girlfriend's
pussy to a pulp!

Quitting his job to work at home developing web-site designs was the
best decision Kendall made in years! He worked his own hours, choose his
own prices and cliental, and got the chance to be home more often than
He was on his Blue Tooth, having a business call with a new potential
client looking to get a web design for his new hair shop down around
Broad and Susquehanna. Kendall was telling him how he could create a full
5 page design, high lighting modeled pictured of his hair styles, and
photos of the interior and exterior of the shop, -when suddenly his
doorbell rung. He continued talking as he answered it.

"Carl..." he said, surprised. "...what can I do for you, man?"

"I heard about what you asked to do for my brother at that restaurant the
other day!" said Carl, straight to the point.

"uh..., excuse me Robert..., may I call you back? I have an emergency."
said Kendall. "Yeah. Okay. Thanks." he added, cutting the call. "Come on
in..." he offered, as Carl strolled by him. He follows Carl into the
living room. "Look man..., I don't know what your brother told you about
the restaurant, but I had heard that he was fucking his brother in-law
-Marlon! And when I pulled him aside to talk to him about it, he flat out
denied it ever happened and stormed out of the building! Now I don't know
where he gets this idea that I offered to suck his dick, -but that never
happened!" lied Kendall.

"I didn't tell you Milt said that!" countered Carl, suspiciously.

"oh..., uh, right." said Kendall, catching his mistake. "I can

"I don't give a fuck about Milt and Marlon..." said Carl, honestly.
"...I'm trying to work my own shit out! I hear you like to suck dick...,
and I like getting my dick sucked! So..., maybe we can work something
out." offered Carl, reaching down to rub his crotch. Kendall looked down
at the bulge growing down his friend's leg.

"I'm listening..." he said, licking his lips.

'Russell, Mann, and Beerch Insurance Adjustors' -Claims and
Investigations Dept; is where Demeecee Howard works as a claim adjustor.
Her cubical is decorated with pictures of herself and family, including
her husband, parents, closest friends, and her brother. Her supervisor
walks by, inspecting each cubical with a slow stroll by to insure her
workers are spending billing hours doing actual work. Deme is heard
discussing contract information with a customer via phone, while reading
over work at her computer console.

"Supervisor again?" asks her best friend -Linda Graham, on the other end
of the line.

"You know it gurl! Bitch watches us like a hawk! Wouldn't be surprised if
she eats her young!" said Deme, pulling up the new Spegal Catalog on
line. "So what were we saying?"

"We were talking about dinner the other day..." answered Linda, a school
teacher sitting at her desk across town at Bartram High School in SW
Philly, during her free period.

"Oh yeah..., the way Milton stormed out of the restaurant..., "
remembered Deme, thinking back to that moment. "Why would your husband
tell Milton that? He HAD to have known he'd get upset! And in the MENS
room of all places..."

"You know men, -they always trying to stick up for each other. Kendall
thought he was giving Milton a heads up by telling him what we talked
about, is all." explained Linda.

"Why did you tell Kendall in the first place? You KNOW how these guys
stick together! I told YOU in confidence!" shamed Deme.

"He's my husband, Dee..., surely you don't expect me to keep secrets from
my man!"

"So I take it you told Kendall about that "All Male Review" we saw down
at the Mystique's Club with Crystal that time..." questioned Deme.
"...when you had your hands all over that male stripper's hard dick?"

"Ooo chile..., HE was a heavy weight, -wasn't he?" blushed Linda,
remembering back.

"So you DO keep secrets?" tricked Deme.

"Okay, okay..." admitted Linda. "...MAYBE I shouldn't have told him,
knowing how close they are..., but he IS my husband, Dee. Besides...,
it's not like YOU were the one caught cheating. How's Milt going to turn
this all around on you, and play the victim?"

"He IS a victim, Linda..., Milton didn't know who he was fucking no more
than you did when you were a teenager!" defended Deme.

"Oh, you got jokes!" laughed Linda. "All I know is if I caught Kendall
doing any thing like that to my brother, sister, neighbor, or DOG..., I'd
cut his balls off and sell them on Ebay! See how he fucks after that?"

"How you know what your husband does while you at work?" asked Deme,
striking a chord. "Doesn't he work from home?"

"Yes, he develops web-sites!" explained Linda. "But I'm one step ahead of
you, girl..., Miss Lucy across the street from us keeps tabs on him, and
reports if she sees any females come or go while I'm at work. My momma
didn't raise no dummy!"

"I know that's right! She only raised whores!" laughed Deme.

"Bitch!" laughed Linda.

"I got to go, gurl! Miss Harriet Tupmen's coming back my way!" joked
Deme, regarding her supervisor. "Talk to you later!"

Linda hangs up her cell, then checks her watch. She has 5 minutes left
before her next class starts and her free period is over. She thinks back
to what Demeecee said about not knowing what her husband does at home,
and decides to call him, -just to say how much she loves him. Not to
check up on him, -he wouldn't like that.

"Hello?" answered Kendall.

"Hi honey, it's me. How's work?" asked Linda, preparing for the rush of
students about to storm her class any minute.

"Up to my eyes balls in dead lines." said Kendall, trying to cut the talk

"Poor baby..., maybe when I get home, I can find some way to help you
relax?" flirted Linda.

"A massage would definitely help." said Kendall.

"Only if you're cooking dinner tonight." negotiated Linda.

"Deal." answered her husband.

"I have to go, hon..., my students are coming." said Linda, watching them
start to pile in. "See you soon."

"Bye." said Kendall, cutting off the cordless ear piece just as Carl
grabbed him by the back of the head, and shoved his mouth down on his

"Suck that shit, man!" he ordered, ramming into the back of Kendall's
throat. Kendall gagged as the head punched through his throat like a
fist. Kendall tried to push back, choking sounds emitting from him as he
tried desperately to free himself from the pole. His stomach convulsed
several times, threatening to spill his breakfast. Carl released his
grip, allowing Kendall to come up for air.

"Damn, man..., you trying to KILL me?" asked Kendall, grabbing his sore
throat in protest as he sat squat between Carl's spread legs on the

"Marlon can take the whole thing." said Carl, missing his favorite throat

"Really?" asked Kendall, interested. "I guess all that prison dick gave
him skills, eh?"

"Shut up, and keep sucking!" ordered Carl, grabbing his head again.
Kendall took Carl's dick back between his lips, determined to do a
better job. He knew Carl for a number of years, never once realizing that
he (or Milton for that matter) was like him, -bisexual. One of the
hardest things in living life on the DL, is finding suitable players that
won't expose your secret to the world. A bisexual man with his head on
straight, didn't go around announcing to people that he's into dick. You
don't come onto your fellow straight friends, for fear they might reject
your offer and spread your secret to everyone. So finding other eligible
men to fuck with was damn near one of the hardest things to do, until the
Internet came along!
Kendall had to admit to having had set up more than a few encounters
Online. Not limited only to transvestites (which he told Milton was his
preference), he's had his fair share of baby daddies and thug boiz too.
Dick was dick as far as he was concerned, eventually all leading to the
same thing, -fucking!

Unfortunately Kendall wasn't as skilled as Marlon at sucking dick,
-having a demanding job and a full time wife left him with limited time
and resources on his hands. He could only manage about half, to 3
quarters of Carl's dick without gagging. But he gave it that old college
try, stretching his dark mustache lips down around the shaft as far as he
could before snaking them back up to the juicy head. He could taste the
pre-cum already, a sure sign that he would be drinking a full load in
minutes to come.
Carl was so thrilled to have some attentions given back to his throbbing
dick, that he was willing to over look Carl's handicap (for the moment)
of not being able to deep throat. He leaned back against the couch,
resting his left hand on top Kendall's head while his homeboy and friend
bobbed his head up and down in his lap.

"Yeah nigga, suck that dick man! I didn't know you was into this kind of
shit..., I'd have been making you suck this shit a long time ago!" moaned
Carl, humping up to meet Kendall on the down stroke.
Kendall sucked and slurped, licking and pumping the hard shaft with his
hand, using it as a funnel to churn the cum from Carl's dick. Carl wasn't
used to the added hand job, as Marlon had spoiled him by only using his
mouth and throat. But Kendall was limited, and needed all the extra help
he could to get Carl off. He stroked the thick dick with his hand while
he slurped along the hard shaft with his mouth. Carl was surprised to
find himself actually getting close, as his legs and his dick started to

Kendall sensed the pending orgasm approaching, and worked harder to
achieve his goal. Soon Carl was moaning and thrusting, and shooting hot
thick wads of cum into his friend's mouth. Kendall felt the cum fire into
his oral cavity, and accepted it as he churned the hard shaft for more.
He sucked and pumped, sucked and pumped, sucked and pumped, until he was
sure Carl's climax had ended. When he raised his head, Carl saw that
Kendall was holding his load inside his mouth.

"Ain't you going to swallow that?" he asked, flatly. Kendall shook his
head 'no'. "I don't like my seed wasted, man." said Carl. "Swallow it."
he insisted, grabbing Kendall roughly about the jaws.
Kendall's eyes protested, then he gave up, -tilting his head backwards,
he gulped down the salty cum in several swallows, feeling it slither down
his throat like mercury. "Good job..." smiled Carl, having found a new
dick sucker. "...same time tomorrow?" he asked, tucking his dick back
into his pants.


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