Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Milt stood in front of Curt's door, his heart beating a mile a minute as
he tried to come up with a good excuse to knock. He was afraid of what he
might say, or what he might see. He knew he had no true claim to Marlon,
as a married man he had no real right to expect monogamy from a single
man that wasn't committed to him. But deep down, he needed to know where
things stood with Marlon and Curtis. If he'd found someone new, and moved
He took a deep breath, then knocked. The door opened across the hall.

"Can I help you with something?" asked Donte, holding a drink and looking
Milt up and down like he was the new flavor of the month at
Baskin-Robins. "If you're looking for Curt, he's in here!" he said,
eyeballing Milt's crotch openly.
Milt slowly walked forth, hearing the sound of music and laughter as he
approached the door. Donte stepped aside as Milt appeared in the doorway
and looked in. He could see he had company, 8 to 9 people sat around
drinking and laughing. It was a party, a celebration of sorts. Perhaps a
Christmas social gathering? "What's your name?" asked Donte, leaning into
Milt's ear.


"Come in, I'll get Curt for you." he said, closing the door behind him.

"Oh..., who's the new guy, Donny?" asked Seko, Donte's closest and oldest
friend. He was eyes Milton from across the room.

"Bitch, he's not for YOU, he's here to see Curtis!" snapped Donte.

"Actually, I'm here to see Marlon." corrected Milt.

"Oh..., okay. They're both in the kitchen with Trey." said Donte.

"Trey?" questioned Milt.

"My fiancee!" said Donte, proudly showing off his engagement ring. "THIS
is our engagement party, we just announced it to everyone!"

"Oh...oh..., okay. Congratulations!" said Milt, not knowing what else to

"Let me introduce you to everyone...; that's our neighbors from
downstairs Byron and Angie. That WHORE over there's my best friend -Seko!
That's my aceboocoo, -Malik! Those 2 guys are friend of my "husband's"
from work, -Rashawn and Aaron, they call him "Snow". And in the kitchen
there is my boo -Trelic, and Curtis and Marlon!"

"Hi." said Milt, faintly with an awkward smile.

"I'll be right back." said Donte, handing Milt a drink before heading
into the kitchen. Seko used that moment to get to know the new meat!

"Hi..." he said, closing the gap between them. "So how did you come to
know Marlon? Friend? Family? Lovers?" Milton gave an ugly look.

"Milt!" called Marlon, rushing into the room. "What'r you doing here?
What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"Naw..., I just..., wannit to talk to you..., is all. In private." said
Milt, looking around embarrassed as he tried his best to appear sober.

"Oh. uh..., okay. uh..., Curt..., can we use you apt?" asked Marlon.

"Yeh, sure." said Curtis, thinking nothing of it. Marlon excused
themselves, then headed over to Curt's.

"Yo homs, you gonna let dude take yur boi off like that? Unsupervised??"
asked Snow, starting trouble.
Curtis started to have second thoughts...

"See, there you GO again!" said Seko, riding Snow's back. "Where you get
off with the BOY shit, -white boy??"

At Curt's apt, Milt took Marlon into his arms as soon as the door
closed. He placed his mouth on Marlon's, and slipped his tongue into his
mouth. "Damn, I missed you..." he moaned, hugging him tight.

"You've been drinking?" asked Marlon, tasting and smelling the liquor on
Milt's breath.

"I needed a drink, man! Your sister's been tripping, again!" said Milt,
releasing his hold.

"She not still riding you about being gay, is she?" asked Marlon.

"No..., but she's riding me about YOU being gay!" shot Milt,
unexpectedly. Marlon felt a chill.

"Me?" he asked. "Why would she think that? Cause of what happened to me
in jail?"

"Partly..., she also thinks you knew I was fucking you that day she
caught us in bed together. She don't buy that YOU were too drunk to
realize what was going on." Marlon got worried, if Deme thought he slept
with Milt deliberately, they may never get their sibling relationship
back on track.

"Is that why you got drunk?" asked Marlon, sounding down and defeated.

"THAT..., and I had a bad day!" explained Milt, stumbling towards the
couch. "First -work sucked! Then I get dragged to this fuckin dinner I
ain't wanna go to! Then Kendall attacks me inna restaurant, claiming
Linda told him that Deme told her WE slept together! Then Kendall tried
to suck my dick! Then the girls talk about lipstick and who blew who and
what shade was black..." rambled on Milt, slumping down in the seat.

"Whataminute...!" stopped Marlon. "...Kendall tried to do what??"

"Suck my dick, man..." said Milt, laying his head back on the sofa. "He
likes Trannies..., nigga's gayer than Queer's Folk!" he added, rubbing
his crotch. Marlon saw some movement, and licked his lips wantonly. But
he knew Curt was right across the hall..., there was no way he and Milt
could do anything here! "So..., what's up with this Curtis guy?" asked
Milton, seemingly out of the blue.

"A friend." said Marlon casually, down playing his relationship with

"That all?" asked Milton, trying to seem non effected. "He ain't nobody I
need to worry about, is he?"

"What do you mean?" asked Marlon, playing dumb.

"Well..., I know it's been a while since we..., you know..., been
together -regularly. I'd understand if you got involved with somebody
during that time." reasoned Milt. "So long as dude know yall ain't
serious..., and that I'm BACK now." stated Milt, laying claim to what he
believed to be rightfully his.

"Curt's just a friend, Milt. Someone I get high with every now and then.
Nothing's going on." lied Marlon, unable to bring himself to tell the
truth. Truth be told, Marlon wasn't sure how he felt about Curtis. Milt
had consumed so much of his daily thought for so long, that it was all he
was ever truly aware of.

"Deme thinks yall boyfriends!" said Milt, nonchalantly. "She wants to
invite yall over OUR house for holiday dinner!" sighed Milt, -as if!

"Why would she think that?" asked Marlon, wondering if he showed any
signs of gayness.

"I TOLD you..., cause she thinks you knew what was going on with me in
bed! She's probably suspicious with you around ANY man!"

"That's fucked up." said Marlon, suddenly thinking back to him and Carl,
and Byron. Perhaps he couldn't be trusted around anyone's man!
Suddenly the apt door opened, and in walked Curtis.

"What's up, man? E'ry thing aiight?" he asked, closing the door behind

"Everything's cool, Curtis. I was just talking to my brother in-law about
my sister." said Marlon, some what surprised to see Curtis. "Marriage
problems..." he explained. "Oh..., you remember my brother in-law -Milt,
right? Yall met the other day outside..."

"Yeh, -sup?" said Curtis with a nod, looking at Milton suspiciously as he
thought back to early conversations with Marlon. "Brother in-law, eh? Is
this the SAME brother in-law you told me about?" asked Curt flat out.
"The one you used to..."

"Yes..." answered Marlon, suddenly regretting telling Curtis the story.
Curtis reached over and grabbed Marlon around the waist, and pulled him
in close.

"What can we do fo' you, playa?" he asked coldly, talking to Milt.

"He just wanted to talk to me about Deme..." assured Marlon, causing Milt
to realize something was going on.
He sat up in his seat, eyeing Curtis' move to claim Marlon as his own.

"Wussup, man? You 2 an item?" asked Milt.

"Yeh!" answered Curtis, before Marlon could speak. "I'm his nigga, now!
Ain't that rite, bae?" he asked Marlon, turning his head towards him as
he planted a deep kiss into Marlon's reluctant mouth.
Milt watched...

"Curtis, please..." struggled Marlon, resisting.

"Please what, nigga?" asked Curtis, getting pissed. "You my nigga, or
his?" he demanded to know.

Curtis and Milt both waited for an answer. When one didn't come fast
enough, Curt unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick!

"We gon' SHOW homboi who's nigga you are!" said Curt, pushing Marlon down
to his knees. He shoved his dick into Marlon's face, grabbing his head
forcibly. "Suck it!" he ordered, slapping the growing head against
Marlon's lips. Marlon resisted.

"Hey, he don't wanna suck your damn dick...!" said Milt, jumping up to
defend Marlon. Curtis used both hands to shove Milt away, pushing him
hard as he fell backwards over the edge of the couch and over the side
table, hitting his head and suffering a severe dizzy spell.
Curtis stood Marlon up, and shoved him face first into the sofa, then
started pulling at his pants, yanking them down around his knees to
expose his ass. In only a few strokes Curtis was rock hard. He aimed his
dick head up to Marlon's recently fucked hole (they fucked before going
to the party...), and shoved in!

"aaahhhhh...!! Curt...., don't...!" pleaded Marlon, his ass high in the
air as his head was shoved into the cushions.

"I think hommie needs to know WHO yur man is! And I think YOU need a
reminder!" snarled Curtis, gripping Marlon's hips as he fucked into him
hard, and strong!
Marlon didn't fight. He'd been fucked forcibly (by rape) before. He knew
it would be easier to just simply give in. After all, Curtis was still
his man! The anal pussy belonged to him officially! He should have told
Milton he was in a relationship when he had the opportunity. Now he had
to suffer the indignity of getting butt fucked right in front of him as a
sign of ownership!
How it reminded him of his days in prison!

He watched Milton try to get up off the floor, -the booze affecting him
much quicker than he thought it would. He stumbled back onto the floor
when he tried to pull himself up by the arm of the sofa. When he finally
did sit up (his head spinning in whirls), he could see Marlon bending
over getting his ass fucked royally by his boyfriend, -Curtis!
Curtis held Marlon down by the back of the neck and shoulders, while he
humped furiously into his ass. Marlon groaned and grunted from the
impacts, his hardon slapping up against his belly underneath to bare
witness to his excitement of the moment. Milt passed out on the floor
before they could finish. When Marlon accidentally came all over the sofa
without touching himself, Curtis pulled his long thick dick from his
hole, and sent him into the bathroom to clean up. While Marlon was
preoccupied, Curtis walked over to Milt, and flipped him over onto his
stomach. He yanked at the straight man's waist band until Milt's firm
dark ass came into view. Curtis thought it was important to establish a
clear level of dominance if his place as Marlon's man was to be
respected. He greased Milt's ass crack up with some "Wet" they had laying
around, then pushed his hardon up into the unconscious man's ass!

Milt reacted to the feeling of his ass being penetrated. He woke up
groggily, unaware of what was happening until he felt his asshole
stretch! Curtis pushed hard to get up into the tight virgin hole beneath
him. A master at fucking high unconscious straight men, he put a throw
pillow down over Milt's head to muffle his yells. He shoved his hips
forth, popping the head of his dick through the never before fucked hole.
Milton struggled to get up, but had the odds stacked against him. He had
been drinking Vodka and Tonic since leaving Demeecee in the middle of the
street in his car. He was "2 sheets to the wind" by time he called his
brother requesting they talk! And now he found himself in a fog, a
terrible pain shooting through his insides as he was pinned to the floor.

Curtis shoved again, sending a few more inches in. He maneuvered himself
until he had a better grip on the situation, then shoved in some more.
Nearly half his dick was sticking out of Milton's butt when he started to
fuck back and forth. Milton groaned consistently under the throw pillow,
his moans barely audible as Curtis fed his aching ass more dick! Soon he
stopped moving all together, giving Curtis the moment his needed to
descend into his ass all the way. Curtis ground his pelvis bone into
Milt's ass, his entire dick buried up the straight man's ass like a stick
in the mud.
He pulled back with his hips, pulling half his dick from the ultra tight
hole. He shoved back in, feeling the angry sphincter muscle grip him like
a heavy weight's fist as it tried to stop his descent. Over and over, in
and out he fucked the unconscious man under him, his dick fighting for
rights to the inner track. When Marlon came out of the bathroom (after
washing off the cum from his body and clothes), he was stunned to see his
boyfriend on the floor beside the sofa fucking his brother in-law!

"Curtis!!!" he cried, rushing over. "What the fuck'r you doing man?" he
asked, stopping in his tracks as he witnessed the taking of Milton's anal

"I'm showin homboi who's boss!" said Curtis, never stopping his stroke!
He lay over Milt in "push-up" position, his hips sending his dick in deep
as he fucked back and forth. The unmistakable smell of shit emitted
through the air, indicating that Curt had indeed reached into the bowels!
Marlon didn't know what to make of it. He watched as Curtis fucked Milton
up the ass! Something he thought he would NEVER have seen done! He didn't
know what to do, as Milton lay there helplessly taking every inch of
Curt's amazing length.

"Damn he's tight!" said Curtis threw clinched teeth, feeling his balls
starting to knot up.

"This ain't right, Curt! That's my brother in-law...!" said Marlon,
unable to take his eyes off the spectacle.

"The same brother in-law that coerced you into suckin his dick for a roof
ova yur head!" reminded Curtis, remembering the story well! "The same
brother in-law that let you take the fall for yur sista! The same
mothafucka that's comin in here try'n to steal you away from me!!" he
added, increasing his thrusts!
Marlon could hear Milt starting to groan again, as the thrusts got
harder and harder, -bringing him out of his unconsciousness.

"This ain't right, Curtis! He's my sister's husband! He's not gay...!"
reasoned Marlon.

"Neither'r we!" said Curtis.

"You know what I mean..." said Marlon, knowing the shit would hit the fan
once Milt got up. "...he don't get fucked, like WE do!" he clarified.

"He's doin a marvelous job of it rite now, boo!" said Curtis, slapping
his pelvis repeatedly into Milt's jiggling ass cheeks. A thickening coat
of shit smeared his plunging dick, making the strokes glide easier
through Milt's fighting rectum. "Damn..., I'm gettin close...!" he said,
feeling his dick swell as he neared orgasm.
Marlon watched with bated breath as Curtis fucked harder and harder. He
was some what surprised that Milt didn't wake up fully as he was being
fucked so royally! But Curtis slammed his hips back and forth until he
finally shoved all the way in, and held it there.

roped and ropes of hot thick cum up Milton's no longer virgin ass! Marlon
watched as Curtis ground his dick in Milt's roost, squirming about on top
of him like a fish out of water. He knew his boyfriend was sending gobs
of cum into his lover's gut, filling Milton with his very first anal cum
bath! Marlon couldn't help but be a little envious, and scared.

Curtis slowly pulled his spent dick from Milt's shitty hole. The big
brown sausage was coated chocolate brown with the remains of Milt's
bowels. Curtis leaned back on his heals, his big dick still hard with the
excitement of breaking in another straight ass! He had broken in
countless others over the years with the aid of drugs and alcohol. He
slapped Milt hard on the ass, then pushed himself up to his feet. Malron
looked up at him, his big thick dick swaying back and forth heavily as he
made his way into the bathroom for a shower. Marlon went into the kitchen
to get some wet towels and napkins. He came back and started to gently
clean up Milt's mess. He wiped away all the shit and cum slime from
between his legs and ass cheeks, then he used the wet towels to wash away
the shit stains. Once done, he gently rolled Milt over onto his back, and
took his limp dick into his mouth. He sucked and sucked until he felt it
starting to react and grow in his mouth. Since Curtis used Milt's ass to
get off, Marlon thought it was only fair that Milt came too.

Curtis came out of the shower dripping wet. He saw Milt still laying on
the floor, Marlon bent over him, bobbing his head in his lap. His dick
grew hard immediately as he watched Marlon suck his brother in-law. On
impulse, Curtis dropped his towel and knelt behind Marlon and worked his
pants back down around his knees. Marlon didn't protest as he continued
to suck his sleeping in-law. Curtis applied Wet to Marlon's ass, then
pushed his hardon straight into his lover's gut. Marlon braced himself
for a good dicking while he looked forward to feasting on Milt's nutt.
He slide his mouth up and down Milton's pole while Curtis held onto his
hips and fucked into his ass. This was something right out of a porn
movie! Sandwiched between 2 men he loved and wanted dearly. He gobbled
down Milt's dick to the root, feeling it throb and pulse in the tight
confides of his throat. Milton was still out of it, but his dick was wide
awake and seeking retribution for the damage done to his anus! It stood
tall and hard, shinning wet with the spit from Marlon's sucking mouth.
Curtis leaned into Marlon's back, rocking his dick in and out of his ass
with deep penetrating strokes. Having cum twice (once before the party,
and once after), he was in no real rush to blow again. He laid Curtis
flat on the floor, riding his back like a urban cowboy as he moved his
face in beside Marlon's to watch him suck dick.

"Yeh babee..., suck that fuckin dick!" he whispered, slapping his pelvis
into Marlon's ass just as he did Milt's 20 minutes ago. "Eat that dick,
boyee! You kno you want that nutt, son! Suck it! he encouraged.
Marlon sucked and slurped up and down the shinny shaft, taking it all
the way down into his throat on every stroke. Curtis moved his head in
closer, licking at the exposed part of the shaft and balls as lust took
him over once again. He had no qualms about sucking off the man he'd just
fucked, now that he'd established himself as the MAN of the house! Milt
slowly came to as he looked down to see the 2 men devouring his hard
dick. The fabulous sensations emitting through his well sucked dick and
balls kept him from pushing them away and pulling up his pants. Milton's
eyes focused as he noticed Curtis on top of Marlon as they sucked. He
could see Curt's hips banging into Marlon's round buttock as his dick
disappeared up his ass time and again. He didn't know what to make of it.
Surely he wasn't "thrilled" by it, but he understood that he was the
outside man looking in on their relationship. He'd been out of Marlon's
life (sexually) for a long time, and should have known that he would
probably have "hooked up" with a replacement.
But the dick sucking felt too good to stop it.

"ummm..., ummm, hummm..." moaned Marlon, sucking happily while Curt
fucked him from behind. Curt breathed hard as well, licking and sucking
at Milt's hardon and tasty ball sack. He took them both into his mouth
while he humped into Marlon's ass, his boyfriend's slick chute caressing
his dick just the way he liked it.
Marlon knew Milt was about to cum when he felt his dick swell. He
readied himself for the deluge, bobbing his head harder. Curtis sensed
the cumming as well, spitting the hairy balls from his mouth as he poised
his mouth next to Marlon's, stretching his neck so his plunging dick
wouldn't slip out of place from Marlon's hole.

"Uhhh..." groaned Milt, feeling his balls tighten as his dick throbbed
uncontrollably. "Uhhh!! UHHH!! UUUHHHHHHH...!!" he grunted, shooting into
Marlon's hot mouth.
Marlon felt the first wave of cum shot into his mouth like a bullet. He
pulled his mouth up to the pulsating head, and waited as his oral cavity
filled with thick creamy delicious gobs of his in-law's flavorful juice.
Curtis reached in with his own mouth, his lips snatching the still
erupting penis from Marlon as he gobbled down the erection himself. He
felt the cum shooting into his mouth as Marlon quickly swallowed, then
sucked the hard throbbing dick back into his mouth, taking it back from
Curtis. Curtis swallowed Milt's nutt too, getting his first taste of the
married man's juice as he picked up the pace and slammed his hips into
Marlon's ass. Marlon took the heavy pounding as Milt's dick slowly
started to die down between his lips. Curtis rammed forth, holding his
dick all the way up into Marlon's bowels, and came hard!

"AAARRRRRHHHHH!!" he screamed, his balls squeezing out another load as he
came in Marlon's butt. Marlon's own hardon oozed cum cream out all over
the carpet beneath him, as he orgasms a second time without touching
Curtis crashed onto Marlon's back, the taste of his rival's cum in his
mouth as his heart slowed to its normal pace. Marlon continued to nurse
quietly on Milt's still hard dick, he savored the last of the load as he
looked up at the object of his desire with questionable eyes. Milt looked
down at Marlon, his dick still throbbing softly as he came down from his
orgasm. What would they do now?

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