Sunday, May 10, 2009


A man is defined by the content of his character? By the means in which
he'll go to protect his family? By the way he provides for that family?
By taking responsibility? By honoring his woman? By being the bread
winner? By wearing the "pants" in the family? Or all of thee above?
Is he less man if he's unsure of his commitments? If he falls in love
with another? If his reality is no longer certain? If his sexuality is in
question? What of gay men? Divorced men? Men that turn their backs on one
responsibility in favor of another? What is their definition in the eyes
of society? In the eyes of the women that they loved?

These are some of the questions racing through the mind of one -Milton
Howard, a 32 year old married black american male, whose life has
recently been turned upsidedown when he allowed his ex-con brother in-law
to move into his home rent free almost a year ago. A relations grew, and
from it, feeling sprouted. Never in a million years would Milton have
thought himself capable of having feelings for another man, but he has.
And not only does he have feelings, he's been acting on them sexually.
To say that Milton Howard is confused, would be an understatement. A
straight married man with gay feelings towards another man would confuse
anyone. Especially when you add in the fact that feelings for his wife
have slowly begun to dissipate. His relationship with Demeecee Howard
(his wife of 3 years), has slowly begun to lose it's passion. Lately they
seem to argue more than they get along. Suddenly simple things like
making love, seems harder to do and less thrilling. They feel out of
sync, practically alien to one another. Milt knows something has to be
done about it, before it gets too far out of hand, -but what, he is not
yet sure.

Meanwhile he finds solace in his budding relationship with his brother
in-law Marlon, and Marlon's boyfriend Curtis. Since agreeing to see the 2
of them for regular make out sessions, Milt's mind has been on over load
with possibilities.
Up until his last encounter, Milt's sole male/male/ experience has been
with Marlon, and only Marlon. Now he has had his dick wet by another
male, one whose mouth and ass was nearly as good as Marlon's (but not
better). It was all Milt could do to keep his prominent hardon undercover
all day in his tight uniform pants while delivering packages for UPS on
the snow covered streets of Philadelphia. Hardons not totally unseen by
the public, as Milt got an unusually high amount of smiles and
compliments while working today.

After work, Milt drove home in the snow, showered and changed before
Deceecee could even make it home from the supermarket. He drove over to
Curt's place (which is where Marlon seemed to be staying). Marlon opened
the door, kissing Milt freely on the lips before letting him in. Marlon
took Milt's leather jacket, while Milt made himself comfortable. Curtis
wasn't home yet from one of his 2 jobs after morning and afternoon
classes at the Community College. Marlon got Milt a beer, then joined him
on the sofa while they watched cable TV.

"I was surprised about last night." blushed Marlon, recalling the
encounters with Milt and Curtis. "Pleasantly surprised..., but
surprised." he added.

"Me too." agreed Milt, taking a swig as he relaxed while watching nothing
in particular.

"How do you feel about our agreement?" asked Marlon, concerned. "Do you
think you'll be able to live with it?"

"I don't know." answered Milt, honestly. "Truth is, it's ALL I've been
thinking about all day!"

"Really?" asked Marlon, thinking it would be negative thoughts.

"Yeah. Had me hard as hell! I'm surprised no one's called my job to
complain about the hardons I've had all day!" laughed Milt.

"Oh, I'm sure more than most of them that saw it, liked what they saw!"
smiled Marlon, glad to hear Milt's laughter. "So you think you might be
cool with it? With sharing..., I mean."

"I don't have a choice, do I?" asked Milt, looking over at Marlon. "I
mean..., you belong to Curtis now, right? If I want to keep seeing you, I
have to accept HIM too, right? Ain't that the deal?"

"Not really..." sighed Marlon, torn hearted. "...YOU always come first."
he admitted, softly.

"But that's not fair to Curtis..., or YOU!" said Milt, sincerely. "I know
you like him! And yall obviously do good together, right?"

"Yes." whispered Marlon.

"Then I either be cool with it, or stop seeing you!" said Milt,
verbalizing the ultimatum he was indirectly given by Curtis. "And I ain't
ready to stop seeing you yet!" he added, his eyes full of emotion and
Marlon took Milt's beer away, and led him by the hand into the bedroom.
There, he slowly stripped Milton of his clothes while they kissed and
tongued each other's mouths in hot session. Milton wrapped his arms
around Marlon's body, reaching his strong hands into the ass of his sweat
pants to knead the firm buns nicely. Marlon moaned into Milton's mouth,
content with the idea of having him without needing to look over his
shoulder to see if anyone was lurking nearby. After a year of hiding,
they finally had a safe sanctuary away from prying eyes and ears.

"I want to eat your pussy." whispered Milton, his fingers toying with
Marlon's anus. "You gonna gimme some pussy?" he asked between kisses,
turning Marlon towards the bed.

"Yes!" whispered Marlon, climbing up on his knees and elbows.
Milton slapped the round rump, then pulled the cheeks apart to admire
the hole.

"Damn..." he moaned under his breath, unable to believe men could have
attractive assholes! Milt licked his lips, then dove his handsomely
rugged face inbetween the twin globes.

"uhhhh..." moaned Marlon, feeling Milt's tongue sliding up and down the
crevice of his ass. Marlon's had his ass eaten before..., infact, Curtis
is a viscous ass eater. But there was something totally taboo about
having a professed "straight man" eat your boi-pussy, feeling his strong
masculine hands pry apart the ass cheeks, feeling the briskly hairs of
his face scratch your hole while he digs his tongue into you. The
raspyness of his husky voice when he calls your name or gives you an
order to perform. The manish way which he directs you, flipping and
turning your body to and fro to fit his needs and desires. The way he
demands your cooperation and attention in the bed, as if you're a child
or a servant to be had.

Marlon hikes his ass higher, giving Milt's face more room to move and
maneuver. Marlon buried his face in the mattress, moaning softly as his
asshole was treated like pussy. He spreads his knees as Milton slides his
tongue home, pushing it through the sphincter and into the tight hole
itself. Milton recalls all the times he's had Marlon at home in bed,
under his own roof and all to himself. How many times he's fucked Marlon
in the ass, making him take his dick even when he didn't want to. The
idea of taking that ass again, had Milt's thick 8 incher throbbing down
between his legs, ready for action.

Milton finished eating Marlon's butt, then stood up straight with his
hard dick pointing between the cheeks. Marlon grabbed a bottle of lube,
then reached back to rub it onto Milt's bare dick. Milt aimed his hard
meat up to Marlon's anus, and pushed inside. Slowly the dick started to
sink between the cheeks, swallowed up by the sucking anus as it tightened
around the head and shaft.
Milt groaned as his dick was buried. He could feel Marlon's anal track
spasm around his shaft as he climbed up on the bed and pushed Marlon flat
onto his stomach. With Marlon laying flat against the bed, Milt laid out
on top of his back, molding their bodies together as they both adjusted
to the effects one was causing the other.

Milt was the fastest to recover. He started to grind his hips, churning
his dick around in Marlon's heated roost. Marlon moaned as Milton's dick
touched every nook and cranny. He lifted his head as Milt rested his head
between Marlon's neck and shoulder blade. They both breathed heavily and
panted softly as they began to move. Milton started sliding his dick in
and out of Marlon's hole, while Marlon pushed back and accepted Milt's
dick fully.
Milt breathed heavily into Marlon's right ear, licking and sucking at
the lobe, neck, and shoulder while he pumped in and out. Marlon's eyes
fluttered and rolled as he gave into the passions of his lover. He rubbed
his right cheek against Milt's left cheek, feeling the roughness of his
facial stubble as their lips touched from time to time. Marlon turned his
head in Milt's direction, as Milt slipped his tongue into Marlon's mouth.
Marlon sucked Milt's tongue while arching his back to allow more dick to
plow into him. Milton fucked into the soft/firm body beneath him, driving
his dick through the anal ring over and over with steady, deep strokes.

"ohhh Milt..., yeah...yeah...uuhhh, ohhhh..., fuck man....yes!" groaned
Marlon, as his body went into remission.
He could now admit to himself that he LOVED getting fucked. That he
LOVED pleasing men. He could now enjoy giving up the ass without feeling
guilty, or feeling less valued as a man because of his submissiveness.
That was an unexpected "gift" he got from giving himself completely to
Milt and Curt (his only 2 real lovers). By allowing these 2 men to have
him fully (mind, body, and spirit), Marlon was able to let set free the
binds that bound his masculinity, and kept him from fully enjoying and
expressing his sexuality through submitting to another man. But while he
gave himself to men like Carl, and the men whom raped him repeatedly in
prison..., he didn't really enjoy it until he did it with Milt and
Curtis, -the 2 men that made him feel less like an object and more like
an equal partner.
Marlon still had his issues to work through, but being about to enjoy
another man's dick inside him, and being able to cum from it without
feeling like he'd just betrayed his family, god, or his manhood..., was
nothing short of a revelation! He felt Milton's body heaving on top of
him, his powerful form driving his manhood into him over and over as his
balls crashed into Marlon's rump like 2 heavy boulders.

Outside, Curtis Williams was returning home from a day of classes and
hard work at one of his 2 part time jobs. He slowly climbs the steps of
his apartment building, seeking a hot shower, hot weed, and some hot head
from his boyfriend. When he opens the door to his apt, he immediately
notices an usual stillness in the air. The room was clean (as Marlon
usually keeps it), the cable was on, but the room is quiet.
Curt droped his school bag, and headed towards the bedroom where he was
sure to find Marlon napping after a long day of working his handyman
duties. When he entered the bedroom, he found Milt's dark skin figure
onto of Marlon's brown skin body. Both men were facing downward, as Milt
was on top of Marlon's back. Curtis could tell that Milt was fucking
Marlon good, by the way inwhich his ass relaxes and clinches together as
they rise and fall. He saw Marlon spread his legs, arch his back, and
raise his ass higher to make for a more inviting target. Curt could head
the groans and grunts from the 2 men. He could hear the springs from the
mattress as their body weight caused it to shake and shimmy from the
stress. He watched as his dick instantly grew hard in his pants.

Milt wan fucking Marlon nicely, his thick dick dipping in and out of the
moist hole as it sucked and accepted him fully. He was unaware of Curt's
presence, until he suddenly felt his added weight climb onto the bed.
Milt turns his head to see Curtis kneeling behind him, shoving his face
up his ass as his tongue licks Milt's muscled ass cheeks and slithers
into the moistened crack.
Milt is taken by surprise, but doesn't resist Curt's probing tongue.
Milt resumes laying fully on Marlon's back as Curtis peels his ass cheeks
apart and drills him with his long tongue. Milt feels heat and emotion
rage through him as his ass is eaten and his tongue is sucked, while he
is fucking head long into the ass of his in-law beneath him.

Curtis sucked at Milt's tight black-bud as he held the cheeks open with
his thumbs, feeling Milt's hairy ass crack scratch against the sides of
his scruffy face. Curt recalled clearly how he had busted Milt's anal
cherry not too long ago. The extreme tightness of his never before
breeched anus had Curtis shoving his tongue so far up into the root, that
he feared detachment.
Marlon's ass was like good pussy, but Milt's was virgin territory
screaming for more action. Curtis could tell by Milt's reaction, that he
enjoyed having his hole ate. He wasn't sure if Milt recalled getting
fucked or not (as he was drunk when he was fucked against his will), but
Milt's reaction to the anal eating left very little doubt in Curt's mind
that Milt wouldn't like being penetrated again. The trick was finding the
right time and place to do it. Curt knew Milt's masculinity and sense of
manhood wouldn't allow him to just simply let himself get fucked, -unless
the situation was out of his hands or control. Curt knew he couldn't just
stick his dick in Milt and fuck him, he had to devise a plan of action.
He'd have to get him high, or drunk first, -THEN fuck him! Meanwhile,
he'd just have to content himself with eating the straight man's ass,
while he butt fucks his boyfriend.

Milt on the other hand, was going through the roof with passion. He
fucked Marlon harder and harder, driving his dick through his anal walls
and slamming into his pit with urgent desperation. He felt Curtis's mouth
latch onto his anus, sucking and tongue fucking it hot and hard while he
drilled into Marlon non-stop. Marlon was sucking heatedly on Milt's
embedded tongue, while gripping his throbbing dick with his anal walls.
The combination soon became too much for Milt, and he spilled his load
into Marlon's guts in thick, heavy doses. Marlon accepted the nutt,
feeling his anal track grow wetter with liquid. As soon as Milt was done
cumming, Curt removed his face from Milt's ass crack, and allowed him to
exit Marlon. When Milt moved aside, Curtis parted Marlon's butt cheeks to
reveal the wet crack, then dove his face between them.

"OH gosh...." moaned Marlon, feeling Curtis' tongue drill his just fucked
hole. Milton watched while laying beside them on the bed as Curtis ate
out Marlon's cummy asshole as if he were a man starving.
Curtis reached his tongue deep into the slick slack hole, scooping out
as much of Milt's ball juice as possible. When he stopped receiving cum
traces from that, he latched his lips around the hole to create a seal,
then sucked outward to create a vacuum effect.
Gobs of Milt's cum excreted from Marlon's dripping hole to empty into
Curt's cum seeking mouth. Soon it was as if Milt had cum in Curt's mouth,
rather than Marlon's ass. After retrieving all he could, Curtis climbed
up on Marlon's back, spit on his hardon, then aimed it directly up
Marlon's open anal pussy.

"uuhhhhhh..." groaned Marlon, feeling his hole stretch to accommodate 12
inches of dick.
Curtis maneuvered Marlon until he was kissing Milt again fully. Milt
returned the passionate kiss, despite having just cum. Curt fucked into
Marlon's asshole in one direction, then swung around to an angle to lean
over and take Milt's wilted dick into his mouth in another. Milt and
Marlon lay side by side, with Milt on his back french kissing Marlon whom
lay flat on the mattress on his stomach. Curtis fucked into one man,
while sucking the dick of the other. Soon Milt's dick was hard again, as
Curtis tried and tried to deep throat it successfully. He came close a
few times as he fucked into Marlon's ass, but didn't achieve the level of
success that Marlon does.

Abandoning Milt's dick, Curtis pulls Marlon up into doggy position, then
motions for Milton to swing around so Marlon can suck his dick
upsidedown. Milt obliges this odd request as Marlon traps his dick
between his lips, and sucks whole heartily. Curtis is still banging
Marlon's ass as he holds onto his hips. Marlon's hardon is swinging back
and forth between his legs when Curtis grabs it and jerks it.
Curtis instructs Milton to take over jerking Marlon while he continues
his fucking, and Marlon his sucking. Milt takes Marlon's 7 incher into
his hand, and rubs it back and forth in rhythm.

"Suck it..." encourages Curtis, as Milt is stroking it while practically
looking right up at it.
Milt hesitates, knowing his last encounter with sucking dick wasn't a
pleasurable one after Marlon came in his mouth (back in chap-13 of "my
wife's brother"). But feeding on Curt's encouragement, -Milt leaned
inward and took Marlon's dick head between his lips.
Marlon groaned when he felt Milt's mouth on him. He sucked harder on
Milt's dick, really wanting to taste his cream again while Curtis fucked
him from behind. Milton suckled about the head tentatively, tasting it
before actually committing to the blow job. Marlon waited with bated
breath as Milt started to take more of him inside. Marlon could feel
Milt's lips slowly inching up his shaft, taking in more and more as lust
took over and he became more comfortable with what he was doing. Marlon's
mouth on his dick and Curt's lustful encouragements while butt fucking
some hot ass were good incentives as he bobbed his head up and down and
back and forth.

"Yeh Milt..., suck dat dick boyee!" whispered Curtis, maneuvering Marlon
until he and Milt were in total 69 with Marlon's legs straddling Milt's
Marlon 's chest rested upon Milt's hairy stomach as he bobbed his head
up and down on his brother in-law's thick dick. Milt was sucking back and
forth on Marlon's tasty meat, while looking up at Curt's dick and balls
as they banged deeply into Marlon's ass over his forehead. Milt had a
clear view of Curt's long 12 inches as it smoothed back and forth above
his face. He saw how the hole clung to it, the inner lining of the anal
walls sucking hard to keep the tool inside from slipping out.
Knowing Milt was down there looking, watching his dick so closely, had
Curtis fucking Marlon harder. He forced an even deeper arch into Marlon's
back as he fucked him full. Marlon's sweet cum filled anus was like
slipping into a hot bath, drinking warm cocoa on a cold winters day, and
eating an entire box of chocolates all to yourself, -all rolled up into
one! It had Curtis cumming in minutes as remnants of Milt's semen dripped
from the shaft and hole!

"Oh shyt, boo..., I'm gonna cum! I'm...., ooohhhh, YEEEEEHHHHHH!!
AAAHHHHHH!!" yelled Curtis, feeling a hard orgasm propel from his
contracting balls.
Milt had a clear view of how Curt's hairy low hanging balls slowly
tightened up in their sack, then saw how the base of Curt's dick throbbed
and pulsed as semen shot up the cum tube at the belly of the dick, and
out the head and into Marlon's bowels.

The hot flood of sperm triggered Marlon's orgasm, and he started
shooting into Milt's mouth without warning. Milt felt his mouth surge
full with cum, and quickly swallowed to keep from choking to death. He
could taste masses of the stuff as it slowly slithered down his throat
and into his stomach. This time however (probably because he hadn't cum
first), Milt didn't find the taste nearly as despicable as the first time
he tasted it. In fact, he liked the way inwhich it warmed his inside as
it went down his throat. This triggered Milt's own orgasm, as he suddenly
erupted into Marlon's mouth.

Marlon felt the dick twitching between his lips, and was prepared for
the deluge he knew was cumming. He quickly swallowed and sucked,
swallowed and sucked, swallowed and sucked, -until there was no more cum
to be had. All 3 men fell out on the bed, breathing hard and laughing at
the moment. Curt's dick slowly shrank in Marlon's ass, popping out just
before Curt rolled over onto his right side. Marlon was still nursing
gently on Milt's now dead woodie, while Milt entertained the taste of
sperm on his breath.

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