Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Office Girls-5

5 Cheek to cheek

Marie could guess what was going on in the bedroom but she was much more
interested in the delectable girl on the sofa next to her. She leant across to
Victoria and gently pushed the tip of her tongue into the girl's ear. Victoria
shivered with delight. Her nipples, already erect from Marie's caresses, were
now so hard they were almost painful. She longed to feel Marie's hands on them
again, but was afraid to ask. Marie, still looking gorgeously sexy in her red
bra and panties, ran her hands over Victoria, at the same time planting little
wet kisses on the girl's face and neck.

"You're very pretty, Victoria. You look good enough to eat. In fact, I think
I really will eat you, eat you all up. Would you like that?"

She put the tip of her tongue against the girl's mouth, and flicked it rapidly
back and forth across her red painted lips. Victoria shivered again, as if an
electric current had passed through her body and straight to the tip of her
clitoris. That delicious tingling again! Why was it that she could only get
that feeling from a woman's caresses? Marie gently slipped to her knees,
discreetly parting Victoria's thighs as she did so. She looked up at the girl,
slowly and deliberately before lowering her head between her thighs, just as
she had done when she was with Tricia in the office earlier that day. Marie
loved sucking cunt. Her appetite for the taste and the smell of a woman was
insatiable. And Victoria's was as sweet a cunt as she had ever tongued, a
little sweaty perhaps - who wouldn't be in a sweat with all the sex that was
going on? - but really nice tasting. It tasted of, well, cunt. Cunt-flavour.
Hm, I wonder if you could market it: a packet of cunt-flavoured
crisps, please, or, I'm really thirsty, do you have any cordial, cunt-flavour
preferably. She smiled to herself at these weird thoughts before turning her
attention back to Victoria's tempting little honeypot. As she flicked her
tongue over the girl's clitty, she felt her shudder. Ah! So this is the vital

"Mmm! I do like the taste of you, Vicky my little lesbian lover," Marie said,
sliding her tongue lazily between the girl's satiny cuntlips. Vicky slid
forward on the sofa, thrusting her groin into Marie's face, desperate now to
feel the woman's tongue deep inside her cunt. Her hands closed instinctively
over Marie's head, her fingers curling into the woman's long dark tresses as
she held her mouth tightly against her trembling cunt. She clamped her thighs
together to entrap Marie's head, as if she were afraid that the woman might
stop the wonderful licking out of her burning cunt. Poor Marie could hardly
breathe! She managed to free herself momentarily:
"It's all right, sweetheart, I won't go away. How could I leave such a
delicious honeypot as yours!"

Victoria blushed, suddenly embarrassed at her own brazen randiness. The truth
was that she was on fire for Marie's kisses and caresses, she wanted to drown
in this wonderful woman's embrace, to shout at long last, proudly and clearly:

Marie's face was streaked with Victoria's cuntjuices and her lipstick was
smeared all over Victoria's distended labia. She smiled, stuck out her tongue
suggestively and dived back between her girlfriend's legs to gather more sweet
honey from the pot. Her buttocks, barely covered by her flimsy scarlet-red
panties swayed in rhythm to the movement of her mouth over Victoria's juicy
cunt, and would have made a tempting target for any woman who happened to be
passing. Victoria had slid as far forward on the sofa as she could to make her
gaping cunt available to her licking lover. She lay back, eyes closed, and
allowed herself to be transported to a plane of ecstasy that she could never
have dreamed possible. Marie got up then and stretched the whole length of her
body along Victoria's. She planted a wide open-mouth kiss on the girl's
mouth, giving her a chance to taste her own cuntjuices and to inhale their
strong odour. The combined smell and taste of cuntflow, mingled with
sweat and just a hint of urine was a heady mixture that made them both
light-headed. They pressed their firm young bodies together, glorying in the
incredibly arousing sensations as their pubic mounds ground against each other,
bumping and gyrating to prolong and heighten the thrills that coursed through
their bodies.

Somehow, Marie and Victoria found themselves on the floor, Victoria on her back
and Marie kneeling in front of her, looking down unsmiling as her lust for the
young girl took possession of her. Gently she interlocked her legs with
Victoria's and pulled the girl towards her until their two fannies were
pressed against each other in an X, like two pairs of lips meeting in a wet
open-mouthed kiss. Marie began to gyrate then, manoeuvring skilfully so that
her clitoris was rubbing against Victoria's. The effect on both of them was
electric. It was as if the tingling of each was being transmitted to the other,
causing greater and greater excitement as the swollen labia of their pussies
slid voluptuously against each other in a prolonged lesbian cunt-kiss. Marie's
nipples stood out starkly, clearly visible through the gauzy material of her
scarlet-red bra. She was sitting erect, her breasts thrust proudly forward as
she sweated and grunted with the effort of rubbing her cunt ever
more vigorously against Victoria's. The girl was crying out loud in ecstasy
by now, her body writhing in a sustained series of orgasmic spasms. Her hands
were on her own breasts, squeezing and kneading the soft flesh as thrill after
thrill shot through her body, transmitted as if by some incredible sexual
electricity from her clitoris to her nipples.

"Oh my god, Marie, you are fantastic!" she gasped. "Fuck me, oh, fuck me,
please! Harder! Oh my god! It's beautiful! It's incredible! I can feel your
clitty against mine! It's fantastic! How do you do that to me?"

Rosemary and Johanna strolled into the room at that moment, their arms round
each other's waist. They went quietly to an armchair just across from the sofa
and sat squeezed together to watch Marie and Victoria making love. It was a
spectacle to good to miss. Johanna climbed on to Rosemary's lap, her back to
her, and lowered herself on to Rosemary's dildo, sucking in her breath sharply
as it parted her wet cuntlips and slid deep into her cavernous and ever-ready
vulva. Rosemary grabbed the woman by the tits and pulled her back until her own
ample bosom was squashed almost flat. Johanna began to bounce ever so slowly
and gently up and down on Rosemary's joystick, while Rosemary made
simultaneous thrusting movements of her groin in a parody of a man fucking a
woman. It was just the sort of gentle shafting that the two women needed while
they enjoyed the spectacle of Marie and Victoria rubbing their cunts together
in an orgy of lesbian passion.

For the second time that day, the air was thick with the smell of cuntjuices,
those deliciously pungent vaginal odours that all women find such a turn-on.
The older women closed their eyes as they rocked dreamily together, each one
remembering other times, when they were young like Marie and Victoria, other
encounters, happy memories of their lesbian adventures.....

"Rosemary Whittle! You come to my office after class, you naughty girl!" It
was Miss Bloom - known as Polly to all the girls at St Bride's High School for
Girls - who was pointing an accusing finger at the young miscreant. The teacher
was fully aware of Rosemary Whittle's rebellious nature. Even at fifteen, she
was clearly determined to be a rebel. Well, thought Miss Bloom to herself,
I'll soon knock the rebellion out of her.

"Well, my girl, what have you got to say for yourself?"
Rosemary was sitting on a hard chair in front of Polly Bloom's desk, feeling
scared but trying to look defiant.

"Miss?" It did not seem to be much of a reply.

"Would you like to tell me exactly what you were doing during the History


"Oh, this is hopeless! You had your hand between your legs, and were touching
yourself, weren't you? Do you deny it?"

"No, miss."

"Well, now we're getting somewhere! Why do you do it, Rosemary?"

"Because it's nice, miss. I like it. Anyway," she added defiantly, "all the
girls do it. Why pick on me?"

"But you know it's wrong to..to play with yourself like that, Rosemary.."

"Why, miss? What's wrong with it?"

Polly Bloom reddened as she felt a hot wetness between her legs. She looked
across at Rosemary, What a pretty girl she was, such lovely blue eyes, long
blond hair, pert breasts burgeoning nicely, likely to become quite a bosomy
creature... Her mouth was dry. She licked her lips.

"It's a filthy thing to do and you know it!" she said, trying to be angry.

"How can anything so nice be filthy, miss. Anyway, I bet you've done it to
yourself too!"

"Don't be impertinent, Rosemary Whittle! That's quite enough!"

She got up, needing to distract herself from the increasing heat and wetness in
her groin. She went and stood behind the seated girl, hoping to intimidate her.
She could not resist touching the girl's soft blond hair.

"You know, Rosemary, you're a very lovely girl, and I'm only thinking of
your own best interests. Masturbation, yes that it is the word for it,
masturbation is such a solitary activity. Don't isolate yourself by getting
into such a habit."

"You mean I should do it with other girls? Wouldn't that make me a lesbian,

"Rosemary!" the teacher said in a shocked voice. "Where on earth do you
girls learn about such things? Why, at your age I..I.."

"I'm sorry, Miss Bloom, I only meant that I'd quite like to do it with
another girl, but I don't want to be, you know, to become, ..."

"Child! Child! You don't know what you're talking about."

As she said this, the teacher pulled the girl to her feet and took her into her
arms, crushing her to her bosom in a gesture of comfort. Rosemary allowed
herself to be held, secretly enjoying the turn of events. She nuzzled into her
teacher's breasts and put her arms round the woman's waist. Then she raised
her face towards the teacher's and said in a tiny voice:

"I really didn't mean to make you angry, Miss Bloom. It makes me so unhappy
to think I might have upset you. You, of all people..."

As she spoke, she pressed against her, so that their bellies and their thighs
were touching.

"What do you mean, Rosemary, my dear: me of all people?"

Every fibre in Polly Bloom's body was tingling with the excitement of having
this delicious young creature so close. Rosemary's reply took her completely
by surprise.

"I love you, miss!"

As she said it, Rosemary stood on tiptoe, still entrapped in the woman's arms
and sought her mouth with her own. Polly Bloom's heart thumped in her chest,
her whole body trembled at the enormity of what was happening, but her desire
for the young girl overcame any remaining inhibitions she might have had. She
squeezed the girl in a lust-crazed embrace and crushed her lips against the
girl's sweetly parted lips.

Johanna too was lost in reverie, lulled by the rhythmic thrusting of
Rosemary's dildo up her cunt. She was remembering a time when... how old had
she been at the time? My god, ten! She had only been ten at the time of her
first and formative sexual encounter. She could still remember her fascination
the first time she had seen a man's prick. Even flaccid, it seemed enormous,
menacing, but enticing too, something she couldn't take her eyes off, like
watching a snake, almost hypnotised by the sight. And all that just because she
had seen a man take out his prick to have a piss. As she watched him flick it
out of his trousers, hold it casually by the shaft while he directed a powerful
jet of urine against a tree, and then shake it vigorously a few times, she knew
that, more than anything else in the world, she wanted to hold such a thing in
her hands. The man was no stranger to her. He was a friend of her parents', a
man who she used to call Uncle Wym, a jolly man who used to
bounce her on his knee. She liked that, although she sometimes wondered why
Unclr Wym got so red-faced and breathless as he bounced her on his lap, holding
her by the waist, her back to him, against his plump belly and bouncing her up
and down, up and down, until he would shudder in a funny way, let out a deep
sigh, and suddenly stop as if he had had enough....

And on this particular day, they had gone to the bottom of the garden to look
for frogs in the pond, and here he was, casually pissing against a tree, making
no effort to hide his fat suasage-like dick (that was the word her brother had
taught her) from her curious gaze. Of course the man knew that she was staring
goggle-eyed at his prick. It gave him a buzz to think that she was doing just
that. He made no attempt to put it away.

"Would you like to touch it, Jo?" he asked, holding it by the shaft and
directing it towards her. "Come on, it won't bite you!"

The little girl shook her head. She felt instinctively that it was wrong what
he was suggesting. What would her mummy say? It was as if he could read her

"Come on, you know you want to touch it. And it will be our little secret.
Mummy doesn't need to know, does she?"

Johanna smiled at the memory. She remembered vividly the feel of that fat prick
in her tiny hand, the curious feel of the ridges and thick veins and the big
knob and the silky foreskin that half-covered it. And the way it grew and grew
and grew in her hands - for it was clear that this was a two-handed job for a
little girl - until it stood up hard and erect like a fencepost. Her question
to Uncle Wym at that moment had made him laugh despite his randy state.

"What happens if it doesn't stop growing, Uncle Wym?"

She thought of how he showed her then what he wanted her to do. Her young arm
soon began to ache as she pumped her fist up and down over the long hard rod,
while her uncle lay back, eyes closed, allowing himself to be masturbated by
his little maidservant. It was the first of many such enounters at the frog
pond with Uncle Wym, and Johanna became adept at wanking him off. He even let
her kiss it sometimes, although she couldn't get more than the tip of it in
her mouth. And, nicest of all, he used to bounce on his lap, but it was much
better now, because she could trap his prick between her thin thighs and feel
its hardness pressing against her little cunt. She knew about fucking - at
least in theory - from her brother's vivid if not always accurate
descriptions, and so one day she asked Uncle Wym as she sat astride his
erection, holding it tightly as it thrust up and down between her thighs:

"Are we fucking, Uncle Wym?"

Breathlessly, the man explained that it was a sort of fucking, but not quite
the same.

"Can't we fuck, then, Uncle Wym? I think I'd like it."

The man looked at the innocent face as she peered back at him over her
shoulder. His hands tightened round her tiny waist. Yes, he badly wanted to
fuck her, but he was aware of the mismatch between her little girl's pussy,
not yet breached, and the substantial size of his prick.

"Well, Jo, if you'd like to take your knickers off, I could show you how it

She squealed with delight, and had her knickers off in a second before jumping
back on his lap, her back to him in the usual position.

"No, Johanna, turn round and face me, but put your legs round me."

She straddled him, letting her dress ride up round her waist, and pulling
herself to him so that his prick nestled hard against her little pussy, the way
she liked it. Immediately she wrapped her fist around the shaft of it and
started to toss him off.

"Is this fucking, Uncle Wym?"

"Not quite, dear," he said, hoarsely, finding it difficult to breathe, so
considerable was his sexual arousal at the sight of this ten-year-old Lolita
straddling his prick and eager for new sexual experiences. Holding her by the
waist, he lifted her like a doll until her twat was poised just above the tip
of his rampant penis.

"Wet the end of my dick. Use your spit."

The girl spat on her fingers and massaged the knob of his prick to make it wet.
She loved its velvety feel and the way it sort of trembled and twitched when
she touched it. It must be wonderful to have a dick, she thought, sadly aware
that all she had was a hole between her legs.

"Now, Jo, if we are going to fuck, I have to slide my dick into your hole. Do
you understand?"

"Won't it be too big, Uncle Wym? I've only got a little pussy."

Pussy! It was amazing the words this child knew, he thought.

"I know, sweetheart, so I'll only put it in a little way, and if it hurts,
you tell me and I'll take it out again."

Carefully, using all his will power to restrain his impulse to ram his prick
into her and fuck her hard and to hell with her pain, he lowered her onto his
prick, thrusting upwards to force its tip between her hairless cuntlips.

Johanna, straddling Rosemary's dildo, winced as she remembered the searing
pain of that penetration, the tearing, the blood, the tears, the relentless
thrusting of his cruel weapon into her cunt until he exploded inside her,
filling her with his hot spunk. Most of all, she remembered the expression on
his face, no longer kind and friendly, but hard and cruel, as if he enjoyed
hurting her.

"Sorry, pet, did I hurt you?" Rosemary asked tenderly, hearing Johanna's

"No, my love, you could never hurt me. I was just having a bad memory. I love
the way you fuck me, my love. Please don't stop. Don't ever stop!"

Rosemary kissed the back of Johanna's neck and fondled her breasts tenderly
while she continued to the rhythmic thrusting of her groin to force the dildo
deep into her, wanting to satisfy her, wanting to make her come, wanting to let
her know that whenever she wanted to have that feeling of a full vagina, she
could experience it better with a woman with a dildo than with any man.

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