Saturday, April 4, 2009

working on saturday

I was working another Saturday. Because no one was there, I was
spending hours on AOL, chatting, looking up pictures, getting very horny.
All of a sudden I heard someone. I quickly exited AOL, and started
shuffling papers. I turned around, and it was Chris. Chris hasn't worked
in our area for a few months, he got a new job, but here he was just
standing there. Christ is about 6 feet, nicely build, works out a lot,
blue eyes. He has a girlfriend, but he is very wild.

I was surprised to see him, so I asked him what brings him by. He
said that he knew I work Saturdays, so he decided to stop by and say hello.
We chatted, caught up on stuff, he talked about his girlfriend. Apparently
her latest thing was girl on girl action, and now she wanted guy on guy
action. He then tells me that's why he is here. I guess my face said a
lot, cause he laughed. He asked me if I ever thought of doing something
with a guy, at that point I had a huge bulge in my pants, so he guessed my
answer. He asked me to come to men's room with him, so I did....

Chris didn't waste any time. He unbuttoned my pants, and pulled
them down together with my boxers, and then lifted me up onto the sink.
Chris got on his knees in front of me and went at it. Oh, I had to close
my eyes, I felt so good. I have never had a man's mouth suck my hard, 8
inch uncut dick, and it felt so good. He started slow, and then faster and
faster, and it didn't take long before I shot the biggest and hottest load
ever. He swallowed every drop of it. Then he stood me up and turned me
around. I was in a daze and just did whatever he told me. He took out a
small bottle of lube, and started massaging it into my tight, hot, virgin
hole. One finger, two finger, three fingers, I gasped in pain. Then I
felt it...his head slowly, and then with a quick push his entire 9 inch,
thick piece of meat. I stopped breathing for a minute, and he almost came
because I was so tight. He started going in and out, slow, then faster,
and faster. Pretty soon I felt his balls slapping my ass, oh it felt so
good. Finally he froze, and I felt hot juices filling me up, and dripping
out. He pulled out, got on his knees and started licking my hole, and
drinking everything that came out.

Now it was my turn. Chris laid down on the bathroom floor, and I
started blowing that hard, hot and sticky dick of his. He told me that for
a first-timer I give a pretty good blow job. After a while, I felt Chris
tense up again, and I was rewarded with sweet and hot load of delicious
cum. I swallowed every drop of it. Then I lifted Chris' legs in the air,
and I got a view of a beautiful, pink, and tight ass hole. I lubed up, and
shoved my dick in their with all the strength. Christ let out a scream,
but begged me not to stop. I fucked him hard and fast, pounding in and out
oh his ass, and jerking his hard dick. I don't know where he gets all that
delicious liquid, but he came again, as I relieved myself in his hole. I
then got right into his hole, and licked it clean.

We laid there for a while, relaxing and catching our breaths.
Finally Chris asked me if I would like to join him and his girlfriend for a
threesome. Needless to say I agreed, but that's another story.

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