Saturday, April 4, 2009

Me and My Friends

It was a great Saturday to be out with my friends. My
two best friends Holli and Joe were everything you could ask for in
friends and a little more. Holli is about 5'6", about 115 pounds, she has
great red hair I would kill for, blue eyes and a body to marvel at. I'm
not much different. I'm 5'7", about 105 pounds, red hair that looks more
brown then red, green eyes that most guys love, and a body that rivals
most. Joe, just like us is tall and skinny. He's 6'3" about 170 pounds,
really curly brown hair that he keeps under a bucket hat, blue eyes that
see right through you and body that makes me laugh because he's so skinny
I have to laugh. Well the three of us are real close, sometimes I think
too close. We grew up in total different neighborhoods and all met in
strange ways. But that's not the story. It was a great Saturday to be out
and I wish the days were longer then they are. We were all at my house
trying to get ideas on what to do. Holli, being the youngest, thought of
something so immature I had to laugh. "Lets play truth or dare" Holli
said with glee. "That is so ninth grade" I said. "Well its something to
do" Joe said. "True but why do have to play some dumb game to kiss and
grope each other?" I said "Its legal this way" Joe said "I won't tell if
you won't," I said in a sneaky voice. That's when we got up and ran into
that house. I locked my bedroom door and closed the curtains. Joe sat on
the bed and Holli sat next to him. I walked over to Joe and sat on him. I
straddled him and started to blow in his ear. Holli got behind him and
started to kiss the back of his neck while feeling on my tits. I'll admit
my tits aren't big but I'm proud of my 36b tits. I proceeded to lick
Joe's neck and ear while Holli did the same to the other side. Joe
couldn't resist grabbing my face and pulling it to his where we started
to kiss. Holli pulled Joe back so we would be lying down. She made me
move my body off him. She began unbuckling his belt. She then unbuttoned
his pants. She unzipped his pants releasing his 8 inches of man hood.
Holli marveled at it and had to taste it. I looked down at her to see
what she was doing. I saw his cock in her mouth and I got so turned on I
moved down on him. I stuck my tongue out Holli started kissing me. We put
our kiss directly on Joe's hard-on. We sucked and licked it until he was
moaning uncontrollably. He was yelling " OH PLEASE ... DON'T STOP ... I
WANNA CUM IN YOUR HOT MOUTHS". That just made us suck harder. His cock
was bobbing in our mouths and he shot his load all over our mouths and
chins. Holli and I licked it off each other's faces. Joe was so turned on
by that he jumped on us and stripped us. Holli and I were still kissing
while I was stroking Joe's still rock hard cock. After he got us naked he
told Holli to get on top of me. Holli obeyed and pulled herself on top of
me never breaking our kiss. Joe told us to spread our legs. Like robots
we did it. Joe got between our legs and started to eat us out. He sucked
our clits into his mouth. He shoved a finger into my pussy then into
Holli's. It was so hard not to have an orgasm. His tongue teased our
clits. I couldn't take much more. He pinched my clit and a huge orgasm
swept my body. Holli soon followed. I turned over and told Joe to fuck
me. He stripped down and inserted his cock into my twat. I moaned when he
started to thrust. I started to scream so Holli stuck her pussy in my
face. I ate her out so I wouldn't scream. She tasted sweet and salty at
the same time. I stuck two fingers in her pussy and that's all she
needed. A powerful orgasm shot through I thought she was gonna wake the
dead with her screams. All this time Joe was still pumping me. He felt so
good inside of me I thought I would explode from the pleasure. I felt his
cock start to bob around and knew he was close. I reached under myself
and grabbed his balls and rubbed my fingernail across the spot between
his nuts and ass hole. That was all it took for him to shoot his jizz
deep inside me. Holli crawled under me and licked all the juices oozing
out of my pussy. Joe pulled his now limp cock out of me and I rolled
over. I said, "that was so great". Holli said, "it looked so good". I
laughed. Joe said, " Holli, get on your back its your turn". I got up and
sat in the chair facing the bed. Joe put his dick at the entrance to her
honey pot and rubbed her clit with his tool. Holli couldn't stand it and
grabbed his cock and put inside her. Joe had a look of ecstasy on his
boyish face. I couldn't help it, I had to masturbate. Joe pumped Holli
hard and fast. Holli was moaning and yelping in pleasure. I watched and
masturbated, working my clit and pinching my nipple. After what seemed
like a century Holli reached climax. She was bucking and squirming so
much Joe almost fell out. I came next. I was in my own world. When I came
out of it Joe was shooting his load all over Holli's face. I got up and
laid down on the bed next to Holli. After some cuddling we got up and got
dressed. We went outside and decided to go see a movie. That night we
made a pact not to tell anyone about this and make sure it happens again.

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