Saturday, April 4, 2009

My visit with Chris and Lisa

Chris decided that I should come over next weekend. So I patiently
awaited, thinking about it every day. Finally Saturday came, I worked,
stopped by my house, and was on the way to Chris' apartment. He opened the
door and said that Lisa, his girlfriend, isn't here yet. I suggested we
warm up, and he was happy to hear that, so we headed for his bedroom.

Chris put some porno in to get us in the mood, but I really didn't
care for it, I wanted the real thing. He said that he need to take a
shower. I was sitting there, watching the porno, stroking slowly. Then I
decided that I should help him cleanup, so I went to join him in the
shower. Damn he looked good, all soaped up! I started massaging his ass,
and he turned around smiling. I started rubbing the soap all over his
body, while he stroked himself. Finally he washed it all off, and I dried
him up. All of a sudden he pulled me in for a hot and passionate kiss.
What a feeling! Then he just straddled me, his legs wrapping around my
waste. That's how we walked into his bedroom, making out and him
straddling me. Well, Lisa was there waiting for us.

At first I kind of froze, but she asked to continue. I laid Chris
on the bed, and moved my lips more and more down his body, until I reached
his hot, stiff prick. In the corner of my eye I could see Lisa drop her
clothes and start massaging his clit. That sight excited me even more, and
I started sucking Chris harder, which got a loud moan out of him. All of a
sudden I felt my dick being licked, Lisa got hungry. So we decided to form
a triangle, I moved onto the bed without letting Chris' cock out of my
mouth. Lisa kept my dick in her mouth, and Chris got to taste Lisa's hot
and wet cunt. We went at it for a while, and then I felt Chris tense up
and in a few moments blow a hot load down my throat, I was so excited that
I came about the same time, and I felt Lisa swallow every drop.

After we were done "eating and drinking", we decided to FUCK! Lisa
got on her fours, and Chris entered her in her tight asshole. I figured
that I needed some action, so I got some lube and in a minute I was
pouniding Chris in his hole. After a while we got the rythm down, and we
were picking up the speed. All of a sudden I felt Chris' ass tighten up,
and I heard him moan. That made me cum right there, and Chris came in
Lisa's ass. I pulled out, and licked Lisa's asshole dry. In the meantime
she was drinking my juices out of Chris' ass.

Chris suggested that we all take a break, so we threw some clothes
on, got a few drinks and went on a porch to smoke. We relaxed for about
half an hour or so, and were anxious to get back. We decided it's time for
me to have some pussy.

I laid down on the bed and Lisa sat on me. I was hoping I would
get to taste Chris' cock while fucking Lisa, but he had other plans for it.
He noticed that Lisa ass hole was empty, and shoved his dick right in
there. Oh, she didn't expect that, she screamed. But after a while, she
was loving every minute of it. This went on for a while, as both Chris and
I have blown a few loads in the past hour or so, but we still came, nicely.
Lisa just fell on the bed, so I burried my face in her cunt, licking and
sucking her juices and my still hot cum. Well, that left my ass wide open,
and Chris didn't waste any time, only this time he didn't stick his dick in
it, he got a dildo, a HUGE dildo. I froze, cause I felt something ripping
my ass hole, but when it was all the way in, oh, it felt so good. He
started pounding my ass so hard, while jerking me with his other hand, but
Lisa relieved him of that, and took my hot dick in her mouth. Well, it
didn't take long before I came into Lisa's mouth, and fell on the bed

We all took a shower, and got cleaned up. We decided that we
definetly should do it again sometimes.

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