Saturday, April 18, 2009

Will's Hot Bisexual Surprises

Will is lying down totally nude on his bed. His hands are busily
thrusting a dildo inside his ass while his legs are high in the air. At
35, Will is a little on the stocky side with dark hair and quite a
masculine body lightly coated with dark hair. What a better way to relax
and enjoy reaching a climax after getting home from a long day at work
before eating dinner than this! Will continues his movement of inserting
the dildo inside his hot asshole in a fucking motion while sporting a
very hard 6-inch member! He would moan and moan over as if wishing some
hot man is drilling his ass right now! He would usually free one of his
hands to jack off on his meat when inching closer to an orgasm. Little
did he know that he was in for a huge surprise a few minutes later! An
attractive lady with long dark blonde hair about Will's age is now
standing in the doorway of Will's bedroom since the door is left open!
Will would keep his eyes closed most of the time while busily fucking
himself with that dildo but when he opened his eyes a little, he was more
than startled to see a figure standing in the doorway! It was none other
than Audrey who is Will's roommate's close friend!

Will's roommate named Wes who is also gay, has been out of town for
business for the next two weeks. They agreed to let Audrey stay in Wes'
room while renovations are made on her house during Wes' absence.
Therefore, Will completely forgot that today is the day when Audrey would
start her stay in the apartment. Will silently cursed at himself for
forgetting about Audrey and leaving his bedroom door wide open for
Audrey's observation especially when he is now caught in the most
embarrassing position with his roaring hard dick, large balls and asshole
stuffed with the dildo in front of her! Audrey doesn't appear shocked or
anything like that but to scoop the whole scene with enjoyment. It isn't
her intention to embarrass Will but to admire his body and how amazing he
would enjoy fucking himself with the dildo. Audrey casually said, "I
just got my suitcases into Wes' room and I would like to know if you have
any plans for dinner tonight?" Will just couldn't respond. He does
certainly feel that a cat has caught his tongue as he is still so stunned
being caught like this. It is his first time being naked in front of a
woman as an adult! Audrey sensing how awkward Will is feeling at this
moment, decides to leave & walk down the hallway.

Will's hands, of course, stopped their movements with the dildo up his
ass when he spotted Audrey standing at the doorway. But now she is gone
so Will resumes drilling his ass with greater determination that he would
cum in a few minutes. He would forget all about the shock of Audrey
catching him in the act soon enough. A couple of minutes later, Will is
already pushing the dildo even further into his ass at a furious pace
that he knows that it would be enough to make him cum without touching
his dick. The pleasures of being fucked by a dildo are now making him
even more horny. His cock is already leaking plenty of pre-cum,
signaling that a large cumload is due to erupt shortly! When he glimpses
at the doorway, Audrey is back standing with strong anticipation visible
in her eyes. She needs not to explain why she is back after a few
minutes. Will knows instantly that she is hoping to catch a glimpse of
him fucking himself and cumming all over his stomach and chest. But he
is gay. Having her standing there doesn't make him feel confident but to
ask her politely if she can close his bedroom door so he can finish his
sexual ritual in private!
Audrey thought to herself that it would be a big shame if she did not
get to see Will have such a blast cumming. Her curiosity just kept
growing and growing that it surprised her to find herself slowly walking
over to Will's bed. It is easy to imagine that Will would register total
shock on his face when Audrey approached him. He never thought that she
would have such guts to do it since she is his roommate's close
friend...not his! He was sure that she just couldn't help herself when
she happened to set eyes on a naked gorgeous guy. But he kept thinking
that she ought to have better self-control not to mention respect since
he happens to be her good friend's roommate! Thus, Will slowed down his
pace with the dildo up his ass in anticipation what would happen the next
with Audrey!

Audrey walked a few more steps before she would be inches away from
Will's naked body. Not knowing what to do the next, she said
impulsively, "Will, may I stroke your cock while you play with the
dildo?" Of course, Will was stunned at her words! Without waiting for
an answer, Audrey decided to take the risk of being yelled at and told to
leave immediately by reaching for Will's erection! At this point, Will
was too dumbfounded to find his voice but to stare at his dick now
fondled by Audrey's womanly hand! After a few minutes passed by, Will
started to relax a little. He could have claimed that he was only
dreaming! Feeling Audrey's hand steadily jerking his still rock dick,
Will decided to concentrate on drilling his ass with that dildo. He
would shut his eyes tight, still feeling Audrey's hand but wishing it was
his hand or even some hot guy's hand!

Audrey is now fighting the urge to suck on Will's prick. But resisting
the temptation, she is content with massaging his dick while Will keeps
going with the dildo going in and out of his ass. Will knows that he is
capable of cumming any minute but with the strange situation unfolding in
front of him with Audrey, the urge of cumming is disappearing so he stops
playing with the dildo by letting it slip out of his asshole. Looking up
to Audrey, Will has no idea what would happen the next but to let her
play with his meat for a while. Still awkward being with a woman like
this, Will looks up at the ceiling and plays with his nipples. When he
turns his face over to where Audrey is standing, he finds it really
strange to be like this with a woman. His roommate would flip over and
give Audrey such an earful for being so daring not to mention that she
could easily go out to a bar and meet some hot guys for some sex! In the
meantime, Audrey is still focusing on working on Will's prick. Without
thinking, Will would find himself reaching over to fondle Audrey's crotch
through the material of her tight jeans as if he would expect to feel a
basket there! Of course, both were so caught off guard that they looked
at each another directly. Will apologized and said that he was not
thinking straight as he somehow got caught up with the idea about her
being a guy! Audrey is already getting excited regarding her crotch that
she wastes no time urging Will to keep his hand there! To Will, it is
indeed strange to feel a basketless crotch where a dick or balls would be

After becoming a lot more comfortable in this weird situation, Will
starts having some strange thoughts. He never had any girlfriends or
even experimented sex with women. Since there is now a woman at his
side, he feels as if he is possessed by some strange forces as if to pull
out a long hidden side out of his inner soul that he never knows he has
it until this moment! He instantly knows what to do the next.
Surprising Audrey and himself even further, he starts unzipping Audrey's
jeans before unbuttoning. Audrey is astonished at this as she only
expected to watch Will cum or to bring him to an orgasm....nothing more.
But this is going much further than she would ever imagine. Of course,
she has always found Will to be attractive just like one of her closest
friends who happens to be Wes. Well aware that Will must be so curious
about a woman's body, she dropped her jeans then removed her blouse. Now
only clad in her bra and underwear, Will's heart starts beating so
rapidly. Never would he have thought that he would feel that way with
her even if she isn't naked yet! Audrey slowly took off her bra exposing
beautiful large breasts that made Will's eyes widen like saucers! She
knows when she pulls down her panties, everything would be different for
Will forever! Now her lightly hairy pussy is in full view of Will who
would stare at it out of amazement!

Feeling his heart beat even faster, Will motions Audrey to step closer
where he would reach to feel his very first pussy. At this moment,
Audrey would once again stroke Will's dick, hoping that Will would
continue to be sexually aroused when feeling her pussy! Will's first
instance is to finger that hot pussy to see how it is constructed. To
him, it is still totally foreign territory. He couldn't help but be
amazed how that pussy is capable of becoming so wet that he keeps
fingering it real good. He now could hear Audrey moan with delicious
pleasure. Totally forgetting about his rock hard prick, he concentrates
on exploring that pussy with his fingers before reaching up to her
breasts to squeeze softly. How different it is from men! Not able to
resist any longer, Will gets up on his feet to embrace Audrey warmly. He
would start kissing her on her neck and ears while running his hands
through her beautiful long hair. Completely different from embracing men
but Will is indeed enjoying the soft skin on Audrey. Then he starts
kissing her very passionately on the lips that Audrey is more than happy
to return the favor!

Will is in a daze never dreaming that he would be making out with a
woman! But he is savoring every second of it. He wastes no time leading
Audrey over to the bed where he would crawl over her to suck on her
nipples greedily. He would edge upward from time to time to steal hot
kisses from Audrey. Finally, Will is filled with such a powerful
desire....not merely a curious thought that he would go down to that
snatch. He knows how much he badly wants to eat that dripping strange he would feel that way after worshipping dicks and
male asses for many years. Therefore, his mouth ends up licking that
cunt where he would thrive at tasting everything that the cunt has to
offer! His tongue would continue to circle that cunt as if he cannot get
enough of it. Will is very surprised that he does love eating pussy that
he couldn't figure why he has been gay to start with! The thought of
entering Audrey is becoming so unspeakably exciting that he even becomes
to tremble a little. Audrey notices this and speaks with soothing words
that he needs not to be nervous about anything as he would be fine! She
knows that Will would be ready to fuck her any minute so she says, "Will,
I would love to taste your dick as I haven't had a chance to suck you
earlier!" In a flash, Will climbs over to Audrey's face where his prick
would lovingly enter her sensational lips! He starts to fuck her mouth.
How great to be sucked especially by a woman!

The minute has arrived when Will is about to enter his very first pussy,
he would tremble that he has a hard time opening the condom packet to
apply the condom on his dick. But he managed to accomplish the task.
Audrey has spread her legs all ready for Will's triumph. He would insert
his dick a little awkwardly inside her pussy before starting to plunge
all the way inside the love tunnel! To Will, his dick now deeply buried
inside a hot pussy, he wants this moment to last forever! He is already
loving pussy so much that he would gladly give up men for good at this
moment! But of course, it is only a fleeing thought! He fucks Audrey
rather aggressively as if his new side is struggling to emerge out of his
manhood! After a few minutes, he feels himself cumming. Such a rare
feeling of fantastic sexual explosion while he spills all his cum inside
her while she reaches a climax over and over. Afterward, he would bend
over to kiss her where their tongues would not want to part for a long

Will and Audrey would continue making wild love in the next week in
either Will's bed or Wes' bed. They would start sleeping together a few
nights later! They would roam around in the apartment totally naked
whenever they are home! Will is still in awe of his newly found interest
in the opposite sex and couldn't be any happier than that! He is too
busy having such a blast exploring Audrey's body and his abilities to
appreciate the wonderful female body that has to offer him, to think
about his gay lifestyle for the moment! Whenever his hand is close to
Audrey's beautiful pussy, he would always automatically finger her as he
just cannot get enough of that wonderful pussy. When they start sleeping
together, it has become Will's favorite morning ritual to eat and fuck
Audrey's pussy before he heads out to go to work. His days have become
more exciting lately. He would hardly wait to head back home after work
where he and Audrey would engage in endless variety of sexual activities!

At the end of the first week, Will has started feeling a need to have gay
sex. It has been a while since he last had sex with another guy. But he
doesn't want to have gay sex only as he wants Audrey to be involved. His
new fantasies would contain of Audrey watching him suck, rim, fuck and be
fucked by another guy. It would be a dream coming true if Will can have
gay sex with Audrey watching or even participating if the other guy is
willing. Very erotic! A bisexual threesome would be more preferable.
Will immediately remembers a friend of his who used to be married to a
woman briefly before becoming gay so he calls him only to be disappointed
that the guy now wants nothing to do with pussy! Will was rather
surprised as he always assumed that guy was a bisexual. Suddenly
thinking about a good gay buddy of his, Will decides to call him figuring
that he may be open-minded enough to have sex in front of Audrey.

Will opened the front door to let his gay buddy in. This buddy is Carl
who is a couple of years younger than Will. He is sporting a blonde
crewcut with a nice build...quite beefy but not there yet. Both of his
ears have several pierced earrings. He does have the look of being into
leather! Carl only has a purpose when Will called him with an unusual
request to fuck him while Will fucks Audrey. It would be solely to fuck
Will, that is all. Carl is usually open to trying anything including
watersports, fistfucking, bondage, etc., but anything to do with a woman
sexually would not be included! Thus, Carl chuckled when Will greeted
him at the door wearing nothing. Will motioned him to follow him to his
bedroom where Audrey would be waiting for them! Carl now has some
thoughts popping up on his mind as he never has been involved in
something unique like this especially when it involves a woman. Always
having been gay or should it be said that he is very proudly gay, he
would just consider it to be an interesting addition to his collection of
many bizarre sexual encounters with men!
Audrey is fingering herself on Will's bed when Will and Carl entered
into the bedroom. Introductions are made. Carl doesn't give Audrey's
body a good look except to acknowledge that she is indeed a woman!
Audrey's pussy is already soaking with juices along with Will's salvia
when he ate her out real good before Carl rang the doorbell. For Carl,
he is marveling that his buddy Will is now into women as he always knew
him to be gay for years! He observes how Will would caress Audrey's
breasts before pulling a condom over his erect dick to process fucking
her hot cunt. Once Will is completely buried inside Audrey, Carl removed
his clothes but a little hastily since there is a woman in the room. He
would keep his eyes on Will's back and ass while he strokes his dick to
become hard. Finally, Carl's dick is fully erect that he put on a condom
before applying lube on the shaft and Will's asshole. Entering his ass,
Carl starts to fuck viciously as he knows that Will wants it so badly.
In the meantime, Will is enjoying himself so much that he wonders if it
can get too much. His dick is already drilling inside that gorgeous
pussy while his ass is being pounded by Carl. Such feelings are hard to
describe but that it is so fantastic! He hopes that Carl would fuck him
harder and harder in which his wish would be granted in a minute! After
15 minutes have passed by, Will knows he would be about to cum so he
pushes his dick even further inside Audrey who is already having an
orgasm. Therefore, Will almost blacked out with such sensational
feelings of being fucked and inside a hot pussy at the same time. He is
more than certain that his condom is probably overflowing with his cum!
Then he could feel Carl tense behind which only means that Carl is
already cumming inside his ass! Now everyone remains in the same
position with Carl resting on Will's back while Will is laying on the top
of Audrey's womanly body! Small talk would follow among them!

When both Will and Carl remove their dicks from the holes to get off the
bed and stand, Carl's eyes are suddenly fixated on Audrey's spread legs
exposing her soaked pussy. Carl thought to himself that some unknown
forces must be overtaking him as he never would care to look at any
pussies until this moment. He would step closer to Audrey and bend over
to observe her well-used pussy! Will cannot help but grin knowing that
even gays can get curious about the opposite sex if the opportunity
arises where they would be in contact with naked women! He secretly is
hoping that Carl would go all the way with Audrey as it would be such a
hot kick to watch a gay guy making it out with a woman for the first

Carl is still observing how Audrey's pussy is constructed that he nearly
nods forward to taste it but stops himself in time. Hey, he thinks to
himself that he is really gay so why should he even bother to try eating
pussy? But after seeing Will have such a blast fucking Audrey, Carl
decides to do something that he would never dream of doing before. He
asked Audrey rather timidly if he could try fucking her just for the sake
of experimenting as it may be his only opportunity to try pussy! Of
course, Audrey beamed and leaned to hug and kiss him but he stepped
back. She now realizes that he would not go into mushy stuff with
women...not yet. So she tosses a condom over to Carl who opens it to
pull on his already hard dick! Will is enjoying the scene hardly
believing his would be much better if Carl lets himself to be
more affectionate with Audrey but understands that Carl is solidly gay!
Will stops breathing for a minute when he watches Carl take hold of his
dick to enter Audrey's pussy. As for Carl, it has proven to be a very
strange experience feeling pussy for the first time.

Carl has been enjoying fucking his first pussy but still resists from
kissing Audrey. He would not even think of sweet talking with her since
he is only attracted to men! His full concentration is to fuck and feel
every inch of that vagina tunnel. Sure feels sooooooooooo good but he
still doesn't feel attracted to Audrey. At least, her pussy is capable
to give Carl endless pleasures while he fucks and fucks! Will couldn't
stand it anymore that he put on a condom to enter Carl's ass while Carl
is inside Audrey! Therefore, all of them are caught in a rapid motion as
if they can't get enough of the sizzling hot action. Soon enough, they
would achieve earth-shattering orgasms! Carl is the first person to get
off the bed to get dressed. He really did enjoy the bisexual threesome
very much which has proved to be interesting and mindbogging! He has to
leave immediately so after promising Will that they would get together
for dinner soon, he says, "So long, Audrey!" Then he was gone. Audrey
could tell by his tone that he would have no intention of fucking a woman
again but she could be proved to be wrong someday!

The next evening, Audrey presented Will with a surprise gift containing a
strap-on dildo! She has seen how much Will enjoyed being fucked in the
ass the previous evening so she wants him to enjoy more variety of sex to
remind him of his cherished gay lifestyle! Will is more delighted but
wished that he could have kicked himself for not thinking of this! In no
time, they would be naked on the bed where Will would be on his back,
raising his legs and ass for Audrey to fuck him with the exciting
strap-on dildo. How Will loves to be fucked by her with her breasts
moving in a shaking motion while she is over his face, fucking his ass
real good! Audrey can't get enough of the image where Will would cum all
over his stomach and chest! After that, they would hold each another for
a while before Will begs to be fucked again. But before going ahead,
Will would lower himself to lick and eat Audrey's pussy while she would
spill out her juices much to his delight! Once Audrey fucks Will again,
it is even better this time as Audrey is getting more used to using the
strap-on dildo that she could hear him begging to be fucked harder! How
he wishes a man or woman would sit on his face at this minute so he can
enjoy rimming or eating pussy! So when he cums, Audrey is treated to a
delicious sight where some of the cumload would land on Will's face
especially on his cheeks! Then they would be locked in a long kissing
session before going to dinner!

The day when Wes is scheduled to arrive home is getting closer and
closer. Both Will and Audrey are not sure how to break the news to him
as they are scared that he would feel betrayed by them. But they cannot
figure the best way to let him know. However, they decide to put the
matter to rest for the rest of the week while they would continue having
hot sex everyday. Will is starting to wonder how it would be like when
Audrey leaves. Would he be able to live without that fabulous pussy
after completely enjoying it for nearly two weeks now?

Sunday comes. Wes will be home the next day on Monday. It is the last
day when Will and Audrey would have time together as a couple. It would
be 2 weeks the next day when Will first discovered the wonderful world of
pussy. How much his life has changed since ever. For the first time, he
feels totally confident about his sexuality and outlook for the future.
Now he would not limit himself to men anymore since Audrey has proved
that he could totally enjoy sex with women just like he would with men!
Naturally, he chooses not to waste any precious moments with Audrey today
but to stay in the apartment all day to enjoy her body to many aspects!
They are now on Wes' bed making aggressive love that their hands are all
over each another. They would be kissing so passionately as if they want
to join into one person!
Unknown to Will and Audrey, Wes appears at the doorway of his bedroom.
Yes, he was due to arrive home the next day but somehow was able to get
an earlier flight back home. Of course, he is not prepared for the sight
taking place on his bed. At first, he thought it was Audrey enjoying
being fucked by some guy. But it is none other than Will who happens to
be his own gay roommate! Many thoughts and confused feelings would come
overflowing Wes while he witnesses the whole scene. He has known Will
since their early twenties...they are practically the same age & have
shared so many things and feelings. Even if they had some light sex a
few times in the course of their friendship, they would feel more
comfortable as best buddies and roommates! Still unbelieving what his
eyes would see, it is so strange seeing Will enjoy heterosexual sex so
much as if he has been doing it for years! Did Will hide his affair with
Audrey from him? Wes decided against that possibility as Will and Audrey
have had been on great terms with him before he left for his business
trip. He figured that Audrey must be the culprit! Since she is one of
his dearest friends, she is known about her remarks trying to seduce gay
men since they are so good looking including Wes. But Wes would be firm
saying that she should not dare play mind games to try seducing gay men.
She would even beg to see him naked and even feel his crotch but he
always would forbid it! It is becoming clear that Will may be somehow
caught in Audrey's games since they would be in the same place for two

Wes is starting to enjoy the sounds of sex between the couple as well as
the sight of them moaning with so much pleasures! They still haven't
seen him standing nearby or even heard him come in! Wes used to have a
girlfriend back in high school that the relationship had become serious
to the point where the girlfriend suggested that they should start having
sex. Not being attracted sexually to her, Wes had to make up some kinds
of excuses about not wanting to get her pregnant! Later on, they would
part as the relationship appeared to hit a dead end. So now Wes is
watching Will pound Audrey's pussy harder and harder as if he can't get
enough of it! After watching for a few more minutes, Wes could feel
himself getting hard. Not sure if he should walk across the room to let
them know he is home or what, the last thing he would hate is to
interrupt this scorching hot sex scene. What is he supposed to do? He
decides to remove his clothes very quietly that he would be found wearing
his white briefs only. With dirty blonde hair and green eyes along with
a smooth slim body which is a little on the muscular side, he is indeed
hot looking and younger than his actual age. He would normally get naked
but feels rather funny when it comes to Audrey being in the same room.
So he starts fondling himself through the material of his white briefs!

Will finally slammed inside Audrey's hungry pussy for the last time
before releasing cum. He could feel his pubic hair and balls get wetter
and wetter while Audrey is breathing so hard, achieving another round of
climaxes! Already wet with sweat all over their bodies, they kiss each
another softly as if to thank for such a wonderful time. Their attention
is now distracted by the figure of Wes slowly walking toward them.
Needless to say, Will and Audrey were stunned beyond their imagination
seeing him there especially after having great sex. Scared feelings are
overcoming Will thinking how it would affect his long friendship with
Wes. At the same time, Audrey has guilt written all over her as if she
was caught in a forbidden act! Much to their relief, Wes didn't appear
to be upset with them but to say in a soft voice inquiring about how they
end up like this! Wes continues to massage his cock through his
underwear while Will and Audrey take turns at spilling all the details in
which Wes finds to be amusing and very erotic!

Will and Audrey find it to be rather strange that Wes would be only in
his underwear and playing with himself in front with them. Both of them
had the same feeling that he must be turned on by their hot sex scene
that they decide to lure him into the wonderful world of bisexuality.
Wes nearly jumped when Audrey pulled down his briefs as he is still shy
being naked in front of her but it is already too late. Audrey now has
his dick inside her mouth, sucking and sucking while Will flashes his
widest grin at Wes, reassuring him that he would find it very enjoyable!
Will walked around the bed to place his arm around Wes and massage his
shoulders, back and ass while stealing some kisses from him. Audrey
starts licking Wes' balls and running her hands through his pubic hair.
Any reservations about being naked or further with Audrey disappeared for
Wes that he is ready to confront whatever comes along his way!

With mounting encouragement from Will, Wes buries his face in Audrey's
dripping cunt. So unbelievable that Wes would enjoy making love to that
pussy with his tongue. What is even better about it is that Will is now
fingering Wes' asshole while Wes continues to have a delicious feast with
his first pussy! Will is definitely a great mentor by sliding a condom
over Wes' dick and gently guide it inside Audrey's pussy. Therefore, Wes
keeps thinking over and over that it must be a dream in which he would
wake up any second. But no, this is reality taking place. Loving it to
no ends, Wes fucks Audrey not ever wanting to let his dick out of that
pussy. His dick feels just right inside that cunt where his balls would
be all over her asshole!

After admiring the scene of Wes having his first pussy, Will would rim
his ass for a few minutes before shoving his meat inside. Wes finds it
so amazing to be locked between two people while he fucks Audrey and is
fucked by Will at the same time. Soon enough, they would be heard with
loud moans when precious cum and juices are released! Wes still can't
get over the whole thing that he would cuddle with Audrey where he would
kiss all over her body out of appreciation. Will decides at this point
that he better leave the room so Wes and Audrey can have some privacy
only to be asked by Wes to stay longer. Seems that Wes is not ready to
be alone with a woman in this situation so Will was more than happy to
stay. An hour later, Will left after sensing that Wes is becoming
comfortable enough. Will would love to spend another night with Audrey
but since Wes is back home sooner, he wants Wes to experience his first
night with a woman. As for Wes, he still has some awkwardness left
inside his body when it comes to Audrey, he wishes that Will would have
slept with them but he would make the best of it!

The next morning when Will walks by Wes' room, he could tell that Wes did
indeed have a great night with Audrey. Why, he never has seen Wes grin
so widely from ear to ear. Wes is cuddling with Audrey...both are still
naked. It is very obvious to Will that Wes must have some hot fucking
times with her overnight! When Will is in the kitchen preparing
breakfast before going to work, Wes and Audrey would walk in holding
hands. Wes seems to be in so much love with Audrey that he does look
like he would not let her out of his sight! Why, they would steal kisses
with each another from time to time while Will would chuckle with

Audrey would leave later on the same day to return to her house. Both
Will and Wes would remain roommates and resume their gay lifestyles. But
they would get together with Audrey often to bring out their bisexual
desires in a discreet manner. They would get accustomed to taking turns
at eating and fucking her pussy. Talk about hidden yearnings for Will
and Wes after they would only have sex with men for many years until
Audrey came along and changed everything! Never in their wildest dreams
would they embrace bisexuality so lovingly but it is what happened!

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