Saturday, April 18, 2009

Me her and him part 2

My name is Dan, this is part 2 to the story I never finished.

The last few lines were

Just at that point Marie walked in, " thats him all happy,
I... Fucking hell! What do you think you are doing?".

"What does it look like" said Rob, "just doing our freind a
"Well that's exactly what I wanted to do.... though I didn't
realise you were so... easy going Dan, I though you liked me"
"I do", I replied, "but I thought you were just into
"Well I didn't want to appear too pushy, a girl can get a
reputation you know, still now we understand each other we
may as well widen this party to a threesome, I assume you
still want to fuck me Dan?"
"Absolutely" I cried, " but I will need a few minuted to get
hard again"
"No problem" Marie said "Rob and I will get that cock hard in
no time while I sit on your face, thats if you don't mind
licking out the come that Rob gave me before my phone call, I
can assure you it's delicious"
I said nothing but smiled as I stipped off and lay down on
the floor, Marie knelt over me a nd lowered her face to my
cock and her cunt to my face, it was dripping with her and
robs juices and I could feel the heat long before my tounge
touched her lips. She was right, robs spunk tasted fantastic
and there was plenty of it, as I licked and sucked her clit
to orgasm I had mouthfuls of spunk and juice to drink down.
Very soon my cock was rock hard again with the help of Marie
and Rob.

Marie got off and ran into the bedroom, "Come on" she
shouted, Rob got up and pulled me up, "Get fucking mate" he
said as he gave my balls a quick squeeze. I went in to the
bedroom to find Marie spread out on the bed and waiting, she
had a huge vibrator and was running it up and down her cunt
lips getting it nice and wet, as I got closer she lifted her
legs up and pushed the 7 inch vibe up her ass, "get that cock
in my pussy and fill me up Dan" she said, I lost no time
getting on the bed, I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and
knelt on the bed and shoved my cock right into her soaking
cunt, I could feel my balls resting on the end of the
vibrator and the buzzing from it inside her was amazing.

I started a nice slow, deep fuck when rob came in, he got on
the bed and knelt over Marie so I could suck on his cock at
the same time. It wasn't long before he was shooting his
load int my mouth, " dont swallow it all" gasped marie, she
was getting close to cumming herself. As rob withdrew from my
mouth I leant over and french kissed his spunk into maries
mouth, she came in seconds, I had to hold on tight, she is
very stong and nearly threw me off her. That pushed me over
the edge and I screamed out as I filled her full of my second
load of the day as the vibe still buzzed away in her ass. We
collapsed on the bed in each others arms, kissing and
cleaning spunk and juices from each others bodies.

"We had better get back to work" Marie said, we got up,
washed and dressed. "see you guys next week, I'll get some
lube so you can get that cosk up my ass" rob called,
"likewise" I said, "as long as theres plenty for me left"
marie said as we jumped on the bike and back to work.

We didn't see each other for the rest of the day, It wasn't
till 5 that Marie came into my office with a big smile on her
face, "I have to visit the office in London next week, it's
an overnight stay and we need an extra pair of hands, I
suggested you might be available", "no problem" I said " with
extra help we can get the job finished earlier and have more
playtime afterwards, "exactly what I thought" said marie as
she walked round behind my desk an knelt down between my
legs, got my cock out and proceeded to give me a blow job
there in my office. Fortunately she was hidden from veiw as
our boss Julia came in, "I'm coming on the trip to london too
as I wan't to see you at work in the field... you look a bit
flustered Dan are you OK?" Julia looked at me with a hint of
suspicion on her face, I hoped she didn't realised where
Marie was and wht she was doing. "I'm fine, I think
something I had at lunch time is playing me up" Marie at that
point had put her finger right up my ass. "ok Dan be ready
to leave 9am Monday" and she left closing the door behind
her, a couple of minutes later I was uloading my balls down
Maries throat.

"Shit, I hope we can get away from her on Monday night" Marie
said climbing out from under her desk. "I'm sure we'll think
of something" I replied. " but get here for 8 on Monday so
we can fuck before we go, just in case"

The trip away soon

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