Saturday, April 18, 2009

Me her and him part 1

This is a story about me, a real person (F) and a fantasy person (M) in a
fantasy situation.

My name is Dan, I work for an engineering company.

Marie works in the same office as me, she is a pettite 24 year old with
long curly hair a really great body with plenty of curves and fantastic
breasts, of what I can see through her jumper. We have endless flirting
and eye to eye contact usually ten plus times a day. I often think about
her when satisfying myself and have had a few vivid dreams about her
ending just short of sex.

She has recently taken to disappearing off on a Friday lunchtime in a
rush and returning in a rush as well.

I thought I would ask her about it last Thursday at lunch. " Off to see
your boyfriend tomorrow?"

"No, I have a friend called Rob who works across town, I meet him for
lunch" Marie replied.

"Keeping it quiet from your boyfriend?" I asked with a mock wink.

"Not at all, Steve ( Marie's Boyfriend) knows Rob, he trusts me because
he thinks Rob is Gay."

"What do you mean `thinks'", I started to get excited as I thought I
was about to be told of a secret affair.

"Well he's bisexual, Steve wouldn't trust me with him if he knew that"

"your secrets safe with me" I said with a teasing tone.

The next day I was walking across the carpark when I noticed Marie
looking under the bonnet of her car sweaing out loud, she had a thin pair
of trousers on that clung to her backside showing off how tight and
rounded it was. Resisting the temptation to grab it I walked up and asked
her if I could help.

"I need to get to Robs house but the car won't start." She sobbed.

"I can give you a lift on my bike if you want I've got a spare crash
helmet." I offered

"please, that would be great"

as we drove the couple of miles across town I kept the engine at just the
right revs to make the vibrations of the bike resonate through the seat,
it's as good as any vibrator if you sit just right.

I could feel Marie adjusting her position a few times on the journey and
could tell she was making the most of the vibrations, at the traffic
lights I turned round and asked if she was ok, "mmm fine

Thanks" she replied with a very pleased look on her face. I was making
the most of the journey too, my cock was straining against my jeans, I
knew I would have to stop off on the way back to the office to sort it

She directed me to a row of detached houses just outside town, as we
pulled up a sports car arrived and out jumped Rob, he was 6ft tall dark
haired with a tight muscular body, from the bulge in his jeans I could
tell he had a good 9 inches tucked away. I got off the bike to help Marie
with her crash helmet and caught a glimpse of Rob looking towards my
jeans, the thought of him checking out my package made it throb even

"thanks for the lift Dan" Marie said, " this is Rob, Rob this is Dan"
Marie explained my presence.

"pleased to meet you Dan, our knight in shining armour, come in for some
refreshment, no point in wasting your lunch running to a fro the office."

There goes my chance for relief I said to myself "sure thanks".

As we walked up the path Marie pulled me to one side " Listen Dan and I
have planned some serious sex this lunchtime, I hope you don't mind
making yourself at home in the lounge"

I got a bit flustered and made an attempt at brushing it aside with a
smutty answer " well I usually sit in my lounge with tissues and porn"

"Rob keeps his porn in the cupboard under the TV" she replied with a very
dirty smile.

We went in via the back door and into the lounge, Marie and Rob
disappeared into the bedroom and I sat on the sofa in the lounge, it
wasn't long before the noises from the bedroom could be heard throughout
the house. I decided I would check Maries suggestion and looked in the
cupboard, to my delight it was stacked with all sorts of magazines and
videos, I chose one of the Festish mags, I like a bit of watersports
especially Bi stuff which this one was full of. " I'll nip into the
toilet soon" I thought to myself.

I hears a mobile phone ring and the noises stop, Rob came into the
lounge, naked with a half erect 9 incher hanging proudly, " found the
stash then?" he said.

I was a bit taken a back by this, " well seeing as though you two are
enjoying yourselves I may as well put my spare time to good use"

Rob stood beside me " ahh Bi Watersports, like all this do you?"

" well I've tried a few things, a bit of variety is nice."

" I agree" said Rob, his cock started to stiffen, " but that mag is no
match for a nice hot piece of ass or cock"

" well this is all I've got a the moment" holding up the mag, "might
have to use your bathroom to sort myself out with all this talk of ass
and cock and with you standing there waving that thing around, Where's

"just talking to her boyfriend, he always phones up to check she's here,
he thinks we sit here talking about fashion and cooking, her little gay

" not so little I can see"

The atmosphere in the room started to thicken with sexual tension

"I can see by the bulge in your jeans that you're not so little" rob

"well not up to your standards"

"well I'm sure it's more than adequate, lets have a look"

I was a bit taken aback as he knelt in fron of me and started to undo my
jeans, my pulse was thumping as I lifted my ass up and he pulled my jeans
and pants down over my knees, my cock leapt out dripping pre-cum like a
leaky tap, he looked into up my eyes and gently grabbed it with one hand.

"mmm a nice size, bet it tastes great, may I?"

"sure" I replied eagerly

he lowered his head and took the tip into his mouth, I lifted my hips up
to meet his mouth as he slipped his hand under my buttocks until his
finger found my anus and he gently applied pressure.

I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of his throat as he put his finger
into my mouth for me to lubricate, he then found my ass again and slid
his wet finger in. This was too much as I orgasmed with a muffled "fuck"
flooding hot cum into his mouth, he swallowed it all down as he fucked my
ass with his finger.

Just at that point Marie walked in, " that him all happy, I... Fucking
hell! What do you think you are doing?"

What happens next, soon.

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