Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bi-Adult: The Encounter Part 1

It was a bright sunny morning in Elkton, MD. The sun had just risen a few
hours before. Just as the sun has risen, so do three people that are about
to embark on a tempestuous day of nervousness, excitement, anticipation, and
pleasure. Jeremy, Wendy and Marc are meeting in the lobby of the Hotel.
They have all had an early breakfast on their own. The plan is to do be
there for introductions in the lobby at 10am.

They have seen each other's faces, exchanged desires, yet they do not quite
know how to react. They have the feeling of a new relationship -- with that
comes the excitement of something unknown and different. Marc arrives
dressed in tan Docker pants and a golf shirt. He is there and looking for
people he knows -- yet doesn't. He strokes his goatee and checks the time.
Soon he finds what he is looking for.

Exiting the elevator are Jeremy and Wendy. They are dressed as if prepared
for a business casual day at work, yet Marc could hardly contain his
excitement when -- with a second glance, noticed that Wendy was wearing no
stockings with her short skirt. Her low-cut neckline was also very
apparent. Marc recognized them instantly. That was the gorgeous set of
tits from the pictures. She was pretty -- and sexy. Marc felt a pulse in
his pants. Marc greeted the two with kisses on the cheek to Wendy and a
firm handshake to Jeremy. Marc couldn't help but notice how Wendy guided
his hand to her tit when he gave her a kiss.

The plan was to get coffee in the room and have a few Mamosas. We went
back to the room. I smelled the cologne and perfumes in the elevator of
Wendy and Jeremy. The fragrances of both were very sexual and pleasurable.
I though of how I was going to initiate the contact. I could tell that both
Jeremy and Wendy were on the edge of exploding with excitement. It was on
their face. It was apparent when I noticed that Wendy had reached down and
was rubbing Jeremy's cock through his pants. He had a grin on his fact that
looked like he was ready to sit down and take a blow right there in the
elevator. The ding of the elevator came to the 3rd floor. We offered for
Wendy to exit first. I took the opportunity to take in the view of the back
of her shapely legs and creamy thighs. I could already feel my hands
running up and down those legs.

We arrived at the room that Jeremy and Wendy had booked and slept in the
night before. There was a single King Sized bed. Beside the bed was a
bottle of Champagne and Orange Juice. The three of us sat down on the bed.
Wendy took off her shoes and climbed to the middle of the bed. I sat on one
corner and Jeremy sat next to Wendy closer to the head of the bed. Jeremy
popped the cork off the bottle and began to make drinks for the three of us.
I noticed that Wendy seemed to be undressing me with her eyes as Jeremy
and I were talking. Jeremy and I had some conversation about the trip to
the hotel, the accommodations, and the service. Wendy said, "The nice thing
about this place is that the bed is sooooo comfortable...," as she did that,
she slowly lowered herself on her back and raised her knee briefly so that I
could catch a glimpse of her sheer panties. My cock throbbed to life at
that brief view of her pussy.

We had a few drinks. I told them about myself and my sexual past, and I
got to learn more about what they liked and how they liked it. I noticed
the entire time that Wendy was getting closer to Jeremy on the bed. She
would briefly touch Jeremy's leg or rub his back. During a few times when I
was telling a story about a sexual exploit, Wendy reached over to squeeze
Jeremy's cock. Jeremy would respond with a stroke of Wendy's tits.

I was aroused beyond belief, and it hadn't really started yet. We shared
so much within those 30-45 minutes that I felt I knew them forever. At one
point in the conversation Wendy shifted herself to a position where she was
somewhat between Jeremy and me. As the talk continued, Wendy continued to
touch me and Jeremy. Her hand lingered longer on my leg each time. Wendy
got up to go to the bathroom. When she returned, she sat next to me and
said to Jeremy, "I understand that you want to get to know us better, but I
have a better way." She proceeded to rub my shoulders. I kicked off my
shoes, as did Jeremy. Wendy's hands on me felt great. I could imagine her
hands all over my body. She let her hands stray to my chest, my sides, my
arms and my ass. She reached around and unbuckled the belt on my pants,
gently brushing my throbbing cock. I felt her tits on my back as she
reached around me. Jeremy was lying on his back about a foot away. He was
rubbing his own hard cock.

I gave a look to Jeremy as if to ask if it is OK, and he just gave me a
smile and a nod. I turned around and was eye level with her tits. I knelt
up on the bed so that I was at eye level with her. I put my arms around her
and began to kiss her neck and chest. I could feel her breathing increase
and her trembling get stronger. I pulled her close to me and lifted her up,
with her body against me. She thrust her hips toward me. I stroked my
member back against her. I turned around and laid her on the bed. I waved
to Jeremy to join in. I wanted this to be a true threesome. I pulled
Wendy's top down to expose her nice, round breasts. I took her hard nipple
in my mouth and sucked them gently, then harder. My other hand caressed her
thigh. Jeremy was sucking her other tit and occasionally reaching down for
his own cock. Wendy sat up suddenly and threw off her clothes in the heat
of passion. She only had her sheer panties on! I was so was
Jeremy from the look of his hand on his pants!

After a few minutes went by of sucking and stroking, I decided to take the
initiative. I have been waiting so long to taste her pussy. I pulled her
underwear off, and lifted her knees up. I looked at that beautiful pussy
with its glistening lips. I began by kissing her inner thighs, and licking
her outer lips so that she would only feel an occasional twinge and caress
from my tongue on her swollen clit. After it seems that Wendy could take no
more of the teasing, I slowly and softly began to suck and lick her hardened
clit. Wendy thrust her hips forward and moaned loudly. So did Jeremy, as
the fact of her pleasure made him even harder. At that, Wendy pawed with
one hand at his cock, wanting him to release it for her. I continued to
lick and tongue Wendy's pussy and asshole...licking her up and down slower
then faster, then slower again.

When I thought she could take it no more, I stopped and climbed up to kiss
Wendy on the lips and rub her juices all over her face with my kisses. She
lapped it off of my face and thrust her hips at the thought. Wendy
immediately went to kiss Jeremy with her juices on her own lips...I saw his
cock jump at the fact.

Wendy leaned toward me and said that I eat pussy very well and that she
should return the favor. I lay on my back and Wendy climbed between my
legs. She rubbed her tits on my cock that had become so engorged with
excitement that I thought it would truly explode. It was dripping with
pre-cum and twitching with anticipation. She grasped my cock with both
hands and began to kiss the sides of my shaft and lick my balls. Very nice
indeed!!! I had always pictured this moment from the time I saw their
pictures on the Internet! Jeremy was next to her with his raging hard on.
I motioned for him to approach me and I whispered in his ear that I want him
to suck me off with her. She nodded and crawled up next to her. She looked
at him and started to back off. He said, "Just keep doing what you are
doing." Wendy continued to lick and suck my cock. Jeremy came over to my
stiffness that Wendy was licking and started to touch it and stroke it while
she sucked the head. The wonderful part was when he licked and sucked the
side of my shaft with her!!! I thought I was going to die. I had never had
a tongue on my balls and a mouth on my cock at the same time!!! Heaven!!!
I enjoyed it for as long as I could. Now it was Jeremy's turn.

Jeremy laid back and I immediately crawled between his legs. I began to
lick his balls and gently lick his shaft...eventually finishing up with his
swollen head. Wendy laid back and watched as I went down on him and took
almost all of his cock!!! He was lathered up pretty well by the time he was
almost ready to cum... I sat up and took a breather as we all needed to calm
down if it was going to last. That didn't last long; when we were talking
Jeremy reached over and started stroking my cock! MMMM Felt good!!! I
reached over as started stroking his. Nice cock he has!!! Wendy came over
and slipped a condom on my cock in a quick movement that I had never seen.
She began rubbing her clit and spreading her lips. Jeremy continued to hold
onto my cock as I lay on my back fully erect. Wendy stood over top of me
and mounted me. Jeremy guided my cock to her pussy and proceeded to rub my
balls as she pounded me! What a pleasant surprise!

We fucked for about 20 minutes...slow, then faster...I finally pulled out (not
going to let myself blow the load yet!) throbbing and panting. Jeremy took
my place between her legs. She was fucking him like an animal! I got
between their legs and started to lick Jeremy's balls and tongue his cock to
taste them together. They felt wonderful together. I could literally feel
the juices coming out of her! I continued by tonguing her ass hole...nice
pucker! I could feel her pushing out to open it for me. I stuck a lubed
finger into her hole and I could feel Jeremy's cock through the wall of her
ass as he fucked her even harder. I backed off and dangled my cock over her
ass. With a new rubber on, I proceeded to try to slide my cock into her
pussy and DP Wendy. She screamed in delight and reached around to pull me
closer. As I hovered over her, I reached around to play with her beautiful
tits. Jeremy's hands were on them and we felt them together.

I could feel his cock rubbing me and penetrating her. It was too much for
me to handle...I was going to cum in a second...I sensed the same from Jeremy,
so I backed out and went for her ass. With plenty of lube and time, I got
my cock into her ass, as Jeremy resumed fucking Wendy's pussy.

Ten minutes later, we shifted positions and I was on the bottom -- fucking
her pussy, and Jeremy was doing her ass. Jeremy pulled out of her ass and
shouted, "I can't hold it any more!!" I told him to come to our faces. He
immediately held his dick in my and Wendy's faces. I sucked his shaft and
she took his head. He came so hard that I could hear it squirting in her
mouth. Some dripped out and I picked up the excess...and licked him clean.
We continued to fuck until Wendy came for the 3rd time. Her pressure and
moaning made me want to cum. I took my rubber off and began to stroke my
cock. Wendy was kind enough to lend a hand, as was Jeremy! I came so hard
that my first shot hit was lost as it hit my stomach. Jeremy and Wendy
shared the sucking and cleanup. We all got a shower together and laid down
in bed for a nap. We fell asleep until 1pm.

I woke up and noticed that Jeremy and Wendy were awake and fondling each
other. I immediately stood to attention...well at least part of me did. Here
we go again!!!

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