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When Opportunity Knocks 1of 3

"This is really a great party, Mrs. Ryton, but I'm afraid we're going to
have to be leaving." Jim Owens told his boss's wife Sherry, having to speak
loud to be heard over the music and noise in the large living room where
the party was being held.

"Jim, I'm having a hard time understanding what you're saying, honey!"
Let's step out into the hall for a second!" Sherry told him with a friendly

Once in the hall Jim said. "I'm sorry to take you away from the party
Mrs. Ryton, but I'm afraid Julie and I are going to have to leave." He told
her apologetically.

"But why sweetie, the party's just getting revved up now?" She asked.

"Well it's Julie, but it's not really her fault. She's not accustomed to
drinking much alcohol, but after not having any at all since she found out
she was pregnant, I guess she went a little too fast with the champagne
this evening and she's really out of it!"

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that, Jim!" Sherry replied.

"She was really enjoying herself too; this is her first time out since she
had the baby, two months ago. Her mother had agreed to baby sit for us all
weekend and I need to be leaving before daylight tomorrow morning for that
training session in Nevada." He explained.

"Yes, I remember, honey?" She told him.

So I think I'd better take her back to her mothers now, it's a three hour
drive to where she lives. I should get back with a couple of hours to spare
to catch my flight in the morning."

"Aw now that's a shame! Honey if you have to drive for six hours there and
back, you won't be able to get any sleep tonight and you're going to be
miserable at the meeting. Dave was really expecting you to come back with
pertinent information about this entire new computer set up in the office!
But I don't think you're going to be able to stay awake during the meeting,
much less get anything out of it?" She told him.

"Well I'll do my best Mrs. Ryton; I really do feel bad about all of this!"
He told her apologetically. "But I see no other way of working this out?"
he told her.

"Honey neither you nor Julie need to feel bad about anything! This sort of
thing happens, believe me I know I've been there before myself!" She said
smiling understandingly.

"Julie's such a sweetheart of a girl, Jim and I can tell she depends on you
a lot, doesn't she?" She asked. "Yes she really does, Mrs. Ryton, she's so
meek and reserve that she can't make any decisions for herself, she does
lean on me pretty heavily. But like you said, she is a sweetheart and she's
a great wife and mother." He said.

"I'm sure she is, you're lucky to have a sweet giving woman like her,
Jim. I've come to really have feelings for her in the short time we've know
each other. I have an idea on how to get around this situation you're in,
if you're willing, honey? And we'd be more than glad to do it!" She said
with a friendly grin.

"I'm not quite sure I understand Mrs. Ryton?" He said curiously.

"Please call me Sherry, Jim. Mrs. Ryton sounds so formal. I appreciate your
attempt at being respectful, but there is no need for it, honey. It makes
me feel so old?" She said laughing softly.

"But I didn't mean it that way" He finally managed to
say with a slight blush on his face.

"Oh honey, I know you didn't, I didn't mean to infer that you did,
either. But enough of that, what I was going to suggest, was that you just
leave Julie here with Dave and me tonight, we have two spare bedrooms just
going to waste and that way you could get yourself a decent nights rest,
before having to leave for the meeting tomorrow morning?" She told him.

"But that would be imposing...I wouldn't want to put the two of you through
any trouble, I feel bad enough about this happening, as it is!" he replied
having a hard time averting his eyes from the deep cleavage in her low cut
dress during their conversation.

"That's quite a compliment, coming from a good looking guy like you,
Jim. She said quietly with a soft smile on her face as she noticed his eyes
on her tits.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Ryton...I really am..!" He stammered.

"Well, I'm not sorry Jim, honey. The fact is, I'm a `titty'
man sweetie?" She asked teasingly looking down and noticing the pronounced
bulge in the crotch of his pants. "Why don't I just show you the spare
bedroom that I can make Julie comfortable in tonight?" She said taking him
by the hand.

"But Mrs....I mean Sherry, what about your husband and your guests?" He
asked nervously.

"Oh we won't be missed in there honey and by the looks of it, I think a
visit to that spare bedroom will do us both some good!" She said looking
down at the ever growing bulge in his pants and smiling seductively as she
led him down the hall to the bedroom.

Once they had entered the bedroom and she closed and locked the door behind
them, Sherry tuned to Jim and reached into her low cut dress and brought
out one of her full thick nipple tits and said. "Here honey, why don't you
suck a little, before I do?" She told him putting her hand on the back of
his head and drawing it down gently to her turgid nipple.

"Yes baby...that's it; I love to have them sucked!" She said while reaching
down and taking hold of his now rigid cock and stroking it softly inside
his pants as he sucked greedily on the thick dark brown nipple.

"Dammed but you're a sexy woman, Sherry! He said taking his lips off her
nipple briefly.

"Flattery will get you `everywhere,' Jim honey!" She said laughing softly
as she unzipped his pants and took his nice thick cock out and stroked it
lovingly. Then dropping to her knees in front of him, she put her lips
around the head of his cock and slowly worked part of its length back and
forth in her mouth. It wasn't long before his cock throbbed and he emptied
his aching cum filled balls deep into the back of her throat.

"Feel better now, baby?" She said standing up again and facing him, after
taking her time and cleaning his cock of any traces of cum with her lips
and tongue.

"That was unbelievable...Sherry, but what about you, don't you want me
too...?" He started to ask.

"We don't have enough time for that tonight, but when you get back from the
meeting, I'll be expecting you to drop by often, for a little `visit' while
Dave's at work. As for tonight, I was thinking after Dave's asleep...maybe
I could visit Julie in the spare bedroom, just to...lets say make sure
she's comfortable?" She said with a conspicuous smile on her face.

"You mean, you and what you're telling me is, you're Bi?" He
asked not believing what he was hearing.

"I'm very Bi, honey! I can't get enough of either, cock or pussy! And since
Julie's breastfeeding, I thought maybe I could be her `baby' for the night;
it's always been a fantasy of mine to suck on a woman's milky tit! Unless
of course, you'd rather I wouldn't? She asked in a teasing tone of voice
sensing his excitement by the look in his eyes.

"Dammed you're even sexier than you look, Sherry! Man what a turn on...I'd
love to be able to be here and see you do her, that's every man's fantasy!"
He said looking down at his cock that had again become rock hard and was

"Looks like you're going to need some more relief before you leave, honey!
Why don't we go get Julie and bring her in here so you can give her a good
fucking before you leave?" Sherry told him with a grin.

"If she's in the condition you say she's in, I shouldn't have much of a
problem getting my needs met, once you leave, maybe you could even talk to
her about me `taking care' of her while you're gone, that could possibly
keep her from any anxiety or reservations she might have about me enjoying
her for the night, what do you think, Jim honey?" She asked seductively
holding on to his throbbing cock.

"Oh you won't have any problems with her; she'll do what ever I tell
her. Would you like to watch me fuck her, Sherry?" He asked his pulse
racing with excitement at the idea.

"You know I would, baby! That would be a good way of introducing me into
the mix; I could `clean her up' after you finish with her? That might put
her more at ease about me being with her for the rest of the night!" She

"And by `cleaning her up,' you mean you're going to eat my cum out of her
pussy, Sherry?" He asked getting more and more excited by the moment.

"That's what I had in mind sweetie; I hadn't had a `cream pie' since my
senior year in college!" She replied animatedly. "She does enjoy having her
pussy eaten, doesn't she, baby?" She asked as his cock throbbed in her

"She loves it! Damm, who would have though all of this would happen
tonight? This is going to be fantastic, Sherry. I can't wait until I get
back, so we can enjoy one another and her at the same time, it's almost too
good to be true, I've dreamt about doing stuff like this for so long and
now it's finally going to happen!" He exclaimed.

"Well it couldn't have come at a better time for me, honey. Dave hasn't
exactly been taking care of business with me lately. Of course he's got a
lot of younger pussy to choose from when he makes his out of town
`business' trips! She said with a grin. I can't blame him though, hell what
man in his right mind would pass up some young pussy if given the chance
and I know I wouldn't?" She added.

"Has it been a while since you've been with a woman, Sherry? He asked
anxiously as he stuffed his cock back into his pants and they started to
walk out of the bedroom.

"No not really Jim honey, I have a few ladies whose husbands work for the
company that I see on a regular basis. In fact there are at least three of
them here at the party tonight, of course you wouldn't know it by looking
at them and they sure as hell wouldn't admit to it, if you asked them!" She
said laughing softly.

"Some are hesitant at first, but I can be pretty persuasive with a woman
and once we're behind closed doors and they love it all! I fuck most of
them with strap on dildo's, pussy and ass by the way? They love their tits
and pussies sucked and licked. And if I let them, a couple of the older
ones, would stay with their heads between my legs and lap my pussy all
night long!" She said in a self-assured manner and smiling seductively.

"For a woman that's so sophisticated looking and as demure as you are when
around other people, you sure have a full sex life don't you, Sherry?" He

"Oh I do alright, honey. I don't get quite as much cock `variety' wise, as
I'd like too. But believe me when I tell you, I have a bountiful supply of
it close at hand. I have to be real careful, when it comes to men. Men like
to talk too much and that can cause real big problems, you do understand
what I'm saying right, Jim honey?" She said looking at him squarely in the

"Oh believe me Sherry, I've always been one that thinks discretion, is the
key to success in any venture! Besides I'm no fool either, I know you're
holding my balls in your hand with the capability of squeezing any time you
want, what with you really being the one that owns the company!" He told
her with a grin.

"Yes, but I don't enjoy holding anything over a man's head, now a woman is
different! Like I told you earlier I can be pretty `persuasive' when it
comes to getting what I want from a woman, actually I enjoy being the one
in charge then, but with a man it's a whole other thing. I like a man that
just takes what ever he wants from me!" She explained.

"Take for instance our grounds keeper Hank, the `bountiful supply' I was
telling you about. He's an older guy of mixed Hispanic origin but he's got
a hellacious cock and really knows what to do with it" She said animatedly.

"Dave hired him on to do yard work, two months after we got married and
moved into this place ten years ago. A week after he was here with a little
`coaxing' on my part, he made a move on me outside near the tool storage
building and has been fucking me ever since?" Sherry told him.

"Not only that, but he dictates the time and place, I don't! If I go
outside, even when Dave is here, I'm fair game, all he has to do is look at
me in a certain way and I start heading for the tool shed, with him close
behind. Once in there I'm his and it's just a matter of minutes before I
have my pussy or a mouth full of cock. He's only done me in the ass once,
but I can still vividly remember the pain!" She said chuckling softly.

"It was no easy task, but I took it and would take it again, if he demanded
it?" She said laughing quietly as they walked into the room where the party
was being held. "But Hank and I...well, I really have come to care deeply
for him that plus, we understand one another and we have a little `barter'
system going with one of his oldest daughters." She added.

Before they walked too far into the room, a young woman dressed in a maids
uniform made up of a short black skirt that emphasized her long legs and a
low cut white blouse, waked up to Sherry and asked. "Would you like
something to drink, Senora Ryton?" She said looking into her eyes and
keeping her gaze for a few seconds with a soft smile on her face.

"Not at the moment, Maria honey, but check back with me later, I need to
ask you something, OK sweetie?" She said.

"Yes of course, Senora Ryton what ever you say, Mam." The woman in her mid
twenties told her before walking away.

"She's a nice looking young woman, Sherry!" Jim leaned over and whispered
into her ear.

"She is pretty, isn't she honey? I just got through telling you about our
grounds keeper Hank, that's his daughter I was talking about earlier." She
replied with a cat like grin.

"Not that it's any of my business Sherry, but are you getting any of that?"
He asked coyly.

"That's why I told her I have to talk to her later, I originally wanted her
to stay the night to have something to `play' with, I get horny as hell
when I drink!" She replied.

"But since that sweet little wife of yours is going to be here, I'll just
see her another time? All I have to do is pick up the phone and Hank runs
her over here within a matter of thirty minutes or so. Like I said, he and
I have an understanding" She replied with a smile as they approached Jim's
wife Julie sitting alone on a sofa with her head thrown back and her eyes
half closed.

"Oh look at her the poor dear, she really is zonked, isn't she Jim?" Sherry

"Yea, like I told you earlier Sherry, she's three sheets to the wind!" He
told her putting his arms around her to get her to her feet.

"Well I really feel sorry for her, she's going to feel terrible in the
morning, but I have to say, the most fun I've ever had with a woman was one
that was in the condition she's in. "They're a lot more tolerant of pain,
when they're like this!" She leaned in close to him and whispered with a
mischievous grin on her face, before wrapping her arm around the young
woman and helping Jim walk her out of the room.

When they approached the entrance to the large living area, Sherry's
husband and Jim's boss walked up and asked. "Is there something seriously
wrong with her, Jim?" He said looking back and forth at his wife and Jim
with a quizzed look on his face.

"No Mr. Ryton, she'll be fine with a little rest, I'm sure." Jim replied.

"Oh sure she will honey, but since Jim has to leave early in the morning
for that meeting, I suggested that she should spend the night here with us,
in one of the guest rooms." Sherry told her husband. "Jim here was worried
he'd be putting us out, by doing that, but I told him different." She said.

"Well we wouldn't hear of it, Jim, it'll be no bother and she'll be in good
hands here, you can rest assured of it!" Dave told him slurring his speech
a little as he did so, from the alcohol he was consuming.

"Oh I'm very confident she will be in `good hands' Mr. Ryton!" He said
having a hard time holding back from laughing, when he caught Sherry's gaze
as he said it. "But I really appreciate the fact that you and Mrs. Ryton
are being so helpful, thanks again Sir!" He said as they walked out of the
large room and into the hall on the way to the bedroom with Julie's limp
body between them.

Once in the bedroom, Sherry closed and locked the door behind her and
said. "Just sit her on the edge of the bed, for a little bit, Jim
honey. I'll pull back the covers and then we can take her clothes off and
make her comfortable." Sherry told him.

Once she had pulled back the covers, she said. "Here let me just hold her
seated up for a little while, Jim." Sherry told him as she took the young
woman's slumping body into her arms and laid the young woman's head on her

"You're not feeling very well are you, sweetie?" She asked as put her free
hand under the young woman's chin and lifted her head so she could look her
in the face. All Julie could manage to do was shake her head from side to
side slowly and mumble something in a muffled tone of voice.

"That's alright baby, Sherry's going to take real good care of you tonight,
you're going to be just fine, honey." She said with a smile as she laid the
young woman's head back on her shoulder and embraced her tightly, while
rubbing her back with her hand in small circles.

Then turning to John, She said. "For just having had the baby two months
ago, her body is nice and toned! She must be doing exercise of some sort?"
Sherry told him, with a questioning look on her face.

"Yea she's always been big on keeping in shape, she watched herself during
her pregnancy and as soon as she could after the baby came she started
getting back into her aerobics and a light weights routine. He replied
eagerly as he watched Sherry push the hair from his wife's neck and start
planting soft, wet kisses behind her ear.

Then bringing her hand that was rubbing the young woman's back to the
front, Sherry started unbuttoning the top of her dress as she continued to
kiss and lick all along her long slim neck. Blood started to surge into
Jim's cock while he watched in eager anticipation as a grimace came onto
his wife's face and she moaned deeply, when Sherry slipped her hand into
the unbuttoned dress and caressed, then very firmly squeezed one of Julie's
milk filled tits though her bra.

"Did that hurt just a little, honey?" Sherry whispered softly into the
young woman's ear, but got no response from her, other than a deep moan.

Then turning to him, Sherry said. "See Jim honey, that's what I meant
earlier when I said a woman in her condition, can tolerate pain better? I
know that hard squeeze I just gave her tender milk filled tit, had to hurt,
but her only response to it, was a little grimace and a beautiful deep
moan. Don't you love it, when a woman moans from a little pain like that,
baby? I know I do!" Sherry told him with a devilish grin on her face.

"It's like a dream Sherry, I can't believe I'm actually watching a woman
play with my wife, like a cat plays with a mouse, before it decides to eat
it!" He told her.

"You're enjoying watching this though, aren't you, honey?" She said
smiling; knowing he could see the movement of her hand on the inside of his
wife's dress as she gently cupped and caressed each full tit in turn.

"Am I ever... I've never seen something so erotic, even in porno movies!"
He exclaimed excitedly as he stroked his cock through his pants.

"That's what makes for great sex, Jim honey...the excitement of it all!"
She said as she pushed the material of the dress to the side and exposed
one of Julie's milk swollen tits encased in her white nursing bra. "Oh Jim
honey, these are nice!" She whispered hoarsely as she cradled one of the
bra encased tits in the palm of her hand and gently lifted it, feeling its
weight and firmness.

"Her titties are so full, they're passed being just firm, they're almost
hard?" She said excitedly as she hefted and weighed first one then the
other in the palm of her hand through the bra.

"It's getting late, Jim honey, I'd better let you go ahead and give her a
good fucking, so you can get home and get some sleep. I'll have all night
to enjoy her, after the party's over and Dave's asleep." She told him as
she gently let Julie lay back on the bed.

"Aren't you going to...I thought you were going to suck some of her milk?"
He asked as though he were disappointed.

"Honey believe me when I tell you, I'll be sucking on her lovely tits, long
after I've taken pleasure in emptying both of them of their sweet milk. But
I'm going to save that for later tonight, when I can take my time for such
an intimate moment and savor the taste and feel of her big nipples as I
drain them of their sweet nectar!" Sherry told him eagerly.

"It won't be the last time, honey, I'll be sucking her milk for a long time
to come after tonight and you'll be able to watch or even join in, but I
want the first time to be the kind of intimacy only two women can
share. You don't you Jim, honey?" She asked in a tone of voice
that was more of a statement than a question.

" of course not, what ever you say is fine with me, you know that,
Sherry?" He replied with a slight tone of dejection in his voice.

"Jim, I know you're disappointed, honey. But I'll make it up to you
sweetie, I promise. How about if I let you fuck Maria tonight, would you
like that?" She asked as though extending a peace offering in exchange for
the exclusive use of his wife for the night. Jim's face lit up like a
Christmas tree and he said.

" mean it, you could work that out, Sherry?" He asked elatedly.

"Honey, consider it done!" She said getting off of the bed and walking
over to him. "You've made me really happy tonight; Jim and I think you'll
find out that good things happen to people who make me happy, honey!" She
said with an insightful look on her face.

"Why don't you see about getting your wife's clothes off...just the dress
Jim and I'll take care of the rest later tonight. Let me go hunt up Maria
and bring her back here for you, OK sweetie?" She asked with a grin.

" really think she'll let me fuck her, Sherry?" He asked
motivated at the possibility, as he quickly started taking Julie's dress

"No baby, I don't `think' anything, I know! You just do what I tell you
and I'll take care of the rest! While you're taking off her dress Jim,
should she be coherent enough to understand anything you tell her, just
reinforce with her that fact that she'll be in my, charge tonight while
you're gone." She said as she started to leave the bedroom.

"Oh you won't have any problems with her Sherry; she'll do what ever you
say, she loves being told what to do!" He told her confidently.

"I have no doubts about that, Jim, but it'll be much easier on her, if I
don't have to be too `persuasive' with her, when you're gone!" Sherry told

"There would be a lot less `moaning' that way. I'm sure you understand what
I mean, Jim. But either way, is fine with me, Jim. I don't take `no' for an
answer from a woman if she shows any interest at all and just so it's no
surprise when you see her again, she could possibly have some... light
`bruising' in certain areas!" She said emphatically, with a roguish grin on
her face as she walked out of the door.

To Be Continued...

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