Saturday, April 18, 2009

So Much Opportunity So Little Time (2 of 3)

As Jim struggled to bring his wife to a sitting position on the bed, in
order to remove her dress as Sherry had instructed him too, Julie stirred
and mumbled softly. "Oh Jim honey, I feel awful, what happened?" She asked
woozily with her eyes still closed.

"It's alright baby, you'll be just had a little too much too
drink, Julie honey!" He replied as he held her limp body in his arms and
removed her dress.

"Julie honey, I have something to tell you and it's important that you
understand...can you hear me sweetie?" He asked her, as he put his arms on
her shoulders and shook her gently, after he had taken her dress off and
put her laying length ways on the bed with a pillow under her head.

She could only respond by nodding her head slowly and looking up at him
through narrow slits in her eye lids. Knowing he had her attention at least
for the moment, he explained the situation about his having to leave and
that she was to do as instructed by Mrs. Ryton, no matter what that should

"Do you understand what I'm telling you, Julie Honey? It could be very
important for my future with the company!" He told her as she struggled to
stay awake and listen to what he was attempting to tell her. She mumbled
slightly again and nodded her head once more.

"That's a good girl Julie, now you can go back to sleep, honey. I know
Mrs. Ryton will take good care of you and I'll see you when I get back from
my trip." He told her kissing her lightly on the cheek; before she mumbled
something incoherently and slowly nodded approvingly, then turned her head
to one side, then fell back into the alcohol induced haze she was in and
drifted off to sleep once more.

Jim took one last look at his wife's body wearing only skimpy bikini
panties that could hardly contain the dark patch of silky pubic hair on the
mound of her pussy and the her swollen milk filled tits encased in her
white nursing bra before covering her with a sheet.

"Sherry's really going to enjoy you baby, damm I wish I could be here to
watch!" He whispered softly as pictures raced though his mind when he tried
to imagine the sight of Sherry taking comfort and pleasure from his wife's
lush body at her leisure, during the night of passion that was yet to come
between the two of them.

"I know she'll take good care of you, honey, but I sure wish I could be
here to see her do you, baby!" He whispered softly with a grin on his face
as he stroked his cock though his pants getting up from the bed.

At the same time this was going on, Sherry was walking up to Maria, as she
served drinks to the guests in the room the party was still going in full

"Maria honey, put your tray of drinks down for a minute and walk out into
the hall with me, I have something I need to discuss with you, OK sweetie."
Sherry told her.

"Yes Senora Ryton, right away, Mam!" She replied with a pleasant grin and
followed Sherry into a small room she used as an office just a short ways
down the hall.

Once they had entered the small office and Sherry closed and locked the
door behind them, she turned to the slightly taller young woman and after
slipping her arms around her small waist said as she looked into Maria's
dark eyes and said.

"You know what my plans were for you tonight, don't you sweetie?" She asked
as she held the young woman.

"Yes Senora I think so...the same as the other Senora Sherry,
Mam?" She replied lowering her head slightly and smiling shyly, remembering
their other nights of passion together.

"Well that was my original intention, honey, but something has come up and
the plans have changed a little. She told her.

"But I'm sure I can count on you being just as cooperative with my request
for your services as the previous times, right honey?" Sherry asked her,
seeing the slight look of disappointment on the pretty girls face as she
heard that there would be a change of plans for the night.

"Did I do displease the Senora...Mam?" She asked nervously,
knowing there could be serious repercussions from any offense she had
possibly committed, at her fathers hands, as he was a loving but very stern
man with all of the many members of his large family.

"No of course not, honey!" She relied quickly seeing the worry on the young
woman's face. "It's nothing at all, like that, Maria? She added letting her
hands drop from the young woman's waist to her firm ass cheeks and
squeezing them gently.

"I just need to return a favor for a special friend, honey and I was hoping
you wouldn't mind...well, helping out a little. Would you be willing to do
that for me, Maria sweetie?" Sherry asked softly. Bringing her right hand
from the back to the front of the young woman and sliding it under her
short skirt to gently cup and caress the soft mound of her pussy, while
looking into her dark enchanting eyes.

Maria only sighed deeply as Sherry's fingers pulled her thin panties to
once side and slid a finger up to her knuckle into her already wet pussy.

"Oh Senora...yes, it would be a privilege to help in any way I can!" She
managed to say between gasps as her hips started to move in unison with
Sherry's thrusting finger, sliding in and out of her now dripping wet

"Wonderful honey, loyalty like that deserves to be rewarded, I'll tell your
father I want you to move in with me and my husband as our live in
maid. Rest assured you will be well paid for your services, sweetie what
ever they might be, OK honey?" Sherry told the young woman whose eyes were
now all but closed and taking shallow breaths from Sherry's relentless
fingering of her pussy.

"Yes Senora...anything...!" She managed to say before Sherry felt her
already tight pussy spasm and tighten around her finger as moaned slightly,
lowered her head and reached orgasm.

"That's my sweet baby!" Sherry whispered hoarsely into the young woman's
ear as Maria's head slumped forward and rested on Sherry's shoulder and
breathing rapidly. "Did you have a good cum, honey?" She asked softly
taking her pussy juice soaked finger and hand out from under Maria's short
skirt and bringing them to her mouth to lick and suck them clean of Maria's
tasty sweet juices.

"Oh yes...yes, it was wonderful Senora Sherry, Mam!" She replied in a
rasping whisper.

"Wonderful honey, now let's get about taking care of that little favor I
was asking about Maria. I have someone that is just dying to meet you
baby!" Sherry told her as she led her out the office and down the hall to
where Jim was.

"Jim this is Maria, honey and Maria this handsome young man is Jim. He
thinks you're as beautiful as I do, sweetie! Sherry told her with a smile
as they walked into the bedroom, where Jim was waiting anxiously.

"Gracias Senora Sherry, you are very kind to say that, Mam." The young
woman said coyly and lowering her eyes from Jim's excited stare. "And it is
a pleasure to meet you Senor Jim." She said timidly standing there, her
panties still soaked from Sherry's fingering session.

"Oh I'm sure the pleasure is going to be all mine, Maria honey!" He told
her with a knowing grin.

"Why don't you two use my office down the hall to get better acquainted in,
Jim? I see `my' little `mommy' is resting well and I wouldn't want to
disturb her, she's got a long night ahead of her!" Sherry said looking up
at Jim with a shrewd smile and a wink, adding to his excitement.

"Maria will show you where it's at, won't you honey? She said looking at

"Yes Senora Sherry." The young woman replied softly. "The door to the
office locks, so you won't be disturbed and I'm quite sure that my lovely
new live in maid here, will be able to meet any needs you might have in
order to get a good nights rest, Jim!" Sherry told him as she watched the
two walk out of the bedroom together.

After they were gone and the door was closed, Sherry walked over to the bed
where Julie was resting comfortably, laying on her side and facing away
from her. Then sitting on the side of the bed and leaning in towards her,
Sherry pulled the top of the sheet back, exposing Julie's pale skinned
shoulders and back along with her swollen bra encased tits to her gaze.

"It shouldn't be very long now, before I get to taste all of your sweet
juices, baby." She whispered as she ran her hand down one of Julie's arms
and then cupped the milk engorged tit closest to her, squeezing it
forcefully and smiling with satisfaction as her actions brought a grimace
to the young woman's face and a deep moan from her lips.

"I know that must have hurt a little honey?" Sherry said with a grin. But
the young woman gave no response and stirred only slightly, as Sherry
lowered her lips and softly kissed her pale shoulder and neck, before
covering her with the sheet again and leaving the room.

As she walked down the hallway to join the party again, she stopped
momentarily and put her ear to the door of her office and again a smile
came to her face when she heard the soft moans and grunts of passion,
coming from inside the room, all the while visualizing in her minds eye Jim
laying between Maria's long legs and filling her sweet pussy with his nice
thick cock.

Then continuing on to the where the party was being held, she thought to
herself, "What a night this has turned out to be and it's really not even
started yet!" She said laughing softly.

As she entered the room where the party was being held, the first person
to greet her was Margaret, the stately silver haired older woman and wife
of one of the senior executives of her husbands company.

"Well hello stranger, where have you been, I haven't seen you for most of
the evening?" The distinguished looking older woman told her smiling
affectionately, and lowering her eyes to the cleavage prominently displayed
by Sherry's low cut party dress.

"Hi sweetie, are you enjoying the party Marg, honey?" Sherry asked with a
cheerful voice, enjoying the older woman's lusty stares at her plump tits.

"The party...oh yes of course, it's a wonderful party, Sherry honey!" She
replied. Then moving in closer to Sherry, the blue eyed silver haired
woman leaned over and whispered. "It's been a while now Sherry,
you think we might be able to share a few minutes...alone, this evening?"
She asked with a look of longing on her face.

"It has been a while, hasn't it, Marg!" Sherry replied with a perceptive
smile, reminiscing in her mind about how the sophisticated looking woman
had whimpered and moaned almost to the point of tears, as she endured
taking the full length of Sherry's largest strap on dildo in her pussy and
still shapely, rounded, tight ass and afterwards spent the rest of their
time together being rewarded by gorging herself on Sherry's tits, pussy and
ass hole with her relentless tongue and lips.

"Sure honey we could get together, but I'm afraid it will have to be brief,
Marg. would you be alright with that sweetie?" Sherry asked stepping
forward and pushing her still round, firm tits into the older woman's
smaller and softer ones while looking seductively into her eyes.

"Anything Sherry...just anything at all, would be better than nothing!" She
pleaded softly while slowly moistening her lips with her tongue as she
looked down into Sherry's deep cleavage.

"Fine...give me a few minutes to mingle a little and say hello to Dave and
I'll meet you in the master bedroom, the one we used that last time we were
together while Dave and your husband were on their `business' trip out of
town, OK honey?" Sherry told her with a grin.

"Yes of course... but if we don't have much time Sherry, please...hurry,
OK?" She asked again in a pleading type voice.

Within a matter of fifteen minutes, Sherry made her way amongst the slowly
dwindling crowd and said hi to her husband Dave, who was now pretty well
inebriated from all of the alcohol he had consumed during the day.

Then she made her way quickly down the hall and towards the back of the
house to the master bedroom, stopping only briefly to check to make sure
that Julie was still sleeping comfortably. Her heart started pounding and
her mouth went dry, as she looked on the form of the young woman tucked
under the thin sheet, then walked out of the bedroom reluctantly, knowing
that the time was quickly approaching when she would be alone with her and
have all night to feast on every part of her lovely, young, lush body.

"Oh Sherry honey, you're finally here!" Margaret whispered huskily as she
stood waiting in the dimly lit bedroom when she walked in and closed the
door behind her. "I was worried something or someone might keep you from
coming, I want to be with you so badly!" She whispered frantically as she
slid her hand into the top of Sherry's low cut dress and then attempted to
slip her hand inside her bra to caress her warm supple tits.

"Marg honey, like I told you earlier, we're pressed for time, we just can't
do it all...wouldn't you rather, spend the little time we do have together,
eating my pussy, sweetie?" Sherry asked the older woman whose persistent
hand managed to get inside the crowded bra and squeeze her firm tit.

"Of course I would... I lay awake at night thinking about licking your
sweet pussy, but it's been such a long while now, Sherry! Please honey
don't make me beg, take them out for me baby, just let me suck on your
sweet, thick nipples for a little while, it won't take long...I promise!"
She pleaded in whiny whisper.

"Why Margaret honey, you're absolutely ravenous tonight, aren't you! I
guess a few more minutes won't hurt anything? But I'm worried you're going
to rip my dress or destroy my bra!" She said giggling softly. "Just...give
me a sec..." She started to say as she lowered the straps of the low cut
dress off her shoulders and let the top of the dress hang from her waist,
then unfastened the front snaps of her bra.

The second the large nipple tits came into view, Margaret immediately
lowered her head and sucked one of the large, dark nipples into her mouth
areola and all, sucking greedily, while moaning softly, as though she were
taking nourishment from it.

"Marg honey you've been Bi for as long as I've known you. Just out of
curiosity, have you ever sucked milk from a woman's tittties?" Sherry asked
softly while enjoying the forceful pull of Margaret's mouth on her tits as
she sucked first one than the other nipple and areola deep into her wet,
warm mouth.

"No...but I'd jump at the chance...I had a friend that did and she said
it... was the most sensuous thing, she... had ever done!" She replied in a
muffled tone of voice, as she persistently sucked greedily on Sherry's
nipples, while her hands worked feverishly to hike up her dress and bunch
it up around her waist.

Then finally letting Sherry's nipple slip from her mouth, she bent down to
lower her panties and said. "I'm so hot I can hardly breathe, Sherry!
Margaret whispered hoarsely, as she helped her step out of the
panties. "Hop up on the bed honey, so I can taste that sweet pussy of
yours, baby!" She said while dropping to her knees in the front of her on
the plush carpet.

"You really are hot this evening, I so wish we had time for me to work you
over with the strap on...I love to hear you moan, when I fuck that tight
ass of yours with it!" Sherry replied in a feverish whisper as she sat on
the edge of the bed and spread her legs then lifted her knees.

In just a matter of seconds, she gasped softly as Margaret buried her head
between her thighs, moaning softly while making slurping and sucking sounds
as she lapped furiously at Sherry's already moist, steaming hot pussy with
her lips and tongue.

"Oh dammit...Marg, you're still lover I've ever had!" Sherry
whispered with a hiss while clawing at the bed covering with her finger
nails, her breath coming in shallow spurts as Margaret put her hands
underneath both of Sherry's knees and pinned her legs back to her shoulders
while lapping at her pussy with her tongue, like a thirsty dog drinking
from a cold bucket of water on a hot summers day.

"Oh Marg one...can eat a pussy, like you do!" Sherry said as she
pushed the back of her head into the mattress and arched her back when she
started to cum, then went completely limp and licked at her dry lips with
her tongue, breathing heavily as Margaret's eager tongue searched out every
nook and cranny of her pussy, not missing a drop of her sweet nectar.

Sherry's breathing finally returned to normal, as she lay on the bed, her
legs still up and bent at the knees, as Margaret unhurriedly continued to
lick at her cleanly shaven puffy mound after licking and sucking the inside
of her pussy clean of her juices.

"Marg as much as I hate to say it, I'm afraid this is all we have time for,
honey?" She said lifting her head off of the bed and looking at the silver
haired woman's head between her legs as she continued to plant soft kisses
on the thick outer lips of her pussy. "Are you going to be
alright...sweetie?" Sherry asked in troubled tone of voice.

"I'll be fine, Sherry...but, it's really sweet of you to ask?" She replied
getting off of her knees and sitting on the bed next to Sherry. "Did you
really mean...what you said, just a minute ago?" She asked modestly looking
down into Sherry's eyes. "I mean being the best lover
you've...ever had?" Margaret added softly, in the quiet of the dimly lit

"Of course I did...every word of it, Marg!" She said softly but
emphatically, as she got up from the bed and started getting
dressed. "After all of this time have to know, there is more
than just the sex between do know that, don't you, honey?" Sherry
asked caringly as she finished making herself presentable to go out and
mingle with the other guests, it was getting very late and people would be

"Well I was hoping...but; you've never verbally expressed those kinds of
feeling towards me, Sherry? I know I'm getting older and you have
other...well, younger women at your disposal...?" She replied demurely.

"No I've never expressed my feelings for you `verbally' as you put it,
but...only, because I though it, was understood? And yes I'm fortunate
enough to be able to see other women." And I don't believe for a second
that you're not, Marg!" She said with a knowing grin on her face.

"But, I've never thought about any of them, as `my' woman, honey?" She said
softly as she leaned over and kissed the silver haired woman passionately,
tasting her own pussy juices on her lips, before taking her by the hand,
smiling softly then walking out of the bedroom together, to join the other

"You guys be careful driving home, OK?" Sherry told the last of her guests
as she saw them to the door and waved good bye.

"Finally...what a night, I thought they'd never leave!" She thought to
herself quietly as she closed and locked the front door of her home in
eager anticipation of her adventures still yet to come with Julie, Jim's
wife awaiting her in the guest bedroom.

"Well I guess I don't have to worry about you for the rest of the night,
do I? She said chuckling softly as she quietly opened the door of her
bedroom and looked in on her husband who was passed out in a drunken stupor
and was snoring loudly laying across their bed.

After closing the door quietly behind her, she walked off towards the room
where the party had been held, with the intentions of making herself a nice
strong mixed drink, before retiring to the guest bedroom to enjoy the use
of Jim's lovely young wife's body at her leisure, for the rest of the

"Oh honey, that's enough for one night, it's time for you to get some rest!
You can clean this place up in the morning, OK sweetie?" Sherry said as she
caught sight of Maria picking up the debris left over from the party.

"But Senora, it's my...job, no? You do not want be how you say, the
`live in maid'? Papa is waiting outside for me should...I go with him?"

"No honey of course not, that's not what I meant Maria; you're not going
anywhere, honey! From now on, you're going to stay here with us. "Did you
say your father...was outside, waiting on you, honey?" Sherry asked

"Yes Senora...... Papa said he would like a word...with you, if it is not
too much trouble?" She said coyly with a twinkle in her pretty dark eyes
and an insightful smile on her face.

"I think we both know, a `word' is not what he's after, don't we honey?"
Sherry said embracing the young woman around the waist and drawing her
close. "I might be using my mouth, but I don't think it's going to be to
speak." She whispered into the pretty young woman's ear, causing them to
both giggle giddily as Sherry playfully tweaked one of Mari's nipples
though her uniform.

"Yes, Senora..." She said shyly while lowering her head and continuing to
giggle softly. Then as Sherry turned and started to walk off towards the
glassed in rear entrance of her home, she noticed a young girl standing
next her full time gardener, Hank.

"Who's the little cutie with your father, Maria?" She tuned back to the
young woman and asked. "Oh Senora forgive me please...that is my cousin
Angel. I forgot she had come along with Papa to pick me up tonight? I
should...have told you, earlier Mam. She lives with us for the last two
years now." She replied worriedly.

"Don't get yourself all worked up into a tizzy, Maria! You worry too much'll be fine. I'll just have her come in here and keep you
company, while I have a `word' with your father, outside!" She said
grinning shrewdly. "Yes Senora..." Maria said smiling coyly and giggling
softly again.

"Hello Hank I know it's late, but would you like a drink of any kind,
there's plenty left over from the party?" She asked the dark skinned,
stocky built man with the salt and pepper hair and mustache as walked out
of the rear entrance door.

No Senora, it is very kind of you to ask, but I am just here to pick up
Maria if you...were finished with her...Services, for the evening Senora?"
He asked with a meaningful grin and having a hard time averting his eyes
from her deep cleavage. "I trust... her `services' were satisfactory,
Senora Ryton?" He asked with just the slightest bit of a grin.

"Maria's much more than satisfactory, Hank!" Sherry replied with a cat
like grin, as she held the dark eyed man's gaze. She's just like her
father...always willing and more, than able too..." She started to say, but
her thought as she glanced down at the shy young girl at his side.

"And who might I ask, is this pretty young thing?" She asked taken aback
by the beauty of the shy young girl with the dark honey colored complexion
and coal black eyes, wearing her shoulder length black hair in twin braided
pony tails, giving her the appearance of a young school girl.

"What's your name sweetie?" Sherry asked the young girl, but got no
answer, when she timidly walked to hide herself from view in back of her

"Please excuse my niece's actions, Senora Sherry. He said
apologetically. "Where are your manners, girl!" He said sternly reaching
out and turning to take the young girl by the arm and pull her standing in
front of him.

"Oh now Hank honey, there is no reason to take that tone with her on my
account, she's just a little shy, not unlike Maria was, when you first
brought her here?" Sherry told him looking into his eyes and smiling to
show her contentment.

"I have a large family to support and take care of Senora Sherry and I
demand respect from them. Especially to the person that is responsible for
my livelihood for the last ten years!" He said.

" will show the Senora some respect and ask forgiveness for your
foolishness, girl, you are not a child anymore!" He told his young niece in
no uncertain terms.

"Yes Uncle Frank...please forgive me Senora Ryton...I did not mean to be name is Angel Mam." The young niece that Frank and his
wife had taken into their home due to sudden loss of her family some two
years prior said timidly, with her head lowered slightly.

"Oh Angel honey I know you didn't mean anything by it? But then again us
girls have to be respectful of a man's authority...and, his wishes?" She
said looking up into Hank's dark eyes and smiling submissively.

"Hank, since Angel is here and it's so late and everything, why don't you
let her stay the night? She can share a bed with Maria and you could bring
her home with you tomorrow after your days work?"

"Maria is going to be spending the night then, Senora Sherry?" He asked as
though surprised at what he was hearing.

"Oh Hank I didn't even mention anything about it, did I?, I've got so much
on my mind and it's been such a long day, I completely forgot that I had
something to discuss with you, I apologize." She said again keeping his

"There is no apology necessary, Senora Sherry? For a fine lady like you, to
even say such a thing is an embarrassment? I am but your humble yard man
and very honored to be so, Senora!" He told her modestly.

"Oh now Frank, you know I..." She started to say but hesitated
again. "Honey would you like to go inside and join your cousin, Maria? I
need to discuss something with your father, we shouldn't be very long, OK
Angel?" She asked with a soft grin.

"It is OK, Uncle Frank?" The young girl asked sheepishly looking up into
her father's eyes.

"It is important that you understand, child. You are to obey the Senora, in
anything she asks or desires of you! You are to show her the respect a fine
lady like herself deserves, always!" He said with authority looking down at
his daughter.

"Now go, do as the Senora asked, Angel." He replied forcefully.

"Yes Uncle Frank." The young girl replied giggling excitedly, before
walking into the house to be greeted by her older cousin, Maria who was
watching intently with an elfin grin as her Sherry turned and started to
walk off towards the storage shed, with her father following close behind.

Just seconds after then entered the shed and closed the door shut behind
them, Sherry turned to the older man and offered her lips to him as she
reached down with her hand to gently massage the growing bulge in the
crotch of his pants.

"Hank you know you're more than just a `yard man' to me? It bothers me when
you say things like that about yourself?" She said looking into his eyes as
she gently stroked his thick cock though his pants.

"No matter what goes on between us Senora Sherry, it is important for a
person to know his place, I am what I am! And I take no shame in being your
yard man, it's what I am? And I am most grateful for your kindness to me
and my family over the years!" The older man said respectfully.

"Your wife is a very lucky woman to have a man with such dignity as
yourself, not to mention having this big beautiful thing to take pleasure
from." She said tenderly as she unzipped his pants and lifted his heavily
veined, thick semi limp cock from inside his pants.

I've always held men in high esteem, but you truly are a man amongst men,
so proud and strong, yet humble? But then again a `real' man doesn't have
to prove his manhood?" She said softly as she sat on the edge of a lawn
chair and took the bulbous head of his big cock in her mouth and sucked
languidly and lovingly on it.

"You and your daughter Maria both have shown me great loyalty and brought
me much pleasure over the years, Hank?" She said letting the wet glistening
head of the big cock slip out of her mouth momentarily.

"It's always been my position, that such loyalty deserves to be rewarded!
With five other children and now six with your young niece, still living
with you and your wife at your home, what would you say to let me take
responsibility for seeing to the future of both Maria and Angel? She asked.

"Of course I'd continue to make provisions for the welfare of the rest of
your family also, but I'd like the two of them to come and live here with
me?" She said with eager anticipation.

"Ah but Senora Sherry it would not be right, to have you take on such a
burden? True, it is a continuous struggle to keep my children fed and
clothed not to mention, there are so many of us living in such a modest
sized house especially now that my young niece is with us, but to ask you
to do something such as this, would not be proper?" He said respectfully.

"That's nonsense and you know it, Hank!" She replied quickly.

"Forgive my bold words; I would never say something like that to another
man, but then again, you're not just `another' man to me, Hank?" She said

"You know I say it with deepest respect?" She said looking up at him while
slowly working the shaft of his thick cock in her hand, causing the large
head of his cock to slip in and out of its skin covered sheath.

"Yes Senora Sherry I do know!" He said reverently. You have always shown me
great respect as a man, even in my lowly position as your yard man?" He
replied unassumingly. "It is only one of the qualities that heighten your
beauty and it is very rare Senora, for a woman of such wealth and prestige
in the community!" He told her.

"That is something a man of my meager means, has learned from my
experiences with other people of wealth that I have worked for over the

"Yes I know what you're saying honey, money makes some people think they
are above everyone else, especially some of the people in this section of
town?" She replied earnestly.

"Land sakes Hank, you have a magnificent cock, honey!" Sherry told him
abruptly, as she held the still semi erect, uncut cock in her hand and
licked at the wide, Bulbous and meaty head, then kissed it softly after
drawing the fore skin back over the big cock head.

"You are very kind to say so Senora; it is my one true source of pleasure?
At least I have one possession that even people with money cannot buy, no
Senora Sherry?" He asked with a modest grin on his face.

"No honey they can't, you're right about that!" She said looking up at him
and chuckling softly. "Hank, it's really none of my business, but have you
fucked any other women in this area, in all of the years you've been
pleasuring me with this big, beautiful piece of cock meat?"

"Oh no I would never attempt to approach any, woman Senora Sherry, much
less, a woman of means and position in your community? I would have never
even known the pleasure of your, beautiful pussy, if you had not approached
me that day, so many years ago!" He replied earnestly.

"You must remember, I am but a lowly yard man? Doing something like that
could have cost me my ability to earn a living, to support my family? Maybe
even my life, who knows!"

"So then I guess that means it's only your wife Juanita and me that are
getting to know the pleasure, of being filled up with this big cock of
yours then?"

"It give me great pride as a man, to hear you say I am giving you pleasure,
Senora Sherry?" He said looking down at her with a modest grin, as Sherry
unhurriedly licked and sucked on the head of his now erect and throbbing
cock. "But yes Senora Sherry, it is only you and Juanita?"

"You're such a sweet, noble and humble man, Hank?" She told him as she
stood up and hiked her dress up around her waist, then pulled her panties
down to her ankles. "From behind as usual, honey?" She asked with a playful
grin, after unbuckling his belt, then lowering his pants and boxer shorts
around his ankles.

"Yes please Senora!" He replied eagerly, as she turned and faced away from
him, then leaned over and held on to the seat of the lawn chair with both
hands and spread her legs slightly, her movements limited by the panties
around her ankles.

"Ah, Senora Sherry such a beautiful sight, I am truly a lucky man!" He
whispered hoarsely, as he gently caressed her still firm, round and pale
completed ass with one hand, while guiding the head of the huge cock to her
pussy with the other and gently moving it up and down the insides of the
thick, puffy and moist lips of her pouch.

"Oh dam it all Frank, even after all of these years!" She said after
moaning loudly as her knees buckled slightly.

"Yes Senora Sherry?" He asked with a look of satisfaction on his face and
grinning slightly, after he moved his hands to Sherry's hips and pulled her
to him, forcing half the length of his thick cock into the entrance of her
steeping hot and wet pussy.

"You were saying, Senora?" He asked again with a look of pride on his face,
as he thrust his hips forward and buried the length of the big cock into
her belly stretching her tight, silky tunnel as his balls came to rest
against the cheeks of her ass.

"Every time you stretch my pussy open with that big, beautiful cock of just like, the very... first time?" She said continuing to moan
loudly and craning her head backwards with a look of ecstasy on her pretty
face, as he started to fuck her slowly with long, deep and forceful

"It is truly a privilege to take pleasure from such a fine pussy as yours,
Senora Sherry!" He said throatily as the pace of his hips quickened, his
pleasure heightened by her continuous deep loud moans, as he fucked her.

"It is...time, Senora...I can take it no...more!" He said after fucking her
for what seemed to be an eternity and starting to grunt loudly, as he
slammed the big cock deep into her, his large hanging balls slapping
against her ass.

"Yes honey...oh yes...fill my belly with your thick cum...Frank!" She
moaned passionately as she felt the big cock spasm and shoot rope after
rope of cum into her womb.

"You were wonderful as usual, honey? Every woman should have such an
experience at least once in their life time!" She mumbled huskily forcing
the foreskin over the big velvety smooth cock head, as she knelt at his
feet, lazily licking and sucking the big cock clean of his cum and her
pussy juices.

"You make a lowly man such as me; feel like a giant with such words, Senora
Sherry!" He told her as they finished dressing and started walking out of
the storage shed.

"Honey, what you don't realize is that you are a `giant,' Hank!" She said
laughing softly.

Then stopping for a moment, she threw her arms around his neck and kissed
the older man, as he brought his hands up to cup and gently caress her firm
tits, both of them oblivious, to the fact that they were in plain view of
his two daughters, who were watching the goings on intently, though the
back windows of the house and giggling softly with their hands over their

"So it's settled then, Frank? You don't mind if I take charge of the two
girls, do you honey?" Sherry asked with a twinkle in her pretty eyes.

"I cannot speak for my wife, Senora Sherry? But I will speak to her and I
am sure she will be agreeable to my wishes, as she always has in the past!
A man could not ask for a better wife, than Juanita, with all due respect
to you, Senora Sherry?" He told her with a grin of satisfaction.

"I wouldn't expect a man of your character, to say otherwise about his
wife, Frank?" She replied considerately.

"As I told you earlier Senora Sherry, it is very rare indeed for a woman of
such beauty, wealth and stature in the community to be so kind and

"You know, I've only seen her but a few times when she's accompanied you
here to pick Maria up after the evening's festivities were over, honey?"
Sherry remarked.

"She could barely keep her head up from her bashfulness and modesty when I
would look her way while she was waiting patiently for you in the truck!
She's such a tiny and fragile looking little thing! Is she as meek and
docile as she appears, Frank?"

"Yes she is Senora Sherry, in my country girls are instructed from a young
age to be both obedient and subject to their husbands needs and desires. It
is the way she raised her daughters, also."

"Well that's easy enough to believe honey; Maria is a perfect example of
what you just spoke of? And you know I don't mean to be disrespectful when
I say this Hank, but Juanita looks, much younger than I would have expected
her to be?"

"You could never be disrespectful, Senora Sherry?" He said smiling
softly. "And you are right Senora; Juanita is ten twelve years younger than
I am. She had just turned sixteen, when I first `took' her, the same age as
Angel is now?" He said with a deliberate grin.

"Really honey, Angel is sixteen, Hank! I would have thought by looking at
her, that she was much younger?"

"It is because of her silly girlish actions, her late parents spoiled her
as you saw her tonight, Senora Sherry, but she is, sixteen...of age, no
Senora?" He asked with a shrewd grin.

"Yes Hank honey she is of age, you sweet rascal, you!" She said
enthusiastically. "But you know I'll take good care of both your daughter
and your niece don't you, Frank?"

"What else would I expect from a fine considerate woman such as you, Senora
Sherry? I know both my niece and Maria will have nothing but the best of
care in your hands. Being Papa to one and Uncle to the other, I would never
even think of leaving them in the hands of someone I even thought, might
mistreat them, with all of the love I have for them!"

"Does your wife have any idea of my fondness for Maria and her `services'
Frank, honey?"

"I'm certain from over hearing the laughing and giggling in conversations
between the two of them, she does Senora? It is not an uncommon practice
for a young girl to be in the charge of an older woman and schooled in the
ways of love. We are from different countries you and I, but we are all
still `people' and have the same needs and desires, no Senora Sherry?"

"Yes honey, lots of people purposely over look that fact, but you're right
Hank, no matter who we are, or where we come from, we're all just `people'
honey and need to be respected and treated as such! You have a wealth of
wisdom in that head of yours, Frank. That's why it truly hurts me to hear
you speak so lowly of yourself, simply because of your profession?"

"Ah but Senora, there is nothing wrong with a man admitting to his station
in life and humbling himself, as long as another man in a higher station,
does not mistake my `meekness for weakness' that could be a mistake, no?"
He said with an unpretentious but uncompromising look on his face.

"Yes Frank, I have a feeling; if someone were to do that, it would be a
very grave mistake on their part honey, very grave indeed!" She replied

"So you see Senora a true `man' is willing to `give' if called upon to do
so, but will never surrender to someone who would try to `take' what is
rightfully his! He said with humble conviction. Now I must be on my back to
my wife and family, Senora. I trust you will enjoy the rest of your
evening, as I did mine?" He told her as he turned and started to walk off
to his truck.

"Frank wait please, just one more thing?" She asked quietly.

"Anything Senora, you have but to ask?"

"I have an older woman that is a very dear and long time friend, who is in
desperate need of the kind of attention a man such as you could provide her
with. As it happens both my husband and hers are going to be out of town on
business for a few days next week and I was wondering?" She started to ask

"Yes Senora Sherry, please...go on?" He said chivalrously.

"Well I was wondering if you might possibly want to bring your wife along
with you to work one day next week while our husbands are away on
`business' as they refer to it and maybe you could entertain my friend,
while I get to know Juanita a little better? I'm certain you would find my
friend to be very shall we say, accommodating, but if nothing else, it
would be a very profitable endeavor for you!" She said with a playful grin.

"At the day and time of your choice Senora, a humble employee such as I
would be at your bidding, to perform any service you might request, always,
Senora Sherry!" He replied with a mischievous grin and then turned and
walked off to his truck.

To be continued...

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