Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sherry's Long Night (3 of 3)

"Well honey, it's settled Maria! I talked to your father and he agreed to
let you stay here with me, what do you think about that, honey?" Sherry
announced cheerfully as she walked back into the house.

"You mean to spend the night, Senora Sherry, Mam?" Maria asked

"No honey, I mean that from now on, you're going to be in my charge! You're
going to be living here at my home permanently, Maria?"

"Oh Senora Sherry, you ...mean it! So from now on, I am going to be how you
say, your `live in maid'?" The pretty young woman asked excitedly as she
ran to the older woman and embraced her spiritedly.

"Yes honey you are...but, wait just a second, Maria!" Sherry said suddenly
as the young woman hung on to her excitedly.

"Oh Senora Sherry...I'm sorry! In my excitement, I... forgot my place,
Senora. Please forgive me, Mam?" The pretty young woman said sheepishly, as
she quickly released her hold on Sherry and stepped back coyly, embarrassed
about her actions.

"No honey, I wish you wouldn't worry so much about things like...that?
That's not it at all...Maria?" She replied good-naturedly.

"It is not, Senora...but, I thought..." Maria started to say.

"No of course not...honey! What's wrong with Angel, she...seems to be
crying?" Sherry exclaimed softly, as she looked at the pretty young girl in
pig tails sitting alone on the sofa with her head lowered and fidgeting
with her hands in her lap as she sobbed softly.

"Angel honey, what" Sherry asked sitting next to the young girl on
the sofa and putting one arm around her shoulders while brushing away her
long silky black hair from her face with the other hand.

"Is nothing ...Senora?" The young girl said picking up her head to expose
her tear stained cheeks, as she continued to sob quietly.

"Well honey, there has to be something wrong for you to be crying, like you
are?" Sherry replied softly as she brushed the young girl's hair back over
her shoulders.

Then looking up at Maria, the young girl said something to her older cousin
in her language of origin and lowered her head again.

"She is sad, because I am going to be living here with... you now, Senora
Sherry?" Maria said with sensitivity.

"Is that all...but Angel honey, so are you?" Sherry said compassionately
while smiling softly and gently stroking the young girls long, black hair.

"Is true Senora? I living with you too!" The young girl asked
animatedly as her head came up quickly and she looked into Sherry's eyes,
with tears still coming from her own.

"Yes of course you are, sweetie. Then looking up at Maria with a look of
confusion on her face, Sherry asked. "Isn't that what I said when I walked
into the house?"

"Pardon me for saying it Senora, I mean no disrespect...but, you spoke as would be only me, which would be staying?" She replied lowering
her head subserviently.

"Did I really...oh Angel honey, I'm sorry?" Sherry said compassionately,
while drawing the young girl's head gently to her deep cleavage exposed by
the low cut dress she was wearing and feeling the warm moistness of Angel's
tears on each of her tits as she held her in a loving embrace.

"You are very take us into your home, Senora Sherry!" You
have made both my cousin Angel and me, very happy...with your generosity
and kindness?" Maria said softly, while looking down with longing at her
young cousin's face between Sherry's soft tits.

"I'm the fortunate one; was my thoughts about having your,
`services' permanently available now, that caused me not to be able to
express myself properly, when I came back into the house, I hope you know
that honey?" Sherry said looking up hungrily into the eyes of the pretty
young woman.

"I am not worthy of...such words, from such a fine lady as you, Senora
Sherry?" She replied respectfully, as she stood next to Sherry, teetering
nervously on one foot then the other and entwining her fingers together

"I'm not surprised at your humbleness honey? Knowing your father the way I
do, I have no doubts where it comes from? I'll need to speak further with
you Maria, but we can continue this discussion later in the guest bedroom
I'll be sharing with Jim's wife tonight, sweetie. But for now, would you be
a dear and make Angel comfortable in the bedroom? The two of you are going
to be occupying for now."

"Yes of course, Senora, right away Mam!" Maria replied quickly as she took
her young cousin's hand and started to lead her away.

"Oh and Maria one more thing before you go honey! If it's not too much
trouble sweetie, make me a nice strong drink and bring it with you, when
you join me in the guest bedroom after you're though seeing to Angel, OK?"

"Yes Senora Sherry, it will be my pleasure, Mam?"

"Senora Sherry, Mam, I have your drink?" Maria said softly after tapping
very lightly on the bedroom door, just a few minutes later.

"Come on in sweetie, its not locked?" Sherry replied softly.

"We can continue our conversation in here, as I have my drink Maria, but
we'll need to be quiet, OK sweetie?"

"Yes Senora, Sherry." Maria replied in a low whisper.

Julie's resting peacefully and I don't want to disturb her, not... quite
yet, anyway." Sherry said taking the drink from Maria with one hand, while
wrapping the other arm around the taller young woman's waist drawing her
close and grinning playfully, before leaning into her and kissing her
softly on the lips.

"This is just what I needed!" Sherry said taking a long sip of the strong
mixed drink and kicking off her high heel shoes at the same time. "Help me
with this zipper, Maria, I'm enjoying this drink too much too let go of
it!" Sherry told her laughing softly, as she turned her back and lifted her
hair out of the way for Maria to get at the zipper.

"Yes Senora, it... has been a long night for you, no?" The young woman
asked softly as she unzipped the dress and took the straps off Sherry's
shoulders, then leaned over at the waist to help the older woman step out
of the dress, as Sherry steadied herself by placing one hand on Maria's
shoulder as she did so.

"Yes my beautiful lover it, has been...but it's not nearly over, yet,
honey!" She said turning back around to face Maria. "Want to help me, with
my bra and panties too, sweetie?" The older woman asked as she took another
long sip of her mixed drink and keeping the taller, pretty young woman's

"Yes Senora Sherry...and pardon my boldness for saying it, Mam? But Senor
Jim's wife, although very lovely, is a very fortunate lady, to be...sharing
your bed, tonight!" Maria whispered hoarsely as she undid the front snaps
of Sherry's bra and slid the straps off her shoulders.

"The Senora is beautiful..." She said whispering quietly as though talking
to herself and staring intently as Sherry's plump, thick, dark nipple tits
came into her view.

"That's very sweet of you to say, Maria...and I hope to be able to hear you
say it, for many years to come, lover!" Sherry said with a contented look
on her face.

"I will be here as long as...the Senora permits me?" Maria whimpered
quietly and staring longingly at the older woman's plump and softly rounded
tits as though in a drug induced haze.

"Those are the words, I...wanted to hear, you lovely, obedient creature,

Then reaching out with her free hand to the back of Maria's head she gently
drew her lips to the thick nipple of one tit while at the same time
bringing the glass to her lips with the other hand and then moaned deeply,
from the simultaneous pleasure she was receiving from both the soothing
effects of the alcohol as she took a long slow drink and Maria's warm moist
mouth as she sucked forcefully on her now rigid nipple.

"That really feels wonderful honey, I wish it wasn't so late..." Sherry
told the younger woman in a sincere tone of voice, as she restlessly turned
her head and looked eagerly at Julie on the bed.

"The Senora does not have to explain...I will go now and leave you to your
`guest'...I know you have been waiting patiently all evening to take solace
from Senora Julie, Mam" Maria replied sheepishly as she reluctantly let the
thick nipple slide from her mouth.

"Yes honey, I have to admit, I really have! But you do understand, that I
take great comfort in knowing, that after tonight I will have many nights
to both give and take comfort from a beautiful young woman like you, don't
you... Maria? I've only had deep feelings this way about one... other
woman, do you understand what I'm telling you, honey?" Sherry asked the
young woman as she looked intently into her dark, pretty eyes.

"I think so... if I may be so enjoy my `services' Senora Sherry,
yes?" The young woman asked cautiously.

"No honey, that's not what I'm saying, Maria?"

"No..." She started to say with a questioning look on her pretty face, but
then went quiet and lowered her head slowly, as tears started to well up in
her eyes.

"Maria, pick up your head and ...look at me! You really don't
understand...what I'm saying, do you?"

"Forgive me Senora Sherry...I just thought......but, it was not my place, I
was foolish to even think..." She started to say again, as tears started
rolling down each cheek.

"You're precious..." She said quietly before kissing the tears from the
young woman's cheeks.

"You are very...kind, Senora Sherry." She replied courageously with a
forced smile on her pretty face.

"I'm in love, Maria!"

"Yes Senora I...understand, she said smiling bravely. I just beg your
forgiveness for my foolishness? I will leave now, with your permission,

"No honey, you don't understand, I'm in love...with you, Maria!" The older
woman told her warmly.

"You're..." She started to say with a startled look on her face.

"Yes Maria honey, I've fallen in love with you, that's what I've been
trying to make you understand, lover?" Sherry told her softly and looking
intently into her eyes.

"Oh, Senora Sherry Mam...but it cannot be!" The young woman exclaimed as
she started to tremble nervously with tears running down each cheek again,
before the older woman embraced her tenderly and they shared a long
passionate kiss.

"Yes baby it can and it is! Now do I have to prove it to you, by forgoing
my night with Jim's wife and sharing my bed with you, tonight? I will if I
have too, Maria, that's how much you mean to me, honey?"

"Oh no Senora Sherry, I would never want you to do such a thing, Mam! With
your permission, I will leave now, Senora Sherry, OK Mam?"

"Are you sure that's what you want, Maria?"

"Yes Mam, very sure, love me, Senora Sherry?" She asked again
in unbelief of what the woman had just told her and still trembling

"Yes honey, I love you, Maria!" Sherry replied laughing softly, why is that
so hard to believe? You definitely are Hank's daughter; I've never seen two
people so much alike!" Sherry told her continuing to chuckle softly as the
young woman opened the bedroom door and started walking out.

"Well Julie honey, it looks like it's just me and you now, finally! I sure
hope you're worth what I just gave up to try your titty milk!" She said
whispering huskily as she closed and locked the bedroom door and after
finishing her drink, Sherry joined the young woman in the bed.

"Hell, it's nice just to be off my feet!" The older woman said sighing
softly and smiling, as she took the sheet off of the young woman's body and
cuddle up close to her `spoon fashion' then slipped her arm around her
waist drawing her even closer and enjoying the warmth the young woman's
body gave off.

The young woman only stirred slightly and mumbled something incoherently,
when Sherry brushed aside Julie's hair and started planting soft wet kisses
along her neck and shoulder as her hand wandered slowly along the length of
her firm and toned young body.

Then the young woman moaned loudly and a grimace of pain came over her
face, as the older woman first fondled, then in lustful eagerness, squeezed
firmly one of her tender and swollen milk filled tits through her bra.

"There're full aren't they sweetie, they won't be for long baby." The older
woman whispered softly, before cupping the young girl's other tit,
squeezing tightly on it too and bringing the same response, as Julie
grimaced in discomfort again and groaned deeply, then rolled over onto her
back and started to stir.

"Jim..." The young woman whispered questioningly and looking thought tiny
slits in her eye lids, as she attempted to wake up from the alcohol induced
fog she was in, due to the throbbing sensation she was experiencing in her
milk laden breasts, as a result of the older woman's eager and determined
hand on her tits.

"No honey it's me, Sherry." The older woman replied softly. "Jim had to
attend that meeting out of town you're staying with me at my home tonight,
remember honey?" She asked in a soothing tone of voice.

"Un huh...I remember... now, Mrs. Ryton..." The young woman mumbled almost
incoherently as she opened her eyes a little wider and looked at Sherry in
the dimly lit bedroom. "I feel...just awful..." The young woman complained

"Well honey it's understandable, you just a little too much to drink, is
all? It's nothing to be ashamed off, Julie?"

Un head is pounding and I `ache' a lot? It's my fault though, I
didn't think I'd get so drunk that I'd have to stay over for the night and
I didn't even think to bring my..." She started to say then
hesitated. "Well anyway, what I meant was, I feel awful about having to put
you thought so much trouble. I'm sure Jim really is aggravated, with me?"

"It's no trouble at all, honey! You were complaining in your sleep and I
just hate to see you so uncomfortable? And Jim wasn't aggravated with you
Julie, honey?" The older woman said in a compassionate tone of voice. "Do
you remember him speaking to you about being in my care, while he was gone,
Julie?" Sherry asked her with a warm smile before gently kissing her on the

"Yes... un huh Mrs. Ryton...I remember him saying... he had to leave and
being adamant, about... me following your instructions during my stay here
with you, while... he was gone, he said it was really important, that I
did?" She replied sluggishly. "I hope I didn't do...or say anything to
offend you...since I'm here, Mam?" She said listlessly and squinting as
though trying to bring Sherry's face into focus, as she turned and looked
at her.

"No of course you didn't honey! And I'm won't Julie, we're going
to get along just fine, sweetie?" The older woman told her in a considerate
tone of voice, before leaning over and briefly kissing her softly on the
lips. "And there's no need for such formalities honey, just call me, Sherry
OK sweetie?"

"Jim said you were a nice lady...and he was right...Sherry, it's really
sweet of you to be so attentive and caring specially, with someone like me,
that made...such a mess of things tonight?" She said timidly with a soft
smile on her face as she looked dreamily into the eyes of the older woman
whose face was positioned above and just inches from her own.

"I can see why Jim say's he loves you so much, honey? He just can't say
enough, about how sweet and obedient a wife you are too him, Julie!" The
older woman whispered huskily bringing her face just a little closer to

"Really...Jim said that...Mrs. Ryton?" The young woman responded in a
groggily but enthused manner. "I know he loves me...but, sometimes he gets
a little aggravated with me...he says I'm too dependent on him for making
decisions and things like that?" The young woman explained slurring her

"But it's only...because, I love him so much and...I guess I'm...a little
scared of losing him?" She tried to explain, her speech still slurred from
the effects of alcohol educed haze, she was in.

"Its Sherry honey, call me... Sherry, Julie! And yes he did say that and I
know for a fact that he loves you, honey! I like those qualities in a woman
too, sweetie and I was extremely pleased, when Jim assured me that you
would be just as attentive and accommodating with me, if I should ask
anything of you, during your stay here with me, until he gets back, Julie?"

"Sure...anything, I'd be...happy to do anything I can"
She replied with a look of apprehension.

"I know you would sweetie will, honey!" The older woman replied
with a mischievous grin on her face.

"The only thing being I...don't think I could even...stand up, right now?
My heads still spinning and I...feel kind of numb...but, if you have
something you'd to help with...I'd be happy to, try?" The young
woman replied looking at Sherry with glassy eyes and a silly drunken grin,
as she made a feeble attempt to sit up in the bed.

"No honey, there's no need to get up, you're fine just where you are!"
Sherry told her laughing softly as she gently forced the young woman back
down on the bed with both hands on her shoulders.

"But..." The young woman started to protest softly, as she looked up at
Sherry with a look of confusion though glazed over eyes, as she fell
flaccidly back onto the bed.

"Shush now honey, I know you want to help and you will, believe me! But the
best way to help me is to do as Jim told you and do what I ask of you, OK
sweetie?" The older woman said with a husky

"Un huh...sure, what ever you say, Mrs. Ryton, I just `thought'..." She
started to say again, before Sherry cut her off.

"Julie honey, until Jim gets back I'll be taking care of you! And just like
he does, when he's around, I'll be doing your `thinking' for you! And
please honey, for the last time...its Sherry! Just call me Sherry, OK

"Un huh OK, Sherry!" She replied with a silly compliant grin.

"There now, that's better, honey! Starting tonight Julie, we're going to be
friends and not just for tonight, but for a long time to come, sweetie!"
The older woman told her hungrily.

"I'd like that...Sherry..." The young woman replied softly looking though
the narrow slits in her eyes.

"That's good to hear, baby, and now that we have that settled Julie, just a
second ago, you mentioned you were `aching' a lot, but you said it was your
fault, because you didn't bring something, what was it you forgot to bring,
honey?" Sherry asked inquisitively.

"Maybe I have something here at my home that could help!" The older woman
asked before lightly kissing her on the shoulder and running her hand,
softly back and forth along her upper arm.

"Un uh, I don't think you'd have one of those, over here...Sherry?" She
said giggling like a young school girl, with her hand over her mouth.

"Well honey, how are we going to know that for sure, unless you tell me,
what it is?" The older woman asked inquisitively, while laughing softly
along with Julie.

"Cause I was talking...about my...breast pump, Sherry! It's my boobs that
ache?" She said timidly, while continuing to giggle and blushing slightly.

"Well you're right, sweetie?" She said laughing softly; I never did have
any use for one of those! But you won't need it tonight, baby!" The older
woman told her as she looked down at Julie's swollen tits with eager

"I won't...?" She asked quietly woozily with a quizzed look on her face.

"No sweetie, you won't!" Sherry replied assuredly. "Jim and I had a long
discussion about you before he left and he eagerly agreed that I could be
your `baby' for tonight!"

"You're, going to be my baby, Sherry...?" She asked again sheepishly in a
slurred tone of voice.

"Yes honey I, will! Your sweet titties need to be emptied and they will be,
but not with such a cold and impersonal thing, like a breast pump, honey?
We're going to do it the `old fashioned way' and we'll both get enjoyment
from it! Now be a good girl and turn onto your side so I can get this bra
off you, sweetie!" The older woman told her as she eagerly encouraged her
to turn, by gently coaxing with her hands.

"You...and Jim, discussed said, Sherry?" The young woman asked
curiously as she meekly turned to her side with Sherry's assistance as the
older woman unhooked her bra.

"We did and I don't know who was more excited about the idea?" She said
laughing softly as she removed Julie's bra then let her lay on her back
again and getting her first view of the young woman's pale swollen tits
with their dark areolas and thick nipples.

"They're lovely, honey." The older woman whispered hoarsely. And from what
Jim tells me, you enjoy having them sucked on, don't you baby?"

"I guess...?" She said timidly and blushing lightly at the older woman's

"Of course you do, Jim says you love sex of any kind, Julie. He told me you
might be a little anxious about a woman making love to you at first,
because it's a new experience for you, but he assured me that since you
loved your titties sucked and your pussy licked so much, you'd enjoy the
experience, once you over came your initial anxiety about making love with
a woman, honey?"

"Really Sherry...Jim told all of that?" She inquired with a look of
awkwardness on her face, looking up at the older woman hovering above her
through glazed over eyes.

"Yes honey he did!" Sherry replied tenderly. "This is just the beginning of
a long relationship between the two of us, lover! And I told him that I'd
even be willing to consider letting him join us some times when we get
together in the future, would you like that, honey?" She asked before
lowering her head to softly lick and kiss the underside of the young
woman's neck and upper chest.

The young woman only sighed softly, nodding her head slowly in approval and
then she tilted her chin up slightly, to give the older woman's persistent
warm, moist lips and tongue easier access to her neck and chest, as
Sherry's actions were causing her to stir slightly and bringing about deep
seated sexual awakenings in her body.

"Jim was right Julie, you are a hot little number, honey!" The older woman
whispered hoarsely, as she lavished the underside of the young woman's neck
and upper chest, with her wet tongue, her excitement spurred on by the
young woman's yielding actions, as Julie leaned her head as far back as she
could and moaned softly.

"It didn't take much to get your motor running, did it sweetie?" Sherry
told her chuckling softly. "I bet that sweet little `honey pouch' of yours
is wet already, think we aught to have a little look see, baby?" The older
woman whispered huskily, while sliding one of her hands down Julie's
stomach and slightly rounded lower belly to the mound of her pussy and then
slipping it inside her panties.

"Oh baby I was right wasn't I? You're soaked, honey!" Sherry whispered
throatily before covering the young woman's lips with her own and listening
to Julie moan deeply into her mouth, as she slid her index finger up to the
knuckle inside her warm, wet and velvety smooth love tunnel.

"You really are, enjoying this aren't you, baby?" Sherry whispered after
breaking off the kiss and feeling the young woman's ass come off the bed to
meet the gentle thrust of her finger inside her pussy.

"Un's nice, Sherry...and your lips are so...soft?" She replied
coyly in a soft whisper, while bringing her arms up and gently wrapping
them around the older woman's neck and looking up at her with a contended

"Yours are too, honey! Soft and sweet just as I'm sure, this plump pussy of
yours is! But then again you, wouldn't know anything about how sweet a
pussy tastes, would you, little momma?" Sherry asked in a lustful whisper.

"No, un uh...?" Julie replied in a low whisper, gigging softly and moving
her head from side to side slowly.

"Well then Julie how about me sharing my first taste of yours, with you,
lover?" Sherry asked with a sultry look on her face, as she pulled her
index finger out of the young woman's warm, wet pussy and then gently
forced it, along with an adjoining finger back into her sopping wet pussy
and fingered her for a few more seconds, causing the young woman to gasp
slightly at first, then continue to moan softly again.

"Here we are honey, one for me?" Sherry said after removing her fingers
from Julie's pussy and taking her index finger into her mouth, sucking it
clean of the young woman's juices with an approving moan and a playful grin
on her face.

"And now one for you, little momma!" The older woman said bringing her
other glistening, wet and pussy juice coated finger to Julie's mouth, the
older woman's face beaming with excitement as Julie eagerly, accepted her
offering and unhurriedly sucked her finger clean of her own juices.

"Good isn't it, baby? Sherry asked smiling and gazing down into the young
woman's eyes, as she lay peacefully on the bed.

"Un huh..." She replied smiling tenderly. "Think we...could kiss,
some...more, Sherry?" The young woman asked looking up at her shyly.

"Yes lover, of course we can, honey?" Sherry replied eagerly.

Then positioning herself next to the young woman in a manner that allowed
her to slip her left arm under the back of the young woman's neck, causing
Julie's head to tilt back slightly and then covering the length of the
front of her neck and grasping it gently but yet firmly with her right hand
as they shared a long deep passionate kiss, as the young woman again
reached up and wrapped her arms lovingly around Sherry's neck.

"You're going to make an excellent lover Julie, as much as you enjoy
kissing and cuddling, the way you do?" Sherry told her with their lips
still just barely touching after the kiss.

"Un huh, I do, Sherry...I love it, but Jim...only gets aggravated with me,
when...I ask him, to kiss and hold after he ...makes love, to me?"
The young woman replied quietly in a somber tone of voice, as she continued
to hold onto Sherry's neck with her arms.

"I know baby, I'm sure most men are that way, but you can't blame them for
it? Once they shoot that thick, sweet cream into you, no matter if it's
your pussy, ass, or your mouth; they just want to roll over and go to
sleep!" She said laughing quietly. "But you won't have to worry about that
anymore, lover? I'll be seeing to most of your wants and needs from now on,

"You're sweet...Sherry?" I know this sounds...crazy but, as awful as it
...made me feel, I'm glad I got ...too drunk to go home, now?" Julie told
her with a soft grin.

"It's nice to hear you say that, honey? But there are going to be times,
when I'm going to want to hear you `moan' some when I make love to you
baby, You might not find me to be so `sweet' then, think you could take a
little pain for me, lover?" The older woman asked in a husky whisper with a
mischievous grin, before slowly licking across Julie's lips with her

"I think...I already...did, Sherry?" She replied giggling uncontrollably
and causing her swollen, dark nipple and milk filled tits to giggle
slightly on her pale white chest, as she continued to hold on to the older
woman's neck.

"Oh really, when was this might I ask and what's all the giggling about?"
Sherry asked picking up her head slightly and looking down intriguingly
into the young woman eyes then starting to laugh softly along with Julie's
infectious giggling.

Then as suddenly as she has started, Julie stopped giggling and looked
intently into Sherry's eyes with a lusty grin, she whispered huskily. "If
you kiss me again Sherry, I'll tell you..." She said as she tugged
affectionately at her neck with her arms until their lips met and they
kissed fervently again, their tongues snaking into one another's mouths, as
their heads moved slowly from side to side, in a loving and tender embrace.

After holding the kiss for what seemed to be an eternity and getting their
fill of the sweetness from each other's mouths by the deep probing of one
another's tongues, the two women laid silently with their faces buried in
the hollow of the other's neck.

"It was when you squeezed my boobs so hard though my bra, after getting
into bed with me, Sherry." The young woman whispered quietly into the
Sherry's ear as their heavy breathing from the long and intense kiss
started to subside.

"You... knew that was me!" The older woman asked, picking up her head and
looking skeptically into Julie's eyes. "But could you have known,
you never even opened your eyes and the only name you cried out softly
after I gave you that second squeeze was Jim's, lover?" She asked

"Yes I did think for a second that it was him, I was in such a fog at the
time? But Jim doesn't wear that intoxicating fragrance you have on,
Sherry!" The young woman whispered softly as she looked lovingly into
Sherry's eyes, with a tender smile.

"Well you're just full of surprises, aren't you, sweet, sexy
little scamp, Julie!" She whispered with a playful grin. "So you knew it
was me...all this time?" She asked intriguingly.

"No un uh, I hadn't even thought about it, until you kissed me that first
time and even then, I wasn't really sure?" The young woman explained.

"But then, when I asked you to kiss me again and we held each other close
and you brought your hand up under my chin to caress my throat, your arm
pressed against my left boob and the memory of the pain along with the
wonderful smell of the fragrance you're wearing jogged my memory and that's
when, I knew for sure it was you?"

"I gave them a pretty `healthy' squeeze; did it hurt real badly, honey?"
The older woman asked considerately, but with eager anticipation of Julie's

" was pretty intense; I was in pain when you squeezed the right
one, but when you squeezed the left one, that really got my attention!" She
replied with a soft chuckle. "I had a hard time catching my breath; it hurt
so badly, you really `clamped down' on that one, Sherry..." She whispered
softly with an affectionate smile.

"Yes my sweet little mommy, I guess I did, didn't I, lover? But hearing you
moan so deeply when I squeezed the first titty gave me so much pleasure, my
nipples got hard and in the excitement of the moment, I guess I just
squeezed the other one, that much tighter?" The older woman told her

"Un huh, I guess?" The young woman whispered subserviently, while looking
devotedly into Sherry's lust filled eyes.

"A little pain just heightens the pleasure of sex for me and it's not a
matter of being cruel, Julie?" Sherry explained.

"I personally, accept and `take' pain willingly? In most instances it does
heighten not only the pleasure, but the excitement of sex, when a man uses
me that way? In my opinion, there is no higher form of subservience, than
when a person is willing to accept a little pain in order to pleasure their
lovers, of course in my case, it's only with men?" The older woman told her
in a matter of fact manner.

"But when it comes to women, it's `giving' that really turns me on, honey!
Like I said, it's not a matter of being `cruel' I don't like cruelty and
see no reason for it? But to hear a woman moan from a little pain mixed
with pleasure, just drives me crazy!" She whispered compellingly.

"The fact, that you willingly accepted it and didn't complain, or even say
anything about the experience, until I mentioned it...well, it just makes
you that much more special to me, lover!"

"Not that I would have...but, I have a feeling, complaining about it,
wouldn't have done any good, would it, Sherry?" She asked coyly.

"No honey it wouldn't have, especially not in your case, Julie? I'm a
pretty good judge of character when it comes to women and I choose my
lovers and `situations' very carefully!" Sherry explained. "I trust my
intuition when it comes to judging how women are going to react to my
advances, and it hasn't failed me yet?"

"It's like I was telling Jim earlier, most women would never admit it, but
they'd enjoy sex with another woman, given the opportunity, especially when
another more dominant woman in a position of influence over their husbands
careers, forces her intentions on them!" The older woman said with a
puckish grin.

"See honey, not giving them a choice in the matter, takes away their
inhibition and the burden of `guilt' they would normally feel about it!"
And that way, they can just lay back and enjoy the experience, while I have
my way with them, not unlike the `situation' with you tonight, lover?" The
older woman told her.

"I have no reason to doubt it, Sherry...I for one, never thought I'd find
comfort in the arms of another...woman? But here I am... "She said
quietly. "I, do think you're being a little modest...though?" Julie said
with a tender smile.

" so, honey?" Sherry asked before lowering her head to Julie's
and licking her wetly across the lips before kissing her languorously.

"Well like you just said, I'm sure your wealth and position of influence,
having to do with their husbands careers, has a lot to do with gaining a
woman's confidence in agreeing to let you `take' them as lovers?" She

"But what really makes women comfortable around you and succumb to your the kindness and tenderness you show them? What you
just...did, being a perfect example of it...?" The young woman said softly
after they shared the kiss.

"I know it does for me...anyway? I've never felt this comfortable and
secure in the arms of anyone else, including Jim, Sherry..." Julie
whispered yieldingly, with their lips still just inches apart.

"That's quite the compliment my, little `mommy'? Flattery will get you,
`everywhere', you know?" She said laughing softly while looking intently
into the young woman's eyes

"I mean it...Sherry..."

"Un huh I know you're being sincere, baby...and I can't be any happier,
that,, Julie?" She replied tenderly before lowering her head to
the young woman's chest and licking slowly across the tops of the young
woman's tits, as she brought one hand up to gingerly cup and hold one of
the tender, swollen and milk filled orbs in her hand.

"Your titties feel as though they have fever in them, they're so hot,
Julie!" The older woman mumbled softly as she gently lavished the tit she
was holding in her hand, with broad strokes of her flattened out tongue,
licking lightly over the dark, puffy areola and thick nipple. "Not to
mention that fact that they feel almost hard, they're so firm, baby?"

"Un huh...they get that way when they're engorged..." The young woman said
with a sigh, then moaned softly at the attention Sherry's wet, warm tongue
was giving her tender tit.

"Engorged, honey?" The older woman asked distantly, preoccupied with the
sumptuous feel of the warm, smooth and supple flesh of Julie's milk laden
tit, as she lavished it with her moist tongue.

"Yea, it just means they can't hold any more milk...they're so full...see?"
The young woman said coyly before bringing her hand to her tit and barely
squeezing the areola and nipple of one tit between her thumb and forefinger
in a milking motion, catching the older woman by surprise with a light
spray of warm milk across her lips and tongue.

"Hey..." Sherry said raising her head and laughing softly caught off guard
by Julie's actions, as the young woman giggled giddily at the older woman's
startled reaction, while looking at the small droplets of milk lingering on
her upper lip and chin.

"Oh honey...that's wonderful!" She whispered thickly as she eagerly licked
the droplets of milk off her lips and chin with her tongue, while smiling
approvingly and savoring the taste of the sweet mother's milk. "I want to
try doing that OK, baby?" Sherry asked eagerly with a mischievous grin, as
she looked intently at the young woman.

"You mean you wouldn't, if I said `no', Sherry?" The young woman asked
mockingly with a silly smile on her face.

"You know I little tease!" The older woman whispered hoarsely,
looking at Julie with an impish grin.

Then the older woman lowered head to the young woman's tit again, her mouth
open wide in eager anticipation, as she heartily squeezed her thumb and
fingers under and around the base of the areola and nipple, forcing another
warm spray of sweet mother's milk onto her onto her tongue and the back of
her throat.

"That's just so dammed sensuous, lover!" The older woman muttered almost
inaudibly without lifting her head, while forcing yet another spray of milk
into her mouth, her fingers squeezing much more forcefully on the tender
tit, this time in her heated excitement and causing the young woman to
groan deeply in discomfort.

"I know that had to hurt, lover?" Sherry said almost apologetically,
lifting her head and looking at the grimace on Julie's face briefly, then
lowering her head again to lick the residue left from the spray of milk
that had collected on her fingers and the young woman's nipple and areola.

"It stung pretty badly, when you squeezed Sherry, especially that
last... one!"

"I'm... sure it did, lover? I really don't want to cause you any more pain,
than...I have too, honey?" The older woman said sincerely, licking the
rivulets of milk continuing to seep slowly from her thick nipple.

"I know you...don''re really are, a very kind and sweet person,
like...I said, before, Sherry..."

"You're an incredibly considerate lover just to say that, Julie and no...I
really don't want to give you any more pain than I have too, honey? But
this experience is just so unbelievably intense...! Just seeing the milk
squirt from your beautiful, succulent nipple when I squeeze your swollen
titty, excites me so much...and the taste... is incredible?"

"Un huh, Jim doesn't like it, but I can...see you're really enjoying,
it...and that, happy...Sherry?" The young woman whimpered
lovingly, as the older woman continued applying light pressure in a milking
motion to Julie's tit with her hand to keep the sweet milk seeping from her
nipple and licking it up as quickly as it did.

"Honey, `enjoying' doesn't nearly describe the intensity of my exhilaration
right at this moment!" Sherry said savoring the taste of her milk. "Are you
feeling well enough to sit up, lover?" The older woman asked.

"I think so...I'm still pretty woozy and my... head's still spinning a
little, though?" Julie said giggling softly, as she slowly sat up in the
bed with the help of the older woman. " the...whole room is
spinning...!" The young woman said continuing to giggle quietly as she
steadied herself, arms at her side and the palms of her hands flat on the
bed for support.

"It'll just be for a few more seconds, honey!" The older woman told her as
she busied herself with stacking one pillow on top of another against the
head board of the bed.

"There that should do it! Now here baby, just lay back and see how this
feels?" Sherry whispered as she helped Julie to the head of the bed and
eased her down until her upper back came to rest on the stack of pillows.

"Yes, this...does feel nice, Sherry! I feel like...I'm leaning back on...a
cloud, these pillows are so soft? She whispered softly as she nestled her
head comfortably in the top pillow and closing her eyes with a smile of
contentment on her face.

"But...why..." The young woman started to ask curiously about Sherry's
motivations with the pillows.

But instead, suddenly gasped loudly and then moaned deeply as Sherry, who
had positioned herself at Julie's right side, lowered her head and latched
on to the nipple and areola of her left tit and started drawing forcefully
on it repeatedly, until she was rewarded with a thick warm spray of milk
from the nipple, bathing her mouth and tongue.

"Oh...Sherry yes... oh yes...yes that feels...wonderful" The young woman
whispering continually, between long soft moans, as her `let down reflex'
kicked in and a continuous stream of warm, sweet mother's milk started
flowing along with the uncomfortable ness she was feeling, from her full,
tender and aching tit into the older woman's eager and persistent, suckling

"Meg was right, lover!" Sherry whispered hoarsely, letting the thick nipple
slip from her mouth and looking up into the young woman's eyes, once the
milk flow subsided to a trickle, after a long pleasurable period of time
had passed, of languorously draining not only the milk, but the ache from
the once engorged tit.

"Meg? Who's Meg...Sherry?" The young woman asked dreamily, with her head
nestled deep in the soft fold of the pillow and her eyes still closed from
the intense feeling of pleasure and relief she had gotten from the warm
moist and willing mouth of the older woman suckling at her tit.

"Megan is an older very dear friend and the wife of one of my employee's
honey. I've developed shall we say, very deep feelings for her; over the
many years we've known each other." She started to explain.

"Oh I see?" She replied dreamily. "So she's your lover then..." The young
woman started to ask cautiously.

"Yes baby she is and her husband is now one of the senior executives of the
company I own and my husband runs, because of it!" Sherry told with a
consequential grin, before lowering her head and taking Julie's nipple and
areola back into her mouth and sucking on it forcefully, to draw the last
drops of the sweet nectar it was holding and causing the young woman to let
out a little yelp of pain, as she did so.

"Something wrong, sweetie?" Sherry asked letting the nipple slip from her
mouth again and looking up at Julie, slightly startled by the young woman's

"No, I'm fine...I didn't mean to startle you, Sherry? She said smiling down
at the older woman. "The baby only suckles me for short periods of time and
even then, my nipples get sore? But you've been sucking on it for quite a
while now and it just stung pretty badly, when you took it back into your
mouth and sucked so hard, that last time! But I'm not complaining Sherry,
honestly? The feeling of being completely empty, is ...wonderful!"

"I know you're not complaining, lover?" Sherry said smiling
affectionately. "But like I said earlier, I don't want to cause you any
more pain than I have too, baby?"

"You really...don't, do you..."

"No baby, I really don't, no more than I have too, anyway!" She whispered
hoarsely. "We're in no hurry honey and since this sweet titty's empty,
would you like to rest a little, before I take the unbelievably, sensual
pleasure of sucking your deliciously, sweet, warm milk from the other one,
Julie?" Sherry asked softly, before lowering her head again to very gently,
lick and suck on the tender and sore nipple, in a soothing manner.

"That decision is going to be yours to make Sherry; you're going to do what
ever you want too anyway! No matter what I say, aren't you?" She said
giggling softly.

"Yes lover I will, but I told you that from the beginning, now didn't I!"
The older woman whispered eagerly as she drew her body up in a sitting
position next to Julie's, then slipping one of her arms under the young
woman's neck, she held her lovingly as she kissed her slowly and
passionately, while gently cupping and caressing the other full, warm and
milk filled tit with the other hand.

"Un huh, I know you did..." Julie replied tenderly with a deep sigh after
the kiss.

"I told you honey, I use my intuition when it comes to a woman's
temperament and her willingness, to let me have my way with her. But I'd
never force myself on a woman, that didn't truly want and enjoy me giving
and taking pleasure from her? And I do love, to hear a woman moan, from a
little pain mixed with pleasure! But I'd never inflict pain on a woman,
just for the sake of giving pain, Julie?"

"You don't have to explain...that's easy enough to see, Sherry? Megan is a
lucky woman..." Julie whispered candidly, while looking into the older
woman's eyes. "To have someone as loving, compassionate and giving as you
for a...lover, I mean? You said you have `deep feelings' for her...what you
really meant, was that, her don't you, Sherry?"

"Yes Julie, my sweet `little mommy' I do love her, honey! We've loved each
other for a long time now and until earlier this evening, well actually
earlier last evening; it's close to six A.M. now!" She said laughing
softly. "But like I was about to tell you, until earlier last evening, I
had never expressed my love for Meg with words, I guess I just took it for
granted, that she knew what my true feelings were for her?"

"But you did...tell her tonight, Sherry...that you love, her I mean?" Julie
whispered endearingly, keeping Sherry's gaze.

"Yes baby, I did! I didn't realize that she needed to hear me say it, but
because of the differences in our ages, she was worried that I wouldn't
want her as a lover any longer, which is just plain silly of course! She'll
always have a special place in my heart; age has nothing to do with
anything? I'm very fortunate to have had her for such a faithful and eager
lover all of these years." The older woman whispered benevolently.

"So she's the only've ever told that...too, Sherry...that you
love, her I...mean?"

"Well up till last night she was lover?" The older woman said laughing
softly, as she continued to lightly caress Julie's other warm, milk
engorged tit and flick the now rigid nipple with her thumb, while holding
her in a tender embrace.

"Guess I'm being a little...nosey, huh...?" Julie asked softly, as she
tilted her head back slowly to permit the older woman to lavish the
underside of her neck and upper chest with her wet tongue, while gently
squeezing the areola and nipple of the milk filled tit she had been
caressing and causing a small rivulet of milk, to ooze from the nipple and
down the side of the plump tit.

"I won't hesitate to tell, you if I think you're being nosey...oh,
lover...!" The older woman exclaimed excitedly in a husky whisper, before
hurriedly lowering her head and hungrily licking up the milk leaking slowly
down the side of the younger woman's tit, while softly purring her approval
at the intense experience and savoring the taste of the warm, sweet milk
with her tongue.

"Would alright, if...I asked who they were...then, Sherry?" The
younger woman asked, as she looked down and watched Sherry languidly
licking the droplets of milk forming on her now, continuously seeping

"Of course it would lover, but it's not necessary that I tell, you who they
are? You're going to be `meeting,' them soon enough, anyway!" Sherry
replied briefly looking up at her with a smile, before returning her
attention to the oozing nipple of Julie's engorged tit which she held
cradled in the palm of her hand.

"I am...?" Julie asked with an uneasy curiousness.

"Yes baby, you are! The older woman said looking up at her with a playful

"But that's enough talk for now, Ok lover? It's almost seven A. M. and I
haven't slept all night!" The older woman told her.

"Yes...I'm sure you...are tired, especially...after the party and
...everything, Sherry?"

"Yes I am a little tired and would like to get some rest, but before I do,
I think some nice warm milk, would help me to rest easier, my `little
mommy' don't you think so, honey?" Sherry told her, before lowering her
head to take the swollen areola and rigid nipple of the engorged tit she
was holding in the palm of her hand, into her mouth.

"OH...!" The young woman exclaimed loudly and gasped in pain, as Sherry
wrapped her hand around the swollen and tender tit, then squeezed
forcefully, before she began suckling intensely and swallowing greedily, as
Julie's sweet, warm milk rushed into her mouth.

Then the pain from the sudden shock of Sherry's hand clamping down
forcefully on her tender tit started to subside, and Julie slowly closed
her eyes and rested her head deep into the pillow again, moaning softly
from the pleasurable sensation of the older woman's wet, warm and
persistent mouth hungrily, drawing her milk along with the ache from her
engorged tit.

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