Saturday, April 18, 2009

My wifes affair

I had suspected for some time that my wife might be having an affair, but
never had any tangible evidence to prove it. She was still my loving wife,
but our lovemaking had diminished to only once per week. She was still
insatiable during sex, but only then. My first thoughts were that she was
just tired from working so many hours and trying to keep up the house and
the kids. Then our lovemaking started being more adventurous. During one
of our sessions, she rolled over on her stomach and asked for a backrub. I
straddled her and began rubbing her back while she constantly moaned. In
the middle of the backrub, she started rubbing my already hard cock. I was
oozing precum and thinking that I was in heaven. She started to rub the
head of my cock against her asshole. I figured she didn't realize at first
where she was at and would move it farther south to her dripping pussy. I
wasn't ready for the next move. Her ass opened up and swallowed the head
of my cock. Oh, wow! She reached beside the bed, grabbed the lube and
greased her fingers and reached back to her ass, pulled out my cock and
starting to finger fuck her ass. I rolled beside her and watched in
amazement as she fingered her ass with one hand and fingered her pussy with
the other. I stroked my cock watching trying to keep from cumming.
Finally, she looked over and asked me to fuck her ass with all I had. Her
ass was good and stretched out and welcomed my hard dripping cock.. My
cock easily slid all the way in. I gave her ass the fucking of a lifetime
while she fingered her pussy. When I could hold back no longer, I filled
her ass with more cum than I thought was possible from my cock. After we
finished, she licked the fingers that had been stroking her pussy, gave me
a kiss and went to take a shower. Now for many couples out there, this may
be a regular occurrence. Not in our house! My wife had always been the
missionary position, fuck me and let me get back to business type of
person. My curiosity was piqued as to what would cause such a change in

My second suspicion came the day I called the house to let her know that I
would be home late due to an unexpected meeting at work. When I called,
she was winded and seemed to be in a hurry. She explained that she had
been exercising and was just headed to the shower. I let it go, but
wondered why she was exercising at home. She liked to exercise at the
athletic club where we were members. I had never known her to exercise at

My third suspicion also worked out to be my proof to my wife's affair. I
came home early one day to surprise her before the kids got out of school.
As I pulled up, everything looked normal. I walked through the door to a
seemingly quiet house. As I approached our bedroom, however, the situation
changed. I could hear my wife panting loudly and ordering: "fuck me, Beau,
give me that hard teenage cock!" I peered through the door to see my wife
on all fours being fucked by a specimen that could only be referred to as
godly. This young man was quite the hunk! I had never been an admirer of
the male physique, but this one deserved note. He was maybe 19, not an
ounce of fat, perfect bubble butt and quite the cock that was sliding in
and out of my wife's pussy. I couldn't see his face, but things looked
great so far. I decided to stay quiet to see what would happen next.

"Beau" pulled out of my wife's pussy and commanded her to suck his cock.
"It's got too much pussy juice on it!" he stated. His cock had to have
been 9 inches easy. It was also much thicker than mine. My wife promptly
took his cock into her mouth and sucked it clean. He turned and laid back
on the bed and I could finally see his face. This was the teenage son of
our best friends! My wife continued to suck his cock moving down to his
balls. He spread his legs to allow her better access. She went lower and
lower until she was licking his ass. It was Beau's turn to moan in
ecstasy. He turned my wife around and started licking her ass. His tongue
would dart in and wiggle around while his finger worked into her ass. My
wife started doing the same to Beau. After watching them do this for about
15 minutes, Beau demanded to fuck her ass. My wife gave it up willingly.
His cock was stretching her ass to the limit while he fingered his own ass.

My cock was throbbing in my pants. I stripped and started stroking while
watching this love feast. Beau slowed in fuck strokes and started to
finger his ass harder. "I need a dildo for my ass!" he cried. "Where is
that one I bought for you?" he asked my wife. "In my dresser, bottom
drawer" she moaned. (Dildo? My wife uses a dildo?) I decided that this
was the time for my move. I wanted my cock in that boy's ass! I stepped
into the room stark naked and rock hard. "How about this dildo?" I asked
while stroking my cock. The look on my wife's face was sheer horror. The
look on Beau's face was pure lust. "Bring it on!" he exclaimed. He dipped
his cock back into my wife's ass while I dipped mine into his ass. I
couldn't believe that I was fucking another guy's ass, but it felt so good!

With each thrust I gave Beau it rammed my wife all the harder. She was
begging to be fucked harder and Beau was doing the same. We fucked like
this for about 15 minutes before Beau told my wife that he wanted to cum in
her mouth. (Cum in her mouth? My wife wasn't all that wild about oral in
the first place!) She took his cock into her mouth while fingering her
pussy. I could finally hold back no longer and came in Beau's tight ass.
He came in my wife's mouth and the cum dribbled down her chin. She
convulsed as she had her orgasm.

This was the start of our kinky and wild sex life!

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