Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joyce, Peter and me

Ever since we first started fucking, Joyce and I always seemed to be at
different levels. I was a virgin when we met, but she was experienced. I
could never get enough of fucking her to catch up for all the missed times.
I was 18 years old before I had my first fuck, whereas Joyce started
fucking when she was 15 years old, and our daughter seemed to follow in her
mothers step as she also started at that age. But daughters' sex life is
another story.

Sex was always great while we were dating, and there was never enough times
to have it, but after a few years of marriage, and a few kids, Joyce had
lost a lot of desires for sex. She was a good wife, even if she was not in
the mood for sex, she would still let my desires have their way. Many a
time when I would want to fuck her, but she would not be in the mood, I
would start to act like a little child and beg her to fuck with me. If
this failed I would then give her the old "well if you don't want to fuck,
can you just lay down and let me fuck", which eventually she would out of
love for me.

At one point, about 5 years into the marriage, I was always horny and
wanting sex, but she was just not interested in having it more than 2 or 3
times a week. I would be asking for it as often as twice a day. After
all, she had one fantastic body and had great looks as well. She surprised
me one day (after letting me have sex for breakfast and again for lunch, I
asked again for supper) when she said, "Please! Go and get yourself a lover
and leave me alone! Just don't tell me if you do".

No I did not want to take a lover as I had already started cheating on her
after one year of marriage. Nothing on a regular basis mind you, just the
occasional drunken one-night stands etc., but her words made me glow with
desire and wanting her even more. How could a guy be so lucky as to have
this offered on a plate to him? The strange thing was, once she had begged
me to take a lover, I no longer wanted to have others! It was not long
after this that my sexual desires started to wane.

For the next 6 months neither of us really wanted sex often, but did still
have it purely for the "marital" reasons, both thinking that "we must" or
risk being thought of as cheating on the other. It was around this time
that Joyce started to slowly get more and more sexually aroused and wanting
sex on a more regular basis. She seemed to begin to crave for sex, but I
was still in a state of not needing or wanting it. This continued for
another 5 years. It was not till many years later that I understood that
she had taken many a lover herself during those years, but that also is
another story, hahahah!

Well after 10 years of marriage and the many different desires of us both,
we found ourselves in a state of both being bored with our own sex lives,
and we sat down and talked openly about our dilemmas. Over the years
together we had faced many family and financial problems as well as the
ordinary day to day ones, and once we started to open to each other and
tell of our "hidden desires and dreams", we spoke honestly about our
feelings and needs.
Joyce and I confided in each other that we both had hidden desires of
having an "open marriage" where we could each take a partner, or have a
3-some, 4-some, or more sums.

I understood that as a guy it would be harder for me to find a willing
female to join us, then for her to find a willing guy, and we both agreed
that maybe at the start it would have to be MFM for some time before we (I)
got a chance at a FMF night. She was reluctant at first as she wanted to
try another female and watch me fucking another, but she understood the
"logistics" of this type of thing. We started by advertising in the
"Personal" Columns of the local papers, as well as leaving an advert on the
notice board of the local sex shop.
It did not take long to get many replies.

As we had a private mailbox, we had the opportunity to stay anonymous, and
to take our time to peruse the willing respondents to our advertising. We
spent many hours and days sifting through them, as well as the photos that
they sent (this was a pre-request in our advert). The funny thing was the
one we selected had no photo, nothing much about himself (or his wife), but
was such a strange, yet funny letter, that we felt we just had to meet him,
so I rang the number he gave. His name was Peter, he was a Doctor, was
married with 2 kids, but his wife had some major sexual and emotional
problems, so there was rarely any sex. Him and I spoke for about an hour
on the phone and then Joyce spoke to him for a short time and we decided to
all meet up.

Feeling safe and secure in our own home we decided to invite him there. He
was older by maybe 6 to 8 years than both of us (Joyce and I are only 3
months apart in age), but he seemed so natural and relaxed, as well as
humorous, that we quickly became friends. The problem was, we became such
good friends it was many, many weeks before anyone of us broached the
subject of sex. I'm not sure who it was, but think it was maybe me, that
began the topic. The three of us were sitting at the table having a coffee
and a chat (like we did maybe 3 times a week) when the subject of
"Extramarital Sex, and the reason we were all together" arose. Yes, come
to think of it, it was me that started that side of things.

So, the "forbidden" subject had finally been brought to the fore, and we
all approached it sheepishly. And I should point out here that the meeting
between Peter and Joyce was purely for a "2-some" with my consent. I first
asked Peter if he still was interested, and if he felt Joyce turned him on
enough to have his attention. He was sheepish with his reply, but said he
certainly thought she was a great, sexy looking woman and he would love to
have the chance if she and I agreed. I then asked Joyce the same question
about Peter and she replied; "I have been wanting to fuck him since I first
met him!"

Now, we were in a house where there were 3 bedrooms, but there was also a
"granny room" on the back, so it was decided that it would all take place
there, away from the marital bed. After another very jumpy and nervous (by
Peter) 20 minutes, I said, "well if you two are going to fuck each other,
you better get started before I change my mind". They both began to laugh,
and this maybe was the beginning of their relaxed and ready state. I
showed them to the room and bid them farewell and hoped they had fun, and
to take their time and enjoy each other.

Now I can tell you this for sure, that was no easy thing to do, for I was
as jealous as hell that she was going to have sex with him while I was
sitting in the kitchen alone, wondering what he had and how well he used
it, and if she would want him afterwards, more than me. It was a very
strange and scary time for me, but one that I had to endure if I wanted the
chance to be able to have open and honest sex with other women. I
understood that it was also best for her to start first so that she could
never get angry with me fucking another woman!

Joyce and Peter had been in the "other room" for almost an hour, when
suddenly the phone rings. I was surprised when I answered, to find it was
Peter ringing! My God! What has happened? Has he killed her and run off
and decided now to gloat? It seemed like forever before those thoughts
left my brain, and he started to talk to me, but was in fact only a few
moments. He said; "Sorry mate, I can't do this. We have been talking
about this for the whole time, and we both agree it does not seem right
that you are sitting in there and we are out here. You must be full of
worry and doubt and scared as hell as to what we are doing". And he was
very exact in what he had just said to me, I had indeed been going out of
my mind in the last 30 minutes. He then shocked me by saying; "we both
decided that you should come and be here while this happens so you know all
is OK and nothing bad is happening to Joyce". FUCK! Was he for real? I
could not believe this, he (and my wife) was asking me to come and watch
them fuck!

I pondered this request a few minutes before I decided that maybe it would
be very, very interesting to see how she would react to me watching her. I
guess I was secretly hoping that she would be so scared that nothing would
happen between them, and all that had happened was they had seen each other
naked. I was wrong! When I arrived in the room at the back, they were
sitting on the bed still fully clothed! They beckoned me to take a seat
(the room only had a double bed, 1 seat and a dresser), which I nervously

First Peter, then Joyce, told me how they had talked, kissed, talked,
touched each other through clothing, then talked again, but admitted that
first Joyce was scared because her husband was next door, then Peter
because he said his friend was next door, and that they both felt it wrong
that I should sit there and worry and wonder. I asked what was wrong and
how could I help them to feel better. I was totally shocked and unprepared
for Joyce's response! She said; "I would feel better if you were here and
watching, so you never have to question me, or wonder as to how much I
enjoyed or disliked this". Damn! This shook me to my boots! It took me a
few minutes to ponder this request. On one hand I did not want or need to
see another guy fucking my wife, but on the other hand, I had always liked
watching VCR Porno's, so why not watch my wife getting fucked by another
guy? After all, I had fucked her for years but never actually seen what
she looked like being fucked! So I agreed.

Peter took the first step and lightly kissed Joyce on the cheeks, and then
slowly around to one ear, then the next, before he eventually brought his
lips to hers. Joyce meanwhile was looking very timid, but also was not
stopping him from his actions; obviously she felt it was very exciting to
have her husband watch while another guy kissed her so tenderly and
intimately. He was very slow, methodical and gentle, and he seemed to take
his time, maybe to get her hot, or maybe so as not to get me worried, who
knows. Slowly Joyce started to respond to his kisses and she began to
caress his chest, slowly but gently, then down to his navel and then his
belt line. I was getting aroused and wondered what would happen next? Who
would make the first sexual move? I did not have long to find out.

I know when Joyce is kissed and licked in and around the ears she becomes
very hot, and obviously Peter (as a married man) knew this also, for he
made deliberate "attacks" on her ears. By now you are maybe wondering,
"Why is this story in the bi-sexual part of this site ", but please take
your time and see what happens either sooner or later! I could see Joyce
was getting very hot, and must admit I was also feeling that way myself.
I'd unconsciously started to rub my cock through my pants. She took the
next step and began to undo the buttons on his shirt, and then slowly
removed it. This was maybe a sign for him that she was ready to begin and
felt at ease, for he then put his hand under her top, and instead of going
to the front and caressing her tits, he went straight to the back and undid
the clip. I had to admire his nerve and eagerness!

It was not long before they were both in deep embraces and kissing each
other intently, mouth to mouth, tongue to tongue, ever going deeper and
deeper with their probing and sexual desires. Peter made the next move and
undid the zip on her skirt and slowly eased her arse up so as to remove it
from her now hot and eager body. His hands were gently touching, but not
probing, her pussy trough her now obviously wet satin G-string. Soon she
took the lead and not only undid his trousers and removed them, but also in
the same motion, she removed his jocks as well. He was now totally
exposed, and very erect for me to see, but her position did not allow her
to see his manhood at this stage in time. I was so aroused at the sight of
his cock, standing there erect and waiting for her next move. He was not
large, but then again I am not either. We are both maybe around 6" erect,
but his tool is a little thicker than mine, but not much.

As he began to try and take her top off she pushed him back a little,
whispered something to him, and then her hands moved slowly from his chest
to his abdomen. Slowly making little circles so as not to go direct, but
maybe to make him feel hotter and hotter. From the look on his face it was
certainly working. She started from around his nipple area and slowly
moved a few inches down, then to one side, then the other, then down a few
more inches and repeating this all the way to his navel. He made several
attempts to reach out and take her top off, to try and touch her panties
etc, but each time she pushed his hands away, each time getting louder and
louder, not caring if I heard or not, and saying; "No, I want to enjoy this
time, you just lay back and let me lead the way". On hearing this I became
even more erect, for she had never once been demanding like this during our
time together. Where was this coming from?

She spent a few minutes doing this and then slowly moved her fingers
further down to his pubic region. This made him winch a little, but his
face showed that he liked her touch. Slowly, but ever gently she let her
fingers move further down to where she was just barely touching the tip of
his now erect cock. Maybe I imagined it, but it certainly seemed to grow
another half inch when he felt her hands meet his now engorged cock. Her
movements became ever more defined and she had now encompassed his girth
with her hand, slow, clasping it a little tighter. He squirmed for a
slight moment and then let out a soft, ummmm.

She continued to gently massage his manhood for a few more minutes, all the
time her eyes were glued on his member, taking in every detail of its
veins, head, length, etc. Now Joyce has always obliged me and sucked my
cock, but only in a half-hearted way, never seeming to be enjoying what she
was doing, just doing it to please me. But with Peter it seemed different!
She moved her mouth towards it slowly, her lips only glancing over the
head, her tongue, just slightly touching the slit in his cock head, but
then, without warning to him or myself, she opened her mouth and took his
rigid cock in her mouth, right down to the base. The sight of this made my
cock throb and I felt like I was about to cum there and then, and I was
only watching this, not being the one receiving this attention. His back
arched up and I swear his arse moved at least 12 inches of the bed. She
almost chocked when he did this.

Peter finally decided it was time for him to make another attempt at
freeing her body from her clothing so that he could see and touch her
obviously hot and receptive body. He moved himself slowly and he slowly
removed her top, one arm at a time. He then slid his hands down lower and
gently removed her G-String; she never once tried to stop him. I was now
ready to cum in my pants and started to undo my zip to get access to my
hard cock in readiness for the actions that were about to unfold in front
of me.

Joyce positioned herself so that he could get a closer look at her
womanhood. He was eager to receive what was offered and pulled her on top
of him so that they were now in the 69 position. From where I was sitting
I had a clear view of her on top of his body, sucking on his rigid,
pulsating cock. It amazed me, for I found that I was more interested in
watching his cock then in watching her. I had now taken out my cock and
begun to slowly massage it, just a little, but was enjoying what I was
seeing too much and needed to feel a hand on my cock.

They continued to eat each other this way for about 5 minutes and Joyce had
at least 2 orgasms that I could tell from her moans and sudden thrusts.
She pulled herself away from him and turned around so she was lying along
side of him. She looked down toward me and gave a funny look which told me
she was now ready to take the next step and let this man fuck her while her
husband watched. I was as horny as hell by now and wanted to just rip off
my clothes and jump on her then and there and fuck the living daylights out
of her hot wet cunt. I gave her a smile and wink and then she understood,
turned to Peter and said; " Peter, please fuck me now, I need you so bad".

Peter was not slow in taking her up on her request, and he was soon on top
of her, but had not begun to insert his cock into her waiting pussy. I was
sitting closer to the end of the bed and could see between their open legs.
I could see her wet, dripping cunt, her pert little flaps and mound were
looking back at me, almost winking their thanks at me for allowing this.
Peter's balls were just at the top of her mound and his rigid cock was
running along towards her navel and I could just imagine the sensation
Joyce was feeling right now. He was kissing here more intensely now and
grinding his hips ever so gently, but in a faster mode, over her hot and
now sweaty body. But he seemed like he was not going to try and enter her
for some reason? Eventually Joyce slid her hands down between them and
grabbed his throbbing member and tried to guide it towards her cunt. At
first he seemed to fight her advances, then after a few quiet words in his
ear he allowed her to position his shaft to the opening of her ready and
waiting cunt.

He inserted just the head of his cock into her and did not proceed, which I
guessed was his way of teasing her even more, but this was not the case.
She would push her arse up to receive him but he kept lifting higher and
higher, never letting her feel the full length of his rigid pole. She
spoke louder to him now and I heard her ask him why he was doing this and
he replied; "I feel wrong that I am about to fuck you and your husband is
missing out on all the fun"! I could not believe this, after all the
strange happenings today and the way I was brought to this room to watch
another guy fuck my wife, now he has a sense of guilt and can't fuck her!
I was almost ready to take my pants off and fuck her myself and tell him to
piss off when she replied to him; "would it make you feel better if he
joined us as well?" I could not believe she had actually asked him that.
My God, was this for real? She wants me to join this guy and we both fuck
her? My lucky day! I get to share her, fuck her, and watch her being

Peter replied that maybe it would be best as he felt bad and had already
started to feel his cock lose it strength with shame. He thought it would
be better as he wanted me to be there and see she was being treated safely,
but, he felt awkward knowing I was sitting there fully clothed watching
them both. I was a little shocked as well as excited and happy all at
once. I was formally being asked to join in and help him to give my wife
the pleasures she desired. I quickly stripped my clothes off and moved
across and sat on the side of the bed, not knowing what I should do or
where to begin. Do I just jump in and fuck her then let him know it's Ok,
or do I let him fuck her first and I give attention to her tits? Who
knows? This was all so new for me. I turned to her and said; "hey, this
is your treat, you tell me what happens next". With this she replied to
both of us in a dominant fashion; "Peter, I want you to lick my pussy while
I suck on my husbands cock." My cock began to throb even harder just
hearing her words, not waiting for the feel of her mouth.

He obliged and slid down between her now open and waiting legs and began to
suck and lick her into frenzy. Meanwhile she motioned me to position
myself at the top of her head so that I was leaning over her head and able
to kiss her tits while she began to suck on my stiff and pulsating cock.
From the way she was grinding her arse into and off the bed, I was not sure
if it was from Peter's' actions or mine, I just knew she was having the
time of her life with all the attention she was getting. It was only a
matter of a few minutes before I could feel I was about to cum. Now Joyce
had tried 2 or 3 times years ago to take my sperm in her mouth, but was
always sick and I have never tried again out of respect for her. So, I let
her know that I was ready to cum and that she should stop sucking me so I
could cum over her tits, but she just started sucking me harder and faster
then before. It was only a matter of a few more seconds and I emptied my
load into her mouth. I was surprised that she let me do it, but also was
shocked that she did not complain, instead she just swallowed and kept on
sucking me. It was almost at the same time that her body trembled and
shook, her arse lifted high into the air and she let out a low soft but
deep sigh and fell back to the bed. She had orgasm'ed almost straight
after taking my hot sticky sperm into her mouth.

Meanwhile Peter was still sucking madly on her clit as if nothing else
mattered. He seemed totally oblivious to the fact that I was there and had
just been sucked dry by the woman he was tonguing. Joyce gave me a wink
and said she had enjoyed what I had given her and hoped that I was enjoying
it as well. Shit! Any guy would have loved what she had just done and
what they had watched another guy doing. Did not have to thank me for
that. She beckoned for Peter it was time for him to give her his hot cock,
that she was ready to receive him, and surely he can't be worried now. But
she was wrong. When he moved up to be at her level his cock was limp.
Apparently with all his intense work on her cunt his cock was left alone
and went to sleep. Joyce said she would soon fix that problem and she
turned herself around so she could get her mouth to his organ and give it
some resuscitation work.

As she went to work on his flaccid tool, I moved my head closer to her so
as to have a " birds eye view" of her sucking on this man. The close up
sight of her licking at his balls, up along his shaft, then back down again
was making me hot once more. I never thought at the time that it was
nothing more than like watching a porno, just this time my wife was the
major player. She would lick like this for a few moments, then gently suck
on the head of his cock ever so gently then go back to licking his shaft
right down to his balls. I was watching her all the time from maybe only
12 inches away when she caught my eye and beckoned me to come closer, she
wanted to whisper something to me. When my ear was close to her she asked
me if I was enjoying the show, and was it getting me hot looking at what
she was doing. Boy! Was she kidding, I had not been this hot for her in a
long time. I admitted that it was very erotic and that I would love to
have some more action as well because of how she made me feel. It was then
she stunned me when she said, "Sure, if you want to suck it, go ahead, I
have always wanted to see a guy sucking on another guys cock".

Damn! That was not what I had meant, and she knew it. She was smiling at
me when she saw my revoltion from her suggestion. It was then she said
something that I have always hated her or anyone doing to me. "Daring me
to do something". She asked was I too scared to do for 5 minutes to this
guy, what she had done for 30 mins to him and for years to me. It was my
turn to see how it feels to have a cock in my mouth, to see how it feels.
As I hate being dared, and normally this gets me into things I am not ready
for, I did not know what to do or say. She just smiled some more and said;
"He probably will never even know it was your mouth and not mine. He is
too busy eating my cunt to notice. Go on chicken, I dare you to try it".
After what seemed like hours I decided that if she wanted to see this so
much then let it be on her mind that she dared me into sucking a guys cock.
I was sure she would stop me at the last moment anyway. Boy! Was I wrong!

I moved closer and next time she withdrew his cock from her mouth and began
to lick his balls, I moved my mouth closer, waiting for her next intake of
his almost rigid cock. It was not long before she was running her tongue
down the outside of his member and down to his balls. She winked at me and
gave one last stare at me with an almost "bet you wont be game" look in her
eyes. As her mouth came back to the head of his cock I gently moved my
mouth to match her movements and without thinking of what would happen, if
he would be upset with a guy sucking on him, I moved my mouth over the head
of his cock and started to take slow movements down until I had about 2
inches in my mouth.

At first I felt a sickening feeling build inside my stomach, worried what
will happen when he realizes. But then something funny went off in my
head; I started to taste his precum and the taste made me feel excited. It
was a little salty, but it was nice. I imagined how I liked my cock to be
sucked and began to imitate the same motions. Slowly taking a bit more and
more until I had almost the entire length of his shaft in my mouth. I was
getting hotter every second; the idea of doing this was turning me on even
more. I would suck for a little more at the base then return to the top
and do the same as she was doing and lick the shaft of his cock and then
take one ball at a time and gently suck on them in turn.

His cock started to throb and he became harder then before. I was about to
suck his cock once more when Joyce said that it was OK, she would now take
over again, as I had fulfilled my dare, so she would let me stop. I can
still see the look on her face today when I pushed her mouth away and
smiled at her and began sucking him once more. She was stunned, but also I
could see the excited look on her face at seeing me enjoy sucking on a guys
cock while she watched. It was almost 5 more minutes of me sucking on his
now hard throbbing cock and enjoying every minute of it before I realized
that she had moved herself off of him and that he was now actually seeing
that it was me who was giving him this wonderful feeling. I thought he was
about to kill me and I took my mouth off his cock and was about to run when
he said; "Hey! Don't stop! That is the best head-job I have ever had!"

I was stunned, but also excited that I was being asked to continue sucking
his cock. I had crossed over into the world of being bi-sexual, and loving
the feel of his rigid cock in my control. I did not want to stop now for
anything if possible. I took his cock again but before I could start he
slid around so that we were now side by side in the 69 position. As I
began to take his cock once more he reciprocated and began to suck on mine.
Hmmmm the feeling of his mouth had me almost cumming right away, just the
thought of a guy sucking had turned me on more than I could have imagined.

After a few more minutes I was ready to explode and tried to pull away from
him, I stopped sucking on him and said he was about to get the lot and he
better let me move. He also said he was very close to dumping a load. Too
my surprise as I was about to move away Joyce grabbed my head and pushed it
back towards his cock and with another dare said; "Go on, you were enjoying
that and so was I, now I want to see if you are brave enough to take his
load in your mouth". Shit! Again she dares me when she knows I can't
refuse a dare. But then again the idea of tasting him was in my mind
anyway, so I just opened up and began to suck again, only this time I was
more forceful and rapid with my movements. He exploded very quickly and
shot loads of hot sticky cum all in my mouth and some straight down the
back of my throat. I almost choked but managed to hold off and take most.
I managed to swallow most but kept some in the back of my mouth, then with
a sly look on my face I turned to Joyce and began to kiss her on the cheek,
then slowly around to her mouth. When she parted her lips to accept my
tongue, I forced the remaining cum into her mouth and held her till she had

The three of us then lay back down together and no one said anything for
some time. Eventually Peter said that he had not had oral sex with a guy
since he was a teenager and was excited and pleased that he had tasted this
pleasure once more. I told him how I had never done this before, and would
not have today if not for her daring me. He laughed and said maybe she
should dare me to do this more often. We all laughed a little and soon I
drifted off into a light sleep. About 30 minutes or so later I opened my
eyes and saw the two of them going for it. Joyce was on her hands and
knees in the doggy position and Peter was on his knees behind her, pumping
away as if his life depended on it. I moved myself around to her head and
said I wanted to join the action and would she suck me again. She did just
that for a few moments then asked me if I was able to slide in under her
and lick her clit while he was filling her with hard again cock. Guess I
did not have to be asked twice.

It took some positioning, which only interrupted them for a second before I
was on my back directly under her, with my tongue and mouth only a few
micro inches from her hot and dripping cunt. I moved my tongue up and
slowly at first began to touch her hot spot, which seemed to excite her
even more, for she started to moan out loud and push herself harder
backwards onto his hard pole. All the time screaming out that she was
about to cum. I was about to move away but decided why not stay and go the
whole 9 yards today. Shit I had already sucked and been sucked by a guy,
why not this as well? Her body began to shake violently; she let out an
almighty scream and then impaled herself as hard as she could on his cock.
I soon felt the first drops of her sticky cum dribbling down onto my tongue
and I became very erect. Soon it was Peter's turn and he pumped her like
it was the end of the world, then he exploded as well. He took a few more
lunges into her dripping cunt and stopped. Now it was his hot cum running
down to my tongue and I just licked away at it and did my best to take
every drop from the two of them and not waste any.

He rolled off her and laid face down next to her while she just turned
around and begged me to fuck her as her pussy was still hot and she could
see that my cock was more then ready and willing to service her some more.
I was about to start but she said sorry, that she needed to pee real bad
but for me not to lose the moment as she wanted my cock in her more then
ever before. I lay there for the next few moments thinking back on the
last few hours and how my life had turned a full 360 degrees. What more is
there in store with my life next, that could top a day like today. She
came back a few moments later and asked me to fuck her hard as she was so
hot and horny from watching us guys at each other's cocks and she needed to
cum even more. As I had already cum a few times today I did not think I
had anything left to give but decided that it was for the best. This way I
could give her the ride of her life and satisfy her wanton desires. She
had cum 2 or 3 times over the next 10 minutes and each time seemed stronger
then the previous.

By now Peter was hard once more and stroking his cock, and when Joyce saw
this she told me it was time to swap places, that I seemed to be tiring and
needed a rest. I was not happy with this as I actually felt that I was
going to cum again, but decided that I would let him have his way with her
once more. This time she lay on her back and he lifted her legs so that
they were almost to her ears. He entered her quickly and began to pump
once more. She was moaning with pleasure and all this was making me even
harder, if that was possible. They were at it for maybe 10 minutes when I
said I needed to cum and she should let me fuck her or else I would lose my
load and she would miss out. It was then that I received my second shock
for the day.

"You don't need to waste it baby, but I am enjoying his cock too much to
stop now. Why don' t you fuck Peter's arse? I'm sure he won't mind. Will
you Peter?" I did not know what to say but did know that as this was not
planned or expected, what would I use for lubrication?
And that was not even thinking if he would let me or if I wanted to take
the next step and fuck a guy's arse. I voiced my concerns and he also said
that he would be willing to try, but unless there was some KY or such then
no one would fuck his arse this day. My cock sprang up even harder when I
heard this and wished that there were KY nearby. I did not need another
invitation when Joyce put her hand under the pillow and came back with a
tube of KY. "There you go sweetie, I got that from the bathroom just in
case you decided to give me an even greater thrill today" she said. I
rubbed some on my cock and then parted his cheeks a little and spread some
on there as well. I gently rubbed his little button for a moment and then
explored this new hole with my finger. Slow at first and just inserted it
to the first knuckle, but he was so tight and I was sure that my raging
cock would never fit into his crevice. Eventually his muscles relaxed and
I was able to go further, deeper with each movement, then I had two fingers
working their magic on his anus.

A few minutes later I decided to see if my cock could in fact enter this
small opening and was pleasantly surprised when the head slipped in easily
once I took my fingers out. It was slow and hard going for what seemed
like an eternity, but bit by bit I eased my cock in and then out of his
bunghole and each time re-inserted it a little further. He was very much
enjoying this new sensation just as I was. His moans became louder, he
lunged harder and deeper into the hot cunt wrapped around his cock. With
us all finally working together with our movements, it was not long before
I was plunging into his arse right down to the base of my hot rigid cock.
Each time I pushed into him, he in turn pushed even deeper into her and
she, just like us two guys, was moaning and screaming her delight and
saying she was ready to cum. It was almost like a chain reaction. First I
unloaded my cum right into the depth of his arse, he in turn yelled in
delight that he was cumming and unloaded his into the back of her cunt.
She then began to shake violently and moaned and groaned as she hit her
wildest orgasm in a long time. After this we just laid there, stuck
together for the next few minutes before I rolled out of him and he out of
her. What an experience. One that I had never dreamed of, but was already
dreaming of the next time I could enjoy my new bi- sexual lifestyle.

Joyce moved closer and kissed with all he might, and tears began to roll
down her face as she told me how happy and overwhelmed she was with the
days event. I was so happy that she had taken me to this new place and
told her how much I was looking forward to the next time I could fuck with
a guy while she watches. But she smiled and said; "No, next time it is my
turn to give you a show. I will start looking tomorrow for another woman
to join us. What type of woman do you desire?"

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