Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jeff's Naked Adventures, episode 1, Jeff's Naked Beach Run

Jeffrey Stevens, twenty-eight-year-old account executive, is
about as nice a guy as you would ever hope to meet. Exuding masculine
charm, he is popular with both men and women, liked by virtually
everyone. Exceptions might be those women whose flirtations he has
resisted (not many of those!), and men who are intimidated by his
stunning physique or jealous of his magnetic attractiveness to females.
Not that they would hear about his conquests from Jeff himself; no, this
is one guy the girls are proud to whisper about that they have bedded.
But Jeff is a quiet man, shy really. To the world, it is almost as if he
has never seen himself in a mirror. Though not without poise and social
confidence, he is never one to call attention to himself. Even his
wardrobe seems designed to promote anonymity, dark-colored,
loose-fitting. While he is a regular at the gym, no one has seen the
middle regions of his physique even there. Only in the darkness of quiet
bedrooms, one girl at a time, has Jeffrey ever exposed his hidden
treasures. And that is why all of his efforts to conceal have never
worked: Women talk.

The reason for Jeff's physical shyness gives them quite a
lot to talk about. Those who have seen it wax eloquent in describing it
to the less privileged. Those who have been impaled on it, from one
direction or another, brag of the exploit. A few admit with a tone of
defeat that they looked upon it, but turned away in fear.

You see, Jeffrey has a Schlong. Not the biggest in the world, but a bit
over ten inches erect, straight and thick, with a big, flaring, mushroom
head. Even flaccid, it hangs a good seven, and the rim of that
magnificent cut head is not easy to hide in a trouser-leg. On top of
that, or rather hanging below that, his testicles are like hens' eggs,
dangling loosely in a stretched-out sling of a scrotum. Being shy, Jeff
learned early back in his home town that the other boys, admiring or not
on the inside, treated him to laughter and derision on the outside. Once
he was out on his own in a new place, he kept that one-eyed trouser snake
and its eggs in their den.

Jeffrey also has a dirty little secret.

Inside, underneath that shy, nice-guy exterior, he is a raging sex
maniac. He has the erection control of a thirteen-year-old, the semen
production of a porn star, the staying power of a satyr, and the sexual
focus of a rooster. This boy was born hard, and that is the true reason
he does not trust himself ever to drop trou outside of an established
sexual situation. The mere hint of fresh air is sufficient to make his
boner reach for the sky. But so can even the most slightly sexual
thought--and Jeffrey has a sexual thought about every four seconds. For
underwear, he wears a tight, strong jock, yet even that has sometimes
failed to prevent Willie from breaking free.

Alone in his home, Mr. Hyde is on the loose, for there, Jeff is the
opposite of his public persona. He loves to be nude, and he loves to be
hard, and he stays both ways all the time that he is at home. Far from
being modest, he strips the moment he steps out of his car in the garage,
buck naked before the door goes down. And he slips into clothing just
before the door rises, dick leading the way, bobbing at a 45 degree angle
in front of his navel.

As we look in on Jeffrey today, we find that he does, in fact, know what
he looks like in the mirror, for he is standing there now, at 6:30 on
Saturday morning, examining his physique (and morning wood) with interest
and satisfaction. Since we are interested, too, let's look.

Jeff stands 6 feet 2 inches tall. His full head of hair is dark and
lanky, almost straight, with just a hint of a wave. It dangles in front
to his eyebrows, but he keeps it trimmed out of his eyes and off his
ears. His face is oval, but with a strong jaw, his ears neatly formed,
his nose straight and proportionate, his chin strong. His eyes are just
a bit on the large side, and in contrast to the tanned, smooth skin of
his face, startlingly blue. His mouth is generous, his smile is easy,
and his teeth are even and white. It is a face for magazine covers.

The smooth, tanned skin continues down his graceful, strong neck,
spreading into wide and well-muscled shoulders. His biceps swell with
power. His chest is deep, with sculpted pectorals, each with a small
brown tit that begs to be sucked upon. His abdomen ripples like waves on
the ocean when he moves. There is a patch of black hair in each armpit,
and a slender treasure trail from the neat innie navel downward, but
other than that, his torso is smooth and sleek. The explosion of pubes is
well-defined, but not luxuriant. Here, the only place on his body that
Jeff resorts to improving upon nature, he trims his bush subtly into a
neat and manicured oval. His balls, lightly sprinkled with hair by
nature, he keeps cleanly and smoothly shaved. Then, of course, there is
the magnificent dick, arching at the moment in that half-way state
between erection and flaccidity, ready to rumble at the smallest prurient

Jeff's strong, lean back vees downward to the swelling of his firmly
rounded buttocks, likewise smooth but for the swath of dark hairs that
sweeps through his crack and between his muscular thighs. And those
thighs! Sonnets are called for, but fail to deliver. They are long,
lean, muscular, and lightly haired, merging into rounded calves, slender
ankles, and manly but delicately boned, size 10 well-arched feet.


Jeff's Naked Beach Run

Jeff's mind broke from its reverie. He gave a small smile at himself,
standing naked in front of the full-length mirror with his big boner. He
was satisfied with what he saw, not that it mattered much. He was only
going to the beach for the day, and only with a friend from work, Jake,
from Accounting. Having showered already, Jeff was just about to slip
into his standard jock, when he paused and reached for the swim shorts
instead. He was only going to be with Jake and, though he knew there
would be many visual stimulations at the beach, there would also be
towels, a beach blanket to lie flat on, and as a last resort, the ocean
to cover in. It would be such a rare treat to free-ball, Jeff decided to
risk it. He slipped his sleeveless tee shirt over his head, and his
flip-flops onto his feet, and Jeff was all set.

Jake was a nice guy, and becoming a good companion. The two had been
playing tennis together lately, and several times, Jake, who lived only
two blocks away, had dropped by on his morning jog to invite Jeff to run
with him. Jeff had come to look forward to their outings, which were
always active and enjoyable. Today it was the beach.

A Jeep-horn blew in the driveway, and Jeff picked up his cooler and his
beach pack and strode out to meet his friend. Jake grinned, a
bare-chested Celtic warrior, from the driver's seat of the open
Wrangler. His short-cropped red hair glowed above a freckled and
cherubic, smooth-skinned face. Shorter than Jeff, and a bit
thicker-muscled, Jake was about 6 feet tall. His chest was deep and
powerful. His knotted shoulders and bulging biceps spoke of many hours
in the gym and origins in the deep end of the gene pool to boot. His
waist was not quite as slender as Jeff's, his butt not as sculptured,
his legs not as sleek. But over-all, he gave an impression of power and
vitality, from steel gut to thick thighs. He wore only a pair of ratty
old gym shorts, much shorter than the current fashion dictates, no shirt,
and his manly size-elevens were bare. Together, they would be a studly
duo in the Jeep and on the beach.

As Jeff settled his kit into the back, Jake swung around in his seat a
quarter turn and offered his hand, to go with the big smile, in
greeting. Jeff's eye swept quickly over the big, muscled hunk in his
flimsy shorts--and settled briefly on a large, red cock-head poking out
of Jake's right shorts leg. `Oh, well' thought Jeff with bemused
indifference. Jake himself seemed oblivious. `Man, if I dressed like
that, I'd have 3 inches of dick hanging out.' Jeff shuddered slightly
at the thought. But he shucked off his shirt and tossed it in back before
he buckled himself in for a harrowing race against nobody to the seaside.

Sound system blaring, Jake grinning ear to ear as he swerved among the
traffic, the two bare-chested men attracted quite a lot of looking and
even two horn-beeps along the way, one from an SUV containing three
attractive babes, and one from a bearded and grizzled truck driver who
grinned down at them. `Now, what's with that guy,' wondered Jeff. He
hadn't looked back at Jake's lap again, and he was unaware that there
were now several inches of semi-hard cock plus one large testicle hanging
out of the shorts leg. `Oh, well, maybe those girls will be at the
beach, too.'

And they were. Just as he settled down onto the beach blanket after he
and Jake had staked out some space for themselves, he noticed them twenty
yards down the beach, unfolding beach chairs and unfurling an umbrella.
The three were all hot, especially the blonde--but Jeff wouldn't have
fought off either of the two brunettes, either. He glanced over at Jake,
the paleface, who had established himself under his own umbrella to fend
off as many new freckles as he could. He was pretending to read the
latest Sports Illustrated, while in fact, like Jeff, he peeked through
his shades at the various and sundry scantily clad bodies that paraded in
streams up and down the sand. What Jeff failed to notice was that now
both of Jake's balls hung from his shorts leg and rested on the blanket,
a fact that was not being missed by several of the passers-by who
couldn't resist giving these two studs the once-over.

Jeff clumsily applied sunscreen, hoping foolishly that one of the girls
would come over and offer to help. No dice. The only offer he got was
from Jake, whose hard, strong hands made short work of smearing the cream
all over Jeff's muscular back. Jeff watched and plotted.

Finally, the girls got up and began to walk toward the waves. `Aha,
they're going in swimming!' Jeff triumphed to himself.

"It's hot as hell out here. I'm going in the water."

Jake nodded. "Be there in a sec," he promised absently, still scanning
the article and the beach.

Jeff trotted toward the ocean, aware of how his long cock flopped
rhythmically in his shorts leg. Just as he was about the pass
tantalizingly close beside, the girls turned like a flock of birds and
started walking the wet sand up the shore, away from the public access
area and toward a more deserted stretch of beach.

`Shit.' It would be too much to turn and follow them. Now Jeff had no
alternative but to bound into the waves alone while he waited for Jake
and to see what transpired with the girls. They strolled leisurely up
the beach, stopping from time to time to pick up a shell.

The waves were higher than usual, and a warm breeze was blowing. Since
they were obviously going to be a while, within a few minutes, Jeff was
happily body-surfing. A few more minutes, and he dragged himself up from
a particularly heavy surf-pounding to notice that he had been swept along
by the current in the same direction the girls had gone, at least a
couple of hundred yards. He could barely see Jake, still at the
blanket. There was no one in sight around him at all. And his shorts
were full of sand.

No problem. He simply moved into deeper water, as he had done
repeatedly, and took them off. He bobbed around on the sandy bottom with
the rise and fall of the waves, and turned his shorts inside out to wash
out as much of the sticky sand as possible.

The swirling currents felt great around his cock and balls and up his
crack. His dick began to lengthen, and he really did not want to put
those shorts back on. Glancing about furtively, Jeff began to stroke on
his firm rod. It responded instantly and pumped up to its full erect
size. The sensation was incredible, the swirling water and the practiced
massage of his hands on his big member. No chance of those shorts going
back on anytime soon. He kept an eye on the beach for any traffic coming
his way, but things were very quiet. He stuck one foot through a leg of
the shorts so that he could use both hands to goon out, rising and
falling with the waves.

He never really saw the windsurfer bearing down on him, but only heard
the wail, "Oh shit, man, look outtttt!" Another exceptional wave had
the hapless teen in its grasp, and the inexperienced surfer was hanging
on for life, struggling frantically to steer his runaway sailboard. Jeff
felt a sharp blow on the back of his head. It was a sideswipe. The
board had veered at the last possible second, and was now skimming back
over the top of the wave, further out to sea and away from Jeff. But at
the same moment, the wave crashed upon Jeff, pressing him downward toward
the sea floor. When he struggled to the surface again, he saw the idiot
teen who had run him over still just hanging on, but speeding away down
the shore. Jeff had a rising lump and a small gash under the hair on the
back of his head--and his swim shorts were nowhere to be seen.

He scanned the surf, thinking they had to turn up somewhere, but he saw
nothing. He dived under the water and felt around. No luck. Jeff was
stranded in the waves, alone and buck naked.


For another fifteen minutes, Jeff swam about in the ocean,
scanning the breakers for his missing shorts, and thinking about how to
get hold of a towel. Only a handful of people, none with towels, all
with kids, passed by. He had decided to swim back down the beach to try
to get Jake's attention, when he saw Jake get up, look all around, and
then start strolling DOWN the beach, in the opposite direction, seemingly
looking for him.

He had studied the deserted beach directly in front of him.
The dune was intact there, with only two flights of wooden steps leading
up to gazebos, boardwalks leading away from the beach. It appeared to be
a private development. The rooflines visible in the distance were well
set back off the beach. Jeff was about to get desperate. He had been in
the water an hour, now, and he HAD to get to a towel. He decided to make
a sprint for the closest set of steps, get over the dune, and see what he
could find to cover with on the other side.

There was no way to find a time when he could be sure no one
was looking. He would just have to streak for it. He drifted up through
the crashing waves as far as he could, then stood and ran across the sand
toward the gazebo. Never had he felt so exposed! Running naked across a
beach, with a hundred people in easy viewing distance--his dick
flopping. Of course, the flopping, and the tension, caused it to swell.
Before he reached the first step, he was at full attention.

The warm wood of the step was a blessed relief to his bare
feet. He bounded up the dozen or so steps two and three at a time,
furtively glancing to left and to right toward the more populated areas
of beach. He glimpsed a few people looking in his direction, one child
pointing, laughing...

He reached the top of the steps and swerved into the
gazebo--the boardwalk passed through it and out on the back side--and in
so doing, he collided full-body with the first of the three babes he had
been stalking, the bosomy brunette. They had gone into the resort area to
pay a call on the aunt of the blonde chick, who had a house there, and
now they were returning to their place on the beach. As his naked body
struck hers, Jeff froze. His hands naturally rested on her smooth,
slender waist. His eyes met hers. His dick let out a big drool of
precum, which slimed her waist just at the bikini line. The moment felt
like it lasted ten minutes, but in reality it was no more than a couple
of seconds.

It was the skinnier brunette who broke the silence. She let
out a piercing scream, then partly covered her mouth. She sort of danced
in place, her eyes glued to Jeff's waving, dripping member, but
continued to emit that ear-splitting screech. Meanwhile, the blonde,
slack-jawed, scanned Jeff's entire body from behind her sunglasses.

Jeff began to babble. "Girls, I'm so sorry...I'm just
looking for a towel, or something... my shorts... lost... can't
find...please excuse...."

There was nothing to do but run for it. They had no towel or
other covering with them, and the thin one seemingly could not stop
squealing. Jeff pulled away from her and set off down the boardwalk
toward the houses. The girls stood and gawped at his retreating butt.

It was now clear that the purpose of this distance between
houses and shore was to provide a wetland. A small stream meandered in
and out from somewhere, leaving a marsh on this side of the dune. The
two boardwalks crossed it, about a hundred yards. In the center, there
was a square observation deck where the boardwalks were joined by a

But Jeff was not interested in observing nature. He was
sprinting at top speed toward the buildings, and hopefully, a
clothesline. Just as he reached the crosswalk, however, he heard voices
ahead. Back at the beach, the screaming had stopped, and the three girls
had scurried down the steps and out of sight, jabbering excitedly about
the naked hunk who had run right into them. But now several people were
approaching from the other direction. There was no time to think. Jeff
vaulted over the rail and into the marsh. His feet sank into mud and
dark water just past the knees. Quickly, he ducked under the boardwalk.
Now he had his ass in the murky water as well.

Footsteps approached overhead. "Well, I though I
saw....Hmm..." A shadow loomed next to him, someone peering over the
rail. "Oh, I guess not," the woman's voice concluded. Steps receded
toward the beach, at least three people.

Jeff crouched there for only a few minutes. He looked at the
water. The head of his still-stiff dick was sticking out of it.
`Buddy, we're in a real fix here,' Jeff thought to his cock. `I've
got to get you out of here and under wraps, quick.' Realizing the girls
might send a posse back to look for him, he turned and swiveled out from
under the boardwalk. In doing so, he noticed that the log floating a
yard from his knee was not, in fact, a log, but a six-foot alligator.

"Eiuyoo!" he groaned

The gator opened one eye. "You bastard, don't you even think about
it!" But Jeff beat a hasty retreat, scrambling back up onto the
boardwalk more quickly than he normally would have been able to
accomplish the climb.

He looked down at his shapely legs. Now they were coated in a skin of
gray mud. It caked his pubes and dripped off of his dick and balls,
too. So maybe, in addition to a towel, one of those outdoor showers, or
a hose....

He scurried on down the boardwalk, reaching the end this time without

Two rows of large, expensive houses faced one another across a park,
stretching away from the beach. On the second and third floors, he even
saw a few towels flapping on rails or clotheslines. But at the ground
level, there was nothing.

A front door opened at the second house, and Jeff darted around to the
back of the first one, screening himself where possible behind shrubs and
small palms.

The back of this house had no steps up to the porch, but on that porch,
twelve feet above, Jeff spied a towel tossed over the back of a deck
chair. And stretching up to the window beside that porch, within arm's
reach of the deck chair, was a ladder. Work was being done on the
window, but the workmen were nowhere in sight. It would only take one
minute, and Jeff's embarrassment would be covered.

He grasped the ladder and started climbing.

Just as he reached the porch rail and began to reach for the towel, he
heard the low, growling voice.

"Well, woodjew look at that. We got us a pervert."

Jeff's head whipped around. Below him stood the returning workmen,
three of them. The one who spoke was in his thirties, dark and sweaty,
with an Australian style khaki hat, jeans, and work boots. His face was
heavily stubbled, his chest and pauchy stomach covered by sticky black
hair. He had a mean look about him.

To his right stood another shirtless man, this one a couple of inches
taller at about six feet, a few years younger, and much fitter. Under
his blue cap was short-cropped dark hair. His chest was sprinkled with
more of it. He leered up at Jeff with amusement.

The third man, on the leader's other side, also shirtless, was only
eighteen or so. He wore a red ball cap and jeans shorts, socks and
sneakers. His smooth, tanned skin glistened with short golden hairs.
His expression was one of surprise and interest.

"Damn, what a view," said blue cap. And it was. The three were being
treated to a fantastic shot of the soles of Jeff's dirty feet, his
shapely, muddy legs, right up to the crack of his sexy but mud-covered
butt, with his manly balls swinging in the breeze.

"Guys, I just need got this all wrong, I'm not...all I want is
just a towel," stammered Jeff, his unmuddied parts glowing a bright red.

"So you're runnin' around here butt nekkid to git one, then, Mr.
Pervert Pretty-boy?" said Aussie-hat. "We just better get that
security guard on the phone and see what he thinks ought to be done with
a godam butt nekkid hard-on pervert son-of-a-bitch."

`Oh, shit,' thought Jeff. For a man who had worked and planned so hard
to avoid humiliation over his huge cock, his overeager erectile tissues,
and his overactive hormones, this was just about the worst scene he could
imagine. Now he stood eight feet up a ladder on the side of a
stranger's beach house, with three men looking straight up his butt at
his low-hanging balls. Beyond all reason, his dick continued to inflate
and throb. He glanced down, disgusted, and saw a long streamer of sticky
precum drip from its swollen head in a thread down to his muddy
kneedcap. `Can it get any worse than this?' he wailed to himself.

"Shit, man," pronounced the red-capped guy, "Get a load of the donkey
dick and the heavy hangers on this wacko." Perhaps it was for the best
that Jeffrey did not see the grin exchanged between the two capped

The guy in the hat, clearly the crew boss, sternly ordered Jeff to climb
slowly down the ladder, and warned his two crew members to get ready to
restrain him at the bottom.

"Just let me get this towel here," began Jeff, but he was cut off

"That ain't yer property, pervert. Now just git yer nekkid ass on down
here, and leave people's stuff alone."

Jeff glumly descended. The guys in caps clamped down on his bulging
biceps as soon as one foot hit the ground. One stared admiringly at
Jeff's profile, then pecs, while the other's gaze fastened reverently
upon his muddy cock and stayed there. The cock itself reared proudly
outward, its head pulsing.

What followed was nightmarish for our modest young hero. The details got
murky, and in retrospect, he could never recall exactly how the scene
progressed. But within a few minutes, the security guard did indeed
arrive, elated at capturing what he gleefully presumed was the peeping
tom who had been reported twice in as many weeks in the neighborhood.
The whole thing clearly spelled "promotion" for him. He pulled Jeff's
wrists behind his back, wrapped plastic restrainers around them, and
pulled them a bit too tight.

Three or four people came out on the porch to stare down at the naked
culprit. Then he was marched around to the front of the house and down
the row toward the security office, which was in the community building
at the entrance. Jeff felt like a conquered barbarian being paraded
through the streets of Rome toward the Coliseum. On almost every
balcony, groups of home-owners of all ages and both sexes looked down on
him. Some gasped at the sight of his muddy, nude body. Some actually
jeered. The security guard strutted like Wyatt Earp.

When they arrived at the office, the guard went in to call the police,
but Red-cap spoke up. "They can't put him in the squad car like this,
he's a muddy mess. We better take him and hose him down, don't you

The guard hesitated. He didn't want anyone else to get credit for any
aspect of this bust. "Well, just go in that outdoor shower around the
side. He can't get out of there. And get him back here quick, before
the cops get here."

They turned Jeff and led him around the side of the building, and as they
did, he saw that a good thirty people had followed the procession and now
stood, gawking, at his every move. With his hands behind his back, he
had absolutely no cover for his genitals. He ducked his head, flushing
with embarrassment, but still feeling the gaze of dozens of eyes on his
privates. "God damn you," he muttered, not at his guards, but at his
foolhardy cock, which still acted like the guest of honor at a celebrity
roast. Except that it was drooling.

Once inside the shower, blue cap slammed the door and slid the bolt
across. Jeff looked around. They were in a sort of stockade, about
eight feet square, with a bench and wall hooks near the door, and two
shower heads on the opposite wall. There was an eighteen-inch opening at
the bottom, and a two-foot one at the top.

Blue tossed his cap aside and started taking off his boots.

"What....?" began Red.

"We're gonna have to wash him. That mud won't come off by itself, and
I ain't getting my clothes wet."

He slipped his socks off, dropped his shorts and his white BVD's, and
stepped out of them. Now he was as naked as Jeff. He had a pale,
moderately hairy butt, a luxuriant triangle of dark pubes, and a meaty
four-inch-limp cut cock hanging over hairy balls.

Red quickly followed suit. He shed shoes and socks, and then dropped the
jeans. He was free-balling, and he had pretty nice equipment for it, a
long uncut cock and extra large balls. His dark blonde pubes were
trimmed to about half-length.

Each man turned on a shower head and directed both of them to the
center. Then they grabbed Jeff's elbows and dragged him under the
flowing water. With cool water cascading onto his head and shoulders,
Jeff instinctively closed his eyes, but they popped open again when he
felt four strong hands running all over his lower body, wiping away the
film of dirt. ALL over his body. Jeff had never had a four-handed
massage before. It felt fantastic on his muscular thighs, his calves.
They even picked up and rubbed off his feet. Then they came right up
between his legs, invaded his butt-crack, swabbed his ass cheeks and
caressed his hips. His dick, incapable of getting any harder, began to
ache and throb for release. When Blue grabbed his balls and Red began to
stroke his cock and massage his pubes, he lost all control. Knees
trembling, Jeff began to shoot a gusher. Blast after blast of thick cum
shot out of his pulsating member and onto the walls of the shower and the
handles of the faucets. He let out a long, low moan. It was one of the
most incredible orgasms he had ever had in his life, yet even that was
also one of the most humiliating experiences he had ever had. To lose
his load over being manhandled by two rough handymen--his eyes closed
again in shame and rapture.

They popped back open. Water still flowing freely over his and their
bodies, now Jeff felt the unmistakable sensation of a wet mouth clamped
around his still-leaking cock. This was just too much. He looked down
to see the short-cropped head of Red moving up and down.

"You never had one that big, did you Bud?" asked Blue, grinning.

"Umph-umph," responded Red. He continued to plunge up and down, each
descent going a little lower. He gagged a few times. Jeff closed his
eyes again. Watching was just too much. In a few moments, he felt lips
around the very base of his cock, and his pubes. His cock head was
wrapped snugly in the kid's gullet. Young Red had succeeded in
swallowing the sausage.

"Don't make him cum, Ben, I want that," protested Blue.

Ben slid the full length of Jeff's cock wetly out of his mouth, and Jeff
immediately shot all over his smooth, tanned face. One.. two...up to six
heavy squirts of creamy man-milk shot in dollops over Ben's cheeks. By
the third shot, though, Ben had his open mouth ready to catch a few blobs
to taste.

"Sorry, Joe. Just too late, Buddy."

"Two in a row, and fast. What do you think, pervert, any chance you got
one more in there?"

Jeff knew well there was plenty left in those big nuts of his, but he
kept silent.

But Joe did not give up easily. "Well, we're just going to find out."

He turned to the side wall of the shower room and leaned into it,
planting his palms flat on the wall. He spread his feet wide, presenting
his muscular ass in Jeff's direction, the water running all over it.

"Stick it to me, fucker."

Jeff's mouth opened and closed like a hooked fish. For a moment, he was
speechless. Joe brought one hand back to pull his cheeks apart, and his
pink asshole winked lasciviously. Jeff realized he had never actually
seen a man's asshole before.

"But...but I'm not gay!" he finally sputtered.

"So what, I ain't either," retorted Joe. "Nothin' wrong with liking
to get a big cock up your ass now and then. And I never had one like
that one of yours!"

"Well, I won't do it! There's no way I even could do that. I'm not
even gay!" Jeff stammered repetitively.

"You better talk that over with your cock, dude, `cause it says it's
raring to go!" Sure enough, the cock in question still swelled,
throbbed, and drooled.

"Hell, if I thought you WAS gay, I wouldn't let you bare-back me, now,
would I?"

Jeff just stared stupidly at the red asshole, dazed.

Joe half turned toward Jeff. "You want to go to jail, pretty-boy
stud-dog, or would you rather get out of here?"

Jeff was thunderstruck. "You mean you...."

"Only if you act like a good boy and give me what I want," answered
Joe. "Now get at it, Barney Fife will be hammering on that door in a

At that moment, Jeff gave up all resistance. Still in a sort of stupor,
he moved up behind Joe and aimed his big dick at Joe's wet asshole. The
head touched--he smeared his abundant pre-cum around--he gave a push, and
felt the head pop in--then he felt Joe's anal ring relax, and he slid
all the way in. His hips pressed against Joe's firm buttocks, and his
huge cock had completely disappeared inside Joe's bowel.

Nobody had ever told Jeff that ass felt this good.

Joe sighed. So did Jeff. So did Ben, watching from the side with a look
of lust on his face, and now jacking his eight-incher. Without thinking,
Jeff began to hunch like a dog, first slowly and deliberately, then
faster and faster as the sensations of bliss began to swell. Joe kind of
whimpered like a bitch, too. Now Jeff could feel the anal ring doing its
work again, gripping his thick tool, then relaxing as it slid in and out,
in and out.

In his over-wrought state, he had even less climax control than usual.
Normally, when he had sex with a woman, he didn't worry about premature
ejaculation, because he could just keep on fucking his way through two or
even three ejaculations until his partner reached her climax. Now, he
wanted just to cum and go, more than ever in his life. In just moments,
he was clenching his beautiful ass muscles, driving his pole full length
into Joe's gut, and spewing yet another huge load of nut butter deep
inside his captor. Just then, he felt a warm, wet splat on his thigh.
Ben was unloading, too, all over Jeff's leg.

Knees trembling, Jeff half-collapsed onto Joe's back, his dick still
impaling Joe's ass. He caught his breath to see Ben coming at him with
an open knife, which he had retrieved from a cut-off pocket. Jeff
gasped, thinking he was about to get his throat slit while his dick was
stuck up this stranger's hole. But in one motion, Ben swiftly grabbed
Jeff's hands, slit the plastic cuff instead, and flipped the knife-blade

"Better get moving," he said. "Next time we see you, it's my turn."

The blood flowing to Jeff's hands seemed to help his brain, too. He
came to his senses abruptly. He dropped to the floor, rolled out the
back of the shower room, and crouched on all fours, looking around. He
was behind some shrubbery in a corner of the building. He crept out
between the scratchy branches. Nobody in sight here, but voices from the
other side of the shower room. Then a banging sound.

"What are you guys doing in there anyway, get on out here before the
cops arrive," badgered the security guy.

"O. K., just finishing up." Then there was a long silence from within
the shower room as Jeff eased on off around the corner of the building.
As he began to pick up speed moving away from the area, he heard loud
shouting and more banging from Ben and Joe inside the room. They were
pretending that Jeff had attacked and overwhelmed him and was just then
getting away. They were pretty convincing actors, too.

Jeff shifted into high gear and high-tailed it through a weedy stretch of
sandy back lot and into a patch of scrub trees beyond. From behind their
protective branches, he paused a moment to peer back at the building he
had just fled.

People were milling around in every direction, all waving their arms,
pointing in various directions, and shouting. The security guard had the
hapless Ben, wet and still naked, by the arm and was yanking him back and
forth and shouting obscenities, while Ben tried unsuccessfully to get a
foot inside his shorts leg. Joe had his shorts on, but was standing nose
to nose with his crew chief, both hands on hips and both yelling into
each other's faces. It seemed the escape was not being taken very well
by the other captors. Jeff grudgingly admitted that he owed those two a
big favor, not that he hadn't given them each one already. That is, IF
he managed to get away without being apprehended again.

He eased off quietly through the brush, looking for a way out, a pair of
shorts, or a place to hide, whichever came first.

He was a fugitive. He had just had his dick sucked by a man for the
first time, and had actually fucked another man's ass. Boy, was that
ever a first! Sometime, as soon as he got out of this horrible
predicament, he had to do some serious thinking about that sex scene back
there. How could he, as straight as any arrow, have gotten so much
pleasure from sucking and fucking with those two guys? It was pretty

Yet, here he was still naked as a newborn.

And his bull-headed dick was still as hard as a rock.


Jeff didn't spend long looking at his inflated cock. He
knew that within moments, a swarm of people were going to be combing the
area looking for his naked ass, and there wasn't much area to hide in
here. He crossed through the copse of low trees and bushes, and came to
the edge of the beach parking lot. Jake's Wrangler was out there
somewhere. Maybe it had a towel or tee shirt or something in it.

Using vehicles for cover, he edged his way around the lot,
keeping something between his midsection and the pedestrians passing
through at all times. He made it to within 10 cars of his goal, when he
heard multiple sirens heading his way fast. He looked back in the
direction of the sound. One set of blue lights was turning into the
resort community driveway, but two more kept coming toward his lot. The
Wrangler offered no shelter if it had no cover-up in it. But the next
vehicle to him was a pickup with a camper top on it. The window on back
was open. Without further consideration, he hopped inside and settled
soundlessly onto the truck bed. It was stifling hot in there.

One police cruiser cruised the lot. Jeff kept his head down
carefully. He wondered how long he would be able to last out here in
this heat, and what he would do if the owners returned while he was in
their truck.

Suddenly, he heard the driver's door open. He felt the sag
of the springs as someone slipped into the seat, then the door slammed.
He was totally visible through the rear cab window--what to do, bail out
or stay? Then he saw the other police car turn into his row, the
sunglasses of an officer gleaming behind the wheel. Quickly, Jeff rolled
to the front of the cab, underneath the window, just as he felt the truck
begin to lurch backwards.

There was a moment of sheer terror while the truck paused and
its driver, a male voice, talked with the officer. He made out that the
driver had not seen hide nor hair of a naked pervert running around the
lot, but would be on the lookout and blow his balls off with a (licensed)
handgun if provoked.

`How did I get into this mess?' Jeff's mind screamed. Now
he actually felt like a hunted criminal, even though he was really just a
hapless victim of circumstances. He knew he had to get out of this

But first, he had some hanging on to do, and some sweating,
as the truck worked its way through traffic.


For about fifteen minutes, Jeff lay, sweating, in the back of
the sweltering truck, quietly hoping and praying that the armed and
probably dangerous driver would not kill him when he noticed that he was
hiding there. The pick-up swayed, lurched, and bounced, and Jeff bumped
and slid painfully around the end of the bed.

Then, there was a turn, and he could tell they were entering
a parking lot. The pick-up slid into a space, the driver door opened and
slammed, and the man walked briskly away, paying no attention at all to
his camper unit. Jeff could hardly believe his luck. But he had to get
out of there! First, he was broiling. Second, the dude was bound to
find him soon. He crawled to the tailgate and peeked out.

Super Wal-Mart!

The parking lot was crowded, and he was near the center of

This was going to be dicey, but there was no choice.

He leaned out of the camper and looked around. Nobody in the
immediate area. Quickly, Jeff swung his leg through the window and
dropped lightly to the hot asphalt. He crouched for a moment. Now, he
was totally naked and on the loose in Walmart parking lot. Who would
ever have thought that this would happen to the shy and mild-mannered

He had to find: a) something to wear, and b) a sympathetic
fool who would get him back to Jake's Jeep, or home. He began to creep
around, car to car, constantly scanning in every direction and checking
inside each car to make sure he was not spotted. The searing pavement
scalded his bare feet, the rest of his skin glowed with embarrassed
apprehension, and his mindless, sex-obsessed dick swelled to hard-on
status with its own brand of mindless exhilaration.

Beside a lamp post, Jeff spied a small piece of white cloth.
A dirty sock. Would it be the difference between a misdemeanor and a
felony if he was apprehended? Desperate, he unrolled it and forced his
big dong and dangling testicles, loose in their sack because of the heat,
into the fabric. He probably looked more ridiculous, maybe even more
vulgar, than ever, but at least his most illegal parts were out of view.
The long, white tube hanging almost to his knees, he continued to work
his way around the lot. But he felt more fuckin' ridiculous than ever.

Several times, he turned and backtracked because someone was
approaching. He particularly wanted to avoid women and families. At one
point, he glanced ahead and up. A security camera on the lamp pole ahead
pointed right at him. `It won't be long,' he thought, `before the
gendarmes arrive. Gotta get out of here fast.'

He slipped around the corner of a small panel van and ran
smack into Santa Claus, on vacation. At least, that is what the man
looked like. He was--well, you have the image, right down to the
flowered shirt, huge shorts, and sandals.

"Oh, my! Well, this IS my lucky day!"

So it turns out that, just as we have all long suspected, Santa IS gay.
He ogled Jeff's body avidly.

"Please.. I'm so sorry...I wonder if you can help...Please
excuse..." Jeff stammered incoherently in his newly typical fashion

"Oh, you need not apologize to me! But why are you?....and
why the sock? And what are we going to do with you?" Santa was
stammering a bit too, in his excitement.

"Need pants! Please!"

Being on vacation, Santa had no bag of clothing in Jeff's
size. In fact, he had nothing with him to cover a naked man with. But
he quickly hustled the blushing Jeffrey into the passenger seat of his
van, his hand caressing Jeff's butt quite unnecessarily, and soon joined
him behind the wheel. In short order, it was agreed that he would take
Jeff back to the Wrangler in the beach parking lot. Jeff glanced toward
the store entrance and saw three uniformed guards striding their way.
Over to his right, there was a middle-aged woman holding a couple of
young children tightly and pointing his way, yelling something. He
groaned. Santa threw the vehicle in gear, and set out, but at a much
more sedate speed than Jeff had experienced in other trips that day. For
once, he preferred Jake's driving.

While Jeff tried to be invisible, Santa chatted
loquaciously. It wasn't long before his plump little hand began to pat,
then fondle, Jeff's knee. Twice, Jeff removed the hand, but it did no
good. It only returned at a higher level on his muscular thigh. Jeff
sighed and surrendered. It looked like he was going to get groped, but
what was the alternative? He hardly noticed when the dirty sock sailed
out the window. He had to get back to Jake, and he had no other means.
Bailing out naked on the side of this busy highway did not seem to be a
viable alternative.

"Naked Man Beats Up Helpful Santa Claus" read the headline
in his mind. No, that wouldn't do.

By now, the hand was fondling his balls, and Santa was cooing
happily. He began a long monologue on the aesthetic delights of Jeff's
entire body, in great detail. In a way, Jeff had to feel flattered.
After all, he secretly felt the same way about his body and often got off
on his own reflection in the mirror. But this was a heavy, old GUY!

His cock was, as usual, not helping at all. It was brick red
and brick hard, and drooling with pleasure.

What does this mean? Jeff pondered. This geezer is feeling
me up, and I act like I ENJOY it? And those guys back at the
resort--damn! I have to admit, that scene turned me on big time. I got
off on fucking a guy's ass, and being sucked by one. Holy shit! He lay
his head back and closed his eyes.

This realization was almost as scary as running around town
naked. But it was also just as much a fact.

There was no time for deep thinking. By now, Jeff was doing
some deep panting. Santa was jacking his cock strenuously, and the
precum was oozing abundantly all over his fingers. Then, the
payoff!--cum began to fly all over the dash, the windshield, Jeff's
thighs. Santa oo'ed and ah'd like a kid at a fireworks show. The
man's approach to sex was a simple, childish excitement and joy you
could hardly take offense at. And it did at least help relieve Jeff's

Jeff's driver was still mopping up with his third Kleenex as
they turned back into the beach parking lot again. The cop car was
parked over on the front edge of the lot, but it was empty. Jeff
couldn't go onto the beach without cover anyway. He hesitated. Santa
had fulfilled his bargain, and he couldn't hold the guy here forever.
Besides, the man was now caressing Jeff's left pectoral and nipple, and
his mouth seemed to be getting closer. He gave directions to find the
Wrangler, and Santa pulled up behind it.

Jeff thanked his rescuer and swung carefully out of the
panel-van. Santa, reluctantly it seemed, pulled away, and Jeff was left
exposed once again in the parking lot. Then, all at once, he saw his old
nemeses the resort security guard and the crew chief come out of the
wooded copse from the resort. They saw him immediately, and started
yelling. At the same time, his head spinning around in search of an
escape route, he saw Jake coming over the rise of the low dune from the
public beach area.

"JAKE!" he screamed.

Jake saw him, all right. He did a dramatic double take,
glanced back at something on the beach behind him--most likely the
cop--over at the two shouting bounty hunters, and set out at breakneck
speed toward the Wrangler. He still wore nothing but those short shorts,
himself, and he was empty-handed. But in those shorts' pocket was the
key to the Wrangler. Both men leaped inside, Jake cranked the engine,
and they roared from the parking lot in Jake's inimitable driving
style. Jeff looked over his shoulder: the two alarm-raisers and a dozen
other beach-goers, along with the uniformed officer, now gathered where
the Jeep had been, arms waving.

Jake took a series of turns and side streets for a while
before finally connecting with the highway. While they zigged and
zagged, he filled Jeff in on what had been happening back at the beach.

When Jake returned from searching for Jeff in the wrong
direction, he saw a pre-teen boy come out of the waves with a pair of
shorts. Jeff's shorts. He got several guys to help him search the surf
for Jeff, but they found nothing. Jake was perplexed and starting to get

Then the three babes came back, tittering and giggling so
loudly about the naked stud that had run into them on the boardwalk that
the whole beach soon knew all about it. A kid swore he had seen a naked
man run from the water a while earlier. His mom confirmed it. Jake was
beginning to get the picture.

Then the policeman came down, questioning the beachgoers
about the escaped pervert. People were getting excited now. A real,
live sex criminal was running amok all around them. Jake tried to
explain to the officer that he suspected the poor slob was just streaking
around because he had lost his swim shorts. The officer seemed
disappointed and reluctant to accept that possibility.

But in the process, Jake had gotten the names and phone
numbers of all three babes. He promised to report to them what he found
out about the case, and the status of his missing friend, whom they now
remembered from the highway incident.

"And to think, he had his body pressed right up against
mine," cooed the bosomy brunette. "He seemed pretty excited!"

Jake didn't know yet that his buddy Jeffrey is ALWAYS pretty

Since he had determined that Jeff had last been seen heading
for the parking lot, Jake was going out to the Jeep to see if Jeff might
be hiding under it at the time he heard Jeff's desperate scream and saw
his naked friend beside the vehicle.

So now they headed in the direction of home. Their beach
gear was still on the beach, but they could not go back for it now. With
the one pair of skimpy shorts between the two of them, there was nothing
to be done yet about Jeff's nakedness. And the open Jeep offered
precious little in the way of protection from passing vehicles. Jeff
crossed his right leg over his left knee and let his genitals drop down
to the seat, trying to at least hide the jewels. They passed car after
car speeding down the highway. How many noticed the naked man in the
passenger seat? Jeff had no way of knowing. His embarrassment
deepened. This had been the most nightmarish day of his entire life.

He looked over at Jake to find his friend's eyes fastened
upon his groin, a satisfied smile on his lips.

"Eyes on the road, Buster," Jeff groaned. Jake just

Jeff tilted his seat back a couple of notches, and lay back.
After such a stressful day, he was utterly exhausted. He glanced at the
Jeep dash clock. Four o'clock. He had been running around naked since

A deep truck horn sounded next to him, startling him into
swinging his leg around and freeing his dick and balls. He looked up. A
hot-looking young trucker beamed down at him, his mustached, dark face
erupting in a huge smile. He was shirtless, too. He made an up-and-down
motion with his fist.

"What's that about?"

"He wants you to jack off for him."

Jeff was dumb-struck. He had never even heard of such a
thing. The very idea of jacking off for a trucker on the interstate
highway in broad daylight was shocking and disturbing to him.

Not to his dick, though. It went rigid into bonermus maximus
state, and there was no hiding it. Jake stared now even more brazenly.

"Shit, man, jack it," he said.

Jeff looked back up at the grinning driver. Suddenly, a dick
as big and as hard as his own thrust up into view in the open truck
window. Damnation! That dude was driving naked too! The driver jacked
on it with his left hand while he steered with his right.

What the hell. Jeff had no modesty left, for it had all been
stripped from him, for the day at least. He began to jack on his steely

Just as he was about to blow yet another huge load, Jeff
heard a kind of exuberant, primal yell pour forth from Jake beside him.
He looked over in time to see Jake's shorts, which he had slipped off
while Jeff was in the throes of masturbatory bliss, being thrown up into
the air like an Annapolis graduation cap--then being whisked away by the
racing wind. Now Jake was naked too, and neither man had any way to

Splat! Jeff's semen hit the dash, then the windshield, then
the radio dial. His eyes closed for a moment. He opened them just in
time to see a similar fountain erupt from his trucker buddy above him.
Over to his left, Jake was working on a swollen organ--and holy shit! It
was almost as big as Jeff's and the trucker's! And thick!

It only took Jake a few moments to catch up. Soon his jizz
also shot all over the steering wheel and dashboard. The driver next
door gave a happy `hoot!' on his horn, then sped away, leaving the two
spent Jeepers in his draft.

A subdued Jake retreated to the slow lane.

"Well, shit, now I got all excited and threw away my
pants," he lamented. "And I liked those pants--best ones I had for
showing off the package." Jeff had to agree they were good for that

Jake started to fish around in the glove compartment, pulling
out the cell phone he had stuck in there earlier in the day.

"Lucky I have a head for numbers," as he punched one in.

Jeff heard him, in a flirtatious voice, asking someone to
pick up their stuff from the beach. Well that was good, at least it
wouldn't be washed away by the high tide. He didn't have time to dwell
on it, however. Beyond Jake, he could see a passing Greyhound bus, and
Jeff was looking up into the eyes of a dozen or more passengers, noses
pressed to windows, staring and grinning down at his and Jake's naked
bodies. Jake chatted, unaware that a range of admirers from grandmothers
to teens was looking right down into his studly lap. Jeff groaned yet
again and turned away.

It was more of the same for the next hour. Honking horns,
cat-calls, jerk-off signs, shaking fists. Another hundred eager
spectators saw him naked by the time they reached their exit. He even
saw a couple of spectators taking photographs. And all the while, his
wayward dick soared into the flowing breeze like a flagpole.


Jeff glanced over at the clock beside his bed. Three-thirty
a.m. on Sunday morning. He stretched his naked body. The muscles were
sore, and he felt a little bit of sunburn on his butt, yet he felt fine.
It had been the most incredible day.

Parts, of course, were not what he would have chosen. He
still blushed at the thought of how many people had seen him naked and
hard that day. He wondered if anyone from work had been among the
onlookers anywhere that he had been displayed. If one of those photos
got posted on the Internet, it would only be a matter of time before it
showed up on the office bulletin board.

Still, he had to admit it had been a fabulous day sexually.
He didn't know when he had ejaculated so much, and for him that was
really saying something. He smiled, thinking of how the day had ended.

When Jake had pulled up in his driveway, he had hopped out
with Jeff, and the two scurried nude to the door. But of course Jeff had
no key. They had to streak around back and find the one Jeff kept hidden
back there, and in the process, they were seen by neighbors on the side
and the back. Jake laughed it off, but Jeff was mortified.

Once they were safely inside, Jeff offered Jake something to
wear to travel home in. "Home? Didn't you hear me on the phone? I'm
staying right here! The girls will be here in half an hour!"

And so they were.

It was Jake who went to the door, buck naked, to let them
in. They giggled and stared. Jake strutted around proudly, flaunting
his toned body and his equipment, while Jeff blushed and crossed his legs
a lot.

The girls, it turns out, were far from offended at Jeff's
little streaking exhibition earlier in the day. In fact, it had been the
most exciting thing they had had happen in a long time, and they had
talked of little else all afternoon. When Jake had called on the cell
phone, while Jeff was distracted by the bus, the girls had offered to
deliver the guys' beach stuff in person--provided that both men would be
naked when they got there. And they hinted that they might be persuaded
to dress the same.

After an hour, the last of them (the skinny brunette) was
naked, too. Jeff and Jake sprawled on opposite ends of Jeff's long,
curving sofa, and the girls rotated around between them, one on one and
two on one, then shift, making out with both equally. It was a new
experience for Jeff; he'd had a m-f-f threesome before, but this was the
first time with three girls, or with another naked guy involved. Jake
was so relaxed about it, and having such a great time with that big grin
of his, and his big gun, that Jeff almost began to relax.

Then they all adjourned to Jake's queen size bed, and he
fervently wished he had sprung for the king-size. It was close, but they
all piled in.

Now he grinned again, remembering the dozens of combinations
of sexual positions they had all enjoyed. Both he and Jake had had all
three girls, and the girls had worked on each other, too. It was
incredibly hot to watch Jenny, the breasty blonde, go down on Jake's
huge cock, and the other two girls lapping at each other's clits, while
he himself slid his big dick in and out of Jenny's wet vagina, already
slippery with both his and Jake's abundant semen.

He came seven more times before the girls left at 1:00!

Yet amazingly, his dick was getting hard again.

He smiled wickedly. He knew he had at least one more load
left in those capacious balls of his. It might take a while to work it
out of them, though. All he needed was the right receptacle, warm,
smooth, and tight.

He rolled over onto his side and flung his arm across the
bare shoulder of Jake, who slumbered beside him. He scrunched up against
his buddy's muscular, naked backside. Jake shifted a bit, entering

Jeff's big cock slid against Jake's smooth crack, then slid
back and forth a few times. Wordlessly, Jake lifted his leg, offering
his ass to his friend.

Jeff's boner slipped inside, and both men sighed as Jeff
embraced Jake closer. He began to flex his hips. Jake moaned with

Yes, Saturday had been, in retrospect, one hell of a
significant day. And Sunday was shaping up to be no slouch as well.

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