Monday, April 20, 2009

Wet Sweets

It was SO erotic to wake up naked with a dripping pussy in the morning,
especially when the breeze came from the south. That was always best. It
brought incredible scents from the new-growth timber that struggled to
nourish itself in the humid summer heat. Which brings me back to naked,
vulnerable, and wet on the cool morning sheets!

I wondered if she saw me at the window everyday, fingers roaming casual but
deep, milking all the sensitive spots I'd found with Angela.

Jean was always relaxing at the pool before I could even peek. Lithe and
confident...oh, that she was! Sprawled and stretched like a sensual
panther; shiny and oiled in the early sun! Perhaps, I thought, she may be
somehow aware that my salacious eyes peered through the vertical blinds.
`Someday,' I thought, `I'll open the slats COMPLETELY wide...rub my clit,
finger-fuck my wet, sweet fucking cunt so SHE can watch...'

And everyday, just when my vision found her sumptuous body, her hubby bent
down for a good-bye kiss. My pussy twitched when his tongue slipped in her
mouth and her fingers traced and squeezed his cock along the zipper line.

Take it out and suck it! my mind would scream! Even so far away it was
easy to see his roundness swell from her grazing, teasing touch. I
wondered if he ever told his work mates about those morning gropes. Ego,
after all, is ever horny. And I wondered, too, if his cock was cut or
shrouded with soft foreskin like my man. Ummm!!!

Usually, after he'd left, she'd peel off her top. I waited for this moment
everyday with more cum-drools than I had at any other time.

She was about my age (mid-50's) it seemed. Confident (as I said) and so
cozy in her sensual, striking erotic bearing. With more personal selfish
wishes, I muttered under my breath, "I dearly hope she's bi..."

In dark cool nights later on, I found myself oozing, followed with a
massive, yummy gush, fantasizing about her. That graceful presence of her
beautiful self, garbed in regal, delicious allure inflamed my pleading
pussy like nothing else I knew. (Well, perhaps Angela...) She was so
stunning. The woman next door...and I so much wanted her! (And also HIM!)

But, as usual, I only padded softly back to bed and let the sheet drape
over my tingling body.

`You ass! Be more aggressive,' I thought.

The wet juice gently coated my pink puffy cunt lips and sluiced like
micro-rivers to the thighs. There was always then a pungent musk that
drifted sweetly away on the morning air. I fervently wished that someday,
when the wind was right, the breeze would slurry my scent to her nostrils.
Now it was just a dream. But someday maybe...

Wistfully, I wanted to see her fingers carouse into her sweet wet cunt
while I watched. "Voyeur" had been only a word before, but now I knew its
meaning. And what a FANTASTIC sensation that lovely tidbit of knowledge
had provoked in my wanting, lusting mind. `Just once,' I thought. `Oh,
yes! Let me see...just once!' (And then, a thousand times more!)

This morning at first was really no different than those before. Sometimes
I used my twirl-vibe while I leered at her. And more than once, I had that
vibe in my drenched pussy, and the medium-size hummer buried deep inside my
ass! I'd come to relish the double-fuck so much! It seemed that my
asshole was just as insatiable with sexual hunger as the tasty cunny that
lived between my legs. I also used the 2-prong swizzler, a newly
discovered thrill! Such a delightful toy that was! Humming rather loud
(or so it seemed), then muffled more when it burrowed through the gripping
confines of my dark-pink pussy and spastic ass. Why was I never told that
my asshole could suck cock too? Oh, Lord! It felt so good! So absolutely
fucking, fucking good! The gods had been benevolent indeed when they gave
all women two different kinds of pussies!

But today turned slightly strange. I heard a different new sound. Another
voice and sharp heels on the flagstones.

Could it be Angela? No, dammit! She'd gone away for summer. Who then?
Some other competition? Never! What other twitching cunt would dare
intrude into my living, breathing fantasy? I wanted Jean for myself!

But sure enough, now seated on the chaise beside her was a new, delicious
form - tanned and golden, with cleavage more than mine. And a thong no
more than 1/2" wide! I hate you...yes I do! My mind screamed!

My tits had sagged a bit with age, but not TOO much. Ralph, the bi-male
friend who fucked and sucked both me and Angela very often...well, he said
the cleavage was a perfect "pita" for his peter!

He'd laughed as much as we did at the comment...

He loved it when I squeezed the globes around his thrusting cock. He knew
I loved his squirt-cums on my face! And I loved it when his legs went
liquid and crumbled from the suction of my mouth. His cream was full and
viscous, rich and hearty to my palate!

He himself was also an accomplished sucker of cock. But -- "Teach me how
to suck dick like that!" he pleaded more than once. He tasted so fucking
good! But I loved the taste of Angela's pussy just as much...perhaps even
more! I didn't want to tease, so I sucked on his ear and stroked his cock
when I replied, "Yes, baby...I'll show you how to swirl your tongue around
the purple head, then deep-throat, swallow the river of luscious cum you
gush to me...! I love to see the dick-cum gush to your mouth..."

And he had done just that...let me watch a magnificent cock fuck deep into
his talented mouth. His tongue would circle the bulbous head, then flick
with humming-bird speed around the crown, and then pursue with passionate
slathing along the throbbing length of his conquest of the moment.

When the cum-gush came he'd aim a squirt at my hovering mouth close by and
anxious for the treat, delighting in the closeness of the action. Of
course I never admitted that he taught me much about licking, sucking cock.
But probably secretly he smiled inside and knew that anyway. And Angela
loved to finger-fuck her glorious pussy while she watched the three of us
in those fantastic sex-crazed rituals!

Angela was the first woman to fully arouse me. She was my neighbor,
residing in the next house on the other side from Jean, and her talented,
lapping tongue was most obsessive in tasting every pleading cell of my
quivering unexplored cunt.

She loved it when my legs surrounded her face and trembled when she licked
and sucked. God, she was supreme! No one before had made my cum flow like
that! It was she who urged me to shave my pussy bare, exposing the dappled
membranes to incredible delights not felt when I had my bush. "Now your
pussy will feel what the head of a cock feels when it's licked," she'd said

And Angela had done much more than eat my cunt. With her teaching, I'd
learned that all the "naughty" words, like "cock," "cunt," "pussy," "fuck"
totally aroused the mind and funneled my thinking in erotic journeys never
known before.

David, my now-departed ex-, had thought that eating pussy was "disgusting".
So his tongue had never graced that exquisite zone so reactive around the
mound, the cunt-slit, inner thighs...and NO WAY had it soothed my asshole!
To him, my sensitive ass pucker had simply been ignored.

Fucking idiot! I never knew, till Angela, that a tongue inside the
wrinkled, erotic sphincter could make me erupt with such magnificent flows
of juice! Just her breath on my lips could start an endless, virile

* * *

Jean's new friend by the pool (about the same age) had very little sag at
all. And in spite of growing jealousy, I was impressed with her pert
uplifted points that perched like marble grapes - full and ripe, vividly
outlined so well in profile. Like Jean, she had removed her top and my
eyes feasted on their tenderness of touch to one another. Spitefully I
seethed...then seethed some more...and hoped the intruder's nipples drooped
to her belly or knees � and very soon!

Aware once more of just how wet I'd become, I eased two fingers inside my
squishy cunt. felt SO good! very FUCKING good!...always
warm...drooling and juicy! There was my lovely, tingly spot about two
knuckles in on the left side that was ultra-sensitive. When I fingered,
aroused just right, it acquired a living life of its own, pulsing with more
nerves than the good lord should allow!

God, it set me off! I hunched, bent and straddled more to ease the
pressure, then felt the flow begin. `Ummm! I'll cum quickly now,' I
thought. `Especially with a new face at the pool!'

I wondered if both felt my wanton eyes on them...?

Suddenly, they stood up and walked away. The lilac bush covered the
walkway for a distance and I lost visual contact. Racing to the other
window, I saw them walking in through the side driveway door.

Now I was really pissed! The ooze was trickling down my leg, but I wanted
more to sate me.

Usually (every morning before I gushed), I watched Jean roll her nipples
between the finger and thumb of each hand. Perhaps she knew I watched, but
never seemed to glance directly up to me. I so much wanted, someday, to
feel her eyes meet mine. Let her watch my tongue lick over my lips and
nipples in loving approval of her erotic stimulus for me. She was so
lovely to see in the quiet shadows or glares of the morning rays. One day
I'll just go down there, I thought. But never before did I dare...

I slipped on my short peach nightie and tiptoed down the stairs. My back
door led to the winding path through grape-vine arcs between our houses.
But five feet from my stoop, I chickened out. What if it's someone from
hubby's work, I thought? God, I'd never live that down! I scurried back
inside and heated up the kettle. Fuming, I more than gulped the chocolate

Patience is a splendid virtue I never had. I rubbed my pussy again,
wishing to be nude. Then, with frustrated anger, I bolted again to the
door. This time, more determined, I would not stop!

The doorbell buzzed, shrill and grating.

God, the AC man to change the filters! I'd forgotten all about that! I
stripped from the filmy silk, put on a longer, terry-cloth robe, and fumed
some more...and started toward the door.

They stood there...both of them, both lovelies! Watching with a wry smile
as my jar bounced off the floor!

"Good Morning, Dotty," Jean said bubbly. "I hope we're not disturbing, but
I wanted you to meet my sister, Jenny..."

"I'!...oh, please...please come in. So happy to meet you,

I know my voice cracked like a screeching child, but I stumbled on, "Jean,
I...I thought you were the AC man...he's supposed to change all the filters
today and..."

I could feel the stinging redness creep from neck to my cheeks. And
another oozy wet trail began its gravity journey down my thigh. I felt the
robe part slightly as it flowered out at the knees and instinctively it was
gathered closer at the waist. They both laughed at the clumsiness of my
effort. Jean and Jenny swept through the door while I stood aside and
tried to garner some dignity!

I knew Jean's name from an errant letter that had come before in MY
mailbox, misposted by one house. I'd rapped on the big brass knocker and
she'd answered the door dressed very much like I was now...terry cloth,
throw-on robe that you grab when in a hurry. Perhaps that's why she
giggled now as we all walked down the hall to the kitchen.

The kettle tooted wildly and I poured coffee for all: fervently hoped
(maybe not!) they would not notice how incredibly aroused I was...

Jean and Jenny helped me set the cups and plates...and Jenny, that
scrumptious visiting sister, reached for napkins in the eye-level cabinet.
She strained up on one leg to the back of the shelf and my eyes stayed
glued to the tanned lengths and sweet curving ass.

Jenny seemed absolutely POURED into Daisy-Duke cut-offs that made my mind
and cunt drool pints! Those ever-present, cellulite pocks that older women
have just enhanced the fullness of her gorgeous thighs. I thought of my
tongue licking long and loving along the lithe and tingly limbs.

I said finally, ripping my eyes away, "...I've been meaning to come over
for ages, but somehow just never found the right moment..."

Now I wished I'd been more brave in the mornings.

"My hours," I continued, "Are so erratic with teaching night school, and I
didn't want to intrude."

"Oh, fuck!" Jean giggled. "Come over anytime you want. You'll never
intrude, and I've been hoping you'd come down to the pool sometime." Her
eyes narrowed slightly when she added, "I go out every morning...early."
Her eyes locked on mine as if to say, "...And I know you watch me then..."
My mind zipped to remembrance of her squeezing her hubby's cock and
pinch-massaging her nipples...

"Oh...yes...I will...I mean, I'd LOVE to..."

Jesus! An idiot could read the "stupid" in my voice. As if she didn't

My mouth was suddenly very dry, and now sister-Jenny eyed me more intently.

She had almost identical features to Jean. Though not twins, they looked
so much alike. Both had short bobbed hair with gray-streak wings that
flowed back over the ears. (My gray was natural without adding any tint.)
They both had enormous pouting nipples that, like mine, very much detested
bras; graceful, rhythmic hips that were soft and erotically shaped and

With new and ravished hunger, I suddenly had a vision of them both on all
fours with squirming asses protruding in the air...wanting and desiring.
So ready for a plunging, loving tongue! Someday, I thought, they'd both
know that side of my erotic desire and need! (When I thought these
thoughts, I wished I could be a man...for just one splendid, plunging fuck!
God, would the cum flow out of my cock! Alas...)

One thing is learned very quickly when teaching: after initial shock, there
IS no shock! we babbled on through the morning, the topics ranged
from dainty flowers in the garden to pap smears, mammograms, ingrown cunt
hairs and the love of sweet stiff cocks...amidst wild laughter and flailing
legs devoid of any lady-like position! The wetness in my pussy never left
through all this small talk. And twice my fingers touched my fevered lips,
knowing their eyes watched every move...

"When will Angela come back?" Jean asked finally.

"...Sometime in August," I answered, a bit surprised she knew about that.
`Fuck!' I thought. `Why don't you rub your pussy for me?'

Then I wondered if she was aware of the relationship between Angela and me.
"...But with her," I added, "One never knows."

And that was truth. Angela was so gentle with me, at least most of the
time. But she could be the wildest of weeds when we went out together.
Once, on one of her exhibition kicks, she fingered my pussy in a restaurant
while another couple gawked. At first, I was mortified. But her digits
were so delectable arousing, insistent that she made me squirt a quart of
cum! (I found out very early [9 years old] that when I came, it was a
copious, toasting event!)

The couple had licked their lips, then blew kisses when juice ran down my
thigh. Another fantasy fulfilled...

The AC guy came finally, did his thing, and tried to keep his attention on
business. Jenny, it seemed, loved to show a LOT of thigh and he surely
thought of new definitions for "service."

"I'm so glad you came over," I said shortly after, much more relaxed now
that the unit worked well again. "Yes," Jean purred. "We wave and say
hello. But we hardly know each other. And I know you'll really enjoy
Jenny's visit."

Then suddenly, she said, "I wonder if he eats his wife's pussy?" reflecting
back on the AC dude.

Howls and screams! The comment was a total surprise, but Jenny just smiled
and said, "He's a fool if he doesn't!" And we cracked up again with just
that thought...and imagined erotic visions of what went through his mind
when he'd distinctly ogled us.

Calmly now: "How long will you visit, Jenny?" I asked.

"Oh, maybe a month," she replied. "It's very cold now in Alaska. And I've
had cravings about lolling about with Jean, the warm sun on my
body. Stanley is immersed in several projects now, and I'm alone most of
the time." She cut her eyes at Jean for an instant and I read something
more into her words. Perhaps not ENTIRELY alone...or an ulterior motive to
see her sister? When Jean patted her thigh seductively, I guessed that the
bond between them was more than simple sister-love. The pat made me ooze
even more...and sweetly fantasize.

In fact, it made my mind go ballistic! I'd read stories about
sister-sister involvements in mags, but as an only child, I had never
understood about sibling attraction. Now I visualized them together while
hubby was at work. And wondered how he felt about this: first if he
knew...and if it were true? Umm! A delicious thought to think tonight
when my fingers found my warm wet pussy again!

So far I had only delicious mind-imaginings about them. Though both were
flesh and blood in my kitchen, I groped to ease the paths that would make
an erotic 3-some become reality.

I eased from the table, gathered the plates and cups, and started to rinse
them out at the sink. Jenny drew up behind me, gently squeezed my buns,
and said softly, "Why don't you do that later? I'd love to be more comfy
on the sofa...or perhaps a dip in the pool?"

Jean said, "Yes, dear. Why don't we adjourn for now to a softer place?
And later skinny-dip in the pool?"

I couldn't stop my cum! It flowed beyond my body to control!

My mind was swimming, streaking in random directions. A gauzy, wishful
fantasy come true? I remembered the nights I'd finger-fucked myself to
sleep with such imaginings!

And then the doorbell rang again...

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